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As You Wish

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Do Kyungsoo is a prince. He’s known this since he was five and they put a crown on his head. He realized what a prince was when he was five as well, noticed how his mommy and daddy looked rather important to not just himself and his hyung. When he was five he started etiquette lessons on how a prince like himself should act.

When he was six Kyungsoo learned that he wasn’t quite like his brother, who instead of etiquette lessons was learning horseback riding and something called politics. While he was inside being taught to read and write, his brother was outside and having fun.

By the time Kyungsoo is eight he has been taught how to act and to never speak out of turn. He knows that his brother is first in line for the crown, therefore more important than he is. Seungsoo gets to talk whenever he wants and unlike himself, can say whatever he wants.

Kyungsoo isn’t sure why he’s supposed to be quiet while Seungsoo can be heard, but he knows he’ll get in trouble for speaking out of turn. So he doesn’t ask.

When he’s eight he also learns that he and his brother aren’t they only prince’s in the world. In fact there’s princesses as well. Kyungsoo has never met a princess but when he does he’s fascinated to find that there’s one like his brother who talks all the time. There’s a quiet one like him but that’s not what gets his attention.

His sole focus is on the prince, because Kyungsoo has never met another prince before. If you don’t count his brother. And although he wants to say hello and ask him if he gets to talk whenever he wants, he can’t, not while the adults are in the room and he’s supposed to be seen and not heard.

Kyungsoo learns that Prince Jongin is his hyung’s age and he can talk whenever he wants to. In fact, Jongin’s noona’s can talk when they want to as well. It seems like he’s the only one that is supposed to be quiet and he frowns, crossing his arms stubbornly as he waits for their parents to leave.

When they do he immediately sighs, shoulders slumping because he hates having to stand stiff like a tree. While he was concentrating on standing still and being quiet he came up with several questions to ask Prince Jongin.

But before he can move he gets attacked by the girls who pinch at his cheeks and tell him how cute he is and normally, Kyungsoo would smile and say thank you since it’s the polite thing to do, but his brother and Jongin are on the move and he doesn’t have time to accept ridiculous compliments.

With stealth he learned from escaping the library and his teachers, he avoids the prodding hands and rushes after his brother, nearly tripping on his own two feet as he catches up to them.

“Where are you going?” he huffs, frowning at his lack of invitation to go, well, wherever they’re going.

“I’m going to show Jongin my horse,” Seungsoo replies and he frowns further.

The horse stables are outside and across the court yard where he’s not allowed. In fact, he’s not allowed outside period unless he’s with more than one guard. Even then when he asks to leave the castle he’s almost always told no.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t hurt to try.

“Can I come?” he questions before biting his lip anxiously. He steals a glance at Prince Jongin and is surprised at how different he looks compared to his brother. But he doesn’t stare too long before looking back at Seungsoo and his hope deflates when his brother frowns.

“You know you’re not allowed outside, Kyungsoo.”

“But I’ll be with you and I’ll be really quiet and—

“And you’re not supposed to argue with me,” Seungsoo interrupts sternly, giving him the tiniest of glares so he shuts up.

Normally, Seungsoo isn’t mean to him and lets him slack off on his manners, but it seems being in the company of another Prince means he’s supposed to go back to his quiet self.

As an eight year old he wants to whine and beg and argue, but as a Prince he’s expected to behave.

“Sorry Seungsoo hyung,” he apologizes, avoiding eye contact with both Prince’s and bowing awkwardly before turning around and dragging himself back to the ballroom he was just in.

Upon arriving he discovers Jongin’s sisters whispering and giggling to themselves, downright laughing when they spot him.

Frowning, he eyes them skeptically, not knowing if he’s allowed to talk to them or not.

“Don’t worry, you can spend plenty of time with Jonginnie later!” the eldest chirps, followed by a giggle causing him to frown.

“Unnie!” the younger one gasps, hitting her sister on the arm.

And Kyungsoo realizes it doesn’t matter if he’s allowed to talk to them or not. He doesn’t want to.

Instead he sneaks off to the library to read and bore himself to sleep…since that’s pretty much all he’s allowed to do.

When Kyungsoo is eight he realizes that the crown on his head feels a lot heavier than it should.