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The door banged into the wall, the opaque window rattling as it rebounded. Taylor only noticed long enough to grab it again and slam it closed.  

"That motherfucking asshole...." She was already pacing the width of Abbie's office, rubbing her forehead and looking like she wanted to find something to hit or break or just destroy. Her anger had propelled her all the way from her campaign offices to the US Attorney's office, and it hadn't burned out yet.

Abbie jumped but just managed to stay seated.  She watched Taylor pace for a few moments, with raised eyebrows.  The she crossed her arms, trying to decide how long this particular storm would last--there had been more than a few lately but none so bad that Taylor had brought them to her place of work.  Maybe it was the late nights they both had been having, but it seemed like she only managed to see Taylor for a few hurried minutes over breakfast or when one of them was trying to get someplace else.  

"Taylor," Abbie began, hoping that it would make her focus,  but the blonde continued pacing. And Abbie tridw again, unable to ignore how appealing Taylor could look so full of conviction over whatever it was.  She spoke louder, "Taylor!  What asshole is it this time?"

"That fucking joke of a reporter at the Post. He thinks he can just sit there and insult me, and I'm just going to let him." Her hands were on her hips now. "I told them not to schedule the damned interview in the first place." She picked up one of Abbie's nick-knacks—a paperweight that seemed ridiculous sitting on a filing cabinet—squeezing it enough where the edges bit into her hand, only to let go and put it down again. "It didn't help that you were supposed to be there." That plan had been changed weeks earlier, but Taylor was looking of any bit of annoyance to hold onto. She wanted to be angry.

"You know I had a hearing."  Abbie leaned back a little, trying not to let Taylor bait her into a pointless argument, but that was against her own nature.  "It went well, by the way.  Thanks for asking."

The sarcasm in Abbie's voice only made Taylor glare harder. "Well my interview didn't." She stalked toward Abbie's desk, though to what end she wasn't sure.

Abbie followed Taylor with her eyes, and she twirled her pen between her fingers, "Sorry Taylor, but I'm not sure what you expect me to do about it."  She didn't like to see Taylor hurt, but they both knew this kind of thing came with the territory.

"Something vaguely resembling sympathy might be nice." She was practically on top of Abbie now, crowding into the space behind her desk. Her anger was giving her way too much energy, and she needed to do something with it.

Abbie returned Taylor's glare with one of her own, and stood up, changing the height between them.  Taylor was just inches away, closer than she felt they'd been in weeks.  Her breath quickened just audibly with anticipation, though she wasn't entirely sure of what.  Her voice dropped lower as she tried to contain it. "I'm sorry Taylor."  She couldn't help but continue, though she knew it was dangerous, "Sorry you had to answer questions all by yourself, darlin'."

Taylor really didn't know what had gotten into her, but suddenly the only thing she could see were Abbie's lips and edges of her suit, and then she was grabbing her and kissing her as hard as she could. Their lips would be swollen and bruised, but Taylor didn't care. She kissed Abbie harder.

"Shit," Abbie muttered, though any real sound was muffled by the force of the moment.  It had been too long since Taylor had kissed her—really kissed her—and Abbie realized how much she'd been craving it.  She let it continue until she thought they would both collapse from lack of breath, then shoved Taylor back enough to push the chair away and slide it onto the edge of the desk.  Taylor still looked intent, frantic almost, and Abbie reached out to pull the blonde toward her roughly by the front of her shirt.

"Not the expletive I would use." Tayor's voice was husky with the sudden, intense desire. It was an effort not to just rip the buttons on Abbie's shirt and she settled for merely unfastening enough to get a hand inside of it. She squeezed Abbie's breast with the same intensity that was behind the kiss, pushing the cup of her bra to the side when that wasn't enough.

Abbie's breath hissed through her teeth as she tried to keep from crying out.  She tangled a hand in Taylor's hair, pulling it, forcing her to meet her in a rough kiss.  Then she leaned back, pulling Taylor with her, only just managing to slide her laptop over as a stack of folders and papers scattered onto the floor.

Taylor didn't notice the mess. She was too busy pushing her free hand under Abbie's skirt and against her too hot center. She moaned into the kiss as she felt it, and immediately pushed Abbie's panties to the side. "Fuck." She bit Abbie's lower lip as she pushed her fingers into her. "Fuck is a much more appropriate word."

"Yes...Taylor..." Abbie couldn't keep quiet any longer and moaned as she arched back over the desk, her hips still pinned by Taylor.  She covered her own lips with her fingers to stifle the sounds she couldn't help but make as she felt Taylor start to push her harder.  The things left on the desk rattled with the force of it—Abbie had a flash of what they must look like, and it nearly made her lose what little control she was clinging to.

"Come on, Abbie." Taylor flicked her thumbnail against Abbie's clit. "Don't fight it." She wanted to see Abbie come, and she wanted to see it right then. She wasn't going to be denied that satisfaction, so she curled her fingers and pushed harder, deeper.

As much as Abbie had some lingering want to draw it out, Taylor knew her body too well, and she couldn't last long with Taylor's firm demands. She gripped the edge of the desk by her head, and pressed back against Taylor's hand for a few moments longer before she was shaking, breath catching even as she closed her eyes and tried to mutter a few last curses.

Taylor pulled away almost before Abbie was done, grabbing a tissue to clean her hand as she turned away. It had been enough to calm her down and clear her head, and as much as she wanted to continue, she knew, as she strode across the room, that was a bad idea. She smirked back at Abbie as she opened her office door to leave. "I'll see you at home."

Taylor's tone was altogether smug, but Abbie hadn't managed to take a full breath, let alone pick herself up before it seemed like Taylor was almost out of the door.  All she was able to respond with was a confused, "Taylor...what do you think you’re..." before the door closed behind the her.  

"Yeah...okay..." Abbie muttered to herself as she slowly sat up, and took in her wrinkled clothes, and mess of an office.  She shook her head—the next few months we going to be interesting to say the least.