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The jeans were more fitted than Alex realized.  Clearly a few months with Abbie had made some minute changes to her figure, but she couldn't really complain.  Still, she got them buttoned with more ease than she was putting on-for her own benefit- and she couldn't help but smirk when she pulled up the zipper.  It had been a while since she'd done this this way, but the easy swagger came back to Alex quickly.  She licked her lips, glancing at herself in the mirror, turning side to side.  The t-shirt was new--she didn't own many--and the blazer was fitted, cut to her slim shoulders.  She toyed with the idea of pulling her hair back, pulling it up in her hands but finally letting it drop.  And with one more smirk to herself, she was out the door and headed to Abbie's, ducking quickly into her car to prevent anyone from seeing her unnecessarily.  She still had her reputation to think about, and this wasn't dress up at Liz's. Finally, praying that she wouldn't pass anyone who would look to hard, she was at Abbie's door, knocking lightly, trying to keep herself from half grinning in anticipation of Abbie's expression when she noticed.

Abbie had needed to work later than she expected, and had barely managed to set her things down, and turn on the lights when she heard the knock.  It could only be one person, and she glanced herself over in the hall mirror just quickly on her way to the door.  She smiled as she opened it, "Alex, hi!  I just got in, long look..."  Her voice trailed off as she took in the nearly subtle change in Alex.  Her heart quickened, and she raised an eyebrow even as she stepped aside to let the other woman in.  Her mind was working over the implications, but much to her surprise, her body was working faster.  They'd never really talked about such a thing, though Abbie was well aware of Alex's experience and various interests.  She had just assumed that she was what Alex needed when she wanted simplicity- not predictability for sure- but just simple passions.  She struggled to find her voice again, and it was so low it was nearly hoarse, "Alex,'re..."  she licked her lips quietly.

"I thought we could try something new tonight," Alex said, shrugging off her blazer as Abbie closed the door.  She almost felt ridiculous having clothes on over the harness; it had never been like that with Liz.  But she knew the full effect would be what swayed Abbie, what enticed her.  Her eyes were bright as she pulled the brunette to her. "Long day?" she asked after a short kiss. Abbie was warm against her and Alex playfully pushed her hips forward.

For a moment, Abbie's voice caught in her throat, and she paused, trying to not seem too taken.  "I...yes, very..."  She could feel Alex against her, the heat through her thin shirt, and the firmness of what was new.  Almost cautiously, she ran her fingers over the blonde's angular shoulders, and down her arms.  "Very long,"  She blushed quietly, even as she leaned in to kiss Alex, letting the touch linger.

"Let me get you a beer, then."  Each word was breathy as a manifestation of Alex's own arousal, her impatience.  Abbie wouldn't let her draw it out too long, and that was the only way she was able to pull out of her arms, away from her slender body and saunter toward the kitchen. aware the entire time that Abbie's eyes were following her.

Abbie took a minute before following, possibilities going through her mind in rapid succession.  That was the thing with Alex--her outward reserve and calm gave such surprises an added fire.  She brushed back a few strands of dark hair over her shoulder, and followed after into the kitchen.  Alex was pulling a beer out, and looking for the opener.  Abbie watched, and stepped close behind her, before turning and slipping up onto the counter.  Her legs dangled in front of the drawer where the bottle openers were, and she smirked as she tapped a heel against it, "I think what you're lookin' for is over here."

Smirking, Alex set the bee on the counter, letting her fingers trail down Abbie's thigh as she let her hand drop to the drawer.  She took her time about opening it, finding what she needed.  If she stayed there long enough, Alex knew Abbie would begin to squirm.  Her patience had very fine limits—limits that Alex had been testing ever since they first met.  finally, she opened the bottle without flourish and pressed it into Abbie's hand just as she pressed the draw closed with her hips, pushing herself closer to the brunette.

Covering the small moan that threatened, Abbie took a long pull of the beer.  She wasn't sure if it was really needed--not to push her interest maybe, but maybe to calm her nerves- newness always brought uncertainty.  She wrapped her leg around Alex, quietly running the toe of her shoe up the back of the blond's thigh.  She lowered the bottle from her lips finally, and set it on the counter.  "So Alex, what were you hopin' to get out of your little visit tonight?  I sure hope it's not any advice on a case."  What nerves she had left, Abbie covered with a sideways smile.

"Well…"  Alex moved closer, lips very close to Abbie's as she ran both palms firmly up the brunette's thighs, pushing her skirt up. "You wouldn't believe me if I said this was entirely selfless, and I would be lying anyway.  But I thought," she murmured, breaking for a kiss while she grasped Abbie's hips, pulling her to the edge of the counter, "we might both enjoy the distraction."

"Oh.."  The sudden shift made Abbie loose her composure for a moment, and to her slight surprise, she found herself pressing forward and kissing Alex again without answering.  What little restraint she had managed was melting, and she opened her mouth under Alex's as the other woman responded.

The movement made Alex grab Abbie's hips, desperately holding for balance as her legs threatened to give way between the intensity of Abbie's kisses and her own almost painful desire. She pulled Abbie's body closer, encouraging the brunette to wrap her legs around her, but before Abbie could, Alex was pulling her off of the counter, pushing her down to the cold tile. "I've been thinking about this ever since I bought these jeans," she growled as she frantically pulled at the button.

"Shit..." Abbie could barely keep up with Alex's movements.  She was about to push Alex back, and try to pull her into the bedroom- hell, even the livingroom carpet, but Alex was faster, and in the next moment Abbie felt Alex's fingers sliding up her thighs and pulling her panties down.  She swore again, and tried to reach for Alex.

The tensing of Abbie's muscles only pushed Alex, making her cheeks flush in excitement.  She yanked the panties, only half pulling them down, and she barely had her jeans off—one leg out, the other still clothed to her thigh—but she didn't care.  Alex had expected a good night, but she hadn't thought it would be such a rush to have Abbie there underneath her, to feel the cold tile against her knees and Abbie's warm body squirming underneath her center.  She caught her in another kiss, hard, almost sloppy this time, and she moaned into it when she felt how wet Abbie really was. "You want this."

Abbie was realizing she didn't know half of what she wanted, and though she ached for Alex to touch her, take her, she steadied herself and glanced away.  She took a breath, and looked up at the ceiling above her, "Yes...just..."  The next words she meant to say were 'go slow,' though she never got them out, and her fingers had already worked lower on Alex's back, playing over the leather straps around her hips, and she pulled the blonde to her.

The flicker of hesitation, Alex knew, was just that.  Had she seen doubt, she would not have continued, even though she knew that stopping would make her desperate.  Her own fingers were slick with Abbie's wetness as she took the dildo in her hand, guiding it, moaning as she pressed it into Abbie while the brunette pulled her closer.  She caught sight of Abbie's rumpled clothes, her wild hair, and Alex couldn't stop herself from thrusting hard and stopping, holding Abbie there for just a moment, a long, breathless moment to look into her dark eyes before she started in full.

"Fuck..."  Abbie couldn't manage much more at the sensation.  Alex filled her almost to the point of discomfort, but her arousal was quickly taking over.  Her legs were wrapping around the other woman's slender frame, and Abbie tangled a hand in Alex's hair, dragging her into a frantic kiss that she couldn't help moaning into.

"Abbie!" Alex gasped, half moaning when the kiss broke.  She was frantic with each jerk of her hips, almost scrambling for purchase on the floor.  She groaned in frustration, having to pull away, even as Abbie was reaching to pull her back.  Alex wasn't sure how she did, where she found the strength, but she found herself pulling Abbie up with her and into her lap as she leaned her back against the counter.  "Yes," she breathed, guiding the brunette's hips down again, feeling her weight settle across her hips and onto the toy. "That's it…"  She pressed her fingertips to Abbie's clit, keeping one hand on her hip, encouraging her.

Abbie moaned again loudly as she settled against Alex, the new position driving the toy even further.  She shuddered, and leaned a hand against the cabinet behind Alex to steady herself.  Their combined breath mingled with the dull sound of Alex's back pushing against the wood behind them with each thrust.  It was impulsive, passionate, and fully gratuitous- which was just what Abbie craved with Alex.  "Yes..."  Abbie closed her eyes and moaned.

"Let go, Abbie," Alex moaned, pressing forward to kiss her neck, to suck the tender skin above her collarbone. "Just let go," she murmured there.  Her fingers were wet and slipping, slipping with her own control, and her desire clouded her vision so that she had to close her eyes.  Abbie certainly didn't need the encouragement, but Alex wanted it to be at her bidding.

“Yes...yes..."  Abbie's voice dropped until it was barely audible, and Alex would know just what that meant.  Their pace quickened for a moment longer before it broke, and Abbie pitched forward against the other woman.  She was trembling with the force of the moment, which did not fade for a few long, shuddering breaths.  Finally, the brunette's mind began to return, and the toy inside her was too much for her sensitive body.  She kissed Alex's warm cheek, and pulled away, only to lean back against the blond a moment later.  Abbie was warm, messy, and thoroughly satisfied.  She knew that later she'd be sore- and not just from her shoulders pressing against the tile, but it would be a pleasant reminder of the moment.

"Mmm," Alex intoned as she wrapped her arms around Abbie.  She wished she could see her better, could take her in like this, and she was far from content about feeling the brunette's weight there as a tease.  Alex began to lazily unbutton Abbie's blouse. "I'm glad you seem to be sated."  She ran her fingers over the outside of Abbie's bra but pulled them away to turn the brunette's head into a soft kiss. "I, however, am not."  Alex smirked as she gently pushed Abbie away from her and stood, offering her hand.  She slipped her leg out of the jeans that still clung to it and guided Abbie into the living room, where she smirked as she pressed Abbie, still malleable from her climax, to her knees. "You…God, Abbie…make a delicious mess," she said as she sat down and nodded to the toy.

Alex moaned and tightened her fingers in Abbie's thick hair.  She forced herself to keep her hips still, not to push too hard.  They had all night together and the morning too, and Alex knew Abbie would absolutely want to make the most of that.  But in that moment, Alex didn't dare let her eyes drift closed as she let her free hand slip underneath the harness.  She shuddered lightly, holding back a moan as she began to touch herself, but soon she couldn't remain silent. "God, Abbie," she whispered, whining softly. " Abbie…"  Frantically, Alex pulled the brunette up and into a kiss, shuddering with her climax as she tasted Abbie's lips.

Abbie had tried to watch, to keep up with what Alex wanted, and breathed a quiet sigh into the kiss.  Finally, she felt the blond relax, and ran her fingers quietly through her hair.  "Mmmmnn...God Alex...I..."  Abbie's smile slowly returned, both at her satisfaction, and a slight amusement at the whole encounter.  "Come to bed with me."  It was early, but Abbie wanted to feel all of Alex's skin against her, to stretch out an be held for awhile.

"Mmhm," Alex replied.  She could hear the smile in Abbie's voice, and she couldn't help one of her own as she finally cracked her eyes open.  She kissed Abbie again before getting up and offering her hand. An hour in bed, and Abbie would want takeout, but once she was satisfied from that, she would be all Alex's again.