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When she got to the steps into her trailer, Sadie took a deep breath. It felt good to be out of the heavy dress and the trappings of the stays underneath it. She couldn't imagine how anyone could have actually lived a life wearing clothes like that. A few weeks into filming and she was tired. She pushed back a curl that escaped it's pins, and her fingers came away powdery from the wig she would have to put back on after the lunch hour was over. She forced one foot up the steps, then the next, already looking forward to the comfort of a moment and a half alone.

Caterina looked up from the magazine she was reading when she heard the door open. It had been surprisingly hard for her to get past security, and she would certainly be talking to someone about that later, but it had been weeks since she had gotten to see Sadie and that was simply more important than complaining about bureaucracy. She tossed the magazine to the other side of the couch and smiled when she finally saw Sadie. "Surprise."

"Caterina!" Sadie's eyes went wide. It certainly was a surprise, and she was mostly startled because she was so unused to seeing Caterina in her workspaces. But because things were always changing as she grew in popularity, Sadie and Caterina hadn't clearly defined any rules or roles for that. She quickly shut the door behind her and went to the blonde. "It is... yes... hello..." She smiled warmly.

"Get over here." Caterina crooked a finger at Sadie, beckoning her over. She wanted to pull Sadie into her arms, but she wasn't willing to stand up to do it.

Testing without realizing it, Sadie dropped onto the seat next to Caterina, instead of onto her knees. She leaned in for a soft kiss. "I thought you were in Japan..."

"I finished up early and this was on my way back." If you flew east instead of west, that was. Caterina didn't grant Sadie the kiss. Instead, she put her hand on Sadie's shoulder and gently pushed her toward the floor, hoping she would get the hint. "Reading your own press? Letting it go to you head?" She nodded toward the magazine.

"I've no idea who put that in here." Sadie went to her knees, giving in to the touch almost before she even thought about it. Of course she was reading her own press. It was an incredibly bad habit that she had absolutely no intention of breaking.

"Mmhmm." Once Sadie was on her knees, Caterina leaned down for a long awaited kiss. She wrapped her hand around the back of Sadie's neck, rubbing her thumb over the tattoo there, not caring that she was getting makeup all over her hand. The kiss was slow and long as Caterina took her time re-familiarizing herself with the way Sadie tasted and felt.

"Oh..." Sadie managed, closing her eyes as she leaned into the touch. A soft, low moan escaped her lips. She couldn't help it. These moments were grounding, even after years of practice. But they were usually reserved for trips home or weeklong meetings in hotel rooms halfway between. There was something of a thrill of it happening there.
"It seems like it's been forever since I've gotten to see you." Caterina kissed her again, pulling her up where Sadie could sit on her lap and she could finally put her arms around her. "You're getting to be far too popular." Caterina smiled as she said it, sure that Sadie knew that she was happy about her recent successes, even if it was sometimes inconvenient.

"Are you jealous?" Sadie made herself comfortable and snuggled closer to Caterina, wrapping her arms around her. She smiled, hoping Caterina was, at least a little bit. She couldn't help her own tendencies to encourage the blonde's little moods.

"Jealous?" Caterina nuzzled under Sadie's ear. "That I don't have all of your attention? Or of the boy you're supposedly dating?" The derision on the word boy was clear, and if she was forced to admit it, she had been a bit jealous when she had first hear the rumor.

Sadie looked up to Caterina through her false lashes before fluttering them prettily. " there a rumor about something like that?" She smiled. "I hadn't any idea." Naturally, she wouldn't have been surprised if the studio had encouraged rumors that she was dating her costar. They had been seen out together, and they were an attractive couple both onscreen and off. And it seemed that large swaths of the American audience for which the film was aimed had issues with whispers of Sadie's sexuality.

"I really should punish you for lying to me." But Caterina didn't want to let go of Sadie for long enough to do anything that complicated. "You are going to introduce me, aren't you?"

"No. Definitely not now." Caterina slid a hand under Sadie's shirt and started pulling it off. "I have other plans for right now."

Smiling, Sadie helped Caterina with the shirt, then unhooked her bra. She could feel her hair falling down around her shoulders, and she knew the hairdresser would fuss, but this, she knew, would certainly be worth it. "Oh, good," she said, straightening herself and leaning in, hoping for a kiss.

"The door's locked?" Caterina asked, only vaguely caring about the answer. She granted Sadie the asked for kiss before she could answer her.

" moment, Caterina," Sadie said as she slid off of her lap. She went to the door, her heart fluttering pleasantly as she turned the lock, and when she turned back to her mistress, she smiled.

"Because you forgot earlier, you can crawl from there." It wasn't a long distance, but that didn't bother Caterina. It was the principle.

"Caterina..." Sadie protested, already knowing better. If she was so immaculately behaved, she knew Caterina would be bored easily. She gracefully got to her hands and knees and crawled the few feet as slowly as she could, stopping before the blonde and looking up.

"Good." Caterina ran her fingers through Sadie's already messed up hair. "You need to remember just who you belong to." She kissed the top of Sadie's head, then stood and slowly unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the ground. Her panties quickly followed, along with her shirt and bra.

"Do you really think I could ever forget?" Sadie asked breathlessly as she watched, her eyes following each piece of clothing as it fell. She caught them and folded them neatly, putting them aside.

"I don't know." Caterina pushed her fingers into Sadie's hair and pulled her head forward, between Caterina's spread legs. "You might start believing your own publicity."

"Never," Sadie murmured, smiling as she found Caterina already wet, as she breathed her scent. She clasped her hands behind her back, arching forward elegantly as she began to lick the blonde intently, carefully, savoring every taste.

"Mmm..." Caterina sighed in contentment, relaxing back against the couch and holding on to Sadie's head. "Good girl."

Just hearing those words was grounding for Sadie, and she pressed closer, determined to make Caterina's unexpected visit worth missing her lunch.

"That's it." Caterina let her eyes close as she focused on the feeling of Sadie's tongue against her clit. She had been thinking of this moment ever since she had decided to surprise Sadie and she was beyond ready for it. Her climax was only moments away, and with each lap of Sadie's tongue she could feel it getting closer and closer and she sighed as it finally came, washing over her.

Sadie closed her eyes and continued until Caterina was still. She pulled away put stayed close to kiss the soft skin of one of Caterina's inner thighs. It was good to see her, to share the quiet moment with her, and she smiled to herself before straightening and looking up expectantly.

"Get back up here." Caterina motioned for Sadie to crawl back up onto her lap.

And Sadie did, almost scrambling in her eagerness. She settled herself and wrapped her arms around Caterina's neck, leaning in to indulge herself in a kiss.

Caterina happily granted her the kiss, holding Sadie close. "I've missed you so much." She ran a hand down Sadie's side. "And I really don't like reading stories about you dating other people." In fact, it had surprised her just how badly she had first reacted to it, before she had convinced herself that it was just speculation and couldn't possibly be true.

"I'm sorry," Sadie said as she ran her fingers through Caterina's hair. "Job hazard, I'm afraid..." She squirmed closer, wet and all too aware that time was slipping away from them.

"That doesn't make me like it." Caterina kept petting Sadie, knowing that she was wet and wanting, but she wasn't ready to reward her just yet. "I love you. I don't need the world to know that, but I do need you to." Caterina kissed Sadie's temple.

Sadie squirmed at Caterina's deliberate intent and pressed closer. "I do know it...I do..." She was almost moaning, her desperation growing.

"Do you? Or do you just want me to get you off?" Caterina chuckled and pressed a hand between Sadie's legs, quickly and purposefully rubbing her clit.

"Both," Sadie admitted, moaning as she gripped Caterina's shoulders. "God, Caterina...both..."

Caterina just chuckled again as she pushed her fingers into Sadie and kept rubbing her clit. "Well, you'd better make it quick. I don't want to be late getting back."

Sadie groaned, not wanting to go back at all. She knew they would be filming for the rest of the afternoon, no time to steal away and find Caterina...and the blonde waiting for her to look forward to. It didn't take much longer before she was rocking onto Caterina's fingers, shuddering with her orgasm and moaning softly into Caterina's hair. "God..."

Caterina held Sadie until she calmed, wishing that she could just keep her there all afternoon and knowing that it was impossible. She kissed her temple again. "You should go get cleaned up. They'll need to redo your hair and makeup." And Caterina would be waiting her when shooting wrapped up for the day.