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the Main Point of this Story is???????

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Nagisa made his way past the school gates. Nervous for his first day of school. He got accepted into the school later then the rest of the students. Due to a mishap with papers. He hoped he could get along with the rest of the students fine or they didn't make fun of him due to his appearance.

The sun seemed sunnier today. not a cloud in the sky. Which Nagisa took as a sign of it probably going to be a good day.

He made it his class on time... despite getting lost more then a few times.

"hello, I am Nagisa Shiota," He said, Introducing himself to the class. Before his teacher directed him to a seat. 

he felt the eyes of a few students giving him funny looks. He ignored it and pressed on with class. Till it was lunch... He ate by himself in the classroom as the rest of his piers went to the cafeteria.

He missed his old school... To more exact he didn't miss his old school at all. He missed his Class. Class 3-E...The building, his friends... His teacher. 

He gave himself a mental slap. He was going to have a fun first day of school! and that was final!

The rest of the day went by in a blur of school work...

Soon the school bell rang. Nagisa let out a sigh. He made his way out of the classroom with the rest of his piers. A feeling of dread overcame him. He had the sense that something bad was going to happen.

and just as he had shook that feeling off. A pair of twins hooked his arms and dragged him away.