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Seeds of Faith

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Seeds of Faith

Disclaimer: I don't claim any of these characters.. Just the new plot.

Author's Note: This is kinda AU. It's post "Chosen". All the potentials and Dawn are with Giles and everybody in England training. Willow is training new witches. Xander is training new watchers. Andrew is just there. Etc etc etc. Buffy is a rogue slayer. And Wood died in the battle and never had a relationship with Faith. Actually, this kinda plays on the fact that there was sexual tension between Buffy and Faith in season 7 and they're finally gonna act on it.

Chapter 1

“Faith isn’t faith until it’s all you’re holding on to”

"Go fish," Kennedy told Violet, and crossed her legs on the hotel carpet.

Violet dug into the pile of cards in the middle of the three girls and drew something she couldn't use. Again. "I fold," she told Buffy and Kennedy. "I hate this game."

"I don't think you CAN fold in Go Fish," the blonde slayer said. "But I hate this game too." She tossed her hand into the pile and fell down onto the carpet.

Buffy, Vi and Kennedy were in Southern Georgia, tracking an underground group of Turok-Han. It had been one month since Battle Sunnydale and most of the survivors had relocated to England. Giles was the new head of the council and had a really nice deal set up with the royal family. In exchange for nice sums of money, Giles provided anyone that needed protection with temporary body guards. Of course, the slayerettes were just on-loan. But it kept everyone clothed and shelthered. And it also allowed the slayers to travel around doing odd jobs. And the jobs came with plane rides and hotels and lots of cards games.

"Can I ask a question Buffy?" said Kennedy, falling down beside the blonde. "A personal typa question?"


"Will told me about your past with guys. You ever thought about maybe switchin' teams?"

Violet lay down on the other side of Buffy and looked up at the stucco ceiling. She didn't know much about Buffy's past, but she was sure that something had been going on between her and the vampire that died in the Hellmouth.

"Switching teams?" Buffy repeated. "Like dating girl vampires?"

"Like just dating GIRLS," Kennedy said. "They don't have to be vampires. Or supernatural at all. I mean unless that's the only thing that gets you riled up."

"I've never even thought about it," Buffy replied quickly, folding her hands under her head. But she was lying. She'd thought about it her senior year of high school when a certain other slayer showed up in Sunnydale. And she'd thought about it again just recently when the same girl came back to town. Of course, she'd pushed the thought to the back of her mind, sure that the attraction was due to their slayer bond.. But then, Buffy didn't feel the same way about Violet or Kennedy or ANY of the other other activated potentials. It was just something between her and Faith.

"Not even once?" Vi pressed. It wasn't really any of her business, but she knew practically nothing about the blonde. It was hard spending so much time with someone and being pretty blank on their personality. She needed to know what made Buffy tick, that way she could fight alongside her more swiftly. Maybe her sexuality wouldn't help that much, but she took whatever she could get. Vi's family was gone. She'd spent most of the last year with her watcher. But he died and now Buffy and the rest of the potentials were all she had.

"Thought about it or considered it?" Buffy asked. "Because anyone could say 'What's that like?' but to actually want to DO it, that's different."

Kennedy laughed. It was no secret that she and Willow Rosenberg were a couple, but she couldn't deny that she felt something for Buffy. It wasn't attraction or anything, just mostly curiousity. She'd talked to Willow about it. She'd asked her if Buffy was even curious about the same sex. Willow had laughed at her, told her that Buffy was into really strong, really dangerous men. Maybe that was all Buffy had been with, but Kennedy couldn't shake the feeling that Buffy wasn't completely straight. "More like wanted to do it," she told the blonde. "Like thought about kissin' a girl, or makin' out with a girl. Maybe even havin' sex with a girl." She thought about the last time she and Willow had slept together, and smiled. Willow was such a dream.

It wasn't like Buffy to discuss her sex life. She liked to keep what she did in the bedroom pretty private. But being questioned about whether or not she would do something threatened her courage. So she said, "I mean yeah, I've thought about it before."

"With who?"

Buffy sat up. She hopped to her feet and then went to get a drink out the fridge, ignoring the younger slayer's question. She pulled out a bottle of water and broke the seal. Kennedy got up too, and then pulled Vi to her feet. They went into the mini kitchen and leaned against the mini-bar.

"Aw, c'mon," Kennedy said. "You haaaaaave to tell us now."

Buffy shook her head and took a big drink. "No. I don't."

"Yeah you do!" Kennedy pushed herself up onto the counter and swung her legs, excitedly. "Was it someone you went to high school with? Or college? Or is it someone we know...Or?" There was a knock at the door and Vi went to open it. "Who is it?" Kennedy continued to beg, not even interested in the visitor.

Vi pulled the door open without looking in the peep-hole. She was a good fighter, maybe, but she still lacked a little on the common-sense front.

"Miss me, B?" a familiar voice said.

All three girls' eyes went to the tall brunette standing in the door and Buffy's heart sped up. "Faith."