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Forever Yours, Faithfully

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Forever Yours, Faithfully

[Disclaimer: I don't own Joss or anything.. Just this plot.]

[Author's Note: This takes place after Season 7. I pretend that the Season 8 comics don't exist. But my au (alternate universe) is pretty similar. Buffy and Willow and Xander live in England with Giles at a slayer training facility. Willow also does a little witch training too .The original potentials have been made into captains and spread out to train others around the world to protect towns that contain hell mouths. Kennedy leads one in Ohio. Faith leads one in Florida. Etc... Buffy has started to get tired of the routine of training others and takes a vacation to see Faith, who has lately been emailing her.]


Chapter 1

"Oh girl you stand by me.
I'm forever yours...faithfully."

Buffy Summers opened the door of the taxi and pulled out her duffel. She slung it over her shoulder and looked at the building in front of her. It seemed to be four-stories and right on the beach. The building was done in grey stone and trimed in blue. There were huge windows on the first floor and the doors were solid glass panes. It wasn't exactly the smartest design for a building located in a Hellmouth town, but it was pretty.

The slayer walked up to the door and looked into the lobby. She was finally in Florida, which was new for her, and her golden ponytail was much appreciated in the heat. The sticky breeze pushed against the back of her neck as she reached for the door handle. She thought about Faith's last email again-

Can't wait to kick your ass. Gonna make you say uncle before I even work up a sweat.

The two girls had a very unconventional friendship. Lately the training academy in England had began to feel mundane, boring. Willow flew out to see Kennedy in Ohio a lot. She said the change in scenery kept things exciting and new. It had been Willow's suggestion to go see Faith. Sort of. She said, "Why don't you take a trip too?" The slayer academy got paid a lot by the government just to provide bodyguards to royals and so bi-continental flights weren't a big deal. Will said- "Go see someone. Go do something exciting." Buffy couldn't figure out why it was that she immediately thought of Faith Lehane when Willow said the word "exciting" but things had been changing a lot lately. For example, Xander had been paying quite a lot of attention to Dawn...

Anyways, when Buffy told Giles of her plan to go see Faith, he had taken off his glasses and wiped them on his shirt. "That's actually a very good idea," he had said, walking past her to get an old book off the shelf in his office. "Who knows what terrible things Faith has been teaching her trainees." He didn't trust her because of her past. But it was because of her past that Buffy DID trust her. She wasn't the same person, Buffy could feel that. She acted badass and withdrawn sometimes, but that was all it was- an act. She was afraid to get close to someone again and that made her vulnerable. Buffy could definitely identify with that. Plus, she'd just helped the Scoobies save the world from ultimate evil. If that didn't get her some forgiveness, nothing ever would.

The facility door opened to a nicely airconditioned building that smelled like tanning lotion. The lobby had a vaulted ceiling and windows in the back that looked out at the ocean. A big wrap-around desk held one girl, who looked up from the computer when Buffy came inside. Directly in front of the slayer, however, was a huge metal detector and some guards with tremendously large biceps. Buffy sighed and dropped her duffel on the conveyor belt knowing what was about to happen. The Slayer Academy had their own private plane and so metal detectors were avoided. She stepped through the metal detector and was greeted with a cocophony of beeps.

"All metal, weapons, and electronics in the bin," one of the men said, his voice a growl. "No exceptions."

Buffy reached in her pocket and got out her phone. She pushed her rings off of her fingers, and took her earings out and dropped those in too. Then she bent over, pulling up the leg of her jeans to get out the knife she had in the holster against her calf muscle. When she stood back up, the guys started going through her bag. They took out a sword, several stakes, a few bottles of holy water, two ornate crosses, and Buffy's cross-bow.

"Alert security," the other guard said, as the first guy moved to grab Buffy. "This girl has..." He held up the sharpened stake, the one Buffy had affectionately named Mr. Pointy, just like Kendra's. "These."

The first guard wrapped Buffy's arms around her back in a restraint that she could have so easily gotten out of. Then the girl at the desk picked the phone off the hook. "Hello? Yes. We have an issue at the front. A girl came in..." She looked at Buffy. "Yeah she does. Blonde hair." She hung up the phone and stepped out from behind the desk.

"You can let her go," the receptionist said to the guards and they looked at her dumbfounded. "We've been expecting her."

"This girl has an entire collection of weaponry," the guard by the detector argued, still rummaging around in Buffy's bag, pulling another small sword out from underneath a bunch of Buffy's panties.

"This girl is very important," the receptionist told him, her voice stern. She ran a hand through her dirty blond hair. "Let her go. That's an order."

The guard holding Buffy released his grip begrudgingly and then went back to his side of the detector.

Buffy stretched her arms and then went over to her duffel and started to shove her weapons back into the bag. She yanked the blade out of the guard's hand and stuck it back in with her clothes. She turned to the younger girl as she was sliding her rings back onto her fingers and putting her earrings back in her ears. "I hate to break it to you," she said, "But a metal detector isn't going to help you guys much with the stuff you're gonna be dealing with."

"Yeah, probably not," the girl said and shrugged. "Faith said the same thing. Honestly though, I have no idea what it's gonna be like." She stuck out a hand. "I'm Gema. I'm new."

"New?" Buffy threw her duffel back over her shoulder and followed her over to the desk. "Never-seen-a-vamp new or just new to following Faith's orders?"

"Both. I didn't even know what I was. Just thought I was super strong. Last week I was sleeping in my car and this week I'm living in a fancy facility just outsida Miami. It's pretty surreal." Gema went back behind the desk. "Faith'll be down in a minute." She took her seat back by the computer and then looked sort of sheepish. "So... Do you know her well? I mean, like are you two friends?"

"Friends?" Buffy shrugged, "Yeah. We go way back. She tried to kill my boyfriend once and I tried to kill her and she tried to kill me. Big killing party. We're real close."

"Closer than close," another voice said, as the elevator door lobby slid open automatically. "I kick her ass and she kicks mine."

Buffy turned to see Faith, wearing leather pants, leather boots, and most of a white tanktop, that left the majority of her stomach exposed. Her hair was down, cascading around her face in chocolatey waves. She strolled up, totally full-of-herself and wrapped her arm around Buffy's shoulder. Then, as if it was normal, as if it was something they always did, she placed a kiss on Buffy's temple.

Gema just blinked. Maybe she was used to Faith already. But Buffy stiffened. Lately she'd been having the strangest dreams. They weren't premonition dreams about the apocalypse or anything, but they made her sweat. She woke up feeling oddly excited. And Faith was always in them. They were always fighting, landing blow after blow on one another until Buffy was so exhausted she would fall on her back. And Faith, laughing, amused, would fall down on top of her, hanging above her body, grinning.

"You haven't changed at all," Buffy quipped. "And neither have your pants."

Faith smiled, let go of Buffy and pulled her duffel out of hands, hoisting it up to her own shoulder. "Hey, I look sexy in 'em. Not gonna fuck with a good thing." She motioned for Buffy to follow her. "Whattya got in here? You're entire fuckin' collection?" She stopped in front of the elevator and punched the up button with her thumb.

"Just a few swords and stakes and stuff," Buffy shrugged. "I didn't know what you'd have here." The elevator slid open and the two girls stepped into the small space. The walls were all mirrors, as well as the ceiling and floor. Buffy looked up at her reflection.

Faith leaned against the back wall of the elevator. Buffy lowered her face and let her eyes rest on the brunette's abs. Faith noticed of course. "You like what you see?" she said, the side of her mouth curving up in amusement.

"What?" Buffy rolled her eyes. "I was just noticing that hadn't gained any modesty since I last saw you."

"Hey," Faith held up her hands. "You think I'm sexy? I'm not gonna complain." She laughed lightly and the doors opened back up to the forth floor. She waved Buffy out first.

"I'm glad I can always rely on you being an egotist," Buffy said and waited for Faith to lead her down the hallway.

"Whatever it's called," Faith said, and took Buffy down a long hallway with white carpet, walls done in light colored wood, and matching doors. "I'm just not gonna try to hide myself. No reason to." She motioned to the doors as they walked. "This is the dorms. Me plus forty girls live here. I got the room on the end. Kick ass view of the ocean. Got you one right next door." She stopped in front of one of the dozens of doors and reached into her pocket. It surprised Buffy that Faith could even get her hand into her pocket they were that tight. But she pulled out a little silver key and tossed it to the blonde, who caught it easily. "It's unlocked now. But I don't trust most of the girls here, so you might wanna lock it from now on."

Buffy followed her inside and Faith dropped the duffel on the bed. It was a nice room. More white carpet, more light wooden walls. The bed was done in cheetah print and so were the curtains. Buffy looked at Faith and raised an eyebrow. "Tacky, much?"

"Eh, they're just for sleeping and fucking," Faith shrugged. "If you don't like 'em you can sleep naked." She winked.

The blonde slayer walked over to the one of the windows and pulled the curtain aside. The sun shining on the beach was absolutely breathtaking. She watched the water recede from the shore and then she turned back to the other slayer. "It's nice here. Really. It's a nice change from the rain back in England."

"Yeah," Faith crossed her arms over her chest and leaned against the closet door. "England can suck my dick. I'm not relocating. Ever. This place is badass." She looked past Buffy, at where the curtain was still pulled aside. "So how long are you stayin'?"

"I don't know actually." Buffy rubbed the back of her neck and sat down on the end of the bed. "Maybe a while."

"Yeah?" Faith looked sort of surprised, maybe even pleased. A smile played on her lips. "Well just remember I'm in control, girlfriend." She stood still for a second and then looked tilted her head to one side. "Aw, is someone tired?"

Buffy stiffled a yawn with the back of her hand. "Jet lag." She stretched her arms over her head and her t-shirt rode up on her stomach, exposing her abs too, just for a second. She fell back on the bed and folded her arms under her head.

Faith pushed off the closet door and came over to Buffy. She crawled on top of her, one arm on either side of Buffy's shoulders. "Don't tell me you're gonna bitch out on me cause you're sleepy," Faith said, hanging above Buffy just like in her dreams.

The blonde slayer's heart sped up. She couldn't explain why. She didn't say anything, just looked up at her counterparts smile and let her eyes settle in Faith's. It was weird, but Buffy had the urge to reach up and touch Faith's jaw. But she didn't. She closed her eyes and let Faith hang over her.

Maybe Faith could sense it too, because she stayed silent for a minute, but she didn't move. Then- "Somethin's different about you B. I can't figure it out, but there's somethin'."

Buffy could feel Faith hanging there, waiting for her to respond. She took a deep breath, aware her chest heaved with it. Then she opened her eyes again. "Teach me to have fun," Buffy said then, "While I'm here. Teach me to have fun."

"What?" the brunnette looked surprised. "Fun? You wanna go out dancin' or somethin'?"

Buffy bit her lip and thought about the past. She thought about the Bronze and dancing with Faith to the pump of music and the beat of their hearts thudding in their throats. "Or something," she said. "I'm tired of being THE slayer. And I guess now that there are thousands of them, I don't really have to be. Sunnydale's gone. And it's not just my fight anymore. I don't have to fight at all if I don't want to." She licked her lips. "And I want to have fun."

The dark slayer was at a loss for words. She fell over to laying just beside Buffy. She propped her head up on her arm, and kicked the duffel into the floor with thud so she could stretch out her legs. In response, Buffy turned just a bit so she could face her. "Well shit," Faith said, "sure we can have fun. I don't give a fuck. I do whatever I want." She licked her lips and then looked at Buffy really hard for a minute, really took her in. "You okay?"

It had been an extremely hard few years for Buffy. Her mom was gone. Sunnydale was gone. Spike was gone. She even found herself feeling a little sad about Anya's death. But there was no going back to the way things were. So she had resolved to move on. She smiled at Faith, one of her sleepy Buffy smiles, and said, "Yeah. Just tired."

Faith got up then, and used her palm to push Buffy back onto her back. "'Kay. Rest B, then when you get up, you owe me some down and dirty fightin'." She winked and then went back out the door.

Buffy lay there a few minutes before she fell asleep, just wondering how smooth Faith's jaw would feel under her fingertips.