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Life As We Live It

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14 years earlier

Blaine suppressed a wince of pain as the two men holding his arms tightened their grips on him, dragging him forward much faster than before. As if barely being able to stand on his feet wasn't enough for him… Sure, Blaine was used to being beaten up and threatened to be killed, since at least one of them happened every second time he went on a mission. But this one was different. If everything went well, this one was his last mission. Not because he planned to be killed for real this time but because it was time to retire. Yeah, he had already imagined how he wanted to spend his remainings years, preferably a lot more than this job offered him, with his loving husband and their son who was about to arrive within weeks. It would surely be boring after chasing criminals, travelling all over the world, but he agreed with Kurt. This lifestyle wasn't suitable for them anymore. They wanted a family, they wanted to raise their child in safety, and it was only possible if they gave up everything and started a new life.

Blaine didn't even know how they had reached this point. When he had met Kurt years earlier, they had been both so young, freshly out of school, with huge plans for the future. Plans that hadn't included children… Or each other. Kurt hadn't even looked at him for months and only when Blaine had almost been killed on their shared mission had admitted his feelings for Blaine. So they had started dating and a year later, they had already been married.

They hadn't talked about children for a very long time. Blaine hadn't been sure if he wanted one and he hadn't known what Kurt wanted. Until one day on their last vacation that had changed everything. It had been a little girl with bright blue eyes and blond hair who led them to the decision of having a child on their own. As everything they did together, having a child had been a rushed decision. Before they could even blink, their surrogate was already pregnant and there was no way back from there. Blaine Anderson would be a father soon and he would retire to give his family a safe future they deserved. Well, if he survived this mission, of course.

"Mr Jackson."

The men dragging him forward stopped and Blaine looked up at the man standing in front of him. Jose Martinez, head of the mob they were supposed to explore seemed really pissed off as he looked at him. Maybe he knew what Blaine was doing there? Not likely, Blaine reminded himself.

"Mr Martinez" Blaine nodded. "I would say I'm happy to see you again but I'm not too pleased with how your men are treating me."

"Well, excuse me, partner, but it's necessary" Martinez said. "It looks like you are hiding things from me."

"Such as?" Blaine asked with a raised eyebrow.

Martinez nodded for his men. Soon, Blaine was restrained again as a bulky guy stepped forward to search through his clothes.

"What are you searching for exactly?" Blaine asked. "I'm sure I can help you if you tell me…"

The man standing in front of him punched him hard, making Blaine's head roll back.

"Ouch" he said. This would leave a bruise on his face for sure.

"Don't act like you don't know what we are talking about" Martinez said. "I know who you are. The question is, how much you know about me."

"This has to be a mistake" Blaine said calmly.

Another blow, this time between his ribs.

"We can make it the easy way or the hard way. Your choice" Martinez said. "Either way, we will get the truth out of you."

Blaine only smiled. Martinez surely didn't know who he was or how much he could take if he thought they could beat the informations out of him.

~ o ~

"We have to hurry, Santana."

"We have to be careful" Santana glared at the man beside him. "Don't worry. Anderson will be fine."

Kurt sighed heavily. Sure, Blaine was a real survival but it didn't mean they could leave him in there alone for longer than necessary. Martinez was a dangerous man, he could easily hurt his husband.

"How much longer?" Kurt asked impatiently.

"Ten minutes" Santana answered. "We have to wait for the backup."

Kurt leaned his head back against the wall, sighing heavily. If there was something he wouldn't miss from this lifestyle was the constant worry. They risked their lives way too often, it was time to finally end this. They couldn't be so bold anymore. As much as Kurt loved action, they couldn't act like this anymore. They were going to be parents soon, they would be responsible for somebody else's life. Yeah, it was definitely time to retire.

"They are here" Santana said suddenly, bringing Kurt back from his thoughts.

"Let's go then" Kurt said, checking his weapons. It was time to save his husband and lock up Jose Martinez and his gang.

~ o ~

Blaine was rather proud of himself. His face already looked like a plum and he was pretty sure that his ribs weren't in a better shape either. But he still kept his mouth shut, knowing that it was just the matter of time and his husband would come to save him. He trusted Kurt with his life. They had been there before, several times, saving each other from death and worse. He knew that Kurt was already working hard to find a way to get him out of here and catch Martinez at the same time. Blaine knew that he could do it. For the last time… It was the last time they had to get through this. Once this case was over, they were free to go home to their new life. And their son… Blaine couldn't wait to have the baby in his arms.

"What's so funny, Mr Jackson?" Martinez asked when he saw the smile spread across Blaine's face.

Suddenly, they heard a loud bang from outside of the room and the screams of several men. Blaine knew what it meant. The others were here for him.

"Well, Mr Martinez, I guess it's time to tell you the truth" Blaine said, doing his best to stand straight. "You have to say goodbye to this shiny wealthy life and come with us."

"You are stupid if you think…"

With another loud bang, the door of the small room burst open. Blaine used that little distraction to break free from the grasps of the two men restraining him, bringing them down onto the ground with two well-timed kicks. Once he was free, he jumped out of the way, knowing that he wouldn't be too useful for his team with his hands tied behind his back.

And if he was completely honest with himself, he loved seeing his husband in action. Kurt was so beautiful, quick and graceful, Blaine would have loved to just sit back and enjoy the show for hours. Apparently, Kurt seemed to be in rush this time because he subdued Martinez and two of his men while the others caught the rest of the gang. Blaine sighed heavily as Kurt brought Martinez down with a well-placed blow, not playing with him at all. Damn, just when he needed to see his husband in action more than ever...

"Are you alright?" Kurt asked as he stepped to him, once all the criminals were handcuffed securely.

"Of course, my darling" Blaine smiled. He stood up again and turned around, so Kurt could untie him. "It took you longer than usually."

"We had to wait for the backup" Kurt explained.

"I almost thought you changed your mind" Blaine said as he pulled Kurt close, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek before moving down to his neck. "Hm… I'm gonna miss this side of you."

"You know we have to do this" Kurt said, moving his hands down to Blaine's ass. They usually didn't act like this in front of others but they couldn't help it. They had been so busy lately, they barely had time for each other. But it was over. With catching Martinez, they ended their last case. It was time to go home and enjoy their remaining weeks of peace before their son arrived.

"I'm gonna miss your deadly kicks" Blaine said, finally capturing Kurt's lips with his.

Only for a second. Because as their lips touched, Kurt's phone beeped. They both glanced down at the screen, checking the caller's ID.

"Please, don't tell me it's the boss…"

"No. It's her" Kurt said.

They looked at each other for a second, processing the information.

"You don't think she is…"

"Oh, my God! She is!" Kurt shouted excitedly as he read the text.

"Right now?" Blaine asked with wide eyes. "But I thought we had a few more weeks..."

"Why are you two so excited?" Santana asked as she stepped to them.

"Lena is in labor!" Kurt said.

"Who?" Santana asked in confusion.

"Our surrogate" Blaine said, slowing catching up with Kurt. If Lena was in labor, it meant that… "Oh, shit. I can't go there like this."

Kurt glanced at Blaine's torn and bloody clothes and the bruises now forming all over his body.

"We will clean you up on the plane" Santana said easily. "Come on! I don't wanna miss the birth of my nephew."

"You are not his aunt" Blaine pointed out quietly but it didn't look like Santana paid attention. She grabbed his arm and started pulling him towards the door before Blaine could protest.

~ o ~

They arrived to the hospital just in time. Kurt was about to ask a doctor where to find Lena, leaving Blaine and Santana behind because Blaine looked really bad with all those bruises covering his face, when he heard the familiar scream of a woman. Yeah, it was definitely Lena.

"This way" he said, practically running to the door. He was so excited and scared at the same time, he couldn't slow down for a second.

"Stay out here" Blaine told Santana once they reached the door.

"No way" Santana said, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

"Santana, this is our child, so if you don't mind…"

"I do."

"Guys, stop it" Kurt hissed. Once he was sure his husband and friend were down fighting, he opened the door and stepped inside. "Hey, Lena! How are you…"

"Where the hell have you been?" Lena shouted desperately.

Kurt and Blaine looked at each other.

"Well, we…"

"Blaine was mugged" Kurt lied easily. He was used to it after all.

"Oh, my God! Are you alright?" Lena asked with wide eyes.

"Sure" Blaine shrugged as if he wasn't covered in injuries.

"How are you doing?" Kurt asked as he stepped to the woman lying in the bed, taking her hand.

"I… Oh!" Lena moaned, shutting her eyes.

"Are you alright?" Kurt asked in concern.

"The baby is almost here" the doctor informed them.

"This is amazing" Santana said as she glanced between Lena's legs. "I've never seen a baby's birth before."

"Who is she?" Lena asked, her voice quite hysterical as she looked at Santana.

"A friend" Kurt explained. "Don't listen to her, okay? Just focus on the baby as we practiced. Deep breath and push. You can do this."

"You are doing great" Blaine agreed as he took Lena's other hand. "We are here with you. We will help you through this."

Seconds later, Lena screamed and squeezed their hands with impossible strength.

"Does it really hurt that much?" Blaine asked, wincing in pain, but he stayed still.

"Considering that she's pushing a melon-sized human out of her vagina, I would say yes" Santana said.

One annoyed glare from both sides of Lena was enough to silence her.

"You can do this" Kurt said as he turned back to Lena.

"You are doing so great" Blaine said. "Come on. Just one more time."

Seconds later, the miracle happened. For a second everything stopped but then Lena fell back onto the bed, sighing in relief. And at the same time, a loud cry filled the room.

"It's a boy!" the doctor said as he raised the baby he held in his arms.

The most beautiful boy of the world, at least for Kurt and Blaine. A perfect, healthy baby. Their own.

"I think I'm gonna cry" Santana said.

Noone heard her this time. Kurt and Blaine were lost in their own world that now included the baby they had been waiting for so long.

"Look at him. He is beautiful" Kurt whispered as he took the baby into his arms.

"He is perfect" Blaine nodded in agreement.

"Hey, Jesse" Kurt said, calling his son on his name the first time. It felt so weird. They had only called him 'baby' so far, although they had agreed in the name months earlier. "We are your dads. We have been waiting for you for a very long time."

"We will make you so happy" Blaine said.

"And spoil you" Kurt giggled.

"Does it mean that you retire? For real?" Santana asked.

"Yes" Blaine nodded. "He deserves a safe future and that's exactly what we will give him."

He looked at his husband and they both sighed heavily. It would surely be hard at first, getting used to their new lives but they both knew that it was the best for their family. A usual life, safe and boring, like what most people had. The one that allowed them to raise their child like other people did.