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Regina's Story

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Flashback to The Enchanted Forest. Lady Tremaine (stepmother of Cinderella) is hired by Cora to look out for her daughter, Regina Mills (8 years old), when Cora is away from home with her husband. Cora and Lady Tremaine are best friends.

In her room, Regina is playing with her dolls. She doesn't have any friends her age. She gets home-schooled so the only people she sees and knows are her mother, her father and her nanny, Lady Tremaine. Regina doesn't like her nanny. She never plays with her. She always has to play alone. "Lady Tremaine?" Regina asks when her nanny enters her room without knocking on the door. "Do you want to play with me and my dolls?" With a look full of hope she looks at her nanny, waiting for an answer.

"What did I say you about manners, Regina?" Lady Tremaine snaps at Regina, "so what did you say?" With a sigh she walks to the window and opens it, it's far to hot inside.

Regina looks to the ground when she asks her question again. "Do you want to play with me and my dolls? Please?" she softly asks her nanny again.

"No, I'm sorry, I'm really busy right now..." Lady Tremaine says, she turns around and looks at the floor covered with toys, "Regina!" She yells, "what a mess! You need to clean this up now!" She walks out of the room but before she walks through the door she says, "and I came here to get you for dinner, so clean it up and come down after that," she walks away. "Hurry!" She shouts while walking down the stairs.

Regina cleans up her room. She has a lot of toys and she's been playing with them the whole day, so it's a lot to clean up for an eight year old. It takes some time. But Lady Tremaine doesn't like to wait.

"Regina!" Lady Tremaine screams, "come down, NOW!" She doesn't like to wait, that girl can never do things quickly...

With just a few toys left to clean up, Regina hurries downstairs. "I'm sorry... It were a lot of toys to clean up..." she whispers to her nanny when she got downstairs.

"You need to do it quicker next time, I can't wait for you every time again!" Lady Tremaine says, "and I want you to say my name when you apologise, you need to learn that," she walks away and she pull Regina with her on her arm. She goes to fast for her, she knows that, but she doesn't stop.

"You're hurting me!" Regina snaps at her nanny. "Let go of me, you're hurting me!"

Lady Tremaine lets go on Regina's arm. The girl falls on the ground. "What did you say?" She says, "you blame me for hurting you? You hurt yourself little girl" she snaps, "you don't walk fast enough!"

Regina cries now. She had hurt her knee while falling on the floor. "I'm sorry." she whispers very softly. "I'll walk faster next time, I promise." She looks up at her nanny.

"I just told you, ONE MINUTE ago that you have to say my name when you apologize!" Lady Tremaine says angrily, "you never listen to me, I'm done with you." She pulls Regina up by her shirt and doesn't pay attention to her knee or her tears.

Regina keeps crying. "When is mommy coming back?" she asks her nanny now. "I want my mommy!"

Lady Tremaine sighs, "she isn't coming back today, sweetheart," she says as they walk on, "stop crying! You ruin your dress with those tears," she turns towards her, "look it's already wet!"

"I'm sorry, Lady Tremaine." Regina whispers. But she can't stop crying. Her dress gets more and more wet of her tears.

"That's my girl," lady Tremaine says, "so dry your tears now and move on," she takes a handkerchief out of her picked and hands it over to Regina.

Regina takes the handkerchief and dries her tears. "What's for dinner, Lady Tremaine?" she asks.

"To many to mention, sweetheart," she says with a high laughs, "the cook made us all kinds of things," she smiles.

When Regina sees the table she sits down on the ground. "I don't like any of that!" she yells.

"Regina! Manners!" Lady Tremaine says, she pulls Regina on her feet. She grabs her head to make Regina look at her, "now listen to me girl, you're going to sit down and eat your meal." She pushes Regina to the table, "never speak to me like that again!"

"But I don't like any of it!" Regina keeps yelling at her nanny. "I want my mommy! When is she coming back?! MOMMY!"

She slams Regina in her face, "SIT DOWN!" Lady Tremaine she says, "promise me to never talk like that ever again or you'll get another one" she holds her face close to Regina's "you're mommy isn't coming!" She whispers with a hard voice.

Immediately Regina stays silent. "I promise." she whispers very softly. "I'm sorry."

Lady Tremaine hit Regina again, "what did I say about apologies! You're unbelievable!" She pushes Regina on her chair and places far to much food on Regina's plate. "You're going to eat all of it! And if you don't there will be consequences."

"I can't eat all of that! I don't like any of it and it is too much for me!" Regina yells again.

Lady Tremaine let's a guard come. "Beat her," she says and she takes Regina to the wall, the guard follows. "Sit down and eat or this lovely man is going to make your face look blue!" She says, "be a good girl, Regina."

Regina cries again. "I don't like any of it. I just want my mommy." Very slowly she starts to eat. When she has eaten half of what's on her plate, she looks up at her nanny. "I can't eat no more." she whispers.

"You have to, sweetheart, you will never be a big girl if you don't," lady Tremaine says, looking at her, "I can also call the guard again."

"But I really can't eat any more. I've had enough, Lady Tremaine. Please." Regina softly says.

"Fine," she says, "but only for this time, do you understand me." She holds her face very close to Regina, "next time there will be consequences."

Regina nodds. "I understand, Lady Tremaine." she whispers very softly. "Can I go to my room now?"

"To do what?" Lady Tremaine asks kindly.

"To play with my dolls. Do you want to play with me now?" Regina asks her nanny with a little smile on her face.

"No I'm sorry, Regina, adults don't have time to play wit dolls," she says, "but you can go, I don't want to have you around right now..."

"Why not? Have I done something wrong?" Regina honestly asks her nanny.

"Did I do something wrong? How dare you to ask me this, you just did everything wrong, you ruined my dinner by crying and yelling! So go upstairs and stay there, please,"

Regina nodds and quickly goes upstairs to her room. She takes her dolls with her and then hides herself in one of her hiding places in her room. She knows Lady Tremaine won't find her there.

Lady Tremaine walks away to the living room. When she enters the floor is covered with paper and pencils. "Regina..." She murmurs and she starts to walk upstairs.

Regina has hidden herself in one of her closets. She knows Lady Tremaine will never find her there. She speaks softly to her dolls. "Mommy is coming back tomorrow, isn't she?" she whispers.

Lady Tremaine enters the room, but Regjna is nowhere to be seen. "Regina!" She shouts, "Regina come here!"

Regina laughs in herself. She likes playing this game. Until now her nanny has never found her. She giggles very softly.

"Regina NOW!" She shouts, but when she still does not come she takes on of the dolls Regina left in the room, "I think dolls will do good in a fire, they like heat!"

Regina quickly comes out of her hiding place and runs towards her nanny. "I'm sorry, Lady Tremaine. Don't hurt my doll. Please."

"It's no problem, sweetheart... But what is a problem is all your stuff in the living room which make it undoable for me to go in there, I want you to clean it up!"

Regina nodds. "I will do it now. Can I have my doll back? Please?"

"Of course," she hands the doll back, "but now go and clean your stuff, I don't want to wait for ages again."

Regina quickly runs downstairs and cleans up her paper and pencils. She takes everything with her to her room and places all of it where it should be stored. "I'm ready." Regina tells her nanny, who is still waiting in her room.

"Well done," lady Tremaine says, "you're starting to learn and you know how much I appreciate people who learn from me!" She pick up some candies out of her pocket. "Here, a special gift," she says while giving Regina the candies. "It's only for sweet girls like you!"

"Thank you, Lady Tremaine!" Regina shouts of excitement. "Can I have one now? Please?"

"Of course, Regina," Lady Tremaine says kindly, "take as much as you want." She walks out of the room, she only has to wait for about ten minutes...

Regina loves candy. She eats a couple of them and puts the rest away to save them for later.

After ten minutes Lady Tremaine enters the room again. Regina lays unconscious on the floor. "Good" she whispers and she takes her in her arms. She brings her to her coach. They drive to a dark place, darker than every other place. She carries Regina to the door and knocks. She feels Regina starts to wake up again. Finally he opens the door. "Welcome, dearie, come in please,"

Regina looks in the face of her nanny. She sees a stange man she hasn't seen before. "Nanny? Where... Where are we? What happened?" Regina looks afraid.

"The candies made you sick Regina," she lies, "I had to bring you to a doctor, but don't worry you'll be all right." She sets Regina down and they walk inside. "So here she is, like you wanted," lady Tremaine whispers, "now give me that portal." "Like you want," Rumple says and he lets a magic bean appear. He pulls Regina towards him with his magic. "Say goodbye to your nanny, you won't see her again." Rumple says to Regina.

"Nanny!" Regina shouts out in fear. "Who are you? Who is this? What did you do? You have magic?" Regina watches her nanny disappear into a... Portal? That's what her nanny called it, but Regina doesn't know what it is or what it does. "Where is my nanny? Who are you?" she cries to the strange man.

"Stop crying," rumple says calmly, "she left you, I didn't do a thing, i'm a good man..." He walks away from her, "follow me. and yes I have magic. My name is Rumplestilskin." He makes a little bow, "and you Regjna, are going to help me,"

"How do you know my name?" Regina keeps asking questions to understand what's going on. "Why would my nanny leave me? What did you do to her? With what am I going to help you?"

"Does it matter?" Rumple says, "I didn't do anything, she made her own choice, I'm sorry," he says with a grin, "no that's a lie," he laughs now.

"Why do you need my help? I'm just 8 years old. What do you need?"

"One day you'll understand, dearie," Rumple says and he looks at her. "So you're the biggest evil," he says while inspecting Regina's face, "very interesting, did you ever kill someone?"

Stunned Regina looks at the strange man. She has already forgotten his name, because it was a really strange and difficult name. "Kill? No! I would never kill someone! And I'm not evil! I'm 8 years old!" she shouts at the man. "I want my mommy! Can I go to my mommy now?" She starts crying again.

Rumple rolls with his eyes, "it's so lovely, enjoy the time you love your mother, it will soon fade," he says, seeing the future was sometimes very interesting, "your mommy won't come, and no you can't go. Not before I know you’re the right one." He goes in inspecting Regina. "Can you make a fireball?" He says while going through her hair.

"A what? No, I can't do that! I can't do magic!" Regina shouts at the man. "I want my mommy! MOMMY!"

"Be quiet," rumple says with a loud voice, "fine you can't make a fireball, but I know something you can do. One time you'll make something for me, something I can't make, but I have to prepare you to make that for me. So just do what I say and nothing will happen to you!"

Regina startles when this strange man talks loudly to her. She nodds. "If I do what you say, can I then go back home? Can I go back to my mommy then?" she whispers.

"Ehh... No," he says, "but you'll see her again, that's for sure," he poofs them to the forest very close to a little village. Rumple captures a young man with his magic, takes his voice and leads him to Regina. "All you need to do is rip out his heart."

Regina starts to cry real hard again. "No! You can't make me hurt him! I won't do that! I just want my mommy!" Regina keeps on crying and crying. "Please, I want to go back home!"

"You won't hurt him," Rumple says, "just do it and I'll bring you back to her." She sighs and leans to a tree.

Regina just keeps crying. She's scared of this man and she wants to go home. "I don't know how to do that." she cries.

"O I know you do," Rumple says, "your mother did it so many times, she followed her instinct, you have to do that too, dearie," He wants to know what Regina is capable of, he wants to know if she is really the person she is looking for.

"My mommy would never hurt anyone." Regina cries. "You're lieing!" Rumplestiltskin is making sure Regina and the young man are standing closely to one another. Regina can hear his heart beat very fast. She never heard something like this before. She looks at the strange man, Rumples.t. ? She doesn't remember his name. "Why can I hear his heart beat?" she asks him.

"That, dearie... is you instinct. The only thing you need to do now is follow it." Rumplestiltskin says, "and I'm sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not lying," he gins and takes a few steps backwards. "What are you waiting for?" Rumple asks.

"I don't know what I have to do. Mommy would know. Where is my mommy?" Regina keeps hearing the heart beat very fast. "He's afraid, isn't he?" she asks Rumple.

"Yes he is," Rumple says, "but you can show him he doesn't have to. Just take his heart, show it to me and put it back. It's as simple as that. Then I'll bring you back to your mommy,"

"But I don't know how to do that. I don't want to hurt him!" Regina shouts at Rumple. She keeps hearing the heart. It almost speaks to her. "Crush it." she hears in her mind. She looks at Rumple, scared.

"Your mind knows exactly what it wants," he says, "and he knows how to do it, so don't be afraid..." Rumple says with a smile. He sees dark thoughts are coming into Regina's little mind and he loves it.

Regina lets her little hand slide to the chest of the young man. She knows instinctively what to do it seems. She rips out his heart and looks at it, fascinated. She looks at Rumple while holding the beating heart. "I don't want to hurt him." she cries softly. "Can I put it back? Please?"

"Give it to me first, dearie." Rumple says, but as he sees she doesn't want to he adds, "or you'll never see your dear mommy again." He grins, because he knows, Regina is the one he needs. She has the instinct he needs most: one of darkness.

Regina gives the heart very slowly to Rumple. "You're not going to hurt him, are you? Please?" she asks him.

"You've good manners, Regina," Rumple says not answering her question. He squeezes the heart a little and the man falls on the ground, still alive.

"What are you doing to him?" Regina asks him, starting to get fascinated.

"This is how magic works, dearie," he says, "it gives you power, power to get everything you want." He stops squeezing the heart and the man breaths heavily, fear shows up in his eyes. Rumple gives Regina the heart again. "Now you have the power, you see..." He moves his head to her ear, "do what your heart tells you, dearie. Put it back or crush it."

"I want to put it back! I don't want to hurt him!" Regina screams at Rumple. She puts the heart back into the chest of the young man. "I don't want this, this power. I just want to be happy! Can I go home to mommy now?" Regina asks Rumple.

"As you wish," Rumple says, "but stop lying to yourself... You like the power and I know it." He walks towards her ready to poof her back to Cora, but before he poofs her home, he asks, "can you keep a secret, Regina?"

"A secret?" Regina looks at the man. The young man has run away as fast as he can. "I can keep a secret. I love secrets!" Regina gives Rumple a big smile.

"Never tell your mother you met me," Rumple says, "can you do that? Can you keep this our secret?"

Regina nodds. "I can! I'm very good at keeping secrets!" Regina proudly smiles.

"Good for you," Rumple says, not saying there will be consequences if she doesn't. He poofs her to her house. He knows Cora will be back very soon or maybe she is already there. She shortened her trip. He knows because she was with him...

"Mommy!" Regina shouts when she sees her mother in the hallway after going downstairs. "You're back! I missed you!" Regina runs towards her mother and gives her a big hug. "Daddy!" She now runs to her father and jumps in his arms. "I missed you too!"

"Hi there, sweetie," Cora says, "we missed you too didn't we Henry?" Regina's father nods and smiles to Regina picking her up in his arms. "where have you been?" Cora asks, "and where is your nanny?"

"I was playing in my room. I don't know where Lady Tremaine is. I haven't seen her the past hours." Regina looks at her mother. Does she believe her lies?

"That's weird," Cora says, "I don't think she will just leave, are you sure you didn't see her?"

Regina nodds. "I'm sure, mommy. After dinner I went playing in my room and I haven't seen her since. Why? Is she gone?"

"It seems like it," Cora says, "she always comes immediately when we come home, do you think that maybe something happened to her Henry," she asks him while she lets her fingers go through Regina's hair.

"I like it when you do that." Regina smiles at her mother. Henry looks at his wife. "I don't know. Maybe one of the guards saw something?" he suggests.

"Yes we can ask him," Cora says, she takes over Regina so he can ask someone. Cora keeps going through her hair with her fingers. "How was your day, Regina?" Cora asks her daughter.

"It was fine." Regina lies. "I missed you. I'm glad you're back home, mommy."

"I'm also happy to see you again," Cora says to Regina. Henry comes back. "The guard says he saw her for the last time, when she was on her way to Regina, are you sure you didn't see anything Regina," he asks with his always kind an lovely voice.

Regina nodds. "I'm sure, daddy." She smiles her sweetest smile towards her father. "Don't you believe me?"

"You are biting your lip..." Cora says, answering before Henry can says something, "you always do that when you lie," she smiles and starts walking to the couch.

"I'm not lieing, mommy, I'm really not." Regina softly says.

"Okay, Regina," Cora says, she knows it's not true, but she decides to trust her daughter, maybe she would tell it to her later. "Let's clean up your room a bit, before you go to sleep,"

"Alright." Regina quickly runs to her room to be there before her mother. She tosses away the candy she got from Lady Tremaine before her mother or father notice anything.

While Regina is running upstairs Cora walks to Henry, "that guard must know more about it," she says and she looks at him. Wearing her high heels their eyes are the same high. She holds his arm and whispers, "I'll let him talk..." She walks to the guard and rips his heart out. "Tell me everything you know," she commands him, while Henry stands there not liking what she does, but still loving her.

"Lady Tremaine gave Regina some candies. I don't know what they were for, but after about 10 minutes I saw Lady Tremaine coming down the stairs with Regina in her arms. Your daughter looked unconscious and not well. Lady Tremaine didn't say anything about where she was taking Regina, but she drove away in her coach. I've not seen Lady Tremaine since and I don't know how Regina got back here. All I know is that she came downstairs when you and your husband arrived back home." The guard looks at Cora with empty eyes.

"Thank you very much," Cora says and she crushes his heart. His body falls on the ground and Cora walks away, like nothing happened. "Did you really have to kill that man?" Henry asks Cora. He always feels sad and empty when his love kills someone... "Yes," Cora says clearly, not looking at him, "he knew too much. I don't know what lady Tremaine was doing, but I don't agree with her.. And I'm going to figure things out." Cora walks away, but when she wants to go upstairs, she looks right in the eyes of her daughter, the death body laying behind her.

"What... What did you do, mommy?" Regina asks her mother, stunned by what she just saw happening. "You... You killed that man? I liked him. Why did you do that? What did he do wrong?" Regina asks a lot of questions to understand what's going on. She looks at her mother, waiting for answers.

Cora looks at Regina. He holds her hands on her back, hiding the flame that came up when she saw her daughter, "I had no choice, Regina," she walks up to her daughter and takes her in her arms. "He told me terrible things..."

"What did he say then? No matter what he said, he didn't deserve to die!" Regina looks her mother deep in her eyes and feels pain in her little heart. Disappointment. Losing trust she always had in her mother.

"He wanted to kill us, Regina," Cora lies, she sees Regina is angry on her, "he deserved to die, I'm sorry," he picks Regina up in her arms, her little Regina. She has big plans for her... Really big plans.

"I don't believe you. He wouldn't do such a thing! He was a nice man, I liked him and you killed him!"

"It's true Regina!" Cora says, "I believed you too, you remember, I thought you were lying when I asked you about lady Tremaine, but you said you didn't and I believed you, now do the same for me, sweetheart."

"No! I don't believe you!" Regina shouts at her mother. She fights her way out of her mother's arms and wants to run away to her room, but Cora prevents her from doing that by using magic. The first time she used magic on her daughter.

Cora shakes while she holds up Regina with her magic. Henry runs to her and says her to stop. She lets Regina go. "You lied to me too," Cora only says, and she walks away, proofing the body to a unknown place. Henry takes Regina in his arms. He kneels down, so his eyes meet hers. "Your mother only wants to protect you Regina, she loves you." He says, looking in Regina's eyes.

Regina nodds softly. "Can I go to my room! Please?" she whispers. After her father's agreement Regina quickly runs upstairs. She feels her hands are shaking and when she looks at them, she sees a spark appearing in her right hand. She looks at it, fascinated, while it grows bigger and bigger.

While Cora is walking through the room, she sees the candies. They are laying in the trash and she pulls them up with her magic. She inspects them and knows those were the things who put Regina under a quick sleeping curse, it couldn't have been more than thirty minutes.
She hears Henry coming in.

"What is that, dear?" he asks his wife. "Is that what was used on Regina?" He looks up at Cora.

"It is," Cora says, "lady Tremaine brought her under a sleeping curse, I need to find out why..." Cora says. Her voice is hard and she walks around.

"Mommy? Why can I make a fireball in my hand?" Regina asks her mother, while walking into the room.

Cora turns around, looking Regina in her eyes. "That's because, you're just like me..." Cora says with a soft voice, "you and I have magic, very powerful magic... You need to be careful with it, Regina." She grabs her daughters hand and makes the fire disappear.

"So it is true what that man said? You do that a lot like what you did to our guard?"

"What? No, sweetie, of course not, I'm not evil," Cora says softly, "which man told you that?"

"I don't know his name, mommy. It was a very strange and difficult name. Do you believe me?" Regina asks her mother honestly.

"I do, of course I do," Cora says. She knows exactly who Regina is talking about. She inhales deeply. "I want you to stay here with your father tonight, I still have some stuff to do."

"Mommy, no! You just got home! I want to play with my dolls with you. Please? Mommy, please?" Regina asks very politely to her mother.

"I'll be back soon," Cora says, "and I'm sure daddy would love to play with you and your dolls." Henry walks to them and holds Regina's hand. "Don't use your magic, okay? Never..."

Regina nodds. "I won't." she promises. "I don't like it anyway." She smiles at her daddy. "Can we now go play with my dolls? Please?" Regina and her father go downstairs to play with the dolls in the living room.

Cora poofs away, knowing her daughter lied to her again. She was sure Regina loved using magic, using dark magic gives you a great feeling, like the world is all yours. She appears in a room she knows all too well, "Rumplestiltskin...!" She says with a sigh when she sees him standing by the window.

"Yes, dearie?" Rumplestiltskin smiles without looking over his shoulder. He knows who it is and he knows Regina has told his secret. A secret he specifically asked her to keep. There will be consequences. "I knew you'd come. Can I help you?"

"What did you do to my daughter?" Cora snaps to him.

"Your daughter?" Rumplestiltskin turns around and seems to think. "You mean that sweet little girl with black hair? As black as her soul?" He smiles at Cora. "Even more black than your soul?"

"Don't tell me things I already know, Rumple," Cora says, "I know who she is!" She walks to him and brings her face close to his, "the question was, what did you do to her?"

"Really nothing. Nothing she didn't want to do herself. What her instinct told her to do." He smiles again at Cora. "She's got so much potential, Cora. We need to teach her the ways of magic, dark magic, now, at the beginning of it all."

"She is only eight years old, Rumple!" Cora says, "you triggered her magic, her dark magic. How can I let her marry a king if her heart is all darkness, because that's what going to happen now, her heart will grow dark until no good is left. Kings only marry good girls, kind girls..." She wants to continue but she doesn't, Rumplestiltskin doesn't have to know everything. "I want you to erase her memories!"

"I'm not doing that." Rumplestiltskin smiles. "You can do that if you really want to, but I'm telling you... Starting her lessons now will only make her more powerful. If you'll wait too long... She won't achieve her full potential. You know that, Cora." Rumplestiltskin smiles again at her. "You maybe can teach your child to behave when there are men around?"

"What is that supposed to mean?" Cora asks, "and yes I know, but I want her to get her power when she is queen, not before that. She will be powerful enough to take over this whole... Happy land, that's all what matters."

Rumplestiltskin shakes his head in disagreement. "If you wait that long, Regina will never reach her full potential. Not even half of it. It's your choice, Cora." He looks at her. "What I meant is maybe you can teach her not to use magic when around boys and especially when around a King. You can learn her how to behave, how to control herself."

"Thank you, and it stays my choice," Cora says clearly, "I don't want her to use magic, because you know what, then she will be more powerful than I am, and she will never allow me to marry her to a king." She looks angry, "so make her forget the whole magic thing, or I'll burn you to the ground, dark one,"

"Alright, alright. You don't need to be rude." Rumplestiltskin laughs. With a wave of his hand he conjures a potion into Cora's hand. "There you go. A forgetting potion. But remember what I told you." With another wave of his hand, Rumplestiltskin disappears into a red smoke.

Cora sighs and goes back home. Suddenly she feels really tired. She hears Henry reading a story for Regina and she stays down and waits for him to come back.

After a few minutes of reading his daughter a bedtime story, Henry notices Regina has fallen asleep. He gives her very softly a kiss on her forehead and heads downstairs. In the dining room he smiles when he sees his wife is back. "Dear. You're back." He gives her a kiss.

"You noticed..." Cora says with no emotion, her mind is spinning and she doesn't want to talk.

"What's going on, dear? Can I help you with something? What's that?" Henry points at some sort of potion Cora is holding in her hand.

"It can take away Regina's memories, so she forgets about the magic thing..." Cora softly says, she closes her eyes and sighs.

"Is that what you want, dear?" Henry asks his wife. He knows he wants that to happen, because he doesn't like all that magic. But he also knows that the most important thing is what his wife wants. Because that's what's going to happen.

"I think so," Cora says while she gets up, "shall we go to bed?" She asks him.

Henry nodds. He follows his wife to bed. They don't discuss the potion any longer.

In the morning Regina jumps on the bed of her parents. "Wake up! It's time to get up!" she laughs, while jumping on the bed.

Cora moans, "Regina..." She says, it's only six o'clock in the morning..." But Henry already gets up to make breakfast. Cora sits up straight and pulls Regina up on the bed. Letting her lay next to her. She lays the blanket over her legs. "Did you sleep well?" She asks

Regina nodds. "I did. I want to play with you, mommy. Can we play together today?" With a look full of hope Regina looks at her mother.

"Yes we can play together, Regina," Cora says, but she knows she has to go in the evening again. He lays her arm around her daughter.

"And you don't have to go anywhere today?" Regina laughs at her mother. "We can be together the whole day??"

"Almost, sweetheart," Cora says, "but it takes a long time before I have to go, so we have plenty of time to do great things."

"You have to go? Again? In the evening?" Regina is a very smart girl. "Can I come with you? Are you going to see that man I saw yesterday? R.Ru..m..? I don't know his name any more, mommy."

"No dear," Cora says, "you can't come with me, I need to do it alone. Don't talk about that man anymore, he is a bad man," Cora says and Henry comes in with breakfast. Without Regina looking she puts the potion in Regina's tea.

"But I want to come with you, mommy!" Regina shouts.

"Don't argue with me Regina, it's a no, and nothing more," she says, "now drink your tea and eat your breakfast,"

Regina nodds. She knows better than to argue with her mother now. She slowly eats her breakfast. "Where is my nanny?" she asks her mother. She slowly drinks up her tea.

When she sees Regina drinks the tea, she says, "we got home earlier than we thought, she went home herself," she smiles.

"No, mommy. I saw her going through something." Regina starts to tell, but the potion in the tea works quickly. Regina looks at her mother in confusion. "Where is my nanny?" she asks again.

"we got home earlier than we thought, she went home herself," Cora says again. "Let's go upstairs," They finish breakfast and bring it to the kitchen. They walk upstairs to Regina's room.

Regina walks alongside her mother upstairs to her room. "What are we going to do today, mommy?" Regina smiles at her mother.

"You decide, sweetie," she says and she kisses her on her forehead. She helps her put on her clothes. "We can go play outside, the weather is great!"

Regina shakes her head. "I don't want to ruin my dress." she whispers. "Lady Tremaine wouldn't approve." She looks at her mother. "Can we just play with my dolls? Please?"

"She isn't here, Regina," Cora says, "I need to go to the village to buy some food for tonight, I thought maybe you want to join me then?"

Regina nodds. "Yes, please!" She gives her mother a big smile. She loves going to the village. "Come on then! Let's go! Will daddy be going with us?"

"Go and ask him," she smiles, "I'll prepare everything,"

Regina storms down the stairs. "Daddy?!" She runs throughout the house and finds her father in the kitchen. "Daddy? Are you coming with me and mommy to the village to buy food for tonight?" Henry agrees to come with them. The three of them leave the castle and head towards the village. "There it is!" Regina smiles.

Cora softly smiles. She almost never comes in the village with Regina. She is always alone here, so no one can stop her from doing terrible things to get what she wants. But now with Regina she has to control herself. The faces of the people staring at her look angry, full of hate. She hopes Regina doesn't mention it.

"Mommy? Why are all those people looking at you? Why are they so mad?" Regina gets scared and hides behind her father. "Can we go home now? Everyone seems so angry." In the distance Regina sees a young man. She has the vague idea she has seen him not long ago, but she doesn't know where or how or when.

"They just have a bad day, Regina," Cora says, "there is nothing to worry about." But at the end of the road a man stares at them with a different look than the others.

"Who is that? Do you know that man? Not everyone can have a bad day all at once, mommy." Regina keeps asking questions. She desperately wants to understand everything that's going on.

"No I don't, Regina." Cora says, she wants to poof away, but she doesn't want to use magic on her daughter, too afraid to trigger something. Cora sees the man recognizes her daughter, but why she doesn't know. "Stay back," Cora says to Henry and she walks to the man.
"How do you know her?" She just asks, without an introduction.

The young man points his head towards the little girl. "I saw her yesterday. With The Dark One. They were here."

"What!" Cora says, "tell me everything about it, I need to know!" Cora almost gets desperate, that never happened before.

"Your little girl ripped my heart out. He asked her too. You're lucky. She seems like a sweet girl. She didn't want to hurt me. I heard her say that. She has given me my heart back without hurting me. You're lucky she seems so sweet. Can I give you one advice, my lady? Don't let her anywhere near that man ever again. He will push your daughter to the dark side." The young man nodds and leaves.

Cora is stunned by the man’s words, she almost wants to pull him back with magic, but she knows Regina is looking. She walks back to them. "You were right Regina, we should go..."

"What did that man say, mommy? I think I know him, but I just don't know where I could have seen him. What did he say? Is he mad?"

"No it was a kind man," Cora says, "he recognized me he said,"

"Why did he look at me like that? Why did it seem he recognized me too? Have I ever met him? Mommy, don't lie to me!" Regina shouts at her mother. "I want to know!"

"He was one of my guards once," Cora lies, "you were much younger than you are now, I let him go, because he needed to take care of his children after his wife passed away, I asked him if he was all right. It was a long time since we had seen each other." Cora hates to lie to her daughter, but she knows she has too.... To give Regina the best life she can get.

Regina just looks at her mother. Just like her mother knows when Regina is lying, Regina also knows when her mother is doing the same thing. Regina shakes her little head. "I don't believe you." she softly says. "You are lying to me." Regina starts to cry.

"I do," Cora says, "but I do it to protect you, mothers need to do everything to protect their children, Regina," she kisses her forehead and wipes away her tears, "don't cry," she whispers, "you're too beautiful for that." She smiles.

"I don't like it when you lie to me!" Regina snaps at her mother. "I want to go home now. Can we go home, daddy?" Regina turns towards her father. "Everyone is still looking so mad at mommy." she whispers then. "I want to go home." Regina keeps crying.

"Can you take her home?" She asks Henry, but she knows he will, he does everything she wants. "I'm sorry Regina" and he wipes her hair, wet of tears, out of her face.

"I want you to come with us!" Regina now starts to scream. "I don't like it that everyone is looking at you with such anger! I want you to come home with us! What is going on? I don't understand!"

"I'll be home soon Regina, don't worry," she kisses her. Henry walks away with Regina in his arms. She fights back, but his arms are strong enough to hold her with him. Cora walks away and smiles at Regina when she leaves with Henry.

"NO! Daddy, no! I want to stay with mommy!" Regina keeps crying very loudly. She sees everyone staring at her but she doesn't care. She wants to be with her mommy. "Mommy! MOMMY!" she screams.

"Your mommy has to do something, but I promise nothing will happen to her Regina, I promise," he lays Regina's head on his shoulder and holds his strong hand on her back.

Cora sees Regina crying and it hurts her. She poofs away feeling empty and she lands in the house of Rumplestiltskin again.

Regina keeps crying on her daddy's shoulder, but she remains calm during the journey back home. By the time she and her father arrived back at the castle, Regina has fallen asleep.

"I knew you would come to see me again." Rumplestiltskin smiles at Cora when she poofed into his house. "With what can I help you today, dearie?"

"You let my daughter tip a heart out?!" Cora screams, "what makes you want het magic so badly to make her do such a terrible thing!!"

"Did I forgot to mention this yesterday? Woeps." Rumplestiltskin laughs. "Sorry, dearie. I needed to make sure she's the one with the greatest darkness. And she is. She surely is!" He jumps up and down out of excitement. "Cora, your daughter has such an enormous potential for darkness. You have to let me teach her the dark ways immediately. That way she will reach her most powerful point by the time she will marry."

"We already talked about this," Cora says, "why do you care so much about my daughter's darkness, Rumple?" She says, don't lie to me,"

"I will need your daughter's help when she'll be older. For that I need her at her highest potential. Cora, I know you want to teach her your ways too. Or am I wrong?" Rumplestiltskin looks at Cora.

"No you aren't," Cora says, "but you only give me an extra reason to not let my daughter use magic." Cora walks around the room her heels make hard sounds on the floor. "But that's not why I was here..."

"Then why are you here, dearie?" Rumplestiltskin asks Cora.

"First to tell you to keep your hands of my daughter," Cora snaps, "and besides that I want to know where lady Tremaine is... What did you do to her?"

"She wanted a portal and that's what I gave her. That was my deal with her to get your daughter to me."

"Really," Cora says, "where did she want to go?" She wants her back, she has connections with the king, so she needs her. And besides that she is useful as nanny.

"I'm already back in town." a familiar voice sounds behind Cora. "I just had to do a little something private. You didn't really think I would leave you alone with your daughter? Regina needs a nanny, doesn't she?" Lady Tremaine smiles at Cora, her best friend.

"You're absolutely right," Cora says, "she needs a nanny who doesn't hand her over to some... Beast." Cora's voice grows harder, but she remembers she needs her, "but I forgive you, welcome back," she says with a grin.

"I'm sorry I had to do that, Cora, but it was the only way to get what I needed. Can you forgive me? I promise I will never do something like this ever again." Lady Tremaine smiles at Cora.

"Of course, we are friends," she says, "I forgive you." She smiles back and makes a bow. "Thank you Rumple," she says and they poof away.

"Nanny!" Regina shouts when her mother and Lady Tremaine enter her bedroom. Henry had put his daughter to bed after coming home, but Regina woke up when she hears the front door. "You're back! I've missed you!" Regina jumps out of bed and hugs her nanny.

"Hi sweetheart, how are you?" Lady Tremaine says, she doesn't mention Regina's manners, because Cora is standing next to her.

"I'm fine now. You're back!" Regina hugs her nanny again. Henry smiles when he sees his daughter so happy. "Lady Tremaine, we are all very tired after today. Will you put Regina to bed, please?" He and Cora give their daughter a goodnight kiss, leave her room and close the door. "You're back, you're back!" Regina laughs and dances around her nanny.

"Stop it!" Lady Tremaine immediately says, "your manners are horrible Regina! Don't you remember what I taught you?"

"But I'm so happy you're back! I thought you left me!" Regina now holds onto Lady Tremaine’s leg.

Lady Tremaine slams Regina on her cheek, "I said stop it!" She says, "now get in your bed!"

Confused Regina lets go of Lady Tremaine. Didn't she like her? Why did she come back if it wasn't for her? She quickly goes to bed. "I'm sorry." she whispers.

Lady Tremaine hits Regina again, "I want you to say my name as you talk to me, next time you will forget that, I'll hurt you more than just a slam on your cheek, so be careful, sweetheart." She smiles.

Regina quickly nodds. "I'm sorry." she apologizes again.

Lady Tremaine hits Regina so hard that blood streams down her lip. "My name I said," she whispers with a dark voice.

Regina starts to cry softly. "You're hurting me." she whispers softly. She then looks up at her nanny. "I'm sorry, Lady Tremaine." she whispers. Tears roll down her little cheeks.

"Good girl," lady Tremaine says, and she wipes Regina's tears away, "I only do what's best for you, Regina," she says and she cleans Regina's lip with her handkerchief. She smiles and stands up, "goodnight sweetheart," she says and she turns of the light.

Regina very silently cries herself to sleep that night. The next morning Lady Tremaine wakes her up.

"Get up, sweetheart," lady Tremaine says, and she opens the window. Without saying anything else, she walks downstairs.

Regina just turns around in bed and sleeps. She doesn't want to get up. She feels ill.

"Regina!" Lady Tremaine screams as she walks in again, "I said GET OUT." She throws the blankets away and pulls Regina out of the bed. Regina falls on the ground but she pulls so hard that she soon stands on her feet again. Lady Tremaine grabs Regina's arms and lets her look in her eyes.

"I'm feeling sick, Lady Tremaine." Regina whispers. "I really don't feel well. Where is my mommy? And my daddy?"

"They left without you, this morning," Lady Tremaine says, "I said them I would take care of you." She smiles, but she squeezes Regina's little arms out of anger, they start to get red.

"You are hurting me!" Regina starts to cry again. "Why did you come back if you don't like me? I want another Nanny!" Regina starts to scream now.

"No you don't," lady Tremaine says, "and don't talk to me like that, I'm doing what's best for you!"

Regina quickly nodds. "I know. I'm sorry, Lady Tremaine." she whispers. "Can I stay in bed? Please? I'm really feeling sick..." Regina looks at her nanny, waiting for an answer.

"Okay, Regina," lady Tremaine says, she doesn't know why she doesn't mention Rumplestiltskin and all the things with the candies. "Are you hungry?" She asks.

"No. I'm not. I told you I'm feeling sick!" Regina shouts.

"Why are you so rude!" Lady Tremaine says, "you can stay her the whole day, and don't thing I'll do anything for you after this horrible words!" She walks away and locks the door.

Regina climbs back into bed and sleeps the whole day. She's really not feeling well. At the end of the day she feels even more sick. She wants to go downstairs, to her nanny, to tell her she's feeling more and more sick, but the door is locked so she can't leave her room. Again Regina climbs back into bed and talks to her doll. "I'm not feeling very well." she whispers. "I want my mommy and daddy to come back home." Regina cries herself to sleep again.

Lady Tremaine sits downstairs, she inspects Cora's spell books and tortures the guards for fun. When she walks past Regina's room, she hears her whisper. She wants to know if someone is in there so she opens the door.

"Lady Tremaine?" Regina looks up when she hears her door open. "Nanny, I'm feeling so ill." Regina whispers. By now her face has turned really pale. Regina doesn't know what is going on. She doesn't feel well and she hears hearts beating. When Lady Tremaine comes closer to her, Regina hears her heart beating too. A tiny bit of darkness appears in Regina's eyes.

Lady Tremaine looks at Regina's pale face and wonders if it was some side effect of the candies she gave her. It can't be, she thinks, the candies were too small to cause something like this. Lady Tremaine brings Regina some water and an apple. "You have to eat something," she says, while she sits down on the side of the bed. "Do you know what caused this? I don't think you can be this sick in such a short time." When she looks at Regina, she sees a little change in her eyes.

Regina slowly starts to eat the apple and drinks the water her nanny brought her. "I don't know." Regina answers. "But I hear... I constantly hear your heart beating, in my ear. I don't like it. I've never had such a thing like this before. I want it to stop!" Regina climbs on the lap of her nanny and puts her little arms around her neck. "Can you hold me? Please? I don't feel too well." Regina asks.

Lady Tremaine is shocked by Regina's sudden movement. No one ever asked her this, no one ever seemed to love her help. She wraps her arms around Regina and starts to sing a song. Her mind seems to ignore all things that have to be done for a moment. Then her control comes back and she thinks of what Regina just said, she doesn't know what it means, but it's not something good. "It will fade," lady Tremaine says clearly.

"Do you think so?" Regina whispers in Lady Tremaine's ear. "I hope it will fade away. Because I don't like it. It feels... It feels..." Regina now sits straight up on her nanny's lap so she can look into her eyes. "It feels evil." She whispers those last three words.

Lady Tremaine suddenly stands up, letting Regina roll from her lap. "Contain it!" she snaps, "go to sleep, Regina," She is a little bit frightened.

"See! I can hear your heart beating faster now! I don't like it, nanny, I don't like any of it!" Regina cries now.

Lady Tremaine decides to stay calm and try to let Regina contain the darkness, because if she doesn't she knows she won't live for long. She walks back to her picks her up and holds her on her shoulder. "Just close your eyes, think of your dolls, think of something you like..." Lady Tremaine whispers, "you will be all right."

"I like this." Regina whispers. "I like it when you hold me." She smiles at Lady Tremaine. "I'm lucky to have you as my nanny!" Regina gives her a big and warm hug. "Do you want to play with me and my dolls for just a minute?" Regina asks. "I promise I'll be a good girl and go to sleep afterwards."

Lady Tremaine doesn't complain, "fine Regina, but you need to go to sleep after that." She sets Regina on the couch and gets the dolls from her room. "Which one is your favorite?" She smiles.

"This one." Regina takes her favorite doll. "She looks like my mommy." She smiles at her nanny. After playing for half an hour, Regina almost falls asleep on the couch.

"Come on, Regina," lady Tremaine says softly, "Let’s go to bed." She carries Regina to her bed and kisses her on her forehead before she leaves. She wants to say thank you, but her hard side won't let her, so she says goodbye and walks out. She feels weird. Almost like she enjoyed spending time with Regina...

The next morning Regina feels a lot better. When she wakes up, she sees a strange man sitting next to her bed. "Who are you?" she asks him.

"Hello dearie," Rumple says as he sees Regina wakes up, "feeling a bit sick?" She rises his eyebrows and smiles.

"Who are you? How did you get into my room?" Regina looks the strange man in his eyes. She doesn't know why, but she doesn't feel afraid of him. It's like she met him before, but she doesn't know how or when or why. By looking him straight in the eye, Rumplestiltskin can also see straight into her eyes.

"With magic of course," he says with a high voice. He looks in her eyes and sees her darkness. Now it's still hidden, but he knows he will get it out. "I can see you recognize me Regina," he smiles.

"I don't know really. I'm not sure. It's like I've seen you before but I don't know where. Does my mommy know you're here?" Regina asks the strange man.

"She doesn't," Rumple says, "but we met before and I asked you something, but you failed, and now you have to pay, dearie." He looks at the girl, so young and yet so dark.

Regina looks at him. "What did you ask me? I don't remember. How can I feel if I don't remember what you've asked me?" Regina asks him. She's a very smart girl, asking questions like those.

"You told a secret to your dear mommy, she made you forget it, but I still remember every word, so... Say goodbye to your sweet little house and come with me." But before they poof away lady Tremaine runs inside. "What are you doing here?" She shouts.

"I'm taking this little girl with me for some lessons. But don't worry, I'll bring her back. Eventually. You can tell Cora her daughter is safe with me." Rumplestiltskin poofs away with Regina to his house. "Why are we here?" Regina asks with a soft voice.

"I need to learn you some things," Rumple says, "don't worry, you'll like it, if you want it or not."

"What do you want me to learn? Can't we do that in my home? I don't like it here!"

"O you will like it here," Rumple says, "my house is far bigger and so is your room, your bed everything." She walks to her and holds her chin in his hand, "I'll teach you how to use magic, and I'm doing it here."

"But I want my bed and my room!" Regina shouts at him. "I want my mommy and my daddy and my nanny!" Regina keeps screaming.

"Well you can sit there until you stop screaming, dearie," Rumple says and he ties her up to a chair. He starts cleaning his giant desk, without paying attention to Regina.

Regina quickly stops screaming and just looks at that strange man. "I like to learn new things." Regina softly says.

"That's a good start," Rumple says and he looks at her again, "you have to free yourself... Try and you will learn something entirely new," Rumple knows it probably will take hours before she breaks free from the chair, because she needs some anger to trigger her magic.

"I don't know how to do that!" Regina screams again. "Let me go! Mommy!!"

Rumple rolls with his eyes, he lets her scream, no one will hear her here. He sits down and starts to spin gold.

Regina keeps on screaming until she has no more voice left. "I want to see my mommy." she now cries. But the man keeps on spinning. A little bit of anger appears in Regina's eyes.

"Not going to happen," Rumple only states and he goes on spinning. He looks at her face. It's full of tears, but he also sees what he wants: anger.

"I want you to let me go!" Regina jumps up, that way destroying the ropes around her and the chair. Stunned she looks at Rumple. It didn't take hours, as he suspected. It only took her half an hour. "Did I do that?" Regina whispers.

"Yes, you did, dearie," Rumple says, "you're a quick learner, good..." He walks to her, "you're free to go now, go wherever you want." He says with a grin. He knows she will get lost if she leaves his palace, he knows he is the only one who can bring her home, but he loves to give people hope without lying.

"No, I can't. I'll get lost." Regina answers the man. She's so wise for a girl her age. "Will you bring me home now, please?" Regina asks this man.

"Not really," Rumple says, "you can go, but I stay here, I've work to do. So if you’re just going to stand there, you can help me with some stuff...."

"With what?" Regina looks at the things he is doing. "Is that magic too?" Her voice sounds interested.

"You'll see," Rumple says, "just come over here," he walks to his desk where a lot of different potions are standing. "Look, magic can do whatever you want," he says, but then his voice gets slow and he whispers, "it can give you everything you want."

"Everything?" With wide open eyes Regina looks at Rumplestiltskin. "Can it give me all the dolls I want?"

"If I say everything, I mean everything, Regina!" Rumple says full of excitement, "so can you make this potion boil?"

"How do I do that?" Regina asks him. She's getting more and more excited to learn magic. "Does mommy know I'm here?"

"She doesn't," Rumple says, "but she will find out soon enough, and in the meantime, I can learn you some magic. Now just focus and follow your instinct."

"Boil... That means I need to make fire, right?" Regina asks him.

"Smart girl," Rumple says, "remember what I said, trust your instincts."

Regina keeps looking at the potion she needs to boil for this man. She still doesn't know his name completely. She focusses real hard, but it doesn't work. "I can't do it. I'm sorry, sir." She looks at Rumplestiltskin, afraid to get hit.

"Did your mother learn you to give up so easily?" Rumple says, "don't look so afraid, I'm not going to kick you or something..."

"You're not?" Regina asks him with a soft voice. "And I'm not giving up!" Just like that the potion starts to boil. Regina looks at it with her big brown eyes. "How did I do that?" she asks the man.

"One word: instinct," he whispers in her air, "and a perfect teacher and a good mother" he walks away, "ready for the next?"

"What's next?" Regina asks Rumplestiltskin with a curious tone of voice. "Another bottle to boil?"

"Doing the same thing is boring..." Rumple says, "I want you to come out..." He makes a cage around her, "this thing, I won't help you, just figure it out.." He says, "they call it proofing away." He grins.

"But I don't know how to do that! I don't want to be in here, I want to be out of this cage!" While Regina is shouting this towards Rumplestiltskin, she automatically poofs out of it and re-appears next to it. Stunned she looks at Rumplestiltskin. "Did I do that?" she asks him again, almost not believing that she did.

"You know you did it..." Rumple says, "your magic is already growing stronger, now try again." He poofs her back into the cage and puts a protection spell around it.

Regina tries to do the same thing as before but that doesn't work any longer because of the protection spell. "What did you do? Why isn't it working?" Regina asks Rumplestiltskin.

"I locked you up with magic," he says, "It’s a protection spell, and the rule is, if you can break it you can create one too, so now you already know your next assignment, but first break it,"

"But I don't know how to break that." Regina answers him. "I don't know how to do that."

"Of course you don't!" He says, "that's why you need to learn it! I thought you were smart..." He rolls with his eyes and continues to spin gold

"But how can I learn it if you don't teach me how to do it!?" Regina snaps at the man.

"Because magic is a feeling, not a trick everyone can learn," Rumple states, "all I can say is to feel the darkness, embrace the darkness..." He hopes the little girl will understand.

Regina's eyes turn a little more dark and evil. With a wave of her hand she poofs herself out of the cage, through the protection spell. She then puts a protection spell around herself. She looks at Rumplestiltskin. "You mean like this?"

"Exactly," he says, looking at her, as if he is not surprised. "But is that everything you can show me? It's a little bit disappointing, dearie."

"I don't know what else I can do?" Regina asks him. "Is there more?"

"Did you remember what I told you when you asked me about magic...?" Rumple says, "I said you could do everything, so do what you want! I'll give you another assignment after that."

"I want to go home now. I want to be with my mommy and daddy." Regina says. "Please?"

"I told you you could go whenever you want to" he says, still knowing she can't go anywhere, not yet. Poofing away such a big distance, won't work. "Let some dolls appear, that's what you wanted wasn't it..." But before he can continue he hears Cora's voice from behind.

"Rumplestiltskin! What THE HELL are you doing with my daughter?!" A furious Cora storms into his house. "Mommy!" Regina shouts.

"I'm learning her things you should learn her!" Rumple says clearly, "she already loves the darkness," he brings out a high laugh.

"No, she doesn't!" But when Cora turns around and looks at her daughter, she can clearly see a bit of darkness in her eyes. "Regina?" Cora asks her daughter. "Yes, mommy?" Regina answers.

"Can you please come here?" Cora says to Regina. Rumple grins and walks to his spinning wheel. "She already stepped over the line Cora, there's no way back now," he laughs, "and no I'm not giving you a memory potion again!"

Regina quickly goes to her mother. "Did I do something wrong, mommy?" Regina softly asks her mother.

"No you didn't, he did," she points at rumple. "He makes you do evil things!"

"Is this evil, mommy?" Regina asks her. She poofs away and re-appears behind her mother. "Boo!" she laughs.

"Yes it is!" Cora says strict. She sees she frightened Regina a bit but she doesn't care, "you have to stop with it, NOW!"

Regina quickly nodds. "I will. I'm sorry, mommy. I won't do it ever again, I promise." Regina looks at her mother with tears in her eyes. "I'm sorry, mommy." she whispers again.

"Good, you have to promise, Regina" she says and she looks her in her eyes.

Regina nodds. "I promise. I really do."

"Then I guess we're done here," Cora says. She picks Regina up, ready to poof away, "or is there something left to tell me, Rumplestiltskin?" She says with an almost flirting smile.

Rumplestiltskin doesn't answer. He knows he will get Regina back for new lessons as soon as possible. Before Cora can poof away with her daughter, Regina poofs both of them back to their castle. It may be a long distance but Regina's power is unimaginable.

Cora carries Regina to the couch and bows down so her eyes meet Regina's. "What did you do?" She says, "what did he make you do?" She looks angry and she holds Regina's arms.

"Nothing much, mommy." Regina looks at her mother. "He let me escape from my chair. I had to break the ropes. I had to get out of a cage and then a cage with some protection around it. And I boiled some things!" Regina looks at her mommy. "I'm sorry, mommy, I won't do it ever again!"

Cora is really angry now. He let Regina discover her magic in the fastest way possible, by making her angry... By hurting her. She gets her breath under control and looks at Regina. "Good, and remember, magic is bad, not funny."

"But, mommy, you use magic too. Are you a bad person then?" Regina asks honestly.

Cora knows the truth. She is bad, evil, and she knows Regina can become even more evil and powerful than she is. That's not going to happen, she things by herself. "I'm not a bad person, but I'm an adult and I know how to deal with magic." Cora says, "and you don't..."

Regina nodds. "Alright, mommy." she smiles at Cora, like it's the most natural thing she just told her daughter.

Cora sighs, "so now go upstairs and play with your dolls for a while..."

Regina quickly runs upstairs and takes out her toys. She listens at the door if she can hear someone but she doesn't. She closes her door and behind her big bed she starts trying lifting her dolls op with magic so they can fly. Within minutes Regina succeeds. She laughs while she lets the dolls fly across the room.

Cora hears Regina laugh. She never laughs so hard when she is playing alone, so she walks to her room. The closer she walks to the door, the stronger she feels the power of magic. "Regina!" Cora shouts from outside, "what did I told you!" She slams the door open and takes Regina by her arm. She makes her look at her.

"But mommy, I like doing that! Now I don't need you or daddy or Lady Tremaine to play with me, now I can play all by myself!" Regina smiles and looks very proud of herself.

"No more magic, that's what I said!" Cora says loudly. She lifts Regina up with her magic, almost squeezing her body. "Do you like this?" Cora asks.

"Nooo.." Regina looks at her mother, stunned. "No, I don't like that, mommy." she softly answers.

"Well," Cora says, "do you think magic is for good things then?" She still hold her daughter in the air.

"But I like my dolls to fly, mommy." Regina whispers.

"Of course you do!" Cora snaps and she squeezes Regina's body a little more, "but you can't do it anymore, do you understand me!"

"Yes! Yes, mommy, I understand! I promise I won't do it again!" Regina starts to cry because Cora is hurting her.

"Right!" Cora says and she slowly puts Regina down on her bed, she walks to her and sits down beside her, "magic is a bad thing okay... I don't want to hurt you, but I have to make sure you don't use it again..."

Regina nodds. "I won't." she whispers.

"Okay," Cora says, "shall we play with your dolls together?"

"No." Regina whispers. "I don't want to play anymore." She looks at her mother.

Cora feels sad, "okay," she whispers, "I understand, what do you want to do then?"

"I actually want to do magic!" Regina snaps at her mother. "That man was teaching me how to do it and you ruined it!"

"I'm not ruining anything," Cora says with a lot of anger in her voice, "you ruin your life with magic!! You deserve so much better , Regina!"

"But you use magic too and you're my mommy! I want to be just like you!" Regina shouts at Cora while crying.

"No Regina, you can't want that," Cora says, "I'm not a good person Regina... Magic destroyed my life too..." She whispers, "lucky for me I have you," she smiles and thinks back of the moment she held Regina in the air. She loved it... She loved hurting her daughter! She hates herself.

"I don't care. I want to be just like you, mommy." Regina softly says.

Cora sighs, "but I don't want you to be like me, Regina..."

"Why not, mommy?" Regina whispers.

"Because I'm evil, my magic is dark, just like my heart." Cora says, "I don't want that the same happens to you."

"But how can this magic be bad?" Regina asks her mother while flying her dolls across the room again. She really doesn't understand it.

"That magic doesn't seem bad, until you get bored of those dolls and you start to do bigger things," she says and she lifts Regina up and lets her fly, "that kind of things..."

"I like flying!" Regina laughs.

"O do you?" Cora says, "and what if I get bored of you flying so slow and gentle?" Cora makes Regina fly very fast, she slams to some walls and all kind of things fall on the ground, broken.

"Mommy, you're hurting me!" Regina starts to cry again. "Why do you do that?"

"To show you how magic works," she says and she puts Regina down again, "don't you see it?"

Regina nodds. "I understand, mommy. I will get bored of the little things and then I will want to have the bigger things but they are dangerous and evil. Is that right?" Regina looks at her mother to see if she's right.

"It is," she says, "and I know you don't believe that will happen to you, but it will, I know that."

Regina nodds again. "Alright, mommy. I won't use magic ever again, I promise!" Regina runs over to her mother and hugs her. "I love you, mommy." she smiles at her.