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Sexy Little Red Riot Hood

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It was a fucking test of how much restraint Bakugou had whenever Little Red Riot Hood came through his territory. He swore the damn hair-for-brains was doing it on purpose. He was getting back at Bakugou for something and he didn’t know what. Did he do something so horrible he had to endure the damn torture of the bakery delivery boy coming through twice every single day? If he did, Bakugou didn’t remember and it must have been really out of the ordinary given he was generally a rude asshole and the guy had never minded before. It made his head hurt whenever he tried to figure out how he deserved this torture.

He sat on his tree stump, grumbling to himself as he tried to figure it out. It has been an entire two months since this began and really Bakugou’s restraint was waning fairly easily. He wouldn’t win this torture game if it kept going for much longer.

“Bakugou!” And there it was, the sweet sing song of that redhead’s voice. Bakugou instinctively growled before he smelled the sweet smell of freshly dug earth and the baked goodies Kirishima was no doubt carrying in his basket. Bakugou didn’t move, only dug his claws into the stump beneath him, hunched over as he tried to glare at the ground. He knew Kirishima would pass by him. No matter where he was, Kirishima would always pass by, and he’d have no choice but to stare at the beauty in front of him. The sound of heels on the packed dirt path Bakugou was sitting near got closer. He had chosen this place because he knew Kirishima passed by. He couldn’t help but witness the torture. Not that he was a masochist or anything – but he liked seeing the delivery boy.

Sure enough here came those long toned legs into view and accompanying them was a muscularly toned body in a dress with a blinding smile on his face. Bakugou adjusted the wolf skin he wore over his body, to hide his own ears and tail but also because it was his first winning kill and it was custom to wear it in pride and let their mates use it for warmth, though he was without a mate to give it to. Kirishima beamed down at Bakugou, basket of goodies in one hand, hood up and his red hair down save for a few spikes poking out from his hood.

“Here you are.” Shit. From here he could almost see directly up his goddamn skirt. This was the torture he had to endure. Kirishima paraded around in a red dress and apron despite being a dude – Bakugou really didn’t care, if that’s what he wanted to wear than that was what he wanted to wear – but the dress wasn’t the overall issue. The issue came two months ago when the length of his skirt went from knee length to mid-thigh, and now the fucking piece of fabric was barely covering his crotch. He knew it got shorter every day. Then the damn bastard went and adorned his legs with white stockings that went mid-thigh that had belts going through to help them stay up, along with a garter strap that attached to whatever Kirishima had beneath. He had never gotten a glimpse far enough to see if Kirishima was wearing a full on garter belt and panty set – not that he wanted to know or nothin’! But what fucking killed it even more was that he was wearing black fishnet stockings beneath those stockings with killer red heels. His teeth wanted to tear holes in those fishnets so he could worship Kirishima’s thighs.

“—are you even listening, Bakugou?” Bakugou straightened, mind having been completely off track.

“I’m listening.” He answered gruffly. But in fact he hadn’t heard a goddamn word because he was doing his best not to stare at Kirishima, not to let his mouth water, not to begin a claiming. It was so hard to keep his eyes level with the ground or up at Kirishima’s face when he had the torture just swaying in front of him!

“—I deserve a day off, but Kaminari says I just want to slack… but what’s wrong with wanting a day of fun?” Bakugou managed to catch some of Kirishima’s words and swore that Kirishima’s voice got breathy on the word fun. He looked up to stare at him as if he was going to get confirmation that he really heard that correctly but Kirishima was looking at him with a smile that seemed slightly seductive. Bakugou could feel his heart pounding in his chest, a growl wanting to tear in the back of his throat possessively.

“Nothin’ wrong with it.” He finally said and averted his eyes. He swore he could feel smugness radiating off of Kirishima.

“That’s what I was saying!” Kirishima laughed and Bakugou looked back at him, doing his best to keep his eyes on his face and from straying back down to those supple legs. Kirishima was giving him such a gorgeous smile right now, the same smile that had completely melted his icy heart during their first meetings. “So if you want to hang when I’m off, let me know! You don’t seem like you do much. You’re always sitting around here when I come by.”

Bakugou scoffed, “I’m super busy. I always have something to do.” Kirishima smiled knowingly.

“So you make sure to have time for me?” Kirishima’s voice was teasing and Bakugou stiffened cause fucking hell he had been caught. Bakugou did specifically make time to be in a place where Kirishima would pass through, because he knew when Kirishima passed through his territory on the way to and from his deliveries. He knew his schedule and routine. With Bakugou being quiet for a pretty long time, Kirishima smiled victoriously and he reached out to ruffle Bakugou’s hair, slipping his hand easily beneath the muzzle of the wolf skin. “You’re so cute sometimes!”

“I’m not fucking cute! There’s no way a man can be cute.” Bakugou growled, but it had no bite to it and Kirishima knew it meant nothing. He simply laughed and pulled back his hand.

“Well I have to get going now, so I’ll see you this evening.” Bakugou let out a gruff sound but nodded, nails still dug into place in the tree bark. As Kirishima began to walk off Bakugou watched him – specifically his legs and that fucking ass of his that was shielded by the short, swishing fabric of his dress.

“Hey,” He barked out and Kirishima turned around puzzled. “Stay on the path.” Kirishima smiled brightly at the reminder.

“I will! See you Bakugou!” Kirishima waved excitedly before he was swaying his hips down the path. As soon as he left, Bakugou found himself panting. It was hard to yank his nails out of the tree trunk and when he was able to he immediately headed back to the small little cave he called his home. It was fairly neat and clean and even had a door. It was well furnished and modern, though he disregarded everything to fall into his little pit of warm furs that was his bed. He groaned, hand finding its way into his battle worn shorts to immediately fist the painful erection. Growls, grunts, and groans echoed off of the walls as the wolf tried to rid himself of his sexual need.

As he swelled in his hand and came in his shorts, he glared at the wall. As ragged as his breath was, as typical as he should have been relieved of his sexual frustration now that he came, he was angry. His eyes were a glaring red, eyes slits as he growled in anger. He only felt more frustration, more want. He wasn’t satisfied. There was only one way his wolf, his appetite, would be satisfied – the one thing he was trying desperately not to do, not to ruin a perfectly good thing even though he was fighting the torture his friend was putting him through unapologetically.

Kirishima.” He’d have to devour Little Red Riot Hood.

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“Really, Kirishima? Taking it up again?” Kaminari sighed as he watched his friend at his desk with his signature red dress in his hands, taking the hem up yet again. “You’re going to kill your wolf friend at this rate.”

“Yeah, well it’s the only way he’ll get the hint to fucking make a move on me.” Kirishima huffed with a pout as he continued to stare hard as he hand-stitched the new hem line. It was only being moved up by just a little bit but he was sure the wolf would notice.

“True,” Kaminari sighed and scratched the back of his head as he sat back on his bed. “You have been giving hints and making passes at him for over a year now and he hasn’t even got a clue.”


“I can’t believe you’re going about it so passive aggressively and not just coming out with it.”

“I’ve said it basically as plainly as I could to him so he’s going through a bit of punishment right now.” Kirishima huffed, pulling the thread through a little roughly. Beside him his white and fishnet stockings were neatly folded, already washed, and those killer red heels freshly cleaned.

“Some extreme and cruel punishment, man.”

“Yeah? Well I have something else up my sleeve too.” Kirishima finally looked up at his friend, a wide toothy grin on his face, his red hair out of his face by a simple hair tie.

“Shit, man. How much sexual torture are you going to put on him!?”

“Until he breaks and gives in.” Kirishima smiled as innocently as possible, but Kaminari could see those devil horns gleaming on his head.

“Dude!” Kaminari gaped. “I don’t know if you are a sadist or a masochist – he might really eat you or dominate you if he gives in-to peer pressure.”

“I’m counting on it.” Kaminari sighed.

“Dude, you’re way too kinky for me.”

“That’s why it never worked out when we tried.” Kirishima chuckled before he returned to his task of finishing the hem line. “You’re way too vanilla.”

“And you want a literal beast.” Kaminari shot back in a puff.

“No objection there.” Kirishima laughed and tied off the string before he snipped the extra. “There we are, a little shorter.” He smoothed it out and hung it up in his closet beside his hooded cape. “Tomorrow begins my ultimate, final plan.” He reached into one of his drawers then turned around to show what he pulled to Kaminari. Immediately the blond turned red and waved his hands in front of him in a fluster.

“Oh my god! Kirishima that’s overkill!”

“It’s my final shot! Like cupid’s arrow.” Kirishima smiled triumphantly and put the item back in its hiding place.

“You are really gonna kill this guy!” Kaminari clutched his shirt, having almost been killed himself by pure heart attack of the secret weapon Kirishima had shown him. “Jeez… I still can’t believe in the two months you began this…operation… he hasn’t said anything or even got a goddamn clue that you’re doing it on purpose.”

“He’s just… oblivious sometimes.”

“Or stupid.” Kirishima sent a glare and Kaminari shrugged. “What? I mean you’re putting yourself on display like you’re a feast in front of a starved dog! And he ain’t done a thing.” Kaminari huffed before suddenly getting a ‘lightbulb’ idea. “You don’t think he’s abstinent or can’t get it up do you?”

“No!” Kirishima threw a pillow at him as he settled down in his own bed. “I know he isn’t… he’s been staring and he’s made sure to be there every time I pass through his territory. I can feel his stare on me when I leave especially.” Kirishima smiled. “And it doesn’t leave until I’m completely out of sight.”

“Smug asshole.” Kaminari huffed as he finally settled back in his bed too, looking at him. “You’re not going to be satisfied till he takes hold of you and really takes ya, huh?”

“Nope. I read up on what happens when you’re with a wolf. It’s the stuff of wet dreams. I can’t wait to experience it myself.” Kaminari shook his head.

“You really are too kinky.”

“Well at least I’m going to get some.”

“Oh shut up!” Kaminari threw the pillow back before both of them erupted in laughter.


He knew the weather was going to be bad. The kind baker he baked for was really worried with Kirishima going out to make his deliveries. A storm was supposedly on track to hit their area with lots of rain and wind. It was supposed to hit that evening. “I’ll be fine.” Kirishima waved to the old lady and readied his basket with the few deliveries of the day. “There’s not many to make so I’ll be sure to go straight home afterwards, okay?” He smiled, adjusting his hood on his head. “I’m strong, so don’t worry!” He grinned.

Off he was then on his route, making the first few deliveries to the ones in the village before he walked the familiar dirt path into Bakugou’s territory. Sure enough Bakugou was perched on a different tree stump, familiar deep scowl on his face, but it just made him all the more handsome to Kirishima. It also made him look so manly and Kirishima was all for manliness. Bakugou was the very definition of the word. Bakugou was handsome, he was kind, he was caring; and Kirishima wanted him so badly.

“Bakugou!” He called out and waved when the wolf looked up. He could see the faint wag of his tail beneath the typical wolf skin he wore. He wasn’t even sure Bakugou was aware that he sometimes showed signs of how happy he was to see Kirishima. As he came up to him he knew Bakugou’s eyes were struggling, they wavered as they tried to stay up on his face. However, it did seem like Bakugou had something else on his mind. “You look distracted today, are you alright?”

“Yeah…” Bakugou nodded, and his eyebrows knitted together. Kirishima could tell he was seeing a glimpse of Bakugou fighting with himself over something. “Hey, I can smell rain coming. You going to be okay?” He motioned to his basket of goodies with one wild hand.

“Oh!” Was he worried about him? Kirishima smiled. “I’ll be fine. I don’t have many deliveries today and I had planned to go straight home instead of reporting back to work. The rain isn’t coming till this evening so I’ll be home before it even starts.” How kind of Bakugou to worry about him!

“Oh…good.” Bakugou nodded gruffly.

“Thanks for worrying.” Kirishima smiled and Bakugou let out a typical growl of annoyance.

“I ain’t worrying over you!”

“Mhm.” Kirishima smiled and he reached over to pet Bakugou on the head again. “I’ll see you this evening before I go home, okay?”

“…yeah.” Bakugou peered up at him and fucking hell Kirishima just wanted to lean down and kiss those rough looking lips. How rough was Bakugou’s touch? He was a wolf, he hunted, he was so animalistic – he was an animal, a beast – so his hands must be calloused. And how was he at taking claim? What was it like to be claimed? Kirishima cut his thoughts as he smiled.

“I’ll be going now.” Kirishima waved as he walked on by and as he turned to face his usual route, he knew he could feel Bakugou’s eyes on his legs, traveling over him like he was a piece of meat. This time though he could feel that his stare was more piercing than usual. Was Bakugou reaching his limit of the torture he was pushing onto him? Kirishima shuddered, clutching the basket tighter. It felt like he was being undressed openly and it turned him on. He hurried his steps. He wanted to finish these last deliveries quickly so he could put his plan into play.


Unfortunately, it wasn’t going to go as planned for Kirishima. The rain came a lot sooner than expected and by the time he had hit the road in the afternoon from his last stop it was pelting down onto him. He held his hood steadfast on his head, gripping the empty basket and fighting against the wind. The dirt path was practically mud as he tried to navigate his way back home. The wind began to whip around and shit he was trying hard to stay on the path but he could barely see! This totally was raining on his ultimate final plan!

“Kirishima!” He was surprised to hear his name being called. When he turned and squinted towards the dark forest he could see a figure running to him from the side. It was—

“Bakugou!” Kirishima gasped, eyes widening but immediately had to squint again so he didn’t get pelted with rain directly in his eyes. “What’re you doing here?” Bakugou was muddy and typically bare foot. He was drenched like Kirishima though a little more sheltered with the wolf skin on his head, the head protecting him.

“I knew you’d be caught in the rain.” Bakugou huffed and Kirishima was about to retort when he was surprised. Bakugou took off the skin and he put it over Kirishima. “Here,” Bakugou kept his arm around him and Kirishima swore his cheeks were red. He knew Bakugou never took it off so he was surprised – and Bakugou was just glad Kirishima didn’t know the significance. “This way, there’s no way you can make it back home with the weather like this.” Bakugou began to lead Kirishima off the path and in the direction of his cave. All Kirishima could think was how nice Bakugou was being, and that his plan might be able to get back on track again!


They arrived at Bakugou’s cave and once inside Bakugou shut the door. Kirishima let out a soft ‘ah’ as he looked around. It was so warm feeling despite being surrounded by cold rocks of a mountain, the light and the bed of furs he could see in a little circular pit made it all so nice. He did have a couch and a tv, essentials like a bathroom it seemed, with a full on kitchen – that truly was a chef’s kitchen – so it wasn’t as cave-living as he would have imagined a wolf to be living in. Bakugou was awkwardly standing by the door, looking pretty bare without his skin on. His ears were alert along with his tail, fur looking small and matted due to the rain.

“…what?” He even sounded on edge, and Kirishima wondered if he was worried about what he thought of his home.

“You have a wonderful home!” Kirishima beamed. At least his plan was in full swing all over again, even if it was completely altered from the original planned path. Bakugou nodded in response to the compliment and looked Kirishima over. The dress was sticking to him, the white stockings were practically sheer now and he could see the fishnets beneath them. The wolf swallowed hard, his appetite raging for him.

“The storm ain’t gonna pass till morning… you’re welcome to stay the night.” Bakugou’s voice sounded rough and it made Kirishima want to put the wolf to the test right now. Fuck, he had to control himself. Bakugou though was controlling himself as well, because with a wet Kirishima his instincts were seeing red. This was dangerous, but he had to endure. He planned to either coerce Kirishima into a consensual mating session or he’d have to feign going out to hunt all night so he didn’t attack Kirishima in his sleep.

“Thank you Bakugou, I’d like that.” Kirishima truly would. This was a grand opportunity. He slowly took off the skin given to him, his hood already having fallen down and revealing his wet hair flattened to his face. “Thank you for letting me use this too,” Bakugou nodded as he took it back.

“You’re still soaked `cause I wasn’t fast enough.” He wanted Kirishima to continue to wear it but it was true he would have to dry it first.

“That’s fine.” Kirishima smiled. “It surely helped me from getting a cold – oh! But I ought to change out of this.” He pulled at his dress, doing it on purpose. Bakugou’s eyes were glued to him as he nodded.

“I have fire. It can hang to dry.” His words were broken and incomplete but it was to be expected given how distracted he was as he tried to keep his wants in check. He brought Kirishima from the entrance to the fire pit he had in the middle of his cave. He let the wolf skin hang to dry and he moved to clean himself up. He stripped from his pants to leave himself in the boxers he wore, wiping the mud from his feet and legs. Kirishima watched as he took off his hood and then he smirked, turning his back to Bakugou.

“Bakugou? Can you get the zipper? It’s a bit sticky and I always ask Kaminari to get it.” It was a total lie but his plan was in motion for sure! Bakugou looked over, immediately his mind moving to hunger, but he held fast and approached him.

“I got it.” His hands fumbled with the zipper at first. Slowly he managed to bring it down, watching it reveal the slow expanse of muscles. It ended right at his waist. “There you go.” He spoke around the lump in his throat and immediately went to the kitchen. “Hungry?”

“Ah, yeah.” Kirishima watched Bakugou retreat and smiled in victory. Step one done! He slipped out of the dress while Bakugou’s back was turned. He hung up the dress and hood around the fire before he joined in the kitchen. He leaned over the counter corner, being sure his ass stuck out a bit. He waited as Bakugou heated up a pot of stew he had already cooked before – like he had been planning dinner for company ahead of time. “Do you mind helping me out of my shoes?”*

Bakugou turned around and nearly howled at the sight he saw. Kirishima looked divine. And Bakugou wanted to push him down and claim what was his!

Kirishima’s secret weapon was to die for. He was wearing black silk lacy panties where it hardly left anything to the imagination yet still kept everything tastefully hidden. Those straps attached to his stockings attached to a white lace band around Kirishima’s sweet rounded hips. Fucking hell, this was the worst torture in the world. Yet, here he was enduring it further as he got down on his knees beside Kirishima. Kirishima turned to face Bakugou as he leaned back against the island counter and held out his foot. Bakugou took the offered foot and slowly undid the strap. His hand held him around his ankle, feeling that silky stocking texture but could still feel the bumps of the fishnets beneath. He took his time undoing the shoe.

Kirishima had to hold his breath the entire time. Bakugou down on his knees for him, holding his foot like that to help him out of his shoe. Fucking hell he had to be careful not to get hard or his plan would be ruined!

On the last shoe Bakugou couldn’t help his hand sliding slowly up from Kirishima’s ankle to the back of his calf to the inside of his knee. He pretended like he needed to lean forward and hold himself there to get the redhead’s heel off, but it was to nose against his leg. He inhaled deeply, barely containing the deep croon wanting to be released. Kirishima smelled so good and he wanted more of that earthy scent. He wanted to nose his way up the inside of his thigh and plant kisses, to bring Kirishima to a whole other world of pleasure. He resisted barely. Bakugou pulled back with both shoes and stood up.

“I’ll get us bowls, if you’d like you can sit in my bed already.” Kirishima took the shoes and nodded.

“Thank you.” He said and turned to put the shoes by the fire. He felt like he got a score on step two because he could feel Bakugou’s eyes as he walked away. Of course Bakugou looked over his shoulder to watch him walk away before actually getting two bowls of stew. When he turned around Kirishima was sitting at the edge of his bed to lean against the stone floor. Bakugou came over to hand him his bowl before he sat on the ground, best to not join him in bed right now.

“This is really good Bakugou, do you cook all the time?”

“Yeah, I do. I hunt and make everything.” Bakugou answered as he ate, trying hard not to wolf down his food like a total wild animal since he had precious, important company over.

“That’s impressive!” Kirishima smiled. “You’re a good provider then.” He almost sang out teasingly, though he did think so.

“Yeah, I guess.” Bakugou mumbled and he finished eating rather quickly, waiting for Kirishima to eat his fill.

It went well with their small talk about how Bakugou had built the cave when he was fairly young after his first kill and that was what the skin he wore symbolized (he didn’t say the reason he gave it to Kirishima to wear was because he wanted him to be his mate) and he also told him that he made sure any unsavory creatures stayed out of his territory and near the village. Kirishima was amazed by everything he told him, and it was kind of nice how he viewed him as a hero.

Kirishima then talked on how he began the delivery business two years ago and how he was childhood friends with Kaminari. They both were delivery boys but Kaminari took the ones on the mountain while Kirishima took care of those in the village and through the forest. They lived together in a little hut because it was cheaper. Kirishima liked being a delivery guy because he got to eat sweets every now and then as a treat.


It was getting late and neither quite knew how to proceed with where they wanted to go so they could only suggest sleep. Bakugou turned off the few lights he had and left the fire going while Kirishima got comfy in his bed. It smelled like spices, fresh coffee grounds, and the faintest smell of burning wood. Kirishima laid out on his side, a leg bent slightly with the other stretched out. Bakugou had the perfect view of his ass.

“The bed is big enough for both of us to sleep in it.” Kirishima insisted when Bakugou returned to the bed, obviously the wolf trying to figure out if he was going to step in the bed or if he ought to sleep on the floor. Bakugou got into his bed, and he knew he got in too close to Kirishima, but the redhead didn’t speak up about hating it so he didn’t move away. “Thank you again, you really saved me today.”

“It’s nothing… wouldn’t do any good if you got a cold.”

“…I am still pretty cold though.” Kirishima hinted as he looked over his shoulder at Bakugou. Bakugou swallowed harder and he sat up. Despite all the furs surrounding and making up his bed, he grabbed the now dry skin he always wore and he covered Kirishima up, letting his forearm linger against his skin before he pulled back.


“A little bit…” Kirishima stated, shutting his eyes. “…your body would warm me up more.” Bakugou stiffened – in more than one ways. “Wolves run pretty hot don’t they?”

“Yeah,” Bakugou’s mouth was dry. “Our body temperature is higher.”

“I’d get warmer faster.” Kirishima didn’t open his eyes, patiently waiting for the wolf’s response to his suggestion. Bakugou immediately slipped right against Kirishima’s back. One arm served to hold Kirishima tight against his body, resting an open palm against his stomach. The other arm served to be a firmer cushion to Kirishima’s head.

“Better?” His voice was like a low purr in Kirishima’s ear. Kirishima couldn’t help the breathy moan. He swore he could feel it, a hot arousal pressed right up to the back of his leg. Bakugou tried not to groan at the musical sound that came from him.

“Yeah,” Kirishima was completely breathless, but he was tired so he sank into the warm heat that Bakugou’s bare body provided him. Bakugou could have never hoped for a more perfect night. His prospective mate was in his arms (falling asleep if his slowing breath was any indication,) he could feel the silky wonder of his stockings against his legs, and Bakugou had managed to keep his instincts in check. Though it was still an ongoing battle if he could make it through the night. For now, Bakugou nosed against Kirishima’s neck to the source of that sweet yet earthy smell, holding him close to his body for the sole sake of keeping him warm and tried to get to sleep.

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Bakugou couldn’t stay asleep for long. His hormones and instincts were a raging storm inside; and the man he was holding was moving his hips back against him in his sleep. His eyes were sharp as he inhaled, staring down at that ass moving directly back against his body. Kirishima must be having quite the erotic dream to be moving back against him like this. It did nothing for his restraint. The thread was stretched taut and breaking. A low croon left him – it was a sound only an alpha could make to comfort their mate, to say all the things they wanted to say.

“Bakugou,” Kirishima moaned. Bakugou’s red eyes widened, frozen, croon caught in his throat. Shit.

His restraint broke just like that.

Kirishima had (inadvertently) answered Bakugou’s croon and had effectively tore that last shred of restraint. Bakugou immediately moved the wolf skin off of Kirishima, at least his lower half, and in the fading light of the fire he spread Kirishima on his back. His hunger had won out and now Bakugou was in alpha mode with a raging erection in his boxers. He moved Kirishima’s legs over his shoulders and clutched at his ass as he nuzzled his face right against his covered cock. Kirishima moaned, already half hard from whatever dream he was having. Bakugou inhaled Kirishima’s scent deep into his lungs before he began to thoroughly devour Kirishima.

He sucked him through his underwear, working along the side of his shaft before he made his way up to his tip and back down. He sucked on his balls, hungrily wanting to devour every bit of him. Kirishima writhed beneath him, calling out his name in his sleep and it fueled the thirst of the alpha whose hard on swelled in want. But, as an alpha, he also needed to make sure the precious omega was satisfied and ready. Everything about Kirishima smelled like an omega, an omega in want of his alpha. Kirishima was producing hormones from that precious place of scent, even if he was doing it unwittingly.

Bakugou continued for a full thirty minutes on sucking Kirishima through his sinful garb, grinding his lower half down against the bed. One hand moved to help hold his legs open and ran alongside the arousal. As he worked on him even more, his fingers got soaked and he made sure they did as he worked on him, because he wanted more. Bakugou adjusted himself as he pulled back so that he could pull at those panties. His soaked fingers moved to brush against his entrance as he pulled the panties aside. He freed Kirishima’s erection so that he could immediately engulf it into his mouth. He pressed a finger inside. It was time to prepare Kirishima thoroughly before his alpha instincts completely took over with little abandonment.


It was late. Not quite yet morning he was sure, but well past midnight. Kirishima groaned. He felt hot, and shit, was that his voice he could hear? Kirishima was so confused as he woke up moaning and writhing in the wonderful bed of furs, a little tangled against the wolf skin Bakugou had laid against him. But why was he moaning? Was this one of those wet dreams that felt so realistic? When he finally looked down the loudest moan left him as all the sensations bombarded him and he realized this was very much reality.

Bakugou was between Kirishima’s legs, both thrown over his shoulders, and his mouth was eagerly sucking on Kirishima’s erection. His panties were wet but pushed aside – it revealed to him how Bakugou had been mouthing at them before he moved the offending article out of the way. Bakugou was thoroughly sucking Kirishima’s cock right down to his balls; and Kirishima moaned loudly when he registered that wasn’t all. Bakugou was four fingers deep inside of him, and they moved like pistons in and out of his body, dragging on every nook and cranny inside. Bakugou was going to town on Kirishima and had been for the past hour in his sleep.

It was a miracle he hadn’t cum in his sleep, but now that he was awake the redhead could hardly contain his sounds from the sudden overstimulation of everything. “Fuck! Bakugou!” He moaned, hand gripping his blond hair roughly as his hips jerked. Bakugou growled in the back of his throat, motions getting rougher. “I’m gonna cum!” He moaned as suddenly he cried out and he blew his load right down Bakugou’s throat.

Bakugou sucked it all up, licked him clean and brought his fingers out. He sat up on his knees, arousal raging and obviously tented his boxers. Kirishima panted hard as he looked down at Bakugou. His spiky blond locks were a mess from him grabbing it just once, and it helped him look like an absolute beast. His eyes were glowing red, however the red was nearly eclipsed by his slit irises; and he was growling. His muscles bulged, and he looked ready to attack Kirishima. Kirishima licked his lips. Fuck. He looked so good.

Kirishima sat up now, lovingly putting the skin to the side before he leaned forward. He grasped Bakugou by his neck, other hand going to his hair again, and he kissed Bakugou hard. Bakugou groaned and immediately fought for dominance in the kiss. It was a clash of teeth and tongue and Kirishima loved every moment of it. When he pulled back both were panting, but he didn’t rest. He pushed and pulled at Bakugou till he had him positioned beside him on his back. Of course Bakugou didn’t go down easy and gripped at Kirishima’s hips, claws digging in as a warning. He didn’t mind though and simply groaned.

Kirishima straddled Bakugou. “You made me wait so fucking long.” He breathed out, head flicking back to move his hair out of his face. “You’re incredibly slow sometimes.” As he chided Bakugou, the wolf stared up in confusion at his words. Kirishima moved Bakugou’s boxers down, freeing his erection, and almost immediately Kirishima took him all in. He managed to at least go slow a bit as he lined them up, grinding against him for a moment before he pushed the tip inside. Kirishima moaned, head falling back. “Fuck it—” He gasped and sat all the way down, fingers curling at Bakugou’s abdomen.

The wolf and little red riot hood’s cries melded together as both took in the sensations of becoming one. But, the alpha couldn’t sit on his back like that and just let his mate ride him. Maybe another time when he hadn’t been tortured for two goddamn fucking months. Kirishima managed to lift himself twice before Bakugou surged upwards and tackled Kirishima down to the bed. Kirishima cried out as Bakugou pushed deeper inside of him. He clung to Bakugou as he was pressed back into the soft furs. His legs wrapped around Bakugou’s waist, sliding slightly due to the silky thigh highs. Bakugou held Kirishima by his hip and the other arm gripped the edge of the pit, cracking the stone.

His hips moved with no rest for Kirishima as he searched to bring Kirishima to ecstasy. Kirishima gripped Bakugou’s back, nails digging into his shoulder blades as he moaned. “Fuck Bakugou you feel so good – shit so big!” His head pushed back, moaning out in a mindless mess. Bakugou growled in approval at his mate’s response, nosing Kirishima’s scent as he began to pound harder into him. The slapping of skin, the sound of stone being rushed, and the wonderful growls from Bakugou coupled with the moans from Kirishima were such beautiful sounds to their ears. When Bakugou’s thrusts led him to press against Kirishima’s prostate, he let out the most beautiful angelic moan as he arched his back, nails nearly drawing blood on the blond’s back.

A primal growl ripped through Bakugou and his alpha instincts completely clouded every sense. Fuck – Mate – Claim – “Mine.” Bakugou spoke aloud and Kirishima whimpered in delight over the possessive words. The pounding was specifically to rock right into Kirishima’s prostate each time, making him cry out and his cock weep with the want to cum.

“Yours – completely yours Bakugou! Fuck!” Kirishima gasped not even going to try to move and keep up with the brutal pace of Bakugou’s hips. Bakugou’s eyes glowed brighter as Kirishima answered him. Bakugou opened his mouth wide, fangs gleaming before he bit the origin of Kirishima’s sweet scent – where his scent gland would be. Tears burned Kirishima’s eyes as he let out a little scream, an odd sensation coming over him. He felt warm all of a sudden. The warmth spread from the spot Bakugou bit all throughout his body. It was a tingly warmth and it spilled into his mind. It felt like it went to mush, like he was suddenly in a haze and all he could focus on was Bakugou, the way he smelled like rich earthy spices just filled his nose and all he could think about was being taken care of by Bakugou, being filled by Bakugou. Was it just his imagination or did he feel wet?

Bakugou immediately sensed the change in Kirishima and it stoked the alpha in him. The omega hormones skyrocketed and all Bakugou could think was to fill Kirishima with his knot. Bakugou’s knot had begun to swell as it became his sole mission to properly mate with Kirishima. Kirishima was left a moaning, now mewling, mess as he could only hold onto the blond as all the sensations assaulted every part of his mind.

“So close! Bakugou – I’m gonna cum! Oh my god!” It felt like he was on fire and Bakugou was the fuel that kept it ignited. His climax hit him like a train and he screamed Bakugou’s name as he spilled between them. Bakugou followed after a few more primal thrusts. His knot swelled and his cum filled Kirishima without one drop able to slip out. They were completely locked together now, with no hope to remove it within the next fifteen minutes. Kirishima panted, little moans leaving him as he could feel Bakugou’s knot pulse inside, sometimes more small spurts of cum filling him.

Bakugou panted as his mind slowly cleared and he moved them slowly, careful not to tug too hard on him. He moved them around so that Kirishima was mostly on top of him, so he could relax comfortably. Kirishima rested his heated cheek against Bakugou’s sweating chest, listening to him breathe and his heartbeat. It was so soothing to him and it lulled him into a sense of security. They silently just laid there, catching their breaths, basking in the afterglow. Bakugou’s hand mindlessly stroked the fluffy red hair, a croon gently rumbling through his chest. Kirishima melted at the sound, practically falling asleep to it.

“That was amazing,” Kirishima finally spoke up, like it had to be said before he drifted off. Bakugou snorted.

“Of course it was.” His alpha pride showed; because he was the best alpha there was and there’s no way he’d leave his special mate unsatisfied.

“It took you long enough to do it.” He smiled against his chest. Bakugou let out a soft hum. “I’m glad I got caught up in the rain to come here and get delightedly fucked by you.” A bigger snort now from Bakugou.

“I knew you would get caught in it. You’re a ditz.”

“Ah, but I must be your ditz now, hm?” Kirishima hummed pleasantly. Bakugou let out a little grumble, though it was clearly affectionate. “Did you even notice my outfit getting shorter and more appetizing the past two months at all?” Kirishima propped his chin up to look at Bakugou curiously.

“Yeah you little shit.” Bakugou moved his hand up so he covered Kirishima’s face with his own long, red hair. “Put me through so much fucking torture I tore up multiple tree stumps.” Bakugou growled teasingly. He leaned down to nuzzle against his forehead after he moved his hand. Kirishima peered up through his hair with a smile.

“You were the one taking your sweet time trying to make a move.” Kirishima countered.

“And you could’ve gotten to the point and just said you love me.” Kirishima smiled a shit eating grin at Bakugou, who simply scowled at him.

“You love me?” Kirishima sang out. Bakugou’s face flushed a bit and he looked so angry (but so cute!) His large, calloused hands moved and squished Kirishima’s cheeks.

“Who fucking said that?”

“You did.” Kirishima laughed, speaking through his pursed fish lips. “You wanted me to say it first all this time, huh?”

“Nobody said that.”

“You did.”

“I did fucking not.”


“You’re just inferring whatever the hell you want from what I actually say. Learn to listen fuckmunch.”

“Not man enough to say it first?” Kirishima teased, knowing exactly how to push Bakugou’s buttons. Bakugou growled. “Fine,” He sighed. “Guess I have to do it first then… Yes I do lo—”

“I love you.” Bakugou placed a kiss on Kirishima’s fish lips, letting his hands slowly slide back into his hair to unsmush his face so they could kiss normally. “Idiot.” He muttered against his lips. Kirishima smiled widely, hands having shimmied up Bakugou’s body to his neck.

“Yeah? An idiot who loves an idiot like you.” Kirishima smiled and kissed Bakugou again. A croon rumbled through Bakugou’s chest again as they kissed, obviously pleased with the sentiments being returned verbally. “Mm…but we did do this backwards, we should’ve kissed first.”

“That’s your fucking fault – you were begging for me to fuck you.”

“Yeah that’s true.” Kirishima smiled. “At least I got what I wanted – you.” He sang softly and gave Bakugou another kiss before he settled down. His plan had been a complete and utter success, with outstanding remarks!

They got themselves comfortable again and Bakugou pulled his prized wolf skin over their bodies. He still needed time before he could pull out completely. “Go to sleep you useless sap.” Bakugou said in a much softer voice, able to hear that Kirishima’s breathing was on track to falling asleep. Kirishima only hummed in response. Bakugou listened as Kirishima fell asleep, satisfied with the events that had played out. There was a part of him though that was curious on what exactly had happened earlier during their intense mating session; because it had given him the impression that Kirishima had presented himself. Regardless, Kirishima was his mate now and Bakugou would give him the wolf skin to wear, along with a proper explanation of what had happened, what Bakugou had done, and what it all meant.

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Chapter Text

What happened during their first time wasn’t talked about, which Bakugou wanted to talk about honestly; however, Kirishima hadn’t seemed to notice, and Bakugou wasn’t sure how to go about the topic and ask. Bakugou knew he would have to approach Kirishima about the root of the topic at some point, but for now it wasn’t too important. Kirishima had been claimed and everybody would know it. The next morning Bakugou had gifted Kirishima with his wolf skin, a rather embarrassing event really.

“But isn’t this yours?” Kirishima was dressed, all prepared to head back home after the storm. Bakugou had just fixed the wolf skin on him, the paws hanging down his torso, and skull set firmly on Kirishima’s red hood.

“…it’s my first winning kill.” Bakugou explained, his scruffy, dirty blonde ears barely poked out of his spiky hair (honestly if they didn’t twitch no one could even tell them apart, if it wasn’t Kirishima,) and his tail happily wagged behind him. “I wear it in pride…but it’s a custom to give it to a mate for warmth.” Bakugou’s cheeks were red despite his face holding his trademark scowl.

“Oh.” Kirishima’s cheeks turned as bright as his hair. “Then…” He smiled warmly, reaching out to hold Bakugou’s hands as he fixed the skin right on his head, leaning in to kiss him. “I’ll wear it all the time.” Bakugou’s smile obviously broke through his façade, a croon rumbling out. Kirishima melted at the sound. He looked over Bakugou and his lightly worn blue pants. “Though you look pretty bare – hot – but bare. If you ever need to wear it for warmth, I’ll gift it back to you, for a short time.” Kirishima smiled, giving him another kiss. Bakugou snorted but happily accepted the kiss.

“Come on, I need to take you back.”

Three months had passed since then. They had begun a relationship, it was never officially stated that they were dating, but it didn’t need to be said. The blonde had called him his mate on quite a few occasions – maybe not directly spoken to him, always spoken like a third person fact, but it was always directed at him. Plus, Kirishima was going to see Bakugou more than just in passing through his route. He’d actually go to Bakugou’s cave some evenings. (He didn’t stop wearing the dress so of course it always led to some spectacular sex.)

Those nights were the best when he spent his time with Bakugou. Sometimes they would even go out on a stroll, Bakugou would show him his favorite spots to go like a small serene spot by the lake (they had sex there,) and a clearing in the forest that was home to so many beautiful butterflies (sex there had been so sweet.) Honestly, they had a lot of sex. Kirishima didn’t mind at all because Bakugou conveyed all his passionate feelings through physical actions. And anyway, lately Bakugou smelled so good and he could smell Bakugou on him, surrounding him all the time. Every time they were close he’d get so hot, and wanton. It was like his body was calling out to Bakugou to be claimed. Not to mention he had a faded bite mark on his neck from their first time. It hadn’t completely faded yet, which Kirishima found odd, but at the same time… boy was it nice to wear a little decoration that affirmed they were connected together. The wolf skin was also a little decoration, but Kirishima didn’t want to ruin it while doing his routes so he always had Bakugou hold onto it during the day. (Bakugou didn’t mind at all since it smelled so heavily of Kirishima every time he gave it back.)

Kirishima was so head over heels for Bakugou, and he truly felt like his mate. The only thing missing was actually living with the wolf. But, he didn’t mind going slow in that perspective.

“Bakugou!” Kirishima chimed happily, basket of goodies on his arm, walking down the path through the forest on a gorgeous day and sure enough there was his precious boyfriend. Upon seeing Kirishima, Bakugou hopped off his usual stump and came over. Kirishima took off the wolf skin from his body and handed it to him. “Here, hold it safely for me till later.”

“…you’re coming over right?” Bakugou asked, tail swishing in interest as he sniffed the wolf skin before he wrapped it around himself. Kirishima smiled, stepping closer to the wolf.

“Yeah…” He spoke softly. “I shouldn’t be long. I finished the village stops, all that’s left is the rest in the forest.” He leaned forward, Bakugou did the same, their noses rubbing together intimately before Bakugou kissed him gently. “I did swipe some cookies for you too.” Bakugou grinned.

“Thanks,” Kirishima handed him the goodies from his basket and then kissed his cheek.

“See you later, Bakugou!” He chimed happily as he began his walk to his routes. Bakugou waved after him, watching to make sure he stayed on the path before he headed off to make his usual rounds through his territory, munching on the cookies happily.


Kirishima had quite a few stops in the forest on the last half of his delivery route, all regular customers. There was Tsuyu who lived by the lily ponds. Shouji and Tokoyami inhabited the denser part of the forest in hollow trees. Ojiro and Shinsou lived nearer to the edge of the forest in a cabin closest to the woods. There were also other people living there of course, like Shigaraki and Kurogiri who he only met once – they were real loners and kind of creepy too but Kirishima wouldn’t judge them for it. One of his last stops was Deku, who lived in a homey little shack. It had been a long time since he had last gotten a delivery for the green haired male.

Kirishima walked up the little path to his house and up onto the porch, knocking on the door. “Coming,” A soft voice chimed and a slightly shorter man appeared from behind the door. “Ah! Kirishima!” Deku smiled widely and opened the door fully. Kirishima smiled at the man. Deku was a cute shy guy with freckles all over his cheeks and green hair with gorgeous black hues, who dressed simply in green pants and a simple white shirt.

“Good afternoon, Deku!” Kirishima smiled brightly to him, not noticing the shy eyes that briefly looked him over.

“Your dress looks pretty again.” Deku complimented Kirishima and Kirishima smiled, even giving a little twirl.

“You’re so sweet Deku!”

“Would you like some tea before you go? I ordered too much scones.” Deku offered.

“Ah, I’d love to,” Normally Kirishima would always take a little tea or coffee break at Deku’s and helped him eat the large order of pastries he’d always order. He would sit on the porch with his friend and talk, since he typically was his last delivery, before he circled back home. But now, there was Bakugou. “But I have something this evening.” Kirishima smiled.

“Oh, I see, no biggie.” Deku smiled. But then his face went odd, for a fraction Kirishima thought it looked rather angry. “Kirishima – did you get a new cologne or perfume?”

“Huh?” Kirishima sniffed at his arm, then pinched some of his dress together to sniff it. Deku stiffened only slightly, hardly noticeable to Kirishima. “I haven’t,” All he could smell was Bakugou but that was because he was hyper alert to him and wore his wolf skin every night – could Deku smell that too? “Do I smell bad?”

“No,” Deku shook his head and the bright smile was in place. “I was just curious.” Kirishima smiled in relief that at least whatever Deku could smell was faint and not bad. Maybe he smelled like dirt or like the forest? Or maybe a weird spice from the bakery, which was always a possibility.

“Well, I’ve got to get going! Here are your favorites, strawberry and chocolate scones.” Kirishima hummed as he handed Deku the neatly decorated bag. Then he turned around with a sweet wave and smile and was on his way back to Bakugou, whistling softly in excitement.

Deku waved back, watching Kirishima retreat back into the forest.

Slowly the innocent smile and look faded to leave a sinister look in place. A shadow cast over his eyes darkly. “Kirishima.” He practically growled. Then, he let loose a chilling howl before he turned with a snap back into his home.


It was late and Deku’s pack had all gathered, blood thirsty wolves and creatures feeding off their alpha pack lead’s killer aura. Deku sat in a chair made of bones, higher than anyone else.* He leaned his elbow on one arm – literally made of arm bones – and looked over his pack going mad and barking at each other. It was a mosh pit of anger and frustration. Deku sat with the most loyal of his pack huddled around him: Todoroki, a half breed with powers over fire of ice with half a head of fiery red hair and the other half pure white, he lived in the mountains so he could be a look out for Deku; and then there were Shigaraki and Kurogiri who were a maniacal pair, Shigaraki had cracked and splitting skin while Kurogiri was a rare creature with the power of manipulation over space by the mist that covered his body.

“That bastard Bakugou–” Deku suddenly barked out and his pack quieted before they muddled amongst themselves, listening but knowing not to look in his direction. Deku’s hand cracked the bones of his chair beneath his fingertips. “He stole Kirishima from me. That damn exile.” He growled deeper. Todoroki looked calmly at him.

“That’s unacceptable. Clearly the better candidate is you, Midoriya.” Todoroki spoke.

“That’s right. He did something to him too…something is different about him, like he’s changed and – smelling like that damn traitor – smelling… smelling like… HIM!” Deku’s hand came crashing down onto the bones beneath him and the entire half of the chair was obliterated in an instance by the air created from his anger. Yet, he stayed in the same sitting position like nothing had happened.

“He deserves to die.” Shigaraki spoke up and Deku shot him a threatening look for not clarifying. “The blonde of course – not your mate.”

“What does he even see in that fucker?” Deku spat.

“He was brainwashed of course.” Kurogiri stated calmly and Todoroki nodded.

“He must have. You’re the one who is always nice to him Midoriya.” Todoroki continued to lift Deku’s spirits.

“Damn right. Being nice so he can be my fucking mate – waiting patiently to claim him, make him mine.” Deku’s hand beneath his chin began to glow red, his power aimed up in his arm. Slowly it dimmed back down before the destruction befell them all. “He had a bite mark.” Deku looked out over his pack and to the woods in the direction he knew was Bakugou’s new habitat, his lone territory. “Kirishima is mine.” His pack was absolutely silent, looking at their pack alpha in wait. “And I will get him back… but first,” A sinister grin split across his face, distorting it, showing the cruelty on his mind. “We must make Bakugou pay first.”

Chapter Text

“I want you to meet my parents.”

“Hm?” Kirishima lay in bed with Bakugou, head upon his chest, mindlessly drawing little patterns on his abs. He slowly raised his eyes to look at Bakugou. He was looking down at him, hand brushing mindlessly through his sweaty red hair.

“I want you to meet my parents.” Bakugou stated again.

“Your parents?”

“That’s what I said dipshit.” Bakugou growled a bit, tapping his head in a meek slap. He looked away, cheeks a little red. “So?”

“I’d love to!” Kirishima perked, leaning up to kiss Bakugou. “Honestly, I wondered…if you had parents since you’re all by yourself.”

“I do…I just moved away from them to claim my own territory.” Bakugou huffed.

“Aww, my lone wolf.” Kirishima teased lightly with a smile and nuzzled his cheek. That low calming croon left Bakugou and vibrated throughout his entire body. Kirishima hummed pleasantly as he sunk further into Bakugou’s warm body, enjoying the hand going through his hair. “I can’t wait to meet your parents.”


Bakugou’s parents lived more towards the valley on the other side of the village towards another stretch of mountains and the sea, so Kirishima took a few days off work and prepared a bag of clothes for the journey. Officially they traveled for three days, it should have taken longer, especially passing between two mountain passes and most of the valley, but many times Bakugou picked Kirishima up to carry him. They only stopped to make camp each night. Near the end of the third day they were nearing the den of his parents.

That was when Bakugou caught the first whiff of blood. His lips flipped back, snarl on his lips. Kirishima couldn’t smell the blood but he could immediately sense the change in his alpha, smell his fear.


“Hold onto me.” Suddenly Bakugou’s arms swooped beneath Kirishima and immediately the redhead was clinging to the wolf’s back as he sprinted. This was much faster than they normally went.

“What’s wrong?!” Kirishima yelled over the whipping wind.

“Blood.” Bakugou snarled, and that was the only response he would get. Sprinting the remaining miles to his parents’ den. Blood coated the entire outside of the cave. Immediately Bakugou’s arm tightened around Kirishima as Kirishima steadied on his own two feet. He sniffed the air. No one else was around – which was worrisome. He couldn’t smell anything but blood and their scent. But it was clear whatever happened, whoever else was here, was gone – and the blood was masking their scent well. “Do not leave my side.” Bakugou commanded and Kirishima clutched onto the fur at Bakugou’s back tightly.

“I’m right here,” meaning he wouldn’t move from Bakugou as he looked at the bloody scene with his own fear.

“Good.” Kirishima’s fear was keeping Bakugou’s alpha instincts from taking over and going ballistic, on chagrining in head first. His mate’s safety more important. They slowly entered through the opening. Down the familiar winding path towards the living area. Hardly any light reached down into the cave and Kirishima stumbled, holding firmly onto Bakugou so he didn’t trip. Even though he was wearing normal clothes and shoes, not being able to see in the dark didn’t steady his feet.

Finally, a faint light of the fire was still going in a little fire pit. Kirishima realized that one of the reasons he may have tripped was because the entire floor was coated in blood. There was way too much blood… where was–

“Mom! Dad!” Bakugou cried out and Kirishima let go of Bakugou as he surged forward into the den. Past the fire pit and the kitchen and the living area lay Bakugou’s parents. They were sprawled out on the ground near their bed, having most likely fought for their last breath in their home. The only thing was… they had been completely taken apart, shredded, devoured, in such a gruesome fashion. Kirishima stared in horror, hands covering his face and tears falling down his face in rapid succession. Bakugou howled in anger, frustration, hot tears racing down his face.

As his partner cried out for his murdered parents, Kirishima’s head turned to the wall where his eyes had caught something shiny: a message written in blood.

“Bakugou.” Kirishima whimpered, an inexplicable fear raising up within him, a warning signal of danger screaming in his system.


Bakugou hadn’t left his cave since they returned. Kirishima told kind Mrs. Meade that he couldn’t deliver for a while due to a family emergency and it wasn’t a lie. Bakugou was his family. Kirishima didn’t leave his side. Bakugou would sometimes get violent, only by pushing Kirishima away too roughly when he tried to touch him, and sometimes he would cry into Kirishima’s shoulder during the night, but mostly he hadn’t slept or ate much since they got back. Kirishima knew it must be hard. He hadn’t known his parents, but Bakugou’s had been alive and well up until a while ago. He remembered every detail of them. He had only just lost them, and he still needed the time to heal from that loss. Kirishima never had to deal with that feeling of losing a loved one, so all he could do was be there for Bakugou, to let him know he was there through everything.

Slowly Bakugou came back to Kirishima, the alpha in him refusing to wallow in sorrow for long, especially when his mate needed attention too. When Bakugou had calmed, Kirishima took his hands and looked at him with concern, and the worry that he couldn’t hide from him. Kirishima looked down solemnly. “I’m sorry.”

“It’s not your fault. I’ll make whomever did it pay in tenfold.” Bakugou said, venom in his voice with full intent to use it.

“But that note…” Kirishima voiced his concerns aloud. They stayed silent and Bakugou ran his fingers over his knuckles soothingly.

‘You stole my mate worthless exile – I will make you suffer and take back what is mine.’

The note had confused Kirishima and the undeniable chill it had sent down his spine left him scared for what it meant. It had… been about him hadn’t it? Kirishima couldn’t shake it. He had to be right. The note was meant for Bakugou to see, had to be, but nothing made sense in the note left. Stole their mate? Exile? Take back?

“Kirishima,” Bakugou looked at Kirishima with steady eyes. “It’s time I explained things.”

Chapter Text

They sat across from each other in Bakugou’s bed of furs. The conversation that really ought to have happened much earlier was finally going to happen right now.

“First, I’ll start with myself…” Bakugou said, sighing as he scratched the back of his head, ear flicking when some hairs tickled the inside of his ear. “Bet you’re confused about the exile bit of that message…and it wasn’t like I was trying to hide it – just didn’t come up.” Kirishima nodded, scooting closer to Bakugou to feel the safety of his warmth and to hold his hand. Bakugou squeezed his hand. “We were in a pack once… but I got us exiled.” Kirishima was quiet, gently rubbing his thumb into Bakugou’s palm for comfort. “I was only eight.”


“Mom, why don’t you and dad have tails and ears?” A tiny blonde runt with scruffy ears and a tail stood holding a bowl beside a gorgeous blonde in a homey kitchen. She wore a simple blue dress with her hair almost as wild as her boy’s. She was cutting vegetables and meat to toss into the bowl the little boy was holding.

“Because when you reach maturity and can control yourself, it is natural to hide them so humans don’t know you’re a wolf. You can blend in undetected.”

“Oh,” The little boy’s mouth opened into an ‘O’ shape as he let the sound slowly die off his tongue.


“Why don’t you hide them now?”

“I ain’t a weak ass bitch afraid of humans knowing what I am.” Bakugou huffed, eyes closed as he stuck his chest out proudly. “Better they see me with them and stay the fuck away.” He then popped an eye open. “Though you didn’t steer away.” Kirishima smiled.

“I was fascinated by you.” Bakugou’s ears flicked happily, tail momentarily thumping on the furs before he leaned down and nudged his cheek with his nose.

“Shut up, I’m trying to talk here.” Kirishima giggled before he settled down and listened to Bakugou continue on.


Silence for only a moment before he opened his mouth again.

“Why don’t I have siblings?”

“`Cause I didn’t want to birth a litter you brat.” She smacked her son’s head before her hand smoothed down the ruffled hair and rubbed an ear. “One is enough for me; you’re enough for me.” She took the bowl and put it on the counter before swooping up her pup in her arms. “And you’re a handful!” She yanked up his shirt to blow raspberries on his tummy. He kicked his feet and laughed a little shrill laugh.

“Mama it tickles!” He screeched out, flailing as she held him tight. Finally, she relented and kissed his hair before setting him down.

“Alright, go out and play with the others.”

“I wanna help.” Bakugou pouted, ears showing his reluctance.

“Go play.” She patted his back then. Finally, little Bakugou gave in with a nod and ran out of their den. Open sparse forest as far as the eye could see, with many huts and caves of the other families in their packs. Pups were everywhere playing and wolves doing their chores like laundry, chopping firewood, or preparing to go out on a hunt to collect food in groups. Bakugou sometimes played with the other kids, but honestly he liked to be alone. No one could take how rough he played or how he cursed because his mom did it all the time. Of course he still played with the other kids, some even insisted on playing with him, but he just preferred to be by himself anyway.

He ran through the adults and kids playing towards his favorite clearing near the pack’s watering hole. Little Bakugou found his hidden toys in a rock outcrop near the water. He spent an hour playing with them before he shoved them back and he began to prowl around in their territory. He shouldn’t stray too far from the center by himself, but he’d be fine as long as he stayed in their territory. He roamed around for hours, trying to chase down rabbits and hone his hunter and other wolf skills for fun. His ears flicked at a faint shrill sound before it was muffled. He paused. Bakugou let his ears twitch in search for the sound. He crouched down low, concentrating hard.

There! His head snapped in the direction he heard frantic movement. Whatever he heard was coming from there, and was distraught, desperate – in danger, his instincts told him. Bakugou immediately got on all fours and rushed in the direction. Was someone in danger? Did someone need help? He slowed down as he found a wolf hunched over something – probably prey – with their back to him, their claw was raised.

“Hm?” Confusion hit because Bakugou knew the smell, who the wolf was. “Deku’s dad? What’re you—” Bakugou’s eyes went wide as Hisashi whipped his head back to Bakugou and Bakugou could finally see what had made the noise. It wasn’t an animal beneath the man – it was a human kid, one who had probably wandered from a nearby village to play in the woods, his mouth covered by the wolf’s hand. It was very obvious the kid was Bakugou’s age, struggling for his life, scared, the fear radiating off of him. “Get away from him!”

Bakugou’s tail straightened as he barely took a second to launch himself at Hisashi. The man who had sparse freckles and black wirily hair jumped back. “Stay out of this kid!” He barked angrily, his pheromones trying to make Bakugou submit to the alpha. He stood between him and the human kid. He clenched his fists, fighting the urge to bow his head in submission.

“I… I…” A tiny growl began to form on the pup’s lips, and his teeth began to show, the tiny dagger canines growing sharp. His hands clenched tighter. He knew the look in the man’s eyes. Deku’s dad had blood lust, and he was going to kill the boy if he didn’t do something. He couldn’t let him kill the kid. It was wrong. “I don’t bow to anybody!” Suddenly Bakugou’s head yanked up clear as day and he glared at Hisashi with fiery spirit. He glanced over his shoulder at the whimpering child. “Run! Run right home and don’t look back!” He didn’t know if he could fight an adult but if he had to…to save the human boy—

“You’re not getting away! You’re my prey!” Hisashi screeched and lunged with break neck speed at the boy who had scrambled up on his feet and began to run back towards his village.

“I’m your opponent!” Bakugou’s body dove into action to meet the man’s speed and to push his body full force into the adult’s, interrupting his run to the boy. “I won’t let you hurt him!” Hisashi grabbed him by his hair and threw him down, attempting to go after the disappearing kid again. “I will not go down!” Bakugou barked loudly, scrambling up, the fire inside lit and prominent. “You will not hurt him! I will stop you myself!” Bakugou ran after Hisashi and his claws extended with his intent to protect. Something sparked up within him in that critical moment, like a thumping of his heart beat.

In an instant he had thrashed his hand out and cut the tendon in his leg. Hisashi howled so loudly it echoed through the forest and he collapsed to the ground. Immediately the adult turned on him and it became a fight to live. Bakugou was hurt by his claws, so much sharper than his, but he also clawed out and bit at Deku’s father leaving his own marks. Both tried hard, lunging with teeth for critical spots but Bakugou was small and Hisashi couldn’t find purchase on his neck, only his shoulders.

Bakugou’s adrenaline soared, the beast within him fighting. Hisashi had blood lust. He’d die by his claws if he didn’t win. If he died he’d surely go after the kid, the village – he had to win! Struggling to find leverage, finally he was able to kick his feet as hard as he could into the man’s stomach. He yelped but didn’t budge. But it was just enough distraction for him. Bakugou’s head moved as fast as possible, claws sinking into the man’s shoulders and he immediately bit into his jugular, clamping his jaw down as hard as possible because he knew his jaw was weak and the adult could easily throw him if he didn’t.

Hisashi howled and got up, he tried to shake Bakugou off, clawed at his back, but Bakugou bit harder into him, claws embedding deep into the skin to aid him in not being thrown off. It was bitter, the taste of blood flowing into his mouth.

Eventually Hisashi fell and when Bakugou unclenched his jaw and stood up, the damage was evident. Bakugou’s fist tightened, staring at the damage he had done, wearing his own blood and Hisashi’s. Yelling could be heard and soon a crowd of wolves had gathered,

“Bakugou…why…” Including Deku. Bakugou looked at him and he could hear his mom screaming in the distance. Everybody was talking at once, in shock over the pup that had killed the wolf, and he just stood there.

The kid’s safe now.


“– and we were exiled, because I killed a pack member.”

“But you were protecting a human child!” Kirishima was shocked, clutching Bakugou’s hand.

“Yeah… and I’ll never take back what I did – but it’s still unforgiveable to kill a pack member.” Bakugou sighed. “It’s not like anyone would have believed me if I said he had blood lust. It was only the two of us and no one else saw what went down.” Kirishima blinked, looking at Bakugou curiously with concentration on his brow.

“Blood lust?”

“It’s like a disease. All creatures can be infected with it. Sometimes it comes from nowhere, sometimes it’s triggered. Whatever the cause, once you have it all you want to do is kill. You’re not hunting or protecting yourself, you’re killing for fun.”

“Is there no cure?”

“Not that I know of…at least not back then. Maybe now. I haven’t heard of any blood lust cases since we left.” Bakugou sighed and Kirishima leaned against him for a minute, letting the information twist in his head, pondering it over.

“That was also when I presented as an alpha.” Bakugou continued on with more explanations, and Kirishima sat up again. Bakugou had a point to all of this, because he had to bring it up. What happened that night, the change in Kirishima he didn’t even seem to notice.

“An alpha?” Kirishima knew the term – he had read over it when he had browsed books looking for information on what it was like with a wolf – but he didn’t fully understand the weight of the word.

“Yeah, it’s like a pyramid if you want to think of it that way. There’s alphas at the top, betas are in the middle, and omegas at the bottom. Don’t get anything wrong, it’s nothing about power, but just how they’d be like… uh… family wise…?” Bakugou scratched his head some more, watching Kirishima trace over every finger and claw on the hand he was holding. He was intently listening but also comforting Bakugou through it all. This was hard to explain for Bakugou especially given the way he typically was with words, but he wanted Kirishima to understand. “Family wise like…sexual wise…ah it’s a little complicated to explain,” Man, he didn’t feel like explaining the inner working layers of the pyramid, Kirishima didn’t need to know that information and it was all very long and confusing. At the very least everything had been said that needed to be. “Basically though, I was the youngest to ever present; but the event was what triggered me to do so instead of presenting naturally.”

“Present?” Kirishima cocked his head, massaging Bakugou’s hand and making him melt, tail thumping softly against the bed and curling around Kirishima.

“Yeah, your pheromones, everything changes. You can smell everyone’s scent of what they are, and your demeanor and status change, sometimes even personality. I, uh…” Bakugou finally let his limp hands turn in Kirishima’s care to hold his hands. “Like for me sometimes I want to dominate you–”

“Which I totally love.” Kirishima quickly interjected.

“Yeah, you do.” Bakugou grinned proudly, a little rumble going through his chest fondly. “Anyway, like that’s also me being an alpha. I want to take care of you, support you, and dominate you at times.”

“That’s why you’re such a beast in bed.” Kirishima teased lightly and leaned over, kissing his cheek lovingly.

“Yeah… you’re just that hot to turn me into a beast.” He teased back. Bakugou leaned forward, their foreheads leaning together. They simply breathed in a moment, taking the other in and Bakugou could feel all his worries melting thanks to his mate. “It’s why my uh… why I form a knot.” Bakugou flushed hotly. Kirishima began to blush alongside him, looking up at him shyly through some of his red hair. “To lock us together and possibly,” His face got darker as he stared hard at his hands. “Impregnate you.”

“Oh.” Kirishima flushed. “Well,” He wet his lips and then kissed Bakugou’s lips softly. “I like it, it’s hot and kinky…and it feels good to have you suddenly swell up inside and just be full of you.” Kirishima’s description really egged Bakugou on.

“Yeah?” He wet his lips and he then nuzzled Kirishima, feeling better as they kept talking. Everything was pretty much out in the open now. “Good.” He purred near his ear before he nipped it. All loving aside he did have to go on a little further to another small topic. “I do wonder though… Kirishima, during our first time,” Bakugou spoke seriously. “I swore you changed, that you presented as omega. That you were submitting to me, asking me to claim you, to mate you – to give you pups.”

“Me?” Kirishima looked at him in surprise. “But I’m human, is that even possible?” Not that the idea of carrying Bakugou’s pups wasn’t appealing to him.

“Honestly it should be impossible… there’s no way you could present as any type. But I swore I smelled the change in you. It was evident.” Bakugou said and then reached up, brushing Kirishima’s shirt to the side to brush his fingers lightly against the mark still on his neck. “You submitted to me, I truly mated with you – this mark is proof that I did claim you.” His eyes cast down towards the fingertips out of his range of sight.

“I see…” He hummed. “So that’s why it doesn’t fade?”

“Yeah. It’s a mating mark.” Kirishima smiled and touched it along with Bakugou’s fingers, giving him a soft kiss.

Bakugou finally put his arms around Kirishima and slowly settled them so they were laying down. They stewed in silence together. Kirishima’s thoughts processed for a while, taking in the information that’s been said.

“I understand now with that note why it said exile – it was definitely pointed to you. It was all a personal attack on you. But the mate has to be me but…I don’t understand it Bakugou, I’m no one’s mate but yours. I don’t know who would ever think so.”

“Did you go around in that dress of yours?” Bakugou stated.

“Well of course.”

“Most likely one of your deliveries thought you were hitting on them with you shortening the length of your dress every day. A sin really.”

“But it doesn’t make sense because they’d have to know you too and you’re a loner in these parts. Everybody in the village stays away from this path if possible. Kaminari won’t even take this route. I’m the only one who interacts with you.” Kirishima said, totally confused. “Who could possibly be obsessed with me and know you enough to hold some personal grudge against you?”

“I have no idea.” Bakugou sighed and pulled Kirishima closer. “But I will protect you from them.”

Chapter Text

“Good work Todoroki.” Deku said as he washed the blood off his body in the stream nearest his house. Todoroki stood by the shore and watched his alpha. They had just got back from killing Bakugou’s parents. “This is why I trust you living in solitude – why you’re my second and my look out at the edge of the territories. I can only trust you with these types of missions.”

“It’s nothing Midoriya.” Todoroki spoke softly. Deku continued to bathe, shaking off the water as he got out. Todoroki couldn’t help but stare at the well sculpted muscles and scars before the alpha covered it up with his loose shirt and pants. “I am loyal only to you.”

“I know.” Deku’s face was dark possession as he prowled up to Todoroki who didn’t move or flinch away. “You’d never even think about betraying me or going against my will.” Deku was upon him and even though he was shorter he towered over Todoroki, who had unknowingly bent slightly underneath the alpha’s presence. “Or you know what would happen.” Deku’s eyes glowed red, leaning forward and Todoroki bared his neck. Deku scent marked Todoroki, rubbing his face and neck against Todoroki’s sensitive skin, doing it so hard the skin was almost rubbed raw. He licked a long stripe up to Todoroki’s ear before he bit down. Todoroki whimpered but didn’t fight it, pliant in his presence. “Good boy,” He purred huskily into his ear as he pulled back.

Todoroki swallowed hard, cheeks a faint red. Todoroki was actually an alpha himself but Deku could overpower one as simple as could be. It was like Todoroki was an omega around Deku. “Anything for my alpha.”

“Good.” Deku smirked. He leaned forward. “Wait a few weeks before you call Kirishima to me.” Todoroki nodded in understanding. Deku then pushed down on Todoroki’s shoulder till he was kneeling in front of him, hand pushing into his half and half hair only to tug him towards the enlarged member pushing against his loose pants. “Now serve me.”


After a few weeks Bakugou was pretty much back to normal and Kirishima was back to work delivering. The summer days were moving towards autumn and Kirishima took up to alternating between wearing his dress with warm stockings or wearing pants and a long sleeved shirt. Some days were pretty brisk. On those days Kirishima would wear Bakugou’s wolf fur. At first he had insisted that Bakugou wear it while he went on his run, but Bakugou’s body ran hotter than the average person’s, like a fire was lit inside of him, literally. So eventually Kirishima just gave in and wore it to stay warm on his run, with a hidden reason to stay surrounded by his scent. It was also by this point that he had practically moved out from the small cottage with Kaminari and was living in Bakugou’s cave. It was almost like they were married.

Today was especially chilly, donning his (now signature) red dress, sweater thigh highs, boots, and his little cape, he prepared to go pick up his deliveries in the village before making his run. Bakugou went with him, wrapping his fur around him. “Here, you’ll be warm.”

“Thank you, Bakugou.” Kirishima smiled, leaning in to give him a kiss. “I’ll see you in a bit, okay? I have a busy delivery day.” Bakugou kissed back, rubbing his neck along him – having learned it was called scenting and that was why Kirishima smelled Bakugou so heavily on everything. (Though he still partially wondered about the possibility of him being an omega. They hadn’t addressed it since the brief mention during their talk.)

“Be careful, I’ll be patrolling today. Bears are getting close.” Bakugou sometimes had to get in territorial battles with them because they tried to occupy his cave. Kirishima also knew though that when Bakugou patrolled he was looking for bears as an afterthought, primarily on the hunt for clues on the note, on who might have killed his parents.

“I will, you better be careful and watch yourself.”

“I always am.” Bakugou kissed him again, and even walked him closer to the village for Kirishima to pick up his deliveries before he was off. Kirishima happily saw Mrs. Meade and said everything was alright now and that he was happy. He took his deliveries and began his route. Before long he had made it to Deku’s house, last delivery of the day.

“Deku!” He called as he knocked on his door. “I have a delivery for you!” Kirishima called with a smile. The door opened and smiling sweet faced Deku appeared.

“Kirishima I was—” Deku stopped dead in his tracks and stared at him. Kirishima cocked his head to the side, confused as he still held the basket up.

“Deku? What’s wro—”

“What the fuck is that?” Kirishima nearly took a step back in surprise. He had never heard Deku curse before. He looked at him, utterly confused at the look Deku was giving him. It was like a shadow fell over his face and his entire body grew, eyes narrowed at Kirishima. It was beginning to look scary. The fear began to rise up within him slowly. Something inside him was screaming danger, red warning signs flashing, the hair stood up on the back of his neck, and suddenly he felt like he had to turn away and run.

“What is wha—” Suddenly Kirishima found the wind knocked out of him as Deku grabbed him by his hood and slammed him up against the side of his house. He barely had time to yelp at the sudden strength, basket dropped and sprawled on the porch. Deku’s arm was glowing with power, eyes red and dangerous with hatred.

“Why are you wearing his skin?” Kirishima was increasingly confused. Did he mean Bakugou’s fur? The one he was wearing right now to keep warm? “Why do you come smelling like him again? Are you doing this to try me?” Deku pressed Kirishima harder into the wall and he couldn’t do a single thing, the entire time his mind screaming for Bakugou. This was dangerous, and he didn’t know what he had done to cause this reaction.

“I’m not trying anything!” He stuttered out.

“You—” Deku began to bark angrily, a snarl ripping from his jaws as sharp teeth shown.

“Let him go!” Bakugou’s shout was heard and suddenly there was a loud explosion that blinded the pair in bright white light and smoke. Kirishima yelped as he was grabbed, scared for his life at the claws he felt until he realized the body he was pulled behind was Bakugou’s. He gripped onto his arm, staring at Deku who stumbled on his porch over Bakugou’s shoulder, back to them. “I was following a strange scent when I smelled your fear Kirishima…it was faint but I’m glad I followed.” Bakugou snarled. Fire crackled from Bakugou’s palms, the source of the unexpected explosions.

“Bakugou,” Deku spoke darkly, slowly turned around as he finally righted himself. “To finally see you after all this time…” Nothing was reminiscent of the times.

Bakugou’s eyes didn’t widen as he recognized Deku only narrowed. “Deku – I can’t believe I didn’t smell you in my territory all this time. Have you been preying on my mate?” Kirishima was so confused, needing to process what all was going on. After all, it seemed like Deku and Bakugou knew each other but Bakugou didn’t know he was here?

“Your territory?” Deku spoke, scoffing loudly. His fist was purple and red, surging with power. “This is my territory you fucker,” Deku glared at Bakugou. The tension and alpha pheromones between them raised higher till the air was a thick miasma. Both wanted to be on top and Deku hated that Bakugou’s aura was just as strong as his was. But he hated even more of what was before him. Kirishima clinging to Bakugou relieved and scared and so obviously brainwashed. “And that’s my mate.” Deku pointed at Kirishima then, he glared at Bakugou before a wicked grin crossed his face. “I thought my lovely gift would have gotten that through your thick dumb skull.”

Both Kirishima and Bakugou froze.

Deku had been the one to kill Bakugou’s parents. Kirishima could feel the real uncertain fear of his fate now. He hadn’t ever known that this was Deku, that this was the way he was. He was a bit shell shocked while he was also trying to piece the rest of this puzzle together. Bakugou’s muscles tensed, threatened to bulge, and the cackling in his palms grew louder, sparks of every hot color pouring from them. (It was a wonder they didn’t light the grass beneath on fire.)

“You bastard—” Bakugou grit his teeth, looking angrily through his hair, body ready to pounce, to fight, to strike. Bakugou hissed, “Such a stupid fuck killing my parents over Kirishima choosing me.”

“You brainwashed him!” Deku’s voice cracked as he shouted and really he looked like the definition of someone who had lost their mind. “And don’t you act all high and mighty over me!” Deku shouted, taking strange wide sideways strides off his porch. “YOU’RE TOTING MY FATHER’S CARCASS LIKE A TROPHY OVER YOUR SHOULDER!” Deku screeched at the top of his lungs.

Kirishima’s eyes widened, realization hitting him like a flash flood. Bakugou had told him that the fur was of his first kill. That it was tradition for them to wear their first kill with pride. Technically Bakugou had killed an adult wolf who was overcome with bloodlust when he was just a kid protecting a human – that someone ended up being Deku’s father? So that meant that Bakugou and Deku were from the same original pack? They were childhood friends? He was completely confused though because clearly Deku’s father had died as a human when Bakugou told him the story. There was no way the skin Kirishima was wearing now to keep warm was Deku’s dad. It couldn’t be.

Bakugou’s body got a little lower, stance prepared to both defend and attack. “You made my precious Kiri wear it! You’ve brainwashed him into thinking he’s yours when he’s mine! That fucking dress was made for me, not you!” Deku’s voice began to become increasingly scary, the tone and possessive desire to have Kirishima and kill Bakugou was all present that even Kirishima could see the picture painted on his lips. Deku raised his fist, the pure power showing through his shirt and all over his arm, the lines stretching to his face.

“I’ll be taking back my mate now Bakugou.” Deku’s raised fist suddenly came barreling in their direction. Bakugou quickly pushed Kirishima out of the way.

“Run!” He shouted as he took the onslaught of the wind. He had to back flip and dig his claws and heels into the ground to be able to keep standing and ignore the sharp cuts from the powered attack, blood trickling out from the deep gashes the wind had caused. Kirishima scrambled, gasping as the adrenaline pounded through him and he took off running, unsure which direction he was heading in at first.

“Don’t run from me my bitch!” Deku screeched and took off after Kirishima. Bakugou’s protective instincts kicked in and he gave chase. Kirishima ran as fast as he could, panting hard and lungs burning as he tried to gain ground. Did this mean Deku was a wolf too? Would he be able to outrun him?

When he glanced back Deku’s smiling crooked face was nearly upon him. He screamed.

Bakugou’s body shot out of nowhere, tackling Deku off to the side and Kirishima managed not to trip, running faster and not daring to look back. Bakugou wrestled with Deku in a clash of teeth and claws and raw power. Finally, Bakugou got the upper hand and shoved his hand into Deku’s face and released the best explosion ever. He was thrown back from it, propelled into the air and in the light and craziness of the dirt and dust, he booked it after Kirishima to gain ground. They had to get away before – a howl ripped its way through the woods and Bakugou’s ears drew back in defense as his tail bristled.

They had to get out of here. Deku had called reinforcements and Bakugou didn’t know how many were in his pack. Bakugou was just Bakugou, and he had to protect Kirishima. He caught up to Kirishima, picking him up without tripping up and continuing his run.

“We have to run; we can’t stay here.” Bakugou growled low, clutching Kirishima closer to his body. “He’s called his pack.” Kirishima held onto Bakugou tightly, his body shaking.

“Bakugou, I – I don’t understand.”

“Hang in there Kirishima,” Bakugou spoke low, his tone leveling on a croon to help ease Kirishima’s fears. “I won’t let him get his hands on you.”

“He’s insane.”

“Yeah, he is.” Bakugou couldn’t deny it after what he had witnessed. Bakugou wondered how Deku could have ended up like that. Kirishima wondered how in the world he had been so blind to the true evil inside of Deku. His skirt ruffled in the wind Bakugou created and Kirishima was reminded of Deku’s words. Bakugou had been right that his dress had probably attracted the attention of his other customers. Deku had thought Kirishima had been coming onto him; yet his obsession seemed to run further than just since he began to wear the dress months ago. Either way, Bakugou was right. They had to run. They couldn’t stay, not after seeing Deku like that. There wouldn’t even be time to pick up any supplies that they might need from their cave, or for Kirishima to even explain his sudden disappearance to Kaminari.

Kirishima’s blood ran cold then at the thought of who Deku could have possibly called to his aid with his howl. Kirishima’s fingers couldn’t help but dig into Bakugou’s skin, pushing his face against his chest as he held on while Bakugou ran.

“Run faster.” He whispered, voice shaking and pleading. Bakugou immediately obeyed, pushing his body to sprint, the muscles and veins in his legs popping out as he did so.

This was all his fault.

Chapter Text

Todoroki, Shigaraki, and Kurogiri all arrived on the scene first, the howl he had produced directed to them. Deku was sitting on the ground, wiping blood from his lip, cuts and a few burns seen from the fire and explosion Bakugou had set off on him. His face was pure anger and hatred. “He took off with Kirishima.” He said, finally getting up and brushing himself off. None of his pack members said a word, waiting. “I lost my cool on accident.” Deku pushed his hair out of his face though it fell right back into it. He looked at them, the possessive fire and darkness lit in his eyes. “Do not fret though. We will go after them.”

Deku cracked his knuckles. “I have a plan. To make them suffer and bring my dear mate back to me.” He looked at each one of his capable subordinates. Finally, Todoroki spoke up.

“What do we need to do?”


They had been running for three hours through the forest. Kirishima at this point was disoriented and didn’t know where they were in relation to anything. It was dark but Bakugou was still running. He had slowed just a bit, to maintain his stamina, refusing to set Kirishima down yet. He knew that he couldn’t keep up the pace and he needed to put space between them and Deku before he could think about slowing completely. Kirishima was dark in his thoughts, unsure of how to react to all of this.

“Is this really his father’s skin?” Kirishima finally spoke up after hours of silence, gripping onto Bakugou still, looking down at the paws hanging down his torso.

“…yes.” Bakugou finally spoke up.

“Didn’t he die as a person though?” That was his first question out of all that he had.

“If we die outside of our wolf form, we will turn back.” Bakugou informed him solemnly. It made Kirishima think back to Bakugou’s parents. There were no remnants of human or even wolf parts…which meant they had been so brutally mutilated that they couldn’t even change back.

“…why do you have it then?”

“It was my first kill, and I’m proud of it.” Bakugou stated. Kirishima wrinkled his nose, little red eyebrows knitting together. “Plus,” Bakugou started, looking down at Kirishima. Kirishima met his eye, knowing that Bakugou could see his sour mood. “Blood lust doesn’t taint the skin so it is perfectly safe. Even though my first kill wasn’t say another wolf when I was a teen, fighting for alpha of the pack, or some large deer or mountain lion – it was still my first kill. It holds significance to me and a reminder to never stop protecting people… that no matter what, I can save people.”

Kirishima stared at Bakugou. He didn’t like that the skin was Deku’s father but…Bakugou’s words made sense. He couldn’t fight that. He looked at Bakugou, studying his face as he ran. “Of course you can save people.” He said, reaching a hand up to brush his finger against his cheek. “You’re fighting so hard for me right now. People may hate you because of your attitude, your language…but I love you for it. I can see you’re trying hard. You even watch out for bears and lions and everything overall to make sure they don’t steal the village’s livestock or get into the village. Protecting all of us…” Bakugou squeezed Kirishima in his arms.

“Shh,” He spoke softly, tips of his ears red. “We’ll talk later.”


“Kirishima?” A gasp made Kirishima realize exactly where they were. Bakugou halted, a growl rippling through his lips and teeth bared, ready to attack.

“Bakugou easy!” Kirishima squirmed in his arms, hands pressing into his broad chest firmly to ease the beast within his wolf. Reluctantly Bakugou let him stand on his own two feet, but he didn’t bring his arm from around his waist. “It’s Ojiro!” A slight relief filled him as he looked at the blonde before him who had a strong tail that currently rested against his shoulder.

“Kirishima, why are you with an injured wolf? And what are you doing not home?” Ojiro asked worried, wary as he stared at Bakugou. Kirishima was relieved to see Ojiro worried, knowing it was getting late and that yes, he shouldn’t be this far into the forest at this time. He also felt relief seeing Ojiro’s small cabin through the thicker tree lines.

“Kirishima,” Bakugou’s low voice behind him brought him out of his relief. Bakugou nudged his nose against his head. “We have to get moving.” His ear flicked, restless with the impending danger still looming much too close behind him.

“Yes, you’re right.” Kirishima was brought out of his relieved state back to the important matter at hand. He looked at Bakugou and touched his arm lightly. “But Ojiro and Shinsou could help us.” It was almost as if on cue that Shinsou came around the trees with a basket of fruit and herbs he had picked up. He came of course to stand beside his partner Ojiro, disregarding them with dull eyes. Bakugou’s lips twitched, fangs gleaming in disinterest – however, he wouldn’t argue with his mate.

“Ojiro, Shinsou – do you have any supplies we could use? Blankets, clothes, food? We’re on the run and we have to get moving immediately… it’s… well,” Kirishima frowned, gripping onto Bakugou’s arm a little tighter. “It’s a matter of life or death right now.” Ojiro and Shinsou looked at each other, Ojiro a little pleading to Shinsou. Shinsou sighed and turned to their cabin.

“Hurry up.” Shinsou said as he began to briskly walk. Kirishima hurried after them, Bakugou trailing behind, arm still around his waist possessively. Bakugou wasn’t sure what to make of the two, but at least Kirishima trusted them enough it seemed.

“Thank you Ojiro,” Kirishima said softly to the blonde as they caught up, and Ojiro nodded with a smile.

“Always willing to help a friend. Shinsou too, though he doesn’t look it right now.” Ojiro smiled, a little joke to try and help ease them both.

The tension of the air was still there as Kirishima and Bakugou ended up helping pack a few bags with clothes, food, medicine, and any essentials that they would need – or at the very least Kirishima who couldn’t take it if it ended up down pouring or being cold as hell at night. While they helped, Kirishima brought them up to speed on what had happened. That Deku and Bakugou seemed to be enemies in a way – Bakugou snorted as it was brought up but didn’t interject – and that Deku had some twisted idea that Kirishima was his mate. He briefly talked about the killing of Bakugou’s parents and then about the brief fight that happened. Kirishima glanced over at Bakugou as he did, reminded of the explosions and the fiery smoke Bakugou still smelled of. That had all been from his hands – but how? Was it a wolf thing? And what was with Deku seeming to thrust wind at them that gave Bakugou all those cuts?

“Where do you plan to run to?” Ojiro’s voice cut through Kirishima’s thoughts and he looked up at him. Kirishima then looked at Bakugou who also took pause.

“…somewhere far.” Bakugou said, rolling his shoulder as he stood up, tail flicking in his agitation of staying still for too long.

“That’s not a plan.” Shinsou spoke up, standing across from Bakugou and by Ojiro, bag in hand. Bakugou glared at him.

“There ain’t time to think up a plan.” His ear flicked, listening for the distance. “We have to get moving or they’ll catch up – and you’re slow Kirishima.” Kirishima huffed at Bakugou but stood up with Ojiro.

“He’s right…we’ll just have to go.”

“But where would you go? If all you said is true, just not having a destination could cause you to end up caught!” Ojiro was worried and Shinsou could sense it, plus he could see it by the way his tail flicked nervously like a cat’s. Shinsou picked up another bag and shouldered it, handing the other to Ojiro who took it.

“I know of a sanctuary we could go to. My mentor supposedly lives there.”

“We?” Bakugou’s eyes narrowed but Kirishima over shadowed him.

“You know of a sanctuary?”

“Yeah…” Shinsou nodded, not even paying attention to Bakugou as he looked at Kirishima. “It’s near the ocean past the far mountains. It’s not an easy path or trip… not even sure it is there but it’s a sanctuary that’s protected well.”

“How do you even know if it isn’t or is there?” Bakugou’s voice came cutting in. Shinsou looked at him with dead-like eyes.

“My mentor likes to make things difficult.” Shinsou said simply. “The sanctuary is hard to find and it’s protected by him and another. People say it’s the sanctuary of a god so it’s protected with such power that it’s hard to find.”

“But your mentor is there?”


“That doesn’t make sense.”

“What’s there to get?”

“And why come with us?”

“You put my partner in danger by stopping by, I was listening. Do you not think that Deku won’t harm us for seeing you or knowing where you went?” Shinsou and Bakugou stared each other down.

“Regardless! We’ve got to get moving boys.” Ojiro stepped in and he kissed Shinsou’s cheek. “Come on love, we should get moving, we don’t want to get caught.”

“Ojiro’s right Bakugou.” Kirishima said, shouldering the bag and grabbing his hand. “You want to get moving right?” Bakugou let out a little growl then turned, stalking off and yanking Kirishima by the hand.

“Don’t slow us down.”

“You need me to lead.” Shinsou said as they all left the cabin and he took the route deeper into the forest, going completely off the path.

Chapter Text

It was well into the middle of the night when a storm began to brew and the rain fell, having traveled many miles. Bakugou cursed because the rain was pelting and they would have to stop soon, but that damn Shinsou was only walking through the woods and there were no caves in sight!

They trod through, the dirt becoming wet mud and their feet sinking in slowly. Still, they pressed on, beginning to be slow down because of visibility and difficulty in being able to move. That was when they began to hear howling in the distance behind them. Bakugou yelled at them to move faster, all of them beginning to run and Bakugou the only one who was used to running in conditions was moving faster than the rest. “Move it asshats!” He yelled at them again, grabbing Kirishima’s hand. Shinsou grabbed Ojiro’s hand to keep him grounded as they hauled ass through the forest.

The wolf howls and the pounding of earth were getting closer. They could see the shadows coming, full on wolves with snapping jaws and hungry red eyes. Bakugou whipped around, immediately shielding Kirishima from the speeding danger. “They’re coming!” He shouted, cursing beneath his breath. His hand raised, sparks flicking in his hands but they were dull the heavy rains making it difficult for him to make the explosions he wanted.

There was a sudden loud crack and smoke filled the air, shrouding them and their enemies.

“This way!” A voice called out and a dark shadow with a crow head made itself known to them. All of them looked and immediately Kirishima recognized who it was, grabbing Bakugou’s hand and yanking him.

“Guys come on!” He shouted and the dark shadow moved off to lead them away, a few times stopping to catapult what he threw earlier. It messed with the senses and smells of the wolves, and Bakugou gripped Kirishima’s hand as his nose wrinkled in disgust at what the stranger was using, affected by it as well.

All four followed the stranger through the pelting rain and to safety between the thick knotted trees were the forest was dense with barely any room to move between them. Finally, the stranger ushered them into one of the larger trees and down they went into the trunk and eventually into the warmth of a home. They were greeted by herbs and spices that numbed Bakugou’s nose at first. There was the smell of pine and the forest after the rain.

“You were right Shouji – I’m back with them.” The stranger walked past them into the living room where he motioned for them to sit by the fire on the couches and chairs seated nearby. Out from another room came a monster of a man – or maybe he was just one in general. He was tall, nearly hitting his head on the ceiling. Bakugou was the tallest of the five, but this sixth man was heads taller than him and reminded them all of a tree. Not even his height was the strange part. It was the fact that Shouji had six arms as flesh like wings. He had a mask covering up his mouth, but one of those arms had a mouth on it that grinned as he walked over, the mouth doing the talking.

“Welcome back Tokoyami,” He kissed the crow’s cheek. “Glad you made it back.” Now that they all looked, the man named Shouji had mouths, eyes, and ears on the ends of them, only two of the arms (what would have been the originals everybody guessed) had actual, large hands.

They all were seated finally and Kirishima finally spoke up to fill everybody in. “This is Tokoyami,” He motioned to the crow head who nodded, mouth moving slightly as he talked off to the side with Shouji. “And Shouji. We’ll be safe here for a while. I run some deliveries for them but only ever meet them some place.” Kirishima explained and then looked at them before around the comfy home. “This is the first time I’ve ever known where they lived.”

“Yes, we like our seclusion.” Tokoyami spoke, mouth moving before he sat down across from the wet bunch. “Shouji heard commotions so I went to save you guys.”

“I could’ve handled it.” Bakugou spoke up, obviously bristled at the fact of having needed to be saved.

“Sure, with the rain pelting down on those puny sparks you were trying to activate?” Tokoyami shot sharply. Bakugou grit his teeth, palms clenching. Kirishima looked over and calmly took his hand with a squeeze.

“I could’ve activated it.”

“What was that anyway? What you did earlier – and Deku?” Kirishima stated, finally having the time and place to bring it up. Bakugou looked at him, only addressing him though Shinsou and Ojiro were listening, more so Ojiro.

“I can create explosions from my palms – has to do with my sweat. Deku has immense power, so he concentrated it to create wind that could splice me – basically he just has stupid power that he can build up in his body and toss out. Che.” Bakugou clicked his tongue when he talked about Deku, body tense and ready to kill something – but his hand was gentle around Kirishima’s hand.

“So like how Shinsou is a magician?” Bakugou looked at Shinsou who looked blank at the knowledge being made known.

“Sort of.” Shinsou spoke up. “You can think of it more as a natural born power while mine is learned and only spells.” Kirishima nodded in understanding.

“You didn’t need to come then – would’ve been fine with your spells.” Bakugou bristled, obviously still upset the two had impeded on them. Shinsou looked at Bakugou blankly, unresponsive. Ojiro touched his arm tenderly.

“Don’t fight Shinsou,” Ojiro smiled to them both with a nod as he rubbed Shinsou’s arm calmingly. It was subtle but Shinsou tension dissipated.

“What are you guys going to do with a pack of hungry wolves after you?” The pun wasn’t unheard as everybody looked to Tokoyami, Shouji coming with a tray of hot tea for them to consume. Everybody took a cup, even Bakugou. After a nice long sip that warmed them all, they spoke up of their plans to go to the sanctuary about some help and safety.

“It’s a myth.” Tokoyami said. “Hasn’t ever been proven to exist or not, though it is called the Plus Ultra Sanctuary. I’m not sure about any powerful hero-like people staying there though…but I have heard rumors and myths that it is a place that is known for many anomalies and secrets that others do not.” He put in his two sense then looked at his partner Shouji. “What about you Shouji?”

“I have heard a few rumors at my home by the sea of there being a hidden sanctuary that takes in people who need help. They’ve dealt with all sorts of situations. Personally have never went there, but I know the general territory and area it is supposedly in.”

“We ought to go with you then.” Tokoyami said decidedly and Shouji nodded in agreement.

“What!?” Bakugou growled angrily, nearly slamming the cup of tea down on the table, but Kirishima shot him a look that made him stop short. “We don’t need more people slowing us down!”

“Bakugou.” It was Kirishima that spoke up firmly. He sipped his tea and then set it down, turning to him. “We need the help,” He said, bottom lip plump in his pout. “There are more people than I think you even anticipated being under Deku’s control – because I certainly didn’t think there would be any.”

“He must’ve acquired a pack.” Bakugou mumbled, ears down and back at Kirishima’s words. He knew he was right, but he was a proud alpha, and a lone wolf, so a dynamic of a pack wasn’t exactly his expertise. His frustration and dislike of the task at hand apparent on his face.

“Exactly, and that means that more than just him will be after us. If this sanctuary can help us, can protect us then we need to go – plus I have lots of questions I’d like answers to.” Kirishima said. Tokoyami spoke up again after Kirishima spoke.

“You can think of us as your pack. Yes, you don’t trust us, and necessarily we don’t trust you either because of your variable of being a wolf.” They were all looking at Bakugou now who was tense, the end of his tail flicking. “But,” Everybody glanced at each other, Shinsou speaking up next.

“We all trust Kirishima.”

“And Kirishima chose you.” Ojiro added with a nod. “So we will do anything we can to help you both.” Ojiro looked sternly. “As long as you’re not messing with Kirishima.” He pointed his finger at Bakugou, who finally scoffed, ear twitching in annoyance.

“Kirishima is my mate and I won’t bond with another.” He said, arm suddenly going around Kirishima to pull him close as if the others were contenders trying to take him. Kirishima flushed.

“Bakugou…” It was sweet to hear that from him.

“Then,” Shouji spoke up, the tentacle with a mouth talking. “You have your pack and a plan.”

Chapter Text

Their plan was set. Shinsou and Shouji would collaborate on the best and fastest route to take towards the sea so that when they got closer Shouji could remember where exactly this Plus Ultra sanctuary was. They rested for the night at Shouji and Tokoyami’s place, making sure they repacked their packs, had a map, and to ensure they successfully threw off the pack of wolves. They set out in the early dawn. It would take at least two full weeks to even get near the coast line so Shouji could solely take over. That was counting a few stops, and any encounters. Bakugou was hoping it’d be sooner than that as long as everybody didn’t slow down.

It was interesting traveling together, to say the least. Even though the situation was dire, there was a lot of fun shenanigans that honestly took their mind off of the danger and gave them some peace of mind – even for Bakugou. What was really fun, was the secrets learned about each other.

Shinsou was a magician, whose specialty was a mind control spell. He looked so evil when he asked Bakugou if he wanted to let him try it on him when he didn’t believe him, but both Ojiro and Kirishima intervened laughing saying no. That had been a wild night by the campfire and they learned that Ojiro and Shinsou’s first encounter was because Shinsou accidentally hit Ojiro with the mind control spell while he was practicing refining it, and Ojiro had been out hunting because he was a hunter. They laughed about it as they remembered it. Bakugou thought it was weird, but Kirishima said it was sweet.

The next night they had learned that Shouji and Tokoyami had met when Shouji had happened to venture into the forest looking for some more herbs and plants for healing ointments. He had run right into Tokoyami’s trap the first day. Tokoyami had set it up for a target – he was a type of ninja – and told Shouji to scram so he didn’t screw it up – he had called him a lumbering lumberjack. The next day Shouji literally caught Tokoyami from falling out of a tree, having fallen asleep on a limb and ended up leaning off. Bakugou laughed at that, calling Tokoyami a dumb bird. It bristled Tokoyami, but Shouji simply chuckled deeply and pulled Tokoyami lovingly into his wing, nuzzling him.

It was hilarious the next night when they camped out, food done and everybody beginning to dig in. Tokoyami came back from his watch to eat and – took – off – his – head. Bakugou choked on the meat he had been eating, pounding his chest. Ojiro was in a similar situation. Shinsou simply dropped his food into the dirt. Kirishima stayed.

“YOU—” Before a word could be uttered out of anyone’s sputtering mouth, Shouji chuckled. He had the crow head in his lap and before them sat Tokoyami, with a human head – the red neck a simple red scarf that could double as a half-face mask. He had black hair just like the crow head feathers, but he had an undercut, with the top slicked back. Red eyes stared at them, little black eyebrow quirked upwards.

“What?” Yup. Tokoyami’s pink human lips moved and that lower octave voice was the same one that had come out of the talking crow’s head.

“You—” Ojiro tried,

“YOU FUCKER—” Bakugou coughed, words lost on his tongue.

“Tokoyami…your…” Kirishima at least tried to gesture to himself, trying to motion to his face. Tokoyami just cocked his head to the side like the crow’s head had done when he was quizzical. Shouji chuckled and rubbed Tokoyami’s back with one of his hands and handed him his meat skewer as he spoke, Tokoyami took the meat gratefully.

“My dear,” He spoke low, mouth tentacle moving in place of the mouth hidden beneath his mask. “They are a little baffled by you suddenly taking your head off. I believe they’re asking for an explanation.” Shouji filled in the blanks with a low chuckle, amused.

“Oh.” Tokoyami took a bite – with very human teeth – and looked at his startled companions. “I told you I’m a ninja.”

“THAT DOESN’T EXPLAIN IT ASSHAT.” Bakugou nearly tossed his meat at Tokoyami’s – now human – dumb head but thought twice and tightened his grip on it lest he be chided by Kirishima, and his own thoughts, for wasting food.

“I’m getting there.” Tokoyami took another bite, dragging out the silence as he peacefully chewed till he swallowed it. “Like I said before I was rudely interrupted.” He spoke calmly. “I am a ninja. Being a ninja we have many tricks and other things. One thing that’s passed down in my clan is that we never let anyone see us without our mask on.”

“It’s true, it took a while before Fumikage showed me.” Shouji said, smiling as he pulled Tokoyami to sit closer to him – which meant right in his lap.

“Mhm,” Tokoyami nodded. “I relate to crows and ravens best so that is how I perceived myself to everyone. And no one would know the difference.”

“But the mouth moved—” Kirishima spoke up.

“You ate food.” Ojiro said, the boys still dumb founded. Bakugou had left his shock by now, and was now upset that he hadn’t noticed it.

“I’d be a terrible ninja if I couldn’t do something simple like that.” Tokoyami smiled a dazzlingly but mysterious smile, not going to explain his secrets.

“Interesting…” Shinsou spoke up, hand at his chin in thought.

“That’s amazing Tokoyami.” Kirishima said, dazzled by what they had learned. “We greatly appreciate that you feel comfortable enough with us to share such an important thing with us.” Kirishima beamed happily. Tokoyami beamed just as bright.

It was really apparent to Kirishima that night – as they all laid in the blankets they had brought, Kirishima huddled up to Bakugou’s warmth beneath the blankets, fur wrapped tight around him to ensure he didn’t get a cold – they really were like a pack. He wondered if Bakugou realized it yet, that he had in his own way, brought the pack together and made sure everyone stuck to their roles and didn’t conflict. The more important fact of it all too, was that everybody had formed into this little pack and took Bakugou’s harsh words at face value. They had accepted him preening them into a pack, accepted him as their Alpha and to follow his orders if he gave it in an absolute tone.

He couldn’t help but smile as he dozed off, listening to Bakugou quietly croon to him, rubbing his back with his strong, hot hands. None of them were wolves except Bakugou, but they were a pack, a family now. It was a pleasant thought that Kirishima wanted to dwell on a whole lot longer.


As much as Kirishima had went to bed with good happy thoughts about Bakugou’s good behavior and of them all in a pack – for some reason the following three days Bakugou’s mood was terrible. His short fuse was even shorter. He kept barking at them to get a move on, to hurry up and not slow them down. He couldn’t allow breaks. Over all his shitty-to-others attitude had returned but with such an overwhelming vengeance that Kirishima was worried. This was more than just Bakugou being annoyed or worried about Deku or his pack catching up with them. Something truly was bothering or even possibly wrong with Bakugou.

It was getting to the point that Kirishima, nor the rest of their crew, could take it anymore.

“What’s your problem?” Shinsou was the one who addressed it. They had stopped at a stream at midday to take a brief break – Bakugou was heavily against it and trying to get them to move – and to wash off some of the mud and dirt from their worn clothes.

“I ain’t got a problem except you dragging your ass.” Bakugou’s temper was hot and flying off the handle already. Kirishima looked on worriedly, afraid a fight might really break out between everybody.

“You do – you’ve been an actual asshole this whole time.”

“You should pick up the damn pace then.”

“You’re acting like Deku.”

Oh. That was a poor choice of words because now, Bakugou truly did pounce on Shinsou. A brawl of pure fist fighting – at least Bakugou was refraining from using his power and Shinsou from mind controlling him – and they all looked on worriedly.

“Bakugou please –” Kirishima tried to break it up. It was then that Tokoyami pulled out one of the circular bombs he had and activated it right at the two. Thankfully it was only a smoke screen with a smell to get the two to ease up and instead go into a coughing fit. Kirishima dragged Bakugou back and Ojiro grabbed Shinsou.

“You two need to calm down!” Ojiro said, patting Shinsou’s back as he coughed, Kirishima doing the same to Bakugou. “I know he’s being an asshole but fighting will do us no good!”

“I’m not being an asshole!” Bakugou’s tail and ears were telltale signs he was agitated beyond belief and ready to go again – though this time his hands were sparking up too. As the two went up to argue again, their bodies pushing forward, more Bakugou’s than Shinsou, though both partners were trying to keep their respective man back. Kirishima opened his mouth along with Ojiro’s to calm them down, and Tokoyami was going to make a remark.


It was Shouji’s words that stopped them all.

“Is it time for your rut?”

Chapter Text

Everybody’s eyes were on Shouji except for Bakugou’s. They stared at Shouji for a hot minute before eyes moved to Bakugou. Kirishima looked up at him. Bakugou’s eyes were averted to the side, jaw clenched, ears back in annoyance, and tail bristled. There was steam coming from his palms, hands even clenched tight. Kirishima didn’t know what a rut was, but it looked like Bakugou was a bit embarrassed, or even angry, that he didn’t want to admit it.

“Is that why you’re trying to rush us so much?” Shouji was the calming voice through all of it. Tokoyami, Shinsou, and Ojiro seemed to understand what the man was saying, but Kirishima was clueless about it. However, if it was what was causing Bakugou to act this way, Kirishima wanted to help and get it out in the open so there were no more misunderstandings.

“Bakugou,” Kirishima spoke soothingly, rubbing a slow circle into the firm muscles of his chest. “Is that true?” Bakugou couldn’t ignore Kirishima’s soft voice and he slowly looked at him, eyes softening and his temper simmered down. There was something there though. Something that Bakugou was trying to hide from him, to push down deep; something Kirishima hadn’t noticed was there before.

“Yeah,” Bakugou finally grumbled out. The tension was still there in his body. It was the first time that Kirishima noticed that Bakugou was warmer than usual, like he had a little bit of a fever. At Kirishima’s worried look Bakugou let out an exasperated, half-gritted sigh. “I didn’t want to go on it here.” Bakugou grumbled loud enough for everybody to hear. “I would be out for a week. That’s time for them to catch up no matter how much ground we made. I could endanger us all… and…” He glanced at Kirishima, swallowing a hard lump in his throat before he addressed their pack. “I haven’t explained ruts or heats to Kirishima.” Kirishima cocked his head. Shinsou sighed and Ojiro blushed, but laughed a little. Shouji’s mouth smiled.

“Well then, let’s get that taken care of.” Shouji turned to the rest of their members. “Shinsou, Tokoyami – help Bakugou find a good enough camp. Two of course… one to be as secluded as possible, preferably a cave.” Tokoyami nodded, and Shinsou huffed beneath his breath. “Ojiro, you’ll help me prepare Kirishima then.” Kirishima looked between everybody, confused.

“Thank you,” Bakugou finally spoke up, shaking a little as his face burned, ears back in defeat and tail curled slightly between his legs.

“We are your pack Bakugou,” Ojiro said firmly. “You just need to tell us so that we can help you.” He nodded, going over to grab Kirishima’s hand slowly – Bakugou nearly growled before he controlled himself. “We’ll be right here till you guys get back.” Bakugou nodded, finally meeting the sides of Shinsou and Tokoyami. Kirishima stood between Ojiro and Shouji, not completely sure what was going on but at least the horrible tension had faded and he was going to get an answer on what a rut was.

“We’re going,” Bakugou said before he began to lead the way. When they made it to the tree lines, suddenly Bakugou ran back. He took off the skin he was wearing and wrapped it around Kirishima, going as far as to loop the paws through each other to secure it on his body. He leaned down to his ear as he finished tying it. “I’ll be back to devour you little red.” His voice was a low, dark and promising purr – a sound that nearly dropped Kirishima to his knees, ready to submit himself. Just like that Bakugou ran back to the other two and disappeared, and Kirishima was left completely red-faced and suddenly winded with his two friends.


First, Ojiro and Shouji made sure that Kirishima cleaned up in the creek. Shouji even had some special little shampoo that he could use to make sure his hair was nice and soft. As Kirishima dried, Ojiro and Shouji began filling him in on what exactly was going on.

“An alpha at maturity goes into what is called a soft rut every year, that is basically just lust. Typically, they ride it out for a few days by themselves and they’re fine. It’s meant to prepare them to control themselves a little more when they go into their true rut because,” Ojiro hesitated.

“The intent of the rut is for mating – to make children, pups as wolves call them.” Shouji finished. Kirishima sat on one of the rocks, listening and he felt his cheeks heat.

“Bakugou wants to have pups with me?”

“Essentially yes.” Shouji answered, taking a comb out of his pack so he could use one of his many arms to brush through Kirishima’s hair.

“Though as much as he will try, you aren’t an omega or capable of bearing, so it will be a fruitless attempt.” Ojiro spoke as he freshened up some new clothes to wear, though he was mumbling beneath his breath that they would be shredded anyway.

“The rut lasts a week, and I understand that Bakugou was fighting his instincts to go into it – especially since given the situation he wouldn’t want to put us or you in any danger. Going through a rut when you have a mate essentially blocks out any senses – though, let’s say that Deku would find us and enter your abode, his alpha instincts would kick in to kill for the sole sake of interpreting it as someone else trying to lay claim to you.” Kirishima hummed as he listened, inspecting his hands, deep in thought over everything. “But, we will find a camp. Right now he’s preparing for you and for us so that we will be alright while he’s preoccupied, and have the necessities so you can survive through it.”

“Survive through it?” Kirishima looked back at Shouji. “Because it is a week long?”

“Exactly.” Shouji nodded. Ojiro came over with the clothes and bent down to hold Kirishima’s hand.

“I’m sure during sex he can be quite a beast given that he’s a wolf anyway.” Kirishima nodded with a fond smile. “But during a rut his sole purpose would be to ride out the heat inside and ensure he pumps you full of enough semen that it will be indisputable that you get pregnant. You’ll be fucked ruthlessly, with only breaks to eat and some sleep.” Ojiro frowned. “That’s what it means to be with a wolf.” He squeezed his hand. “You might get really injured too, depending on how well he can keep his strength in check.”

“Don’t worry Ojiro,” Kirishima smiled, squeezing his hand. “Bakugou is very kind to me. He will be careful. I think I will be okay.” He laughed lightheartedly. Shouji finished brushing his hair and Ojiro sighed, shaking his head.

“Alright, get changed then. The boys will be finding food and a lot more…and you should be stretching and preparing yourself for anything.” Ojiro said with a huff. Kirishima took the clothes and nodded, getting dressed.

“Thank you for the crash course lesson and words of advice!”


It was hours later close to the sun setting that Tokoyami and Shinsou returned, but Bakugou was nowhere to be found. They were lead to a place near some mountains. There was a small secluded camp where Tokoyami started the fire and Shouji went to get some more firewood. There were tons of meat stacked near the camp, more than enough to hold them for a week and then some. Ojiro began to prepare for their meal and Shinsou began to lead Kirishima away.

“Bakugou’s already exhibiting the symptoms so he’s already holed up in your love cave for the week.” Shinsou said with the straightest face that made Kirishima laugh.

“Thank you Shinsou.”

“…it’s nothing.” Shinsou said and they continued to walk rather far. Shinsou glanced at him. “Be careful. We set up some salve and other remedies at Bakugou’s request in case you need them of immediate assistance. We will be unable to enter until you two leave of your own accord when it’s over.” Shinsou sighed and looked at Kirishima. Kirishima was all smiles, nerves feeling like butterflies in his stomach.

“Thank you Shinsou, and for not being too harsh on Bakugou.” Shinsou clicked his tongue but Kirishima laughed.

“You think you’re ready?” Shinsou asked after a quiet moment.

“I’m nervous, but…I think I can handle it. I promised myself I’d handle everything about my mate.” Kirishima looked at Shinsou with a bright smile. Shinsou sighed as if he was defeated and gave a small smile back.

“You really are something Kirishima.” Finally, they came to a cave entrance in the mountainside, a single slim crevice was the only way to get inside, due to the cave entrance mostly being blocked by rocks. “He’s in there. I’ll be closing it fully once you’re in.” Kirishima nodded and smiled to Shinsou, grateful and he’d have hugged him but they had all been careful that after Kirishima was prepped no one had touched him lest Bakugou’s alpha instincts kicked into high gear and felt invaded.

“Thank you Shinsou, see you in a week.” He joked before giving a wave and he made his way inside, a tight squeeze past the entrance. Shinsou waved back meekly before he had moved a few boulders to cover the entrance. Inside was spacious, and honestly, quite romantic.

Kirishima’s heart thudded in his chest, cheeks flushed and his eyes flitting over the gorgeous display. Bakugou’s scent was heavy in the air with want and he could see him through the dimly lit cave. There were candles everywhere – where he even got them he had no clue – that was the only source of light in the cave other than a deep fire pit that had been made by blasting into the ground. The embers were low though. There was a ginormous pile of furs set up all over the surface of the ground, the biggest lay where his lover currently sat waiting with glowing red eyes, completely naked and muscles obviously straining as he held himself back. Near the biggest pile was also a pile of prepared meat, water, and little vials of numerous remedies – no doubt what Shinsou had been talking about.

“You prepared all of this in such a short time?” Kirishima asked, breathless as he slowly walked over. He wished he looked better than just his hair all nicely brushed, cascaded around his face. His clothes weren’t the nicest – actually in some loose dark blue pants and a woven top, he was really wishing his red dress hadn’t been too dirtied and worn from their escape because that would’ve been the perfect thing to wear. Or a skirt at all, but those weren’t handy since he couldn’t grab his own clothes. At least he had Bakugou’s fur on. As he got closer the shadows gave way to a soft glow on Bakugou’s gorgeously light-tanned skin and damn. He was naked. Naked, and horny, evident by the hard erection he was sporting between loosely crossed legs.

“Yeah,” Bakugou’s voice was a gentle purr, beckoning Kirishima in a near trance.

“You hunted so much…everything is ready.” Kirishima slowly reached Bakugou and leaned down, his arms sliding down around his neck, body moving on its own as he climbed into his lap. Bakugou moved his arms from his knees to allow Kirishima to sit, staring up at him, his hands fists.

“I wanted to be sure you were provided for.” Bakugou said and his voice was strained, eyes near blown pupils by now, his red irises barely seen.



They both cut each other off and Kirishima smiled, one hand trailing from the back of Bakugou’s nape to his cheek. He leaned down to give him a kiss. Bakugou was melting in his mate’s scent, desperately wanting, needing more. However, Bakugou was holding himself back regardless if it would make the end result worse, because he needed Kirishima to know.

“They told me everything, I know what’s going to happen…mostly. But I trust you.” Kirishima murmured against his lips, already leaning down for another chaste kiss that had Bakugou’s lips quivering in the slightest. “I want you.”

Bakugou surged forward, latching onto the junction of Kirishima’s neck and shoulder with his teeth and biting down hard. His hands enveloped Kirishima, body moving them fast, pushing Kirishima down into the furs. Kirishima moaned, having cried out from the bite and now the onslaught of Bakugou’s sharpened claws. He got dizzy from the sudden rush of blood to his cock, now straining in his pants. He didn’t have to worry for too long as the claws gripping tightly onto his hips were soon put to the useful task of tearing Kirishima’s clothes off into shreds.

He lay beneath Bakugou, already a moaning mess, erect and dripping excitedly as he could tell how much Bakugou was wanting him. However, he had been warned that Bakugou may be rough and a little volatile. He wanted to be certain he didn’t tear so he pushed at Bakugou’s chest. He growled as he was made to sit back and pause, Kirishima chuckling softly. He leaned forward, silencing Bakugou’s growl with a deep kiss.

“I know it’s your rut, let me prepare myself for just a second.” Kirishima said, reaching his hand for a vial and pouring some liquid over his fingers. He then set it aside and lowered himself in front of Bakugou, the alpha letting out an approving purr. “I’ll be quick.” He looked up at Bakugou.

“Good.” Bakugou snarled but hissed happily as Kirishima opened his mouth and completely engulfed Bakugou’s thick length inside. His fingers meanwhile didn’t waste time at all, moving to spread his cheeks and dive two fingers inside. It had been a little bit, but he didn’t have time to spare to get completely relaxed. Surprisingly though, he was pretty loose, maybe from the excitement of being with Bakugou on such an intimate level, and the complete scent Bakugou was giving off. His alpha dominance made his fingers work fast to stretch him out, working Bakugou’s cock with sloppy eagerness. Bakugou’s hand gripping his hair tightly. There must be some saneness left in him though because he got a little talkative as Kirishima did his best.

“Fucking hell I want to devour you Kirishima.” He gripped his hair harder, thrusting up into his mouth making Kirishima moan. “I’ve been agitated ever since Deku laid his filthy hands on you.” He spoke possessively and Kirishima was eating it up. “Wanted to wash him off of you.” He thrust into his mouth harder. “You belong to me.” Kirishima was three fingers deep as he finally pulled off of Bakugou’s cock with a bit of difficulty – mainly Bakugou’s grip – eyes up on him.

“Bakugou he didn’t even touch me intimately.”

“He still touched you.” Bakugou growled in response. Kirishima shuddered and he pulled his fingers out, slowly moving up to Bakugou’s eye level. The grip in his hair loosened slightly.

“Erase it all from me Bakugou.” His hands brought up, tangling in that wild blonde hair, brushing over his ears, affectionately rubbing them. A deep purr rumbled through Bakugou’s chest, the grip returning to his hips. He kissed his lips softly, pulling back slowly which had Bakugou chasing after his lips. Kirishima kept doing it, teasing Bakugou that way, riling up his alpha pleasantly. Every time he tried to pull back from the chaste kisses, Bakugou chased after his lips to deepen them. This happened a handful of times, the heat building up between them of the sensual moment.

“I need you Katsuki.”

Eijirou,” Bakugou growled and his alpha completely took over. Bruising grip pulled Kirishima into his lap, forcing Kirishima to rub his hips eagerly against his cock, slipping between his cheeks. “Ride me.” He commanded, and Kirishima obeyed. He gripped the back of his neck, one hand on his shoulder, panting against his lips as he suddenly brought his hips down. Perfectly aligned it took nothing to take in Bakugou’s hard cock deep and down to the hilt.

“Hya-aaahnnn~!” He whined, back arching as he moaned, grinding his hips down in a sultry set of swivels before he raised his hips and dropped them, beginning to ride Bakugou. Bakugou gripped his hips, the force of Kirishima’s grip on his neck making his mouth perfectly aligned with his chest. The blonde dragged his rough tongue over the pink buds before him, lavishing each one as Kirishima moved his hips.

“Perfect. Perfect mate.” Bakugou possessively spoke and Kirishima moaned as he rode Bakugou. Bakugou’s hands finally roamed as Kirishima did the work of moving, of heightening their pleasure by squeezing around him. Bakugou pumped his hand on Kirishima, the alpha in him wanting to soak in the way Kirishima squeezed around him, did his best to move his hips so sexily. “My omega.” He growled possessively, hand tightening and pumping faster.

“W-Wait! Bakugou—I’ll cum if you—” Kirishima gasped, eyes widening and gripping Bakugou’s nape hard, nails scratching the skin. His back bowed, hips moving wildly as he mainly tried to push up into his hand. Bakugou didn’t relent, wanting to bring his omega pleasure, wanted the increasingly wet walls of Kirishima’s ass to squeeze tight and try to milk him dry. Kirishima’s cries reverberated off the cave walls and right back into their ears.

“Cum Kirishima, I am going to make you cum so many times. I’m going to make sure you call only my name. You won’t think of anything else but me.” Bakugou growled, nipping all over his chest now, set on the course to make sure his love was littered in rosy red and purple bite marks. As Kirishima got closer to his release Bakugou began to thrust up into Kirishima, making the redhead toss his head back and sing out his name.

“Bakugou, Bakugou, Bakugou, fuck oh my god, Bakugou,” He gasped, bouncing, legs straining to keep up the pace. “Fuck, fuck, I’m coming – I’m coming – shit! – Bakugou!” His voice rose in pitch, eyes squeezing shut as he shouted his name, coming all over Bakugou’s hand and their chests. Bakugou groaned as he was squeezed, some pre-cum being squeezed out of him by his tight insides. Kirishima panted, grinding his hips down slowly. “Damn it… Bakugou…” Kirishima looked down at him. “I came before you.”

“Just like I wanted.” Bakugou brought up his hand to lick it clean, staring up at Kirishima with his glowing eyes, pupils blown in lust.


“I want you to be sensitive for this.” Bakugou growled, knowing how sensitive Kirishima got after he came first, and he was going to be advantage. “You’re soaked now.” It was true. Bakugou’s length was dripping wet – and it wasn’t from his pre-cum. Kirishima was dripping himself, gripping him tight, trying to swallow him up and milk him dry. Bakugou’s fingers ran down his back, a small smack to his ass before they continued down to feel where they were joined, rubbing his fingers lazily at the stretched skin. “I love it.” Kirishima groaned, hips jerking a bit at the rubbing fingers. Bakugou teased the wet ring of muscle, pushing in a finger which made his mate whimper out.

“Katsuki,” Kirishima breathed out huskily. Bakugou seemed as calm as a cucumber despite looking ready to blow moments ago. But Bakugou was completely on fire, completely enraged with lust. But this was his uncontrollable. So calculated to be the most intense experience Kirishima would ever have.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard you’ll have to relearn how to walk.”

Kirishima had a dry orgasm from Bakugou’s words alone.

Bakugou groaned at the spasms surrounding him, hips snapping up excitedly. “Shit that’s what I want.” Kirishima clutched at Bakugou, overwhelmed by the odd feeling of coming without actually spurting a load, his arousal hot and hard, shaking with unbearable want.

“F-Fuck, Katsuki that’s—I—what was—”

“Don’t worry. I’m taking care of you all week, Eijirou.” Bakugou crooned, making Kirishima shudder, their pheromones spiking together into pure bliss, the smell egging both of them on. Bakugou pushed Kirishima down into the furs. The redhead moaned as Bakugou’s member shifted deeper inside, balls lightly pressing against his ass.

“Shit, Katsuki, please.” Kirishima begged, about to become a mewling mess. And Bakugou was going to encourage it. Bakugou gripped his hips, nuzzling his face in his precious redhead’s neck, biting down as he rocked his hips deep. Slowly he ground his hips into him, doing no more than pulling out a mere few centimeters before pushing in.

“You’re mine Eijirou. You’re my mate. My omega.” The blonde’s hips grew in momentum, starting to pull out farther before he pushed back in. Kirishima gripped at the furs in one hand, other raking Bakugou’s back full of scars. Each thrust sent Kirishima sliding up on the furs, but Bakugou’s grip on his hips just pulled him right back down onto his cock.

“Fuck Katsuki!” Kirishima cried out, back raising off the furs as sweat fully beaded over his body. Bakugou bit and sucked his way all over each side of Kirishima’s neck, taking his sweet time in marking each place he loved. The love bite bruises were even beginning to meld into huge splotches of colors all over his neck, down his shoulders, and slowly down his collar bones.

Kirishima clawed deep red lines, drawing a bit of blood, moaning loudly at the brutal way Bakugou began to slam his hips into him. He knew his hips would be aching, he could already feel his muscles quivering, legs trembling around Bakugou’s hips.

Bakugou grunted as he continued to thrust into Kirishima. Slowly, the base of his cock was beginning to swell. “Shit, I’m getting close.” He cursed against Kirishima’s chest, licking the red hard buds. Kirishima whimpered.

“You’re growing – shit you’re so big – being… stretched!” Kirishima whimpered out, moaning as he felt himself being stretched further. “Shit is that—” Kirishima’s eyes widened.

“That’s my knot.” Bakugou raised his face, looking down at Kirishima with a face full of pleasure and pride. “You’re going to take it.” He growled as his hips turned up the pace further, sitting back some and digging his feet into the furs to cement himself. His hips held Kirishima in a bruising grip, and his hips pistoned into Kirishima, watching his growing knot force itself inside Kirishima over and over again, his hole slightly gaping every time he pulled it out.

“I want it, give it to me Katsuki, I want it so bad. Shit. Fill me up. Feels so good.” Kirishima began to speak random phrases and praises. It was obvious the redhead was on the fast track to a third orgasm. “I want it so bad.” He whined, voice breaking as he spoke, hitching and his breath coming out heavily.

“I’ll give it to you.” Bakugou growled, continuing to pound into him. Kirishima’s cock leaked onto his stomach, tears brimming his eyes, the sensation of Bakugou’s cock a constant pleasure, and when Bakugou hit the spot that made him scream till his voice cracked, he came thick white spurts all over his chest.

Bakugou grunted as Kirishima’s insides tried to keep him immobile. He grunted through his last few thrusts before he plunged inside, Kirishima crying out from the stretch of the enormous bulb at the base of Bakugou’s cock. The blonde came hard inside, filling up Kirishima. Kirishima had another dry orgasm, sobbing out as his cock trembled with the want to cum but had the inability to do so.

Bakugou leaned down, gently kissing Kirishima and pushing the red hair out of his face. Both panted hard and Kirishima’s shaking, near-numb, legs simply flopped around Bakugou’s hips. Bakugou let go of his hip with his other hand, rubbing soothing circles over the finger printed bruises he left. “Shh, I’m right here Eijirou,” He crooned softly to Kirishima, kissing away the thick tears streaming down his face. Kirishima was fading in and out of consciousness from the intense feeling of being filled and unable to let it out. Bakugou was keeping it locked inside of him. The feeling of being knotted was an incredible feeling.

“Katsuki…” Kirishima spoke softly. A meek moan left him as Bakugou shifted, the knot tugging and his tip pressed against Kirishima’s weak spot. “Don’t move…” He whined, exhausted, arms flopped beside his face. Bakugou caressed his cheek but the alpha wouldn’t sit still. Slowly he rolled his hips. It was such small movements but each pressed light then hard into Kirishima’s spot. Kirishima moaned, whining as he was brought to orgasm again, Bakugou even spurting a small bit more into him. His eyes had trouble staying open and Bakugou calmed down to give Kirishima time to rest.

“Bakugou,” Kirishima’s voice was drained, his eyes opened sleepily and they were glazed over. “I’m going to get pregnant if this is how it is all week.” And they only just started!

“Yeah,” Bakugou didn’t deny how much he was going to fuck Kirishima. “I’m going to fuck you nonstop, put my claim all over your body, and you’re going to take my knot over and over again.” His chest rumbled with a sweet croon, kissing his forehead.

“It’d be nice… if I really was an omega Bakugou,” Bakugou looked at Kirishima curiously but at the same time knew what he was going to say and was pleased. “I want to have your pups.” Kirishima got enough strength to lovingly hold Bakugou’s face in his hands, rubbing his thumb affectionately along his cheekbone. “I love you Bakugou Katsuki.” His alpha helped him, leaning down to catch his lips in a sweet kiss.

“I love you Kirishima Eijirou.” Bakugou returned against his lips. “Get some sleep… right now I’m sated, but no doubt I’ll be waking you up ready to go again soon.” Kirishima hummed, loosely hooking his arms around his neck.

“Alright, I’ll be fine. I can take it.” He said softly. Kirishima gave a sleepy smile, eyes already closed and unable to stay open. Bakugou chuckled, his smile small and pure.

“That’s my mate, so tough.”

Chapter Text

The aftermath of the week long rut was astounding. Kirishima looked like a work of art with hickeys littering his entire body, clear bite marks, handprints all over his hips, even his ass from the spankings that occurred. Understandably Kirishima was aching and he was exhausted. Bakugou’s rut was completely sated and so was his alpha side. The first thing they did when it ended was Bakugou moved the rocks and took Kirishima to the creek to wash up.

Bakugou was completely doting, cleaning Kirishima out and being certain to be gentle. He wouldn’t let Kirishima even try to walk – though Kirishima was a hundred percent certain he’d wobble and fall like a baby learning to walk. Then, he was drying him off with clean furs and they were back in the cave. Bakugou used whatever Shinsou and Tokoyami made to help with the injuries inflicted. He retrieved water and cooked food, only waking Kirishima to feed him. Kirishima was sleepily in and out of conscious for the entire process. He got Kirishima dressed in some loose pants and a shirt he had put aside for the after math. He wrapped Kirishima up in his fur skin as he got dressed. Then, he picked him up in his arms and he brought him back to the camp of their pack.

“There’s the love birds!” Ojiro exclaimed happily. All of them were by the fire burning with the last of the meat cooking, packing up everything already. Shinsou kept packing but Shouji and Tokoyami looked up.

“You didn’t destroy him did you?” Shinsou made a smart remark. Bakugou huffed.

“I left my marks.” He said rather proudly as he sat down, shifting Kirishima in his lap. Kirishima simply readjusted his head against Bakugou’s neck, nuzzling it as he sighed. Bakugou even had bite marks and hickeys along his neck left by Kirishima in the redhead’s own possession of the blonde.

“You seem nice and refreshed.” Tokoyami commented. “While Kirishima seems like he’s glowing but dead to the world.”

“Yeah,” Bakugou huffed. “I’m all satisfied – don’t really need to sleep after that. Kirishima will be out for a while.”

“Yeah… `m tired…” Kirishima responded, semi-conscious but eyes still closed. He was listening to the conversation in and out.

“You handled him well I see, Kirishima.” Shinsou commented and Kirishima made a small smile, barely able to laugh and it came out more as an airy hum.

“Did you want to let him rest or did you want to get a move on?” Shouji finally spoke up. It had been exactly a week and no doubt a lot of ground would’ve been breached.

“We can move.” Bakugou said, taking a piece of meat that Ojiro offered him before he offered it to the others. “I’ll carry him, so he can sleep. Not like he can walk anyway.” Bakugou smirked happily.

“Shut up,” came Kirishima’s sleepy reply, yawning before he fully dozed off. The entire group couldn’t help but laugh at the weak argument from Kirishima, finding it cute. Bakugou nuzzled his nose into Kirishima’s hair before he was eating his meat.

“Nothing happened right?” He spoke, serious stature back.

“Not a thing and no suspecting activity.” Tokoyami reported, finishing wrapping his bag up and pulling the strap closed. “If we leave today we can gain ground lost.” Bakugou was satisfied.

“Good…” He ate the meat, taking another huge bite out of it with his teeth. They talked and prepared their things and then set to work trying to make it seem like they hadn’t camped there at all.

Once packed up and good to go, they headed off. They weren’t terribly far from their Point B destination, the coast, as they had stopped about four days off when Bakugou’s mood had gotten the worst. It was a good thing they were not too far, because they all wondered how long Bakugou could hold his lover and how long Kirishima would sleep. Bakugou held Kirishima in his arms just like he said and still kept the lead, not slowed down at all by his lover’s weight. During those four days Kirishima slept nearly the entire time, on full recovery mode, and it wasn’t until they could smell the sea that he was actually trying to walk, legs still like jelly. Bakugou tried to help him with walking through it all-; however, he ended up picking Kirishima up and carrying him because he was taking too long.

“Wow!” Kirishima’s eyes sparkled as they could see from the hilltop they came upon, a breach in the trees with a view of the vast expanse of the sea. They all took a moment to relax and stare, the breeze salty and nice on their skin, though it was a little cold. “It’s beautiful.”

“Yeah,” Bakugou quietly agreed, sniffing the air and nose wrinkling at the salt smell. Kirishima looked at Shouji.

“You lived around here right?”

“Yes, my village is in the sea,” Shouji pointed out to the water. “We live on one of the islands breaking between the sea and the ocean.” Kirishima and Ojiro tried straining their eyes to see but couldn’t see an island on the horizon at all. “It’s far out,” He chuckled. “You won’t see it.”

“Ah,” Kirishima laughed nervously and Ojiro smiled at him, both laughing now at their silliness. Bakugou rolled his eyes.

“Come on, let’s get moving. Does the area look familiar to you Shouji?” Bakugou spoke up, looking around, arm around Kirishima since his legs were still a little shaky. He wanted to find the Plus Ultra Sanctuary as soon as possible.

“Yes it does.”

“Then let’s get going. I’ll feel less anxious when we get there.” He huffed, tail swishing behind him.

“Please follow me.” Shouji took the lead, though Bakugou was right there with him – he was the alpha so he needed to be there ready in case of anything.

They walked along through the forest, down close to the beach where sand mixed with the grass. The shrubbery was brighter, though everything was beginning to turn to fall colors. After walking along the coastline they branched towards a set of mountains near the beach. It took about three hours as the terrain was a lot more difficult to get through – Shouji and Bakugou constantly needing to use their strength to move thick branches so they could get through. When the trees and terrain eased up and cleared out they came upon some ruined rubble – a stone wall that had crumpled in some places, and was enclosing a large courtyard. They could see a large building on the other side of the courtyard and garden. There was a church as well, and another house though all the buildings looked like they could use some work. They were overgrown and some parts needed repair. They could see the beautiful mountains surrounding them, low on the horizon with how far up they were, able to still smell the sea and see it when they got closer.

“This place looks abandoned and decrepit.” Ojiro commented. Shinsou nodded, agreeing with his lover.

“Looks uninhabited.”

“The flowers have been tended to.” Tokoyami spoke up as they reached closer to the garden. The flowers did look like they were flourishing, and the gates surrounding it were nice and not overgrown.

“You sure this is it?” Bakugou sneered a little. “How could this be a sanctuary protected by some great force if it’s coming apart?”

“I’m sure this is it.” Shouji agreed.

A noise suddenly made them snap their attention towards the house near the courtyard. Through the sun in their eyes there stood two figures, surprised and shadowy due to the sun blinding them, having just exited the house. Bakugou immediately put himself in front, especially sheltering Kirishima as he growled, ears twitching in aggression and his tail bristled. His hands sparked up. Everybody was tense though, Tokoyami’s hand in his pocket to reach for a bomb in front of Shouji, and Shinsou looked relaxed but he was tense and ready to fight, Ojiro behind Shinsou, unsure what to do.

The mysterious figures started walking their way.

They didn’t know what to expect, and stood ready for a fight.

Then finally they could see, figures blocking out the sun and illuminating what they actually looked like. Two older men dressed simply. Shinsou stepped forward in front of their pack, hand out to calm them and to calm Bakugou before he went blasting to kingdom come.

“Aizawa,” Shinsou suddenly bowed to the man with the long, wavy black hair (looked like bedhead). He was the taller of the two, wearing a simple black long sleeve shirt and grey pants, with eyes that looked tired. Honestly he seemed exactly like Shinsou with an indifferent expression on his face, though his took on a little more of an annoyed look.

“Shinsou.” The man spoke in a deep voice. The shorter man beside him was scrawny, with long yellow hair that was held back in a messy bun, in a white shirt much too large for him and baggy pants. He looked sickly. He looked up at Aizawa.

“Shouta, you know these people?”

“Shinsou is one of the students I had.”

“Ah, I see,”

“The others I don’t know.” He spoke plainly, black eyes looking over the rest of them, causing Bakugou to spark up again. The blonde man smiled and he touched Aizawa’s arm rather intimately.

“Well then,” He looked to them and held out his arms in a mock welcome. “Welcome to Plus Ultra Sanctuary.”

Chapter Text

Tensions were at ease now, relief filling them that they had made it to Plus Ultra Sanctuary. They all introduced themselves to the two men, who in return fully introduced themselves. Aizawa Shouta was the mentor Shinsou had been talking about, having lived in the village when Shinsou was younger before he moved to the sanctuary with the blonde. The feebler man was Toshinori Yagi, the owner of the sanctuary and the protector – though he didn’t seem like much. They also met an old woman named Chiyo Shuzenji who resided in the church building. She was the sanctuary’s resident doctor. (Bakugou called her an old hag and then proceeded to comment how she smelled like prunes.)

It was good though, because Chiyo helped with Kirishima’s injuries and made sure there was no severe damage anywhere. Bakugou scoffed at the idea he left severe damage, yet he still pushed for Kirishima to get checked immediately just in case. (If he had caused damage he’d be atoning for it for life, unable to live with the fact of hurting his mate.) So, while Bakugou accompanied Kirishima to get checked out at the church by Chiyo; Toshinori carried a large basket of ingredients and got Shouji, Ojiro, and Tokoyami to carry some more from the house, going to make dinner in the kitchen of the large building. (Apparently, the large building was made for things like this – for taking people in need in.) And Shinsou spoke with Aizawa on what was going on and caught up a bit with him.

Chiyo did a full check of Kirishima. At seeing the finger shaped bruises and bite marks she looked at Bakugou, who in turn looked at her with a grunt.

“Rut.” Was all he said, arms crossed as he stood off to the side waiting, eyes averted for the most part to give them mock privacy. Through Chiyo’s examination they found he was healing and there were no severe injuries to speak of. His bruises were getting that faint purple yellowish tone, evident that they were slowly disappearing. Any claw marks or indentations had healed closed and were thin pink lines that would completely heal in another few days. His hickeys were slowly fading, though most would need a few more days to disappear; and the bite marks littering his skin were healing. Chiyo did put some cream on the bites and little marks he still had, to help the process of healing and so they didn’t hurt as much.

“All right, you’re all healed up. Go meet them for dinner.” She shooed them out and Kirishima thanked her as they made their way out to go meet the others.

When they all gathered to eat, Bakugou and Kirishima explained in detail the predicament they were in to Aizawa and Toshinori. Then, Bakugou spoke further, which surprised Kirishima.

“I’m going to train and I need Kirishima to be protected.” His eyebrows were furrowed as he clenched his fists. “Deku isn’t going to let this up, and if it comes to it – I need to be sure I can kill him first.” Kirishima’s eyes widened.

“Kill him?”

“Yeah – before he tries to kill me first.” He faced Kirishima. “He’s threatening you, my mate, and is absolutely out of his mind thinking that you belong to him. He’s deranged. I won’t hand you over to him.” Kirishima was still nervous. Because… killing? But there was the fact of Deku’s behavior – so ready to kill them as he chased them down. He was infatuated obsessively with him and that didn’t mean he wouldn’t hurt him.

It was a sobering revelation that had the bright delivery boy quiet in thought. Of course he could never wish for someone to die and it was still a thought he didn’t like – Deku was bad. He had gotten very physical before Bakugou saved him. He didn’t know how bad it could have gotten or would get. There was also the fact Deku had killed Bakugou’s parents. In quiet thoughts he had realized it was partly his fault. He had probably seen the bite mark – which was now a permanent tattoo on his neck though it was quite bitten from the rut now. That one thing had tipped him off to Bakugou and made him act like that – but seeing his dad’s fur on Kirishima? That had made him crazy.

Deku was capable of horrible things, but did that mean he had to die if it came to it? It was a delicate and complicated subject.

Bakugou rubbed his back to soothe him while the conversation kept going. The pack would train with Aizawa and Toshinori helping them out. While Bakugou, Shinsou, and Tokoyami would be training for a fight; Ojiro would be training to protect Kirishima, Shouji would be learning both ends, and Kirishima would primarily be learning self-defense. They also agreed to help around the sanctuary as well – even though Ojiro and Kirishima were the prime helpers that were volunteered, not that either minded. Their training would be the least intense and it was the least they could do for their hosts.

After dinner they were shown the well-kept rooms in the large building, everybody retired to their individual rooms. They laid together in bed, Kirishima cuddled to Bakugou. They were freshly bathed thanks to the local hot spring, and Bakugou was grumbling because they were in a bed.

“Way too lumpy.”

“It’s a bed Bakugou – it’s soft.”



“Uncomfortable.” Bakugou let out a heavy grunt as he shifted, kicking his feet out angrily and billowing the covers all around. Kirishima ended up in a fit of giggles from the child-like tantrum.

“Katsuki,” Kirishima spoke softly between his giggles. “You’re so silly.” He nuzzled into his neck, kissing it softly. “You’re just used to sleeping on hard cave floors and furs. Not that your furs aren’t comfortable, but this is nice too. Now you know what I was sleeping on since you never came to my place.”

“That’s true…”

“I wish I could’ve shown you, it was such a nice little cottage, nice little house.”

“…if you don’t want to live in a cave I’ll build you a cottage.” The blonde’s words made him smile, and Kirishima tipped his head up to look at his precious wolf mate.

“I love you Katsuki.” Kirishima leaned up and Bakugou met his lips in a soft, chaste kiss.

“I love you more Eijirou,” He mumbled, looking down at him lovingly. He slowly pushed his red hair out of his face, it mused down thanks to their bath. “I’ll do everything for you.” Kirishima’s heart was pounding, overjoyed with love. He felt so lucky, because he had such a wonderful person to spend his life with, this was the one person he’d be with forever. Wolves mated for life.

“Katsuki, I’m so lucky to have you.” He leaned up, placing a slew of soft kisses on his face. Bakugou just smiled, taking them all and returning his own. They both ended up into a fit of giggles and chuckles, both trying to land the most and drown each other in kisses.


Over the next month they all trained. It was nice living at the sanctuary and everything was quiet. They all were rather enjoying living there. It was peaceful, they had cleaned up the sanctuary, and it was nice living together as a pack. Their dynamic just fit so well and Kirishima felt a part of a large family. It was fun to see Bakugou fully nurtured as a pack leader.

Trouble came during the second month into their stay. During the eighth week after they first came, Kirishima started becoming ill. He wasn’t eating properly. He had fatigue and nausea, affecting his training. He managed to do chores, but the straw came when everybody was coming back and he was tending to the garden. He waved at them coming back, all smiles, when suddenly Kirishima’s entire body seemed to waver. Then, he dropped. Everybody’s eyes widened, and the running began, shouting out his name in concern.

“Kirishima!” Bakugou sprinted to him, jumping the garden’s fence and rushing to his side. He looked pale and was sweating across his brow. “Kirishima!” He patted his cheeks but no response. He hoisted him up into his arms. “I need the old hag now!” He sounded exasperated, rushing with everybody else in tow towards the church. They put him down on a bed and she came with hurried small steps from another room.

“What’s going on?”

“Kirishima just collapsed. He hasn’t been feeling too well but he said it was just a cold.” They were now in fall, nearing winter, so it wouldn’t be odd to get a cold with the weather unpredictable between nice warm days and chilly winter-like days. “But he just collapsed – that can’t just be a cold.”

“I’ll take a look. Everybody wait outside, give me some room to look.” Chiyo said, shooing them out, Toshinori taking Bakugou by the arm.

“Come on, you too.” Toshinori said. “She will take care of him.” Bakugou let out a whimper, wanting to fight Toshinori but he exited the room and they all waited in the hall right outside. Bakugou’s tail was wrapped around his leg, ears back in concern, impatient.

It seemed like forever and hours before they heard Chiyo’s voice from inside call out, “You can come in now.” They entered rather hurriedly and Kirishima was sitting up in the bed, propped against some pillows, awake with more color in his face. He smiled to everybody, calming their worries.

“Kirishima you’re awake.” Ojiro spoke up, hand on his chest. “I’m glad.”

“You took quite a fall.” Shouji commented. Bakugou sat on the edge of the bed, grabbing up his hand.

“You okay?”

“Yeah… I just got dizzy all of a sudden and sort of, passed out.” Kirishima smiled apologetically. “I’m sorry for scaring you.” Bakugou was frowning and then looked at Chiyo. Aizawa was the first to speak up though, leaning against the wall by the door, having lingered in the back with his arms crossed.

“Is he really okay Chiyo? He dropped rather fast.” Toshinori was beside Aizawa, nodding his head.

“It was a frightening sight. He could have hurt his head on the concrete. Was it just a case of dizziness?” Toshinori asked worriedly. Chiyo sat in the little chair at the end of the bed.

“Well, yes and no.” Chiyo stated and all eyes silently turned to hers.

“Do I have something?” Kirishima grew worried, clenching Bakugou’s hand.

“There is a reason why you haven’t been feeling well.” Chiyo hummed, old silver eyebrows furrowed. She looked at everybody and then at Bakugou and Kirishima.

“Kirishima, you’re pregnant.”

Chapter Text

“Kirishima, you’re pregnant.”

“Pregnant!?” The entire room erupted into chaos and chatter, the news unbelievable. Both Bakugou and Kirishima looked at each other, shell shocked.

“Pregnant…?” Kirishima whispered. Bakugou looked down at Kirishima’s stomach, face blank as eyes blinked wide.

“Kirishima is just a regular human though!” Ojiro spoke up.

“That’s true, he isn’t an omega or anything.” Shinsou spoke up.

“We would’ve known.” Tokoyami said.

“Ah, but Kirishima is an omega.” Chiyo spoke up and silenced everybody again into shock.

“What?” Kirishima blinked, both him and Bakugou turning their attention to the old nurse.

“Kirishima, you told me earlier you didn’t know your parents.”

“That’s true… Mrs. Meade and the village always looked over me.” Kirishima nodded.

“Well, I don’t think your parents were human, either one or both of them.” Kirishima blinked in shock and then looked at Bakugou.

“I mean… that would explain some of your signs.” Bakugou rubbed his free hand on the back of his neck as his eyes turned to Chiyo. “We… sort of speculated at the very beginning if he was an omega, but at the same time, all the signs could have been coincidence so we sort of…never thought hard on it or questioned anything.”

“Yes, it would explain Kirishima being omega. Now, depending on what Kirishima’s parents actually were, it could account for the way it has been recessive. It’s highly possible that Kirishima isn’t straight human at all and or mixed.” Chiyo continued to explain. Kirishima held Bakugou’s hand, listening. He could possibly be a creature and not a regular human like he thought. “Regardless, as big of a thing that is, without knowing who your parents are we wouldn’t be able to get any information on that. The prominent thing is that you’re pregnant now, Kirishima. And we aren’t sure how long you will carry before birth, how you’ll take it, or how your body is going to change.” It was a lot to take in.

“How… I didn’t even notice.”

“All these ‘sick’ symptoms are your pregnancy symptoms. I suspect you’re roughly eight weeks along given the symptoms.” Kirishima immediately touched his stomach and Bakugou looked over Kirishima. Silence befell them all as they looked over Kirishima, taking in this news.

Kirishima was pregnant.

Their pack was going to be complete with little pups.

“So,” Shinsou’s voice cut through the silence. “Bakugou’s rut really did its job.”

There was a beat of silence before Kirishima’s face burst into color and he couldn’t help but laugh. It grew contagious and Ojiro started to laugh, Shouji hiding his snicker, and Toshinori attempting as well. “What?” Shinsou didn’t quite understand why everybody was laughing. Bakugou glared at Shinsou, though it was soft.

“Hitoshi,” Ojiro spoke softly between his laughs, touching his arm. “That’s… you…” He couldn’t even convey what he wanted to say, just laughing as he patted his lover’s arm. “Yes, yes it did.”


It was a learning experience for them all. No one had had pups before and with not knowing Kirishima’s roots they weren’t sure how fast he’d develop or for how long. So far it seemed at a rather normal, standard human rate. With eating enriched meals, lots of fruits, along with drinking water and a special concoction made by Chiyo and Shouji, Kirishima stayed healthy with no more fainting. Morning sickness was a thing and had started to rise, bringing nausea, fatigue, and the rare occurrence where he needed to rush to a trash bin to puke.

Training was different now too. Kirishima could not continue self-defense training – Chiyo’s instructions strict on keeping him from strenuous or stressful activities. As much as Bakugou and he wanted to argue that he wasn’t a fragile flower, it was the first pregnancy for them, their first child, and neither wanted to lose them – so they both accepted her orders. As such, all training ramped up. Ojiro learned from Chiyo about being a mid-wife to help in the birth, but also in ways he could help, all while ramping up personal protection training. Training for the others was exponentially tripled in ten folds. Even though no movement from Deku had been detected – Kirishima was now carrying a child and his protection needed to be guaranteed.

About four months after arriving they heard howls down the mountain. Shinsou had put up a magical barrier around the sanctuary with Aizawa further down than Aizawa typically placed it. Bakugou, Shouji, Tokoyami, and Shinsou rushed to the commotion while Kirishima waited with a nervous Ojiro and Toshinori in Toshinori and Aizawa’s small home.

“I can’t believe they found us.” Kirishima sat on the large couch Toshinori had, the blonde protector sitting next to him while Ojiro watched out the window.

“Kiri, they are only going to see if they are close to the magical barrier.” Toshinori puts his arm around his shoulders comfortingly. “If they’re close only then would they fight, surprising them by coming out of nowhere.”

“I know…” Kirishima touched his stomach tenderly in thought, a habit he could not break ever since discovering that he was pregnant.

“Don’t stress Kiri.” Kirishima’s look was distressed so Toshinori quickly continued. “None of this is your fault, nor is it Bakugou’s. It is the evil within Deku that is at fault.” Kirishima nodded, appreciating his wise words.

Within fifteen minutes Ojiro was calling, “I see them! They’re coming back.”

“How do they look?” Toshinori asked as they got off the couch to join Ojiro at the door.

“Didn’t spot any injuries.” They exited to cross the courtyard to meet them.

“Bakugou,” Kirishima pressed his forehead immediately to Bakugou’s as soon as they came close, both holding onto the other’s forearms. “Everything alright?”

“Yeah,” Bakugou’s voice was a low rumble, affectionately nuzzling his mate before he pulled away. “They were still some ways off so we didn’t engage them – then they left.”

“Proud of you.” He smiled. The explosive wolf smiled back down at his redhead before he addressed everybody else.

“We’ll need to do regular patrols.” Bakugou sighed.

“Agreed.” Shinsou spoke up, the rest nodding. “We can be more watchful and prepared in the event they break through the barrier.”

“We’ll take turns.” Tokoyami spoke and they all nodded.

It was all for their safety.


The patrols proved useful as the random wolves – they were certain they were low level lackeys of Deku’s – continued to pop up over the next few weeks. None got too close to the edges of the magical barrier. It was suspicious behavior and both Shinsou and Aizawa decided to change the perimeter twice a week to try and see if it would help.

They seemed to stay the same distance away from the barrier, which meant they could sense it. So was it pure animal instinct or deliberate?


Bakugou came back in the early morning from his patrol, switching off with Shinsou, and he headed back to their bedroom. He was greeted by Kirishima on their bed, hot soup awaited him on the side table, and Kirishima rubbed his sore shoulders while he ate.

“Katsuki.” Kirishima spoke softly, hair angelic around his face, dressed in dark orange pajamas, the sunrise coming in through their window, slowly reaching up the bed to them.

“Hah?” Bakugou returned to sitting up after he set his bowl down. He turned to Kirishima who was bright eyed despite looking sleepy. “What?” He said, voice rough due to his tired state.

He said nothing as he grabbed the blonde’s hand, bringing it to his stomach, hand folded on top of his. Bakugou stared, confused, as Kirishima just smiled lovingly at him.

“Wha–” As soon as he spoke he felt it. His tail straightened, ears alert and twitching at the tiniest sound his sharp ears heard. “That’s…” He stared in disbelief, his mate smiling widely at him with an affirmative nod.

Under the rising sun… he felt a kick.

“That’s your child in there Katsuki.” His eyes welled up as he leaned down, putting his ears close to his stomach, pressing his hand carefully firmer on Kirishima’s stomach. A few seconds ticked by before he heard a swoosh through water sound on a minute level before he felt the kick again.

“That’s…our child.” Bakugou slowly spoke, looking up at Kirishima. Tenderly he brushed the blonde spikes from Bakugou’s face, nodding.

“Yes, that’s our child. They’re saying welcome home to you.” Kirishima’s voice bubbled up, beginning to cry as Bakugou’s tears fell with wide eyes.

“Our child…” He smiled widely then, raising up, pressing their noses and foreheads together, one arm tenderly around his back while one stayed flat to feel his stomach. “My family, my home… you’re my everything Eijirou.” Kirishima smiled.

“Katsuki, I love you so much. I can’t wait for them to meet their father who protects them so diligently.”


Howls again and this time they sounded closer. They had been out picking more wild plants that couldn’t grow in the garden for Chiyo and Toshinori when it happened. “Get Kirishima inside!” Bakugou said, hand throwing out and already cackling. Ojiro nodded. “Shouji stay here! I’ll signal if we need you!” He rushed off with Shinsou, Tokoyami the one being on patrol duty. The howls grew louder and Kirishima was sure it was in more numbers.

Shouji put his winged arm around Kirishima. “Kirishima please,” Kirishima nodded, following his instruction and hurrying towards the church to bunker down in some of the more locked rooms, worried with the sounds so loud. Kirishima’s breath was labored at having to rush, with his baby bump now pronounced it was more difficult for him to rush like that. He sat in one of the side rooms. When they heard Bakugou’s far off explosions they knew they had engaged the wolves. Shouji stood.

“I will go join them. Ojiro please stand guard. Toshinori will be here soon after assessing the situation.” Ojiro and Kirishima nodded as Shouji immediately left in a hurry to join the others in a fight. Ojiro stood.

“Kirishima, I’m going to be right outside.” Kirishima nodded, staying seated against the wall as Ojiro left the small room and shut the door. He could hear him shuffling right outside the door. He could hear sounds in the distance, and it was deafening to him, hands on his stomach to rub soothing circles. He had to calm down. Bakugou would protect him, he’d protect them all. He shut his eyes and began to breathe deeply.


There was a sound and sudden silence. Kirishima’s eyes snapped open, finding the room much darker than before. “Ojiro?” He whispered. He stood up from the ground slowly, staying against the wall. “Ojiro?” He spoke again, voice louder as it wavered in the stagnant air. His danger signals were going off, red signs flailing. He had to get out of here. It wasn’t safe. Something wasn’t right. He couldn’t hear anything.

As soon as he stepped forward a dark purple mist shot out around him. Kirishima knew it was danger and tried to rush for the door but suddenly arms were grabbing his limbs before an arm securely wrapped around his shoulders. Kirishima’s mouth opened – and a hand slapped over his mouth.

“Got you.”

All that was left was the echo of Kirishima’s ear splitting scream as the mist left the room empty.

Chapter Text

The battle with the wolves ended all of a sudden with them retreating. Confusion rose up between their ragged breaths. When suddenly an ear splitting scream tore through the air. Or more – it carried right to Bakugou’s ears. His head whipped up, ears turning to the sound, eyes staring back towards the sanctuary.

“Kirishima!” Bakugou immediately was down on all fours, knowing he did not mishear his mate’s scream.

Bakugou swung open the door to find Kirishima gone – his scent abruptly vanished. His hands cackled as mini explosions erupted in his palms and he howled in pain, and anger. Ojiro had been knocked unconscious and Chiyo made sure to treat him first before the others who were covered in scratch marks and bruises from the fight that had erupted when Deku’s pack had suddenly charged on the barrier. They all sat in the church’s grand room which primarily contained chairs, tables, and a few pews as it having long since been converted from a church into a sanctuary and the place Chiyo lived in as well. The air was heavy, everyone trying to think of what to do, what to say to their alpha who sat with his bangs shadowing his expression, hands upturned in his lap.


“How… it was… he was okay… how did they…” Bakugou clenched his teeth and fists. Shouji cautiously patted his back.

“It’s not your fault Bakugou.”

“I should have been here with him!” Bakugou snarled at himself.

“It’s not your fault.” Shinsou spoke up, voice gruff and slicing through the air. He was waiting with them instead of being by his own mate’s side. “We don’t know their powers… and we all have no clue how they were able to get to him in an enclosed room with no one taking notice. We won’t know Ojiro’s account till he wakes up.” His teeth clenched, arms crossed tight against his chest.

“Shinsou is right Bakugou,” Tokoyami nodded, wrapping his arms in bandages from his cloak. “Ojiro’s account will tell us more information on how everything happened or clue us into it.”

“Then we will come up with a plan.” Shouji patted him again, squeezing his shoulder. “We all care about Kirishima. We will get him back.”

Bakugou nodded, reassured by his pack’s words. They were right. He had to keep his head level for both his pack and Kirishima. They needed their alpha to lead them – and Kirishima… Kirishima would be scared. Bakugou needed to save him, to protect him and their child. He needed to ensure he found Kirishima before Deku brought Kirishima and their child harm – and before he was stressed too much that they lost them. When Ojiro woke up he would give them needed clues, then they’d come up with a plan to track them down, and he’d kill that bastard Deku if he touched Kirishima.

“Glad to see you have a level head and aren’t rushing in with nothing to go off of.” Aizawa came from the hallway where Ojiro was being treated. “Ojiro just came to, but give him a bit to reorient himself.”

Everyone waited patiently, intense silence filling the room before Aizawa gave them an affirmative nod that it was okay to go. Bakugou of course made sure Shinsou got into the room first, the magician immediately went to his mate’s side, holding his hand.

“You okay?” His voice was soft and Ojiro responded with a smile.

“I’m okay Hitoshi.” He nodded slowly, head bandaged.

“He was struck in the head but it was only enough to knock him out, no serious injuries.” They breathed a small sigh of relief at Chiyo’s diagnosis.

“Good.” Shinsou nodded and brushed a few golden strands from his face. “Mashirao, I need…” Shinsou sighed. “I know you just came to, but we need to know what happened.” Ojiro squeezed his hand, tail moving to lay on Shinsou’s lap as a comforting weight.

“It’s okay Hitoshi.” Ojiro smiled before he looked directly at Bakugou, who was waiting on the other side of the room, leaning against the wall. “I didn’t hear, see, or even sense anybody. All of a sudden… a hand pushed my back and when I tried to regain my balance something struck my head. I didn’t go out immediately, so I’m not sure if it was my vision or not, but I swore I saw like… like a black mist or something just in the area I’d been pushed from and then it vanished.” Ojiro’s brows furrowed as he recalled what happened.

“You did good Ojiro.” Bakugou had kicked off the wall to make his way to the other side of the bed to gently pat his leg. “Rest easy. We will talk about a strategy while you rest.”

“No! I want to help too!” Ojiro sat up, gripping Bakugou’s forearm. “I want to save Kirishima too.”

“I know.” Bakugou patted his hand. “It’s okay. We’ll fill you in. You need to rest first.” He had to take care of everyone so they were in tip top shape to find Kirishima.

They huddled together around a table while Ojiro rested some more. They laid out a map Tokoyami had drawn of the entire area of the sanctuary, the sea, the mountains, the village, and even some of the area beyond their small world. (Being a ninja meant that Tokoyami had traveled around often, and further than any of them had gone.)

“This is my map.” Tokoyami said, feathers ruffled slightly from the gravity of the situation. “As detailed as possible.” They could even see where they had traveled from Shouji’s and Tokoyami’s home all the way to the sea and then to the hidden sanctuary. Tokoyami had even detailed the terrain.

Bakugou pointed to the area Tokoyami and them had been at the barrier. “We should follow the tracks of the wolves.” He said, eyebrows scrunched together in his signature angry face, but it meant he was concentrating, focused. “I doubt they’d lead us directly to where he is – but he’d be in the vicinity of their base. It’d give us a lead on where he might be.” Bakugou strategized. “The primary objective upon arrival is to fan out and find him… however, with the area being unknown until we arrive, it may change to needing to strategize more – but I want to spread out and search as soon as possible.”

“That sounds like a solid plan, Bakugou.” They all nodded their heads in agreement.

“To prepare I’ll make some smoke and scent desensitizer bombs, along with some other things we may use.” Tokoyami suggested.

“I can make a few potions and can prepare to use my mind control spell – you must be careful though. Accidentally answering me will render you mine till I switch it off so it takes a few hop skips.”

“Got it.” Bakugou nodded then stared at the map once more. “Get prepared – as soon as everybody’s ready we’re leaving.”


Toshinori and Aizawa saw them off, the blonde protector looking at Bakugou. “You’ll find him.”

“I know.” Bakugou nodded before they turned. “No slow speed – only fast.”

“Got it!” His pack barked out in unison. They looked in the direction of where the wolves had left, towards the breach in the sanctuary’s barrier. Fire was in their eyes, determination strong to get their friend back. The winter air was harsh as it blew hard, sky already beginning to grey and look heavy with clouds.

“Let’s go!” Bakugou took off on all fours, ears alert, and his pack followed at his heels – Shouji temporarily carrying Ojiro.

It took them two weeks to go after the tracks. The wind was worse, and winter truly had set in. Already the clouds were heavy with snow threatening to fall. Surprisingly the pack ended up leading them close to the village. However, it was on the outskirts where the pack had set up camp in some abandoned caves, loud and fighting each other over kill. They all looked at each other, Ojiro now able to walk. It was time for them to split up and try and find Kirishima.

“Don’t let them catch wind of you.” Bakugou said before they split up, knowing the plan. Tokoyami would try and draw the pack’s attention further away so they could focus them elsewhere and search more thoroughly.

Chapter Text

He was completely disoriented. He was still unconscious, unable to move, but voices and sounds were finally being filtered through his sub-conscious.

“I think he’s waking.”

“Good – soon he’ll be here.”

“He’s not moving much more though.” He felt a dull prod to his cheek; someone had touched or slapped it, though he couldn’t register what it was – his cheek still had a heavy feeling to it.

“It’s due to my power, Shigaraki. He won’t be able to move for a while.” Shigaraki – he knew that name… he was sure he did but it was so hard to think.

“Hmph.” The tapping began on both cheeks and he had zero clue if his face was turning side to side. Was he being slapped?”

“I wouldn’t—”

“Shigaraki.” This tone cut sharp through his haze and made a chill known in his bones. “What do you think you’re doing touching my mate?” The touching immediately ceased. Faint shuffling could be heard and he momentarily couldn’t hear a thing. He felt pressure – unsure where but just that there was sudden pressure on his body. “He’s mine.”

“Yes sir.” A strangled voice came through.

“As you wish.”

There were more words and conversation but he couldn’t make it out or understand, the haze heavier and his subconscious going out again. All he heard before slipping into the void again was,

“Keep him sedated. Tell me when he comes to.”


He kept slipping in and out of subconscious for who knows how long. It was dangerous. He needed to be conscious. He needed Bakugou – he needed to know everyone was okay. Finally, he was able to wake up without the heavy, numbing haze. How long has he been out? He blinked his bleary eyes multiple times as colors filled his vision first in fuzz then color blocks. Slowly they formed a detailed look of his surroundings as his body twitched, and he could feel he was on something soft, his limbs aching and sinking into it.

Kirishima was on a bed, covered in a blanket. The room had nothing in it but when he looked at the walls he could see they were made of thick stone with one window that could let light in and gave a view of the earth at ground level. He was in a basement. Other than the window, the only other light source was a lantern mounted by the door he was facing – a simple wooden door leading to who knows where.

It took the redhead a moment to realize what had happened and remember. There had been hands, a mist – abducted. He had been abducted! He gasped and willed his heavy, paralyzed-yet-working body to try and move. As he forced every fiber of his being to move, his ankle moved and he heard the sound of a chain move. That was when he felt the cold metal clasp around his leg. Upon looking down he could see attached to the wall the bed was shoved up against was a metal plate where a metal linked chain was attached to, and disappeared beneath the blanket to no doubt connect to the metal piece around his ankle. It seemed like a short chain too that would only go so far.

“Shit.” He cursed, voice rough and hoarse as if he had been drugged. He lay there, letting reality sink in, still unable to move completely. He had no idea how long he lay before he heard the sounds of footsteps heavy on stairs, coming closer to the wooden door of the room. When a sing song, sinister voice came through it.

“♫ Little Red, Little Red, won’t you let me come in? ♫”

Kirishima’s eyes widened as the door opened. Deku stood before him in dark pants and a long sleeve shirt, a long coat covering him. He was smiling, and Kirishima wanted to scream. He just stood there with his wild hair, looking at Kirishima with such a crazy grin. “No one’s going to find you down here Kirishima. No one’s coming to your aid.” That was when he heard shuffling upstairs and a clear but muffled voice from the house above him.

“Hey Todoroki! Long time no see,” Denki! He could hear Denki’s voice through the floorboards!

“Mhm,” He could hear the low rumble of the red and white hair male. Was he in Todoroki’s house? Todoroki was with Deku? He always was and he never did anything, staying to himself on the outskirts of the village in his own cabin between the mountains and the village.

“It’s been a while since you’ve ordered, but sorry I’m late today.”

“It’s alright, I’m excited for the sweets.” Though his voice seemed monotone.

“Ah yeah!” Denki’s cheerful voice made him open his mouth. If he screamed out, then Denki would hear him!

“If you scream he dies.” Deku was suddenly there by the bed, hand around his throat and restricting his air flow. “He and all your friends at the village.” Deku looked down at him, eyes glowing. Kirishima’s eyes widened with the struggle to breathe and the fact he knew he would kill his best friend. He leaned down close to his face. “Still want to shout?” He purred as he released his grip. Kirishima wheezed, shaking his head as he stayed pinned to the bed in fear.

“Any word on Kirishima?” Todoroki asked.

“No sign yet – but I bet he and Bakugou went on some honeymoon or something. They’re so gross and basically living together so,” He could hear the smile in his friend’s voice and tears began to fall. He didn’t want them to hurt him! “I’m sure he’ll come singing back onto his route when he gets back!”


“Well thanks Todoroki, see ya later!”

“See you.” There was a shut of the door and steps. Kirishima stifled his sob.

“What a good boy being quiet. Now why don’t you just submit already.” Kirishima looked at Deku who was still so close to him.

“I’m not yours!” Deku’s eyes immediately darkened before he slapped Kirishima hard, his head whipping to the side of the bed and with enough momentum he rolled onto his side. He gasped in pain, gripping his stinging cheek and immediately feeling it swell.

“Bitch.” Deku spat at him. “You’re mine. Bakugou isn’t coming for you. If he even tries I’ll kill him myself.” He glared down at him.

“Bakugou is my mate!” Kirishima looked defiantly at Deku, his other arm cradling his stomach. He felt incredibly sick but he had to stand his ground. “He and I have a pack and we are going to have a family together!”

“Shut up!” Deku seethed and suddenly he was over Kirishima and unleashing a fury of fists with his power packed behind it. Kirishima shrieked with each hit, sobbing as it cut at his face and his hunched shoulders, hands around his swollen stomach in fear that Deku would aim a punch at it. Deku panted as he finished, standing back up. Kirishima’s face was beaten and bloodied, the shirt he was in was torn and showed the beating his shoulders helped take. He curled towards the wall, chain clinging on his ankle as he choked back his sobs of pain.

“I forgot he had tainted you.” Deku growled, spotting the mating mark on his shoulders beneath his hair, the attack having let it see the light again. He then snarled, making Kirishima flinch. “We’ll just have to fix that.” He then turned, slamming the door shut as he left.

Kirishima rubbed his stomach, gasping as he tried to regain himself. “Shh, shh,” He choked out and stuttered, looking down at his stomach as he felt the angry kicks from inside. “It’s okay, it’s okay. Mama will protect you.” He swallowed hard. “You’re okay.” And he prayed it was true – not wanting this beating to cause enough stress that he lost them.


He learned they didn’t lock the door because it was a sick joke at giving him fake hope. He had tried to get up when he could walk, but the chain only let him go so far and even with his leg stretched out as far as it could go, with his entire body reaching, his fingertips barely brushed the wood of the door. Kirishima couldn’t escape.


Deku came in the next day and just berated him. "Bitch. Mutt. Half-breed. Slut. Whore. You just seduce anyone and sink your greedy claws in. Parade around half naked and don't take responsibility," and he continued with so much more. After running out of names to call him, and with Kirishima not responding to his taunts, he punched his torso. And Kirishima desperately, and successfully, protected his stomach. Then he left angrily.

When he lay there alone in the dark after Deku was long gone, he breathed quietly and struggled to stifle his own tears. "Bakugou is coming... he'll help me out... he'll save me... everyone is on their way... everything will be okay." He repeated it over and over to himself till he fell asleep.


He didn't know how much time passed, but when he woke, he was in a heavy haze like he felt the first time he woke in Todoroki's basement. He was lying on his side, eyes just making out the wall in front of him, but... he could feel a body right up against him. He tried to register everything, temporarily wondering if he was back home at the sanctuary - but then he felt the roaming hands. They roamed over his arms, pulled at his pants, and roamed up over his hip to his front. They raised over his stomach where his hands were curled protectively over it and then up to grab at his swollen pecs.

"Mine." A dark voice was in his ear, like it was in his head, making it swim as a hand shot down to his pants and the other hand suddenly went to push fingers into his mouth. Kirishima regained himself and bit down as hard as he could. "You bitch!" The voice bellowed and Kirishima scrambled to get away as the body reeled back. He sat up and turned to see Deku - no sooner that he did, he was slapped with a glowing hand. The wind was knocked out of him and he flopped back down to the bed, taking a minute to remember to breathe. He panted then, clutching his stomach.

"I'm not yours." He gasped out, glaring defiantly up at Midoriya, as much as he could muster in his overwhelmed state. The force of the slap having nearly made him throw up all at once, but he had to keep it down.

"You filthy-!!" Deku immediately brought his fist down upon his head and Kirishima was knocked unconscious. "Kurogiri!" He barked, and on command the trio had descended the stairs with Kurogiri at the lead. They stood by the bed. "I've had enough trying to do this brainwash trick of yours Todoroki." He looked at the half-and-half wolf before he looked at the other two. "Take him to the slab and prepare him. I'm doing this my way." He growled. Kurogiri lifted Kirishima in his arms and Shigaraki smirked.

"Yes Boss." He said with a cackle and disappeared in mist. Todoroki stood there in the room with Deku in silence. Then the alpha punched Todoroki with his entire arm lit up. The house shook as Todoroki slammed against the wall, gasping and blood escaping his lips.

"You made me wait. I could be fucking him and claiming him now." He growled.

"Midoriya..." He spoke weakly. "My apologies..." He bowed, choosing the right move to stay near the wall he had been thrown against. "Kirishima's personality had him as the type to submit when his confidence is battered..." Deku growled.

"Well I'll forcibly make him submit to me. I don't know how you talked me into this nonsense. Let's go." He growled and stomped up the stairs. Todoroki took a moment before he was following after his alpha.


Kirishima was taken to a place in the woods that counted as Deku's pack second meeting grounds, with similar set up of bones scattered about and a throne set up for Deku. But there was a huge slab of rock - it just happened to be there, and was a table for the most part - however... this time Shigaraki had outfitted shackles and they held Kirishima down to it. By the time Deku and Todoroki came Kirishima was coming to and some pack members in the immediate vicinity had come to watch, but made sure to stay a distance away.

Kirishima opened his eyes to see the sky and gasped, remembering what had happened and tried to move, but his legs were splayed and held apart by shackles and his wrists were the same above his head. He couldn't move with the way he was restrained and tears were coming to the corner of his eyes. Deku was coming towards him with such a hateful look in his eyes, a shadow cast over them making them glow dangerously.

"You're going to become mine now, Kirishima. All mine. But first..." He could see the light of his power surging through him, lighting up his body. "We have to take care of that filthy thing growing inside you."

"No! No! Stop!" Kirishima cried out, voice bubbled up and out of his throat as Deku's hand extended towards his expanded belly, exposed through his torn shirt.

"BAKUGOU!" He screamed.

Chapter Text


He lay there on the slate, Deku feet from him, hands way too close to his stomach. Kirishima shrieked for his mate while Deku advanced on him with a horribly murderous look in his eyes. He struggled against his binds, trying to shift away from the path of destruction but, he was locked in place.

DEKU!” A screech and blast threw them both off. The ground shook and the smell of fire and soot filled the air. Deku whipped his head around to the noise with a growl, claws extending fast to Kirishima’s stomach, teeth bared. Like the wind, a strong blur of force flew over Kirishima and knocked into Deku. His claws tore at Kirishima’s shirt as he was torn away, thankfully only ripping his shirt and not his skin. One minute he was an inch from his stomach and the next he was on the ground, battling with teeth and claws with –

“Bakugou!” Kirishima cried out, struggling again against his bonds to free himself and protect his exposed belly. Minor relief was flushing through his body at seeing his mate, but the danger had risen. The howl had alerted Deku’s pack no doubt. And now that he was paying attention he could hear the tell-tale sounds of fighting in the distance. Had everybody come?

“Kirishima,” Kirishima turned his head quickly to find Shinsou there at his side, working on the shackles at his hands.

“Shinsou,” He gasped in relief.

“It’s okay, we’re here, we’ll get you out.” Shinsou worked quickly to free Kirishima, and as soon as they were all off, he slid off the slab and into Shinsou’s arms. He knew he looked horrible, his face beaten, his shirt practically just shreds of clothing on his body, revealing all the bruises and cuts across his torso. “Let’s go.” Shinsou put his arm around him to support Kirishima, but Kirishima looked back with hesitation.

Bakugou and Deku had rolled quite a bit away, unable to be seen in a mix of fiery explosions, smoke, and wind. Only the snapping of jaws and growls could be heard – and curses from Bakugou.

“But – Bakugou is still –”

“Kirishima, he can handle this.” Shinsou looked at Kirishima. “Trust me… We need to get you to safety.” And that meant as far away and as fast as possible. “Tokoyami is fighting the low life packs, and Shouji and Ojiro are fighting off the people who abducted you.” Kirishima finally nodded, leaning against Shinsou more as he got his legs to work, holding his stomach comfortingly as Shinsou brought him away from the clearing, over the bones of who knows how many people Deku had went after in the past, and away from his mate fighting their battle.


Teeth snapped at skin, both parties tearing flesh from shoulders and arms. Growls loud as they grunted and cursed, clawing at each other to find purchase to deal real damage.

“You piece of shit!” Deku hissed as he chomped at Bakugou’s neck. “I’ll kill you!” His clawed hand came towards Bakugou’s head, smashing into it hard and the force of the wind cut at his face. Bakugou hissed and exploded his hand into his abdomen with a hard punch.

Finally, the bodies on the ground tore apart from each other, each in their own stance five feet from each other. They both snarled at each other, eyes murderous to the other.

“I won’t let you hurt Kirishima or my pups.”

“You are too weak to fight me Bakugou.”

“I’m stronger than you Deku. I’ll rip you to shreds.”

“You can try but you won’t.” There was one tense moment before Deku was throwing his fist with wind and Bakugou charged at him, hands cackling wild with power and fire. They punched each other’s face, the force throwing them both back violently. But they scrambled to their feet and came together again. Wind cut at Bakugou’s body, shredding his clothes – but his fire did the same to Deku.

They came back each time clashing into each other like gunpowder. A punch to the gut, a cough of blood; a kick to the head, a grunt; claws slicing flesh, a howl of pain. Continuous pain as they struggled to get an edge over the fight. When they separated far enough away from each other, both were bloodied and beaten but still breathing.

“You know,” Deku breathed harshly, looking at him. “I’m going to rip out your children from his belly, killing them, and make him suffer for mating with you.” Bakugou’s eyes lit with fiery anger.

“What?” He snarled.

“I’ll make sure he knows you’re the reason why he’s suffering so much. I’ll breed him like the whore he is – and then when he can’t breed anymore I’ll kill him. If you still live after this, I’ll keep you barely alive so I can make sure I do it in front of you – so you can watch him die.”

“BASTARD! Like hell I’ll let you touch Eijirou!” Bakugou’s entire arms began crackling. “You’re a crazy, sadistic bastard. Worse than your father. I’ll ensure you can never lay a hand on him ever again.” Deku began to have lines glow over him with power, air rippling around him. Bakugou’s power surged around him in a swirling wind, sparks going all over his arms, beginning to burn the skin but he couldn’t feel the pain, only the anger and the rage. “I’ll kill you.” It was his only choice.

“I’ll kill you first.” Deku snarled before he charged at him. Bakugou’s arms stretched out beside him as he jumped, exploding once to propel himself in the air.

“Take this!” His body spun mid-air and like a tornado he warped the air around him as he thrust himself down to Deku. Suddenly, he was upon Deku who had outreached his hand to punch him and when they met the fire was explosive. The force cracked the earth beneath them and the light and destruction of the fire spread out rapidly in one massive explosion of power, and the sound exploded just as loudly through the air. It could be heard all the way to the village and all the way to the sanctuary at the ocean as it seemed to echo throughout the whole sky.

Chapter Text

“Don’t make me do this Todoroki.” Shinsou stood with his arm out to his side, Kirishima safely behind it and gripping at his back. Todoroki stood not too far off in front of them, ready to fight. Ice swirled around his right side while fire swirled around his left. Not too long after their escape they had been stopped by Deku’s right hand man.

“I should be the one stating that Shinsou.”

“I know you’re sane and you know this is wrong. Don’t make us fight over something like this.”

“That is true,” He spoke clearly. “I am not insane like Midoriya is.” Todoroki admitted and Kirishima’s eyes widened.

“Then why do you act like this?”

“He is my alpha, and I will do everything for him.” Kirishima was shocked. Todoroki actually loved Deku? He was a sadistic and torturous wolf. He was certain that Deku didn’t spare Todoroki with his sadistic tendencies and probably abused the half-and-half haired man even worse than what he had inflicted on Kirishima during the time he was captured. Yet he still loved him?

“Todoroki please,” Kirishima clutched Shinsou’s shirt tightly, voice trembling. “Don’t fight us. Just let us leave.” The fire burned brighter in his hand.

“I can’t.”

Suddenly, the earth was shaking and the trees erupted into flame around them, smoke enveloping them. The large boom following after. Kirishima coughed, hand covering his mouth as he tried not to breathe it in. Shinsou’s arm curled back around his body to try and shield him, keeping his eyes in front of him in case Todoroki decided to use the smoke coverage to attack.

But as the smoke cleared, they both were still in their spots. Their eyes collectively turned to the side and widened. The trees crumbled to ash all around them and they could see far off on the horizon’s distance a single figure standing alone.


“Mi…Midoriya!” Todoroki suddenly was in a burst of a rush, rushing towards the spot on the horizon, ice and fire extinguished. Tokoyami, Ojiro, and Shouji came rushing off to their right.

“Kirishima! Shinsou! You’re okay!” Ojiro gasped. They looked exhausted but alive.

“What happened?” Shouji asked, voice gruff as his face mask was torn to reveal the strange mouth he had, stretched wide across his face.

“I… I don’t know – are you guys okay?” Shouji took Kirishima from Shinsou, picking him up in his wing so he didn’t have to use his strength to stand anymore.

“Yes, we took care of Shigaraki and Kurogiri.” They looked again to the destruction.

“I think that’s Bakugou,” Tokoyami said, eyes peering towards the figure standing.

“Come on, let’s go see.”

They ran their way to where Bakugou was in a crater of soot and burning ash. Todoroki was on the ground, cradling a completely charred-like Deku in his lap. Deku was breathing slow, shallow, barely alive. Bakugou stood there, a complete battle-worn mess that would leave scars everywhere. He panted, shirtless and his pants were now shorts, burned and seemingly ready to fall off.

“Bakugou!” Kirishima gasped as they got close and he was put down. He managed the few hurried steps to fall into Bakugou, hugging him tightly around his neck. “I was so scared,” He gasped. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine,” Bakugou coughed out, hugging Kirishima tightly to his body with one arm, it seemed the other was limp and Kirishima could see why. His hands were covered in black and red – burns covered his hands all the way up his forearms. “I,” He looked over at Todoroki sobbing over Deku, trying to get him to respond. “I will always come for you and this time – I made sure he will never be able to touch you again.”

Todoroki hugged Deku, “Please, please wake up… Midoriya I can take you away, I can… we can go somewhere else… please don’t die.” His composure was completely lost from his normal stoic and monotonous style. Deku simply looked up at him, the light dying in his eyes but he managed to whisper to him.

“Stupid Shouto… don’t understand… you…” His breathing continued a few seconds more before it stopped and he stared blankly at Todoroki. Todoroki gripped Deku hard, curled over him, forehead to forehead intimately.


“Todoroki,” Bakugou spoke loudly and stood with his chest puffed out, tail straight out and ears alert, eyes glowing red as he looked down at him. Todoroki raised his head, a sullen look in his eyes. “The rest of your pack is scrambled and or dead. Make your choice. I end you now or… you never show your face around my pack again or I will kill you.” Bakugou raised his hand, claws drenched in blood but ready to let go of his love and kill the wolf. He was giving him a choice, and he was only doing so because of Kirishima being right beside him, controlling his restraint to tear Todoroki apart.

Todoroki stared at Bakugou before he looked down at Deku. “I won’t come near you or your pack again… Kirishima, I know it does not mean much, but I am truly sorry…” He said. He stood and hoisted Deku’s body into his arms, head lolling against his chest. Todoroki held him and walked off. Bakugou stood tall until Todoroki had walked completely out of sight. Then, he sighed and hugged Kirishima again, nuzzling his face into his hair.

“Kirishima… thank god you’re okay.” He said, tail curling around him, ears disappeared into his hair in relief.

“Bakugou…” Kirishima let out shakily and he cried, hugging his mate, relief filling him and his knees weak with all the stress. Bakugou nudged him to look up at him. He frowned at the way Kirishima was beat up, eyes swollen, one with a black eye, the other just from tears. There were scratches and bruises all over. He could see the rough abuse he had to endure.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t faster.” He apologized quietly.

“Bakugou, you came.” Kirishima smiled. “You, and everybody else.” He smiled back to their friends who looked just as exhausted. “You came…that’s all that matters. I’m just tired, and… ready to go home.” He was in pain and his stomach hurt, but he could still feel the kicks as he rubbed a hand over his stomach.

“Yeah, let’s go home.” Bakugou kissed him softly, nuzzling his nose with a quiet sigh and both rubbed their heads together, nuzzling each other.

“Let’s go guys,” Tokoyami spoke up. “Aizawa and Toshinori will be waiting for us.” Shinsou had his arm around Ojiro comfortingly.

“Thank you,” Bakugou looked up at them. The group smiled and they all came together to hug Bakugou and Kirishima. A mess of wounds, but victory was there. They had defeated evil.

Chapter Text

They made it home much faster to the sanctuary and when they got back it was full on recovery mode for them all. Bakugou had sustained the most damage but he was more concerned about Kirishima getting treated that he waited and forced Chiyo to work on him first before he would even let her take a look at himself. Thankfully everything seemed okay, no major broken bones, and the pregnancy seemed to still be going okay despite the extreme stress that Kirishima had endured. Thankfully no physical damage was sustained to his stomach either. Though he was uninjured in that aspect he was to be on strict bed rest until delivery, though he was allowed a few quiet moments to walk about the garden.

Thankfully everyone healed up nicely from their own injuries. Some did end up getting scars but they were proud of them, and Bakugou’s arms ended up being a darker shade than his skin, never fully healing from the burning process of such a power he had released. And life returned to normal for them and they could truly relax.

They began a more in depth farm outside of the courtyard that Ojiro and Shinsou took upon themselves to look over. Shouji and Tokoyami took to every now and then patrolling, helping to keep up everything. While Bakugou strictly watched over Kirishima. They also sent word to the village to make sure everyone was okay and so Kirishima could send a specific letter to Kaminari saying he was pregnant and wanted to send Tokoyami to get him when he was due so that he could come visit and be there for the delivery. Kaminari had been his brother for many years and he deserved to be there, and to hear about everything that had happened.

A few weeks after their return home with Kirishima, Bakugou was walking with him around the garden, arm around his waist as he let his love sniff at the flowers and pluck some to make a flower crown. They sat down so that Kirishima could carefully make one. Bakugou watched his mate make it, fingers carefully working, a smile on his face. He looked so peaceful, his red hair loose and now long, well past his shoulders but every time Kirishima brought up cutting it, Bakugou said he loved it long which brought a smile to Kirishima’s face and thoughts on growing it out more.

“Eijirou,” Bakugou spoke softly, reaching out to stop his lover’s hands from working and to bring his attention to his face. “I know… that we are bonded, and that I’ve mated with you, but I also know that in your village there was something more that people did to symbolize being together.” Kirishima looked at him with wonder and curiosity, red eyes seeming to sparkle bright at him.


“So, I’d like to do that with you… I want to know if you would do me the greatest honor you could give, and marry me.” Bakugou dug in his pants pocket to pull out a small gold ring with flowers pressed into it. Kirishima looked down at it, gasping softly.

“Katsuki… I…” He was speechless for a few moments before he let out a soft laugh, leaning forward to kiss his wolf happily. He then raised the finished flower crown to sit on his head, careful of his eager wolf ears. “Of course I will. You’re my mate, my lover, my family – you’re my everything Katsuki.” He brought his face closer to his, kissing him softly, deeply. Both parties hummed into the contact and let the kiss be sweet. When they broke they kept close, breathing in each other’s air as Bakugou slipped the ring onto his left ring finger.

“Now… all the humans will know you’re mine too. If they don’t see the mark on your neck first.”

“It’s gorgeous Katsuki. When did you even…”

“I had Toshinori and Aizawa show me how to make it out of the materials I found nearby. I did it in the evening or when I was out on patrol… been working on it for a while.” Bakugou admitted quietly.

“You do so much for me,” He kissed his cheek again. Bakugou’s tail could be heard quietly thumping against the concrete bench.

“Anything for you Eijirou. Nothing is impossible to do for you, and I’d do it all.”


“AAAUUUGH!” Kirishima cried as he squirmed in the bed, sweat beading his brow as he panted hard. He was naked except for a sheet draped over his waist for mild modesty.

“Push for me,” Chiyo instructed, Ojiro by her side with Toshinori nearby – both ready with towels and other necessities. Everyone else had been restricted to waiting outside the room. Kirishima gripped the sheets tightly, letting out another anguished cry as he pushed as hard as he could, contracting his muscles before he had to stop, panting. Bakugou brushed his forehead with a cool cloth.

“Doing great Hun, I’m right here.” Bakugou crooned softly beside him, feeling the anguish of the inability to lessen his pain.

“I want them out Katsuki,” Kirishima whined, looking up at him, red hair plastered to his sweat covered body.

“I know, I know love.” Bakugou’s brows furrowed, pushing the hair out of his face. “Soon, just push and they’ll be out soon.”

“Kirishima, I think I see a head!” Ojiro gasped. “Push!” He encouraged.

“Hnnn-nnnngggg aaaaugh!” Kirishima groaned as he pushed again, legs spreading further.

After another few agonizing hours of labor, finally tiny little cries filled the room. Kirishima lay back, panting hard, eyes closed as exhaustion hit him. Bakugou’s eyes were wide, staring at the end of the bed where Chiyo cleaned off the third baby, Ojiro cleaning the second, and Toshinori had been tasked with the first.

“Congratulations,” Chiyo stood up and they crowded the two, slowly putting the children down on Kirishima’s chest as he opened his eyes with watery tears. “You have three wonderfully healthy children. Two boys, and a girl,” She smiled.

Kirishima hiccupped as he smiled, taking in his beautiful children. One boy and the girl had tiny little ears and a tail protruding from their body, and one of the boys was without them. “They’re beautiful.” He gasped, wrapping his arms around them as he kissed their heads. Bakugou smiled, tears already falling before he could even stop it, too taken with the beauty of Kirishima with his pups.

Bakugou slowly slunk onto the bed, gently moving his arm beneath Kirishima’s propped up pillows so he could hug them all. “They’re beautiful.” He repeated Kirishima’s words. He kissed his temple. “I’m so proud of you, you did so well.”

“Our beautiful children Katsuki,” Kirishima cried, nuzzling his face as the children cried in their arms.

Chiyo let the rest of their pack in after she had cleaned up Kirishima and put a blanket over his lower half and let the two have a quiet moment with their new children themselves. Slowly the room brightened with buzzing voices and smiles, all bringing flowers or some snacks since Kirishima had been in labor for quite a while with nothing to eat.

“So happy for you,” Ojiro had tears in his eyes.

“Congratulations.” Shinsou nodded with a small smile.

“They’re beautiful!” Kaminari smiled brightly, mixed in with the rest of the pack, eyes full of wonderful happy tears for his friend, glad he could be here for the moment.

“I’m happy everything went well.” Tokoyami chirped.

“I can’t believe there were three.” Shouji commented softly.

“Congratulations Kirishima, Bakugou.” Aizawa spoke up, arm around Toshinori who was smiling.

“We’re so happy that we were able to be here for this.” Toshinori said, wiping away happy tears. “It feels like we just got grandchildren,” He said, pulling out a tissue to blow his nose. They all laughed. Kirishima smiled.

“Thank you, to all of you, for being here and being my friends… helping me on such a journey on a whim and then becoming my family.”

“We appreciate it,” Bakugou added. They looked at each other and then at their little pups. Bakugou gently ran his hands in a gentle pet over each one before he smoothed the sweat from his mate’s brow. Then he took his hand with the ring to hold tightly. “I love you Eijirou,”

“I love you Katsuki.”

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