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“How long have you two been together like this?” Lancelot asked as he stroked down Merlin’s back as the dark haired man sucked at Leon’s cock with ease of one who had done this many times before.

“Thanks to the Cup of Life and him being Immortal… We’ve been together since all of you died and have been waiting for you all to reincarnate with your memories intact.” Leon explained as he tugged lightly on Merlin’s hair knowing how much the Warlock liked that and he groaned when Merlin hummed around his cock.

“That’s a long time…” Elyan commented from his place on Percival’s lap where the larger man was toying with his dark nipples teasingly making him squirm every so often while Gwaine was just lounging back, stroking himself slowly at the sight of Merlin on his knees with Leon’s cock in his mouth.

“Let’s not dwell on that, we both have been waiting for the rest of you for a very long time.” Leon gently pulled Merlin off of his cock in order to kiss him while Lancelot dropped kisses up and down Merlin’s back, biting down on the pale flesh every so often.

“So who do you want first Merlin?” Leon asked, carding his fingers through Merlin’s dark hair.

“Me of course.” Gwaine smirked and Lancelot made an offended noise.

“I disagree, I should be with him first.” Lancelot huffed as he reached down to gently stroke Merlin’s cock getting a keen as Merlin leaned back against Lancelot’s chest.

“Or we let Percy use that cock of his to open Merlin wide enough for both of you to take him together?” Leon asked looking over to Percival to see his take on his idea and got a smile and nod of agreement at the idea while Elyan moaned as his hips jerked up to fuck the hand Percy had curled around his cock.

“Yes please.” Merlin’s eyes fluttered close as his cock twitched in Lancelot’s grasp.

“Go on then.” Leon smiled teasingly as Merlin managed to move away from Lancelot to settle down on his hands and knees giving Elyan and Percy a seductive look as he licked his lips.

Elyan all but fell to his own knees, letting the wet head of his cock rest against Merlin’s lips in an invitation. Merlin sucked the large dark cock into his mouth happily, Elyan’s back arched as he groaned hands tangling in Merlin’s dark hair.

“Oh gods Merlin you’re mouth.” Elyan gasped as Merlin took more of his cock into his mouth, swiping his tongue along the underside of Elyan’s cock.

“Just relax Merlin.” Percival rubbed the small of Merlin’s back as he slipped two of his fingers into Merlin with Leon watched closely from his place draped over Percy’s strong back and shoulders.

“He can take you right away Percy, his magic helps with that trust me.” Leon said loud enough for all of them to hear and each groaned in their own way at the knowledge. Percy looked a bit unsure until Leon pulled him into a kiss and Merlin pressed back on Percy’s fingers with obvious need.

“I’ve got you Merlin.” Percy promised as he tugged his fingers out to lube up his own erection, he inched forward to rest his cock against Merlin’s hole. Merlin spread his legs wider, pushing his ass upwards as he started to bob his head as he licked and sucked at Elyan’s cock. He could feel the heat of all their eyes on him and it sent a shiver down his spine and he groaned as he felt Percy’s massive cock penetrate him.

Percival felt Merlin’s hole clench and unclench around his cock as it got easier and easier for him to slide in as Merlin’s magic helped ease the way. Soon he was fully sheathed inside of Merlin’s tight hot body, squeezing and molding around his cock in just the right way. He gripped Merlin’s hips tightly as he started to rock backwards and forward to go deeper into Merlin.

Merlin groaned as Percy’s cock hit against his prostate while Elyan’s cock brushed against the back of his throat, both men moving at the same hard and quick pace once Leon gave them confirmation that Merlin could take it (it had been a very long time before they all found each other again after all).

“Fuck that’s beautiful.” Gwaine swore as he tightened his fingers around the base of his cock to stop from coming just at the sight of Merlin being rocked back and forth between the other two Knights and the power behind their thrusting.

“Merlin.” Lancelot groaned low in the back of his throat as he had to stop himself from coming too soon as well when Elyan let out a loud moan as he came in Merlin’s mouth, his cum dripping down the dark haired man’s chin as he swallowed as much as he could.

When Elyan pulled out of Merlin’s mouth, falling backwards with an exhausted look on his face as he looked at Merlin with awe and love written on his face. Merlin crossed his arms and rested his forehead on his forearms the movement forcing himself back further on Percy’s cock. Both men groaning at the new angle and Percy’s hips started to stutter as he lost control and he doubled over Merlin’s back letting out a loud groan of Merlin’s name as he came hard, flooding Merlin with his cum.

Merlin whimpered at the feeling and the way he felt empty and dirty when Percival pulled out of him, cum gushing out of his wide open hold making him blush brightly.

“God that’s beautiful.” Gwaine breathed out as he scurried towards Merlin as Leon made sure Elyan and Percival were okay after all he knew the effects of Merlin first hand.

Merlin looked up and Gwaine’s lips took his lips as Lancelot ran his hands over his body in a soothing way. Gwaine tugged Merlin until he was straddling the other man’s waist, hands on his hips and Merlin was a groaning mess as he sunk down onto Gwaine’s cock. Merlin let out a long groan at the feeling of Gwaine inside of him, his arms shaking from where they were holding him up over Gwaine’s torso.

Their eyes were locked together and obvious love and need was being passed between them before Merlin was forced to break eye contact. He tossed his head back to rest against Lancelot’s shoulder as the other Knight inched his cock inside of him alongside of Gwaine’s, his eyes flashing gold underneath his closed eyelids as his magic worked to relax him further in order to let Lancelot in.

The trio let out noises of pleasure as Lancelot slowly rocked forward further into Merlin, his cock sliding against Gwaine’s with beautiful friction and Merlin was a trembling mess that was clenching and squeezing around them. Lancelot took to leave biting kisses down Merlin’s neck and stopped to kiss him every so often.

Gwaine toyed with his pretty pink nipples that stood out against his pale skin. He reached down to lightly stroke Merlin’s leaking cock, seeing how long he had gone without coming and Gwaine didn’t find that fair at all. Merlin let out a choked sob when both of the Knights thrusted into him, their cocks brushing over his sensitive prostate while Gwaine roughly jerked his cock.

With a bright flash of gold in his eyes Merlin came with a loud cry as his body arched and clenched down like a vice around the two Knights that were inside of him. His cum covered his chest and Gwaine’s hand as he slumped back against Lancelot’s chest who just wrapped his arms around him in a protective gesture. Gwaine made eye contact again as he slowly licked his hand clean of Merlin’s cum making the Warlock groan softly at the sight.

Lancelot slammed his hips forward once more and both him and Gwaine let out their own groans of pure pleasure as they came, the feeling of Merlin being too much for them now. Merlin let out a soft mewl as he felt their cum join Percy’s inside of him before Leon gently lifted up away from the two. Their cum slipped down his thighs before he groaned when Leon slipped inside of him but he was just resting inside of him, keeping him feeling full.

Merlin was just glad the two of them had found their Knights again as the others curled around the two finding some way to keep in contact with them, not wanting to be parted again.

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“Before we go in.” James grabbed Tony by his wrist and tugged him into a small narrow hall way that was not too far away from the room they were suppose to meet Steve and the others for a mission debrief.

“James?” Tony gasped when he was suddenly lifted up into the air before he was pushed back against the wall of the hall, his legs wrapping around James waist on reflex a soft groan falling from his lips when he felt the hardness of James cock pressing against his body.

“I almost lost you out there.” James said in a low breathy voice, fingers tightening on Tony’s ass from where he was supporting him.

“You didn’t and you won’t.” Tony promised before he tangled his fingers in the Soldier’s long hair and tugged him in for a fierce biting kiss that was returned.

“Fuck me James, but be quick about it or else we might give Cap an eyeful.” Tony nipped at James earlobe when their kiss broke and he could feel the grin that broke across James face without even looking.

Tony was too busy leaving marks on James neck to really care how he suddenly lost his pants and underwear while James merely just tugged himself out of his black combat pants. His cock was already pressing at Tony’s still loose and wet (from their shower that morning before the mission) hole.

James took Tony’s mouth with his as he slammed himself inside of his lover with one move, using his mouth to muffle his partner who let out a cry at the movement. Tony’s cock leaked more pre-cum at the rough treatment and he was already jerking his hips downwards silently begging for more already.

With one powerful thrust upwards James was sheathed completely inside of Tony, their lips still locked together to muffle any noises they were making at the sensations that were coursing through their veins at the movement.

James tightened his grip on Tony’s ass, holding the perfect shaped globes apart as he started up a rough yet steady rhythm of thrusting in and out of his lover. Tony clung to James via his hair as he was bounced up and down on his lover’s cock by the power of his thrusts and gravity doing its job. His cock was trapped between their stomachs, getting rubbed every which way with every movement bringing him closer to that edge.

“Fuck James, more.” Tony whispered his plead in James ear when they finally broke for air and James let out a wicked grin. He pressed Tony harder against the wall, pinning him there as he tugged his metal arm free before he pressed his metal forearm against Tony’s throat and got a helpless groan in return.

James knew Tony loved this so he fucked into him harder and faster with no remorse as he pressed down harder and harder until Tony was gasping and moaning quietly before his whole body arched and tightened up as he came untouched.

James removed his arm to gently caress the side of Tony’s neck with his metal fingers as he kissed Tony’s lax lips again as he too came, never being able to stand it when Tony clamped down on him like that.

James lowered them onto the ground before gently tugging out of his lover to press kisses along his legs and the area where his thighs met that perfect ass of his. James put himself away before putting Tony’s underwear and pants back into place,

James kissed his lover’s forehead gently and seeing Tony was back to his normal headspace he helped him to his feet. He smirked knowingly at the bruise that was appearing on Tony’s skin exactly where his arm had been placed.

“I demand a real bed after the meeting is over.” Tony glared at his lover as he rubbed his lower back, he was getting too old for wall sex but he would never turn it down after all he was only human.

“Of course Doll.” James promised before the two entered the room alongside of Clint who was wincing as he held his side, obviously hurt from the battle.

“Geeze you two look pretty banged up, right go get checked out after the meeting.” Steve noticed Clint’s side and the bruise across Tony’s collarbone/base of his throat.

“Got it Cap.” Tony said in a raspy voice that just made James silently preen and chuckle in his mind at Steve thinking that bruise came from the battle.

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“Sire.” Leon shut the door behind him as he entered Prince's Arthur's chambers.

“Ah Sir Leon, how goes Merlin's training?” Arthur didn't even look up from the paperwork he was reading over with a furrowed brow.

“He is taking to it well, he is a faster learner and taking to my training perfectly.” Leon moved, as he spoke noticing how Arthur didn't notice his movements.

“That's good, thank you Sir Leon.” Arthur said distracted until strong arms wrapped around his torso as hot breath tickled his ear.

“You seem to have forgotten that Merlin wasn't the only one to receive my training my Prince.” Leon purred in a low tone that had Arthur's eyes flutter for a moment.

“Sorry Sir.” Arthur said almost on reflex as the blond started to press kisses against his neck.

“I know you've been stressed my Prince, but you know my rules about forgetting how to greet me in private.” Leon spoke softly as he tugged Arthur up to his feet before taking a step backwards.

“Yes Sir.” Arthur flushed as his leather belt was pulled off of his waist letting his trousers fall to the floor, he was bent over his desk and he spread his legs wide feeling a blush cover his cheeks but he knew that he had to take his punishment.

Arthur folded his arms to rest his forehead against them just as the first smack of his folded leather belt fell against his exposed behind. He muffled his groan against his arms and spread his legs a bit wider as the next couple of hits came and the stinging of the smacks were making his cock harden just like Leon had trained him to react. Arthur bit his lower lip hard to keep quiet knowing that the walls of his rooms were rather thin and that was another lesson that Leon had given him.

More slaps hit against his ass and back of his thighs, they were blurring together and Arthur was breathing slowly as his eyes blinked ever so slowly as he started to drift away from the work and worry he had piled on his shoulders before.

Arthur realized that the spanks had stopped and a familiar leather glove was running over the marks that he was sure were on his ass and thighs now.

“You did so well for me my Prince, don't worry I've got you and always will remember?” Leon was speaking to him gently in that voice that Arthur loved hearing, one that only he and Merlin would ever hear.

“Yes Sir.” Arthur slurred and sighed when he felt Leon pick him up and settle him onto his bed so he was resting on his stomach to give his backside a break.

“My Prince, you've been very good for me today. You took your punishment so well.” Leon smiled as he knelt on the floor next to Arthur as he stroked his fingers through the blond's hair.

“Thank you Sir.” Arthur smiled at the praise from the Knight before he shifted his hips slightly as his cock throbbed reminding him that he was still hard as a rock.

“You know the rules my Prince, you have to wait until I finish training Merlin before you get to use this in the way you want.” Leon chuckled as he reached down to run his leather-clad fingers over the blond's leaking cock.

“Yes Sir, but please… It hurts.” Arthur admitted as he lifted his hips up so Leon could get better access to his cock.

“I know my Prince, do not worry Merlin will soon be ready for you but until then I shall help you like I always do.” Leon promised as he wrapped his strong hand around the Prince's cock and started to pump the hard organ quickly. Arthur buried his face into his pillow as he jerked his hips down against Leon's hand desperately needing to come.

Arthur let out a cry as Leon's other hand came down on his still stinging ass as he twisted his other hand on his cock, the leather rubbing against his skin in a maddening way. He came and bliss covered his senses as he slumped down onto the bed, totally exhausted all of a sudden and totally out of it.

He knew that Leon was smoothing a cream on his ass and thighs before he felt the weight of his sheets over him up to his shoulders. He sighed contently when he felt Leon's lips brush over his own and a soft praise whispered to him, he let himself float with his only grounding point the familiar hand that was stroking his hair.

He couldn't wait for Merlin to join them when his training was finished.

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Tyler clutched to Caleb’s shoulders as the older man teased his teeth over the younger man’s nipples getting breathy moans and hitches of breath whenever their erections brushed against each other. Their clothes were on a pile on the ground on either sides of the bed, tonight was a big night and Tyler had only wanted Caleb to be there.

Tyler was ascending tonight and he had seen how desperate and horny Pouge and Reid had gotten during their ascension so he had asked Caleb to spend the night with him and the older man agreed without a second thought.

“Caleb, it’s almost time.” Tyler breathed out as he wiggled underneath of the larger man, his cock lying heavy against his stomach and already a pool of pre-cum was forming against the indents of his abs (thank you swimming) thanks to the actions of Caleb and his sinful mouth.

“I know baby boy, don’t worry I’m right here and we have all night.” Caleb promised as he ran his fingers over Tyler’s cock making the younger man shudder and gasp softly at the feather light touches.

“Caleb!” Tyler gasped when Caleb ducked down and took Tyler’s cock in his mouth while his fingers prodded at Tyler’s hole teasingly before easing in, his eyes flashing black making Tyler’s hole loose and wet for him.

“I want to be in you when you ascend baby boy.” Caleb purred when he moved his mouth off of Tyler’s rock hard cock in order to slide his tongue inside of Tyler alongside his fingers. Tyler’s hips jerked up, hands grabbing onto the sheets on either side of his body.

“Caleb.” Tyler whimpered as Caleb’s eyes flashed again and he felt his body loosening up further even as the other man slipped his fingers and tongue out of him.

“Keep your eyes on me Ty.” Caleb ordered as he slowly pressed into the younger man’s body, the width of his cock spreading Tyler open further than he had been stretched.

Tyler let out a cry of pain and pleasure as they mixed together as Caleb sheathed himself completely inside of him; his eyes pitch black as he stared down at the panting form of Tyler beneath him.

“You feel so fucking good Tyler.” Caleb groaned out as he tried not to move too much, not wanting to hurt their youngest.

“Caleb.” Tyler whimpered before he let out cry as his eyes turned pitch black and thunder rumbled outside of the room.

“It’s coming Tyler, you’re going to ascend.” Caleb gripped Tyler’s hips keeping the younger man still and Tyler wrapped his legs around Caleb as he reached up desperately with fear on his face. Caleb laced their fingers together and pressed kisses to the skin as the room lit up with lightning.

Tyler let out a cry as his body arched up violently, clenching down tightly around Caleb’s cock making the other man cruse under his breath.

Tyler let out a scream as fire washed across the darkness of his eyes and his cock spurted ropes of cum over his stomach and his body shook under the pressure of ascending. Caleb bit down on his lip to stop himself from coming too soon after all he had plans for Tyler when he got his full powers.
The stormy skies faded away into the night as Tyler’s body settled back down onto the bed, eyes turning back to their normal color and his whole body screamed exhaustion even his usually tight muscles went lax barely holding onto Caleb’s cock that was inside of him.

“Ty? How you feeling baby boy?” Caleb asked he brushed some damp hair out of Tyler’s eyes.

“Good Cay, I feel so tired though.” Tyler’s eyes fluttered and Caleb jerked his hips forward making Tyler gasp at the reminder that the other man was still inside of him.

“Don’t even think about falling asleep just yet baby boy, I have plans for you.” Caleb pinched one of Tyler’s nipples getting a gasp from the younger man who squirmed away from the touch on his sensitive chest.

“Caleb.” Tyler whined before Caleb’s eyes turned black and he tugged himself out only for his powers to force Tyler’s legs to bend up and be pressed against his chest while his arms were yanked above his head.

“You look perfect Tyler.” Caleb purred as his cock leaked more pre-cum and he had an ache to slam back into Tyler’s perfectly exposed hole. Instead he settled down on his knees to get a good view as he let his power do what he desired.

Tyler gasped as he felt something long and wide enter him, stretching him out wider than even Caleb’s cock. Ghostly hands wrapped around his cock and started to toy with his length and balls while fingers started to pinch and tease his nipples. Tyler let out a helpless groan and wiggled his hips as Caleb watched with dark eyes that were on fire.

Caleb watched with amazement and arousal at the sight of Tyler’s hole being pounded open by an invisible force so he had the best seat in the house to see how wide the other man was being stretched open while he groaned and wiggled against the other invisible touches his power was giving him, his cock was already hard and leaking again under Caleb’s power.

Caleb’s eyes flared with fire and the power around Tyler’s cock turned into a solid pressure around the base of his cock making it impossible for him to come until it was removed and the force moving in and out of Tyler moved at a quicker and harder rate making Tyler give out a sobbing groan as his senses were assaulted repeatedly.

“I had such plans for us tonight baby boy, but however this is your punishment for coming so soon. So for the rest of the night you won’t be allowed to come until I decide you can.” Caleb promised kissing Tyler’s red bitten lips and got a nod of agreement as pleasure spread through his body even if frustration was mixed in there, he knew Caleb wouldn’t hurt him so he would take his punishment and try not to enjoy it too much.

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“Hey babe, how did the meeting go?” Peter looked up from his desk in their home office as Chris entered the room, tugging at his tie annoyed.

“Same old thing love, I wanted to leave the minute I got there.” Chris kissed Peter briefly before turning to the third person in the room.

“How is he doing?” Chris asked curiously as he rolled up the sleeves of his dress shirt.

“He’s being punished for almost getting himself killed the other night, isn’t that right Stiles?” Peter asked as he nudged the level up a bit on the remote that was lying by his hand on the desktop.

Stiles groaned around the ball gag that was between his lips, head tipped backwards as his arms strained under the pressure of the cuffs that were keeping him spread eagle. An egg vibrator was attached to his cock and was buzzing intensely making the younger man’s hard cock bob and drip with pre-cum rapidly.

“This is one of the better things I’ve seen all day.” Chris commented as he stepped around Stiles, tweaking the younger man’s nipples before he moved around to bring his hand down on Stiles ass getting a whimper from behind the gag.

‘Thank you Christopher, I have some work to finish up with but feel free to have some fun Chris, just remember this is his punishment.” Peter smiled as he turned the vibrator off getting a muffled puff of air from Stiles before his head was tugged back to rest against Chris’ shoulder.

“Already so wet and ready for anything, how long has he kept you like this sweetheart?” Chris purred but Stiles knew better than to believe the kind words as Chris could rival Peter in evilness when it came to the bedroom. Stiles just groaned the best he could when Chris wrapped his hand around his aching cock, his grip loose and gentle as he slowly stroked him. It was painfully gentle and Stiles couldn’t help but jerk his hips forward desperate for something with a bit more friction.

“Don’t do that sweetheart.” Chris scolded as he moved his hand away leaving Stiles to slump in his bonds as his cock leaked more pre-cum just from the soft touches.

“He disobeying you too babe? Try this out then.” Peter placed a cock cage down onto the desk without looking up from his paperwork.

Stiles groaned at the sight of that cage, it was one that basically ruined his orgasms. He would be able to come but he wouldn’t feel the full effects of his orgasm, his lovers were sadistic bastards at time. He closed his eyes as Chris locked it into place before smacking his cock playfully getting a whine from him.

Chris dragged his nails over Stiles skin as he walked behind him as he unbuckled his belt in order to pull himself out of his dress pants, already hard and dripping with pre-cum. Chris lined himself up with Stiles slick with lube hole and pushed himself in without a second thought. Both men groaned loudly at the action making Peter glance up in order to grin and palm himself through his own pants as Chris started to slide in and out of their young lover.

Peter stood up to get a closer look and to edge Stiles a bit more. He knelt down in front of Stiles weeping, caged erection with a smirk on his lips. He parted his lips just enough for the head of Stiles cock to slide into his mouth whenever Chris thrusted into him from behind. Stiles let out a muted cry at the dual sensations from his lovers.

Chris was accurately pounding against his prostate while Peter took to licking all over Stiles cock, toying with his balls and the head of his cock with his hands. Stiles was clinging to the leather cuffs and rope that was keeping him spread eagle, his body was a trembling mess and he felt tears starting to roll down his face as he felt cum slowly ooze out of his cock. The need to orgasm still strong and needy in his body but his cock was growing limp after he ejaculated.

“Good boy.” Peter said with a slight mocking tone in his voice as Chris pressed in deep, groaning loudly as he came within their younger lover making Stiles keen behind the ball gag.

“Now to start all over again, after all this is your punishment. We’re going to milk you dry and you won’t be satisfied at all.” Peter was stroking Stiles cock already making the teen whimper at the touches and the way Chris’ cum spilled out of him when he pulled out.

“You’re such a good boy for us Stiles.” Chris praised as he kissed down Stiles neck before moving his fingers around to scrap over the teen’s nipples knowing they were sensitive. Stiles just closed his eyes and settled in for a long night between his two lovers.

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“God Len you look fucking perfect like this.” Mick rumbled as he ran his large hands over his lover’s firm ass that was exposed to him from where the other man was bent over the edge of their bed in their safe house.

“You’re such a pervert.” Len huffed before gasping when his legs were yanked apart from their pressed closed position before.

“Who’s the one wearing a bra, panties, skirt and jewelry we just stole?” Mick asked as he cupped the obvious bulge in the red lace panties that were barely hidden by the black skirt his lover was wearing.

“You made me.” Len stifled a groan as Mick pressed his fingers against his hidden hole harder just knowing the larger man was grinning behind him.

“You like it, admit it. You like being dressed up like this then bent over any surface and fucked like a slut.” Mick spoke knowingly as he teasingly pulled the panties down just enough to expose Len’s hole to him.

“Don’t worry babe I’ll fill your little cunt with my cum soon enough. That’s what you want isn’t it babe?” Mick crooned as he coated his fingers with lube before dripping some down onto Len’s hole watching his lover shiver at the cool touch and the way the lube slide down to roll over Len’s balls.

“Mick.” Len groaned out, his cheeks a bright red at the words and what they were implying.

Mick grinned at the tone of the whine as he pushed two of his fingers into Len knowing the other man could take it. Len groaned against the bed as he relished in the familiar stretch of Mick’s fingers started up making his cock twitch and start to form a dark spot on the front of the panties.

“Such good little slut, taking my fingers no problem. I bet you want something bigger though don’t you?” Mick smirked as he spread his fingers wide as he could to get a keen from Len as his mind started to get slip away from him.

“Yes.” Len managed to get out as Mick brushed over his prostate teasingly.

“That’s my good boy.” Mick smiled as a shiver ran over Len’s body at the praise, Mick had picked up on Len’s massive praise kink ages ago and used it to his advantage all the time. Mick easily lifted Len’s legs up off the floor, lifting them up to rest on the bed while the new angle forced Len’s ass further up into the air and on display for Mick.

Mick flipped the skirt up completely before he groped Len’s ass for a few moments just enjoying the flesh he was squeezing between his fingers. Len couldn’t help but press back against those large hands wanting more than just hands on his ass. Mick removed his hands to tug his cock out of his pants and to slather it in lube not wanting to cause Len any unneeded discomfort.

Mick soaked in the sight of his cock inching inside of Len, he was able to see the red of the panties and the skirt standing out in comparison of the dark pants he had on. Len was letting out the most wanton noises Mick had ever heard as he was filled with Mick’s cock.

“Your cunt is so tight around me pretty boy, good to know you haven’t whored yourself out to anyone else while I’ve been away.” Mick was flush against Len’s ass now, rubbing the fabric of his jeans and zipper against Len’s bare ass knowing there would be a beautiful skin discoloration there tomorrow morning.

“Only you Mick I swear.” Len replied, his voice slightly slurred as he started to rock back against Mick’s cock with need.

“Good because you are mine.” Mick growled, possessiveness tinting his tone as he started to move his hips fast and hard against Len’s ass, driving his cock in and out of Len’s greedy hole.

“Always Mick.” Len groaned as Mick tugged his ass back to meet his thrusts, which made Mick’s cock go deeper into him, brushing over his prostate. Len let out keen as Mick ground the head of his cock against his prostate. Mick grinned as he stopped his movements as he tugged out much to Len’s displeasure.

Mick easily manhandled Len onto his back on the middle of the bed, noticing the large bulge in the thin panties and the way Len’s chest was flushed under the red lacy bralette that was stretched across his chest. His eyes were hazy but he had a happy look on his face that made Mick smile.

“Hold yourself open for me, I want a good view of your cunt when it drips with my cum.” Mick ordered tapping at Len’s legs, pleased when Len blushed brightly at his words but pulled his legs up to his chest and out to the sides to give Mick the best access possible.

Mick grinned at the sight before guiding his cock back into Len’s offered hole, not holding back this time as he slammed himself into Len who was turning into a groaning mess below him.

Mick felt his cock pulse inside of Len as a heat built up in his stomach. Mick leaned down and captured Len’s lips with his own as he kept his cock buried inside of Len, cock head pressing against the other man’s prostate. Mick let out a groan that was swallowed by Len’s mouth, legs trembling as he did his best to hold his legs up and apart.

Mick groaned as he flooded Len with his cum, Mick pulled back in order to hear the keens and gasps Len gave when he felt Mick’s cum fill him, his own release washing over him without even realizing it.

“You came untouched just from being filled with my cum, god you’re such a slut and you’re mine.” Mick growled as he slowly pulled his cock out of Len, watching as his cum dripped out of Len’s hole and more oozed out when he was out completely.

“Your cunt is even prettier now, you’ve been such a good boy for me tonight.” Mick praised, as he couldn’t help but stare at the sight of his cum slowly trickling out of Len’s hole.

“Thank you.” Len whispered, his voice rough and a blush was permanent as he felt Mick’s cum fall out of his fucked hole.

“I should keep you like this baby, it’s a good look on you.” Mick grinned as he thumbed Len’s nipples through the lace of the bralette getting a weak moan.

“Mick.” Len tossed his forearm over his eyes completely embarrassed making Mick grin as he leaned down to kiss his beautiful lover.

Chapter Text

Barry mumbled a bit in his sleep as the now empty syringe was eased out of his neck, the drugs working their way through his body. It wouldn’t hurt him it would just keep him fast asleep and that is all that Savitar needed for right now.

Savitar couldn’t help but gently stroke the unmarred skin of his younger self’s face, it was so smooth and this Barry never had to deal with what he dealt with.

“So beautiful.” Savitar whispered his voice rough with disuse as he gently ran his hands over Barry’s face and neck, totally in love with the smooth texture under his fingers.

Savitar swallowed as he reached down to palm his own cock through his jeans, he never though that he would be here like this but he was hard as a rock and that damn peaceful and smooth unscarred face was doing him in.

Savitar pulled him self out and stared at Barry as he used his speed to vibrate his hand and jerk himself off quickly, not wanting to risk staying there longer than necessary. Savitar let out a soft groan, biting down on his lower lip as his hips jerked forward into his fist.

Savitar groaned as he spilled his load over his hand, some dripping down onto the sheets that were tangled around Barry’s legs. Savitar stayed there for a moment as he panted for breath with his eyes trained on the still sleep Barry. Savitar put him self away, wiping his cum off on his jeans before he backed off. He shook his head, he had to keep his mind on track this had been a detour and couldn’t happen again.

Savitar stepped back into his suit and it clicked into place and he took one last look at the form of his sleeping younger self before he ran out of there, not leaving any trace behind expect maybe a few drops of cum.

Barry woke up the morning feeling surprisingly well rested, as he sat up he felt something wet on his sheets and blushed at the sight of cum there.

“I though I had outgrown the wet dream phase in life.” Barry huffed as he felt his cheeks heat up.

Chapter Text

“What the hell is going on?” Steve asked from the doorframe that led into his and his boyfriend’s bedroom. Said boyfriend was currently face down and ass up on their bed while Steve’s best friend was pounding into him.

“What does it look like Stevie?” Bucky smirked as he kept thrusting into Tony who was a groaning mess, but his eyes were open and staring at Steve.

“It looks like my boyfriend is cheating on me with my best friend.” Steve gritted out, hating the fact that the sight of Bucky’s large cock sliding in and out of Tony’s perfect bubble butt was making his jeans a lot tighter than they should be.

“Not so much cheating, nnggghhh.” Tony started but was cut off by Bucky slapping his ass as he slammed back in.

“Shush slut, the big boys are talking.” Bucky said with a grin that had Steve swallowing hard, he wouldn’t deny his crush on his best friend which Tony had been totally okay with and now that made sense.

“Now the reason I’m fucking your slutty little boyfriend here is because apparently you have been ignoring him. Slut’s like this one need a solid fucking at least once a day and you two haven’t had sex in what two or three months? No wonder when I stopped by Tony all but dropped to his knees for me.” Bucky grinned as he kept his hips moving, fucking into Tony who was clutching at the bed sheets below him.

“Why didn’t you say anything Tony?” Steve looked at his flushed boyfriend who was currently stuffed full on Bucky’s cock.

“Didn’t wanna bother you, your work is important.” Tony groaned out and Steve felt guilty as it clicked in his mind. Tony was a very sexual person and adored contact of any form but since SHIELD had given him lead on their new project he had barely been around.

“Just be grateful I could tell what he desperately wanted the moment I got here and had him bend over for me instead of some random guy.” Bucky commented seeing the wheels turning in Steve’s head and he did know his best friend so he knew what would happen next.

“I’m still annoyed, but thanks Buck… Now are you going to show me what sluts like this one needs?” Steve asked as he stepped fully into the room to settle down on a desk chair, positioning it towards the bed. He stretched his legs out as he eased his hard cock out of his pants with the intention to watch his best friend fuck his boyfriend.

“Hell yeah.” Bucky grinned as he reached down to grip Tony’s hair, yanking his head back making his back arch.

“Now be a good slut and take everything I give ya, but don’t take your eyes off of your boyfriend. Let him see the slut you are.” Bucky ordered making Tony whimper and mouth go slack with pleasure as Bucky hammered his cock against Tony’s prostate.

Steve watched the fucked out expression that was appearing on Tony’s face and he realized he had never seen that look on his boyfriend before; he had always tried to be gentle when they were making love. This wasn’t that, this was fucking plain and simple and Tony was in his element. Steve was stroking his cock faster and harder now as he imagined seeing Tony below him with that look on his face. He didn’t see the knowing smirk that Bucky was giving him from behind Tony as Steve was too focused on Tony.

“Don’t come yet Stevie.” Bucky told Steve as he reached around to stroke Tony’s aching cock ever so slowly getting a choked moan in return as Tony started to cant his hips trying to get friction on both sides of his body.

“Okay.” Steve swallowed as he nodded while he wrapped his fingers around the base of his cock to stop him self from coming too soon.

“You want to come slut, go on then show Steve what you look like when a real man is fucking you.” Bucky growled low into Tony’s ear as he twisted his fingers as he slammed his cock back into him.

Tony let out a loud cry, body arching as cum spurted from his cock painting his chest, Bucky’s hand and the bed sheets below him. He slumped back against Bucky, the other man keeping him upright with his arm diagonal across his chest as he kept pounding into Tony chasing his own release.

Steve groaned as he tightened his grip on his cock trying not to come when Tony did, he was close to loosing it when Bucky pushed Tony back down onto the bed and let out a cry of pleasure. Bucky stayed pressed against Tony, rolling his hips as Tony’s hole milked him of all his cum.

“Stevie, come over here now. Come see what a slut’s hole looks like after a raw fucking.” Bucky shook his long hair out of his face to give Steve a predatory grin that Steve had seen many times before but always aimed at someone else. With some awkward movements because of the hard organ between his legs Steve was kneeling on the bed next to Bucky.

“Go on slut, show your boyfriend your dirty, used cunt.” Bucky smacked Tony’s ass playfully. Tony groaned softly as he reached around and pulled his ass cheeks apart. Steve swallowed audibly at the sight of Tony’s gaping hole that was overflowing with Bucky’s cum and his cock dripped more pre-cum as he throbbed with need.

“What do you think?” Bucky whispered, his breath hot against Steve’s ear.

“Fuck.” Steve managed to get out, lost for words at the beautiful sight before him. “You should always look like this… Slut.”

Tony groaned at the words from his lover and his limp cock gave a twitch as his arousal spiked at Steve finally talking to him like that.

“Good, don’t worry Stevie I’ll teach you how to handle a slut like this. Now one hole has been filled but I think it’s time for you to fill his other one.” Bucky grinded his half hard cock against Steve’s jean clad ass making the blond groan low in his throat.

Tony turned around and looked up at Steve with dark eyes as he slowly opened his mouth wide in an invitation. Steve swore under his breath and Bucky’s laugh was low in his ear behind him. Steve shifted his hips to slide his cock between Tony’s lips and his boyfriend went to work, this had been something the two of them always had time for but Steve had never come in his mouth.

“That’s right, feed him your cock show him that his holes are only good for cock.” Bucky encouraged as he started to hump against Steve’s firm ass and the blond blushed not minding it.

“His mouth.” Steve groaned out as his hips jerked forward forcing more of his thick cock into Tony’s mouth whom eagerly swallowed and licked at the organ.

“Choke him with your cock, show him whose in charge here.” Bucky ordered as he reached around to stroke the parts of Steve’s cock that Tony couldn’t get into his mouth. Steve reached down and tangled his fingers in Tony’s hair to yank him forward. Tony gagged for a moment before he breathed through his nose as he let Steve fuck his mouth.

“I’m so close.” Steve groaned unable to keep holding back.

“Good, now keep his mouth stuffed on your cock, make him swallow all of your cum.” Bucky jerked his hips against Steve’s ass in a firm movement making Steve’s cock choke Tony once again.

Steve let out a cry as he came; his cum flowing down Tony’s throat whom, swallowed as quickly as he could. Steve tugged his now limp cock out of Tony’s mouth, relaxing back against Bucky not minding the obvious erection that was pressed against his ass. Tony looked up at Steve, cum staining his lips and he had a blissed out look on his face and Steve realized that Tony looked best when he looked like this.

“Relax Stevie, now I think you two need a roommate… What do you say? After all someone needs to keep this little slut satisfied and full.” Bucky asked as he stroked his fingers through Steve’s blond hair.

“When can you move in?” Steve asked keeping eye contact with Tony who gave a small genuine smile at Steve’s answer. Knowing that they both knew that the scene Steve walked in on before was going to become commonplace and he would in reality become a cuck.

“Good answer Steve, I want you to relax and watch. Now slut I’m hard again and we all know a slut’s work is never done.” Bucky grinned as he tugged Tony over towards him, the other man going willingly, clearly eager.

Steve leaned back on the pillows at the head of the bed, content to have a front row seat to their new roommate fucking his boyfriend and it dawned on him that he would be seeing this sight a lot more often and his cock twitched at the idea. Steve had a bunch of other friends who he was sure would love to get a piece of Tony’s ass, he was sure Tony would love that.

Chapter Text

“Ugh, what do you want?” Hartley grumbled as he walked carefully into his and his Alpha’s bedroom. He was starting to show that he was pregnant with his Alpha’s pups so his walking was a bit more awkward than normal.

“Don’t you remember what today is our pretty Omega?” Mick asked as he helped Hartley onto their large bed.

“No.” Hartley said flatly giving his lovers a bored look.

“It’s your weekly breeding day.” Len reminded as he started to leave biting marks down Hartley’s neck, smoothing his tongue over his claiming mark on the Omega’s neck.

“Idiot Alpha’s, I’m already bred remember?” Hartley flushed brightly as he touched his stomach.

“Yeah but we know how much you love it and the doc says we can still have sex with you so that is what we plan to do.” Mick tugged Hartley’s loose pants down his legs; the Omega blushed as his half hard cock sprung free when the fabric was gone.

“Always so eager for it.” Mick teased as he dragged a single finger down Hartley’s cock watching as his Omega cock filled completely. Len inhaled deeply when the scent of Hartley’s slick started to fill the room, the Omega blushed at the obvious display of arousal from his Alpha’s.

“Come on baby, show us that pretty hole.” Len crooned as he pushed Hartley’s legs up to his chest before Hartley spread them apart with a bright red blush on his cheeks.

“So wet and ready for our cocks.” Mick rumbled at the sight of Hartley’s Omega hole that was emitting slick and the muscles there were twitching.

“Alphas please.” Hartley’s breathed out knowing his role during these days off by heart by now.

“Please what pretty Omega.” Len teased as he pinched Hartley’s pink nipples between his fingernails making Hartley keen loudly his back arching up into the pinching sensations.

“Alphas please…Breed my dirty Omega hole.” Hartley felt like his cheeks were on fire, but his Alphas groaned in pleasure at the dirty plead falling from mouth and that made Hartley proud.

“How could we refuse such a request from such a pretty bred Omega.” Mick asked as he pushed two dry fingers into Hartley, the Omega’s slick easing the way for the intruding fingers. Hartley let out a groan, legs falling apart as he pushed down on Mick’s fingers.

Hartley didn’t realize how much he needed this until it was happening and his Alphas seemed to know this, Len wrapped his hand around Hartley’s cock, stroking him in time with the way Mick was thrusting his fingers in and out of the Omega’s greedy hole.

“That’s our Omega, always ready to be bred.” Len smirked as he noticed the obvious need Hartley was displaying.

“You want to take our knot’s babe? Be filled to the brim with our cum?” Mick asked as he tugged his fingers out before he lay down, rubbing Hartley’s slick over his erect cock.

“Yes please Alphas.” Hartley’s eyes fluttered as more slick escaped his body. Len grinned as he leaned down to kiss their mate as he lifted Hartley up just enough for Mick to scoot underneath him. Len lowered Hartley down right onto Mick’s erection, both men groaning loudly at the action.

“Mick’s sliding in so easy, your body knows what it wants.” Len grinned at the sight of Hartley easily taking Mick’s cock into his body.

“Still room Len.” Mick grinned as he gripped Hartley’s legs to pull them apart further giving Len a smirk from over Hartley’s shoulder as their Omega groaned at his words.

“Of course there is, our Omega is so needy.” Len pulled back to slather up his own cock with lube they had handy. Len pressed the head of his cock at Hartley’s filled hole, groaning loudly as he inched in next to Mick. Hartley let out a cry as his hole emitted more slick and expanded as his Omega body adjusted to fit both of his mate’s inside of him like he always did.

Hartley collapsed back against Mick’s chest as Len started to move, pounding into their Omega while Mick just kept his cock still but unable to stop the groans that came from the friction of Len’s cock rubbing against his own and the way that Hartley’s hole was flexing around him.

Len set the rather rough pace, being on top of his mate’s gave him that control even if Mick did thrust up a bit every so often as they turned their Omega into a mess between them. His thighs were coated in his slick and his Omega cock was steadily dripping pre-cum.

“Fuck.” Len growled, feeling his knot starting to swell but he didn’t want to hurt their mate. Mick tapped Len’s thigh and the Alpha pulled out watching as Mick slipped his own cock out of Hartley’s stretched wide hole and Len took that as an invitation to slam back in just as his knot started to form.

Hartley let out a high pitched keen as Len’s knot spread him wider than their cocks did moments before. Hartley scrambled a bit before Mick laced their fingers together while the Omega’s legs wrapped around Len forcing his knot deeper so it pressed against his prostate.

Hartley let out a loud cry as he came at the same time he felt Len’s cum start to flood into him, his knot forcing his cum to stay inside of their Omega. Mick nuzzled Hartley’s neck before sinking his teeth into the mating bite that he had left before and Hartley let out a pleased noise while Len rubbed his hands over the bump that his stomach was now with a soft look on his face.

“God you’re fucking beautiful like this Hart.” Len breathed out making Hartley blush at the praise.

“What, locked on your knot?” He asked with a soft huff.

“Well that, but pregnant with our pups makes you look more radiant than usual.” Mick said, as his mind was on the same track as Len’s, they were in sync when it came to Hartley.

“Idiots.” Hartley blushed as he buried his face into Len’s neck as another flood of cum rushed into him while Mick rubbed circles against his sides in a soothing manner. Hartley lay there limp, content to be knotted to his Alpha while his other Alpha held him closely.

Chapter Text

Slade let out a groan as warm wax dripped down onto his erect cock, his limbs straining against the leather cuffs that were keeping him spread eagle on the bed.

“Red is a good color on you Slade.” Oliver smiled as he tipped the candle up to stop the drips of wax.

“You’re enjoying this too much.” Slade peered up at Oliver who was seated between his spread legs, the pillow below his hips propping him up to an easier level for both of them.

“A beautiful man bound to my bed, totally at my mercy what about this should I not be enjoying?” Oliver asked as he ran his fingers down Slade’s thighs that were coated with the red wax.

“Never would have thought that you had this in you kid.” Slade grinned as his hips arched up when another warm drop of wax hit his cock.

“There are a lot of things you don’t know about me babe.” Oliver leaned down to kiss Slade while scraping his nails over the wax that had hardened over his nipples getting a groan of pleasure from the older man.

“Are you going to keep teasing me kid or are you gonna fuck me?” Slade asked in a low voice as he lifted his hips up to bump against Oliver’s own erection.

“Impatient.” Oliver laughed but he moved back to blow the candle out before placing it in a bowl of cool water. He traded the candle for a condom that he rolled onto his erection. Slade lifted his hips up with a wiggle of his eyebrows making Oliver laugh before he guided his cock to Slade’s hole, no prep work needed as they had just been together like this a few days ago.

Slade arched his back, gripping onto the leather cuffs that were around his wrists as Oliver’s cock pushed past his ring of muscles as his lover slid into him with little resistant.

“God Slade.” Oliver groaned out as Slade’s body gripped him tightly, swallowing his cock greedily.

“Just like that.” Slade moaned out as he was filled with Oliver’s fair sized cock, he lifted his hips urging Oliver to move.

Oliver started to snap his hips forward, driving deeper and deeper into Slade while raking his nails over the wax that was on his lover’s thighs and every so often he would use his nails to lightly drag over the wax on Slade’s cock always getting the best reactions when he did that.

“Fuck, harder kid I know you can fuck me harder.” Slade growled as he pushed his hips to meet Oliver’s, urging his lover to fuck him harder. Oliver let out an almost snarl as he tugged Slade’s ass cheeks apart and changed his angle so he could pound into him, going harder and quicker than before.

Slade leaned up to give Oliver a messy kiss as their bodies moved in tandem as they both reached their climax, Oliver still fucking into him with enough strength for both of them as Slade was still restrained to the bed.

Slade let out a loud cry that drowned Oliver’s own as he managed to come even with the wax that was on his cock while Oliver filled the condom he was wearing and Slade felt slightly annoyed that he couldn’t feel Oliver’s cum dripping out of him but his annoyance disappeared as Oliver looked down at him with amazement and love plain on his face.

Slade could only kiss him again and look forward to Oliver removing the wax that he had dropped on his body, maybe that would lead to round two if Slade was lucky.

Chapter Text

“Just look at you, the mighty warrior Prince of Asgard.” Sam mocked as he used his foot to tap against Thor’s caged up cock with a smirk on his face when the large blond let out a soft whimper at the touch.

“On his knees and unable to even move unless I order him too. Oh if the others could see you now oh might Thor.” Sam smirked as he pressed his foot down on Thor’s cock uncaring of the pressure he was applying.

“Sir.” Thor groaned out before he winced when the flogger Sam was holding came down on his thigh in warning.

“You are not to speak unless I give you permission remember? When you are here with me like this you are nothing but a toy I use for my pleasure.” Sam reminded Thor leaning down to grip the blond’s hair yanking his head backwards. Thor nodded the best he could before Sam realized his hold on the long hair letting Thor’s head drop back down as Sam leaned back on his chair.

Sam tugged his cock out and turned his attention back to the movie that was playing, groaning softly when Thor’s warm mouth wrapped around his cock without even needing a verbal order. Sam smirked as he pushed more of his cock into Thor’s mouth knowing that he was almost choking Thor before he rested there.

They stayed like that for the rest of the movie and when the credits started to roll Sam tugged his cock out of Thor’s mouth. Thor looked up at him with hazy eyes and Sam patted his cheek knowing that Thor was lost in his subspace.

“I set up a dildo in the other room, go ride that and when I come in I expect you to be wet, open and ready for me.” Sam ordered, pressing his foot down on Thor’s caged cock again to get him in motion.

“Yes Sir.” Thor agreed before he crawled slowly towards their bedroom, giving Sam a great view of his tanned ass and his caged cock hanging between his legs.

Sam cleaned up the living room and kitchen, making sure to give Thor time to work his tight hole open for him, Sam liked being able to just slide in without doing any prep work. He gave Thor a couple more minutes before he entered their bedroom and grinned at the sight of Thor riding the thick, textured dildo like a pro his face slack with pleasure and his large cock filling the cage completely.

“Hands on the headboard, show me that ass.” Sam ordered as he stripped himself of his own clothes while Thor groaned softly as he pulled himself off the toy in order to turn around and grip the headboard, spreading his knees apart.

“Nice and sloppy, just how I like it.” Sam hummed as he lubed up his erection as he looked at how loose and wet Thor’s hole was already. Sam grasped Thor’s hips before he slammed his cock into the blond without a second of hesitation. Thor let out a cry as his back bowed while Sam set a rough pace.

“This is the only throne you’re going to be sitting on anytime soon Prince.” Sam grunted as he reached around to painfully pinch Thor’s nipples, knowing it was a turn on for the large blond. Thor keened at the sensations as Sam found his prostate and hammered his hard cock against it, the Norse Demigod’s cock throbbed with need between his legs but he knew when he was with Sam like this he was nothing but a toy for Sam’s pleasure. So Thor ignored his need as he clenched down around Sam’s cock, pushing back against him.

“That’s right, fuck yourself on my cock you whore.” Sam groaned as he stilled his actions just to watch the way Thor’s ass swallowed his cock and the way his ass cheeks bounced and rippled with every move. Thor pressed his head against the headboard as his muscles strained and burned as he fuck himself back onto Sam’s cock, listening to Sam’s groans.

Sam brought his hand down on Thor’s ass getting a gasp from the other man; it brought a smile to Sam’s face so he repeated the action until Thor’s ass was red. Thor was a groaning mess now as he did his best to keep pushing back on Sam’s cock, feeling the way it was pulsing and throbbing inside of him.

“After I come in you, I’m going to plug your sloppy hole up so I can slide into whenever I feel like it.” Sam promised as he grabbed onto Thor’s hips to still them as he buried his cock completely inside of him as his orgasm washed over him making Sam give a cry as he spilled his seed into the Asgard Prince.

Thor let out a broken sob as he felt Sam’s cum fill him, Sam rolled his hips shallowly making sure all his cum was emptied into the blond god. Sam grabbed a large, wide plug off of the table next to the bed and just as he pulled out he pushed the plug into Thor making sure not to let any of his cum spill out.

“There we go, all plugged up and ready for next time.” Sam patted the plug getting a small gasp from Thor as he adjusted to the plug inside of him.

Sam tugged Thor off the headboard so he was kneeling on the bed; Sam took his face in his hands, as he looked Thor over carefully.

“You okay Thor?” Sam asked in a soft voice.

“Yes Sir… Green, very green.” Thor slurred out.

“Good boy.” Sam smiled in relief before tugging Thor into a light yet possessive kiss that Thor melted into.

Chapter Text

“I told you I could handle it alone this month.” King Leonard Snart snapped his teeth at his lead Knight and best friend Mick Rory who was just grinning with a knowing look on his face.

“I know what you said, but I found the perfect partner for you. Just meet him before you have me send him away, please Len?” Mick held his hands up in surrender.

“…Fine I’ll meet him, but if he runs away once he finds out why you brought him here I’ll kick your ass.” Len’s eyes flashed a bright red showing his position.

“You’ll love him boss, just your type too. Welcome Barry Allen.” Mick winked as he exited the throne room before moments later a man younger than Len walked in. He was tall, lanky but lean like he had a runner’s body; his brown hair was windswept over his forehead. He was biting his very plump, kissable lips as his green eyes flashing with red lightning every so often.

“Do you know why you are here?” Len leaned back, trying not to purr at the sight of the very attractive man that was standing before him.

“I have a pretty idea Milord.” Barry spoke and Len felt his ear’s twitch, his voice was like a siren’s call to him.

“Do tell.” Len waved his hand in a ‘go on’ gesture.

“Well I know you’re the King of the Werewolves and the of Kingdom of Central. I know that once a month non-mated werewolves have to uh… Unload less something horrible befalls them and I know I’m here to offer myself up to help you with your monthly issue.” Barry licked his lips as he stared Len down intently.

“You are willingly offering yourself up to be basically my cum hole for the next little while, now why on earth would you do that?” Len leaned forward, his interest piped.

“It’s a mutually beneficial, see I’m a Speedster Demon. Each Speedster runs off of something alongside the Speed Force and mine is well…” Barry suddenly blushed looking away shyly and Len felt a surge of arousal rush through his body.

“Well then Barry, I do believe this will work out well for the both of us.” Len stood from his throne making a mental note to give Mick a week off after this. He held his hand out to Barry, he blinked and Barry was next to him their hands clasped together.

Len led Barry to his bedchambers, which Barry looked around impressed at the decorations.

“So do you have anything to tie me up with or?” Barry broke their silence as he sat down on the edge of the bed.

“You want to be tied up?” Len felt another spike of arousal go through him.

“Well I am a Speedster, we tend to… Move around a lot and I don’t want to ruin what we both want by moving.” Barry gave him an innocent look.

“Strip and lay on the bed the way you want to be tied.” Len ordered as he went to pull out the rope he kept for this very reason, some of his past lovers liked to experiment with bondage so he was very good at knots.

Barry was completely naked, his muscles flexing as he held his own legs bent up to his chest showing his clenching hole that had Len’s own cock taking notice. At Barry’s nod, Len worked quickly but correctly tying Barry’s bent legs together and then secured them with another rope around his waist. His wrists were crossed and tied together above his head finishing the look that had Len’s cock pressing hard against the fabric of his pants.

“Are you ready?” Len asked, his voice taking on more of a growl as he shed his own clothes so his large cock was standing proudly up against his stomach. Barry actually licked his lips at the sight of the werewolf’s cock and the way pre-cum was beading at the slit.

“Yes Milord.” Barry fluttered his eyelashes and Len pounced. He mashed their mouths together as he slammed his cock into the Speedster’s hole. Both groaning at the action and Len didn’t waste time; he started to pound into the demon body already feeling his knot starting to form. He had been putting this off for such a long time his body was desperate.

Barry let out a keen as the werewolf’s large knot pressed into him and the first stream of cum entered him, his body vibrating and eyes flashing with red lightning as his body soaked up the werewolf’s semen. Len let out a croon at seeing a bulge in Barry’s stomach showing where his knot was inside of the Speedster below him; he rolled his hips as he emptied more cum into him.

“Please Milord, fill me with your cum.” Barry begged, body arching up as he felt Len’s deflating knot pop out of him and he knew that he needed more, so much more.

“Such a needy little cum slut aren’t you?” Len growled as he started to thrust back into Barry, his cock still hard as a rock even after coming. His cock pushed the first loads of cum deeper into the Speedster before his knot started to swell up again, the perks of being an Alpha, shorter knot time but it happens repeatedly hence why it was so hard to find a partner for this time of the month.

Barry let out a happy noise as more cum flooded into him, his eyes fluttering closed as Len repeated the action of knotting him, fucking him and flooding him with cum over and over. Barry’s head was fuzzy and he wasn’t sure how many times it had happened but his connection to the speed force was only growing stronger and stronger as he felt rivers of cum travel down his thighs every time that Len pulled his cock out of him.

“You’re so fucking big Barry, you look like you’ve knocked up.” Len said in awe as he ran his hands over Barry’s now swollen stomach making the Speedster open his eyes and peer down at his stomach. It was indeed bulging not just from the werewolf’s knot, but from all the loads of cum that he had just taken.

“You’ve bred me Milord.” Barry said with a dazed smile as Len gently touched his stomach with an odd look on his face.

“It’s a good look on you my pretty cum slut.” Len praised as he pushed his knot deeper into Barry as more cum was emptied into the Speedster.

“I think I’m going to keep you, stay with me and I’ll fill you like this whenever you want.” Len purred as he stroke his hands over Barry’s bound body and the Speedster hummed happily.

“I might take you up on that, this is the best fucking I’ve ever had.” Barry smiled as his eyes fluttered shut again as images of Len filling him over and over with his large cock and delicious cum flashed in his mind, that was something he could get onboard with.

Chapter Text

Len let out a helpless groan as Mark dug his suddenly ice cold fingers into the flesh of his ass. Mark’s eyes were flaring as he tried to control his powers as Len rode him fast and hard. Since Mardon had joined the Rouges and the two had stumbled into bed together Mark had tried to keep his powers under wraps when in bed with their non-Meta leader, but sometimes it just slipped out like it was right now.

“Shit, sorry.” Mark yanked his hands away, frost falling from his skin.

“Fuck, do that again.” Len arched his back, circling his hips as he grabbed Mark’s frosting hands to guide back to his ass. Mark gave him an unsure look but grabbed onto Len’s ass again and was surprised by the loud cry of pleasure Len gave as his cock leaked more pre-cum.

“You like this don’t you Leonard?” Mark drawled as he let the cold seep into the man on top of him, without giving him frostbite or any other pain.

“So fucking much, oh God.” Len groaned out, eyelashes brushing against his cheeks as he rocked back and forth on Mark’s cock. Mark grinned and leaned up to close his now freezing lips around Len’s right nipple as he brushed his fingers over Len’s hole while dropping the temperature of his cock.

Len let out a choked cry at the cool sensations that were starting to cover all the most sensitive places on his body, he gripped at Mark’s hair as he pushed down desperately at them, needing more.

Mark grinned as he moved one hand around to wrap around Len’s cock, stroking him while letting the frost steam out from his skin. Meanwhile Mark thrusted up harder into Len so the other man was bouncing up and down with no control, not like he could take control with that blissed out look he was sporting.

“Just a bit more and…” Mark groaned out as he slipped an ice-cold finger inside of Len alongside his own cock and watched amazed as Len let out a loud cry as his body bowed and his orgasm slammed into him.

Mark watched amazed, arms going around Len to keep him upright as his own orgasm hit as Len had tightened up around his cock and that was enough to finally bring him over that edge.

The two stayed together like that for some time while Mark trailed his fingers over Len’s body, leaving goosebumps in their wake that had Len sighing softly into his neck from where he was resting.

“You really like the cold huh, Captain Cold?” Mark asked in a light, teasing voice.

“You like using your powers like this don’t you… Weather Wizard?” Len snarked back, making Mark blush and pinch Len’s thigh in revenge.

“We’re doing that again though.” Len said as he closed his eyes while Mark adjusted them to be more comfortable on their bed.

“Absolutely doing that again.” Mark agreed, pleased that his loss of control had turned out to a good thing.

Chapter Text

Steve groaned as his thin hips were slammed backwards, Bucky’s thick cock pressing into him completely. Steve twisted his wrists that were bound behind his back uselessly as Bucky took him from behind, not caring about his sudden pre-serum state. In fact this seemed to urge the longhaired man to be rougher with him. Steve’s chin was pushed upwards by the tip of a shoe, his eyes met with Tony who was sitting in a chair right in front of him just as naked as the other two were.

“How is it possible that you are still this attractive even without that super solider serum running through your veins.” Tony asked as his eyes raked over Steve’s thin, pale form.

“He’s always been good looking, the serum just enhanced it.” Bucky explained as he ground his hips against Steve’s ass, his cock throbbing from it’s place inside of Steve’s tight, hot ass.

“You look like you want to come solider, go on then. Fill Steve’s tight, little hot with your cum.” Tony ordered in a low voice that had Steve shivering before he dropped his head down onto the ground between Tony’s feet as Bucky groaned loudly and Steve felt his insides get warmer as Bucky came inside of him like he was told to.

“Good job solider, now come claim your reward.” Tony grinned at the sight of Bucky’s cum spilling over Steve’s own bound cock that was pressing hard against the metal ring that was tight around the base of his cock. Bucky grinned sharply before he gently slapped Steve’s cock making the blond groan with need before he was pulling up so he was sitting on his knees and was eye level with Tony’s erection.

Steve bit back a whimper when Bucky straddled Tony’s lap backwards and easily took Tony’s cock inside of himself like it was a well-practiced motion.

“Just like that Steve, keep your eyes on us.” Tony smirked as he gripped Bucky’s hips while the solider leaned back to rest against Tony, one arm worming behind Tony’s neck and shoulder to hold on as he started to eagerly bounce up and down on Tony’s lap, taking the other man deeper into himself.

Steve felt his cock twitch and leak at the sight of Tony’s cock sliding in and out of Bucky, the noises falling from their mouths sinful at the least.

“Beautiful isn’t he?” Tony asked looking down at Steve with a smirk on his face before he moved to bite and kiss at Bucky’s neck while his hands came up and around to roll Bucky’s nipples between his fingers. Bucky let out a keen of pleasure as Tony reached down to fondle his half hard cock, teasing the head with his thumb in a way that had Bucky squirming on his lap.

Steve heard himself gasping in unison with the other two as Tony drove his cock into Bucky before staying there as cum started to drip out around him.

“Come here Steve, clean him up for me?” Tony asked in that low, silky tone of voice that had Steve shuffling forward the best he could his mouth already watering.

Tony lifted Bucky up just enough for his cock to slip out of Bucky before Steve dove in with his lips and tongue, eager for a taste. Tony’s fingers dug into Bucky’s thighs to keep him spread wide as Steve cleaned him out, reducing the long-haired man to a gasping, groaning mess.

When Steve was done he leaned back, his lips and chin were slick with Tony’s cum but he had a pleased, blissed out look on his face and Tony knew Steve was completely theirs for the rest of the night. Hell he had been theirs the moment they took his serum given strength away from him and collared him as theirs.

“Ready for another round solider?” Tony patted Bucky’s flank while biting at his neck teasingly.

“You know it, I want his mouth this time.” Bucky slid off of Tony’s lap to placed his cock on Steve’s wet lips, the blond’s mouth opened in an instant looking up at Bucky with wanton need on his face.

“Fine by me.” Tony grinned as he moved around to kneel behind Steve, tracing Steve’s open and full of Bucky’s cum hole loving the way the blond shivered at the touch.

“I do love sloppy seconds.” Tony grinned as he took hold of the chain between the leather cuffs that were keeping Steve’s arms behind his back before he thrusted his cock into Steve. A lewd wet sound was made as Tony started to fuck Bucky’s cum deeper into Steve.

Bucky had his fingers tangled in Steve’s blond hair pulling his head forward, making him choke on his cock just the way Bucky liked. Steve was being fucked on both sides and he was enjoying every second of it as he drifted with only the rough thrusts of both Tony and Bucky keeping him grounded.

Steve suddenly choked as Bucky forced him to deep-throat his cock as it pulsed and he had to swallow rapidly as cum flowed down his throat. Steve vaguely heard Tony let out a loud groan as he came, his cum adding to the load already in his ass.

Steve’s limbs were feeling weak so when they both pulled back he couldn’t help the way he slumped forward. His forehead resting on the ground, feeling cum dripping out of his ass and some spilling from his now open mouth as he panted for breath.

“Give me 10 minutes and I’ll be able to go again, until then he’s all yours solider.” Tony’s voice pierced the haze of Steve’s head, he heard kissing noises before he felt familiar hands grip his hips as Bucky’s cock slipped into his sloppy hole and he set a steady pace, making Steve choke back a sob as his over sensitive and weak body was given pleasure over and over yet no release in sight.

He knew how Bucky and Tony played this game when he was like this between them, if he was lucky then he would come so hard he would pass out but that wasn’t for a while still so he just enjoyed the pounding Bucky was giving him with a content smile on his face.

Chapter Text

“Are you sure he’s okay with this?” A disguised voice rang in Barry’s ears, making him shift from where he was strung up in the middle of the room.

“Trust us, he want’s this so don’t hold back just keep with the rules we told you.” Len’s voice made Barry relax knowing at least one of his lover’s/Dom’s was present.

“He looks so fucking good.” Another disguised voice spoke up and Barry shivered when a hand ran down his bare chest, thumb brushing over one of his nipples.

“I want to try this out on him first, open wide slut.” A hand grabbed his chin, forcing his mouth open. Barry kept his mouth open as a ring gag was fitted between his lips.

“Yeah that’s a good look for him.” The others in the room agreed.

“The spreader bars are a nice touch.” The owner of the voice was touching the spreader bars that were keeping his legs apart, they were latched around his ankles and a second one were connecting his wrists holding his arms above his head. Mick and Len had settled him down on a pillow so he was kneeling in a comfortable position and the perfect level for anything that may happen that night.

“We thought so too, he looks so good tied up like this.” Mick sounded very proud of him self as he had been the one to do most of the work.

“The voice disguiser is a genius touch.” Len returned the compliment and Barry shivered when he felt lube being slathered around his hole, his cock twitching at the first touch.

“Let’s stop with all the talk, I want to see how much this hole can take.” The owner of the voice was from behind Barry, who gasped past the gag when the head of a dildo easily slid into his ass.

“Be my guess then.” Len sounded amused as the dildo was rapidly pumped in and out of Barry’s ass, stretching him wider and wider with each move of the toy. Barry let his head drop back, as he felt the head of another toy prod at his hole as the hard, wet head of a cock entered his mouth through the ring gag. Barry twisted his tongue around the cock; eager for a taste while the second toy was pushed inside of him next to the first one.

Barry groaned around the cock that was filling his mouth as the two toys were being moved in and out of him. Hands tangled in his hair, using the grip to tug his head forward as their hips snapped forward pushing his cock towards the back of Barry’s throat. More sets of hands descended on his body, some fingers rolling and pinching his nipples while other ones gripped and smack his ass, sometimes holding his ass cheeks further apart. Another set of hands were toying with his cock, teasing him into getting harder and harder in the cage that was locked around him.

“Fuck, you’ve got quite the cock sucker here boys.” A voice groaned from above his head as Barry deep-throated the cock in his mouth, Barry gasped when the cock was pulled back out of his mouth completely.

“We know he was born to take cock.” Mick said sounding too far away for him to be touching Barry, but that just made Barry’s cock twitch at the total realization that he had no idea who was playing with him.

“Get those toys out, I want to fuck this ass.” A smack was laid down on his ass making Barry whine before a new, different sized cock was pushed into the ring gag making him turn his attention to lavishing the new cock with his tongue. Barry bit back a whimper when both of the toys were tugged out of him, leaving him empty and needy.

“Fuck you’re huge, you’ll wreck his hole.” A voice said sounding aroused as Barry felt.

“Hope you boys like sloppy seconds.” There was a grin in his voice before Barry let out a muffled groan as a thick cock was pushed into him, a strong grip on his hips to hold him in place.

“Fuck that’s beautiful.” Another voice breathed as the unknown man started to thrust into Barry with only a few moments of adjustment for Barry.

“Look at that, his hole is so fucking greedy for cock.” A wet cock was dragged across Barry’s cheek, just under the blindfold.

“He can take two in each hole.” Len spoke up making Barry shift on the cushion.

“Oh can he now?” A voice purred as the owner fondled Barry’s caged cock and balls with one hand while his mouth attached to Barry’s abused nipples.

“We’ve taken a good long time to train him to be the perfect little cock slut.” Mick said sounding offended they thought they wouldn’t and Barry whimpered around the cock in his mouth as his ass was ruthlessly pounded during the casual conversation around him.

“Well tonight we’ll train him to be the perfect cum dump.” The man fucking into his ass grunted out when Barry clenched down on him at the mere images that his mind conjured up at the words.

“Fuck, I think he liked that boys. So what do you say Mick, Len? Can we make him or cum dump?” The man groaned out.

“Go for it.” Len gave the go-ahead while Mick hummed his own approval. Barry groaned, as the cock was withdrawn from his mouth before the ring gag was removed. A hand gripped his hair and forced his head back, Barry opened his mouth while letting his tongue hang out. It didn’t take long before two cock heads were pushed into his mouth, making the edges of his lips burn lightly at the stretch, but he sucked and licked at the cocks with gusto.

Barry shivered hearing a low, long drawn out groan from the man behind him, Barry could feel the man’s cock pulse and throb inside of him in a familiar way. Barry let out a groan when he felt warmth suddenly fill him as the man behind him came inside of him, he gasped when he felt one of the two cocks in his mouth flood him with cum not even moments later. He swallowed the best he could, but he felt some spill out of his mouth and slide down his chin and neck.

“Fuck.” The now limp cock was tugged out and he focused his attention on the hard cock that was still in his mouth. Barry’s eyes fluttered underneath the blindfold as he felt the man behind him pull out and he blushed as he felt thick rivers of cum falling out of his ass.

“Goddamn, look at that.” Another voice breathed as they stared at the state Barry’s ass was in while the owner of the cock in Barry’s mouth started to thrust in and out of Barry’s hot, wet mouth. Barry was swallowing and humming around the large cock, as he felt a new cock push into him a lewd wet sound echoing around the room as the load of cum in his ass eased the way for the next man.

Barry gasped around the cock sitting heavily on his tongue when he felt another cock edging into him alongside the one that was already inside of him. Barry’s mind went blank as he was stretched and filled more and more, his body went slack in their bonds and he willingly allowed the others in the room to use him the way they wished.

He felt every drag of their cocks inside of him, every drop of cum that was spilled and the hands that roamed his body and caressed him. Their words nothing more than murmurs as his head was hazy as he was rocked back and forth from his place on his cushion in the middle of the room. Barry wasn’t sure how much time had passed but suddenly the cock cage was removed and a hand gripped him lightly and Barry let out a loud cry as his body arched and he clenched down on the cocks inside of him as he came so hard white sparks exploded behind his closed eyelids and everything faded out.

Barry wasn’t sure how long he had been out of it, but when he came to he was curled up on a familiar bed with a sheet tucked around his body. The blindfold was long gone, but Barry blushed feeling dried cum all over his body but he focused on the hand stroking his hair.

“Happy birthday Barry.” Len whispered in his ear and Barry felt his lips tug up in a smile.

“We are doing this again, right?” Mick asked excited and Barry slowly nodded his head signaling his agreement making Len laugh softly.

“Oh we are, I’m already planning the next one.” Len sounded smug and Barry settled down having full trust in his lovers.

Chapter Text

Steve sighed as he walked back to his office, discreetly adjusting the cage that Bucky had insisted he wore to work today with that knowing smile on his face from where he had Tony doubled over on the couch, taking his cock while Steve eat his breakfast on the seat next to them.

He opened the door expecting to find Thor waiting for him to get the file he just photocopied for him, Thor was waiting inside but he wasn’t alone.

Thor had Tony bent over the front of Steve’s desk, Tony’s pants around his ankles while Thor pounded his thick long cock in and out of Tony’s perky ass. Tony was groaning against Steve’s desk, fingers scrambling at the papers that was scattered there. Steve swallowed as his cock started to press against the cage, but he merely just closed the door behind him before he sat down on his chair so he was sitting directly across from the two.

“Glad you finally brought your slut to work Steve.” Thor grinned as he pulled Tony back on his cock as he moved forward.

“I think this was a surprise for me too.” Steve responded thinking back to the grin Bucky had been sporting that morning.

“So do you like this then Steve? Watching your boyfriend whore himself out to any guy that walks by?” Thor reached down to wrap his arm across Tony’s chest, yanking him upright to give Steve a better view at the sight of Tony being fucked.

“Or is it a turn on? I see the way you’re watching us right now, Bucky was right then.” Thor rolled his hips making Tony keen and Thor groan as Tony clenched down on him.

“Bucky set this up?” Steve adjusted himself in his pants as Tony started to suck at Thor’s fingers when they were pushed into his mouth.

“He may have sent a bunch of us a text giving us permission to finally take this ass.” Thor smirked as he reached down to grip Tony’s erection, letting Tony thrust forward with need as he chased his own orgasm.

“Did he?” Steve tried not to sound interested, as he may have been the one to suggest the idea to Bucky the other night.

Thor let out a groan as he pushed into Tony deeper as he orgasmed, spilling his seed deep into Tony. Tony gasped, eyes rolling up as he felt the warmth filling his gut and cum erupted from his own cock, splattering over Thor’s hand and Steve’s desk.

“I’ll look forward to more of your boyfriend’s office visits.” Thor winked as he stepped back to tuck his now limp cock into his pants, he smacked Tony’s ass hard before he left with the photocopied files in hand.

“Hi Steve.” Tony smiled dazed at his boyfriend who was palming himself through his pants, annoyed at the cage he was wearing.

“Hey Tones, how are you feeling? Thor is not a small man.” Steve stepped out from behind his desk to help Tony put his pants back on, swallowed hard at the state Thor left Tony’s ass. Full of cum and open and just itching to be filled again, Steve wondered who would get him next and he was annoyed that he was stuck at his desk for the rest of the day.

“I’m good Steve, sooo good thank you.” Tony planted a sloppy kiss on Steve when the blond belted his pants around his waist.

“I’m glad babe, now off you go I do have work to do.” Steve teased getting a smile and another kiss from Tony before he limped towards the door.

Time passed slowly after that as Steve got distracted often when Tony’s groaning face appeared in his mind. His phone vibrated against his leg making the blond groan as the vibrations traveled to his caged cock. Steve blinked seeing it was a video from Clint with an attached message; he decided to watch the video first.

Steve grabbed onto the crotch of his pants as his cock pressed against the cage harder than before as the video played. The video was taken from Clint’s point of view looking down at Tony who was on his knees, lips wrapped around the other man’s cock while he looked up with dark eyes as he bobbed his head. The camera moved to show Natasha behind Tony with a fierce grin as she rocked her hips, pushing her strap on into the man that was sandwiched between them.

The video ended with Clint gasping as he came all over Tony’s face, some falling into Tony’s open mouth while Tony groaned happily as Natasha’s actions behind him made him cum as well.

Steve swallowed hard, adjusting himself in his pants again as he scrolled to the message Clint had sent.


‘Thanks for sharing your slut Rogers, we’ve been wanting to fuck this one since you introduced us.’

Steve groaned as he watched the video again before saving it to his phone knowing that he would have to jerk off to it later as Bucky refused to let him get off with Tony again. His phone buzzed again, this time it was a message from Bucky.

‘Your making dinner tonight and don’t worry about the entertainment, I’ve got it covered ;)’

“These two are going to be the death of me.” Steve leaned back in his chair, covering his eyes with a hand to distract himself from touching himself.

Steve couldn’t wait until he could clock out and head home, his cock was twitching for the most of the day as his mind switched between walking in on Thor with Tony and the video of Clint and Natasha sharing Tony.

He all but raced home and the moment he shut the front door he groaned, slumping against it at the sight of his boyfriend in the living room.

Tony was bouncing up and down on Bucky’s cock while his hands and lips were wrapped around Bucky’s co-workers large, black cocks. Sam and T’Challa were stroking Tony’s hair as they took turns fucking Tony’s mouth.

“I’ll get dinner ready.” Steve swallowed as he moved towards the kitchen, ignoring the sex filled noises coming from the living room. Steve braced himself against the counter top as he grabbed at his caged cock trying to get any relief but it didn’t work so he resigned himself to being hard as a rock in his cage. He moved around the kitchen making the group food while he listened to Tony being fucked one room over.

“How was your day Stevie?” Bucky asked as he walked in with his limp, cum covered cock swaying between his legs.

“Fuck Bucky, it was amazing.” Steve turned to look at his best friend who just grinned seeing the obvious tent in Steve’s slacks.

“Tony had fun too and he still is.” Bucky pulled Steve into a breathtaking kiss as he palmed Steve’s caged erection, making the blond whimper into their kiss.

“He’s going to take both of those big black cock’s tonight and I want you there for a front row seat.” Bucky placed his hand on the back of Steve’s neck when their kiss broke and Steve let out a soft keening noise that had Bucky chuckling.

“Who would have thought you would be such a voyeur.” Bucky teased before he put pressure on the back of Steve’s neck, pushing him to his knees. Steve looked up at Bucky, trying not to get too excited. Bucky had fucked him since he moved in, usually because he had Tony fucking himself on something else while he took Steve but the blond didn’t care, they were all enjoying themselves so he was fine with it.

“Clean me up would you Stevie?” Bucky grinned as he pushed his hips forward, Steve groaned as he took the cum covered organ into his mouth and started to lick and suck at it. Bucky let out a soft groan as he tangled his fingers in Steve’s hair to hold him in place as Steve cleaned him up.

With a soft sigh Steve let Bucky fall from his lips and slowly stood back up before going to check on the food, licking his lips chasing after the taste of Bucky. Bucky just grinned as he wrapped his arms around Steve and pressed a kiss to his neck before leaving the kitchen.

Steve steadied himself before going to join the others in the living room. His cock jumped in its cage at the sight that greeted him and he sat down on an armchair to watch.

Tony was straddling Sam; his dark cock already deep inside of him while T’Challa was edging his own cock in next to Sam’s, stretching Tony wider than ever. Tony’s head was thrown back, eyes glassy and mouth dropped open as helpless groans fell from his red swollen lips as T’Challa started to thrust at a quick pace, hand tight in Tony’s hair while his mouth left hickies over the other man’s neck. Sam was slowly jerking his hips up and down, his cock sliding alongside of T’Challa’s while his fingers wrapped around Tony’s cock and his teeth nipped at Tony’s nipples.

Bucky was watching from behind a hand held camera, his free hand stroking his cock as he recorded the sight of the three while Steve rubbed uselessly at his own cock from his place, front row center.

It wasn’t surprising when Sam and T’Challa let out loud cries as they came moments later, flooding Tony with their combined cum while Tony shuddered and gasped his way through his own orgasm.

T’Challa was the first to pull out, Sam following moments after and the two smirked at the sight of their thick cum slowly dripping out of Tony’s destroyed hole after they laid the other man down on the couch gently as he was clearly out of it.

“Thanks for the invite man, that was the best fuck I’ve had in a while.” Sam clapped Bucky on the shoulder, winking at Steve who just blushed.

“Yes if you wish to share him again you know how to get in touch with us.” T’Challa agreed as the two men got their clothes back on and said soft goodbyes to Tony before leaving the house totally.

“What did you think of that Stevie?” Bucky asked as he covered Tony in a blanket, the other man passed out completely now.

“Fuck Buck that was, this day, just… Fuck.” Steve groaned as he covered his face with his hands, it had been the longest he had ever been hard and he was so turned on.

“That’s what I thought, I think we’ll give his slutty hole a break for a while and you can get off with the video’s I’ve sent you but no using Tony to do it.” Bucky ordered as he smirked at the obvious hard on Steve was hiding, even with the cage around his cock.

“Okay.” Steve nodded, grateful that he was allowed to come now. Instead of rushing off to get off, Steve lowered himself onto the couch and moved Tony’s head onto his lap while Bucky lifted Tony’s legs to rest across his own lap. The two just sitting there quietly with a movie on in the background as Tony took his well deserved nap.

Chapter Text

Bucky trailed his fingers across the scarred back of his newly acquired pleasure slave. He had been against the idea to get one when he was enlisted but now that he had been discharged he found he had gotten lonely quickly. He had mentioned it to his buddy Sam who had his own pleasure slave Steve Rogers, Sam encouraged him to at least go and look. Bucky was glad he did otherwise he never would have found this beautiful gem that was almost as broken as he was.

“How are you doing Doll?” Bucky asked as he circled around to tip Tony’s head up, the red ball gag firmly between his lips. Tony’s eyes were glazed over but he nodded that he was all right and Bucky rewarded him with a light tug on the chain connecting the nipple clamps together getting a soft groan from his slave.

“God look at you.” Bucky breathed out still amazed that he had this beautiful man in his possession. Tony was standing in front of the large windows of the flat Bucky lived in; his wrists were connected to a spreader bar above his head that was connected to a hook hanging from the ceiling. Tony’s ankles were cuffed to a spreader bar keeping his legs open wide. Tony’s cock was bobbing against his stomach, hard and leaking pre-cum while Bucky’s dog tags dangled around his neck the metal clinking together with every movement.

“Why no one else wanted you is beyond me.” Bucky ran his fingertips over Tony’s length making the other man shiver at the feather light touch.

“You’re mine now Doll, no one else’s. All they can do is look, no one else will ever touch you like this.” Bucky spoke casually as he slipped his fingers into Tony’s prepared hole, stretching them wide making Tony moan against the ball gag.

“I love having you on display like this, maybe I should invite Sam and Steve over and we can have a fun night together.” Bucky hummed as he withdrew his fingers to line himself up with Tony’s clenching hole. Tony’s body arched, fingers fisting and toes curling as his new owner penetrated him. The force behind the thrust pushed Tony forward so his torso pressed against the cool glass of the window.

“Fuck Doll, you always feel so damn good around me.” Bucky groaned as he pressed his forehead to Tony’s back, feeling the other man trembling as he adjusted to having Bucky inside of him.

Bucky reached around to stroke Tony’s cock ever so slowly that had the pleasure slave groaning behind the gag as his hips started to move on their own, switching between pushing back on Bucky and jerking forward against Bucky’s hand.

“Just like that Doll.” Bucky crooned his encouragement, letting Tony chase after his own pleasure, Bucky liked seeing what was his happy and content so he never made any rules against this sort of thing. Bucky watched Tony’s face in the reflective surface of the window, seeing how his lips were slack around the ball gag and eyes were half lidded and heavy with his subspace.

Bucky slowly thrusted in and out of Tony to aid in him reaching his orgasm, Tony let out a muffled cry when Bucky tugged on the chain of the nipple clamps. The little bit of pain was all it took for Tony to tip over that edge, his cum painting the window in front of him and leaving him limp in his restraints.

“Such a good boy for me.” Bucky praised as he moved his now dirty hand away from Tony’s limp cock so he could firmly grip Tony’s hips. Bucky didn’t hold anything back as he started to pound into Tony, using him to achieve his own pleasure. Tony’s head dropped backwards, eyes closed and helpless moans and some drool escaping from around the ball gag.

“So fucking good, I wish I could fuck your tight ass forever.” Bucky groaned out, his steady, rough rhythm falling apart as he felt the familiar feelings of his orgasm being to wash over him all too soon. He never could hold back when it came to Tony and he liked it that way, so he bit down on Tony’s neck adding another claiming mark to his slave’s skin before he spilled his release deep inside of Tony.

Bucky held Tony against his own body while Tony’s clenching and unclenching walls milked his cock until he was dry and limp inside of him. Bucky patted Tony’s hip in approval before he removed the ball gag. Letting Tony breathe in and out of a few times before Bucky tugged him in for a deep kiss.

“How are you Doll?” Bucky asked in a rough, sex filled voice.

“So good Master.” Tony’s lips tilted up in a smile as he swayed a bit in his restraints.

“Do you want me to take you down yet?” Bucky tapped the spreader bars as he spoke.

“Not yet Master, just a bit longer.” Tony’s eyes fluttered as he rested his head back against Bucky’s shoulder.

“A bit longer it is.” Bucky agreed when he caught sight of their reelections in the window and smiled as he wrapped his arms around Tony.

Chapter Text

“Jyn, what is…?” Cassian trailed off as he entered their shared rooms, his mouth dried up at the sight of Bodhi and Jyn.

Jyn was just finishing off the knot that was keeping Bodhi’s arms above his head. She flashed Cassian a grin as she flipped a switch on a small remote that was sitting on her hip. Bodhi let out a loud gasp, eyes rolling up into his head when the Sybian he was straddling buzzed to life on the lowest setting.

“Open.” Jyn traced his lover’s lips, pleased when he let his mouth open instantly with nothing but trust in his dark eyes as he looked up at her. Jyn secured the bit gag in Bodhi’s mouth, letting him bite down comfortably.

“Good boy.” Jyn caressed Bodhi’s cheek with a smile before she turned back to look at Cassian who was leaning heavily against the now locked door, palming at the bulge that was forming in his pants.

“What is all of this?” Cassian asked noticing the cock ring that was firm around Bodhi’s leaking cock that was bouncing against his stomach as he rode and grinded down on the machine.

“I thought you would like something to take the edge off of what happened on your mission today.” Jyn was petting Bodhi’s dark, floppy hair keeping her eyes on Cassian who was watching Bodhi with clear lust on his face.

“What do you have in mind?” Cassian stepped forward to run the knuckles of his index finger down Bodhi’s cheek tenderly.

“You’ll be in control of when he gets to come tonight.” Jyn tugged at Cassian’s clothes, the man let Jyn strip him with no problems.

“But I get to control when you come.” Jyn gave him a Cheshire grin as she took his half hard cock in hand making both him and Bodhi groan at her words.

“Now sit down and let me take care of you.” Jyn gently pushed him back towards the chair she had set up directly across from where Bodhi was straddling the Sybian, moving desperately against the toy needing more.

Cassian watched trustingly as Jyn wrapped soft leather restraints around his wrists and ankles, keeping him strapped to the chair before she sank to her knees between his spread legs.

“Do you trust me?” Jyn asked looking up at him as she slowly curled her fingers around him.

“Yes.” Cassian nodded, it was pure truth.

“Good, just use your safe word if it gets to be too much.” Jyn said making Cassian glanced up at Bodhi’s hands seeing a buzzer clenched there to safe word out if it got too much for him.

“Remember, Bodhi will cum when you do.” Jyn gave Cassian a smirk before she leaned down and licked a stripe up the underside of Cassian’s shaft that had him sucking in a sharp breath of air.

She grinned before she sucked the head of Cassian’s cock into her mouth, sucking lightly while tonguing the slit tasting his pre-cum. Cassian curled his fingers against the arms of the chair he was bound to, hips making short aborted jerking movements as he tried not to fuck her warm, wet mouth.

“Very good.” Jyn purred as she stroked him ever so slowly, using her palm to make circles against his wet cock head. Cassian let out a helpless groan, hips jerking up and muscles straining against the straps. She grinned looking up at him with her own lust filled eyes as she fondled his balls, rubbing at his cock in just the right way that had Cassian squirming and gasping.

“Maybe another level for Bodhi.” Jyn smiled at how hot and heavy Cassian was in her hand. She hit the remote on her side and Bodhi let out a loud, muffled groan behind the gag as the dildo inside of him moved and vibrated faster than before causing him to buck and squirm on the machine.

Cassian groaned loudly at the sight and the way Jyn was still slowly stroking him, his hips started to buck up on their own making Jyn grin. She pulled back, giving him a wink before she moved over to Bodhi. She tipped his chin up and he looked up at her with hooded eyes, mouth slack around the bit gag.

“You’re doing so well for us Bodhi, just a bit more I promise.” Jyn caressed his cheek and he nodded showing his trust in his lovers before his eyes rolled up in his head as the toy hit just the right spot inside of him.

“Now, let’s start again.” Jyn knelt down between Cassian’s knees again, reaching out to fondle Cassian’s half hard cock.

“Jyn.” Cassian let his head drop back as he throbbed under the touches of his lover.

“Good boy.” She purred as she gently raked her nails down the hard flesh making Cassian let out a loud gasp as his eyes rolled up in his head just like Bodhi’s just had.

“Don’t worry, it will all be worth it.” Jyn promised pressing a kiss to the tip of Cassian’s cock. Bodhi let out a groan as he grinded down on the machine as he watched his lovers across from him.

“Oh you’re getting close aren’t you? We can’t have that, not yet at least.” Jyn pulled back off of Cassian’s leaking cock making the man groan as his head dropped back, his groan echoed by Bodhi.

Chapter Text

Eggsy groaned as he grabbed onto his clone’s hand as he was pushed forward.

“So good Sirs.” Eggsy’s eyes fluttered while Gary’s (his clone) head dropped onto the bed as his nipples were rolled between fingers.

“Look at our beautiful boys, two really is better than one.” Harry grinned at the sight of two Eggsy’s on their hands and knees on their massive bed. Merlin toying with Gary’s nipples while he pumped his other fingers in and out of Eggsy, Harry was standing back just stroking himself at the sight.

“Why didn’t we think of this sooner?” Merlin groaned as Gary squeezed down on his cock that was just resting inside of him at the moment.

“Because we aren’t mad scientists.” Harry chuckled as he kissed Merlin soundly, hand rubbing over Gary’s ass soothingly.

“Mmm.” Merlin hummed as he withdrew his fingers from Eggsy making him whine in displeasure but Gary’s gasp drowned it out when Merlin started to actively thrust in and out of him. Gary grasped the sheets tightly as he was rocked by the power behind Merlin’s thrusts.

“On your back boy.” Harry tapped Eggsy’s flank, watching amused as Eggsy scurried to move onto his back, legs spread wide.

“That’s a good boy.” Harry praised as he leaned down, slotting himself between Eggsy’s legs. Rubbing their erections together in a way that had both men groaning desperately. Harry grasped Eggsy’s wrists together and pinned them on the bed above Eggsy’s head, pleased when their sub left them there.

Gary groaned as Merlin’s strong hand pressed down on his back until his arms were splayed out on the bed and his face was buried in the soft sheets. This position pushed his ass up further and Merlin started to ruthlessly pound in and out of him, hitting all those spots inside of him with every move. Gary was a groaning mess, but clearly enjoying every second of it and was silently urging Merlin on by pushing his hips up and back against Merlin.

Harry hiked Eggsy’s legs up onto his hips as he slid into him with ease making them both groan and cling to the other. Eggsy groaned, digging his heels into Harry’s ass to urge him on.

“Please harder Sir.” Eggsy pleaded, voice breaking as Harry did what he was asked this time, he had been worried when Eggsy had been kidnapped on his mission.

Merlin moved back just enough to flip Gary onto his back before shoving back into him, holding his ankles up high and part. Gary’s body bowed as he let out a string of nonsense words, body trembling with each thrust Merlin gave him.

Eggsy reached over blindly and laced his and his clone’s hands together as the older men took them both hard. The two were unable to form any words, anything that spilled from their lips were now incoherent sounds.

“God look at you, look at both of you. So wanton for it.” Harry grinned as his eyes darted over to where Merlin and Gary where while Eggsy clung to him tighter at those words.
“Sir, please.” Gary groaned out helplessly, body arching up towards Merlin who couldn’t help but lean down and kiss him soundly making both Eggsy and Harry groan at the sight.

Merlin buried his face into Gary’s neck as he came within the younger man, hips pressing firmly against Gary’s keeping them close together as possible. Gary let out a high-pitched noise that both Merlin and Harry knew was what Eggsy sounded like when he was orgasming.

Eggsy echoed the same noise a moment later when Harry adjusted his angle just right to hit his prostate. Harry couldn’t help but follow as Eggsy clenched down impossibly tight around him. Eggsy holding him close with strong if not shaking legs not letting him move from where they were embracing each other. Merlin had moved out of Gary now he was spooning the clone whom was looking very content and very out of it.

“So, good idea yeah?” Eggsy asked from where he was playing with strands of Harry’s hair that was curling up from lack of product.

“Very good idea pet.” Merlin agreed from where he was stroking Gary’s hair with a soft look on his face and Eggsy just grinned and held Harry tighter to him knowing the older man was still riding the waves of his own orgasm out.

Chapter Text

Eobard smiled as he looked at his phone, the message he sent his lover had shown it had been read already so he was excited to finally be home after such a stressful day at work. Idiots surrounded him at work, but at least his Hartley was no idiot and knew just how to make him feel better.

Eobard felt his grin growing when he entered their apartment, locking the door firmly behind him.

“Welcome home love.” Hartley smiled at him from where he was sitting on the kitchen counter looking totally innocent.

Hartley was wearing simple yellow lingerie, his cock making an obscene line in the front of the lace panties from where he was sitting with his legs spread wide on the counter.

“God it’s good to be home.” Eobard slotted himself between Hartley’s legs, pressing his own erection against Hartley’s making them both groan. Hartley clutched at Eobard’s shoulder when he ducked his head down to bite at Hartley’s exposed neck.

“I’m glad you got my message.” Eobard smiled as he rubbed at Hartley’s nipples from where they were hidden by the lacey yellow bralette watching as Hartley pushed his chest towards him obviously liking the touches.

“I also thought we could try this out today.” Hartley pulled a spider gag into Eobard’s view and got a blinding smile and heated kiss in return.

“This is why I love you.” Eobard grinned as Hartley opened his mouth for the gag that Eobard fastened firmly but without any discomfort for his lover.
“God look at you, so fucking perfect like this.” Eobard tilted Hartley’s head back by grabbing his short hair in a firm grip that had Hartley wiggling on the countertop.

Eobard bowed his head and licked a stripe down the obvious line in the panties Hartley was wearing feeling Hartley shiver and fingers tightened on his suit jacket further. Hartley let out a strangled sounding gasp when he was pulled off the countertop, twisted around and bent over the edge of it.

“I’m going to fuck you just like this, so I hope you prepared yourself before I got in.” Eobard growled in Hartley’s ear as he shoved the lacy fabric to the side to expose Hartley’s ass.

Hartley grabbed onto the edge of the countertop, dropping his head forward when he felt the head of Eobard’s cock press into him rather forcefully. Hartley swallowed down a noise when he felt Eobard’s suit pants brush against his ass as his lover sheathed himself inside of him fully.

Eobard reached up to tangle his fingers in Hartley’s hair, tugging his head back roughly as he started up a steady, brutal pace of fucking in and out of Hartley. Eobard shoved four fingers from his free hand into Hartley’s stretched open mouth making his sucked and lick at the digits that were filling his mouth. Hartley gagged a few times before he got the hang out of, his own cock being rubbed against the lace of the panties and the underside of the countertop making him shudder at the friction.

“I don’t think so, if I allow you to come then it will be after me.” Eobard tsk’ed noticing how Hartley was started to grind against the countertop so Eobard tugged him away from the only source of friction Hartley was getting and pounded into him harder.

Hartley whined around the fingers still hooked in his mouth, fingers holding onto the countertop firmly as he was almost rocked off his feet by the strength of his lover’s thrusts. Hartley’s eyes closed as he neared his orgasm with each thrust from Eobard, he was throbbing and painfully hard but he knew better than to touch himself.

“That’s a good boy.” Eobard grinned as he bit down on Hartley’s neck again, grinding his cock against Hartley’s prostate listening to the strained muffled groans coming from his lover. Eobard yanked Hartley’s head back again knowing how much he liked it when his hair was pulled. Hartley squeezed down on him tightly and after the day Eobard had that was all he needed to fall over that edge.

Eobard groaned loudly as he spilled his release into Hartley, who whimpered around Eobard’s fingers at the sensation. Eobard released his hold on Hartley’s hair, pushing him face down on the countertop before Eobard gently tugged himself out. He smirked at the sight of his cum slowly running down Hartley’s thighs, staining the yellow fabric as the panties slipped back into place on Hartley’s ass.

“On your knees and clean me up.” Eobard ordered, watching as a shaky Hartley fell to his knees, head tipped up towards where Eobard’s limp, cum covered cock was hanging out from his pants. Eobard grabbed onto Hartley’s hair again and pushed his cock into the opening the spider gag made for him.

Eobard sighed as Hartley’s tongue twisted around him, licking him clean the best he could with the gag in place. Eobard tucked himself away the moment he was clean and looked down at his lover who was squirming the tent in the front of his panties obvious. Eobard smirked and pressed the toe of his black, polished shoe onto Hartley’s erection enjoying the gasp he got from his lover.

“Now be a good boy and come for me like this.” Eobard grinned, as he loved making Hartley come like this. He grinded his foot down onto the hard on Hartley had, applying more and more pressure.

Hartley whined behind the spider gag, hips bucking up towards the pressure Eobard’s shoe were giving him. He humped against the only source of friction he was given desperately, his head was thrown back and eyes closed as he panted while his hips worked quickly.

“That’s it, come for me.” Eobard crooned pleased at the sight and the sense of power he was experiencing over his lover right now.

Hartley let out a cry around the gag as his cock exploded while his orgasm washed over him. His limbs gave out and Hartley was a shaking mess on the kitchen floor, his cum staining the panties beyond repair and his chest was heaving making the bralette constrict around his torso.

“Amazing as always.” Eobard smiled as he eased the gag out of Hartley’s mouth, kissing those swollen and stretched lips as he scooped his exhausted lover up into his arms to transfer the two of them to their bedroom.

“Thanks love.” Hartley smiled as he closed his eyes trusting his lover to take care of him now.

Chapter Text

“How are my beautiful boys doing?” Barry asked, gently running his hands down Len’s torso from where he was bound with red rope on the bed. The diamond pattern looking perfect against Len’s skin and the way the rope wrapped around the base of his cock and balls made Barry smile.

“Good Sir.” Len hummed, his eyes hazy as he drifting in his subspace but he leaned into the touch from his Dom.

“Perfect.” Barry smiled lovingly before he looked over to where Mick was kneeling on a pillow by the armchair Barry liked to use. His wrists were cuffed together behind his back with his favorite leather cuffs; his ankles were attached to a spreader bar keeping him on his knees.

“I’m going to turn the vibrator on is that okay love?” Barry asked Len as he held up a remote to the vibrator that was already inside of Len.

“Yes Sir.” Len gave him a half smile and let out a groan when Barry flipped the switch, his hips trembling on their own.

“God look at you.” Barry smiled as he looked at the sight of Len’s body arching up every so often and soft noises falling from his parted lips. Barry kissed the tip of Len’s erection before moving away and over to settle in the armchair.

“I want to use your mouth is that okay Mick?” Barry tipped Mick’s chin up.

“Yes Sir.” Mick let his mouth go slack.

“Thank you love.” Barry smiled as he tugged his half hard cock out of his pants. He pushed himself into Mick’s open mouth and settled there, content to let Mick keep him warm while he toyed with the vibrator that was inside of Len.

Barry settled his hand on top of Mick’s head; making sure to keep an eye on both of his subs. Len was writhing on the bed, whining every so often when Barry toyed with the levels of intensity that the vibrator had. Barry felt himself settle in his headspace as he felt the control he had over his beautiful subs click into place and he felt amazing that they trusted him so much.

“You’re both so amazing you know that?” Barry asked them and a groan from Mick around his cock that had him gasping and hips bucking forward a bit. Len let out a loud groan as his hips jerked up not only at the praise but also at the sudden quick vibrations inside of him.

“Mick baby, I’m going to un-cuff you now and I want you to use this brilliant mouth of yours on Len okay?” Barry asked as he tugged his cock out of Mick’s mouth. Mick looked up at him with the same hazy look Len had and nodded his consent.

Barry kissed his lips before he un-cuffed Mick’s wrists and ankles from the spreader bar. Barry helped Mick to his feet and the two moved over to the bed. Barry shifted Len up the bed, propping his hips up with a pillow as Mick settled on his stomach between Len’s legs. Mick bent his knees so his ass was propped up and he looked over at their Dom.

“Please Sir.” Mick spread his legs in an obvious gesture.

“Of course love.” Barry smiled at how wanton his lover was, Mick engulfed Len’s cock with his mouth and settled there ignoring Len’s whimper at the hot, wet heat that was now surrounding his aching cock.

Barry eased himself into Mick; both of his subs were open and ready for him just how he liked it. Mick groaned around Len as Barry steady moved in and out of him, making sure to hit every good spot inside of Mick that he could with every move he made.

Len wiggled on the bed, straining briefly against the ropes as soft noises fell from his lips, hips jerking up to keep himself in Mick’s mouth. Mick was miles away going even further with every move Barry made. Barry smiled before he let out a long groan, orgasm rushing at him as he had been on edge almost the whole night just from touching and being with his lovers.

Mick’s eyes rolled up his head when he felt Barry pulse inside of him and his own cock pulsed and he spilled his own release against the sheets below him while he sucked hard at Len’s cock almost on reflex. Len let out a cry, shaking hips jerking upwards as he strained against the rope that was tight around his cock and balls pretending him from coming.

Barry slipped out of Mick, patting his ass after as he moved to situate his sub on the other side of Len knowing when Mick was floating like he was right now. Barry kissed Len while teasing his fingers over his subs aching cock, his mouth swallowing the whimpers from the other man.

“Tell me what you want love.” Barry spoke, his breath hot against Len’s ear making Len arch up towards him in silent need. “Use your words Leonard otherwise I won’t know what to do.”

“Please Sir, please let me come.” Len groaned out, knowing that Barry always made him and Mick tell him what they wanted no matter the scene.

“You just had to ask love.” Barry kissed Len’s neck before leaning back upright, he unwrapped Len’s cock and balls from the rope before he turned up the intensity on the vibrator inside of him. All at once Len let out a loud cry, body arching up violently as his orgasm burst out of him with no warning. His visions went black, he may have fallen unconscious for a moment or two because when Len came back to himself he and Mick were curled up on Barry’s chest. Their Dom had his arms wrapped around both of them, watching them intently and speaking soft words to them both.

Len felt the rope still around his body, but smiled knowing that Barry had left it there on his request from the start of the night. Len nuzzled against Barry’s chest and felt Mick’s hand heavy and strong on his stomach from where it was clung across Barry’s torso.

“My beautiful boys.” Barry crooned happily as he pressed kisses to both their heads as he settled down to cuddle them for as long as they would let him.

Chapter Text

“I’m still not sure.” Harry blushed as Draco brushed his fingers against Harry’s hole.

“I have something else in mind if your still not ready yet love.” Draco promised as he moved his fingers away just to cup his boyfriend’s rather perky bottom, loving the blush on Harry’s cheeks that deepened at his words.

“What do you have in mind?” Harry asked interested and let Draco pull them up into a seating position so their cocks rubbed each other in a way that had them both groaning.

“Do you trust me?” Draco touched Harry’s cheek looking his lover in his eyes.

“Yes.” Harry said without pause and Draco gave him a blinding grin.

“Don’t freak out, it looks odd but it will feel good.” Draco promised as he fingers tugged at the foreskin on his cock and Harry watched with wide eyes as Draco folded the skin over the head of his cock so their most intimate area’s were pressed tightly together in a tight, warm channel.

Draco pumped his hand over their joined cocks and watched as Harry’s eyes fluttered closed as a loud, surprised moan fell from his parted lips at the surprisingly amazing feeling that the move gave.

“Feels good yeah?” Draco breathed out as he set a slow, steady rhythm.

“Mmmmm.” Harry let his head drop back, hands clutching at Draco’s shoulders for support as he pushed his hips forward out of reflex. Draco pulled Harry in for a kiss as he tightened his grip and moved his hand faster, pushing and pulling at where their cocks were joined together. Their kiss swallowed each other’s moans and they could feel the other throbbing and pulsing as they quickly approached their climaxes.

“Draco!” Harry broke their kiss to bury his face in the blond’s neck, body trembling as his orgasmed washed over him and his cum rushed into the tight space between the two of their cocks. Draco groaned loudly at the feeling of Harry’s cum pressing against his cock, he willed himself not to come just yet.

Draco kissed Harry’s forehead and slowly rolled back his foreskin and Harry blushed brightly as his cum fell onto the bed below them, but his embarrassment didn’t last long when Draco quickly jerked himself off.

The blond’s body arched and his mouth dropped open in a long groan as he came as well, his cum spattering over his and Harry’s stomachs. Harry ran his fingers through the blond’s surprisingly soft hair and got a dazed, but pleased smile in return.

“So… What did you think?” Draco asked when he regained his breath and tugged Harry into a comfortable position against his chest. Harry settled there happily and hummed a bit as he thought over his answer.

“It was something else, but I’m not opposed to doing that again.” Harry answered getting a soft kiss in response.

“Later though yeah? I’m exhausted.” Draco whined and Harry laughed while rolling his eyes.

“Whatever you want love.” Harry teased poking his boyfriend’s side getting a smothered giggle that just put a smile on the dark haired teen’s face.