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“How long have you two been together like this?” Lancelot asked as he stroked down Merlin’s back as the dark haired man sucked at Leon’s cock with ease of one who had done this many times before.

“Thanks to the Cup of Life and him being Immortal… We’ve been together since all of you died and have been waiting for you all to reincarnate with your memories intact.” Leon explained as he tugged lightly on Merlin’s hair knowing how much the Warlock liked that and he groaned when Merlin hummed around his cock.

“That’s a long time…” Elyan commented from his place on Percival’s lap where the larger man was toying with his dark nipples teasingly making him squirm every so often while Gwaine was just lounging back, stroking himself slowly at the sight of Merlin on his knees with Leon’s cock in his mouth.

“Let’s not dwell on that, we both have been waiting for the rest of you for a very long time.” Leon gently pulled Merlin off of his cock in order to kiss him while Lancelot dropped kisses up and down Merlin’s back, biting down on the pale flesh every so often.

“So who do you want first Merlin?” Leon asked, carding his fingers through Merlin’s dark hair.

“Me of course.” Gwaine smirked and Lancelot made an offended noise.

“I disagree, I should be with him first.” Lancelot huffed as he reached down to gently stroke Merlin’s cock getting a keen as Merlin leaned back against Lancelot’s chest.

“Or we let Percy use that cock of his to open Merlin wide enough for both of you to take him together?” Leon asked looking over to Percival to see his take on his idea and got a smile and nod of agreement at the idea while Elyan moaned as his hips jerked up to fuck the hand Percy had curled around his cock.

“Yes please.” Merlin’s eyes fluttered close as his cock twitched in Lancelot’s grasp.

“Go on then.” Leon smiled teasingly as Merlin managed to move away from Lancelot to settle down on his hands and knees giving Elyan and Percy a seductive look as he licked his lips.

Elyan all but fell to his own knees, letting the wet head of his cock rest against Merlin’s lips in an invitation. Merlin sucked the large dark cock into his mouth happily, Elyan’s back arched as he groaned hands tangling in Merlin’s dark hair.

“Oh gods Merlin you’re mouth.” Elyan gasped as Merlin took more of his cock into his mouth, swiping his tongue along the underside of Elyan’s cock.

“Just relax Merlin.” Percival rubbed the small of Merlin’s back as he slipped two of his fingers into Merlin with Leon watched closely from his place draped over Percy’s strong back and shoulders.

“He can take you right away Percy, his magic helps with that trust me.” Leon said loud enough for all of them to hear and each groaned in their own way at the knowledge. Percy looked a bit unsure until Leon pulled him into a kiss and Merlin pressed back on Percy’s fingers with obvious need.

“I’ve got you Merlin.” Percy promised as he tugged his fingers out to lube up his own erection, he inched forward to rest his cock against Merlin’s hole. Merlin spread his legs wider, pushing his ass upwards as he started to bob his head as he licked and sucked at Elyan’s cock. He could feel the heat of all their eyes on him and it sent a shiver down his spine and he groaned as he felt Percy’s massive cock penetrate him.

Percival felt Merlin’s hole clench and unclench around his cock as it got easier and easier for him to slide in as Merlin’s magic helped ease the way. Soon he was fully sheathed inside of Merlin’s tight hot body, squeezing and molding around his cock in just the right way. He gripped Merlin’s hips tightly as he started to rock backwards and forward to go deeper into Merlin.

Merlin groaned as Percy’s cock hit against his prostate while Elyan’s cock brushed against the back of his throat, both men moving at the same hard and quick pace once Leon gave them confirmation that Merlin could take it (it had been a very long time before they all found each other again after all).

“Fuck that’s beautiful.” Gwaine swore as he tightened his fingers around the base of his cock to stop from coming just at the sight of Merlin being rocked back and forth between the other two Knights and the power behind their thrusting.

“Merlin.” Lancelot groaned low in the back of his throat as he had to stop himself from coming too soon as well when Elyan let out a loud moan as he came in Merlin’s mouth, his cum dripping down the dark haired man’s chin as he swallowed as much as he could.

When Elyan pulled out of Merlin’s mouth, falling backwards with an exhausted look on his face as he looked at Merlin with awe and love written on his face. Merlin crossed his arms and rested his forehead on his forearms the movement forcing himself back further on Percy’s cock. Both men groaning at the new angle and Percy’s hips started to stutter as he lost control and he doubled over Merlin’s back letting out a loud groan of Merlin’s name as he came hard, flooding Merlin with his cum.

Merlin whimpered at the feeling and the way he felt empty and dirty when Percival pulled out of him, cum gushing out of his wide open hold making him blush brightly.

“God that’s beautiful.” Gwaine breathed out as he scurried towards Merlin as Leon made sure Elyan and Percival were okay after all he knew the effects of Merlin first hand.

Merlin looked up and Gwaine’s lips took his lips as Lancelot ran his hands over his body in a soothing way. Gwaine tugged Merlin until he was straddling the other man’s waist, hands on his hips and Merlin was a groaning mess as he sunk down onto Gwaine’s cock. Merlin let out a long groan at the feeling of Gwaine inside of him, his arms shaking from where they were holding him up over Gwaine’s torso.

Their eyes were locked together and obvious love and need was being passed between them before Merlin was forced to break eye contact. He tossed his head back to rest against Lancelot’s shoulder as the other Knight inched his cock inside of him alongside of Gwaine’s, his eyes flashing gold underneath his closed eyelids as his magic worked to relax him further in order to let Lancelot in.

The trio let out noises of pleasure as Lancelot slowly rocked forward further into Merlin, his cock sliding against Gwaine’s with beautiful friction and Merlin was a trembling mess that was clenching and squeezing around them. Lancelot took to leave biting kisses down Merlin’s neck and stopped to kiss him every so often.

Gwaine toyed with his pretty pink nipples that stood out against his pale skin. He reached down to lightly stroke Merlin’s leaking cock, seeing how long he had gone without coming and Gwaine didn’t find that fair at all. Merlin let out a choked sob when both of the Knights thrusted into him, their cocks brushing over his sensitive prostate while Gwaine roughly jerked his cock.

With a bright flash of gold in his eyes Merlin came with a loud cry as his body arched and clenched down like a vice around the two Knights that were inside of him. His cum covered his chest and Gwaine’s hand as he slumped back against Lancelot’s chest who just wrapped his arms around him in a protective gesture. Gwaine made eye contact again as he slowly licked his hand clean of Merlin’s cum making the Warlock groan softly at the sight.

Lancelot slammed his hips forward once more and both him and Gwaine let out their own groans of pure pleasure as they came, the feeling of Merlin being too much for them now. Merlin let out a soft mewl as he felt their cum join Percy’s inside of him before Leon gently lifted up away from the two. Their cum slipped down his thighs before he groaned when Leon slipped inside of him but he was just resting inside of him, keeping him feeling full.

Merlin was just glad the two of them had found their Knights again as the others curled around the two finding some way to keep in contact with them, not wanting to be parted again.