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Lost and Found

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“Fall back!” A deep voice roared over the battlefield. Megatron fired his cannon at the closest Autobot, clipping the mech’s shoulder before he ducked behind a crumbling wall. ::Starscream, call a full retreat, this base is a complete ruin now. :: The Warlord commed his SIC.

::Of course, Lord Megatron.:: There was a brief pause before the Seeker spoke again ::Retreat is an advisable option as Soundwave has just informed me of an Autobot ship heading for the outer city. He claims it’s likely carrying explosives and there’s really little else the Autobots would use it for other than turning the city to dust in a breem or so. :: Starscream replied calmly.

::Thank you for the warning. I want you to call the retreat and to send out a squadron of Seekers to slow that ship down to give our ground troops plenty of time to make it to the Ground Bridge.::

::Understood, My Lord, consider it already done.::

Megatron couldn’t help the snort at his Second’s words, but not even a full klik later was the command for a full scale retreat issued over their comms. He waited half a klik to make sure his frontliners and scouts were starting to fall back toward the warehouse district before he began moving further into the city’s ruins. The citizens had either fled after the Decepticons took the city a deca-cycle ago or had been terminated during the first set of bombs dropped two solar cycles ago if they were lucky. The unlucky ones ended up dying slowly of their wounds or were killed defending themselves.

The silver mech slipped through the center square and then down a narrow alleyway, always heading toward the Ground Bridge’s coordinates. A few of the buildings creaked ominously and bits of dust and debris rained onto his shoulder pauldrons as he passed by. He moved quickly, keeping an optic on the shadows near him for any sign of Autobot scouts who were foolish enough to have moved this far into the doomed city. The entire trip felt too easy to Megatron as he slipped closer to the warehouse district. He was waiting for enemies who weren’t even there to jump out at him.

Movement to his right caught his attention and his fusion cannon was up and charging before he even looked in that direction. He froze when his optics landed on the two huddled figures trapped slightly under a section of collapsed roof. The sight made his energon boil in his lines as a furious growl made its way from the back of his throat. He blamed the Autobots and their cowardly ways for this. They were, after all, the ones who had dropped the bombs on the Decepticon controlled city after their first failed attempt to take it back.

He started to walk away, there wasn’t much he could do for them any more, when a near silent whimper made him freeze in his tracks yet again. He slowly turned his gaze back to the collapsed roof and the two sparklings trapped under it. He had thought they were both dead, but he jolted when a pair of weak, golden optics met his own crimson ones. It was a miracle the sparkling was still alive, even more so that he was awake.

“Please,” the voice was weak and barely audible, the golden optics already dimming as the sparkling started to slip into unconsciousness again.

Megatron made his decision then, quickly moving to the collapsed roof and safely removing as much debris as he could until he was able to pull both sparklings from the wreckage. Both were injured but still alive. The silver mech looked them over quickly, noting that none of the injuries looked sever and they were mainly just covered in a thick layer of dust and grime. They each whimpered as Megatron shuffled them around in his arms awkwardly. A slightly worried ping from Soundwave appeared on his HUD. The short message said almost all of their troops had made it through the Ground Bridge and that Megatron and any others had a little more than two kliks to retreat before the first of the bombs would drop.

The Warlord grumbled irritably, but turned and jogged briskly for the bridge, trying not to jostle the little ones he was carrying. He wondered briefly who would leave them behind, but pushed the thought aside. He would have time to think about it later. He sent Soundwave a request to have a medic ready in the Officer’s medbay when the warehouse was in sight before cutting the comm. when his TIC sent an affirmative. His audio receptors picked up the distinct hum of the Ground Bridge when he entered the warehouse. He didn’t even bother to slow his pace as he passed through it.