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The Winchester Gospels

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Sam and Dean Winchester were just getting back from a hunt. “What were those things?”

“Not human, that’s for sure,” Sam replied.

Dean just frowned. “I think I got some blood in my mouth. I’m gonna go brush my teeth and rinse my mouth for about an hour.”

“Man, your back is covered in blood, go have a shower,” Sam told him.  

“Look who’s talking.  Baby is going to need a wash,” Dean commented.  

“Yeah, yeah, just hurry up. I want to get in the shower too. I think I got blood in my eyes.” Sam rubbed his eye for emphasis.

“Do your nerdy thing and see if there is any record on those things.  They weren’t demons,” Dean said. “I’ll hurry in the shower.”

Sam sighed and went for the books. He really didn’t know where to start. These weren’t your average monsters. He rang the British Men of Letters for information. Their records were all on computer.  It would save him hours or even days looking through the archives. He described what the things looked like as best he could and asked for anything they thought would help.

“That was your first encounter with Augments.  Genetically altered humans. Not your average garden variety human.”

“Tell me about it,” Sam replied as he wiggled his shoulders to release some of the tension. “I feel like I was fighting Superman.”

“You were, figuratively. You are lucky to be alive. The EV1 virus augments both physical and mental attributes.”

“As in?” Sam asked.

“Bad guys become super bad guys. It seems like anyone who was borderline psychotic  becomes a full fledged maniac.”

“And how do we kill them?”

“As far as we can tell, you can’t.”

“Got news for you...we did,” Sam replied.

“Bloody Hell! How?”

“Well, I think we ended up with pieces.”

Dean looked himself over carefully, looking for wounds. He didn’t seem to have any beyond some deep scratches and a nasty bruise on his side. Sighing, he washed and got out of the shower. He was bone tired. He brushed his teeth again and used alcohol mouthwash, gagging at the thought of getting blood in his mouth.

Dressed, he walked back to the war room to find Sam and tell him it was his turn in the shower. He saw that Sam was on the phone, so he grabbed a beer and sat down.

When Sam hung up, he asked, “So, who were you talking to?”

“British Men of Letters,” Sam replied. “Apparently, we encountered the bad version of the Augments that we have been hearing about on the news.”

“The what?” Dean asked.

“If you would watch something other than porn you would know about them,” Sam complained half heartedly. “That flu epidemic is changing people.”

“Sounds just about right for us.  Armageddon for the what 5th time?” Dean replied. “And hey, I  watch other shows.”

“We are the only ones who have managed to kill any of the bad guys.”

“Sounds about right.”

“Dean? You OK?”

“Yeah, why?”

Sam put his hand up to Dean’s forehead and Dean backed away.

“You have a fever.”

“I feel fine, except for the pulled muscles and bruises,” he replied and then nearly collapsed.  Sam caught him and found he could easily lift him. He carried his brother to his room and laid him down on the bed.  “You need a doctor?”

“And tell him what?” Dean asked. “Anyway, the news said to stay away from the hospitals unless it was an emergency.  See I do listen to the news.”

Dean did feel hot and kind of awful. “I’m hitting the sack, Sammy. I feel beat to hell.” He shook Sammy off of him when he got to the bed. “I’m okay, just need rest.”

“I’ll be back in a couple of hours to check on you,” Sam told him, feeling the need to lie down also.

Dean tore off his shirt, he was way too hot. He pulled off his jeans as well, and then just collapsed back on the bed. He felt pain in his abdomen as well.

“What the fuck is going on with me?” Dean felt worse by the second.

Dean fell into an uneasy sleep. He tossed and turned, his fever climbing higher and higher until he was delirious.

He moaned loudly and tossed around in the bed.  

“Cas...CAS! I need you Cas,” he called out.

There was a fluttering of wings in the room. Cas stood there and looked at Dean. He walked to the bed and put a hand on Dean’s forehead. He pulled it away quickly, feeling Dean was burning up.

“Dean, what happened to you?”

Dean’s hand locked about Cas’ wrist. “Do your angel stuff, Cas.  Fix me.”

“I can’t.”

“What?” Dean frowned.

“I’m sorry.  There isn’t a cure for this, Dean.  You have the eugenics virus. I can’t alter your DNA. But I can stop you from turning into one of the ‘mutants’...the ones you have been fighting.  You are a good man at heart, Dean.”  

Dean groaned and said, “I don’t want to be one of those freaks. There must be something you can do, Cas!”

“This is part of God’s plan, Dean.  There must be a balance.  You need the strength to fight them. There are both good and bad augments, just as there are both good and bad men. You are one of the chosen,” Cas said.   

“I don’t want to be fucking chosen!” Dean yelled at him.

Cas winced at Dean’s anger. “I’ll do all I can, Dean.”  He touched Dean’s forehead with his fingers, frowning in concentration. Suddenly he withdrew his hand and looked at it. The perspiration from Dean’s forehead was full of the virus and Castiel could see it trying to find a way into him.  Cas’ hand glowed slightly as he killed the virus. Dean was asleep and resting peacefully as Cas had stopped the pain of the transition, but he couldn’t stop the transition.  

Cas appeared in Sam’s room.  “You are also infected.”

“What is it?”

“It is EV1.”

“Can you cure us?”

“No. But you will be on the side of Angels,” Cas replied.

“Even with my demon blood?”

“You no longer have demon blood, Sam.”

Sam was feeling bad, but he heard everything Cas said.

“No more demon blood. How is that possible, Cas?”

“EV1 is a retrovirus.  It is changing you genetically.  You are no longer Homo Sapien, but Homo Augment. A new species.”

Sam tried to wrap his mind around the fact that he and Dean would be a ‘new species.’ He wasn’t happy about any of it. But his logic told him that he had to accept it, since there was nothing to be done.

“How’s Dean? Is he having a hard time with this?”

Cas sighed. “He is having a much worse time with the virus than you are. I’m worried… I think he may become an omega.”

Sam growled, “What the fuck is an omega? And is he going to be okay?”

“Homo Augments have three genders. Female, Alpha male, and Omega male.  Omega males are hermaphrodites.  It’s odd...I would have thought Dean would be an Alpha.  Most...jocks are and most nerds are Omega, but you are clearly becoming an Alpha. Perhaps it was the influence of having to be mother as well as brother to you.”

“And you are getting all this information from?” Sam asked.

Cas pointed up. “We have read the Khan Directive.”

“Khan Directive?”

“A United Nations Directive to deal with the current crisis.”

Sam sighed, running a hand over his face. This was all too much to deal with. “So, the United Nations has put out a directive and we didn’t know shit about it.”

“It was need to know only, Sam. I would have told you if I thought you’d ever become infected.”

“And Dean is becoming a hermaphrodite? What the hell, Cas.”

Sam just thought about what Dean would say when he heard. There was going to be hell to pay.

“You must prepare yourself for your attraction to your brother.  Incest is no longer relevant, you are no longer Homo Sapien.”

Sam just stared at Cas. “Attraction? To Dean? You must be joking.”

“No, I am not. I would not joke about something so serious,” Cas replied confused. “Homo Augment is a new species.  It is necessary for your survival that you be attracted to and breed with others of your species.”  

“Breed? You mean I could knock up Dean? Cas, that’s disgusting.” Sam just shook his head.

“You will find that you adjust in time.  I believe Augments are permanently...horny.”

Sam wanted this to all just be a horrible nightmare. He would be sexually attracted to Dean, Dean could get pregnant… What the hell was happening?

“Maybe you should go check on Dean again.”

“He is asleep. And you have mail; an important email, I believe.”

Sam just shook his head. “And you know this how? Never mind, don’t tell me. I’ll go look at it now.” Sam stood up and walked to his laptop. He fired it up and sure enough, there was an email.




It was from the Pentagon.  Sam opened it.  But instead of an email it opened a live video feed.  “Mr Winchester, you look like hell.  I see that you have been infected with EV1.  I’m General Jack O’Neill, two ‘l’s.  There is another one with one ‘l’.”

Sam laughed ruefully. “Okay, General O’Neill with two ‘l’s, what do you want?”

“Your services.  I want to hire the Men of Letters.  In fact I am commandeering your services for the duration of the crisis. You will be handsomely paid and provided every resource you require.  I believe that you have managed to successfully fight the mutants. You will have just received an email from me with the Welcome pack for the Khan Directorate, explaining EV1 and it’s effects.  It’s sort of a dumbed down version for us non-medical people.”   

Sam checked and sure enough, there was the email. He went back to the live feed and told O’Neill he’d gotten it.

“It might take a while for you to read it and I see that you are still transitioning so I’ll get back to you in the morning.”

Sam found that he could and did read it while the General was talking to him. “I have already read it,” he replied.

“Oh...OK, got a bit of speed reading abilities there,” Jack said.

Sam was surprised at the speed he read it and that fact that he seemed to have retained all the information on the first reading.  It was the first glimmer of hope that this would not be as bad as he imagined.

Dean came to, more than woke up. He felt like he’d been hit by a truck but he got up and sat on the edge of the bed. Sighing, he pulled on jeans and went to look for Sam.

He found him sitting at a desk, looking at his laptop. Dean just sat down heavily across from him.

“Hey, bitch. I’m assuming you heard from Cas what happened?’

Sam looked at Dean and just shook his head. “Yeah, Dean, I know a lot about what happened. I’ll bring you up to speed, but there’s something you need to know first.”

“Yeah Sammy, what’s that?”

Sam looked away. “Uh, there’s no easy way to say this…” He trailed off.

“Just spit it out, Sam.”

“Uh, Dean, you’re a, well, a hermaphrodite.”

Dean just sat there, looking confused. “Wait, what? I’m a what?”

“A hermaphrodite. It means you have both male and female junk, to put it in terms you’ll understand.”

Dean jumped up. “I have NOT got female parts! What the fuck do you mean?”

Sam just pulled up a drawing of the omega male physiology and turned the laptop around so Dean could see it.



Dean looked, blinked and looked again. “What the ever lovin’ fuck is this shit?”

Dean suddenly relaxed.  “Oh, I get it, this is a hallucination. I’ve got a fever.”

Sam just took the laptop back. “Afraid not, bro. This is real. You’re gonna have to get used to it.”

“So, do you have female junk too? I mean if I do, you must have too. You’re the pussy of this group.” Dean chuckled.

“Apparently, not,” Sam couldn’t help but smile.  He was an Alpha, a nerdy Alpha but still an Alpha. Except, as far as he could make out, Omegas were generally intellectually superior and certain parts of the directions given in the Khan Directive suggested that they be considered for the positions of authority.  Sam knew that Dean wasn’t as dumb as he often made out to be but that was their father’s doing. Dean had to live up to Dad’s expectations of manhood.  Sam was the one who never needed his father’s approval and went his own way as soon as he could. That he had practically deserted Dean to their father’s mercy now haunted him.  Sam was surprised at the multitude of thoughts and perceptions he was now capable of processing in seconds.

“Dean, it’s alright. It doesn’t make you any less of a man,”Sam said, hoping that was the right thing to say.  This was all too new.  There was no manuals on how to deal with this. It was like trying to tell Dean he was a werewolf but he wasn’t going to kill, or a vampire but he wasn’t going to bite.  “We’ve been through shit before.  We are always going through shit. We we always get through it.”

Dean still thinking that this was just a hallucination or a dream, wandered into the kitchen and got a beer. “So you are trying to tell me that I’m going to want it up the rear?” Dean laughed. “No way in hell, bitch. Not even in hell,” he told Sam. “And no less a man? Bitch, I’ve got a fucking uterus!”

Dean was yelling now. He was pacing the room and waving his beer around so much it sloshed out.

Dean finally sat down heavily. He sat his beer on the table. He felt like crying but he wouldn’t give Sam the satisfaction. Sam would probably say he was just hormonal.

Sam turned to look at Dean.  He really felt for his brother.  He didn’t think he would have coped so well if it was him.

Dean sighed. “So what do we do now?”

Sam got up the Welcome email and turned the laptop towards Dean. “Read this.”

Dean read the whole thing.  It took Dean more time than it did Sam to read it, but it was a lot faster than Dean normally read.  He stood up and walked away.  “I’m going back to bed. I’ve got to wake up.”  

“Dean, haven’t you once, even once, at least once looked at Cas and…”






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Dean was tossing and turning, having nightmares and feeling hot and weird. He called out to Cas in his sleep, not being fully awake and not completely asleep either. He just knew he needed Cas.

Cas as always came to Dean as soon as possible.  As soon as he appeared in Dean’s room he could smell the overwhelming Omega pheromones and was surprised at how quickly he reacted to them.  Angels were not supposed to react to human sexuality, but he was in a human body and it was not like he had never had sex.

Cas walked to the side of Dean’s bed and said quietly, “Dean? Dean!” Dean opened his eyes and moaned. “Cas… what are you doing here?”

“You called me.”

Dean said, “I did? I guess I’m kind of fucked up here, Cas. I feel so strange… horny..” He chuckled that he actually said that to Cas. But he was horny… hornier than he had ever been before in his life, and that was saying something. From his position lying down, he could easily view most of Castiel and the one thing he focused on was the bulge in his normally loose trousers. Cas sat down on the bed and reached a hand out to touch Dean’s face.



“Dean, I want to help you.” He started removing his tie, and Dean just laid there and watched.

A moan escaped Dean’s mouth and he struggled to stay quiet. He watched as Cas slowly disrobed. His cock was twitching and he felt even hotter than he had before. It was only then while he stared at the Cas that he realised what was happening, coming out of his daze of need.  “You sure about this Cas?” Dean asked.  “I’ve’ve had sex with a guy.”

Cas just smiled at him and said, “I’m very sure, Dean. I want to make you feel better and I know you will enjoy it. You are Augment now. Just relax.”

“’re a guy…” Dean muttered.

Cas laughed softly, I realised that a few seconds after taking possession of this body, Dean.”

“I’m not gay,” Dean replied.

“No you aren’t.  You were Bisexual, and now you are omnisexual.”

“What the fuck is omnisexual?” Dean asked momentarily distracted from his feeling.

“You’ll find out.”

Now fully nude, Cas laid down and pulled Dean to him. He kissed Dean, and Dean found that he really, really liked kissing Cas. He kissed back, feeling a warmth flush through him that he honestly couldn’t remember ever happening before.

Cas ran his hands over Dean’s chest and pulled at his nipples. Dean moaned loudly. He wondered if Sam could hear them but lost it as soon as he thought it.

Dean grabbed Cas by the back of his neck to pull him down into a very passionate kiss. Cas let his hands wander lower, grazing Dean’s belly. Dean was hard and dripping pre cum. He just pulled away from the kiss and said, “Cas, please…”

“Please, what, Dean?” Cas smiled at him. Dean didn’t have an answer, he just knew that he needed more. The sensations he was feeling were something he had never felt in places he didn’t have before but they were still familiar somehow.

“Just...more...Cas,” he said quietly.  

Cas moved down between Dean’s legs. Dean spread them for him, not thinking about it, only reacting. Cas took the head of Dean’s cock in his mouth, not sucking but just holding it there and Dean felt like the top of his head was going to come off. “Cas… “ But Dean couldn’t say the words. He just hoped Cas would do something, anything to relieve this ache.

Dean grabbed Cas’ head and held him there, careful not to grip his hair too strongly.  But Dean had always been a gentle lover. Regardless of his reputation for one night stands, Dean never left his partner unsatisfied nor did he ever promise more than what he was offering.  Dean had to admit that he was a little scared and that seemed to heighten his desire rather than dull it. Cas began to suck lightly on just the head, and stuck his tongue into the slit. Dean groaned. “God, Cas, that feels so good…” Cas just kept it up for a few minutes then pulled his mouth off, much to Dean’s chagrin.

“Cas… I need more.”

Cas just said quietly, “I know, Dean, and I’m going to give you more.” He pushed up Dean’s legs, and Dean pulled them into the air. Cas smiled and crawled over Dean, lining up. He grabbed his cock and slid it into Dean’s tight heat. Dean gasped, and clenched down on Cas.

“Relax, Dean. This is what you need.”

“Relax? How can I friggin relax?! This is the most wonderful feeling I have ever had.  OMG! Cas, what are you doing to me?” He thrust up against Cas, driving him deeper.

Cas just said, “I’m giving you what you need, Dean.” Then he pulled back and shoved in again, loving the feeling of being inside Dean. He’d thought about this so many times before, and now it was actually happening. He established a rhythm that they both could handle.

“Oh, Cas… it feels so good. I never knew it could feel like this.”

Even Cas had to admit that this was far more intense than he had ever felt, everything was amplified. Dean clung to Cas, digging his fingers into Cas’ arms. He met every thrust with one of his own.

Cas felt that he was getting a knot. He never really expected it, but now that it was happening, he really wasn’t surprised. Dean felt something, kind of weird, against his rim.

“Cas, what is that? What’s happening?” he asked but at some level he knew what was happening.  He had read the Khan Directive Welcome pack about Augments.  Intellectually he knew but that mean Cas was infected. Cas’ knot was pressing against his Omega gland. Dean could feel the build up not only in his balls but deep within him.  He clamped around Cas’ shaft and grabbed his shoulders, thrusting up against the angel.  “Oh, fuck, Cas.  No, I mean it.  Fuck me, Cas!”  

Cas increased both his speed and the strength of his thrusts. He was so close, He moaned out, “Dean, I’m close. I…” He couldn’t finish. He just thrust his knot into Dean and released, over and over. Dean gasped and then clenched down on the knot, coming himself so hard that he saw spots in front of his eyes.

“Fuck, Cas… that feels… amazing.” He felt too full and yet just right.

Cas put his head down on Dean’s shoulder and struggled to catch his breath. Dean didn’t want him to withdraw just yet.  He wanted to relish in the feel of being joined to Cas.  He’d been wanting this and dreading this for far too long, unable to admit to himself that he wanted this. Cas just kissed the side of Dean’s face and stayed put. “I like it too, Dean.” Dean smiled at Cas’ usual understatement.

“We can do this again, right?” Dean asked.

Cas smiled and said, “Yes, Dean, we can do this again whenever time permits.”

Dean fell asleep with Cas still in him.  He slept better than he could ever remember, feeling secure and safe in Cas’ arms. Cas just watched him sleep, as he used to do in the past without Dean ever knowing.



Dean woke alone and sticky.  He headed straight for the shower, before getting his morning coffee. Cas was sitting in the kitchen drinking coffee.  He stood up as Dean entered, staring at Dean in bewilderment.  He frowned and stepped closer to Dean.  

“Cas, you are scaring me.  What’s wrong?”

“I sense two souls,” Cas said. “You are possessed.”

“What the fuck do you mean, ‘possessed’? There is no one in here but me, Cas. This bunker is warded against anything and everything.”

Cas just out his hand on Dean’s belly. “That’s not what I mean, Dean. I mean, we seem to have created a baby.”

“What!? What the hell, Cas? I’m… I’m pregnant?”

“This is a problem, Dean.  Human/Angel hybrids are not permitted. They are an abomination!”

“Well, you should have used a condom,” Dean yelled at Cas.  Then it struck him and he collapsed onto a chair. “Pregnant…” He put an hand over his eyes. “Well, what are we going to do about this? Kill it? Wait for me to pop and then kill it? I don’t kill babies, Cas, you know that.”

“I must consult with the other angels,” Cas said.

“Wait a minute.  If they decide to kill it...they might decide to kill me. Do you really want your own kid dead?”

Cas felt more pain than he ever had before. “I would never allow you to be killed, Dean, you should know that by now. As to the other, it would cause me considerable pain to kill our child.”

“Then we don’t tell them. Ah shit! How did my life go to hell so quickly?” Dean moaned. “I need coffee.”

“Do you think that wise?”

Dean gave him a look that could wither flowers. “I NEED a coffee.” Cas just sighed and stepped aside. Now was not the time to discuss what a pregnant man should or should not do, he figured. It was all a little much for him to digest, and he knew Dean was struggling with it as well.

“Morning,” Sam said as he entered the kitchen.  He glanced between Dean and Cas, expecting a little awkwardness but not this much tension.  “ two finally got together…” Sam said almost afraid of the reply.

Cas sighed and Dean just growled, taking a sip of his coffee. “Yah think, Sammy? Well, you’re right, but now there’s an entirely new problem.” He glared at Cas.

Cas sighed again, and turned to Sam. “Sam, I seem to have, well, impregnated your brother.”

Sam’s coffee mug smashed on the tiled floor.  “What!? But...but...Oh shit!” Dean just looked at him and said, “My thought exactly. Oh shit.” They both looked at Cas.

Cas squinted and cocked his head. “We were just discussing what we are going to do. No real decision has been made yet.”

Sam busied himself with cleaning up the mess he’d made. He needed time to process this whole thing. The idea of Cas and Dean getting together wasn’t exactly new to him, but his big brother… pregnant? Holy fuck.

“Well, we can’t be sure, can we? I mean it takes like months to know for sure,” Sam commented.

“I sense two souls within Dean,” Cas replied.  

“Will you stop saying that,” Dean growled.

Cas just mumbled, “Well, I do and it’s the truth.”

Sam just sat down and looked back and forth from Dean to Cas. “Well, obviously he’s going to have the baby. I mean, I’m gonna be an uncle!” Sam was looking for any bright spot in this mess.

“Not if the angels have anything to say about it.” Dean told Sam. “They think it’s an abomination.”

“How can it be an abomination? God decides these things, doesn’t he?” Sam said.

“God let Amara be born,” Dean reminded him.

“But that turned out alright in the end.”

“After she had killed a few thousand people. Besides we all know that God is a dick.”

“Okay, then we keep it a secret then. What the angels don’t know can’t hurt us, right Cas?”

Cas sighed. “I fear that the second Dean leaves the protection of this warded bunker, they will sense it.”

Dean grumbled, “Oh great. I just have to stay inside for the duration and then never let our kid see the light of day?”

“No can do,” Sam told him.  “We have been drafted into the Khan Directorate. They want our services.”  

Dean groaned and said, “What I really need right now is a beer.”

Both Cas and Sam said “NO!” at the same time. “No alcohol. You’re pregnant.”


“Alcohol is forbidden during pregnancy, Dean.” Sam looked stern.

“Oh fucking great. This just sucks.”

Sam had a thought he wanted to run by Cas. “Cas, so a nephilim is the baby of an angel and a human being, right?”

Cas looked at him, “Yes, Sam.”

Sam smiled. “Well, Augments aren’t exactly human anymore, are they? I mean we’re no longer Homo Sapien, so, couldn’t that be an out?”

Castiel cocked his head to the side and was clearly thinking about this. “I am also affected by this virus. At least my host body is.”

“Which is essentially yours now since it’s soul is in heaven,” Dean pointed out.

“I could make that case to the angel council if the need ever arose,” Cas said.

Dean grinned broadly. “There you go! Problem solved. Now, I need more coffee.” He totally ignored both Cas and Sam’s frowns. “I think I’m hungry too. What’s around here to eat?”

“You are going to have to change your diet too,” Sam pointed out.

“Like hell.  If God wants this kid born then it will be born regardless of what I eat,” Dean said.

Sam just rolled his eyes. “It needs to be healthy, Dean and you don’t want to gain a ton of baby weight.”

“I don’t think it quite works like that, Dean.  I believe it is your free choice. It would be…”

“That’s enough from you.  This is your fault.” Dean shoved his head into the refrigerator and started rooting around.


Chapter Text


They were all startled when General Jack O’Neill appeared in a rain of sparkles just like the teleporter on Star Trek.

“Who the hell are you?” Dean asked.

“That’s General Jack O’Neill.  How did you do that? This bunker is warded against just about everything,” Sam asked.

“Warded? I just teleported down,” Jack replied.   

Dean was busy shoveling food in his mouth, but stopped chewing and regarded O’Neill cautiously. “Teleported? How exactly does that work?” Dean was talking with his mouth full, as usual.

“Um…” Jack was taken aback.  No one had ever asked that. “I order them to teleport me and they do.”

Dean grinned. “Awesome! Must come in handy for midnight food runs.”

“No, I just order food and it’s brought to me.  It’s good being ‘the man’,” Jack smiled.  He was going to like Dean.  “So, coming to work for/with me to fight some bad guys?”

Sam just nodded and said, “Yeah, it seems like we are.”

Cas felt he needed to tell the General that Dean was pregnant. “General, Dean is pregnant. I just thought you should know.” Dean scowled at him.

“And you are?” Jack asked Cas.

“I’m Castiel Novak, I’m an angel. Happy to meet you, General.” Cas extended a hand.

Jack shook his hand but looked at him as if he thought Castiel was insane. “Got you own mini insane asylum going here?” Jack asked Sam.

Cas looked shocked and Sam laughed. “Uh, he really is an angel, General. Cas, do something angel-like for the General.”

“Cas, do not burn his eyes out,” Dean muttered.

Cas extended his wings for a moment. “I wasn’t going to burn his eyes out, Dean. Give me some credit.”

“Whoa! Fucking hell! That was impressive!” Jack exclaimed in surprise and then much calmer, “Alien?”

Cas said in a very exasperated voice, “NO! I’m an angel of the Lord, you assbutt. There are no such things as aliens.”

“Sorry to disillusion you but there are plenty of aliens.  I’ve been fighting them for...a really long time. I am head of Homeworld Security. We fight aliens.  Meet some friendly one too.  But the unfriendlies are really unfriendly.”

Cas was clearly confused by this. “Why have I never heard of them before?”

“Possibly because we keep it secret.  We don’t want a world wide panic.”

Dean smiled and put a hand on Cas’ shoulder. “I guess either Chuck hasn’t told you guys everything, or he isn’t exactly omnipotent” Cas just shook his head and sat down.

“So what brings you here?” Sam decided to move this along.

“I like to meet the ones I am about to spend the rest of my life with. There are 73 of us.  And we have two wars to fight, possibly 3, before we can move along to our new home on Gallifrey.”  

“Hold up there. Spend the rest of your life with? Home on Gallifrey? What the fuck are you talking about?” Dean was confused. Had he read about this and just forgotten?

“Do you mind?” Jack asked pointing to the coffee pot. “This might take awhile.”

“Help yourself,” Sam answered and got him an empty mug.

The four of them sat down at the small kitchen table. “Firstly, congratulations, Dean.  We will provide you with the best medical care on the planet. You are part of the Directorate so you get free accommodation, clothes, food, medical care, and any assistance you might need.”

Dean smiled. “Cool! I could use some new flannel about now, what with the bun in the oven and all.”

“We don’t have quite the setup that the British Directorate Offices do but we’ll do our best. The UN is providing unlimited finance this.”  Jack sipped his coffee. “You can either be in the field or set up as an advisor and teacher, that is up to you. Gestation is only 5 months, so you will find yourself in the field fairly quickly if you wish.”

“Only 5 months? That’s awesome. But I want to be in the field, of course. No sitting behind a desk for this guy!” Dean smiled.

“I understand from the British Men of Letters that you are the first to kill an Augment.  I’d like you to train my people how you did it,” Jack continued. Jack was itching to get out from behind his desk now that the transition had cured his bad knees and practically reversed his aging.

“It was messy and difficult to say the least,” Sam replied. “We basically just hacked them to pieces.”

“I’d like to send a team of three people to observe your techniques and they will then report back to me and we will set up some training sessions.  This team has been on the front line fighting unfriendly aliens for quite some time so they are no freshmen to the fighting. You won’t need to babysit them.”  

“That’s fine, but we’ll need to find some bad guys to show them what we did.” Sam said.

“Not a problem. We can find them and beam you to them. Consider yourselves on call. Do you fight with them, Angel?”

Cas asked, “Is it safe for Dean to transport in his condition? And yes I have upon occasion. And since Dean is carrying my baby, I want to be there.”

“Baby angel...I thought I had heard everything,” Jack commented.  “I didn’t think you guys had...junk, or so the legends go.”

“In our true form, we don’t. I’m inhabiting a human vessel, a male vessel as you can see. And I most definitely have… junk, as you put it.” Cas was somewhat insulted.

Jack ignored that Cas had taken offense.  He was used to offending people.  He was a General after all.

“Okay, okay stop measuring your junk and let’s get back to business,” Dean said, somewhat amused by Cas’ reaction.

What these Men of Letters didn’t know yet but Jack did was that Alphas butt heads ALL the time. Testosterone overload was causing problems even and perhaps especially in the Pentagon. “Yes, Castiel. It is safe for Dean to teleport in his condition. And I’ll get on to your first request as soon as I get back.  Flannel it is. And…” Jack pulled what looked like a mechanical pencil from his pocket.  “We can keep track of you so that getting separated from your team isn’t a problem. We can contact you through this communicator.  You can contact us and we can find you to pull you out of any situation that becomes too much.”  

Sam took the device and looked it over. “Nice!”

Dean chuckled and said, “Nerd” under his breath.

Sam muttered something about ‘maternity flannel’ and Dean just glared at him.

Jack held out his hand for the device.  Then stood to go to Sam.  “This will not hurt.” He pulled Sam’s hair back from his ear and placed the end of the device to the bone just behind his ear and activated it. Sam jumped, putting his hand up to the injured spot.  “I lied. It hurts. But that is now permanent. If you lose your head, we can find it.”

Dean looked at the General cautiously. “Can you eavesdrop with that thing? Like hear private conversations?”

“Only if you activate it,” Jack replied.

“Are you lying?” Cas asked.

“No.  I wouldn’t want anyone in my bed but those I choose,” he replied and showed that he had one too.

“How does it activate?”

“For tracking, it is always on. For communication, tap twice on, tap once off. It used to be set once on and twice off but people kept accidentally activating it.” By people, Jack meant himself.

Dean leaned his head to one side and said, “Okay, hit me.”

“This won’t hurt at all…” Jack said.

Dean laughed. “Yeah that won’t fly anymore. Just do it.”

“Swearing is permitted,” Jack told them. He hit Dean with the device and turned to Cas. Cas sighed. “I’m not sure I like this… but go ahead.”

“It isn’t compulsory for those who aren’t on my list and you aren’t. But I guess as an angel you don’t need a cryopod.”

Dean said, “Hey, you’re the father of my child! You’re getting one, Cas. I need to know you’re safe. Besides, I doubt that thing works in heaven.”

“At a guess, I would think that Heaven is in another dimension, which means it definitely won’t work there,” Jack said.  “It cuts out about 30 million miles.”

Dean chuckled again. “It definitely won’t work in Hell then.”

“There’s a Hell too?  I thought being behind a desk in the Pentagon was hell,” Jack replied.  “I need consent, Castiel.”

Cas said, “I give my consent, just because Dean wants it.”

Dean said, “Oh yeah, there’s a Hell. Spent 40 years there one time.”

Jack injected Cas, who didn’t even flinch.  

“Yes, that was painful,” Cas said.


“You said cryopod,” Sam commented.

“After the 2nd war, 200 Augments, you and Dean included will be put into cryopods and shot out into space.  Our information is that you two are among those who survive. 73 cryopods are recovered.”

“And you know this how?” Cas asked.

“Time traveller called the Doctor.”

Sam and Dean both just looked at him. “Time traveller? You have got to be kidding” Sam said.

Jack smiled.  It was one of his joys of the job to surprise people with these titbits of information.   

“Wait a minute,” Dean said, “You said we survived. What about Cas?”

“You are on the list of the 73 whose cryopods are recovered.  I don’t have any information about an angel. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t survive, it just probably means he doesn’t need a cryopod.”

Dean looked worried. “Well, can’t you ask this Doctor about him?”

“I can try, but I’m not in immediate contact with him. He’s Khan’s advisor.”

“Okay, but when you do see him, tell him about Cas being an angel and everything, and ask, for fuck’s sake.” Dean didn’t want to think about a future without Cas in it.”

Cas touched Dean on the shoulder, and said quietly, “Don’t worry, Dean. I’m sure I’ll be fine.”

Dean just muttered, “Damn well better be.”

“Of course, all this information is top secret and if you tell anyone I will have to kill you,” Jack told them.  

“You don’t know how to kill Augments,” Sam reminded him.

“I’m sure that a vat of acid will do the job,” Jack replied.

“Yes, that would most likely do it,” Cas said. Dean just frowned at him.

“Gentlemen, we will do what is necessary to survive. And don’t worry Dean.  If we have to kill you, we will wait until your child is born.”

“Gee, thanks.” Dean said sourly. “Good to know.”

“A lot more is riding on us doing our jobs than I can tell you.  But I hear that you guys have saved the planet several times from Armageddon so we are in the same league.  This is just another day on the job,” Jack told them.

Dean grinned. “Yeah, done it about four times now,” Sam nodded in agreement. “Of course, that was between heaven and hell…”

Cas stood up. “Speaking of heaven, I need to report back and tell them about this.” He leaned over and kissed Dean lightly. “I’ll be back tomorrow, I promise.” With that, they heard the usual rustling of wings and he was gone.

Jack just stared at where Cas used to be standing. “Does he always leave like that? I mean… wings.” He shook his head.

Sam just said, “No sometimes he drives an old caddy.”

Jack nodded. It wasn’t the most unusual encounter he had ever had but he couldn’t wait to tell Daniel about this. “OK, guys, I will be in touch,” Jack said.  He tapped his com twice. “Beam me up, Scotty.”



“WOW! That guy is so hot for an old guy.  That uniform…” Dean commented when Jack was gone.

“Speaking of hot… You’re really not so bad yourself, Dean. Come here…” Sam stood up and crossed the room, standing near Dean.

At first, Dean didn’t seem to be able to resist.  There was something about Sam’s voice and the smell of him that made Dean want to do anything Sam said.  But then, Dean remembered it was his brother, not just some guy, standing in front of him.

“Get off, Sam. Nothing’s gonna happen here.” Dean told him.

Sam wasn’t about to take no for an answer. Dean had already been with Cas, which made Sam feel sort of angry, and now, he wanted his turn. He grabbed Dean and pulled him from the chair.

“What the fuck!? Sam!” Dean felt a little dizzy.  The pheromones were just too strong standing next to Sam.  Adding to that his blood was rushing south.  He’s always thought Sam was hot but...

Sam pulled him for a messy kiss, and held on to Dean’s arms tightly. He wanted Dean in the worst way.

Dean tried to pull away but Sam was too strong for him. He sniffed the air and his cock was getting harder by the moment. “Sammy…” he whined.

Sam’s hands were at Dean’s belt, taking it loose. When that was out of the way, he yanked the button open, unzipped Dean’s pants and yanked them down.

“Bro…” Dean tried to verbalize his thoughts but they were getting muddled with his need, the pure lust Sam was inciting.  Dean found himself turning in Sam’s hands and bending over the table.  “Fuck!”

Sam struggled to get his own pants down while holding Dean against the table. When he did, he grabbed his cock and just slammed it into Dean. Dean moaned in spite of himself, and pushed back against his brother's cock. And then there was nothing in the world but Sam’s cock in him. Cas didn’t even cross his mind.  “FUCK! Harder, Sam.”  

Sam had a death grip on Dean’s hips and he slammed in and out of Dean as fast and as hard as he could. He groaned at how tight and hot Dean was inside…

This was like nothing Dean had ever experienced.  It had all been new to him with Cas but Dean had never known such savagery could be so hot. “Hurt me, Sam.”  

Sam growled in Dean’s ear, “Oh I intend to do just that, Dean.” He increased the thrusts into Dean, needing to hurt him and not caring about it. He was just a cock in a hole at this point.

Dean was getting hurt but he loved it, craved it. “Sammy… don’t stop…” Sam had no intention of stopping. He didn’t even give a thought as to the fact that Dean was pregnant.

Dean struggled to move but Sam held him down too tightly. He could feel he was close to coming, his balls were tightening and he could feel the heat spread out from them.

“Sammy, I’m close… I’m going to cum…’ and then he did, all over the floor. His hole clenched down on Sam’s cock, and Sam groaned. He came inside Dean just a few moments later. Sam just stood, panting, and let his cock soften and slide out of Dean. He let go of Dean’s back and stood back, admiring the view.

Dean stood up a little unsteadily and turned to Sam.  “What the fuck just happened?” he asked in a mutter. Sam just smiled at him. “Something I’ve been thinking about for a long time, Dean. But now, it’s not incest. It’s just sex.”

“Fuck,” Dean sighed.  “Yeah, you know not trying to freak you out or anything but same here.  You are so freaking hot for being my brother.  Sam, you are like sex on legs. That was incredible!”

“Oh yeah?” Sam said, “Better than Cas?”

“Different,” Dean admitted not intending on giving Sam an ego boost more than he had. Dean realised that Sam didn’t knot.  He decided to look that up in the info they had been given and if it wasn’t there he would ask Jack.  He pulled up his jeans.  “You get to clean up the mess.” Dean decided he needed another shower.  

“Dean…” Sam said as Dean walked away.  “Um...sorry.”

Dean went back to him and slipping his hand behind Sam’s neck, pulled the giant down to kiss him gently.  “I’m not.  In fact, do that whenever the urge takes you,” he said.  Then he added, “Except when I get bigger, no squishing against tables.”


Chapter Text

Dean lay on his bed looking through the 10th anniversary edition of Big Breasted Asians. His collection lay about him, spilling over onto the floor.  He dropped the magazine in disgust.  They no longer interested him.  He felt empty. He rubbed his hand over his belly, thinking about the child he was carrying and sighed.

“What the fuck is happening to me? I hate this… I think. I don’t even know anymore.”

“You don’t hate it. You think you should hate it. But you don’t,” Cas said as he appeared in Dean’s room.  “Your Omega hormones are taking over. For a while your top priority will be the child you are carrying. I have consulted with Chuck, though he was not pleased at me interrupting his vacation.”   

“Well, what did he say, for fuck’s sake?” Dean was feeling very impatient and very horny.

“He said he is not expecting you in heaven for quite some time and that everything is going to plan. You must trust your instincts.”

“Well, right now my instinct is to have you fuck me, Cas. How about that?”

Cas smiled. He took off his trench coat and threw it on the chair in the corner of Dean’s room. It seemed that it had been placed there for exactly that reason since no one would want to sit in the corner for no reason. His shoes were removed next. Dean smiled up at him and swept the magazines off the bed.  When Cas was finished stripping off he sat down on the edge of the bed and then looked at Dean quizzically.  “I can smell Sam on you.”

“Ah...yes...about that.”

“This is excellent progress,” Cas told him.

“What?” Dean frowned.

“It is essential that you feel an attraction to other augments.  You will be the first mother to a new species. According to our information only 73 adult augments survive in cryopods, out of nearly a billion transitioned. With those statistics, it is essential that every Omega breed with as many Alphas as possible. A genuine attraction would aid this.”

“I thought you would be jealous.”

“I am. But my feelings are insignificant in light of the bigger picture.”

“Not to me.”

Cas smiled. “And yet you still had sex with Sam.”

“ happened.”  Dean was still slightly uncomfortable about the entire thing. “I’m sorry.”

“No need to apologise, Dean. I know how things are now.” Cas leaned over and kissed him.

Dean melted into the kiss. Cas was the one he was in love with, even though they had never said a word about it before. He was glad, if he had to be pregnant, it was Cas’ baby.

“Let me give our baby strength,” Cas said and let his hand run down over Dean’s belly. His hand glowed and Dean felt something warm deep inside.

“Did you just give the baby some of your grace?” Dean asked in wonder.


“Can you tell if it’s a boy or a girl, Cas?”

“It’s too early to tell.  All fetuses are girls at first.”   

Dean sighed. “Okay. I get it. But can we fuck now, please?”

Cas laughed. “Yes we can fuck now.”  Cas’ hand slid lower and teased little Dean.

“Oh yeah, Cas. that feels so good.” Dean spread his legs apart and wiggled his ass, trying to tempt Cas to get on with it.

Cas laughed again, but he got the message. He pulled Dean’s legs up to wrap around his waist, and lined up. He pushed in, reveling in how good it felt to be inside Dean, to share this. He’d wanted Dean for so long, and now, he had him. At least he had part of him anyway.

Dean pushed against Cas, trying to get all of him inside. Cas bottomed out and held there for a moment. Then he pulled back and thrust in again.

Dean moaned, “Oh Cas, it feels so good… faster…”

Cas leaned over and kissed Dean again, increasing his speed. He loved the way that Dean responded to him, how right it felt. Dean met every thrust and moaned loudly.

“Harder! Fuck me harder!” Dean was almost yelling at this point.

Cas gave it all he had. He pumped in and out of Dean almost fiercely. They both groaned and Dean just said in a hoarse voice, “I love you, Cas. I always have.”

Cas almost stopped. He had wanted to hear Dean say those words for so many years… “I love you too, Dean. I have since I saw your soul in hell.”

That was the first time Cas had seen Dean, his soul tortured and torn into pieces, broken and yet still strong and surviving. Hell had been hell for Dean but it had strengthened him and made him the man he was.  Cas was once again gaining faith in his father, even though he was a little disappointed that God still used the persona of Chuck. He was beginning to see how the puzzle pieces were fitting together.  

Dean grabbed his cock and began to pull on it, in rhythm to the thrusts Cas was giving him. He used his other hand to grab onto Cas’ arm, digging his fingers in as if his life depended on it.

“Cas, want your knot, please…” Dean remembered how amazing it had been the first time.

“Almost there, Dean. I’m…. almost there.” Cas wanted this too. This time Cas’ knot formed quickly while he was still inside Dean and prevented him from pulling out. It was the moment of his climax and Cas’ head dipped to bury his face against the crook of Dean’s neck, breathing in his pheromones and he bit. It was as much a surprise to Cas as it was to Dean. Dean gasped and came. It was both the knot and the bite that made him climax.

Cas lay next to Dean staring up at the ceiling. He had pulled the covers up over them as it was not that warm in the bunker. “I’m a vampire,” Cas said in shock.

“Yeah, I noticed. But you didn’t rip out my throat and drink me dry. Are you planning on turning me?”

“No. I don’t think so.  Maybe it has something to do with the virus,” Cas commented hopefully. “I have no desire to kill you or anyone else.”


Cas left to take care of some business. He rarely told Dean what kind of stuff he was doing and Dean had learned that it was pointless to ask. He lay in his bed, with one hand on his belly, and just thought about everything. It was still mind-blowing to him that he was actually pregnant. He drifted off to a dreamless sleep.

In the morning, Dean staggered out to the kitchen and wanted coffee but he settled for tea. He didn’t need Sam nagging at him this early. He walked to the library and there was Sam, lost in his laptop as usual. When Sam looked up and saw him, he smiled. “So get this… there have been some unusual deaths in a little town in Wyoming. Six people with their hearts missing and their throats torn out.

Dean sat down and took a sip of tea. He grimaced at the taste. “So, you thinking werewolves?” Sam nodded. “Okay,” Dean said, “Let me drink my colored water and get something to eat, and it’s off to Wyoming.”

“Should you…”

“I’m pregnant, not dead, Sam. When I get to that point I’ll tell you. But for now, it’s business as usual,” Dean told him. He pulled Sam’s laptop over to him and looked up the route to Wyoming.

“I always thought that you knew every route in the country,” Dean commented.

“So I can still surprise my little brother? I do know how to use a computer.”

“I thought that was what you had me for.”

“Nah! You’re around for show.”

An hour later, they were on the road. Dean cranked up his music, ignoring Sam’s scowl. “Hey, I’m pregnant, cut me some slack.”

Sam just frowned. “I’m always cutting you slack.” Dean just laughed.

It was late when the guys finally got to Laramie in Wyoming so they just checked into a motel and crashed. Dean woke up ravenous and horny. He laid in bed, trying to decide which to take care of first. Horny won out.

He slipped into Sam’s bed and snuggled up against the warmth.

“Can you be more obvious, Dean?” Sam asked.

“Man has needs.”

Dean pulled Sam’s face towards him and kissed him. In spite of how sleepy he was, Sam responded. “You’re always needy,” Sam whispered in his ear.

“Damn right.”

Sam pushed Dean onto his back and pinned him down. “Didn’t anyone ever give you lessons in foreplay and being gentle?”

“Well, you didn’t teach me. ‘Ask Dad.’ ‘Ask Dean.’ ‘Don’t they teach that stuff in school?’” Sam said in a mock approximation of Dean’s and their father’s voices.

“You’re the fucking internet genius. Why didn’t you ever look it up? And just what kind of porn have you been watching?” Dean asked.

Sam just rubbed his cock against Dean’s and replied, “The rough kind. Take it or leave it.”

“My brother the sadist. I’ll take it.” Dean wrapped his legs around Sam’s waist and locked his ankles. Sam shoved into him roughly and Dean grunted, but pushed back against him. Sam took him hard and fast and Dean had to admit, he sort of loved it. Sort of, he thought. Nah, he wasn’t the sort of guy.  He loved it. But he also loved Cas’ gentle touch. When he wasn’t pregnant, he would see just how rough Sam liked it. But for now, this was as rough as he wanted it to get.

After they were done and showered, Dean told Sam just how starving he was, and Sam chuckled. They went to a diner and Dean ordered two full breakfasts. “Eating for two now, Sammy.”

When Dean was finally full, they checked their gear to make sure they had silver knives and silver bullets in the guns, then went to the sheriff’s office to talk to the locals.

“Agent Mulder, and this is Agent Scully,” Sam said.  



The sheriff stared so long that they thought they might have finally blown it with the fake IDs. But the sheriff got to his feet and walked around the desk to lean on it in front of Dean. “Well, hello there, Agent.”

Dean felt a little uncomfortable but quickly realised that he could use this to his advantage.  “Yeah, we get that look a lot. Imagine how it made me feel when I got a partner named Scully,” Sam said, though he was sure that the sheriff didn’t hear a word he said.  

Dean smiled his brightest at the Sheriff. “We’re here to investigate the murders you’ve been having.”

An hour later, they left with very little new information.

“Well, that was a waste of time,” Sam growled.

“I don’t think so.”

“You stink of sex, Dean.”

“To me, you smell delicious,” Dean replied.

“Can we concentrate on the work?” Sam asked.

“I was working.”

“That was not working.”

“I made sure that we had every bit of information that the sheriff had.”

“Which doesn’t help us at all,” Sam complained.  

“You’re just jealous ‘cause I flirted with the sheriff,” Dean laughed.

“That was more than flirting, Dean.  I’m surprised you even had me wait outside. You are a slut, Dean.”

Dean just chuckled and started the Impala. “Cool your jets, Sammy.”

They went to the morgue and looked at the latest victim. “Definitely a were,” Dean said. “All we gotta do is figure out what the victims had in common. Let’s go back to the room and work this out.”

Dean stopped at the grocery store on the way and bought half the shop. He ate while Sam looked up the victims on his laptop. Dean wiped his hands on his pants and asked what Sam got.

“They all belonged to a club. Something called, ‘The Hunter’s Paradise.”

Dean laughed. “Hell of a name! So, where does this fancy group meet?”

“They have a meeting tomorrow night.”

Dean just wiggled his eyebrows at Sam. “Gives us plenty of time for some fun.”

Sam went to his bag. “Dean, come here.”

Dean went over to him, unsuspecting. Sam grabbed his hand and Dean suddenly found himself handcuffed to the bed.

“Whoa!” Dean exclaimed.

“I am not letting you go out and catch heaven knows what while you are pregnant.”

“Fuck, Sammy! Let me go! Let me go or I’ll…”

“You’ll what, Dean? I’m going to take care of you. You’ve got to stop fucking every man in sight.”

“I only fucked the sheriff.”

“And if I hadn’t stopped you this morning you would have let the waiter fuck you and probably half the sheriff’s department,” Sam replied. “This has got to stop. You have to get this under control.”

“Like you? Sam, you have never been like me.  You go months without any. I can’t do that.”

“Jesus, Dean. We need Cas to be around more. I think you just do this because you miss him.”

Dean sighed, yanking on the cuffs. “So what if I do? He’s always busy doing some fucking angel thing and I have needs, Sammy.”

“As soon as this case is over, I’m going to have a long talk with Cas,” Sam told him. “He needs to take some responsibility for his Omega.”

“I’m my own man, Sam. I don’t need taking care of.” They both knew that was only half right.

Sam sat down on the bed beside him. “I’m here for you, Dean. But you have to meet me halfway.”

Dean sighed. “Okay, okay. I hear you. I promise, no more random hook-ups. And we can talk to Cas together when we get back. Now will you please take these off?”

Sam smirked. “No. I have a better idea.” Dean smelt of the sheriff and Sam didn’t like that at all. He reached down and undid Dean’s belt and yanked it out of his pants. The pants themselves followed. Dean moaned and pulled harder on the cuffs.

“Don't struggle, Dean, you’ll only hurt your wrists.” Sam made sure that the cuffs were in a relatively comfortable position. He made a mental note to go to an Adult store to buy some padded cuffs and possibly some other toys. He knew Dean’s limits. They had been in too many fights together for him not to know when Dean’s love of a fight turned to enough. What Sam thought that Dean didn’t know was that Sam really got off on those fights. At first Sam wouldn’t even admit it to himself. He wanted to be ‘normal’. Then he was afraid that it was the demon blood in him. Eventually, though he accepted that he just liked the fighting.

After, they lay together in bed. Dean was satisfied for the moment. Sam said, “You know, Dean, I’ve been thinking. Normally, Weres just turn on the day before a full moon, on the full moon and the day after. This Were has killed 5 people that we know of, and it’s well after the full moon.”

Dean was thoughtful. “You’re right. I wonder if the virus has anything to do with it.”

Sam sighed, “I guess we’ll know when we find him.”

“You could call that General and ask,” Dean pointed out.

“I doubt that the General will have time to take random calls from us,” Sam replied.

“I don’t know. He had time to come visit.”  

“Yeah, I guess I’ll try calling in the morning. Now I need to get some sleep.”



“I’m hungry.”

“Holy crap, Dean. Go fix yourself something then.”

Dean pulled on the handcuffs to make them rattle.

“Fuck, I forgot. What do you want? I’m not going to uncuff you, Dean. I don’t trust you not to sneak out.”

“Pizza. And some pie! Don’t forget my pie.”




Chapter Text


Dean hit the wall hard enough to knock him out. They had identified the Werewolf, and gone after him. But things were not going according to plan. Sam had already shot the Were twice with silver bullets and Dean had stabbed him once with the silver knife but the thing just wouldn’t quit coming. It had punched Dean in the stomach and picked him up like a rag doll and thrown him across the room.

It was just turning on Sam when Cas appeared with a flurry of wings. Cas put his hand of the monster’s head, white light had flashed and the Were fell dead. Turning, Cas ran to where Dean lay. He put two fingers on Dean’s forehead and Dean moaned. Dean opened his eyes, groaning, “Cas? Cas what.. How did you get here?”

Cas pulled Dean up to a sitting position. “I sensed you were in trouble and came as soon as I could. You were injured. Dean, you need to be more careful. Our child could have been injured.”

Dean scowled at Cas. “Yeah? You think? So where in the hell have you been?”

Cas looked sad, and sort of guilty. “I realize I have been absent a lot…”

“A lot? Fuck, Cas, you’re my Alpha. You’re supposed to stay with me. I… I miss you, I need you.”

Cas nodded. “I realize that, Dean. I’m not going to leave you again.”

“This is all very touching and all, but can we please get out of here before the cops arrive?” Sam was standing over them.

“Of course, Sam. My apologies.” Cas helped Dean to his feet and they walked to Baby. When Dean went towards the driver’s door, Cas told him to give Sam the keys. “Like hell! I can drive.”

Cas used his Alpha voice. “Dean, get into the back seat and lie down. Sam will drive.”

Dean looked down and said quietly. “Yes, Cas.” He got into the back seat and handed Sam the keys.

Back at the motel, Cas and Dean went into the room, but Sam stood at the door. “I’ll get another room. Give you two some privacy.” Cas thanked him and shut the door. Dean grabbed Cas and kissed him. “Fuck, I missed you... “

Cas smiled and said, “I missed you too.”

Pulling Cas towards the bed, Dean said, “Sam is too rough. I need my Alpha.”

“Are you still in heat? I thought that being pregnant would stop your heat,” Cas replied.

“I don’t care. I need you. I am rock hard and if you don’t fuck me now my balls will explode.”

Cas chuckled. He began to take Dean’s clothes off, and when that was done he stripped as well. He took Dean in his arms and kissed him tenderly. Dean pulled Cas on top of him and wrapped his legs around Cas’ waist. “Please, Alpha, need you…”

Cas grabbed his cock and slid it into Dean. He groaned at the feeling, so tight and hot. Dean pushed against him, signaling his readiness. Cas rocked in and out of him, very tenderly. He heard Dean when he said that Sam was too rough. He wanted Dean to feel loved and cherished. It wasn’t just fucking to Cas, it was making love to his Omega..

They lay together locked by Cas’ knot for a long time. “My leg is going numb,” Dean commented.

“We could roll over to the other side.”

“Why are we locked for so long?”

“I don’t know.”

“Bite me,” Dean said.


“Bite me, like you did before.”

Cas didn’t understand, but he did as Dean suggested. He bit Dean hard on the shoulder, just where it became his neck. When he tasted blood, he pulled back. The knot went down immediately.

“How did you think of that?” Cas asked him.

“Dunno. Just thought back to that first time. It was the only thing different.”

“There is something puzzling me,” Cas said.

“Just one thing?” Dean teased.

“Why do you not use better motels?”

“Because we use fake credit cards. The more expensive the motel the more likely they are to check the cards,” Dean replied.

“Hmmm...makes sense.”

Dean laughed.

They spooned up together, with Dean the little spoon. Dean drifted off to sleep. Cas didn’t need to sleep, but he held Dean all through the night, occasionally kissing Dean’s head when it seemed like he was having uneasy dreams.

The next morning, there was a knock on the door. Cas got up, pulled on his pants and went to let Sam in. Sam looked at Dean, who was still asleep. “Gonna get going anytime soon? I’m getting hungry.”

Dean said sleepily, “I’m starving.”

Sam and Cas both laughed. “You’re always starving, Dean. Get ready and we’ll find somewhere to eat,” Sam told him.

Dean slipped out of bed, naked and went to the bathroom. He came back dressed with ruffled damp hair in only seconds. “Just discovered a new power. Super speed dressing.”

Cas just looked at him. “Are you sure it isn’t just the promise of food?” Dean stuck his tongue out at him.

As they ate, even Cas, Cas commented that they should go somewhere deserted and find out what abilities they do have and learn to control them, before Dean got his child killed. “Our child,” Dean corrected.

“Yes, our child.”  

They finally agreed to go to an abandoned cabin Sam and Dean had stayed at in the past. It was on the way back to the bunker. They stopped at a store and stocked up on supplies, and headed out. Dean insisted on driving.



“So, what first?” Dean asked.

“I want to see just how fast we are,” Sam said. Sam handed Cas the stopwatch. “To the main road and back.” He nodded at the track in. It was up a hill and back down to the main road. It was easy going on foot. Dean and Sam lined up and Cas said, “Go,” hitting the button on the stopwatch.

Sam got back first but Dean was right behind him. Cas hit the button again. “22 seconds.”

“Awesome!” Dean exclaimed.

“But, time, don’t run with us,” Sam told him.

“I think you were holding back. Try again,” Cas told them.

The next time, Dean was first. Cas looked at the stopwatch. “16 seconds. Very impressive,” Cas told them.

“What’s next?” Dean asked, not even winded.

Cas pointed to the wood pile. “Break a log.”


Cas picked up a log and broke it in two to demonstrate. “Try it.”

Sam whooped as he was able to do it on first try. Dean, however, wasn’t able to do it. He stuck out his bottom lip in a pout.

“I’m sure there is something you can do that Sam can’t. Don’t pout, Dean,” Cas smiled at him.

Dean rubbed his lower abdomen. “Yeah,” he said. Cas handed him a smaller log to try.  

“Looks like I got all the muscles and brains,” Sam teased.

“Dean has wisdom that you do not, Sam,” Cas told him.

“Try growing a baby, bitch.”

Sam laughed. “Jerk. You got me there.”

Dean was able to snap the smaller log in half, then he looked at Sam and Cas. “I’m hungry.”

“Man! We just ate,” Sam exclaimed.

“Eating for two, what can I say?” Dean said.

“You are using more energy by using your abilities,” Cas told him.

“Yes, see. I’m Superman!”

“More like supermom,” Sam teased.

Dean frowned, but headed towards the cabin. Cas and Sam followed. They fixed a meal together and sat down to eat. When they were done, Dean yawned. Cas smiled at him.

“Go take a nap. You need your rest.”

Dean grabbed his hand. “Only if you come with me.” Cas laughed and stood up, following Dean to the bedroom.

When they got into the room. Dean began to whine, “I’m horny… please Cas…”

Cas looked puzzled. “I don’t understand why you want sex so much. You can’t still be in heat.”

Dean just grinned. “Chalk it up to hormones. I just can’t get enough food or sex.”



The next day, the three of them sat in the library. Cas was concerned for Dean’s safety.

“I wish you would stop hunting altogether, Dean. It’s not good, you being pregnant and putting yourself in harm’s way.”

Dean just huffed, “It’s what I do, Cas. I’m not going to let people die just because I’ve got a bun in the oven.”

Cas cocked his head and squinted. “I don’t see how baking has anything to do with this.”

Dean just laughed. “No, Cas, I mean because I’ve got a baby in my belly.”

Cas just said, “I don’t see why you didn’t just say that.”

Sam interrupted, “Cas, we’re hunters, Dean’s right. We can’t just stop. Are you staying around now?’

Cas nodded. “Yes, I have been neglectful concerning my Alpha responsibilities. I’m going to stay with Dean.”

“Well, with our new abilities, and you being with us, I think we can keep Dean safe.”

“I agree on one condition.”

“Name it,” Dean said.

“If you are injured you leave any fight up to Sam and me,” Cas said.

“I am not deserting Sam in the middle of a fight,” Dean said.

“OK, there is one thing that I don’t understand, sort of, I kind of do but…” Sam fumbled.

“What?” Dean asked.

“Cas, why is it that you don’t want Dean to lose the kid. I mean, isn’t heaven against this sort of thing?”

Cas sighed. “Dean is carrying the first Augment child to be conceived. I believe that is very significant. I’ll talk to heaven about this, but I truly believe our child is special and needs to be born.”

Dean looked at Cas with a dumbfounded look on his face.”This… is the first? But how… I mean, how did this happen?”

“I believe it is God’s will,” Cas replied.

“Good old Chuck. I’m special.”

“Special needs,” replied Sam.

“Hey, who’s talking, short bus? Lay off.” Dean laughed.

“Who didn’t finish High School while I got into Law school?”

Dean flipped him off. “I was busy protecting the populace with Dad.”

“You mean enabling Dad’s revenge trip.”

“Yeah, well, I guess, but we still saved a lot of people. I never saw it as enabling.”

“I believe, Sam, that you did a bit of a revenge trip of your own,” Cas pointed out.

“I didn’t drag two kids along with me,” Sam replied.

“Sssshhhhh!” the librarian shushed them.

“Come on, we won’t get anything here,” Dean said. “And I’m hungry again.”

“Again!?” Sam exclaimed.

“Shush!” the librarian said louder.

Cas looked apologetic. “We’re leaving,” he whispered. He took Dean’s hand and led them out of the library.

There was a big sign on the door of the diner. ‘NO AUGMENTS. NO MUTANTS. NO BLACKS. NO SPICS. NO TRANS. NO FAGS.’

Dean looked through the window. The only customers were old white guys.

“Well, we aren’t going in there for sure,” Sam said.

“I want to go in. I want to give them a piece if my mind,” Dean said.

Cas grabbed his arm. “It won’t do any good, and it might cause trouble we don’t need right now. Let’s just get more groceries and go back to the cabin.”

Dean turned to look at Cas. “So, are we fags now? Just wondering…”

Cas smiled at him. “No Dean, you are not homosexual. You are simply an Omega.”

“But Omegas are fags,” Dean said.

“Omegas are hermaphrodites. You are the lost third gender. Adam was an hermaphrodite,” Cas said.

“Adam was a hermaphrodite?” Sam asked. “Really?”

“Explains a lot, if you think about it,” Dean replied.

“Eve only had sons,” Cas continued.

“So Adam, had kids? Girls?” Dean asked. “Who knocked up Adam?”

“Eve’s sons. I told you that incest only applied to animals,” Cas replied.

“Yeah but animals are incestuous.”  

“They are now. But when Adam and Eve were on the earth, animals were forbidden to have sex with members of their immediate family. It’s very complex, but God wanted diversity.”

“Chuck wanted diversity so he only made one man and one woman?” Dean frowned. “That is a bit of a small gene pool. No wonder the human race is so fucked up.”  

“To be honest, God wasn’t sure that humans would make it. He thought the animals would inherit the earth,” Cas explained.

“He certainly didn’t make it easy for us. What with all the things that can kill us, all the animals who like to eat us or just kill us, and throwing us out of Eden.”

“That was Lucifer’s fault,” Cas told them.

“Why have we never had this conversation before?” Sam asked.

“Because it’s boring. Let’s go eat,” Dean said.


Chapter Text

Dean found Sam among a stack of books and papers. “What’s up?”

“I think Lucifer is back on Earth. He’s not even hiding this time,” Sam replied.

Dean picked up a newspaper print out.



The header read, ‘Lux club owner Lucifer Morningstar working as Civilian Consultant to LAPD.’ It was buried in the entertainment pages.

“What makes you think it isn’t just another cult thing?” Dean asked.

Sam showed him other news clippings.

‘Lucifer Morningstar, owner and operator of the Lux nightclub, accused of murdering a street preacher.’

‘Lucifer now on the run.’

‘Lucifer Morningstar, charges dropped.’

“There’s more, lots more.”

Dean read through the clippings. “Yeah, it sure seems like Lucifer, I’ll give you that. But how would he have the nerve to open a nightclub?”

“The biggest thing about that guy is his ego,” Sam replied.

“You got that right. Well, so now what? Go to LA and check him out?”

“I hate LA,” Sam replied.

“So we go to LA and check it out,” Dean said.

Sam sighed. “I guess we have to. Should we call Cas?”

“I’ll send him a text, but let’s not call him unless we need him. He’s had a bad time of it lately,” Dean replied.

Sam gave him a thumbs up. “So, leave in the morning?”

Dean nodded.


“LA, Los Angeles, City of Angels,” Sam muttered.

“More like heaven for demons. Can you imagine how many deals go down here?” Dean replied.

“Perfect place for Lucifer then.”

Sam and Dean stood in line with the others trying to gain entry to Lux. “You have got to be kidding me!” the bouncer said when they got to the beginning of the line. “Where are you hicks from? Did you even scrape the mud off your boots before you left the farm?”

“Oh come on,” Dean said. “Would this help?” Dean held out a $50.

The bouncer just laughed. “Not for 5 times that. Now beat it.”

“Come on, Dean.” Sam said and pulled him aside. “There has to be an easier way in.”  They faced a bouncer at every exit even though they were closed and locked, even the cellar was guarded.

“We should have expected this,” Dean said.

“Yeah, I guess he doesn’t like unwanted guests. Come on, we’ll have to think of something else,” Sam replied.


The next day, they found themselves in a men’s clothing store buying new suits. Dean was grumbling.

“Never gonna wear this again. It’s a damn good thing we aren’t really paying for these.”

Sam just grinned and handed him a suit to try on.



There were different bouncers on the front door the next night. After standing in line for over an hour, Dean was ready to fight his way in if they turned them away again. This time they brought FBI badges for back up. They needed them.

“Figure they are warning Lucifer?” Sam asked as soon as they got inside.

“Oh, yeah,” Dean replied. “We should have just done that last night. I hate this suit.”

They fought their way through the crowd to the bar. A bartender asked what they wanted, and Dean just said, “Beer. Anything on tap.” They turned around and saw Lucifer, playing to the crowd. “Sure isn’t keeping a low profile,” Dean said. “Looks like he’s the life of the party.”



A lady almost dressed in black leather approached Lucifer and whispered in his ear. He turned immediately to look at Sam and Dean.  Then to their surprise he actually walked over to them. “Drinks on the house for these gentlemen,” he told the barkeeper. “What can I help the fine men of the Bureau with?”

Dean and Sam were so surprised that they didn’t have a ready answer. Dean finally managed to say, “Just checking the place out, actually. Wanted to meet the famous Lucifer Morningstar, consultant to the L.A.P.D.”

Lucifer grinned. “Oh, famous? I like that,” he gushed.

Sam and Dean exchanged a look. “Well, you have gotten a lot of press lately. We just thought we’d like to meet you.”

“Reading my bad press, I take it?” he asked losing the grin. “I assure you it was all misunderstanding, Agents. You know how the press like to exaggerate things.”  

Dean smiled his brightest smile. “Yeah, we get that. No need to worry. Just wanted to meet you is all.”

“Well, here I am in the flesh,” Lucifer replied grinning again. He looked over the crowd and signalled to a couple of scantily clad ladies. “Brittanys, these are Agents…?”

“Collins and Gabriel,” Dean said quickly.

“So formal, Agents. Relax. Enjoy yourselves. The Brittanys are experts in the most incredible massage techniques. I can guarantee that you will leave here barely able to stand.”

The Brittanys lead the Agents over to one of the booths where one of the dancers was dancing on the table.

“This place certainly likes black,” Dean said. He couldn’t remember ever being in such a fancy nightclub. Everyone there seemed to be dripping with money.

One of the Brittanys giggled. “It’s Lucifer’s signature color.”

Dean just mumbled under his breath, “Figures.”

“So tell me about Lucifer,” Sam asked.

“Luci is well Lucifer.”

“He is fantastic in bed.”

“And he is so generous.”

“Yeah, he lets us into the nightclub every night.”

“And finds us guys to buy us drinks,” one of the Brittanys’ hinted.

“Well sorry, ladies, but tonight the drinks are on the house, and we aren’t buying you anything,” Dean told them.

“Don’t be rude, Dean,” Sam said and waved the barkeeper over. “Drinks for the ladies.”

“Certainly Sir.”

The Brittanys both ordered champagne. Dean rolled his eyes at Sam, who just shrugged. But the barkeeper didn’t charge them.

After pumping the Brittanys for all the information they would spill on Lucifer, they dumped the ladies and found Lucifer at the bar.

“Oh, hello. Back so soon.” Luci glanced from one to the other as they stood either side of him. “Brittanys not quite your style?”

Sam smiled at him. “No, no they were, uh, nice, but we just wanted to talk to you some more.”

“Oh? Well, I’m flattered. What did you want to talk about?’

Just then Dean took out a flask, and fumbled it so that it spilled on Lucifer’s wrist. The liquid seemed to boil away but Lucifer took no notice. Dean and Sam exchanged looks. Dean shrugged as if to say, “I don’t know what just happened.” Sam just went back to smiling at Lucifer, while Dean thought of something else to try.

“I’d really like to hear how you ended up charged with murder,” Sam said, trying to distract the man.

“We could go somewhere quieter,” Lucifer said and walked away towards the staircase. Dean and Sam grabbed their drinks and followed. At the top of the stairs, Lucifer went in a door marked ‘Private’ and they followed him in. It appeared to be his office.

“I’m sorry, I don’t keep beer in here, but help yourself to anything else that you’d like. Now, that we are alone, ask away,” Lucifer said.

Dean got up and poured whiskey into two tumblers, while Sam said, “We were wondering how you ended getting charged with a murder you didn’t commit.”

“Well, the LAPD hushed that up a bit because it was a crooked cop who framed me. Silly man thought that if he killed me he would escape hell.”  

“Could he?” Dean asked, sitting down and sipping his drink. “Escape hell I mean.”

“Of course not. He’d killed at least three people, no four, that I know of, probably more. You don’t escape hell unless you are killing in Father’s name. Which happens rarely. Though too many people think they are doing His work.”  

Sam looked at him questioningly. “You call God Father? Interesting for a man who runs a bar.”

“Of course. He’s my dad. As for the bar, it’s fun and the only one who did anything that would upset dear old Dad was that cop. He actually shot that pathetic preacher right there in the bar.”

“God’s your Dad? I guess that’s all I need to hear. Sam?” Dean quickly said.

Sam began to chant, “Omnipotentis Dei potestatem invoco. Omnipotentis Dei potestatem invoco...,”

“Are you trying to exorcise me?” Lucifer laughed. “And here I was taking you two for Atheists. You know that it doesn’t have to be in Latin.  You can use any language. And that particular one doesn’t work on Angels.”

Sam closed his mouth, and Dean just stared at Lucifer. After a moment, Dean said, “So you really are Lucifer? As in Prince of Darkness, fallen angel, all that?”

“Lucifer Morningstar, The Lightbringer, Warden of Hell, Father’s ex-favourite. Who are you two? Please tell me you aren’t priests.”

Dean laughed. “We aren’t priests by any stretch of the imagination. Just two hunters.”

“What, you hunt Angels?”
“Angels, demons, werewolves, vampires, anything that is evil, we hunt. But you don’t look anything like the Lucifer we know. What’s your game?”


“Yeah, game. We’ve met Lucifer and he isn’t you. Or you aren’t him. So what are you? Besides an imposter, I mean.”

“I’m not the imposter. I’m the real deal. You don’t mean Crowley, do you? I left him in charge. I got sick of Hell. No vacation time in forever! Moved to LA. Are you hunting my imposter?” Lucifer went from frowning to angry to annoyed and then to excitement in a few seconds.

“Uh, no, not Crowley. He’s calling himself the King of Hell, but we tangled with a person who called himself Lucifer and was really bad news.”

“Oh, he has to go. How does one hunt?” Lucifer asked.

“Way to complicated to explain here,” Dean answered. “But how do we even know you’re not the imposter? Got some way to prove you are who you say you are?”

“Brace yourselves. This usually scares the shit out of people, literally,” Lucifer said and revealed his true face.

Dean and Sam just stood there. They were impressed, but not scared or shocked. “Yeah, I guess that proves it all right,” Sam said. “So now what do we do?” he asked Dean.

Dean shrugged. “We look for the other Lucifer.”

“Just a minute,” Lucifer said and pulled out his phone. “Where are you?...Why are you sleeping on my couch?...Oh, For Heaven’s sake… We need to get you your own apartment. Get down to my office.”



A rather large tall black guy entered Lucifer’s office only a couple of minutes later. “Amenadiel, meet Sam and Dean. They’re hunters. Sam, Dean, this is my brother Amenadiel.”

Dean held out his hand for a shake, but Amenadiel just looked at it. Sam didn’t move.

“What do you need, Lucifer?” Amenadiel asked.

“We are going to hunt down a me imposter. You always were good at hunting,” Lucifer replied.

“Someone is posing as you? That’s rich,” Amenadiel laughed.

“Happens more often than you’d think, dear brother. But this one, I take it, has some power. Maybe a demon.”  

Sam said, “Oh definitely has power. A lot of power. We don’t know if he’s a demon or not, but he certainly has caused his share of trouble.”

“Luci, what have I told you about revealing who you are to the humans,” Amenadiel growled.

“Yes, yes, brother. But they were already hunting me or at least my imposter, so I guess they are doing something for Dad.”

“Since when do you help Dad out?”

“Since this man, person, demon, thing is posing as me,” Lucifer replied.

There was definitely a love/hate relationship between the brothers.  

“So, where do we start?” Dean asked.

“Ring Cas,” Sam told him.


Chapter Text


Dean called Cas. If Lucifer was going to have his brother in on this, then Dean sure as hell wanted Cas in on it too. He used the cell and when Cas answered, he explained what was going on. Cas was there before he was even done talking.

“You are sure about this? This is the ‘real’ Lucifer?” Cas used air quotes which always amused Dean.

“Yeah, he showed us his true face. We’re pretty sure he’s the real deal. Which begs the question, who have we been fighting all this time?”

“I don’t know. I called him Lucifer because that is the name he used. Humans often use names over and over, so I thought nothing of it,” Cas replied.

“Wait, are you saying Lucifer is human?” Dean asked.

“No, I am saying he used Lucifer’s name.”

“Hello, Castiel,” Amenadiel smiled. “Long time since I saw you last.”

Cas turned and looked at the angel. “Not so long since you fell. And here you are with Lucifer. What a coincidence.”

Amenadiel smiled. “Not so much of one. After all, we are brothers too.”

“Don’t tell me you fell for Father’s propaganda about me as well?” Lucifer groaned. “I am not evil! Father and I just had a bit of a disagreement over Free Will.”

“You lead a revolt,” Cas replied.

“Not half as revolting as you did, Castiel,” Amenadiel told Cas.

“I have been forgiven.”

“Well, I don’t bloody care! Father is still up to his tricks and doesn’t seem to give a shit about us,” Lucifer said.  He went to pour another drink.

Cas admitted, “He has been somewhat absent of late. But that doesn’t change the fact that you were cast out.”

“He gave me a job to do. A shitty one. That is hardly cast out. Besides, I can get back into heaven whenever I want. I just don’t want. Father can keep his house for himself,” Lucifer replied.

Cas sighed. “This is pointless. Here you are, acting human and shirking your duties. And someone or something is out there, pretending to be you while you play.”

“Father could stop this at any time he wants. So don’t go blaming me for his neglect,” Lucifer replied. “And you were called here to help us find this imposter.”

“Father is busy with his sister. He may not even know about this.”

“While Mom is exiled to Earth, so much for fidelity and incest taboos. What are they doing making whole new worlds?” Lucifer made a face. “Ew! No, don’t tell me.”

Dean looked at Cas. “Dude, I thought that thing about incest was just for Adam and Eve.  And platypuses.”

“As usual, you weren’t listening,” Sam said.

“I was listening.”

“Dear God! You’re brothers, aren’t you?” Amenadiel asked.

“Let’s not talk about Dad,” Lucifer groaned.

“They are brothers, but they’re also Augments, so technically, there is no incest,” Cas told them.

“Yes, well being Augments was obvious. Humans males don’t get pregnant.” Lucifer said.

“Wait a minute…” Amenadiel muttered. “Castiel, is that your child?”

Cas nodded. “Yes, Dean is my Omega.”

“And Dad hasn’t sent the troops to murder him?” Lucifer asked.

“I’m not sure Dad knows yet. But I’m prepared to make a case for allowing both Dean and our child to live. Really, it’s none of your concern,” Cas told him.

Lucifer smiled. “Good on you, brother. You can call on me for support, not that I would be much help in persuading Father. On second thought, you might do better without me.”

Amenadiel was looking at Dean like he was a germ.

“Can we get back to the hunt?” Sam asked.

Dean glared at Amenadiel but said, “Yeah, back to the topic at hand. Where do we start?”

“You can’t be seriously expecting me to work with this abomination?” Amenadiel asked Lucifer.



“Someone with power is here on Earth, impersonating me. No impressive attack on the pearly gates until we find him and stop him. Don’t forget, brother, that I am your only way back into heaven,” Lucifer replied.

“We both know that isn’t going to happen.  I’m not an idiot, Luci. If you and Mom go back he will wipe you from existance,” Amenadiel told him.

“Oh, I have no intention of going back. But he can have Mom.  My only regret is that I won’t be there to see those two fight it out, especially as our Auntie has gone home.”

“We can’t do that,” Amenadiel said. “Do you realise that they could wipe out all of creation fighting each other.”

“And you think I have the power to stop that? I’m not God!” Lucifer yelled.

Amenadiel sighed. “Alright, we hunt this fake down. But we need more firepower, so convince Mazikeen to come with us.”

“I don’t need to convince her, brother. She is my demon. She was created to protect me. It’s her primary instinct,” Lucifer said.



Dean frowned. “Enough of the family squabble! It’s getting us nowhere, and besides, I’m hungry.”

Lucifer looked at him sympathetically. “Of course you are. You poor thing, eating for two. What can I get you?”

Dean smiled. “How about a cheeseburger, extra onions, some fries and a be..” He looked at Cas who was frowning, “Okay, some milk I guess.”

“Cheeseburgers? Fries? What an abomination!” Lucifer said in disgust. “I know of a nice restaurant that has real food.”

Dean sighed. “Fine, I guess, but I really like cheeseburgers.”

“They’re not good for you, Dean,” Cas agreed.

“So what is the plan?” Lucifer asked as soon as they had ordered. Lucifer had gotten them seats immediately, bypassing a line of people who were waiting.  The waitress had  literally abandoned a table to take their order. And once Lucifer had said, “On me,” everyone ordered what they wanted and as much as they wanted.

“Why don’t you use your influence at work to get Detective Douche to find the imposter?” Maze suggested.

“That might help, but he isn’t going to be that easy to find. He keeps a very low profile when he isn’t planning Armageddon,” Sam said.

“Armageddon? You have got to be kidding me,” Lucifer exclaimed.

“No, he really tried. We stopped it, but it came very close,” Dean said.

“Well, that won’t do.  That won’t do at all. I like my home. I’m not going to let him destroy it,” Lucifer told them.

The food arrived, and everyone began to eat. Cas was the exception. All conversation stopped, but it was obvious that each of them was deep in thought about the problem.

“So, Amenadiel?” Lucifer asked.

“Why me?”

“Because you are supposed to be the most intelligent Angel,” Lucifer replied.

“Any word on Angel Radio?” Dean asked Cas.

“Nothing,” Cas replied.

Amenadiel scowled. “So now I’m the most intelligent? What about all those times you told me I was stupid?”

“That’s what dear old Dad always threw in my face. Amenadiel the first born. Amenadiel the most powerful. Amenadiel the most intelligent of all angels,” Lucifer said.

Cas smiled at the exchange. “It’s true, you know.”

Dean just sighed, “Can you please stop bickering? It’s giving me a headache!”

“Now you know how I feel when you and Sam fight,” Cas told him.

Dean frowned at him. “We are not that bad. These two are driving me crazy.”



Lucifer pulled out his cell and phoned the Detective. “Ah, Detective. Did I wake you? I need your help to find someone. Now, now, don’t be like that. This is very important. Really, Detective, language! Well, yes, I guess it could wait until morning.”  Lucifer looked at his phone. “She hung up on me.”

Sam chuckled. “Didn’t appreciate being woken up, I take it?”

Lucifer just nodded, saying, “I’ll call her in the morning, when she’s feeling more helpful. She is kind of cranky this late at night. I forget sometimes that humans need so much sleep.”

Right on cue, Dean yawned. “It is getting pretty late. I need my beauty sleep. Can we meet up again in the morning?”

“Lucifer’s apartment,” Amenadiel told them. “It right above Lux.”  

Sam looked at his watch. “About 9.”

Everyone agreed to 9, and then Sam, Dean and Cas went back to their hotel. Sam rubbed the back of his neck and said, “I need to get my own room, since Cas is here.”

Dean and Cas said goodnight to Sam and went to their room.

The hotel receptionist smiled at Sam, “Have a bit of a tiff?” he asked when Sam asked for another room.

“What? No. He’s my brother. His boyfriend showed up is all.” Sam muttered under his breath, “Why does everyone think we’re a couple?”

“It’s the pheromones, love. You are a couple. You just don’t know it yet,” the receptionist replied. “New world, new rules.”

Sam growled, “Just give me a damn room and keep your opinions to yourself.”

“You don’t get 5 star service in a 1 star hotel, love,” he replied and got out a key. “Payment in cash in advance.”

Sam dug out the credit card and handed it to the guy. That’s when he remembered he’d left his duffel in Dean’s room. ‘Fuck! There’s no way I’m going back there for it now.’

“Cash,” the receptionist said. “Credit cards are no good now. Banks are closing everywhere. This is Armageddon.” He dangled the key in front of Sam.   

Sam dug in his pockets but couldn’t come up with enough cash to cover the room. Swearing, he stomped out of the hotel and went to Baby. He got in the back seat and covered himself with his coat. “This fucking sucks.”

In their room, snuggled up together naked under the sheets. Dean sighed.

“I think this is going to be hard, finding the Lucifer imposter. It was hard enough to find him when he wanted to be found.”

Cas just nodded. “But we have help this time. I’m sure it will go better.”

Dean growled, “It’d better! Now, kiss me,”



Chapter Text

Sam got a call from the Directorate to go to Arizona and check out some deaths there. It was fairly certain that some mutants were killing people, and they needed to be found and stopped.

Cas had taken to hanging around the Bunker a lot more. He didn’t actually say anything, but Sam was pretty sure he wanted to keep an eye on Dean and make sure their child was kept safe. So he was in the back seat of the Impala when they got to the small town.

The first thing they did was drive to the only motel in town. When Sam went into the office, he came back with just one key.

“They say they only have one room left. At least it has two king sized beds.”

Dean put on a bitch face but Cas just nodded. “It will be fine.”



After they had dinner at one of the only two diners in town, they went back to their room. Sam grabbed the duffels and threw them in the corner. Dean laid down on one bed. He sniffed the air.

“Shit, with both of you in the same small room, the pheromones are really thick.”

Sam went into the bathroom and Cas sat on the edge of the bed.

“It would be unfair of us to engage in sex with Sam in the same room.”

Dean frowned. “But I’m horny!”

Cas smiled at him. “Perhaps we should give Sam a turn?”

Dean lifted his eyebrows. “I thought that after that first time, he had gotten it out of his system, because he hasn’t done anything since, not even when you weren’t around.”

“Be that as it may, we can’t couple with him in the room unless you give him a turn as well.”

“OK, I have a plan. Just follow my lead,” Dean replied. Dean turned on the television and was watching the sort of porn he knew his brother liked. It was much different to what Dean usually watched and Sam always tried to hide it, but Dean knew his brother had some weird kinks. Life with Dad had left him with dominance problems while it had turned Dean into mother hen. It had only been since the transitioning that Dean had really begun to understand. He was reading his way through the library at the bunker and not all of it was on the supernatural. There was a whole section on human psychology that Dean had strangely found fascinating. It certainly had given him new insights into why Sam was the way he was.

Sam came out of the bathroom and just froze. He looked from the television to Dean, then to Cas, and back to the TV. Dean was drinking a light beer, while Cas seemed fascinated by this new discovery.

“What is the purpose of the handcuffs?” Cas asked.

“Haven’t you ever considered just cuffing me to something to make me do what you want? Stop me from doing something you didn’t want me to do?”

“But clearly this man wants to…”

“Fantasy, Cas.”  Dean reached into his duffel and pulled out handcuffs. “Here try it.” Cas looked at him like he didn’t understand. “Show, him, Sam.” He held out the cuffs and then offered his wrist. Sam looked from Dean to Cas. Cas just nodded. Sam grabbed the cuffs and cuffed Dean to the headboard, then stood over him and took off his clothes. He kneeled on the bed and yanked off Dean’s pants and boxers. With one last glance at Cas, looking for approval, he pulled Dean’s legs up and onto his shoulders. He rammed into Dean and Dean gasped.

Cas frowned and said, “Please, not so rough. He’s carrying my child.”

Sam nodded and began to rock his hips in and out of Dean a little more gently, but it still was harder than Cas ever did. Cas sat down on the other bed and watched.

“Need to teach you some foreplay, Sammy,” Dean moaned breathlessly.

“Fuck foreplay,” Sam replied.

“No, fuck me.”  

Sam growled, “That’s what I’m doing, jerk.”

It didn’t take long before Sam was coming. He threw back his head and just groaned. Then he yanked out and rolled off Dean.

Cas was sort of horrified by how rough Sam was, but Dean seemed fine. He walked over and uncuffed Dean. Sam went to the other bed and soon, he was snoring softly.

Cas kissed Dean. “I see what you mean when you say he’s rough.”

Dean smiled. “Hey, that was gentle by his standards. You should see some of the gear he keeps in his room.”

Cas just stood up and disrobed, while Dean pulled off his flannel and Tshirt. Then Cas laid down next to Dean and began to kiss him and run his hands over Dean’s belly.

“Don’t worry so much. Cas, pregnant women work right up until they give birth all over the world and not all of it is easy work. And hell, if I lose it, it’s ‘cause that’s what Chuck wanted right. That’s how it works, yeah?”

“Chuck would not kill our child. I know it.”

Dean flipped over on his hands and knees. He wiggled his ass at Cas. “Want it like this tonight. Then I want to go to sleep with you still inside me.”

Cas lined up behind Dean and pushed in. The both moaned quietly, trying not to wake Sam up.

When Cas got his knot, Dean came when it was pushed into him. “Please, don’t bite me. I want to sleep this way.”

Cas rolled them over to spoon and wrapped one arm over Dean, with his hand on Dean’s belly. Dean was asleep within minutes. Cas kissed the back of his neck and then bit him.

Sam was in the shower when Dean woke. Cas wasn’t around. Dean let himself into the bathroom.

“What the hell, Dean?”

“I want you to know the pleasure of just being touched, Sam.”

“I don’t want sex this morning,” Sam replied.

“I’m not talking about sex. I’m talking about intimacy,” Dean replied. “You are touch deprived, Sam. You have been for years now. I mean to fix that.”  

Dean cupped Sam’s cheek and kissed him tenderly. Sam didn’t really respond, but he didn’t pull away either. Dean kissed down Sam’s throat, and ran his hands over Sam’s chest. He pinched Sam’s nipples and got a moan out of him. Dean ran his hands over Sam’s belly and kissed him more. Sam finally relaxed and kissed him back.

“There, see. It’s isn’t all just getting your rocks off. It’s about touch and feeling safe and relaxing.”

“Yeah, I like this. It reminds me of when we were kids. You really looked after me, didn’t you?”

“Well, not like this, but yeah. You didn’t have a mom and Dad was always away.”

“Who looked after you?”

“Sometimes, you did.” Dean continued to run his hands gently over Sam, just enjoying the feel of him. He realised that he was seeking the same feelings of safety from Sam and moved into Sam’s arms, resting his head against Sam’s shoulder.  But the shower water turned cold. Dean hated how the motels were updating their plumbing to include a hot water cut off. It saved the motel money but was death to shower sex.

They were out and dressed when Cas came back with coffee. At least, Dean thought it was coffee until he tasted it.

“Damn it, I hate tea!”


Cas just smiled at him. Dean drank it but kept a bitch face on for the entire thing,

They went to get breakfast and then to the local sheriff’s office to get some information. The were all in suits and pulled out FBI identification. Cas of course had his upside down as usual. Dean just took it, flipped it over and sighed.

“Agents Page and Plant. He’s new…” Sam smiled.

After about a half an hour, they had as much information as they were going to get, which wasn’t much. They sat in the car and discussed what to do next.

“Well, we know it’s mutants. Where would mutants hold up in this town?” Cas asked.

For once, Cas felt he could contribute to their hunt. “Mutants are often very intelligent but in an animalistic way.”

“Meaning?” Dean asked.

“Their needs are basic. Shelter, food, secure place to sleep. Think of where a vampire nest would be.”  

Dean nodded. “I saw an old abandoned barn on our way into town. Let’s start there.” He fired up Baby and took off. When he got close, he pulled over and parked. “Don’t want to get too close and announce our arrival.”

They got out, shutting the car doors quietly. Dean popped the trunk and pulled out machetes for each of them. The stink of rotting flesh was the first thing that gave a clue that they were in the right place. Dean stifled a cough but he couldn’t hold back the nausea and ran back behind Baby to throw up. Being pregnant was a bitch when it came to odors and it didn’t help that his senses were heightened by the transition.  He waved a hand to tell the others that he was fine. Sam peeked in a window, then held up five fingers. Dean and Cas nodded their understanding.

They burst in the door, hoping that the element of surprise would help them. All five mutants jerked their heads up and charged. Cas took out one, chopping his head off. Sam hacked at another, while Cas took on a third. Dean had one come at him. The mutant simply grabbed him and threw him like he was a rag doll. He hit the wall and got the wind knocked out of him. Just as he was getting up, the mutant charged him again and he swung the machete wildly. It connected with the mutant’s arm, but didn’t take him down.

Sam found the fifth mutant cowering in the corner. At first he had joined the fight but then he had run.  When Sam approached it turned and looked up at Sam. It was just a child, barely a teen. He was in that stage when he was having growth spurts and the smallest outbreak of facial hair. His whole body was shifting and changing even as Sam looked at him. With everything Sam had seen in his life, he had never seen anything like this. He could actually see the mutations happening. Sam hesitated, both horrified and sympathetic. But the teen then jumped up and charged him, biting his arm. Sam yelled in pain. Then the kid’s head flew off and Cas was standing there with a bloody machete. They looked for Dean and found him standing over another dead mutant. Dean had a big bruise on his face, but it was already turning yellow and disappearing.

Cas rushed to him and put his hand on Dean’s belly. “I’m fine, Cas.”

“Yes, you are and so is our child.”

Dean walked to the car with Cas holding on to him. “I told you I’m fine, Cas,” Dean grumbled.

“I know, but I got frightened when I saw you on the floor.” Dean sighed and let him hold on to him. Truth was, he sort of liked it.

When they got back to the motel, Dean called first in the shower. He felt grungy and needed to stand under the hot water. In spite of what he had told Cas, he was sore. He ran his hand over his belly, feeling his baby bump. “I need to take better care of you, kid.”



“Yes, you do,” Cas said making Dean jump.

“What have I told you about sneaking up on me?!” Dean said louder than he meant to.

“Not to. But I did not sneak.”

Dean realized that he had gotten so accustomed to Cas that he didn’t notice when he snuck up on him even when he wasn’t sneaking. “Get in here. You can wash my back.”

Cas smiled and took his clothes off, and stepped into the shower with Dean. Dean turned around and Cas soaped up his back. Cas worked the knots out of his muscles and it felt amazing. But then the water went cold again. Swearing, Dean jumped out and dragged Cas out after him. “Fucking cheap ass motels.”

Sam looked at Dean and Cas as they both walked out of the bathroom in towels. “Tell me you didn’t use all the hot water.”

“I didn’t use all the hot water,” Dean said.

Sam went for his shower.  “DEAN!”

Dean looked at Cas and shrugged. “He told me to tell him I didn’t use all the hot water.” Cas just sighed.

When Sam came out after a very short shower, he threw his wet towel at Dean’s head. Dean ducked and it hit Cas in the face. They both started to laugh at the look on Cas’ face when he pulled the towel off. “Come on, let’s go get something to eat,” Dean chuckled.

Sam’s phone rang. “All taken care of. Five mutants down, a few million to go,” Sam said. “No we can’t leave the Impala here. We’ll drive back. OK, but we probably won’t be heading back until morning. No. Dean is not holding me back. He never will. He’s my brother. NO, NO! Cas is here. Even if Dean stays out of the fighting, I have Cas to back me up. Why? To watch us hack up some kids? Yes, I said kids. Mutant kids. I don’t know, 13 or 14 maybe. No! I am fucking not alright!” Sam hung up.

Dean could imagine the other side of that conversation. He went to Sam and hugged him. “Thanks for sticking up for me, Sammy.” Sam just shook his head and walked to his bed. He laid down and covered his eyes with his arm.

Dean and Cas went to get some take out food and bring it back to the room. They left Sam alone until they got back. “Hey ya, Sammy, food’s here.” Sam sighed and sat up, taking the offered food. Dean cracked open a beer and handed that to him. Dean’s hand was shaking. Sam put his hand over Dean’s. “What’s wrong?”

“He is an alcoholic in withdrawal, Sam,” Cas said.

Dean frowned at him. “No, I’m just tired, Cas.” Sam looked at Cas and very slightly nodded. He made the decision to stop drinking until Dean had given birth. He wanted to support his brother and that was the least he could do.

There was no sex that night, just lots of cuddling between Dean and Cas. But when Dean fell asleep, Cas went to Sam and slipped in beside him. Sam didn’t wake but he settled into a more peaceful sleep. Cas ran a hand over Sam’s forehead and wiped away any trace of bad dreams. Then he went back to Dean and did the same for him.


Chapter Text

When Dean woke he felt like crap. Sam was on the phone. When he hung up he turned to find Dean sitting on the edge of the bed with his head down. He looked green. “You OK?” Sam asked.

“No,” he said shortly. “Where’s Cas?”

“Don’t know. He wasn’t here when I woke up,” Sam replied.

“Where the fuck does he got off to?” Dean growled.

“Don’t ask me. Angel stuff.”

Dean  got up and staggered to the bathroom, feeling like he was going to throw up. He hung over the toilet, but nothing happened. He stood up and splashed water on his face, then went back and laid down.

“Got any aspirin?” he asked Sam. “Or what was that stuff you took for your headaches.”

“Dean, that was years ago,” Sam replied.

“Yeah, okay, just get me some aspirin then. I got a headache that would stop a moose.” He smiled weakly. “Get it? Stop a moose?”

Sam groaned and fished around in his duffel. When he came up with a bottle of aspirin, he handed it to Dean. Dean took out four and swallowed them with some water.

“Dean, that is two too many. What are you doing?”

“Just trying to get over this headache,” Dean replied and laid down again. He frowned at Sam. “What’s that?” he asked.


“That on your head,” Dean replied.

“Hair?” Sam asked confused.

Dean stood up and went to Sam. He reached up and parted Sam’s hair at the forehead. “Are they horns? Sam, you’re growing horns,” he giggled and staggered.

“Shit! Dean, I’m getting a doctor.”  Sam turned to grab his phone and Dean hit him over the head with the butt of his gun.  Sam went down and Dean stepped over him, out the door and out onto the street. He looked back and forth, then started walking.



Sam groaned and grabbed his head. He sat up and looked around. No sign of Dean anywhere, so he ran out the door. Baby was still parked where it had been last night.

“Fuck! Cas! Cas, we need you! Dean is…”

There was a rustling of wings. “What? Where is Dean? What’s the matter?” Cas looked very upset. Sam filled him in quickly.

“Use your comlink,” Cas told him.

“What?” Sam asked and Cas reached up to tap Sam’s comlink twice.

“This is the Phoenix. How can we help you, Mr Winchester?”

“Uh, I need to locate my brother. Dean. Can you tell me where he is?”

“He is currently 2 miles south of your location. At the address, 139 Oak Street. Need anything else?”

Sam told Cas what he heard. “Uh, no, thanks. That’s all for now.”

They got in Baby and drove to the place. “Dean,” Cas called. They heard someone throwing up and rushed in that direction. Dean was hanging over the toilet. He looked up. “How did I get here?”

Cas rushed over to him and put a hand on his forehead. “Sam says you walked away from the motel after hitting him on the head with your gun. Come back with us, and let me check you over.”

Dean nodded, and stood up unsteadily. He followed Cas and Sam to Baby. It was obvious just how bad he felt that he didn’t even complain about Sam driving.

Back at the motel, they found an envelope addressed to Sam. There was a prescription inside as well as three pills. The note told him to give Dean one pill for the next three days and then fill the script. He was not to give Dean access to more under any circumstances.  

“Looks like you got the attention of the Phoenix, whoever they might be,” Sam said.  “Here take this.”  

Dean looked at the pill, then asked Cas, “Is our baby okay?’

Cas ran his hand over Dean’s abdomen. “Yes, Dean, it’s fine. Take the pill.”

Dean woke up feeling a lot better. He sat on the edge of the bed, and remarked, “That pill is amazing. Gotta thank the Phoenix, whatever the hell that is.”

Cas came over to him and put a hand on Dean’s forehead. “You do seem better. I’m very grateful for that medication.”



Sam stood up and asked, “Can we get started for home now. I really want to leave this town in the rear view mirror.” Dean and Cas agreed, and in no time, they were in Baby and headed for Kansas.

It was a long drive, but Dean and Sam took turns and finally, they were home. No sooner than they got in the door, but there was a call from Lucifer. Sam answered it and just listened.

Finally he said, “Listen, we just now got back from a hard case. We need a couple of days to recoup. If you can wait that long, we’ll be there.”

When he hung up, he told Dean and Cas that Lucifer had gotten a lead about, well, Lucifer.

Two days later:

Sam and Dean were in the middle of a fight with an Augment gang when they were suddenly on the bridge of the Phoenix. Dean was mid-swing with a machete and nearly chopped the head off a crewman instead of the Augment he was fighting. Luckily, the crewman ducked. “What the ever loving fuck?” Dean said, and Sam just gaped at the change of surroundings.

“Hello, welcome to the Phoenix. I’m Colonel Sam Carter. Sorry about the sudden rescue.”

“We didn’t need rescuing,” Dean protested.

“Ah, well, that isn’t actually the reason we beamed you up,” Sam told them. “Your bunker has been compromised. The Men of Letters in England has been shut down and most of the members, the police have been able to find, have been arrested for murder. It was discovered that their initiation rite was the murder of one of their fellow students.”

Dean turned to Sam. “See? I told you they were nothing but a big bag of dicks, but no, you said we could trust them,” Dean told him.

Turning to Sam, he said, “Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch. But still, why did we need to be rescued? We weren’t a part of them and we were holding our own in that fight.”

“Not all members have been found and they have orders to kill all the American hunters. There is reason to believe that they will try to carry out their orders even though the organization has been closed down.”

Dean sighed. “So, this is home now, or what?”

“Oh, no. This is just the transport. I think you will like ‘home’. It is a floating/flying city, presently parked just outside San Francisco Bay,” Colonel Sam told them.  

“A floating and flying city? Now I’ve heard of everything,” Sam said.

“Nerd heaven,” Dean said. “I just hope Cas can find me there.”

“We prefer Geek,” Colonel Sam told them.

“Geek, Nerd, whatever,” Dean replied.

“We do have phones,” Sam reminded his brother.

“We took the liberty of moving your personal items to your new quarters,” Colonel Sam said.

Dean sighed, thinking about how problematic calling Cas was. He turned to Colonel Sam, rubbed his baby bump and said, “Got any cheeseburgers on this thing? I’m starving.” He looked at Sam and said, “Don’t you start! I had to give up booze and limit my coffee, but I’m not giving up cheeseburgers!”

Colonel Sam just smiled and said, “I’m sure we can rustle some up.”

Dean found himself in a dining room, eating a cheeseburger in no time. Sam was eating his rabbit food, as usual.

A crewman passed and put another plate beside Dean with a bacon burger on it. Dean grinned and grabbed it, moaning as he chewed. Several other crewmen followed with different things for Dean but Sam was neglected completely.

“What’s going on?” Sam asked.

Dean shrugged and continued eating.



“They are tributes for the first baby,” a crewman said as he offered another plate.

“Hear that, bitch? I’m carrying the first baby!” Dean laughed at Sam. Sam just shook his head.

“Prophesy says that the first baby will be the protector of all Gallifrey,” the crewman continued.

Dean stopped laughing and just stared at the crewman. “Really? My kid, I mean my and Cas’ kid?”

“Gallifrey?” Sam asked.

“That will be the home of the Augments in the future.”

“Never heard of it,” Sam said.

“That’s because it is an uninhabited lump of rock in space at the moment,” the crewman replied.

“Then how does it come to be home?” Dean asked him. The crewman shrugged and left.

“Great. Tell me about a home planet and then leave me hanging,” Dean grumbled.

When Dean had eaten as much as he could they were beamed down to Atlantis.

They were met by Colonel Sheppard, Rodney and Radek. When they were all introduced, Sam looked at Radek strangely. Radek offered to show them to their quarters, and they followed him.

“I’ll take you for a tour of the place once you’re settled in,” Radek said. Sam smiled at him and said, “Thanks, that would be great.” Dean noticed the way that Sam was looking at the guy, and said, ”You know, I’m kind of tired. I think I’ll just catch a few Zs.”

When Dean was shown his room, he went in and said to Sam, “Enjoy your tour.” He winked at the guy.

Radek literally looked up at Sam who was at least a foot taller than him, at least that is how it seemed to Radek. “I can smell you,” he said to Sam. Sam smiled and said, “I can smell you too. Where is my room?"



Radek took him down the hall to a door. “This is yours.”

Sam opened the door and pulled Radek inside. He pulled the man against him, leaned down and kissed him. Radek responded and soon they were half naked. Sam pulled Radek’s pants down and off him and stood back, admiring the view. Radek blushed.

Sam manhandled him to the bed and pushed him down. Then he pulled his own pants and boxers of and crawled over him. They kissed more, and when they were breathless, Sam pushed on Radek’s legs.

Radek lifted them to give Sam access to him and Sam lined up. He pushed into Radek and they both groaned. Sam bottomed out and then began to fuck Radek like it was going to be the last time he ever got to. Radek just hung on for his life. Sam’s chest was over his face and he felt like he couldn’t breathe. But he didn’t care. It was the first time anyone had really paid any attention to him as a man rather than a physicist and while everyone one around him was fucking he was just getting more frustrated.

Sam felt his knot growing and when it was at its biggest, he thrust it into Radek. Radek gasped and Sam just grinned.

“Hello, my Omega. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“My Alpha,” Radek replied. “I was beginning to think I didn’t have one.”

Sam smiled even brighter as he rolled them onto their sides. “I was feeling the same way about meeting my Omega.”

“You have Dean,” Radek reminded him as he drew on Sam’s chest with his sweat. ‘tezit’

“Dean and Cas are too close,” Sam said, “It’s not like this with him.” Sam looked down at Radek’s fingers. “What does it mean?”

“Mine,” Radek replied.

Sam kissed him. “Mine,” he repeated. “All mine.”

“If you wish, I am all yours.  I don’t know if they have given you all the information yet, but your knot will put me in heat.”

“Oh I know,” Sam told him. “And I intend to make you pregnant as soon as possible.”

“I live and work here on Atlantis so I am safe enough. Except from Rodney, who throws things,” Radak told him.

Sam frowned. “No one throws things at my Omega! I’ll have a chat with him about that.”

“Láska na první pohled,” Radek told him.

Sam looked at him questioningly. “Translation?”

“Love at first sight.”


Chapter Text

Next morning Sam was summoned to the Med bay. Dean was in a room on his own but Sam could see through the clear wall that he was in a bad way. “He’s under a force shield to stop him thrashing,” the nurse told him.

“What’s wrong with him?”

“Alcohol addiction.”

“Yeah, I knew he drank but he’s not an alcoholic.”

“This is what happens when he stops drinking. His body has become dependant on the alcohol.”

Sam called Cas on his com. Cas rushed to the Med bay and stood beside Sam. He wanted to cure him, take away the symptoms, but he couldn’t. He had already tried and failed. He felt helpless, watching Dean suffer.

“We have already cleaned his blood. He’s sedated. He’ll be under 24 hour watch for as long as it takes,” the nurse informed them.

“How long is that?” Sam asked.

“It’s different with every patient. Days, perhaps weeks.”

“And what of our child?” Cas asked.

“She’ll most likely be fine. If there is any signs of distress, we’ll transfer her to an artificial womb.”

“She won’t like that,” Cas said.

The nurse smiled condescendingly. “At this stage she doesn’t like anything. She isn’t aware.”

Cas frowned. “She is aware. She is aware of everything,. She’s half angel.”

The nurse didn’t reply but went back to her desk where she could monitor Dean and play solitaire.

Cas growled, but Sam touched his arm. “It’ll be okay, Cas. Dean is strong, stronger than anyone I know. And the baby is strong as well. She has your grace.”

Cas nodded but didn’t look happy at all. “Call me if there is any problem. I have to go find Chuck. I won’t have our baby condemned to die.” Cas vanished.

Sam refused to leave. He sat in a chair and just waited. He wouldn’t abandon his brother and he didn’t care if he was in the way or not. He nodded off at intervals. Someone brought him food from time to time, he ate it without really tasting it. Once when he came back from the bathroom he found a computer tablet on his chair. On the back of it was a large, rather old sticker that read, ‘This belongs to Dr Radek Zelenka. Steal it and he will turn you into a glowing pillar of salt.’ Sam smiled. He missed his Omega but his brother needed him right now. He opened it and logged in. There was a video from Radek, telling him that he missed Sam but he understood his need to watch over his brother. He signed off saying he loved Sam and their child was fine. Radek was pregnant with their child. Sam wondered about that for awhile. It had only been a few days and yet they already could tell that he was pregnant.

Once a day a doctor with a strong Scottish accent came in to check on Dean and adjust his sedative. Dean had stopped trying to thrash and had been quiet for more than 24 hours. He released the force shield but ordered that the door must stay locked. He looked at Sam and smiled. “He is doing better than I expected, considering he has been drinking heavily for the better part of 20 years. I know, it’s shocking how an alcoholic can hide it from their family. The body builds up a resistance to the alcohol so he could continue to drink heavily without it showing too much and people just accept their behaviour as normal for them. He might come back to you a changed man, Mr Winchester. You will have to be patient with him,” Carson told Sam. “I suggest you look up some information on the net. There are some very informative videos.”



“Sam,” Dean moaned as he woke up. “Where’s Cas?”

Sam shut down the email from Radek that included a video of his Omega in the shower.  “Gone to find Chuck. I think Cas would would fight Chuck to keep this kid. How are you feeling?”

“Rocky. What happened exactly?”

“Detox,” Sam said.

“Detox? Hell, I quit drinking, why would I need detoxing?’

“Because you have been drinking too much for too long, Dean. You’re addicted.”

“Fuck that. When can I get out of here? I hate this.”

“I know you do but it’s for the best. Think of it as treatment for your baby.”

“Yeah, I guess. It is okay, isn’t it? I mean, it isn’t going to have any like, side effects or anything?”

“Yeah. fine, and we intend on keeping it that way. That is why you are going to go through this,” Sam told him.

Dean got a bitch face but didn’t say anything else. Secretly, he would do anything for this baby.

“The doctor left this laptop for you, with info on what you are going through. He apologised that they don’t have one where the pregnant is an Omega. So just imagine he where it says she.”  

Dean grabbed the laptop with a frown. “Yeah, I guess this is sort of new.” He opened it and read a few pages.

“Dean...if you are alright, I’d like to go out for a while.”

Dean looked at the recliner that Sam had been sleeping in and the general mess his brother was in and realised that Sam hadn’t left his side. He smiled at him. “Yeah, go see that Omega of yours. I’m fine here.”  

Sam looked at the multitude of things that Dean was hooked up to and decided that Dean couldn’t go anywhere even if he wanted to. He nodded and grabbed his duffle, throwing his bits and pieces into it and left.

Dean sighed and went back to reading the information on the laptop. He really wished Cas would come back, he missed him terribly, but he understood that Cas was doing what was best for the baby.

Radek entered his quarters after dinner to find his Alpha asleep in his bed. He smiled and went to the bed and sat down on it gently. He didn’t want to wake Sam, but he was very happy to have him back. Sam opened his eyes and smiled at his Omega.



“How is Dean?” Radek asked.

“On the mend. He’ll be fine. I missed you.”

Radek kissed Sam on the forehead. “I missed you too.”

“Have you eaten?” Radek asked. “They are still serving dinner in the dining room.”

“I’m not hungry,” Sam told him. He grabbed Radek and pulled him on top of him. “Kiss me.”

“You lie. You are hungry,” Radek told him and kissed him.

“I am hungry,” Sam laughed, “but not for food.” He wrapped his arms around Radek and pulled him in for a passionate kiss.

“Let me get rid of these clothes.”  Radek stood up and stripped off and then pulled the bedspread off Sam. “I see you are ready for me.”

“More than ready,” Sam growled, pushing Radek on his back and moving over him.

“Hmm, your favourite position. Perhaps I should have sent you the kama sutra.”   

“Haven’t heard any complaints out of you,” Sam chuckled. “But if you want me to switch it up, I can.”

“So long as you put my favourite part of you into my favourite part of me, I am happy,” Radek smiled.

Sam just shoved into him. He groaned and said, “I missed this so much.”

“We are well suited, I think,” Radek said when he got his voice back.

“Yes, we are. My Omega is perfect for me.”

“But, since you are living here now, I wonder if you might do something for me.”

“Anything, Just ask,” Sam moaned.

“I wish to show you off, my massive Alpha, my protector, my love,” Radek told him. “And I wish for the thrill that I see others have.  Would you perhaps come and find me when you desire and, well, show that I am yours to my team and Rodney?”  

Sam kissed him tenderly. “I’m proud to be your Alpha and I would love for everyone to know. Of course we can do that.”

Radek’s hands gripped Sam’s face and kissed him roughly and with all the strength he had he thrust up against his Alpha. Sam’s knot went into him and they locked. Sam threw his head back and yelled. He came over and over and over again inside his precious Omega.

They were both sticky from Radek’s come when they finally drew apart. Radek pulled a stopwatch out of his bedside drawer and started it. Sam looked at him questioningly.

“I want to see how long it takes me to get you ready for me again,” Radek teased.

Sam laughed. “Oh, I suspect it won’t be long.”

Radek, cleaned Sam up with wet wipes from a bottle he now kept on his bedside table and when he was satisfied he began licking his favourite part of Sam. Sam moaned, “See? I knew it wouldn’t take long.”