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The Winchester Gospels

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Sam and Dean Winchester were just getting back from a hunt. “What were those things?”

“Not human, that’s for sure,” Sam replied.

Dean just frowned. “I think I got some blood in my mouth. I’m gonna go brush my teeth and rinse my mouth for about an hour.”

“Man, your back is covered in blood, go have a shower,” Sam told him.  

“Look who’s talking.  Baby is going to need a wash,” Dean commented.  

“Yeah, yeah, just hurry up. I want to get in the shower too. I think I got blood in my eyes.” Sam rubbed his eye for emphasis.

“Do your nerdy thing and see if there is any record on those things.  They weren’t demons,” Dean said. “I’ll hurry in the shower.”

Sam sighed and went for the books. He really didn’t know where to start. These weren’t your average monsters. He rang the British Men of Letters for information. Their records were all on computer.  It would save him hours or even days looking through the archives. He described what the things looked like as best he could and asked for anything they thought would help.

“That was your first encounter with Augments.  Genetically altered humans. Not your average garden variety human.”

“Tell me about it,” Sam replied as he wiggled his shoulders to release some of the tension. “I feel like I was fighting Superman.”

“You were, figuratively. You are lucky to be alive. The EV1 virus augments both physical and mental attributes.”

“As in?” Sam asked.

“Bad guys become super bad guys. It seems like anyone who was borderline psychotic  becomes a full fledged maniac.”

“And how do we kill them?”

“As far as we can tell, you can’t.”

“Got news for you...we did,” Sam replied.

“Bloody Hell! How?”

“Well, I think we ended up with pieces.”

Dean looked himself over carefully, looking for wounds. He didn’t seem to have any beyond some deep scratches and a nasty bruise on his side. Sighing, he washed and got out of the shower. He was bone tired. He brushed his teeth again and used alcohol mouthwash, gagging at the thought of getting blood in his mouth.

Dressed, he walked back to the war room to find Sam and tell him it was his turn in the shower. He saw that Sam was on the phone, so he grabbed a beer and sat down.

When Sam hung up, he asked, “So, who were you talking to?”

“British Men of Letters,” Sam replied. “Apparently, we encountered the bad version of the Augments that we have been hearing about on the news.”

“The what?” Dean asked.

“If you would watch something other than porn you would know about them,” Sam complained half heartedly. “That flu epidemic is changing people.”

“Sounds just about right for us.  Armageddon for the what 5th time?” Dean replied. “And hey, I  watch other shows.”

“We are the only ones who have managed to kill any of the bad guys.”

“Sounds about right.”

“Dean? You OK?”

“Yeah, why?”

Sam put his hand up to Dean’s forehead and Dean backed away.

“You have a fever.”

“I feel fine, except for the pulled muscles and bruises,” he replied and then nearly collapsed.  Sam caught him and found he could easily lift him. He carried his brother to his room and laid him down on the bed.  “You need a doctor?”

“And tell him what?” Dean asked. “Anyway, the news said to stay away from the hospitals unless it was an emergency.  See I do listen to the news.”

Dean did feel hot and kind of awful. “I’m hitting the sack, Sammy. I feel beat to hell.” He shook Sammy off of him when he got to the bed. “I’m okay, just need rest.”

“I’ll be back in a couple of hours to check on you,” Sam told him, feeling the need to lie down also.

Dean tore off his shirt, he was way too hot. He pulled off his jeans as well, and then just collapsed back on the bed. He felt pain in his abdomen as well.

“What the fuck is going on with me?” Dean felt worse by the second.

Dean fell into an uneasy sleep. He tossed and turned, his fever climbing higher and higher until he was delirious.

He moaned loudly and tossed around in the bed.  

“Cas...CAS! I need you Cas,” he called out.

There was a fluttering of wings in the room. Cas stood there and looked at Dean. He walked to the bed and put a hand on Dean’s forehead. He pulled it away quickly, feeling Dean was burning up.

“Dean, what happened to you?”

Dean’s hand locked about Cas’ wrist. “Do your angel stuff, Cas.  Fix me.”

“I can’t.”

“What?” Dean frowned.

“I’m sorry.  There isn’t a cure for this, Dean.  You have the eugenics virus. I can’t alter your DNA. But I can stop you from turning into one of the ‘mutants’...the ones you have been fighting.  You are a good man at heart, Dean.”  

Dean groaned and said, “I don’t want to be one of those freaks. There must be something you can do, Cas!”

“This is part of God’s plan, Dean.  There must be a balance.  You need the strength to fight them. There are both good and bad augments, just as there are both good and bad men. You are one of the chosen,” Cas said.   

“I don’t want to be fucking chosen!” Dean yelled at him.

Cas winced at Dean’s anger. “I’ll do all I can, Dean.”  He touched Dean’s forehead with his fingers, frowning in concentration. Suddenly he withdrew his hand and looked at it. The perspiration from Dean’s forehead was full of the virus and Castiel could see it trying to find a way into him.  Cas’ hand glowed slightly as he killed the virus. Dean was asleep and resting peacefully as Cas had stopped the pain of the transition, but he couldn’t stop the transition.  

Cas appeared in Sam’s room.  “You are also infected.”

“What is it?”

“It is EV1.”

“Can you cure us?”

“No. But you will be on the side of Angels,” Cas replied.

“Even with my demon blood?”

“You no longer have demon blood, Sam.”

Sam was feeling bad, but he heard everything Cas said.

“No more demon blood. How is that possible, Cas?”

“EV1 is a retrovirus.  It is changing you genetically.  You are no longer Homo Sapien, but Homo Augment. A new species.”

Sam tried to wrap his mind around the fact that he and Dean would be a ‘new species.’ He wasn’t happy about any of it. But his logic told him that he had to accept it, since there was nothing to be done.

“How’s Dean? Is he having a hard time with this?”

Cas sighed. “He is having a much worse time with the virus than you are. I’m worried… I think he may become an omega.”

Sam growled, “What the fuck is an omega? And is he going to be okay?”

“Homo Augments have three genders. Female, Alpha male, and Omega male.  Omega males are hermaphrodites.  It’s odd...I would have thought Dean would be an Alpha.  Most...jocks are and most nerds are Omega, but you are clearly becoming an Alpha. Perhaps it was the influence of having to be mother as well as brother to you.”

“And you are getting all this information from?” Sam asked.

Cas pointed up. “We have read the Khan Directive.”

“Khan Directive?”

“A United Nations Directive to deal with the current crisis.”

Sam sighed, running a hand over his face. This was all too much to deal with. “So, the United Nations has put out a directive and we didn’t know shit about it.”

“It was need to know only, Sam. I would have told you if I thought you’d ever become infected.”

“And Dean is becoming a hermaphrodite? What the hell, Cas.”

Sam just thought about what Dean would say when he heard. There was going to be hell to pay.

“You must prepare yourself for your attraction to your brother.  Incest is no longer relevant, you are no longer Homo Sapien.”

Sam just stared at Cas. “Attraction? To Dean? You must be joking.”

“No, I am not. I would not joke about something so serious,” Cas replied confused. “Homo Augment is a new species.  It is necessary for your survival that you be attracted to and breed with others of your species.”  

“Breed? You mean I could knock up Dean? Cas, that’s disgusting.” Sam just shook his head.

“You will find that you adjust in time.  I believe Augments are permanently...horny.”

Sam wanted this to all just be a horrible nightmare. He would be sexually attracted to Dean, Dean could get pregnant… What the hell was happening?

“Maybe you should go check on Dean again.”

“He is asleep. And you have mail; an important email, I believe.”

Sam just shook his head. “And you know this how? Never mind, don’t tell me. I’ll go look at it now.” Sam stood up and walked to his laptop. He fired it up and sure enough, there was an email.




It was from the Pentagon.  Sam opened it.  But instead of an email it opened a live video feed.  “Mr Winchester, you look like hell.  I see that you have been infected with EV1.  I’m General Jack O’Neill, two ‘l’s.  There is another one with one ‘l’.”

Sam laughed ruefully. “Okay, General O’Neill with two ‘l’s, what do you want?”

“Your services.  I want to hire the Men of Letters.  In fact I am commandeering your services for the duration of the crisis. You will be handsomely paid and provided every resource you require.  I believe that you have managed to successfully fight the mutants. You will have just received an email from me with the Welcome pack for the Khan Directorate, explaining EV1 and it’s effects.  It’s sort of a dumbed down version for us non-medical people.”   

Sam checked and sure enough, there was the email. He went back to the live feed and told O’Neill he’d gotten it.

“It might take a while for you to read it and I see that you are still transitioning so I’ll get back to you in the morning.”

Sam found that he could and did read it while the General was talking to him. “I have already read it,” he replied.

“Oh...OK, got a bit of speed reading abilities there,” Jack said.

Sam was surprised at the speed he read it and that fact that he seemed to have retained all the information on the first reading.  It was the first glimmer of hope that this would not be as bad as he imagined.

Dean came to, more than woke up. He felt like he’d been hit by a truck but he got up and sat on the edge of the bed. Sighing, he pulled on jeans and went to look for Sam.

He found him sitting at a desk, looking at his laptop. Dean just sat down heavily across from him.

“Hey, bitch. I’m assuming you heard from Cas what happened?’

Sam looked at Dean and just shook his head. “Yeah, Dean, I know a lot about what happened. I’ll bring you up to speed, but there’s something you need to know first.”

“Yeah Sammy, what’s that?”

Sam looked away. “Uh, there’s no easy way to say this…” He trailed off.

“Just spit it out, Sam.”

“Uh, Dean, you’re a, well, a hermaphrodite.”

Dean just sat there, looking confused. “Wait, what? I’m a what?”

“A hermaphrodite. It means you have both male and female junk, to put it in terms you’ll understand.”

Dean jumped up. “I have NOT got female parts! What the fuck do you mean?”

Sam just pulled up a drawing of the omega male physiology and turned the laptop around so Dean could see it.



Dean looked, blinked and looked again. “What the ever lovin’ fuck is this shit?”

Dean suddenly relaxed.  “Oh, I get it, this is a hallucination. I’ve got a fever.”

Sam just took the laptop back. “Afraid not, bro. This is real. You’re gonna have to get used to it.”

“So, do you have female junk too? I mean if I do, you must have too. You’re the pussy of this group.” Dean chuckled.

“Apparently, not,” Sam couldn’t help but smile.  He was an Alpha, a nerdy Alpha but still an Alpha. Except, as far as he could make out, Omegas were generally intellectually superior and certain parts of the directions given in the Khan Directive suggested that they be considered for the positions of authority.  Sam knew that Dean wasn’t as dumb as he often made out to be but that was their father’s doing. Dean had to live up to Dad’s expectations of manhood.  Sam was the one who never needed his father’s approval and went his own way as soon as he could. That he had practically deserted Dean to their father’s mercy now haunted him.  Sam was surprised at the multitude of thoughts and perceptions he was now capable of processing in seconds.

“Dean, it’s alright. It doesn’t make you any less of a man,”Sam said, hoping that was the right thing to say.  This was all too new.  There was no manuals on how to deal with this. It was like trying to tell Dean he was a werewolf but he wasn’t going to kill, or a vampire but he wasn’t going to bite.  “We’ve been through shit before.  We are always going through shit. We we always get through it.”

Dean still thinking that this was just a hallucination or a dream, wandered into the kitchen and got a beer. “So you are trying to tell me that I’m going to want it up the rear?” Dean laughed. “No way in hell, bitch. Not even in hell,” he told Sam. “And no less a man? Bitch, I’ve got a fucking uterus!”

Dean was yelling now. He was pacing the room and waving his beer around so much it sloshed out.

Dean finally sat down heavily. He sat his beer on the table. He felt like crying but he wouldn’t give Sam the satisfaction. Sam would probably say he was just hormonal.

Sam turned to look at Dean.  He really felt for his brother.  He didn’t think he would have coped so well if it was him.

Dean sighed. “So what do we do now?”

Sam got up the Welcome email and turned the laptop towards Dean. “Read this.”

Dean read the whole thing.  It took Dean more time than it did Sam to read it, but it was a lot faster than Dean normally read.  He stood up and walked away.  “I’m going back to bed. I’ve got to wake up.”  

“Dean, haven’t you once, even once, at least once looked at Cas and…”