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Two Friends Like Us

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Ian unfortunately doesn’t get to see Mickey again after that night until New Year’s Eve, which Mickey had promised him he would be available for. The Milkovich house was apparently full with his own family right now, including many half siblings, and it was hard for him to get away.

Ian doesn’t give him a hard time about it though, as much as he prefers to be around Mickey, as long as he’s not out working for his dad, he’s grateful. Still, he feels a little down after the first three days, and lonely, even as Mickey tries to cheer him up with lyric texts here and there, one of Ian’s favorite games.

And when I ask him, is he doing alright? He’s a rollercoaster, and yeah, he’s a fire in the night

Ian just sends back a simple smile emoji. He’s struggled with feeling down before, from time to time, usually for no apparent reason, but it’s pretty clear to him why he’s feeling that way this time.

It’s clear to Mickey too, who texts him again, sensing what’s bothering him. “Miss you too. I’m gonna come see you real soon. What do you want to do for New Years? Other than get fucking wasted lol

The question reminds him of something, and Ian bites his lip as he types out, “Be with you. Fuck you”. He’s thinking of something else too though, he’d had a strange dream the other night. One that left him having to change out of his boxers in the morning, and although he hadn’t been able to shake it from his mind, he still felt too shy to mention it to his boyfriend.

Mickey texts back, “Yeah? What if I was there right now?

Ian thinks for a moment, there’s a lot he would like to do… “I’d fuck you so hard Mick. Make you call my name”.

Fuck, you’re making me hard, Gallagher. Why don’t you send me a fucking pic or something, help me out here?

He grins as he unbuttons his jeans. Mickey just knew how to fucking cheer him up, like no one else ever could.


Ian gets a text from him on New Year’s Eve around 9 p.m., and heads over to their secret place on Roger’s Street after he stuffs a flashlight and an old outdoor blanket for them to sit on into his backpack.

He hears Mickey swearing inside as he turns on his flashlight, catching the other boy off guard. “Sorry” he says, as he turns the beam of light onto where Mickey is sitting, illuminating him, “Should of said I was on my way”.

“Can you get the fucking searchlight out of my eyes? I’m gonna go fuckin blind” Mickey complains, blocking his face with his hands, as Ian notices he’s actually got some facial hair growing right now. He lowers the flashlight, “Where’s Mo?”

“At home with my dad. Wanted privacy” Mickey grins, as Ian gets closer.

Ian laughs, “He’s a dog Mickey”. “I don’t care, I don’t want him to watch me getting fucked” Mickey says, frowning, as Ian sits down beside him, taking the blanket from his backpack and shoving it underneath them to block the cold.

“Missed you” Ian says, changing the subject and pressing his mouth against Mickey’s. He breathes out shakily as Mickey’s tongue finds his, and he moves his hand around to hold the back of his head before he lowers it to stroke his cheek. “You didn’t shave” he murmurs, pressing his lips against it.

“Yeah, it’s been hard to get into the bathroom for more than five fucking minutes with so many people over. Haven’t even been able to fucking jerk off in days, Iggy’s been sharing my room” Mickey complains.

Ian brushes his cheek against Mickey’s, testing out the unfamiliar prickle of the stubble against his skin. “You must be horny as hell” he says suggestively, and Mickey shifts slightly as he turns to look at him, “You could fucking say that”.

Ian answers casually, “Well… you can jerk off now”. Mickey raises his eyebrow in interest at the coy suggestion, “Yeah, guess I can”. He looks directly at Ian as he lifts upwards and lowers his jeans, and Ian sees he’s already hard.

Mickey sits back down, licking his bottom lip after he wets his palm with his tongue, and lowers it to his dick. Ian swallows hard, watching as his boyfriend begins to stroke himself, he feels himself growing harder by the second.

Mickey presses his head back against the wall after a couple minutes, closing his eyes, and groaning with pleasure. Ian watches for another minute with extreme interest before he shifts upwards and begins to pull down his own jeans, Mickey opening his eyes at the sound and looking at him with his eyebrow raised.

“Wanna get in you before you cum” he pants, knowing Mickey won’t last long after holding it in for the past few days.

Mickey closes his eyes again and grins, “Get the lube bitch”.

Ian leans over him to reach into his backpack and feels around until he touches some familiar metallic condom and lube packets. He tears them open and gets to work preparing himself, spreading the lube over his dick impatiently.

“Better hurry Gallagher” Mickey warns, pausing his hand movements. Ian sees his dick twitch, already leaking.

“Get against the wall” he demands, positioning himself behind Mickey as he does. He leans forward and licks the other boys neck hotly, feeling Mickey shiver underneath him. “Fuck” he breathes.

“How do you want me?” Ian murmurs as he pushes slowly into the other boy, too impatient to loosen him beforehand. Mickey doesn’t complain though, the lube was sufficient enough to surpass any serious discomfort. “Hard and fucking fast” he answers.

Exactly what Ian wanted to hear.

He kicks the blanket away from the wall and arches his back as he leans in, and then thrusts into Mickey. Over and over again, the sounds of their pleasured grunts and moans echoing slightly in the abandoned building.

“Just like that” Mickey tells him repeatedly, gasping as he does. Ian buries his nose against the back of Mickey’s neck, breathing in his familiar scent deeply, as he begins to sweat from exertion.

He notices then what Mickey is doing, and pulls his boyfriend’s hand away from his dick and presses it against the concrete wall, pinning the other boy by the wrist. “Don’t touch yourself” he says aggressively. Mickey’s eyes shut, “I’m gonna cum anyways” he answers, shuddering.

Ian presses into him harder, aiming for his prostate, and he can tell he hit it directly as Mickey moves unsteadily beneath him and begins to curse loudly. He looks down and watches, as Mickey begins to ejaculate onto the wall and ground. He slows his thrusts, but Mickey leans his head back, giving him an encouraging look as his eyes shine with release, “C’mon Gallagher”.

Ian doesn’t need to be told twice, and picks up his punishing pace again, making harsh noises in his throat as he approaches his own orgasm. Mickey sends him right over the edge when he demands, “Cum for me” and Ian does just that, shaking as he empties his load deep inside of the other boy.

“Fuck”, he runs his hand over his sweaty forehead and through his red hair as he pulls out, “That was fucking good”.

Mickey hikes up his jeans as Ian does the same, “Man, I fucking needed that”. He presses his lips against Ian’s in a messy kiss, both of them absolutely spent. Ian tosses the condom and moves the blanket to a different area of the wall, one that isn’t currently dripping in jizz.

He checks his phone afterwards, and it’s already ten. “Can we crack open those liquor bottles I felt in your backpack?” he asks, feeling both thirsty and festive. Mickey grins, “Fuck yeah. Whiskey, or vodka?” “Whiskey” Ian answers, knowing Mickey prefers it.

Mickey cracks the bottle open and takes several long gulps from it before he passes it Ian, who does the same, gasping slightly as his eyes burn from the alcohol’s intense strength while it runs down his parched throat.

They pass the bottle back and forth for the next hour, draining it, and Ian feels a heavy buzz settle over his mind as him and Mickey begin to laugh at absolutely nothing.

“You’re fucking trashed” Mickey says, grinning at him as he stumbles to the corner to take a piss. He hiccups after he says it though, and Ian bursts out laughing. “You’re fucking trashed, whatchu talkin about Milkovich”.

He settles back down beside Mickey on the blanket once he’s done, gripping the cold whiskey bottle between his fingers. But his dream from a few nights ago, and the same thought, keep running through his mind, over and over again. Teasingly.

Maybe it’s because he’s intoxicated, but he feels like now’s a good a time as any to bring it up. “You remember that time you told me about how you… fucked those other guys?”

Mickey groans as he looks over at him, “Ian, I’m fucking drunk. You wanna nitpick at something do it when I’m sober”.

“No” Ian burps, “I’m not- I’ve been thinking about how you said you liked it”. Mickey interrupts him, “Not as much as I like getting fucked”. Ian presses his hand to his mouth to make him shut up so he can continue, “Right but you did like it, and God, I love fucking you, so I was thinking… maybe you should fuck me”.

Mickey looks over at him in surprise, but then shakes his head. “You’re fucking drunk Ian”. “Well, yeah, but I’ve been thinking about it for a while now” Ian answers honestly.  

“I thought you didn’t like bottoming?” Mickey asks, raising his eyebrow at him. “I don’t, but I never really tried and I think I might with you. I love you” he turns his head to look at his boyfriend more directly. “You want me to fuck you?” Mickey repeats, sounding like he doesn’t believe him.

“Yeah, don’t you… want to?”

Ian feels self conscious all of a sudden, and Mickey bites his lip, “Of course I fucking want to”. Ian starts to struggle out of his jeans but Mickey shakes his head and stops his hand, “Not now though, we’re both fucking wasted. I don’t know if I can be gentle”. Ian is disappointed, feeling stupid for even bringing it up now. He knows it’s partly the alcohol making him act slightly dramatic, but he checks his phone again, 11 p.m., and drops it. He doesn’t want to go into the New Year arguing with Mickey.

He gets even quieter as he begins to sober up over the next half hour, and Mickey bites his lip as he eventually looks over, clearly worried that he’d upset him. Ian glances back at him, “I trust you, you know”.

He’s still sporting a semi, unable to shake the scorching thought from his mind, as he leans in to kiss his boyfriend with want. Mickey opens his mouth to the kiss, and slips his tongue in past Ian’s hungrily, still clearly horny as hell too.

They can already hear booming fireworks starting to go off outside from a few streets away, and through some broken parts in the concrete walls, they can see the sky filling up with bright and colorful streaks of light. The loud sounds outside add to the thrumming in Ian’s eardrums, and he feels even more heated.

The alcohol might be part of it, at least making him confident enough to say it to Mickey, but he knows it’s what he fucking wants. He breathes shakily into the other boy’s mouth, who groans in response. “I want you so bad” Ian says into his lips, “Please”.

Mickey looks up at him, his pupils large and dark with want, and says, “What if I finger you? It takes time for you to be ready to get fucked anyways, Ian”. Ian bites his lip, thinking, and Mickey adds, “If you still want me to when we’re both totally sober, I’ll fuck the shit out of you, alright?”

Ian nods in agreement, and pulls out another packet of lube from the backpack and hands it to his boyfriend, who tears it open as carefully as he can, even in his still slightly drunken state. Mickey spreads it over his fingers and leans over Ian, who is already taking his pants off.

“Spread your legs a bit” Mickey tells him, and Ian immediately does. Mickey kisses him, a long and slow kiss, and Ian closes his eyes as Mickey’s hand lowers down towards his ass. He soon feels a finger gently probing him, and he moans into Mickey’s mouth again, “I want you so fucking bad”.

He feels one finger slide inside of him slowly, and he jerks his head back at the mostly unfamiliar, but pleasant sensation. “Yeah that’s good, you’re so relaxed” Mickey tells him warmly, moving his lips down to Ian’s neck to kiss along it.

He puts in a second finger and Ian groans, making Mickey immediately stop his motions.

“No, keep going!” Ian urges. Mickey nods at his demand, and returns to his gentle massaging inside him. He spreads more lube over his fingers before he goes for a third and final entry, and Ian sees Mickey watching his face closely the entire time for any sign of pain. He begins to stroke his cock while Mickey fingers him, and soon the combined and overwhelming sensation has him writhing on the ground.

“So fucking hot” he barely hears Mickey say, over the booming fireworks outside. As the hour passes midnight, Ian comes so hard that he sees fireworks, even as he closes his eyes.