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Root swore time slowed down when she saw Sameen approaching with Bear. The two seemed to share the same swagger as they walked down the street to the apartment. And as if Root’s grin couldn’t have gotten any wider, she all but melted when she saw Sameen holding a German shepherd puppy in her arms.

“If we weren’t already married, I’d ask you right now,” Root greeted them and kissed Sameen. “What do we have here? Oh, hello,” Root said to the dog that was still shaking.

“Bear rescued her,” Shaw said. “We just came from the vet. She’s okay, in spite of the bastard that was her owner.”

“Oh, you poor thing! Goed gedaan, Bear,” Root said in his native tongue. “Let’s take her upstairs.”

Team Bear went inside and took their rescued canine to the apartment. Bear pulled out his treasured blanket and laid it down near her. The other dog could sense she was safe here and curled up on the soft material. Bear kept pushing at Shaw to thank her because, of course, without her help, it would have been harder.

“Yeah, yeah,” Shaw said, trying to downplay it. “I can’t go out every time you find out there’s a puppy in trouble, you know,” she tried to say and Bear walked over and sat down. The puppy immediately walked between his legs and stayed there.

“Oh, my God!” Root squealed. “Is that not the most adorable thing?”

“He’s suckering you in, Root. We’ll be doing daily canine capers if he keeps this up,” Shaw warned.

“Your mother is working on a program as we speak,” Root updated her wife. “Isn’t that right, Bear,” she added.

“Okay, look; when they lock us up, you know they won’t let him be our lawyer, right?” Shaw reminded Root.

“OH MY GOSH!” Isabelle said when she walked in to see the new addition. “Is that not the cutest thing? Bear has a friend?”

“Welcome to the love-fest, but we actually have more pressing issues than overdosing on cute,” Shaw said.

The puppy immediately looked up at Bear to be reassured that this one didn’t bite.

Watch,’ he said and went over and jumped up on Shaw. She bellowed and balked, but eventually she let him slobber her face in kisses. ‘See?’ he barked to his guest.

“Okay, okay, you’re welcome,” Shaw said, not realizing this was actually a demonstration of well-trained she was.

“What’s the matter?” Isabelle asked Sameen as she wiped her face on her sleeve.

“You mean, besides the fact that I’m covered in saliva? No offense,” she said to Bear who barked he’d let this one slide. “I have to have blood work tomorrow,” Shaw said, taking the woman’s arms in her hands to make sure she understood the magnitude of this. “I… have… to… fast…after…midnight,” Shaw said and let it sink in.

“Oh, my!” Isabelle responded.

“Tell me about it,” Shaw concurred. “It’s going to be hell.”

Root sat there, her eyes ablaze with laughter at how adorable Shaw was when she wasn’t trying to be adorable at all.

“Should I make Italian or steak?” the chef asked and Shaw answered; “Yes.” “What about for the guest?” she asked.

“What? You didn’t get him his own Amazon account with one hour free delivery?” Shaw mocked.

Just then, the elevator doors opened and Fusco walked in, carrying – you guessed it – a large bag of puppy food. “Don’t ever say I never bought you anything,” he said, giving Shaw the bag. “Oh, my God – a German Shepherd? He’s adorable!” the man gushed when he saw her.

“She,” Root corrected him. “Why do men assume dogs are male?”

“Because, Cocoa Puffs, the text said … ‘Can you get him puppy food?’” Fusco read from his phone. “Can I pet her?” he asked, getting down on the floor and allowing the dog to get used to him. “What kind of bastard does this to a dog?”

“Excellent question, Lionel,” Root said and smiled as she watched the bulky man play so gently with the puppy.

“I always want him to be your friend,” Root whispered to Shaw, but Fusco heard her.

“She owes me too much money for us to break up just yet,” he winked back at Root.

“Oh geez, he heard that? Now, he’ll be telling me you want us to be BFF’s and all. Thanks, Root,” Shaw retorted.

“Detective, would you like to stay for dinner?” Root asked and Isabelle told him what was on the menu.

“Yes! I mean, if it’s okay with you guys,” Fusco said, never wanting to pass up a home cooked meal. “I wouldn’t want to miss Shaw’s last meal,” he kidded.

“How do you know that?” Shaw questioned.

“It’s all over. Whenever you’re a danger to yourself or others, Shaw; an APB goes out,” Fusco half kidded.

“Don’t you have a girlfriend?” Shaw asked, her hands on her hips now. “And like, a kid?”

“Joss took a bunch of the cops’ kids to the Yankees’ game tonight. My… girlfriend… said she had some important paperwork she needed to get done,” Fusco said and now he was lying down and letting the puppy sit on top of him.

“You’re embarrassing yourself,” Shaw announced, but no one agreed.

“I’ll get dinner ready,” Isabelle announced and it was the first good news Shaw heard.

“At lease someone understands me,” Shaw pouted, but Root was right there to press her lips on the protruding edge.

“You are my hero,” Root said affectionately.

“Yeah, it was pretty cool,” Shaw admitted of Bear’s caper.

“You’re very brave, too,” Root cooed in her ear.

“Well, it’s not like your dog gave me a choice,” Shaw admitted.

“I meant about… the fasting,” Root teased, setting her ruse up slowly.

“I’ve gone longer,” Shaw said.

“I was thinking…,” Root smiled, now playing with Shaw’s hair and pressing into her, “… I might be able to come up with some things to keep your mind off it.”

There was no mistaking now where Root was going with this.

“I don’t know,” Shaw said, getting better adept at picking up on these things, “… it’s going to take a lot to get my mind off eating.”

She wasn’t as fast as Root, though.

“Oh, I don’t know that I want your mind off that completely,” the taller woman admitted, pressing her leg into Shaw and capturing her mouth when it opened.

When Root was sure she had distracted her wife enough, she released her. “That… will... work,” Shaw confirmed, much to Root’s delight.

They do that a lot,’ Bear barked to his guest.

At dinner, Fusco marveled with envy at how much his friend could eat. He teased her about how dangerous it was to put his hand near her when she was eating. Bear had to explain that this was a way humans made themselves feel better – by comparing themselves to the four legged superior beings.

“He sure is barking a lot tonight,” Fusco said because they could all hear Bear during dinner.

“He has a lot to explain apparently,” Root smiled.

“You telling me you understand every word he says?” Fusco asked suspiciously.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Lionel. He’s barking now, he’s not using words,” Root clarified.

“You now it’s crazy, but I swear sometimes I understand exactly what he wants,” the kind hearted man shared.

Crazy’s not a word I would use if my girlfriend were, you know, a shrink,” Shaw smirked.

“So, will you two do like couples therapy, now that you’re both going to the same therapist and all?” Fusco teased as he ate another piece of the finest steak he ever tasted.

“You know I’m the only thing that stands between you and more of that steak right? “ Shaw said as Fusco threw caution to the wind and went off his diet.

Uncle,” Fusco said immediately because he hadn’t eaten anything so good since the reception.

Everyone finished dinner and there wasn’t anything left by the time they did. “Well, I guess that’s it for the night,” Shaw said, pushing back her plate.

“Geez, Shaw, it will take you hours to work that off,” Fusco reminded her.

“I don’t see that as a problem,” Root retorted, pushing her foot up Sameen’s leg.

“You should go,” Shaw said, turning to look at her friend.

“Yeah, I better. Thanks for dinner,” Lionel said and got up and said good night.

He offered to help Isabelle with the dishes, but she assured him she would take care of everything before she left. Even she knew better than to stay too long.

By the time everyone was on their way, the dogs had been walked and the newlyweds were getting settled in bed.

Root slipped alongside Shaw and began rubbing her back. “Thank you for going with him, today,” Root said because she knew it was a bad neighborhood.

“I have a feeling our lives are going to be one impulsive mission after another,” Shaw thought out loud.

“Speaking of impulsive,” Root cooed and began stroking Shaw’s lower body. “I feel it is my absolute duty to preoccupy and exhaust you tonight,” she informed Sameen, and began a trail of kisses from her shoulder, across her breasts where she lingered until both were covered, and downward, across her stomach, until she touched her so softly, Sameen shivered.

But Sameen resisted the enormous temptation to give in. “Now, this...,” she said, grabbing her wife and flipping her over, before she was satisfied, “… is impulsive.” Shaw straddled Root’s legs and took either side of her pajama top, and pulled hard. Buttons went flying in the bed as Root lay their exposed and inviting.

“God, I love when you’re spontaneous,” Root squealed as Sameen touched her skin everywhere.

“Oh, I can do spontaneous,” Shaw affirmed as she took full advantage of her position and held Root in place as she invaded her mouth with her tongue.

Root made every attempt to push up, to gain the dominant spot back, but Sameen simply wasn’t having any of that. She playfully reminded Root she could bench press more than she weighed.

“That is so hot,” Root said as Sameen continued her journey.

Soon enough, Shaw’s deliberate ministrations induced an uninhibited cry of ecstasy from Root’s mouth, at the same time as Root’s motions injected a tidal wave of power throughout Sameen’s body.

They do that a lot, too,’ Bear was barking downstairs, to explain the noise coming from the bedroom.

The puppy settled into her new home, right next to the dog who saved her. Any loud noise from the streets startled her, but Bear would just put his paw around her and pull her back in.

For the first time in her little puppy life, she was safe.

Unfortunately, the same could not be said for Lionel.