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“We’re leaving now?” Shaw said, looking out the window again. Everything told her they were on their way to JFK airport. “I thought you’d want to stay….”

“What I want is to be with you,” Root smiled and took Sameen’s hand. “I’ve had to share you with enough people.”

Shaw looked over at Root. “I’m so glad we’re married.”

“I intend to keep it that way,” Root confirmed and pushed her shoulder into Sameen’s.

“I have to confess, Root, I kind of suspected you might do something like this,” Shaw smiled.

“Really?” her wife responded.

“I told Fusco that I wasn’t certain we’d be there for his speech. He said we’d have to listen to it when we got back,” Shaw said, her expression smug.

“You didn’t say anything,” Root noted.

“Root, we’re married now. There’s little you can do that will actually surprise me,” Shaw pointed out.

“You are good,” Root said, in a tone someone uses when they’re leading the know-it-all exactly where they want them to prove they know very little.

Maybe it was the experience from the night before with Cole that got Sameen back in touch with her former CIA survival skills, but she was feeling pretty confident that that she knew what her wife was up to.

The problem was, Root could see it in her. And she simply wasn’t sure she liked it.

“Let me guess; no clothes,” Shaw said haughtily when Reese opened the trunk and their luggage was there. Sameen whipped open a suitcase and looked in. She was right – there were no clothes, but what was in there confused her.

“Why is there an iron in there?” Shaw caved in and asked.

Root smiled coquettishly and opened another suitcase. “Our clothes might get wrinkled.” Shaw looked inside and there were their clothes.

“You’re not going to have Reese steal these off the plane?” Shaw guessed incorrectly.

“Not this time, Shaw,” Reese promised as he handed the bags to the attendant. “Nice wedding,” is all he said before smiling and leaving.

“Yeah, you ought to try it,” Sameen teased him back, but he never acknowledged it.

The couple walked to the waiting private jet on the tarmac.

“So, no tazing; no drugging; we’re just going to get on that plane and take off? Like an old married couple,” Shaw tried to tease.

“Yes,” Root answered and then greeted the pilot of the plane.

The couple ascended the staircase and went inside. Sameen’s jokes seem to fall flat, so she tried a different tactic. “Hey,” she said when they were alone. “I don’t care where we go as long as we’re together,” she said, pulling Root in to kiss her. It was a long kiss and when Sameen let go; their lips took a second to peal apart.

“Me, too,” Root said.

The pilot announced that they were getting ready for departure. Root sat across from Shaw as Sameen buckled in. “So, where are we off to?” she asked.

“That all depends,” Root smiled.

“Depends on what?” Shaw laughed. “Which way the wind blows us?”

“I realized something about you, Sameen,” Root said, crossing her hands and draping them across her long crossed legs.

“You did?” Shaw asked, and now she noticed Root wasn’t strapped in. “Don’t you want to…”

“I saw something in you last night that I hadn’t seen before. Maybe it was the rush of not knowing exactly what you were up against; the excitement of being in a dangerous situation; the heightened adrenaline pulsing through your body,” Root listed her observations.

“Yeah, well, waiting for Isabelle’s cookies can do the same thing to me,” Shaw kidded.

“No,” Root disagreed. “There was something else I saw last night. At first,” Root said, slowly putting her hands on Sameen’s knees and letting her hands move upward. “… I thought it was because you were back with Cole.”

“Root, don’t be ridic…okay…,” Shaw said, as she shivered at Root’s touch.

“But then I thought that was silly and I decided not to kill him,” Root smiled, but Sameen was wondering if she was kidding or not.

“This is you jealous? Is that what you felt? Well, thanks for not killing him,” Shaw said and her voice squeaked a little because Root’s hands were on her thighs.

“So, if it wasn’t Cole causing that look in your eyes, then it was the situation. It was the rawness of being outnumbered and chased; or the near death experience of being shot at,” Root said, but her fingers were speaking a completely different language.

“Root… could you…maybe…shut up?” Shaw said, thinking the talk was a buzz kill.

“So, I decided there was only one way to find out,” Root said and now she was making the slowest of motions at Sameen’s core and leaning in to kiss her hard.

“Oh, God, Root…,” Shaw gasped when Root released her lips. “Please don’t throw me out of the plane.”

Root slowly caused Sameen to cascade over the edge, but thankfully, she was still in her seat.

“That was nice,” Shaw said of the physical touching as Root sat back smiling, holding Sameen’s gun that she had taken.

“Yes, I know,” Root said. “I decided to think of a way to provoke those same feelings, Sameen. If I can’t, I will always be afraid you won’t be truly happy,” Root theorized – getting back on track.

“What? What are you talking about?” Shaw asked, annoyed they were still talking about this. “Did we not just exchange vows? Where I told you how I feel?”

“Yes, and I believe all of that, Sameen. But I’ve never seen that look in your eyes before last night. Not even when Greer’s men were chasing us. There was something in that look. And if you can’t have that with me, I’ll know it’s missing; that you’re missing something.”

“Root!” Shaw yelled and then decided to change her tone. “Please?” she asked in the sweetest tone she could muster even though she was very frustrated.

“Cute,” Root said of her wife’s attempt to persuade her.

“What… what about… Cameroun? Or when you had us barter for your friend? Or when we helped Raul save the jaguar population? Right? I was… wow… was I on fire. I mean, not everyone gets to be a social activist and go on vacation, right?” Sameen tried, but could see she wasn’t convincing Root. “You are very stubborn, do you know that?” she added.

“I read you file again,” Root said.

“What file?” Shaw asked, worried Iris kept notes.

“Your CIA file. I read it before, but this morning I read it more closely,” Root shared.

“Yeah, and?” Shaw asked.

“You took the most dangerous assignments, always. Sometimes with Cole; sometimes not and my guess is because he didn’t have a death wish,” Root surmised incorrectly.

“No, he just wasn’t… the right man for the job, that’s all,” Shaw explained.

“Yeah, that’s how I knew it wasn’t because of him,” Root said thoughtfully. “That’s how I came up with my plan.”

Root was creating a scene right out of the combination of Shaw’s file and her wild imagination.

“Oh, good, you have a plan? Because I was beginning to think this was a sucky beginning to our honeymoon,” Shaw said.

“Would you do something for me, if it’s really important?” Root asked, taking Sameen’s hands.

“Sure, anything,” Sameen said sincerely.

“Good,” Root smiled and kissed Sameen’s hands.

“Cryptic and crazy. Okay,” Shaw said. “Please strap in,” she asked, as the plane ascended.

Root smiled and sat back, complying with Sameen’s request. “I love you, Shaw,” Root said.

“I know,” Sameen replied. “Please strap in….”

Root did finally sit back and put her seatbelt on; never once taking her eyes off of Sameen.

When they leveled off, a steward brought out the prepared lunch Isabelle had made for them. “If there was one person I would take with us, it would be her,” Shaw said, moaning at how good the sandwich tasted.

“If you divorce me, you get her,” Root smiled.

“Right,” Shaw scoffed, her mouth so full she had to push a napkin against it. “As long as you keep her, you know I’ll never leave,” she tried to joke, but Root was off somewhere. “Are you okay?”

“Never better,” Root said and ran her hand up Sameen’s leg.

“I have to go to the bathroom,” Shaw said, getting out of her seat. When she returned, she found Root staring out the window in the seat next to hers.

“I don’t know where we’re going, but can we nap before we get there?” Shaw asked, falling in the seat and putting her head on Root’s shoulder. “Wake me when it’s time to put our bikinis on.”

The couple did sleep – soundly, but Root woke up before Sameen did and put a pillow under her head and covered her with a blanket. Then, she went and readied their things.

“How much longer?” she asked the pilot.

“We will be over Darian Gap in thirty minutes,” he informed his boss.

“Sweetie?” Root said softly to her sleeping wife. “It’s time.”

Shaw tried to open her eyes, but she was still a quart low on rest. She pushed up her arms and stretched to rid her body of the tiredness, but even that took effort.

“I need you to change,” Root said and Sameen’s eyes fluttered, as she wondered why Root would change while they were inside the plane.

When Sameen finally got her eyes open, Root came into view. Not dressed in a bathing suit, but in khaki’s, boots and a t-shirt. She felt tenseness in her stomach that propelled her to look out the window.

“Root? Where are we?” Shaw asked suspiciously. The terrain below showed no beaches. Just thick brush.

“Darian Gap,” Root replied.

“Darian what?” Shaw asked, sitting up straight.

“That little strip of land between Panama and Columbia. Now, hurry; we don’t have much time,” Root said and handed Sameen some clothes.

“Is this a stop over? Tell me this is where we are stopping for fuel?” Shaw asked as the plane started to descend.

Root motioned for Sameen to hurry and the woman did as she was told; getting out of her white dress and into the outfit Root provided.

“Why do I need boots if I’m going to a beach, Root?” Shaw asked, putting on the boots.

“We’re delivering this first,” Root said and opened up a silver metal case with several phones.

“You’re bringing cell phones to a jungle?” Shaw asked, getting dressed quickly.

“Satellite phones,” Root smiled, tilting her head. “And yes. I thought this would be a good way to kill two birds with one stone.”

“You know,” Shaw said, tying her boots,” … you say that like it makes sense. What birds?”

“We’re going to give the indigenous people a fighting chance because they’re caught between the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia and the Columbian Government,” Root outlined.

“We’re landing in the middle of a war zone?” Shaw asked, waiting for Root to explain.

“Yes,” Root said.

“What’s the other bird, Root?” Shaw asked, thinking Root was on a good will mission.

“I want to see if you get that look in your eyes,” Root said seriously.

“Root!” Shaw yelled. “How about the look I get when we’re in the bedroom?”

“That’s important, Sameen. But I don’t want you missing anything because you’re with me.”

“This is insane, Root,” Shaw bellowed. “You want to land in the jungle and hand out phones to see if I get a rush?”

“No,” Root said and Sameen let out a sigh of relief. “We can’t land there. There’s no airstrip.”

Shaw was protesting, but someone was helping her on with a parachute and attaching it to a harness that would hold her in place when the hatch door opened. Two helmets were placed on their heads with com sets.

“I’m going to kill you,” Shaw threatened her wife.

“You say the sweetest things,” Root replied.

With that, the doors were opened and the whoosh of air pressure pulled at them.

“Sonova bitch,” Shaw said into her mouth piece at being thrust around. “We’re in and out, Root,” she said because she had no choice.

“As long as it takes,” Root said back and that didn’t seem to fit with Shaw’s directive.

With that, the attendant unhooked Root and she jumped.

“Does anyone know we’re here?” Shaw asked him.

“No, ma’am,” he said as he unhooked Sameen and she thrust herself forward to follow her wife, just as she had promised to do.