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The hospital staff strongly suggested that Sameen sit with Root and Reese while they took care of the patient. They were certain the woman was having an adverse reaction to the medication because she was yelling out uncontrollably every time she came to. The wound required stitches and after the procedure, Janine was resting comfortably in her room.

Root had an unsettling feeling about what had just happened. She kept thinking how someone had to know when the store was going to pass on the receipts because the schedule varied. Then, even if the robbers were smart; she questioned how the police were there so soon. She had asked Fusco to check into that. He was on his way there with the update.

“Is it just me, or does trouble seem to follow you two, like – all the time,” the detective whispered in the waiting area. “What’s up with her?” he asked Root when he noticed how tense Shaw was.

“She’s tense,” Root answered truthfully.

“Over Peggy Olsen?” he asked, forgetting that no one knew his nickname for Janine.

“Who?” Root asked and Fusco explained. “Yes,” she confirmed.

“Look at this,” he said and Shaw came over to look at the details Fusco found. The call to the police occurred seconds after the gunmen entered the store. From a burner phone. “Several people reported those gunshots coming from the speaker in the ceiling; like an audio file,” he said and now they understood why the gunman shot in Shaw’s direction.

While they were talking, a woman asked the nurse where she could find Janine. She hurried in the direction of the small room where the patient slept.

“This doesn’t sound right,” Shaw was saying, the hairs on her neck reacting to her gut. Then, a total stranger walked into Janine’s room.

Or, she attempted to enter.

The bodyguard flew from her seat and grabbed the unsuspecting suspect and pinned her against the wall. “Who the hell are you?” Shaw demanded.

The woman was obviously not prepared to be physically slammed against the door and screamed. “I’m Emily! A friend of Janine’s!”

Root had recognized the woman as the waitress from the night they all went out, but she was too slow to stop her fiancée from the well-meaning assault.

“Of course! Emily,” Root said, trying to peel Sameen off of her and smiling like it was the way they greeted all visitors. “Sweetie, it’s Emily; Janine’s friend,” Root interpreted so Sameen would listen.

“I saw it on the news!” the woman said.

Shaw stared at her for a second and when Root’s message got through; she released her and brushed off her shoulders as if the woman had fallen down. “Sure, Emily,” Shaw said.

“Oh, brother,” Fusco said of his high-strung friend. “Shaw, you want I should get you something to eat?”

“No,” Shaw lied and he knew he better go get her something.

“Is Janine okay?” Emily asked, putting a little distance between her and Shaw.

“Yes, thankfully,” Root said in a very friendly tone, hoping to erase the welcome. “It grazed her shoulder and she only needed stitches.”

“I just heard that there was a shooting and I saw them bringing her to the ambulance on television,” Emily explained.

“I’m sure she’ll be happy to see you,” Root said and they all went into the room.

Shaw was like a caged tiger; pacing the room back and forth. There was a part of her brain telling her she was supposed to be the patient; not the visitor. It was hard for her to accept that someone protected her.

Root saw it immediately. She knew situations like this made Shaw feel out of control. So, she gave it back to her.

“What do you want to do when she’s released?” Root whispered as Janine came to and talked to Emily.

“What?” Shaw asked.

“What do you want to do?” Root asked again.

Shaw’s eyes darted back and forth. “We might as well bring her back to the Penthouse Prison where we’re keeping all the others,” Shaw said.

“Ms. Shaw?” Emily called over. “Janine would like to see you.”

Shaw looked at Root, who nodded her head, and Shaw went over. Janine was still in and out, but seeing her friend Emily made her want to sit up in bed.

Root took Emily outside for a minute.

“She seems... nice,” Sameen said.

“She is,” Janine smiled. “Shaw?” she asked, because she knew something was bothering her boss.

“Look, I’m just going to come out and say this, okay?” Sameen started because it had been building. “You shouldn’t have done that. You could have seriously gotten yourself hurt and I would never have forgiven myself if you did. I do the protecting, I don’t need the protecting,” Shaw said, but it didn’t sound anywhere near as forceful as she wanted it to sound.

“I know,” Janine said, sorry that she upset her. “I didn’t plan it, I just reacted.”

Shaw totally got that because that’s often just how she operated. “Yeah,” she replied. “Well, you’re not going home,” Sameen added as if that was some sort of punishment for her actions.

“Shaw, I’m fine,” Janine smiled because she was touched Sameen was concerned. “Emily has offered to come home with me.”

This meant two things to the woman who was unnerved; Janine wasn’t listening and she was going home with a total stranger. “Root!” Shaw called and her fiancée appeared in the room. “She wants to go home with someone who could be Greer’s operative for all we know.”

“Maybe Fusco could fingerprint her,” Root smiled and really shouldn’t have teased.

“Yes! Okay, good,” Shaw said and went outside to make sure that was done.

Root bit her lip as she looked over apologetically at Janine. Then, they both heard her say: “And we’ll need a copy of your driver’s license, too.”

Janine was all smiles at her friend’s over protectiveness. “Better Emily knows what she’s in for,” she said to ease Root’s mind.

Emily had no idea who she was dealing with.

The former doctor was about to ask for a DNA kit when Fusco suggested that he had enough information to go on after taking the glass Shaw insisted Emily hold. “License,” Shaw said and make Fusco take a picture of it.

“She’s…,” Fusco started to explain, but couldn’t find the right word.

“It’s okay,” Emily said because she knew how much her friend adored the overprotective woman who stood there, staring at her.

Shaw motioned for Fusco to get on that. “I can’t wait to see what kind of pension you give me,” he said as he went and did what his friend requested. No, ordered. He left the candy machine goodies that he got her.

Reese took in the whole picture and understood what was going on.  He left to update Martine at the office. 

An hour later, when Fusco texted Shaw that the woman was in no known criminal database, Shaw allowed the patient to be discharged. Janine received orders from her doctors for wound care; and orders from her boss to check in every hour.

Then, Shaw allowed Emily to wheel Janine to the waiting car and accompany her home. She stopped them before they got in the car. “Hey,” Shaw said to her assistant. “I just wanted to say thanks. It was a very brave thing you did and I appreciate it.”

Janine’s face beamed as she listened to her friend’s accolades.

“But I don’t want you to ever do that again!” Shaw exclaimed and then nodded for Emily to take her home.

Emily didn’t know it, but her entire future with Janine hung on a thin thread when she shared her opinion of Shaw. “Wow,” she said, when they were in the car together. “She’s a good friend.”

Janine smiled at the woman’s assessment. “She’s the best,” Janine affirmed.

Shaw watched the car pull away and then looked at her watch. If Janine didn’t call in an hour, a SWAT team would descend on her apartment. Luckily for everyone involved, she did indeed remember.

While Shaw was sorting out feelings; Root was sorting through the details of the days’ event. Fusco confirmed the timing of the events and now Root was checking out the cameras in the store. Something had hacked into them while the heist was going on.

She felt if it was Greer, it was more of a demonstration of how their system could predict or prevent criminal activities. Even if they created them to begin with.

“I think we were incidentals to the robbery,” Root surmised when they returned to work. Shaw was in Root’s office and couldn’t seem to stay still.

“But you said they made the gunshot appear as if it came from me,” Shaw pointed out.

“Yes, but there was no way for them to know we were going to be there. So, I think they staged this whole thing and our paths crossed,” Root said, typing away furiously as she tracked information on the dark web.

“So, they didnt want the thieves to shoot at me?” Shaw asked.

“No, they did,” Root said, confusing Sameen who was already on edge. One glance over at Shaw and Root knew she had to explain herself. “I think Greer’s group is testing their system to set up occurrences like the robbery. I found some info on the hackers’ site about the store where we went. Thieves can purchase that info and stage their heists based on it. But I couldn’t track the source. Then, the cops were called from a burner phone with the location and time of the robbery. I think Greer’s people were burning the candle at both ends to prove they can present themselves as a system capable of predicting events. The fact that we were there, was just bonus points.”

“I knew shopping for china patterns was dangerous,” Shaw slipped and then looked away. “If it’s Greer, can we please just blow them up?”

“Well, it will take me some time to confirm that,” Root answered. “In the meantime, I wonder what he’s doing with your mother’s card.”

Across town, the very card Root spoke of was being toyed with in Greer’s wrinkled hand. Lambert was pontificating about how he knew the machine could pull off the event without trouble. “And to have those two there at the same time was just icing on the cake,” he gloated when he told his boss that he orchestrated the audio program to make it sound as if the shots came from Shaw.

Greer was a big picture man; and while Lambert saw one successful trial run, Greer questioned what good that would do without additional hardware and programming. The event may have been successful, but it brought them no closer to acquiring what they needed.

As Greer watched Lambert’s lips move, droning on and on about the orchestrated heist, he played with the card. “Jeremy Lambert is your weak link,” he heard a woman’s sultry voice say in his head.

“Yes, yes, Jeremy,” Greer said, disinterested as he got up to end the meeting.

“I think maybe he hit his head,” Lambert whispered to another staff member when Greer left the room. He was wondering if the heart attack they initially thought he had wasn’t affecting his cognitive abilities.

Azar had cast doubt on Jeremy to make Greer question him; and she caused Greer to appear as if he had a physical malady.

And that wasn’t even the card of her sleeve.

That item; was being handed over by Greer to his trusted IT person to scour for anything that might be suspicious.

They wouldn’t find anything and within the hour, they’d hand it back to Greer. “There are word documents; that much we know,” the staff member said. “But it’s password protected.”

Greer thanked the man and started to think about what it could be. He put the card in the external drive and sure enough, the box appeared asking for a password. He thought long and hard and then typed in; A-b-d-a-l-l-a-h.

He wasn’t even sure where he got that from and was surprised when it worked. There, before him, were documents and files attesting to what someone had told him about Jeremy Lambert.

“Get Samantha on the phone,” Azar said to her younger daughter, who was cooped up with her in the Penthouse.

"Tell her – we’re in.”