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Our Freedom

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Duro glared at his brother Agron for a moment. He understood that his brother wanted to protect him but sometimes his particular care prevented him from growing up as a Warrior. Several suns ago, they have been planning their escape from the Batiatus house, the place where they have been living for some time now. Duro and his brother Agron were captured together and brought to Rome to be slaves, and Batiatus bought them to train as Gladiators and fight in the Arena to entertain the fucking Romans

The thing is Duro's brother is better than him in everything. Agron has always been stronger than him and a better fighter too. Agron is his older brother, but the age difference is slight. Duro thinks that his lack of ability is due to the fact that before they got caught, in every fight that he had his brother always jumped to help and never allow him to defend himself. Duro has always asked Agron to stop help him, and that's why they always end up arguing.

The thing is that when they fought in the Arena, his brother saved his life when he was overwhelmed by one of the gladiators. He remembers how he rolled on the floor until his brother intervened and killed the man. The only thing Duro could do was to curse, for the ridiculous he made. His brother emerged victorious from the Arena, and he was left with the title of loser. Yes, it is true that he is grateful to his brother Agron for saving his life, but sometimes he doesn't want to be near his brother because he always took all the attention for him.

Duro saw his brother approaching him, and grabbed his cheek as best he could do it because his hands were chained just like his hands were too, but Duro turned his head. Agron grabbed his chin and squeezed it tightly to force his gaze. "What do you want?" Duro asked, but he was pretty sure what he was going to say.

"If everything goes as planned, stay by my side all the time."

"It's time for you to let me defend myself!" Duro angrily said, but in a low tone of voice to avoid anyone to listen to them. Spartacus had already warned the two of them to be very careful so that no one would discover their plans.

"You want me to stay idle and let the fucking Romans kill you?"

"That's not what I meant, Agron. I appreciate your care, but sometimes you get out of line.”

 "Duro, your death would be devastating for me, I love you brother."

Those words moved Duro’s heart making him remember, that if Agron behaves so over protected it's because he loves him. Duro had to admit that his nightmare would have been worse if his brother weren’t at his side. "I share equal feelings, but sometimes I want you to trust me a bit more." Duro saw his brother open his mouth, but at that moment Oenomaus told everyone that they had to line up, so they had to move with the rest of the slaves.

Spartacus and Crixus have to fight among themselves until one of them stole the other's life. Duro isn’t sure if Spartacus managed to convince Crixus to join them in the attempt to escape from that place. Duro and Agron don't like the Gauls, but he is aware that the only way that the rest of the Gauls would help is if Crixus did it too. The fight between the two Gladiators began, and from the porch of the house, Duro saw Batiatus and his wife Lucretia watched the fight with their group of guests.

Only to look at that group of people who were delighted seeing two men fighting between them until death, made him feel disgusted. His people weren't the best people, but in his homeland, those things didn't happen, or maybe it those, but he never saw it. He and his brother used to live happily without having to worry if at any given time one of them was going to die in the hands of a fucking Gladiator. Duro misses his life, his home and everything that he had when he was free.

Duro crossed gazes with his brother for a moment before looking forward again. He then notices that Crixus was losing, he looked sweaty and disorientated, but it wasn't until he saw Crixus moved his fingers to give a signal to Spartacus that he realized that the plans were about to begin. Duro saw Spartacus run toward him, and the Gaul kneel so that Spartacus could climb onto his shield to leap into the crowd looking down from above. Duro didn't move, not until he saw Oenomaus try to stop Spartacus with his whip which Crixus cut, and then he shouted to them to kill them all that he dares to move.

Duro looked at his brother, and the two screamed together, and they lunged themselves at the Roman soldiers. Both he and his brother were still with their hands tied, but that didn't stop them from fighting. From a short distance, Duro saw Crixus and Oenomaus arguing, he couldn't hear what exactly the Gaul told the man that made him change his mind, but Oenomaus began to help them. For a few minutes, everything was chaos in the courtyard. Duro and his brother were able to cut the rope that was tying their hands.

Duro remembers everything he learned in that house and began to put it into practice. His brother Agron was fighting with one of the Roman soldiers when he saw two of them approached him from behind. At once Duro jumps to help Agron, and he could kill them both. When he looked at his brother, he saw him sigh and smile with pride. The two then walked in the house to follow Spartacus, and in doing so, they continue to kill more Roman soldiers all anybody that was in that fucking house.

For the rest of the fight, Duro continued to fight side by side with his brother Agron. One by one the Romans in that house were silenced by their swords, but the last kill went to Batiatus, and that honor was for Spartacus to avenge his wife's dead. Finally, they could break free, although he knew that this was only the beginning. Immediately the Romans find out what they did they are going to send someone to persecute them.

Duro saw his brother with a cup of wine, and smile as the liquid passed through his throat, his brother then shared the cup with him. Finally, they could break free, and get out of that damn house. It was a pleasure to see that no one stayed alive. Duro hears Spartacus say a few words before they all step out to exit through the patio to a new life. "Now where with are going to go?" Duro asked his brother Agron.

"We'll follow Spartacus. Let me break words with the man."

Spartacus led them to the sewers to be far from the sight of the Romans. Along the way, they had to steal supplements so they could have something to eat. Duro stood very close to his brother. The two of them could find fabrics to cover their bodies and feel more comfortable. Although they were fugitives, it was nice to know that they were no longer slaves to Batiatus. In his brother's eyes he could also see the same satisfaction, although Agron always looked angry, every time they looked at each other, his older brother put a smile for him.

Duro approached the water that passed through the sewer which wasn’t too clean, but it will be enough to wipe the blood from his body. After two days of running, and without eating anything, Duro feels tired, so he found a space where he could sit and lay his head on the wall. He saw his brother talking to Spartacus. A sigh of relief came out of his mouth. Finally, the long hours of maltreatment under Oenomaus's whip are over, maybe he's wrong about the man, but he didn’t like Oenomaus. Duro saw his brother approach him

"Here take this so you can eat."

Duro took the little piece of bread his brother had in his hand, but instead of taking it to his mouth he kept gazing at his brother. "Where is your portion?" Duro asks him and saw Agron smiled and sat down beside him.

"It's not enough for both of us. I just want you to eat so you don’t get weak."

Duro didn't hesitate to cut half of the bread and put it in his brother's hand. "If you don't eat I will not eat either. We both need strength to take care of each other back." Duro then saw his brother's eyes overshadow with tears. "Shit looks like I said something to upset you.”

"You didn’t say anything that could annoy me quite the opposite. You saved my life, brother. I feel very proud of you."

Duro smile when his brother ran his hand through his hair. "You've saved me too many times it's was my turn to do it now. I got why you protect me so much I really do but-" Duro began to talk, but his brother interrupted him.

"I don't think you know when you asked me not to do it anymore. You're the only thing that I have left. We were dragged out of our homeland; we don't even know if dad, or mom, still alive, so the only thing that you and I have is each other. You have already shown me that you are a good fighter, but anyhow, the only way my spirit is calm is if you are always by my side."

Duro felt sad when his brother mentioned their parents. While they were at Batiatus's house, he wiped his parents from his thoughts so he wouldn't suffer more than he already did in that damn place. When they arrived at Batiatus's house, they were treated like animals because they were but slaves, until they won the title of Gladiator. Crixus, in particular, humiliate him every time he tossed it in his face that he wasn't a man who could be his contender.

"I almost don't remember them, or I've avoided doing it so."

"I don't judge you; it's hard to think of them. Coming back to you, please don't ask me not to take care of you again, you are my brother, and I would give my life for you."

Duro smile, and then look at Crixus, the man seemed to be arguing with Spartacus, about something. His brother told him that the purpose of the Gaul is to find Naevia, which both he and Agron thought it’s a lost cause. The Gods only knew what Naevia has gone through, and surely she is a distant memory of the woman that Crixus loves. The thing is that Spartacus is determined to help the Gaul, and both he and his brother are going to help Crixus, but they are only going to do it for Spartacus.

"So we're going to follow the fucking Gaul now?' Duro asks with a little anger.

"No, we're going to follow Spartacus. Keep your distance with Crixus. Nothing will stop me now from breaking his face if he messes with you, and I want to avoid confrontation with him."

Duro laughed, and he rubs his shoulder against his brother's. "Nothing would give me more pleasure than seeing you break his face, well; a good ass would give me more pleasure." He heard his brother laugh out loud. "What about you?" Duro had many things in common with his brother one of those things is that they both preferred the men's company that of a woman, in fact, neither of them has ever been with one.

"No, you know I'm a bit selective about those things. I know right now our lives are not normal, we're going to have to be hiding like rabbits, and maybe I wouldn't have the chance to find the person who appeals to me, but, for now, I'm fine. The day that I find the right person I will know it the moment my eyes lie on him.”

Duro then remembers that his brother was once attracted to a man, and he used to be very closer to him, but he died when they got caught. His brother Agron is a man who doesn't like to show his feelings, but he saw that death affected him a lot. His brother likes the man with long black hair, quite the opposite of him. Duro likes men who have short hair, preferably reddish color. Duro doesn't know if what his brother felt for that boy was love or not, but he is sure there was a feeling between the two of them.

"You miss-"

"Doesn’t fucking cast his name! He's gone; I put him in my past. Now we have to concentrate on what's next."

Duro opened his mouth to break words as Spartacus approached them. When they were in Batiatus's house, the man talked more with his brother than with him. The two men had something in common, they are strong, and good fighters in the arena. The thing is that Duro is going to be grateful to him for making it possible for them to be free. After Glaber had left his soldiers in the house, the mistreatment towards them became worse is a relief to feel that all that is behind them. Duro hates the Romans with passion.

"Rest tonight; we'll go out early tomorrow to get supplements and weapons. Duro, you did very well in the last fight."

"You stand surprise."

"I'm not surprised, I knew you had what it takes to fight, what I think is that your brother didn't let you grow up."

Duro laughed, but his brother gave him a gaze that made him stop. "We share equal feelings,” Duro said, and enjoy the surprise on his brother’s face.

"Oh fuck the gods; the only thing I've done is make sure no one kills his ass."

"It’s good to see that you two take care of each other. Keep that spirit we're going to need it,” Spartacus said.

Spartacus left them alone, and he saw his brother close his eyes, and the only thing he could think of is that Agron worries so much about him that he sometimes neglects himself. His older brother looked tired, and that made him feel sorry for the way he talked to him a while ago. Duro couldn't deny that sometimes he likes to be the younger brother and that Agron takes care of him. Of all the people who had followed Spartacus, they are the only ones who are blood brothers. Spartacus has Mira, and Crixus has his Gaul, but the bond between him and Agron is much bigger.

Duro laid his head next to his brother. "Thank you for all your care, brother," Duro said, but Agron had already fallen asleep, and he followed him a moment later.

 Agron looked at his brother, who was talking to one of the last slaves who had joined them a few Suns ago. Agron has already noticed that Duro has established a good friendship with the man and in fact, he felt a little jealous. He is used to having his brother lean on him for everything. He sighed as he remembered the day that the Romans came and caught them together. He and Duro were accompanied by a friend they had in common, a person who was very special to him. That man was his companion, his best friend who became his lover until the damn Romans ripped him out of his hand when he revealed himself.

His former lover Asil, made him feel loved for a while, he looked a lot like him in spirit. The two were the harsh temper, and in their solicitude, they were very passionate, and Agron used to enjoy every moment that they were together. What began with a friendship gradually became someone important in his life, and then he ends up empty hands. The love that he feels for his brother helped Agron overcome his lover dead, and for that reason among many other ones, he is very overprotective with Duro.

Agron got put on a ship with his brother, and they were sent to Roman to be a slave, then Batiatus bought them. In Batiatus's house began their real nightmare. Agron is already used to work hard because his father always made him take the hard job on the farm. The thing is that his brother has always been weaker than him. A lot of times Agron had to witness how his brother felt when he lifted something heavy, or Crixus or another Gladiator struck him until he fell on the floor.

At first, Agron always fought against the Gaul to defend his brother, but then he had to stop doing so, not to risk being sent to the mines and because Spartacus advised him. When the two of them were in the Arena together, he liked the feeling when he won, but his victory was cut short when he had to pay attention to his brother who was about to lose his life. Agron remembers that instead of being grateful his brother became angry with him, but what Duro doesn't understand is that he isn't going to allow anyone to do him harm. Agron already lost a person he loves he is no going to lose another one.

Agron’s brother made him feel very proud when he saved his life when they were escaping from Batiatus's house. His dear little brother is growing up with every passing sun, but he isn't about to lower his guard with him. He is going to protect his brother with his life, although he hopes it doesn't get to that point. Spartacus had put hope in his heart that someday they might be free. Agron wants to return to his land with his parents if they are still alive, and something in his heart is telling him that they are.

Agron looked toward Spartacus, who was walking ahead of them with Mira next to him. They had left the sewers and headed south following a clue to the well-being of Naevia. At first, Agron wasn't in agreement with pursuing lost hopes, but in a certain way, he understood the Gaul's, heart. If it were his brother who was in Naevia place, Agron knows that he wouldn't rest until he could find him. That thought made him look at his brother again, and he saw him move away from his friend and walk towards him. Agron then gave Duro a smile, which he only cast for him. His little brother filled his heart with happiness every time his eyes rested on him.

When they were in that house, too many times, he got angry with Duro, because he used to say things that made everyone laugh at him. Duro didn't know when he had to stay with his tongue bitten. Too many times his brother didn't think things through before speaking his mind and made them both look stupid, but that has changed since they left that place. Duro now behaves more mature and thinks a little more before moving his tongue.

Since Duro and he were nothing more than children, they have always been very close. He has always taken care of Duro, and his brother has always looked for ways to impress him. The thing is that Duro doesn't know, that he doesn't have to do anything to earn his admiration and respect because he has always had it. His brother has always been a good man, with good feelings, and even if sometimes Duro could behave a little rude when he doesn't like a person, he has a more gentle spirit than his.

"That boy holds meaning to you, little brother?"

"No, I just like talking to him. Are you jealous?"

Agron gave him a small smile as he patted his cheek. "A little bit. We almost got to the villa, when we go in; remember to stay close to me."

"I thought in the last battle I had proven to you that my warrior skills are growing."

Agron remembers what his brother is talking about. Duro is referring of a couple of suns ago when Spartacus foolishly tried to kill Glaber in the market, and they went to rescue him. Agron saw his brother fight bravely without hesitation again Romance soldier. In fact, the days that followed after they escape from Batiatus's house he has seen his brother skills grow in combat, and to say that he is proud of him is a misunderstanding. If his father could see Duro now, he would feel proud too because he always argued with him, every time his brother complained about something.

Finally, from the top of the hill, they all view the villa. Agron looked at the smile on his brother's lips, and that made him smile because he realized that Duro affection for the combat is growing. Spartacus gave the signal, and they went down the hill. They stealthily entered the village, and they were received by the first Romans who were tending the house. Agron saw his brother take out his sword, and he did the same, the two rushed against the men. Agron began to fight ferociously without losing sight of his brother.

After the first group of Romans was dead, Agron proceeded to the house, and in there he lost sight of his brother. "Fuck!" He cursed, but he continued fighting against the men. Blood, sweat, and flesh soil his hands every time he stole the life of one of the Romans. Agron screamed with enthusiasm as the last man took his last breath by his sword. "Duro!" Agron Scream.

Agron walks to one of the bedrooms, and he was about to nail his sword to one of the slaves when he saw him came out of the rooms thinking he was a Roman. Agron stood still with his sword raised as he intensely stared at the man who looked a lot like his ex-lover, but this boy was far more handsome. Agron felt his heart skip a beat when he saw the boy biting his lips. He swallowed and squeezed the grip of his sword tightly before lowering his weapon, but he couldn't take his eyes of the man.

The boy's skin was darker than his, and his eyebrows were thick just like his lips too. The boy was short and had an intense expression. His chest was exposed, and he couldn't help to notice that. The boy couldn't be more than eighteen, too young, too handsome Agron thought. Agron ordered his mind, and body to react but nothing was responding. He stood still like an idiot staring at him, but the boy seemed to have the same problem because he didn't move either. After a few moments that seemed an eternity, Agro managed to break words.

"Where is your fucking Dominus?" Agron asked. He saw the boy move his lips, but at that moment his brother Duro left the room with the man. “You little shit I told you not to go out my side," Agron shouted at his brother, but he could look at the boy who had not looked away. He yelled at his brother, but from the corner of his eye, he could still see the boy who had not taken his eyes from him.

"Sorry brother, but I saw one of the slaves running to this room. This repugnant Roman was fucking the girl."

Agron looked at the girl who stood behind the boy along with another slave. Agron's eyes fell upon the boy's dark eyes again, and he grasped him by his arm. "Come with me," he said, but the boy dared to challenge him and got loose of his hands.

"I'm not going anywhere with you!"

Agron bit his lips tightly, and a smirk appeared on his face as he thought he likes brave men who dare to challenge him. Agron then grabbed his arm again. "I wasn’t fucking asking you,” he harshly said, but he was just trying to look tough because right now his heart was in trouble.

"Well, little brother, it looks like you met the wild dog you have been looking for."

"I command you to leave me right now!"

Agron looked at the Dominus. “You don't order shit anymore so shut your fucking mouth and start walking," was the last thing he said before taking the boy out with them to outside house where he met the others. Agron put the boy next to the others former slave were standing in front of Spartacus.

Crixus asked the man if he was the Dominus of the House, and after the man's tongue moved the right words, he saw Crixus take the Romans inside the house. Agron looked at the boy again, who had his gaze fixed on top of him too. Agron's eyes began to move rapidly through the boy’s body, while he thought it was the first time he felt such a strong attraction for someone he had just met. He then remembered the words that he broke to his brother about recognizing the perfect man for him. He thinks he has to move away from that spot before his body began to show signs of what he is feeling.

"Agron wait a moment."

Agron heard his brother's voice, but he just kept walking away. Only until he was out of sight of the boy he stops. "Fuck!"

"You like that boy do you?"

"Not!" Agron lied.

"You can fool yourself, but you can fool me. I've never seen you look at a man like you looked at him, not even ..." Duro paused for a moment. “Well, you know who I mean; you never looked at him like that. I'll ask you again, did you like that boy?"

"I was captivated by his eye that was all. Now drop the subject." Agron passed his right arm around his brother's shoulder. “Let's go find what's in the house. We need grains, coins, weapons, and wine. Shit, I'm dying for a cup of wine." Agron said then he entered the house with Duro.

He and his brother soon found wine, and a sigh came out of his mouth as the liquid passed through his throat. He then thought about the boy and went out again, where he met Spartacus who was sitting drinking wine too, and he took a seat next to him. Duro leaves them alone, and enter the house again. Inside the house, the Gaul’s were celebrating and he thought that he really couldn't stand any of them.

“We suffered no casualties. Liscus and Acer took minor wounds, and you brother did well.”

Agron looks inside the house and saw one of them with his cock hanging around, and that sight made him feel disgusted. “The Gauls grow careless; I am glad my brother is no like that anymore.”

"You have taught him well? Tell me how many weapons were secured?”

“Only enough to see a dozen more men well-armed.”

“And we will put them to use, in the next villa that we take,” Crixus said.

Agron heard the two men talking about the information the Dominus had given him. Naevia had been put in another car to be passed to the next village that is on the way. After Crixus had left, Agron expressed his displeasure to Spartacus but he knew he couldn't change the man mind. Agron is entirely sure that Naevia wasn't the same woman they all knew. Again he thought of his brother, and Agron knows he will do the same thing for him. He then followed Spartacus to the slave group they had set free. He kept quiet listening to his friend talk.

Spartacus assured them that never again they would feel tight around their throat. To his surprise, he saw Spartacus move his hand toward the collared boy, and he stopped him. For a moment there was a confused glance between the two friends, but Agron brought his hand to that boy's throat, and he took the collar off it. Agron didn't know if, Spartacus realized what was going on in his heart right now, the man just kept talking, and he couldn't take his eyes off the boy again.

It wasn't until a few seconds later that he had to move away. When Spartacus left, Agron shook his head trying to shake the disturbing thoughts that were getting to his mind. He was tired, the day and the night had been too long, so he looked for his brother, and the two found a corner to lie down and go to sleep. Spartacus is going to take the only room the house had. Agron thought the man deserved to have a good night.

Agron was falling asleep when he saw the figure of someone quickly enter the house. Something seems strange to him, and he quickly got up and entered the house in time to stop the boy who with a blade in hand was going to get into the room where Spartacus is lying with Mira. “What the fuck are you going to do?" Agron asked in a quieter tone voice so Spartacus and Mira couldn't hear him. While he waits for the answer, he thinks it would be right to open the veil and deliver the boy to Spartacus or kill him for what he was about to do, but something stopped him from doing so.

"He took away everything I had."

Agron didn't break words, he just grabbed the boy tightly by his forearms, and took him to the sides of the house where no one could hear or seen them. "What the hell is going on in your fucking head? Spartacus offered you freedom, and this is the way you want to repay him?" Agron asked now using an angry tone of voice.

“It wasn’t his or you to grant! I was body slave to the Dominus! I had position and respect now I have nothing because of him!”

Agron looked at the boy with disbelieving eyes. He chuckled and took a deep breath if not by the fact that he is having strange feelings in his heart for the boy right now he would have beaten him to death. Agron put his hands around his waist and stared deeply into his dark eyes. “You were a damned slave, everything that you thought you possessed was a mere illusion. We are offering you freedom so that you can make your own decisions."

"You only want to take the place of my master, putting a weapon in my hand so that I do things I don't want to do! Now I will have to listen to his or yours order, without any kind of position and respect!"

Agron lost his composure when he heard that and grabbed the boy by the neck, then pushed him against the wall. "Spartacus just wants you to learn to handle the sword so you can protect yourself from fucking Romans, that if not the same of forcing you to take out your cock to fuck him of one of us. Is that what your master made you do?" Agron asked as he tightened his neck even more tightly. But he got no answer. "Find fucking words!"

"Yes, that is exactly what my Dominus used to make me do. I don't know how to do anything else! Since I was born, people taught me to serve. One of the few memories I have left is that of someone telling me if you have to bend down and give your ass it's your obligation to do it, so I've been doing it ever since!"

Agron immediately lets go of his throat, and his gaze grew sweeter toward the boy. "I didn't have to do those things, but until recently, my brother and I were also slaves. We were Gladiators condemned to play in the Arena to give pleasure to the damned Romans. Agron took a deep breath. “Wouldn’t you like to think for yourself, act on what you want to do and not on what others want you to do?"

"I had a position."

Agron saw him with worry expression this time and shook his head. The boy's heart is more damaged than he thought, but Agron believes there is nothing in this life that couldn't be fixed with a little understanding. “You don't need that shit with us, and if protection is what you want then stay by my brother side and mine, and you're going to have it!' Agron snaps, and he was even surprised at the words he had broken right now. He had never offered protection to anyone but his brother. He didn’t even do that with his ex-boyfriend who could always take care of himself, and now he is offering it to someone who was about to kill the man who gave him his freedom.

"You're not going to give me away with Spartacus?"

"Fuck the gods!" Agron ran his hands over his head for a moment, and then stared at the boy. Again he saw the same provocative look that he saw a while ago in his eyes. "Not."

"Why not? I can see that you keep a high position next to the man, and therefore I can imagine that you are loyal to him. You're going to hide that I wanted to kill him. "

"Are you going to try this shit again?"


Agron felt honesty behind his words and he could breathe with relief this time. “Then we will not speak about this again. Come so that you can sleep with my brother and me."

"I don’t want to go the bed yet."

Agron smiled, and for some reason moved his hand to his cheek. "Then come and share a cup of wine with me. What is your name, little boy?"

"Nasir, my brother used to call me Nasir."

"Then come with me, Nasir."


The next morning Agron got up a little later than he is used to doing, but last night he went to sleep late talking to Nasir. He realized that Nasir was no longer at his side, and he felt a little panic, but then he saw him talking to his brother. Agron felt relief that the boy didn't get up to do something foolish. Agron wants to greet them, but now has needs that couldn’t be waited until later. A few minutes later, after having attended to his bodily needs and washed his mouth, he approached Spartacus; the man was talking to Mira.

"Good morning." Agron greeted the couple. The two looked rested, and Agron felt joy at seeing them both smiling. When they were in Batiatus’s house, there were very few times that he saw Spartacus smile.

"Agron, did you have your morning meal?”

"Not yet."

"Please do it, I need you to start training the new boys. I see that your brother is talking to one of them and they seem to get along very well, make sure he teaches him."

Agron chuckled. “You want my brother to train someone?" Agron asked in a tone of surprise. Agron knows that Spartacus witnesses that his brother sucks in training.

"Why not? Duro has shown that he has skills, stop looking at him as your little brother, and look at him as the warrior he is. I get you want to protect him, but if you don't let Duro act the way he wants to, the only thing you're going to get is to suppress him."

"I know you right but-."

"But you need to stop protecting him so much. He's going to be okay Agron; I can promise you that."

Agron grimaced with his mouth and watched Spartacus walk away. He turned his face and stared at his brother for a bit, and when Nasir looked at him, he felt his whole body warm with the provocative glance he gave him. A lot of questions began to go through his mind. Why did that boy gain his confidence so fast? Why didn't he tell Spartacus, about what Nasir try to do last night? The last question, the one that made his body shudder was why the hell the part of his body that has been sleeping all this time now stood up with a glimpse of those black eyes?

"I see that you have been captivated by the boy."

Agron looked at Mira for a moment. "It is that obvious?" Agron asked in an angry tone. He is not mad at Mira, but with himself. Agron doesn't like people to know his true feelings. He felt that if someone knew that he wasn't as terrifying as he appeared to be, they could use that against him but it seems that with that boy he couldn’t control his emotions.

"Yes, besides, Spartacus told me how you released the boy from his collar last night and I know that you have not been so merciful to the other slaves we have freed earlier. There's nothing wrong with pursuing our desires. It doesn't make you less of a warrior to admit that you have affection for a person. You're a good man; you deserve a little happiness."

"Gratitude for your words I will take your advice into consideration," Agron said, and then he moved away from her and walked toward the two men who were chatting and laughing. "Duro, Nasir, did you two already took your morning meal?"

"Yes, we already did it, and you?" Duro asks him.

"Not yet...I don't know how I fall asleep; it seems that I was more tired than I had thought."

"That's why we didn't want to wake you up.  Nasir and I have been talking about you."

Agron looked at Nasir and noticed that his cheek blushed. "I see."

"I'll get you something to eat before it's all over," Nasir said.

Agron saw Nasir move, but he grabbed his hand to stop him. “You don't have to do that I can get it myself." Agron didn't want that for any reason Nasir thinks that he has to serve him. After the conversation they had last night, Agron became more attracted to the boy, and the last thing he wants is that Nasir does something he didn't desire to do. Last night Nasir told him that he is from Syrian, from where his ex-boyfriend was too, which is a damn coincidence, but also, he only likes a single style of man.

"It's the least I can do for the trust you put on me."

Agron stared at Nasir as he walked away from them. He forgot that his brother was standing in front of him until Duro touched his shoulder and Agron turned to look at him. Duro had a sly smile on his face, and Agron chuckled as he moved his head from side to side. Only his brother Duro, knows his heart, between his brother and he there are no secrets, and that is why he is feeling the need to tell him what happened last night.

"So, Nasir told me you stopped him from trying to kill Spartacus yesterday."

"He told you?" Agron asked in surprise.

"Nasir trust me, and in a way, I understand why he tries to do what he did, but what I find incredible is that you didn't say anything to Spartacus."

Agron got speechless for a moment. He didn't want to move his tongue without meaning. “What he told me got to me. Nasir doesn't know how to do anything but be a slave. The boy wasn't thinking clearly; please keep the secret."

"I'll do it. Agron listen out I can see that you like him."

"Okay yes, I like Nasir now shut up that he is coming back."

Nasir handed him the food, and Agron began to eat. He had not realized how hunger he was until he started to eat. Agron concentrated so much on his food that didn't realize that the two men were intensely looking at him as if he has something painted on his face. Agron smiled when he saw Nasir pass his tongue over his lips. "I was hungry."

"I can see that big brother,” Duro said.

It was time to get to work, so Agron looked at his brother. "Well, Duro, you're going to train Nasir."

"I want you to do it," Nasir said.

Agron swallowed and remembered Spartacus words he didn’t want to disobey his command. Okay, but I want to see my brother training you first since he has never done it before." Agron looked at Duro. "Go easy on the boy."

"He doesn't have to; I can take him."

Quickly Agron takes his gaze to Nasir, and again he saw that challenging look in his dark eyes that he saw last night. He took the last piece of bread to his mouth, then set the plate down, and took a step near Nasir. Agron grins and thought he has to admit to himself that he liked the game that Nasir has started between them. "So you think you can take my brother?"

"I know I can, but maybe it's not your brother who I want to take."

"God save me ... I think it's getting boiling here. Nasir comes with me before I get hot too…Uhm…," Duro said.

Agron didn’t realize that he had stopped breathing until the two men walked away, and then he let out a long breath. "Fuck!" Agron express, with only one day of knowing the boy he has already made him lose his shit. That crazy man is not him. Agron is a person who is very suspicious and careful with everyone, quite the opposite of what he is doing now. "Concentrate," he told himself before moving toward the two men.

Agron saw Nasir grab a shield and sword. "Attack!" Agron command. He then watched the way Nasir fought, and the boy started well. He then focused on his brother, and that made him smile. Spartacus was right; his brother has significantly improved; therefore maybe just maybe it was time to stop over protect him.

"The boy has more skills than I thought," Spartacus said.

Agron looked at Spartacus and smiled. "In fact he has, I'm in shock, with both of them." Agron saw his brother laughing when Nasir managed to hit him in his face.

"Step in Agron, I want to see you train with the boy," Spartacus said.

"It's a pleasure," he said as he drew his sword. "Little brother, stand aside, let me see if I can tame this wild dog."

"I'm going to make you swallow those words," Nasir said as he aimed his sword at the man.

Agron chuckled. "You're welcome to try," Agron said and listened to Spartacus's order. They both started to fight. Agron saw Nasir dodge each of his attacks. He was totally impressed.

Agron continued fighting with him. Usually, when he is in combat, he doesn't let himself get distracted by anything unless your brother's life is in danger, but there was a moment that Nasir made an expression on his face that got him confuse, and the boy managed to hit his face just as he did with his brother. Agron wiped the blood from his mouth and gave the man a provocative look. Nasir was apparently playing dirty. "You little shit you are better than I thought, I wonder if you also have other types of skills that I would love to know."

"That's something you're going to have to figure out for yourself.”

"Agron, are you going to let your opponent seduce you?" Duro mocked him.

“Oh fuck you, little brother.”

Agron looked at his brother, and took a deep breath, and positioned himself to attack, but the boy managed to dodge him again. "Fuck!" He cursed when he heard the others laughing. Finally a few minutes later he had his chance to retaliate when he managed to distract Nasir enough to pass his arms behind his back and bring him closer to his body. Agron brought his mouth to his ear at the same time he felt his cock rise. "You've made me look ridiculous, and I'll have you pay for that."

"Name the place and time; I have what it takes to take you, big man," Nasir said.

Agron moves his head forward, and his lips end up close to Nasir's. The two were so close to each other that he could feel their heavy breathing. For a moment the time stopped for Agron until he heard his brother clear his throat and he felt his cheek flush. "Stop flirting; you're going to drive me crazy."

"Can you stop?"

"Fuck the gods I don't think I can. Let's keep going."

The two continued to train, and in the end, Agron had to admit that he encountered a good opponent. They both laughed, and he extended his hand to the front, which Nasir grasped. “You need a few more lessons, but it was an honor to fight with you."

"I just hope you are the one who will give me those lessons."

Agron saw Nasir turn around and walk towards Spartacus, not long after that his brother approached him, and he turns his face to addressing him. "I'm fuck, right?"

"Totally and I don't blame you, I'd fuck him too."


"Relax, brother, he's not my type."

Agron put his hand on his brother's head, and disarray his hair then kissed his cheek. "I love you, little brother."

"A sentiment shared."

Agron turned away from his brother for a moment, and he went for a cup of water. The sun was scorching hot this morning, and on top of that Nasir had raised his body temperature far more than already was. Agron didn't realize that there was someone who was watching him until the girl moved even closer to stand next to him. He had already seen the woman, is the same girl that came out of the same room Nasir was inside last night when he almost killed him. He didn't like at all the look she gives him.

"Can I help you?"

"That training was quite exciting; I can see that you are always close to Spartacus, what is your position with him?"

Agron didn't understand where she was trying to get until he recalled Nasir's words last night when he told him that he had a high position with his Dominus. He then looked at Nasir, who was gazing at them with angry eyes, a glance that he saw last night when he stopped him in his stupid attempt to Spartacus life. "I am not the person you are looking for to elevate your position; anyhow you don't need that with us."

"Nonsense, it's always good to have a position, I can offer you-"

"Stop it,” Agron warned her.


"Chadara, you already heard Agron, so leave him alone. Go and find in someone else what you think you need. Agron is out of your reach."

"Apology I didn't know that you had already set your eyes upon him."

Agron saw the girl get furious and move away, then he glanced at Nasir, and he realized that the boy had just become jealous, and that made a grin appear on his face. "Nasir, she makes you jealous?" Agron then saw that challenging gaze fade away with tears that overwhelmed his eyes. "Nasir, what is wrong?" He asked, but the boy simply walked away from him. Quickly, Agron set the cup down and followed him to a part of the village where no one could see them. "Nasir wait, tell me what happens?"

"I ... I finally like someone, and she wants to take it away from me. I wasn't sure if I was attracted to men until your fucking eyes rested upon me last night."

Agron stood in shock. "I don't understand."

"I told you about my memory, the first time a Roman took me; it was when I was very young, apart from the pain, I couldn’t feel anything else. It was disgusting, painful, and for days I felt dirty, but over time I got used to it, I saw it as a habit. I ... I've never kissed anyone, and I never dared to put my eyes on anyone either, other than that no one attracted me as you did."

Agron approached Nasir, and gently grabbed his cheek. "How did that fucking Roman take you?" Agron angrily asked. It made him feel ill what that man did to him that day.

"By force, it was the only way. I was scared; I was just a child. With each passing sun, I learned that doing what the Romans asked was the only way to survive. I learned how to shut my emotions and to raise my position to prevent them from continuing to abuse me of the most horrible way you can imagine. As a body slave of my Dominus, he stopped sharing me with others. Life becomes easy after that."

Agron felt so much anger that he pressed his lips so hard that he felt the taste of his blood. With his thumb, he caught the tear that fell from Nasir’s beautiful brown eyes. "Don’t shed one more tear for those fucking Romans You have excellent skills, but my brother and I will train you even better, and I want that every time you have a Roman in front you to remember everything they did to you and seek revenge on them." He saw Nasir smile, then Agron felt the urge to hug him and so he did and then kissed his head. It was Nasir who turned his head to join their lips together. "I ..." He started to say, but Nasir opened his lips, and he couldn't avoid doing the same.

Agron pressed their body much closer, and introduced his tongue into Nasir's mouth, at the same time he entered his, then they rub each other lips. The kiss that began calmly started to become more passionate. Agron began to move his hands on Nasir's back with anxiety as he moved his head from side to side. Nasir's lips taste very different from the last ones he had kissed, even much better. He paused for a moment to suck on Nasir's lower lip, before fully covering them again. It wasn't until a few minutes later that they stopped. Agron put his hand on Nasir's cheek and ran his thumb over his lips.

For a moment Agron stayed fondly looking at him. "So, do you like men or not?"

"Well, I still have a bit of doubt; I think another kiss would completely erase my doubt."

Agron chuckled and moved his lips close. "I warn you that after this you will not be able to get rid of me."

"Who said I want to do it."

"Good answer my little boy," Agron said before kissing him again.