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Step, Step, Kiss

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Mi Sun sat outside the bathroom, watching the door intently. Hobi had been in there longer than normal and it made her uneasy. She’d already tried opening the door, but it was locked and calling to him hadn’t done anything. She was chewing her lip and bouncing her leg when she caught movement from the corner of her eye—someone was coming down the hall. Sun stood up and stepped closer to them, absently playing with the hem of her shirt.

Noticing her, Jin paused and asked “Sun? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine, but I’m worried about Hobi. He’s been in the bathroom too long.”

“Go find Yoongi. I’ll try to get him out.”

She searched the rooms, running into Namjoon, Tae, Jungkook, Jimin, and finally Yoongi. He looked up from his paper and saw Sun more anxious than usual. “What’s wrong?”

“Hobi. He’s been in the bathroom too long and I have a bad feeling…” Sun replied.

“Shit.” Yoongi said as he stood. His normally impassive face showed just a hint of concern.

“What? What is it?”

“Bad feeling…” He mumbled, going quickly to the door. Sun cursed and followed, needing to push through the rest of the guys, who had gathered in the main room apprehensively. When she got to the bathroom she saw the door open—and Jin standing in front of the mirror.

“Where’s Hobi?”

“He left. No one could stop him… And when I came in here I saw this in the sink.” It was an empty bottle of pills.

Sun squeezed her eyes shut and huffed out a breath, hands balling up at her sides. Jin was about to set a hand on her shoulder when she took a step towards the door. “I’m going to go after him. I don’t want him being alone if something happens. Have the others go looking, too; we can cover more ground.”

“Just go, I’ll sort everything else out.” Jin said.

Sun nodded her thanks, then left the dorm to start searching for Hobi. Where would he go? Then she remembered he was rather fond of Dongho bridge not too far from the dorms—that was the most likely option in her mind. So she set off towards Dongho bridge and tried to stay calm, combing the streets on her way. When she got to a vantage point, Sun saw Hobi crossing the bridge so she sent a quick text to everyone else letting them know she found him. She then made her way down to the bridge.

Once at the beginning of the bridge, Sun saw Hobi collapse about halfway across. She involuntarily let out a scream and sprinted to where he was. Once near him, she dropped to her knees and started checking him over.

“Why did you take the pills, dammit? That isn’t like you.”

“I-I thought…” Hobi said hoarsely.

“You obviously thought wrong. You need help. Now put your arm around my shoulder.” Sun said sternly.

He moved to do what she said, but his arm lifted only slightly before dropping back to the pavement.

“Hobi?” Sun asked, suddenly hit by full panic. She shook his shoulder to get any kind of response as tears sprang to her eyes. “Hobi?” She tried again, voice edging higher. Finally, she took hold of his arm and bent so she could sling it over her shoulder before standing up—hauling him with her. She then set off towards the end of Dongho bridge again; matching stride with Hobi so as not to jostle him too much.
Even with nearly his full weight leaning on her, Sun kept going. Thankfully she saw all the other guys waiting at the end of the bridge and once there, Jungkook picked Hobi up to get him to a car to get him to the hospital. Jin went with to drive while Jimin joined. The rest went into a second car with Yoongi driving.

At the hospital Hobi was admitted right away, leaving everyone else to anxiously sit in the waiting room. Yoongi sat and zoned, Tae sat and bounced his leg while Jungkook sat right next to him, biting his nails. Jin paced around the waiting room. Joon stood at the nurse’s station, hoping to get any news he could. Jimin sat, spacing, but flinched at any sound. Sun, much the same as Yoongi, perched on a chair and absently played with her fingers.
When a doctor came out calling for Hoseok, everyone stood or stopped what they were doing, but Jin was the one who went to speak for them all. When Jin turned back, everyone looked at him expectantly.

“He’s fine now, just a little weak. We’ll be able to visit soon, but we’ll need to go to the psych ward… And not all at once. We don’t want to overwhelm him.” As the others started to plan how to split for visiting, Jin went over to Sun and set a hand on her arm. “I thought you would want to visit by yourself. You can go in first.”

“Thanks, Jin… I can go last, though. I’m going to stay with him.”

By the time she got to the room, after finally getting the staff to let her stay, Hobi had fallen asleep. She adjusted the blanket over him and pushed some black hair from his face before pulling a chair up to the bedside and sitting
down. It was weird seeing him hooked up to all those machines… Feeling tired herself, Sun rested her head on the bed, near Hobi’s hand, and started drifting off. But as she did, a forgotten memory surfaced back to the front of her mind.


Sun stood in her kindergarten classroom, watching her younger self playing with her favorite toys. A little Hobi then came up and plopped next to her. “Can I play, too?”

“Aren’t there others to play with?”

“They aren’t as fun as you. My eomma says we used to play together even before this, so why not now?” He asked, flashing a bright smile.

“Okay.” Sun relented, handing a toy to Hobi.

They played for a while before some other boys in the class came over. “Playing with a girl, Hobi?”

Hobi shied closer to Sun, who snapped her attention to the other boys. “Go away and quit picking on him, meanies.”

“Why? He won’t do anything about it. He’s a crybaby and a chicken.” One of the boys said, looming over both of them.

Sun then impulsively stood and punched the boy, knocking him onto the ground, before calmly going back to playing with Hobi.
The boy started crying and ran off to find the teacher as everything seemed fuzzier.


Hobi woke up to see Sun in a chair pulled up to the bedside, folded nearly in half so her head was lying on the bed. She was fast asleep. He smiled softly and reached out to stroke her dark hair splayed over the hospital blanket; she’d stayed with him even though he left without a word earlier.

Feeling something in her hair, Sun stirred and saw Hobi awake, too. The sleepy look quickly melted to joy as she sat up. “Hobi~ Are you feeling better?”

“I am now.”

Her smile then disappeared as she reached out to smack his arm. “That’s for doing it in the first place. You had us all worried sick.”

Hobi was about to respond when Jin poked his head into the room. “Annyeonghaseyo. Is everything okay in here? I have some others who’d like to see you again.”

Sun scooted her chair back from the edge of the bed and absently brought a hand up to check her hair.

Coming into the room, Jin held up a neatly wrapped parcel. “Sun, I brought this for you. I figured you’d want some fresh clothes, so I went up to your dorm before coming here. And I brought food, too, since I figured you wouldn’t eat anything here.” He said.

At the mention of food, Sun’s stomach growled. “Thank you, Jin. I thought I’d have to go home to freshen up and I still don’t want to leave.” She got up and pulled out the fresh clothes before leaving to change. When she got back to the room, everyone was there, sitting anywhere they could including extra chairs pulled in.

The only free space was on a small couch—between Joon and Jimin—so Sun grabbed her food and went over to where they were, plopping between them. She then playfully threw her shoulder against Jimin and muttered “Scoot,

He chuckled and gave her some more room, but nonetheless complained. “Why not make Joon move?”

“Simple. You’re smaller.” Sun replied, taking a bite of food.

Jimin puffed out his chest and flexed. “Who are you calling small?”

“I mean, compared to the others…”

He pouted and gave up as Sun continued eating.

Being rather close to the bed, Hobi could see what she was eating and whined “Share with your brother?”

“Aniyo. You aren’t allowed to have stuff like this yet.” Sun teased, making her next bite overly dramatic.

“Have some mercy, Noona Sunie.” Jimin chimed in, leaning into her slightly.

“I’m not being harsh; the staff told me he isn’t allowed to eat too much yet. His stomach could still be touchy.” She said, giving Hobi a half glare. Because his stomach had been pumped, the doctors were going to slowly get him eating again.

Just after the subject was changed, a nurse came into the room, causing everyone to fall silent. “Hoseok. A doctor would like you to talk with a counselor.”

Sun paused, chopsticks halfway to her mouth, and looked at Hobi, wordlessly asking if he wanted anyone to go with.

“Stay and eat, Sunie. I’ll be fine going on my own.” Hobi said, flashing what he hoped was a reassuring smile. He then tried lightening the mood by joking “Unless you can’t handle being left alone with them at all. Just don’t try killing any of them while I’m gone.”

Sun cracked a small smile. “I’ll try. We’ll all be here when you get back.”

The nurse had left to get a wheelchair for Hobi and helped him into it once he was done talking, then wheeled him out for the appointment.

In the following silence, Tae suddenly blurted “I’ve never been in a psych ward before.”

Yoongi promptly cuffed the back of Tae’s head. “Sometimes I think you should be in one.”

“Sorry…” Tae said softly, going back to looking at his hands in his lap.

A rather sad attempt at conversation then flowed between everyone; no real substance to any of the topics and plenty of silence between.
After two hours, Hobi was wheeled back into the room and helped onto the bed. When the nurse left, he stayed quiet but caught Sun’s eyes.

Jin caught the look and stood. “Why don’t we get some food ourselves? I obviously only brought enough for Sun and she ate it all.” He then ushered everyone out to leave Sun and Hobi to talk.

Sun came and perched on the side of the bed, taking one of his hands. “How did it go, Hobi?”

“It was weird… having to talk to someone like that. But after looking at my medical history and having me answer some questions… they said I have bipolar disorder. That’s one of the things that pushed me to do what I did.”
Sun knew about the history of bipolar in Hobi’s family, his mom having a sibling diagnoses and his dad with one that was theorized to have it. And bipolar was genetic.

“Oh, Hobi… It’ll be fine. You can get through this. You’re a strong guy, I know it.” She said softly, petting him with her free hand.

He leaned into the touch, pillowing his head on her shoulder, and hummed. He always confided in Sun; she was his best friend.

Breaking the silence, Sun spoke again. “I know you won’t like it, but you should really tell the others about this, Hobi. They deserve to know, too.”