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the other third of our heart

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Sheldon looks less stunned than Penny would have predicted as Leonard lets go of Sheldon’s shoulders and drops back down from his tiptoes. Leonard looks determined and defiant and also terrified. The apartment is silent save for the distant popping of fireworks.

Sheldon licks his lips, possibly chasing the taste of Leonard’s mouth. “Leonard. What was that?”

Penny looks from one of them to the other. In this moment, in their living room, she can believe that this will turn out absolutely perfectly, or that their lives could go completely to shit.

“You know what it was,” Leonard says quietly. “The real question is, do you accept?”

The silence that follows lasts for an eternal five seconds. Sheldon looks at Penny. Penny tries to look hopeful while simultaneously not looking too hopeful, which is hard and makes her think she probably just looks confused.

“I--” Sheldon clears his throat. “I--”