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This Kind of Love

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It was generally agreed upon that there wasn't a deficit of omegas and alphas. Betas were more abundant, but there wasn't an unbalanced number when comparing the other two designations.

There were, however, specifics within those designations that, while not rare, were uncommon.

Yuuri Katsuki was one of these oddities.

As a male omega, Yuuri was a novelty. Even those who weren't as attracted to the male physique were piqued by his existence.

He was the epitome of an omega in all ways, in both looks and presentation. Anyone that took one look at him, without even catching his scent, knew right away that he was an omega.

There was a gentle nature about him that drew people in. In a sense, this sweet omega boy felt fragile and this roused many protective instincts from those around him, even strangers.

Omegas were treated like porcelain, precious things that would shatter against a harsh word or cutting remark.

So it was understandable that those around him were suitably horrified when this burly alpha stood towering over Yuuri.

Yuuri’s shoulders hunched inwards as the alpha continued to dodge his steps. His boyfriend Keiichi, now ex-boyfriend, was spitting mad and refused to lick his wounds in private.

Yuuri glanced around, trying to make eye contact with those around him in a silent plea for help. But no one wanted to mess with the upset alpha, not when it was a man of his size. Yuuri had underestimated the size of his ego. He had also overestimated the safety of breaking up with him in public.

He cried out when a rough hand grabbed his wrist.

“We are NOT breaking up,” the alpha growled out. He jerked hard on Yuuri’s arm, pulling the slight omega off balance so he stumbled against the enraged alpha. “You’re mine! My omega!”

Fuck. Yuuri thought. This one was one of the rougher breakups he had all year. He knew that his wrist would be bruised by evening.

People were openly staring now, some clearly wanted to intervene but there was hesitation in their eyes. So far, none took any steps towards them.

It was irritating.

Yuuri gave a whimper of distress and the sound seemed to reach out towards the bystanders. If need be, he had a mace in his pocket, but he really didn't want to use that. Yuuri was just a defenseless omega, after all.

Keiichi made to grab him roughly by the nape of his neck, a definite taboo in public and that's when things changed.

Someone grabbed the alpha by the shoulder and then there was the sound of flesh hitting flesh, of a fist connecting with his ex’s jaw. The alpha took the full brunt of it and Yuuri stumbled to the ground when Keiichi released him in shock.

Not only did the alpha end up staggering, he went down completely.

“Che.” His savior spat out as though disappointed with how easily the larger alpha fell.

Yuuri looked up at his savior, surprised to find such a young man had defended him. He was even more surprised when his nose didn't register either alpha or omega, as unexpected as that would have been.

The boy was young, younger than Yuuri by a couple of years. If he had to guess, he would have pegged him as just shy of reaching majority. He had short blonde hair, stormy blue green eyes, and quite an impressive scowl as he glared at the onlookers.

“What the hell are you all looking at?” he demanded then growled, “Gonna look away when some poor excuse of an alpha does that kinda shit, but you watch when he gets sucker punched, huh? Was that entertaining enough for you fucking idiots?”

Yuuri’s eyes had grown impossibly wide. As expected no one wanted to mess with this kid that just took down an alpha.

And when the kid turned to him, he gave the stunned omega a glance that said he wasn't impressed, not one bit. He arched a brow when he saw that Yuuri was still on the ground. He said, “And you. Are you going to just stay down there or are you actually getting up anytime soon? I just saved your ass, the least you can do is escape while you can.”

And then, he simply walked away, muttering to himself about how stupid people were.

Yuuri didn't know what to feel. He had never truly needed saving even when he hadn't expected Keiichi to have gotten so rough with him.

A couple of bruises on his wrist or arms were nothing compared to the alpha’s bruised pride and ego. And the unconscious alpha’s ego would surely need mending when he found out that some beta had knocked him out cold.

He should at least thank the kid.

Yuuri picked himself up and brushed the dirt from his clothes. He ran after the teen.

“Hey!” he called out when he caught sight of that distinctive leather jacket. It had a snarling tiger on it.

The blonde stopped and turned to face him, eyebrows narrowed before a spark of recognition flirted through stormy eyes. “What?”

That was the most unfriendliest greeting that Yuuri had ever received in years. It fascinated him.

Yuuri came to a stop in front of him, panting from the run. “I wanted to thank you,” he said earnestly once he caught his breath. “What you did… It was really brave of you so… please! To express my gratitude, let me buy you lunch or um… coffee?”

The blond was staring at him with some inscrutable look in his eyes. His lips were still curved into a scowl but softened just a touch at Yuuri’s outburst.

He folded his arms across his chest, then noticed the redness along his knuckles. His frown deepened for just a bit and Yuuri wondered if he had even noticed that he had hurt himself defending Yuuri.

He sighed then said, “Fine. I don't like coffee much so it'll have to be lunch then.”


Yuuri clapped his hands once in excitement. “Oh! We haven't even been introduced. My name is Yuuri Katsuki.”

The blond seemed surprised for a second before he returned his own introduction. “Yuri Plisetsky.”

They had the same name. Interesting.

“We have the same name,” Yuuri mused out loud. He gave the beta a shy grin and was pleased when it seemed to fluster the beta. “Meeting like this must have been fate.”

“Doubt it,” Yuri easily dismissed the notion, “That knothead just pissed me off. Most people piss me off, but that one was a piece of work.”

Yuuri hummed in agreement then said, “I'm still glad we met.”

When his newest companion had nothing to say to that, Yuuri worried that maybe he was laying it on a little too thick. Most people liked the thought of destiny and all that romantic bullshit, but this prickly beta didn't seem to be all to inclined to that kind of thing.

Then Yuri gruffly asked, “Do you know where you wanna go? I hate standing around doing nothing like this.”

Yuuri nodded, having already made up his decision. “I know where we can go. Have you ever gone to Yu-topia?”

The beta shook his head but said, “Never ate there before but I know where it is.”

Without further talk, he turned towards the direction they needed to go and started to walk in silence. Yuuri followed, keeping his chatter to a minimum. He didn't want to annoy Yuri, after all.

Still, he was able to catch the younger boy stealing glances at him. The look on his face when he didn't think Yuuri was looking was the same as everyone else that laid eyes on him.

Curious. Interested. Intrigued.

Yuuri knew how to work those emotions and how to spin then into something else. He just needed to decide where their destiny would take him. Once he did that…

He gave a bright smile when he intentionally turned his face and caught Yuuri’s eyes with his own.

There was a tinge of pink on Yuri’s cheeks and Yuuri delighted over this. He hadn't been sure if he could get his savior to be interested in that way, but all the signs were showing positive.

This one, he felt, wouldn't be serious. The younger boy had such a gruff personality that surely he’d find Yuuri to be a nuisance eventually.

If they even made it to dating, Yuuri would enjoy the time together. It would surely be a unique experience.

He’d spend some time playing with Yuri, just a little bit before life took them their separate ways.

Their hands brushed as they walked together, fingertips almost catching against the other’s. Yuuri only gave an embarrassed smile. He didn't miss the way his new prey seemed both disappointed and relieved when their hands remained safely apart.

Yes, Yuuri wanted to play. Just a little.



When Yuuri was a toddler, all the adults would coo and fawn over what a cute pup he was. They would pinch his round cheeks and delight over his large brown eyes. He was a shy little thing back then, hiding behind his omega mama’s skirts.

The children his age didn't share the adults’ opinions. Most avoided him, but the few that didn't would poke fun of the stubborn baby fat that made him round and soft.

It got worse when he entered school.

Along with the leftover baby fat, Yuuri now had glasses which was pretty much a free ticket to years of endless teasing and snide remarks.

His first true friend was a sweet, kind girl named Yuko. Unfortunately, by the time the two met, Yuuri was already accustomed to being picked on and cringed away from social interactions with their peers.

Still, it was nice to have a friend. Yuko was kind and smiled affectionately at him. She would walk with him to school and often eat lunch with him. She didn't seem to notice how chubby and fat he was. At age thirteen, Yuko presented as an omega and Yuuri… Yuuri showed no signs of presenting at all.

Omegas presented early in life while alphas matured a few years later. Betas were tricky and showed no signs of being inclined to either, but due to the wide range a presentation could take place, a person would only be labeled as a beta after age 16.

When they turned fourteen, a boy named Takeshi started trailing after Yuko. It happened out of the blue one day and from then on, was a constant addition to Yuko’s life and by extension, Yuuri’s.

Takeshi had already presented as an alpha which had garnered him quite a few admirers from the already presented omegas in the community. He only had eyes for Yuko though, and it was with a sinking heart that Yuuri gave way, often hiding from the pair. At the time, Yuko didn't like it very much but Yuuri became very good at hiding.

At age fifteen, Yuuri was oftentimes alone and because of this, the constant bullying increased. Boys, alphas more than betas, shoved him into walls, tripped him when he was distracted, and stole his glasses from time to time.

Girls of all secondary genders would openly gossip about him, ridiculing his weight and the unattractive mop of hair on his head. He was just so… fat. Didn't he think about the future? How would he ever attract a nice omega or beta girl looking the way he did?

Yuuri sometimes thought that maybe… maybe if he really didn't try so hard, the snide comments wouldn't have hurt so much. But Yuuri did try to lose weight. He would turn down his mama’s favorite dish and end up crying in his room because he really, really wanted it but those comments really stung…

He became bitter whenever he watched the alphas and betas classmates his age. It all seemed so stupid, how differently they treated the pretty omegas in their class, especially the alphas.

The alphas would carry the girls’ books, escorting them to and from class with warm smiles. With Yuuri, they often smacked the books out of his hands. Why did they treat him so differently? The unfairness of it was a heavy thought in his mind.

Yuuri swore that if he had been one of those girls, he would never be so blind to an alpha's true nature. He would never subject himself to their deceptions.


The following month, Yuuri woke up with his body on fire.

The bed sheets beneath him were wet from more than sweat. It was slick.

It drenched his thighs and dripped down his legs as he twisted and turned, uncomfortable in his bed. It felt like there was fire licking at his bones, a terrible ache gnawing at his stomach. He was completely delirious and lost in it before He had even fully awakened.

He felt… empty, and that emptiness was like a black hole right there in his belly. It made his stomach cramp, his insides spasming in tight convulsions.

There were frantic voices outside his bedroom door. He had been crying out, begging for something he didn't even know and so, just uselessly sobbing for his mama cause she always made things better.

But even when she came, freeing him from the tangled mess of sheets, her comforting scent did nothing to sooth him.

She held him close, murmuring, “Yuuri… Yuuri… it's okay, everything's going to be okay…” as she tried to dampen the inferno in his blood with ice cold wet towels. She ran them over his limbs and his face, his neck, and brow. He didn't even have the mind to be embarrassed when she passed the towels between his legs, cleaning away the fluids there. The shocking cold of it helped, just barely, but it still wasn’t enough.

He burned through an entire week with little respite. His mama forced him to eat during the times he was coherent but he didn't remember what he choked down. He vaguely remembered his mouth feeling as dry as a desert and he didn't remember drinking much, but he wasn't dead yet, so he must have.

The burning stopped just as suddenly as it came. He had passed out in exhaustion one night and upon waking, he cried when he found his body trembling and aching, but no longer on fire.

He was rushed to the doctor where they took a blood and urine sample. They hooked him up to an IV. He was apparently still very dehydrated despite his mama’s best efforts.

A kindly old beta gave them the news.

“Congratulations,” he told Yuuri’s beta father. “Yuuri, here, is a male omega. How lucky for him!”

Him? An omega? After what he just gone through, he didn't feel particularly lucky.

The news sent him into shock. He tried hard to pay attention to everything the doctor was saying but it all just became a constant buzz in his ears.

“... rather late presentation for an omega but male omega are still so uncommon these days that we can't really say if it's abnormal or not…”

“...perhaps it's the Y chromosome that influences male omega into late presentations although…”

“... heats will vary depending on the omega, I'm sure you know that…”

“...conclude male omega are rather fertile so perhaps more on the higher side for how many heats a year…?”

A soft touch at his shoulder had Yuuri jerking away instinctively. His mama was looking at him in concern.

The doctor was talking to him directly now. He was frowning as he was looking at the papers in his hands.

“My only concern is that Yuuri’s heat seems to have burned through a good chunk of his body fat,” the doctor said sternly. “This sometimes happens in severe cases of presentations. Normally the body adjusts slowly for a few years beforehand so it doesn't strain itself so suddenly. But sometimes an alpha or omega’s body will store what it can before it makes that first initial transition. it looks like Yuuri’s body felt it would be best to go this route for his presentation. I see he has a history of being overweight?”

He quirked an eyebrow at Yuuri, humming to himself. “Well, I guess that explains that. I think you'll find that now that you've had your presentation, your body will be slowly adjusting itself once the hormones have settled.” He made a note on Yuuri’s records before saying, “I'd still like to have Yuuri come in two weeks from now to make sure that is the case and he isn't losing too much weight.”

He left the hospital in a daze.

Yuko was the very first person to visit him when he got home. She cried on his shoulder and apologized profusely for ignoring him. She smelled as sweet as he remembered but she also smelled like Takeshi.

He forgave her, of course, he did. She couldn't stay long but he was happy for the short time she did.

The next time he looked in the mirror, a different boy looked back at him but the shock was still there in his brown eyes, hidden behind the large frame of his glasses.

The heat really did take a lot out of him. Most noticeably, it had eaten away some of the softness around his face first. He looked slimmer and although this had been his goal for years, he wasn't sure if he liked it.

It was a significant change, but then again, he had gone through a rather rough presentation.

He touched his face in the mirror.

He didn't know what to make up it. Deep down, despite that his whole world had essentially been turned topsy-turvy, he still felt the same

He looked himself in the eye, but the same boy still stared back at him.


That bitter feeling was still there. He was returning back to school in a few days and he knew that it didn't change anything. A male omega… He wondered what hell awaited him once the rest of the school found out.

It was worse than he could have ever imagined.


The alpha that spoke was one he tried to avoid before his presentation. He had never had much luck avoiding this one though and a few weeks after returning, he found himself cornered.

The alpha was pretty much towering over him and Yuuri looked up at him with large eyes and a quivering mouth.

“Please accept my feelings,” the alpha confessed and right then and there, stole Yuuri’s first kiss.




Despite Yurio’s callous attitude or maybe because of it, Yuuri looked forward to spending time with the beta.

The blonde had a carefree attitude that Yuuri admired. Perhaps it was because he was younger that he didn't seem to give two shits about what anyone else thought.

He certainly didn't spare any for Yuuri’s feelings, but that wasn’t a bad thing. Yuuri was sick of being treated as his designation.

Yurio was bold and upfront, blunt in a way that was like a fresh breeze. At least compared to all the alphas that tried to get Yuuri’s attention, hiding behind charming smiles. Yuuri knew the thoughts that were wiggling around in their brains.

“I'm sorry,” Yuuri apologized to the alpha. “I’m not looking for a relationship right now.”

It was still too soon after everyone had seen him with his ex. There would always be wagging tongues but giving it some time would lessen it. He considered it for a moment. Keiichi had caused quite a scene, no one would doubt Yuuri for wanting to move on from that.

Meh. He didn't feel like it.

He placed a hand on the alpha’s arm. The alpha instantly perked up as though sensing an opportunity.

Yuuri bit his lip as though indecisive but he nodded to himself. “Alpha,” he started and he saw how the title affected the man. “In time… maybe, I can see myself returning your affections but I think… I think I need some time. Please?”

He could see how his large eyes affected the alpha and could see the turmoil he was facing, fighting against his instincts to pursue at all costs.

Would the alpha continue to pursue him? Yuuri watched with curiosity as the conflict continued on inside the alpha.


“Katsudon!” A voice called out angrily.

He turned this head and saw Yurio making his way towards him. He prowled towards them like a predator and the alpha instinctively stepped back when he caught sight of the blonde’s scowl.

Yurio took one look at the alpha and instantly dismissed him. He threw an arm around Yuuri’s shoulder, effortlessly tugging the omega to his side.

“You were supposed to meet me at the theater 10 minutes ago,” Yurio said with irritation. He flicked the tip of Yuuri’s nose. “At least have the decency to let me know when you're wasting my time.”

“I'm sorry, Yurio,” the omega instantly apologized but Yurio waved it off. He finally acknowledged the alpha with a displeased frown.

“Fuck off,” he snapped at the alpha before he tugged Yuuri along. The omega threw an apologetic glance at the stunned alpha but had no qualms about leaving. Maybe the alpha would come looking for him again.

A glance at Yuuri’s irritated scowl had his second guess that thought. Maybe not.

“What are you, some defenseless maiden, katsudon?” Yurio grumbled and yet, he refused to remove his arm along Yuuri’s shoulders. “Just tell them to get lost. I don't know why you put up with that shit.”

Yuuri had plenty of reasons, but none that he wanted Yurio to know. Instead, he shrugged. He saw the time and noticed that Yurio had lied, he wasn't late at all.

Yurio huffed in annoyance when Yuuri pointed it out. He didn't even bother answering, but continued on with his previous conversation.

“Just tell them you have a boyfriend already.”

“But I don't,” Yuuri pointed out.

The beta rolled his eyes as though Yuuri’s obliviousness was an injustice to the world.

“You do now,” Yurio stated firmly. He didn't look at the omega who was staring at him in surprise. Instead, he appeared engrossed with reading the movie titles and times.

“Did you just ask me out?” Yuuri demanded in surprise.

Yurio gave him a smirk. “Just pick a damn movie.”