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How to Train a Titan

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“This is Trost. It’s twelve days north of fear and a few degrees south of Safe in Bed. It’s located solidly on the Meridian of terror. My town, in a word? Sturdy.. it’s been here for over 100 years. However every single building is new. We have fishing, hunting, and a not so charming view of the sunsets. The only problems are the pests. While most places have mice or mosquitoes… We have…” A rather short built, blonde haired male, clothed in tight white pants, a white collared shirt, a short brown jacket with a simple logo of a pair of swords imprinted upon the back, as well as what appeared to be black straps lacing across his form to have two silver holster like objects attached to his hips, pulled open a rather worn looking door, only to rapidly shut it as a face became apparent. “Titans.” He said, blue eyes wide as he leaned back against the door. The sound of thundering footsteps being drawn away alerted him to the titan disappearing.

At this moment, the male spun around on the ball of his foot, yanking the door open to show the rubble laden streets. A set of box cutter like bladed weapons being removed from the rectangular containers around the males waist allowed for a strange chord to shoot free of his belt upon the press of a button, a hook latching into a nearby building. “Many people would leave, but not us. We’re soldiers, we have… Stubbornness issues…” The chord serving to launch the blonde into the air, just barely being missed by the hand of a titan, only hearing someone scream as the titan fell to the ground, the sound of the gear zipping away was clear to him as he spared a glance behind himself, seeing the body of the titan dissolving upon the floor. Leaving only frail bones behind that would disappear with time.

“My names Armin, I know. A charming name. The other scouts from the 104th make fun of my name, and ask where my brother legout is. Let me just say this. I do NOT have a brother named legout.” A scout dawning a similar uniform zipped past the blonde, causing Armin to lose a bit of his altitude, which was quickly regained with a spritz of what appeared to be compressed air or gas. The scout only shouting a quick ‘morning’ at him as they sped off. “Meet the Neighbors, Thomas Wagner,” Another scout shot by, yelling something along the lines of “What’re you doing out?!” Armin simply continuing on his pace. “Mina Caroline” A female scout was made apparent carrying a child bridal style away from the corpse of a titan, “Get inside!” She shouted up at Armin, and like the last time, he was unphased.

“Mylius Zeramuski.” As Armin seemed to point the soldier out, a titan collapsed to the ground, revealing him to view. The soldier in question shouting at Armin, “Get back inside!” And like the last two times, Armin was unphased. Continuing on his path. “Samuel.” Armin passed by a soldier perched on part of a building who was scratching the back of his head. “Yep. Just Samuel” Another blonde, somewhat similar to Armin yanked him from the path of a titan, a hand just barely missing where he had been before. “Armin?!” the other blonde just looked at the other soldiers around him, “What is he doing out again?! What’re you doing out?” He exclaimed, suddenly changing his attention to Armin before dropping him on the next roof he passed by. “Get inside” Armin stumbled a bit as he attempted to keep himself upright. “That’s Erwin Smith, Head of the Survey Corps, they said when he was only 9 he killed his first titan. Do I believe this..” Armin paused to glance over at where Erwin had disappeared to, watching as he sliced the nape of a titan with ease, “Yes I do.”

Erwin looked at the Soldier next to him, “What do we have?” he asked, “10 meter class, 7 meter class, 9 meter class, Oh and Thomas saw a 12 meter class.” The soldier replied, in which Erwin only nodded a bit, “No 15 meter class abnormals?” He asked, “None so far.” The soldier told him simply before shooting off towards the nearby gate. “Good.” Erwin said simply.

Armin moved carefully through the air, landing with a quiet thump on the roof of a cathedral like building. “Nice of you to join the party, thought you’d been devoured by a titan” a brunette exclaimed, a pair of goggles gleaming as she spun around to look at Armin, the blonde only rolling his eyes a bit with a smile, “Nah, what’re they going to do with all this?” He said, Making a flexing pose to which she commented with a simple; “They need toothpicks don’t they?” Only serving to make Armin slouch a bit with a sigh. “Bring these gas canisters to the others. Now.” She said, passing a sac to the blonde. “The brunette with the goggles is Hanji Zoë, I’ve been her apprentice ever since I was little… Well.. Littler.” Without a word, Armin pulled the sac over his shoulder, zipping off into the fight once more.

“15 meter Class Abnormal! Get out of the way!” A soldier exclaimed, darting away from a strangely built titan, few other soldiers heeding the warning and getting out of the way, those that hadn’t… Well… What else would have happened other than the death of them? Its steps thundered as it seemed to be ignoring the soldiers around it, running- no… Sprinting through the town.

Armin only sped between buildings, a sac once filled with gas canisters having been dropped off at the soldiers needing them. Instead of returning to Hanji like he was supposed to, Armin had taken a detour, his hooks stabbing into the wall in front of him as he took a sharp right through an alleyway, successfully losing a titan as he allowed the grapple hooks to return to the belt around his waist. Landing neatly on a nearby rooftop. Now, he wasn’t inside the town persay… But instead he was perched on the roof of a nearby abandoned house, the outline of some strange object hidden under a large cloth. Having it torn free as Armin yanked it away. Nobody would believe him when he had said he had caught a 15 meter titan before, not even Hanji, the local titan enthusiast. He could hear the thundering footsteps of a titan, he knew it was that same one that always appeared during the attacks. It never fought, It never hurt anyone, and it never kept in sight for long.

Various handles on the strange contraption were pulled, and gears aligned, intent on his goal, Armin crouched behind the new apparent weapon, gazing into the sight as he waited. The thundering of steps only getting louder as it finally made an appearance, Armin felt light headed already, having been holding his breath. As soon as the titan passed by the house, Armin realigned the weapon, and shot. Unable to see what happened, but could hear the loud thump of spikes stabbing into something sturdy like a tree, but significantly softer tissue wise. A loud roaring noise his only confirmation. “I- I hit it! Did anybody see that?!” he exclaimed, turning to look around before his shoulders slumped. Staring a 7 meter class titan directly in the eye. “Besides you”

Erwin looked up as he heard a familiar yell, a groan leaving his throat as the commander launched himself off into the city, seeing Armin nearly get grabbed by the 7 meter titan following after him. It didn’t take much for the soldier to weave his way through before he had gotten close enough to the duo the stab the box cutter like blades into the nape of the titans neck, slicing them horizontally through the soft tissue without much resistance. Blood splattering the ground and the hilts of his blades. Only to start steaming a moment later. “Armin.” He said simply, watching the blonde land on a nearby roof.

A short time later-

“I really did hit it!” Armin exclaimed, only being guided into his house by a rather exhausted looking Erwin. “Armin. Just go to bed.” he said simply, waiting for Armin to walk inside without another word. He knew Armin was a stubborn kid… He just never knew how stubborn.

Armin shut the door quietly, fists clenched as his gaze was downcast at the floor. He hadn’t even began to take off his gear. An idea finally appearing in his mind as he decided to take a chance. The blonde didn’t say anything, as nothing was needed to be said, simply making his way through the house, and out through the back door. He wouldn’t need to leave a note. His Grandfather hadn’t been around for a few years now. Armins steps were quiet on the soft grass, the nature behind his home almost as though it never knew of the dangers that lurked outside. He didn’t need to use the gear yet, his mark approaching quickly. The abandoned house he had been at a short time before coming into his sights. That wasn’t what he was looking for, though served as a good marker for where he was.

What he was really looking for, was that forest the titan had disappeared into. Armin knew he hit the titan, he had heard it’s roar of pain, as well as seen faint clouds of steam rising from the forest. As he finally entered the dense foliage, he could see snapped branches, as well as cuts in the bark of the trees were the spiked parts of the ammo had stripped the tree bare. Adrenaline rushed through the blondes veins as he walked, blades drawn, following the path of destruction as he listened for any noises of the titan. Freezing as he heard something shift, Armins gaze darted around, catching just the faint glow of green, the very same glow he had seen countless times when he had failed to hit his mark.

He didn’t know what he was doing, and before he knew it. His legs were carrying him towards the glow, pace quick as his grip tightened on the handle of his blades, knuckles turning white. The sight that awaited him when he had finally gotten close enough to see the titan nearly took the soldier a few seconds to ponder. A large 15 meter form a low whining noise coming from it with arms locked to it’s chest with the tight bindings, dark brown hair covering most of it’s face, though leaving enough for Armin to be able to see the skeletal jaws, as well as the fierce gaze of the titan itself, watching him intently despite it’s face being pressed into the dirt, showing enough of it’s neck that the fatal blow could be taken without harm to the soldier. The blonde bit the inside of his cheek, raising his blade up a bit as to slice the nape free. Noting how the titan just seemed to let it’s head fall a bit with a noise similar to some sort of groan, the noise itself, made him think. What was he doing? Before he knew it. He was sawing away at the ropes binding the titans torso, only able to cut one before the rest snapped with it. A large hand shoving him back against a rock. The blades knocked aside. This was it. This was how he was going to die. At the hands of the titan he couldn’t kill.

Seconds ticked by as Armin waited, eyes clenched shut and head turned away. Only then did he notice, he wasn’t dead yet, there was no insane heat around him. And he wasn’t soaking wet. Thinking it was safe, he opened his eyes, just in time to have the titan roar at what he would have guessed to be the top of its lungs at him. Stunned, Armin watched as the form heaved itself back to its feet, and darted off into the forest. Stride messed up and lurching to the side every few steps. Steam wafting off a holes in the titans body from the large spikes. It was at that time, that Armin started to wonder. Just what had he done?