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The Secrets Deep Within

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CHAPTER ONE: Unwilling Participant

Not too long ago, it was a cold, dark night when five teenagers crept through the empty halls of Riverdale High and found what they were looking for.

A little, black playbook full of conquests...

Upon discovering their finding, everyone had been far too shocked, too disgusted or too stunned by the findings to truly analyse it and its content.

... No one had noticed that on the second to last page, there was the name of another Cooper on that sickening list, in that book.

CHUCK| Betty (9) - unwilling participant, double points bonus = 18

Unwilling participation... Rape.

It had happened one night just after Archie had rejected Betty for anything more than friends.

Unwilling? That was one thing for sure.

It was just after Jason Blossom's death, but just before the small town of Riverdale was shaken to the core, learning that not only was Jason's a tragic death, but rather a tragic murder.

It was before the town began checking that their doors and windows were locked at night... Before they started using their cars, rather than walking into school or work... Before they started to look behind their shoulder every few minutes... Before they felt that Riverdale was a safe place to live.

That was when it happened. The worst night of Betty's life at the hands of Chuck Clayton and all just for bragging rights and a bunch of disgusting points.

After the incident with Veronica, Betty had tried so hard to work along with Ethel and the other girls to expose Chuck and his friends and their sickening game that had been at the cost of the lives of so many girl's.

Betty had done it for Ethel... for Polly... for her...

But, unlike Ethel, she couldn't go on the record. She wanted to. She wanted justice. She wanted Chuck and the other boys to pay, but she couldn't; despite being the greatest victim of them all on that list... Instead, she wanted to suppress what happened to her.

So, after it happened, she tried to hide it, she tried to take charge of her life and move on. Forget about it and just move on.

What difference would anyone finding out make now? Chuck's a juvenile. He'd get a slap on the wrists, maybe some community stint or a very brief stint in juvenile detention. What difference would it make on him, when it means sharing her darkest secret, the worst moment of her existence, with her boyfriend, her friends, her family and her whole town?

Besides, who would believe her now? She had been the ring-leader and instigator of bringing justice to Ethel and the other girls. People would reason that if Betty had a personal experience to share, she would have shared it then.

Betty Cooper's life has been settling down again, anyway.

She found some of the justice and some peace that she'd been seeking for what happened to her, at least to a degree, when Chuck and his friends were outed and punished for their disgusting game.

Too, she's found happiness with the man that she's known for most of her life, finding love in an unexpected place, with Jughead.



Betty is jolted from her thoughts by Jughead as he complacently waves a hand in front of her face, seeing as repeating her name hadn't worked.

"Sorry. I was in my own little world... What is it?"

"Uh, can't remember now... It wasn't important. But, uh, Bets, you okay?"

Betty is quick to give Jughead a smile in her attempt to alleviate any suspicion or further questions.

It does not work.

Unfortunately for Betty, Jughead knows her far too well. His concern for her is not dismissed in the slightest.

"Bets, you would tell me, you'd talk to me is there is something wrong, right?"

Betty just gives him a smile.

She can't bring herself to lie and to say that of course she would when Jughead is just one of the many people that she has to keep her darkest secret from.

However, unfortunately for Betty, no matter how hard you try to push some things down; secrets always have a way of pushing through to the surface and making themselves known...