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Where Did My Best Friend Go?

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The first day of third grade was when they first met. Alec had just moved to New York with his family so he was new to the school. Alec was sitting all alone on the swing set waiting to be called inside for school to start. He watched the other kids interact and laugh and have fun and he just wished that he could be like that. Be outgoing and fun but instead he was shy and very mature for his age.
He sighed as he kicked his feet in the sand underneath the swing. He knew he was bad at making friends and he doubted he would ever make one.
That is until he heard the voice that he would never forget.

"Can I swing with you?" The little boy asked. Alec looked over and saw a kid his age with Asian features. His hair was black and spiked up and his clothing was colorful and bright.
"I guess..." Alec mumbled. His mother had always told him to speak up and he would always get yelled out for speaking so lowly.
"What's your name? Are you new?" The kid asked as he kicked his feet to start swinging.
"Uh Alec...and yes." Alec replied looking at his old shoes.
"Well I'm Magnus. Nice to meet you Alec." Magnus responded with a huge grin.

Alec looked over at Magnus and then over his shoulder. He saw a few other kids watching them, well mainly Magnus.
"Why are you talking to me? I bet you would like to hang out with your other friends instead." Alec said as he looked down once more.
Magnus looked over and saw the kids Alec had seen. They were waving him over and Magnus just shook his head.
"Well I want us to be friends. Can't we be friends?" Magnus asked.
Alec looked over and smiled. "You mean it? You want to be friends?"
Magnus copied Alec's smile and nodded. "Cross my heart and hope to die."

And on that very day they became best friends. A few years later and they were starting Middle school. Alec had just gotten glasses the day before starting 6th grade.
When he walked into school he quickly took them off and placed them in his pocket. He was embarrassed by them.
However when he got to his locker he felt someone pull them out and when he turned around he saw Magnus holding them.
"Are these glasses Alexander?" Magnus asked.
Magnus had found out Alec's real name during the summer when his mother had used it when yelling at him to keep a better eye on his sister.
"Yes?" Alec responded raising an eyebrow. He then closed his locker and started to head towards their class room. On the way there he kept on bumping into things and people.

"Alexander stop for a second." Magnus said grabbing his arm making the taller kid stop.
Alec turned around and when he did, Magnus unfolded his glasses and placed them on Alec's face.
"There now you can see. Why weren't you wearing them?" Magnus asked.
Alec sighed and ducked his head. "Because I look weird."

Magnus frowned and lifted Alec's chin. "Alec you are my best friend. You don't look weird with them on okay? You actually look cute."
Alec blushed and the two of them kept walking.
Alec knew that when Magnus called him cute it didn't mean anything to Magnus but for Alec....he felt butterflies in his stomach.
He knew Magnus was a flirty person even as a 6th grader and when he flirted with other people Alec didn't understand why he got Jealous so much.
One night during a weekend sleep over, Magnus had told Alec he was bi. Alec didn't understand what that mean and when Magnus explained it Alec told him that it didn't matter what he liked because Magnus was Magnus and that was never going to change.

They were now in 8th grade and it was halfway through the year when Alec figured out he was gay. He was scared and had terrible thoughts about how he wasn't normal and how people would judge him. He thought about telling Magnus all the time but when he did he started to over think and thought about how Magnus would think Alec was disgusting and wouldn't want to be his friend anymore so he kept it a secret. That is until 8th grade was now over and it was summer time. They had their annual out of school sleep over and thats when Alec told Magnus. The two were watching t.v. on Alec's bed when he just blurted it out.

"I'm gay." Alec said when the show turned to a commercial.
Magnus slowly looked over at Alec. "What?"
"I...I'm gay Magnus." Alec said and ducked his head. He could feel his cheeks heat up and jumped when he felt Magnus grab his hand.
"I'm so proud of you Alexander. You know this changes nothing about you right? Your're still amazing and caring and kind."
Alec smiled and hugged his best friend. "Thank you Mags."
"You're welcome darling."

The day before the first day of freshman year Alec came out to his family. His father had thrown things and said some disgusting things and told him that he would not have a fag as a son. Alec ran out of the house crying. He ran and ran and had no idea where he was going until he bumped into someone. When he fell to the ground he looked around and saw he was at the park he went to a lot as a kid.
"Alexander? What's wrong darling?" Magnus whispered as he knelt down.
"I told them Magnus...I told my family...and.." Alec said but then broke down sobbing.
Magnus rushed towards him and wrapped his arms around the taller boy.
"Shh it's alright. You're going to be just fine." Magnus whispered as he rocked him back and forth.

After Alec had calmed down he told Magnus about coming out to his siblings first.
Jace and Isabelle were very proud of him and told him they would be supportive of him. Max was too young for Alec to tell because he was just a five year old kid.
He then told Magnus about how his mother looked at him with disgust and walked out of the room. How his father started to call him names and tell him he needed to stop joking around and get serious.

Magnus listened while Alec talked and Alec was so grateful. He then told Alec that he would pack a few clothes and that he could sleep at his house.
When he got to Alec's house he told Magnus to wait outside while he packed a bag. Isabelle hugged him and so did Jace when he told him he would be sleeping at Magnus's. They understood him and they loved him. He quickly wen to his room and packed some clothes and a tooth brush. When he was done he told his siblings that he would see them tomorrow and left the house. Magnus and Alec then walked to his house and Magnus's mother greeted him with a hug.
Freshman year was great but at the same time awful. It was the year when Alec got braces and acne while Magnus stayed his flawless self.
However the duo did not break their friendship and were always side by side. That year was the year when Alec realized he was in love with his best friend.

But when Sophmore year came, High school turned miserable for Alec.
The only good thing was his siblings joining the high school.
The first few months were good. Him, Magnus, and his siblings had lunch everyday and hung out.
But when the new girl Camille arrived was when everything went down hill.
Camille turned popular pretty quickly. She hung out with the jocks and cheerleaders. She was Captain of the Cheer leading squad after all.
Camille then started to take notice in Magnus.

It was a weekend night and Magnus was supposed to be coming over to Alec's for a sleep over. His parents had gotten better with the fact that Alec was gay. Well not better but they ignored that part of him. It was getting later and Magnus was supposed to be at his house two hours ago.
When he called Magnus he got no answer. He called three times and every time went to voicemail.
Alec sighed and decided that since Magnus wasn't coming that he would start on homework and get to bed.

Monday came around and when Alec saw Magnus in the hall by his locker he walked up to him.
"What happend last night Magnus?" Alec asked as he pushed up his glasses
Magnus looked at Alec and then he looked around and then at Alec once again. "Sorry Alec, I got busy."
"Busy? And you couldn't call? Magnus...I waited for you." Alec said.
Magnus sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "Look Alec. I'm sorry but something came up."
Alec frowned. He was about to say something when Camille wrapped her arms around Magnus and kissed his cheek.
"Hey baby. Why are you talking to this loser?"

Magnus looked at Alec with...guilt and sadness?
He then turned around and kissed Camille on the lips. "Yeah you're right. He's a nobody. Let's go."
Camille looked at Alec and laughed and then started to walk away with an arm over Magnus's shoulder.
Alec stood there frozen watching his best friend...walk away. Were they still best friends?
When he saw Magnus look over his shoulder and at him, he felt his throat close up and he ran to the bathroom crying his eyes out.

From then on, Magnus didn't speak to him. Didn't answer Alec's phone calls. When he was with Camille and the other popular kids they would always make fun of Alec and Magnus would do nothing to stop it. It broke Alec's heart. It broke it even more when Alec still knew that he was still in love with his now ex best friend.
When Jace and Isabelle asked what had happened to Magnus, he told them the truth. When Magnus tried to talk to Jace and Isabelle because they were pretty popular around school, they gave him the cold shoulder.

What they didn't know was that Magnus hated himself for being so cruel to Alec. He hated having to pretend to be someone he wasn't. He hated hurting the person he loved the most. But being with Camille made him do those awful things because he felt loved by Camille. He felt like he was wanted. Even if Camille was only lying in the end.