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Tanya not sure what to make of smiling shiny creature Potch. Is very bright and won't stop smiling. Crazy demon thing Aestar that it is talking to is very funny though, especially with good joke about teach people how to 'feel'.

Smiling shiny creature seem to know lots of crazy demon things, other crazy demon thing Papa Abgal come up behind crazy demon lady and try to go all Huntress on it, is maybe angel, but everyone treats as joke.

Is very disconcerting with smiling shiny creature keeping smiling all the time, but get to talk to Kass first, so is good, and smiling shiny creature and demon things have not grown pointy teeth and eaten face yet, so day going surprisingly well.


"It. It's a golem."

Tanya assumed had just not been seeing well in firelight, but when see creature next day is very clear. This is nice young man, made of walking stone. Is very strange.

Is glad to make acquaintance of nice young golem man Lode, as is useful to ask things. Would like to get to know better, but is no time and nice young golem man always look busy. Maybe is avoiding crazy axe lady. Oh well, still have to find snake husband and wake from hangover, plenty more paladins in sea, no problem here.


When the Havocstani all troop in, Tanya wonder if Tanya is in wrong place, bad place to be. Here are regulars, look like soldiers, know tavern master well. Is make Tanya kind of homesick for army, but Tanya not part of this army, has not fought alongside or against, is not feel welcome here now they here.

But is rain outside and Tanya stay and watch, watch mismatched army with its little girls with polearms and makeup, big girl with axe, man with sword and shield. Is good army, Tanya think, crazy mismatched New World army but much caring and warm strength forged in battle.

Tanya kind of intimidated. This army, Tanya think, do not run away from dead rising from ground in strange land. Would not think well of Tanya if knew her. Better find rubbish army full of stupid recruits instead, then Tanya can shine and no-one ask where Tanya come from.