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Truly, Madly, Deeply

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He always comes to the bar on the same day (Saturday), at the exact same time (9:00 pm sharp), every week, and always leave with a different man or woman each time. Jack has never seen him going out with the same person twice.

He's attractive, and fashionable, with a voice that can melt your heart and a smile that can make anyone flustered. He's flawlessly built like a golden Adonis, broad back, narrow waist, and Jack is pretty sure those thighs could literally kill. It shouldn't be a surprise that he's a playboy, should it?

Jack wonders why a man like that could be interested in someone as old and gray and bland as him. Maybe this is all a game to Gabriel, since as far as Jack knows, he is the only worker here that has never fallen in bed with the dark skin man. Jack isn't stupid, he knows Gabriel has been making advances toward him for months while still shamelessly flirting with other people (Jack isn't jealous, really, why should he?). Every time, Gabriel will come to Jack (only Jack), asking him to make some kind of drink (with a ridiculously sexual name) and mentally stripping Jack with those big, brown eyes while seemingly chatting casually with him.

At first, Jack has been quite...embarrassed. Never in his life has he been so thoroughly stripped by a man's eyes, in public no less. Everybody and their mothers know what Gabriel is doing. Ana, the bar manager, once came to them and asked straight about it, and having a grand time teasing a very flushed Jack while Gabriel smiled innocently.

But Jack didn't go home with Gabriel that night. Or the next one. Or the next. Time passes and he grows accustomed to the young man's game. Gabriel would come, flirt with Jack while Jack plays along, and every time Jack would give him a small smile that means "not today", Gabriel would laugh then leave with someone else.

No matter what Gabriel's excuse is, whether it's that he's too drunk to drive home, or his car suddenly breaks and he needs a ride, Jack Morrison goes back to his flat every night, not Gabriel Reyes'.

Well, he didn't think that Gabriel himself would go to Jack's flat instead. That has been his miscalculation.

Jack got into an accident, hit by a motorcycle on the way home from work. The culprit ran off but thankfully, Jack isn't fatally wounded. However, his ankle is broken because of that and he has to take some time off.

Jack lives alone, his neighbor (a nice lady named Angela) helps him with the minor chores that can affect his injuries, like going shopping. Jack is at home, watching telly when the doorbell rings. Thinking that it's Angela with the groceries, he limps out to open the door.

To his surprise, Gabriel Reyes is there with a plastic bag and coy smile.

To answer Jack's questions, he explains that he didn't see Jack at work, so he asked - in a manner that Jack is 100% sure involving bribery and sweet-talk - Jack's co-workers about it. They gave him the address.

Jack wants to turn him away. They are not that close. He's uncomfortable with the young man being here and he's very well aware of his hidden intention behind the guise of a "caring" regular customer. But he can't ask Gabriel to leave, especially with the way Gabriel is smiling at him. He even brought presents! It'd be rude to turn him away, and a drink couldn't hurt, could it?

So he invites the young man in and limps into the kitchen. While Jack is having difficulty with moving around, he doesn't notice Gabriel has gotten close behind him and yelps in surprise when he turns back and Gabriel is inches away from his face.

"Let me help." The younger man offers, closing in (too close for Jack's comfort) to take the kettle from him. Jack lets him then quickly slides away to reach for the cupboard. "Tea or coffee?"

"Coffee. Black."

Gabriel keeps close proximity to Jack the whole time and occasionally brushes against his arms or back. Jack ignores it, forcing himself to give Gabriel a polite smile and asks the man to return to the living room while Jack waits for the kettle to boil. Gabriel says he wants to wait together. It has been a while since he has seen Jack so he wants to be with him and talk to him some more.

"You are talking like you missed me."

"But I do miss you, Jack." Gabriel smiles his charming smile, tilting his head to the side. Jack has seen that expression countless time when Gabriel flirts with other people, so he just feels mildly annoyed instead of flustered. He doesn't like the fact that the younger man is using his name, but he has given up long ago on making Gabriel stop.

"Every time I see you, you go home with a different person," Jack says, nonchalantly. "Surely my absence can't affect you that much."

"Are you jealous?" There is a mischievous glimmer in Gabriel's eyes as he moves into Jack's personal space again, crowding him against the kitchen counter.

"If it upset you that much, you should have been the one going home with me then, instead of them." Jack's hair stands up on end when hot breath blows against his skin. He doesn't like Gabriel being so close. Too close. At the bar, there has always been a counter between them, and a crowd. But this is Jack's own home, and there will be nothing to stop Gabriel. Maybe inviting the young man in is a worse idea than Jack thought.

"But I like you that way." Gabriel continues like he doesn't see Jack's discomfort. "Don't worry about them, Jack. They mean nothing to me." Gabriel leans in, voice low and husky. " Eres un persona muy especial ."

Jack doesn't know what that means, but from the tone of Gabriel's voice, it's something sensual and intimate. Warning bell rings in his ears as Gabriel smiles softly, his hand reaches up to touch Jack's face, his thumb running over Jack's bottom lip. He needs to put an end to this before it's too late!

There is a hissing noise of steaming, and Jack quickly grabs his chance to slip away from Gabriel. "Oh, the kettle is boiling." He ignores the light dissatisfaction on Gabriel's face. "How's about you return to the living room? I'll be there right away with the coffee."

Gabriel stops for one beat, then his casual smile reappears. "How's about you let me make the coffee then? I don't want your leg to hurt more from standing so much."

"No, it's fine. I can do this on my own."

"Jack, please, just let me do a little thing for you?" Gabriel takes the hot kettle from Jack. "I'm scared that you'll trip with your crutches and spill the coffee. It's dangerous with how hot this is."

Gabriel keeps insisting pleadingly until Jack gives up and goes back to the living room. "Fine, do whatever you want."

Gabriel answers with a bright smile. "I'll be done quickly."

He returns with a coffee pot, milk, sugar, and 2 cups on a plate. He must have found them on his own without Jack. Even though Gabriel sits down next to him, to Jack's infinite relief, he doesn't try to breach Jack's personal space again. Instead, he asks about the accident and Jack tells him in details what happened.

There is something dark fleeting through Gabriel's face when Jack describes the motorcycle driver to him. "Do you remember his plate?"

"I already report him to the police."

"I just want to know in case I happen to see him somewhere." Gabriel's voice drips with silent anger. "He must pay for what he has done to you."

The way Gabriel said those words causes Jack's skin to crawl.

"It's nothing serious, just a broken ankle." Jack tries to lighten the situation. "Besides, he'll get what he deserves once the police catch him."

"They'd be too easy on him." Jack startles at the feral growl escaping Gabriel's lips. "He deserves much more than several months in prison and a small amount of fine. He---"

Gabriel looks like he's about to scream, but Jack's fearful expression makes him stop. He shakes his head to calm down, then lowering his voice. "He hurt you." Jack is taken back by the sincere pain in his expression.

"It's not that bad." Jack pats his injured leg. "Several weeks and I'll be fine." He thinks for a moment, then adds. "Thanks for worrying about me, Reyes. I appreciate it."

Gabriel's face instantly lights up as he beams, literally beams at Jack (Jack's eyes hurt from how bright the man's smile is). He decides to return to silently sipping his coffee to hide his awkwardness, very well aware of Gabriel's eyes glued onto him the whole time.

Gradually, Jack's eyelids begin to drop. He tries to rub the haziness out of his eyes, but to no avail. Strange. It is just 3 in the afternoon…

"Jack?" Even Gabriel's voice is diluting in the overwhelming sleepiness that suddenly engulfs Jack. He tries to sit up straight, but instead feeling his head fall onto a firm shoulder and a muscular arm wrap around him. "Jack?"

"I'm fine." Jack attempts to pull away, but his hands have no strength. "I'm..."

Jack doesn't remember what he wants to say next, because when he looks up he finds Gabriel gazing down at him, his smile is ecstatic and his face glows with a lunatic rapture that sends a cold shiver down Jack's spine.

Jack doesn't remember anything else. Darkness swallows him whole as he passes out.




Gabriel thinks, prays, desperately wants to believe, that he has finally found The One.

He is unlike all the whores Gabriel has met all his life.

He is beautiful, so much more beautiful than any others, and if he had been in his youth, Gabriel was sure he could have been radiant. Not that it mattered! Gabriel can see in those gorgeous blue eyes of his that he is different. He is special.

Gabriel would regretfully admit that he was a fool, so full of arrogance and stupidity that at first, he couldn't recognize how priceless Jack truly was. He has flaunted shamelessly at the man - God, so vulgar and crass of him - and naturally, Jack had turned him away. Only after weeks of knowing Jack that Gabriel finally understood, that he realized Jack could very well be the one he has been looking for all his life.

Gabriel didn't regret spending months trying to get close to Jack, but his corazón always kept his distance. Shamefully, Gabriel admitted that it was understandable, considering how Gabriel has acted and how virtuous Jack is. Unlike those sluts , Jack wouldn't give himself away that easily, no! Someone as precious as him deserves attention and effort! Gabriel is confident that it's definitely the sign of Jack's purity, of how special and different he is.

And Gabriel is nothing if not a gentleman. Patience is a virtue he never lacks. He wouldn't deny Jack this little game.

Jack refused to give him his phone number - but it was fine, mysteries made a man much more attractive, no? - so Gabriel gave his instead. Jack never called, he was too shy to talk to Gabriel so... intimately, Gabriel supposed. It was obvious with how furiously Jack had blushed when Ana teased them about their relationship. He was so adorable, Gabriel can't help but love him even more.

During the time Gabriel pursuing Jack, there have been... others - worthless, shameless whores that thought they could win over Gabriel's heart. Gabriel decided to humor them every time, hear what they had to say, to offer, to promise but he knew their game. All liars and sluts, unfaithful and ungrateful! He knew they would say anything to gain his favor, to distract him from his true love, to sate their primal urges. He knew everything they would say and all the tricks they had up their sleeves.

The more time he spent with them, the more he thought about Jack. Jack wouldn't be like them, his love would be so unadulterated, eternal and unwavering. Oh, if Jack had wanted, Gabriel would have dropped on his knees and plucked his heart out to put it at Jack's feet! If Jack had asked, Gabriel would have given him the world, even. Never in his life, Gabriel has felt such an overwhelming, consuming love. It was unmistakable that they were meant to be.

As time went by and Jack made no move, Gabriel grew impatient, wearing of their game, leery of Jack's intentions. Surely Jack must have felt it too, right? That they were destined to be together? That no one could ever love him like Gabriel does? Or… Or… No, Gabriel knew Jack was not like the others. He must be testing Gabriel’s trust. Or...Was he...was he just another whore? It couldn’t be! God, Gabriel was so torn.

He had had enough. He wanted to ask Jack about it, but he was afraid Jack would take it as a sign of unworthiness, of Gabriel couldn't handle this little challenge. He had had to take the roundabout route, bribing Jack's co-worker into "accidentally" asking Jack about why he kept ignoring Gabriel's efforts.

"I'm not a young man anymore," Jack said, almost as light as a whisper, with a little sorrowful smile. "He deserves better than me."

Jack's answer baffled him. Truly, Gabriel was a complete idiot. How could he not figure out something so obvious? He felt so much passion towards Jack that he was so blinded by doubts and unreasonable jealousy.

Of course, someone as kind and sweet as Jack would think about others first, would put Gabriel's sake above himself. He's a true angel! He must be The One, he must be! Gabriel is sure of it now.

The moment that knowledge struck Gabriel, his whole body was shaken with such a delightful euphoria that he drop the cup he was holding, causing Jack to turn away from the conversation to look at him. Instantly, his angel gasped in fear and fled to him, face burdened with worries as he took hold of Gabriel’s hand with the utmost tenderness, carefully inspecting for any possible injury. Gabriel wanted to put his mouth on that warm hand, to kiss every knuckle, to suck each and every finger, to give it the worship it deserved with his mouth and tongue, to hear Jack moaned helplessly in bliss and embarrassment.

He held back his urge, however, and brushed Jack’s hand away with a soft smile, assuring his carino that he was alright. He knew such a sudden...passionate act in public would definitely frighten his darling, maybe even made Jack think Gabriel one of those disgusting miscreants who lust after Jack just for his body (Gabriel was not jealous. He couldn’t blame Jack, it wasn’t his fault he was so beautiful no one could help but fall for him. But Gabriel knew those lowly animals would never have Jack’s attention. Only Gabriel’s sincere love and devotion could ever touch his angel’s heart.)

After all, Gabriel is nothing if not a gentleman.

Gabriel was prepared to wait for as long as it would take, but the accident changed his mind.

For the first time, he seriously considers all the possibilities and dangers that lurking near Jack when he isn't around to protect his angel. The world is so unsafe these days, society is full of disgusting sluts and despicable animals like the one that dares to hurt his beloved.

Gabriel understands and admires that Jack is an independent, brave man that never wants to trouble anyone if he can help it. He definitely would refuse Gabriel's help, saying he wouldn't want to burden Gabriel with such a thing. But Gabriel knows what people could be like, how ugly and rotten they truly are on the inside. With Jack being such a sweet, delicate, lovely existence, he feels it's his obligation, his rightful duty to protect the man he loves from harm.

Also, he thinks it's about time they proceed with their relationship, as well. His rashness can be considered not gentlemanly but in their case, it is natural to follow their hearts. It's best for both of them if Jack moves in with him. They will have the chance to know each other more intimately, to get used to sharing a life, and most important, make plans for their future together and preparations for the wedding.

Wedding. Such a thing had been an unattainable dream to Gabriel before he met Jack. God, how lonely and foolish he had been, chasing those deceiving, nasty whores that he should never have even cast a look, lured by their sweet promises laced with falsehoods. It has not only been a waste of his time but also leaving him with everlasting emotional scars. Although, it eases the throbbing in his heart knowing that Jack's pure, boundless love for him will eventually heal all those wounds. He believes he can forget all those bitter memories with Jack by his side. His gentle, sweet angel would never, ever hurt him like they did.

Fortunately, Gabriel has prepared since the day he meets his one true love. The room has already been set up, it's just the matter of moving Jack's things in and starting their new life together. To not worry his injured angel, Gabriel made the necessary arrangement himself. The moving company will take care of everything else and make sure all of Jack's belongings are transferred shortly and safely to Gabriel's house.

The last thing left is, of course, bringing Jack back to their new home. He lets Jack fall into his embrace and gently hold Jack's shoulder so his love wouldn't fall over in his slumber. Gabriel can't help the happy smile blooming on his lips as he watches Jack's sleeping face, so beautiful and peaceful like an angel. Gabriel supposes he should have proposed first, like a gentleman would. But he wanted this to be a big surprise to Jack, wanting to see the amazed expression his beloved would have when he realizes what Gabriel has done for him. Then, Gabriel will kneel down beside the bed and ask for Jack's hand. Oh, wouldn't that be so grand? Such a romantic story to tell their children later.

Alright, Gabriel is getting ahead of himself. He shouldn't be making plans for children so soon, and he needs to discuss it with Jack as well. Although, he believes Jack would totally be a loving, caring father to their children, as wonderful as he is. Gabriel could already see the home they could and would build together, full of laughter and happiness and love. Dios Mio , he's overwhelmed with joy that he can feel his hands tremble.

With the utmost care and caution, Gabriel lifts Jack into his arms, mindful to not bump Jack against anything as he carries Jack to his car (bridal style, of course). He has a pillow ready for Jack to rest his head on, and adjusts Jack's body so he's laid out neatly and securely on the backseat. Couldn't resist Jack's adorable sleeping face, Gabriel leaves a sweet, brief kiss on his ajar lips before returning to Jack's house to get his toiletries along with his wallet, turning off the gas and lights, then locks the front door. He leaves the key under the entrance mat so the moving company can find it later.

Jack is asleep the whole ride, which is fine, his love needs rest and comfort. Gabriel makes sure to drive slowly, carefully. He can imagine how tiring and difficult it was for Jack to take care of himself on his own with such an injury, the thought makes vengeful fiery burns through his guts. Whoever the bastard is, Gabriel will find them, and Gabriel will make them pay for the atrocious crime they has dared to inflict upon his beloved.

Gentle through and through, Gabriel carries Jack out of the car and to their room. He places Jack atop the soft bed and cradles him for a moment longer than necessary. Jack remains still. As Gabriel sits down next to him and listens to his rhythmic breathing, taking in every gorgeous detail of Jack’s handsome face, his mind is full of hopes and dreams of their life together. He can feel nothing but delight, adoration and sweet anticipation in his heart and soul.

He couldn’t wait until the love of his life wakes up.

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His head feels heavy as his mind slowly crawls back to the realm of consciousness with the speed of a wounded turtle.

Warm. He's laying on a pleasantly soft bed, so comfortable Jack gladly shifts and sinks deeper into the pillow, doesn't want to wake up. The fabric is heavenly smooth, definitely silk, and smells like a sweet mixture of fruits, woodiness, and musk. His bed has never felt this good.

His bed never feels this good.

The realization hits him like a freight train as everything that happened flooded back into his mind at once. Gabriel's sudden visit. The coffee. The strange haziness that washed over him. Darkness. This is not his bed!

Jack would have instantly bolted upright if not for the small chuckle right next to him. He knows that voice, that warm, rumbling voice that filled with fondness and amusement which should have calmed Jack down, but in this case, it causes his heart to drop down to his stomach.

"You are finally awake, mi amor." A hand, large and gentle, adoringly strokes his face, brushing his hair aside. A soft kiss is pressed on his mouth and every sense of warmth he has felt replaced by a dreadfully cold shudder as if those lips has sucked out a little of his life.

Jack doesn't want to open his eyes, he absolutely doesn't want to. If he doesn't, then there is still a chance that this is nothing but a nightmare, a fever dream. But Jack knows it's not. There is no point in denying the inevitable reality, so Jack opens his eyes and hesitantly looks up at his kidnapper.

Gabriel has never looked so pleased. His eyes gleam with elation and a dazzling smile adorns his lips. Other people probably would have instantly become lovestruck at the sight, but to Jack it sends a chill rolling down his spine.

"Here, now, let me help you sit up. I know you are still a little drugged." Gabriel leans in and slips an arm around Jack to leverage him up, letting his back rest against the headboard. Jack tries his best to not flinch. Thankfully, his arms and legs are free but he doesn't know what is Gabriel's intention in kidnapping him, it wouldn't be wise to anger or defy him.

The room is large, filled with expensive furniture and exquisite decorations. A short lamp stands on the bedside table, bathing the room in a warm, gentle yellow tone. Two big, wooden dressers line up against the wall beside a half-opening door that allows Jack to see parts of the clean, shiny bathroom inside. The bed Jack is resting on is huge, capable of fitting at least three of him at once. A velvety dark red carpet covers almost all the area around the bed, and there is a comfortable armchair next to a small table, close to a humble bookshelf. Jack can spot a large window behind the sheer lace curtains (noted: a potential way to escape).

This doesn't feel like a prison at all, it's more like a hotel suite and Jack is confused. He turns back to Gabriel with clear incredulity in his voice. "Where am I?"

"Why don't you try guessing?" Gabriel says playfully, and Jack's heart races. Is this a trap? What will happen to him if he guesses wrong? He gives a tentative answer. "...Your place?"

"It's our place now, mi querido." Gabriel exclaims happily. "Do you like it? I chose only the best things for you."

Jack blatantly gapes at Gabriel. What the fuck is he rambling about?

"Stunned into silence, I see." Gabriel chuckles, then he leans in again and puts his hand onto Jack's. Jack immediately jerks away on instinct. Gabriel is taken aback at Jack's reaction. He blinks in confusion, before his features turn to that of worries. "Are you... upset with me?"

Jack frowns in disbelief. This man drugged him, kidnapped him, brought him back to his house and now he doesn't understand why Jack is upset? Of course, he would be fucking upset! In fact, he would be running out the door screaming right now if not for his damn broken ankle!

"I've been a little... vulgar. I know." Gabriel actually looks away in shame. "Lo siento, mi sol. But please understand, everything I did, I did for you. For us. I just wanted to surprise you, is all. That's why I didn't say anything."

Jack takes in a deep, trembling breath. Does this man not realize the severity of his action? Abduction is a crime. 

"Forgive me, my love?" Gabriel leans in, again, and Jack pulls away, afraid to be touched by the other man.  There is something terribly wrong in the way Gabriel talks. It makes Jack's stomach churn with a queasy feeling.

It feels like time slows as Gabriel's brown eyes widen in surprise, then a spark of something dangerous follows. Mentally cursing, Jack quickly glances around for anything he can use for self-defense.

Just as quick as it appears, the maliciousness is gone as what seems to be realization dawn over Gabriel. "Oh no, my angel, it's not like that. I would never --- I would never dare to think about tainting your virtue with such an immoral act, I swear.”

“I am a man of my words, cariño." This time, Gabriel offers his open hand instead of initiating a move. "You are safe with me."

Like hell I am. Jack sneers inwardly, staring at the hand presented before him in hesitation, before he decides to take it. He is injured, defenseless, lying on a strange bed in his captor's house. It'd be best if he pretends to be meek and cooperative - at least until he comes up with an escape plan - to assure Gabriel will not harm him. He knows Gabriel might seem to be gentle and caring now, but who's know what he would do if Jack openly defies him. Especially with the way he's acting, Jack starts to doubt the state of Gabriel's sanity.

It seems to have been the right choice, as Gabriel's face instantly lights up with a bright smile. "Muchas gracias, mi angél ."

What Jack didn't expect, however, is to have his hand brought close to the young man's face and the gentle touch of a pair of soft lips. Gabriel kisses the back of Jack's hand, then each and every knuckle, before nuzzling into his palm endearingly. Jack is startled, but he did well to not jerk his hand away.

"Your touch, your present, your sweet scent, your soft skin," Gabriel sighs dreamily, leaning his cheek into Jack's palm. "Oh, mi cielo, how I have dreamed of this moment."

His expression is one of blissful happiness, and Jack lets him be, praying to whatever God in existence to let him melt into the bed he's lying on.

This man thinks that he is in love, that they are in love, lost in the make-believe fantasy he created where he and Jack are fated lovers. And for now, Jack has no choice but to play along. If Gabriel is too delusional to define the line between right and wrong (as proven by the fact that he doesn't realize what he has done is kidnapping), then Jack would rather have those hands being gentle than brutal. Having more wounds on his body will only reduce the chance of his getaway, so Jack resigns himself to statuesque stillness.

When Gabriel finally opens his eyes and looks up at Jack expectantly, Jack manages to morph his grimace into a weak smile. He doesn’t do so well with the adoration in the look he is given directly after, so he casts his eyes away, pretending to look for a clock. "How long was I… sleeping?"

"You wake up right on time for dinner, dear." Gabriel chuckles. "You stay right here.  I'll serve you dinner in bed."

While the idea of temporarily escaping Gabriel's eyes and touches is terribly tempting, if Jack wants to sneak out of the room, he'll need to crawl and there is a high chance Gabriel will catch him before he can make it to the front door. And he doesn't even know where is the front door. "Can you take me with you?" Jack breathes. "I - hm - I want to see our house, and my leg..." He needs to create a mental map of the place first before plotting. It will ensure his chance of escaping.

"Of course, my dear Jack. Lo que sea por ti. " Gabriel says with a smile, and Jack has a second to try guessing what's the Spanish means before he's suddenly lifted into the air, causing him to let out a surprised squeak.

Gabriel stops and stares down at Jack in curiosity and amusement. Jack's breath hitches. Did he do something wrong?

"You never fail to amaze me with your loveliness, mi sol.” To Jack's relief, Gabriel's lips quirk up into a teasing grin. "I wonder what are other kinds of adorable sounds you can make?’

Jack prays that Gabriel will never find out.





His Bello Durmiente truly looks gorgeous in their bed, a living picture of holiness and perfection, like an angel enveloped in white. Gabriel can't help but run his hand through Jack's silky silver hair and once in awhile pressing a kiss on those pale rosy lips. This bed, this home has been specifically made for his corazón, has long awaited his arrival. Without any doubt, Jack belongs here.

His love stirs, then, and Gabriel's heart feels like it wants to jump out of his chest cavity (probably heading straight into Jack's, if it could). Gabriel loves the graceful way Jack's long eyelashes flutter and the subtle pace in which his breathing picks up. However, his cariño still refuses to open those deep, beautiful blue eyes, stubbornly pretending to be asleep and Gabriel is left puzzling until a sudden realization makes him chuckle. Of course, Jack would want to be woken up with a kiss from his lover! And Gabriel is more than happy to comply!

Oh, with how adorable Jack is, how could Gabriel have been capable of anything else besides hopelessly falling head over heels for his sweet angél?

His love drops the game, then, and Gabriel helps him sit up, noticing the slight trembling of his shoulders. Jack looks around, bewildered and lost, so Gabriel gently explains everything to him with a smile. He didn't expect Jack to shy away from him. Why would… Ah, obviously Jack is upset with him, understandably and rightfully so, for Gabriel didn't tell him anything beforehand. He’d apologized sincerely, explaining his reasons and begging for forgiveness. But when even that is met with rejection, Gabriel can’t help the cold stirrings of dread in his chest.

Has Gabriel been wrong about Jack? This special, sweet angel, his angel? How could Jack deny him after everything he has done? Just like all the other whores who had led him on, wanting his attention and care then throw him away when things get serious? Taking all his love and efforts then trampling all over them?

The fearful expression on Jack's face stops his train of thoughts dead in its track. No, Jack isn’t an ungrateful slut like the others. He can't be. He's too pure and kind. Gabriel quickly runs all possibilities through his mind, and he actually wants to curse out loud! (He holds back, he doesn't want to utter such obscenities in front of his beloved.) He drugged Jack then brought him home, and put him onto a bed! He has meant no harm, but he can easily see how Jack can misunderstand. If the same thing happened and it hasn't been Gabriel but one of those animals that lust after Jack with their ugly, primal urges, trying to lure Jack by fabricated sweet lies just so they can have a taste… The thought itself scares and disgusts even Gabriel, he can sympathize with Jack for being so on guard. Pobrecito! His cariño must have been living in constant vigilance to protect his own safety and virtue. If Gabriel has found him sooner, he would never have had to experience such dreadful things.

He pleads to his love once more, genuinely and faithfully offering his hand and his promise. Jack must have understood his devotion and sincerity then, because he doesn't move away and take Gabriel's hand in his. Overcome with affection - and to know he would feel this for the rest of his life, what a lucky man he is to be loved and trusted by such an angel - he begins to kiss the hand offered to him, just like he has imagined that day when Jack touched his heart with his kindness. He will give Jack all his love and admiration and promises so long as he can have Jack's absolute trust just like this, a confirmation of the ownership he has over Jack's heart.

Jack is so flustered that he can't look into Gabriel's eyes when he looks up. He must not used to receiving such a passionate gesture, having been saving himself for so long, waiting for someone like Gabriel to come, someone who knows how to treasure him with untarnished love, different from all those filthy animals surrounding him. Jack asks about the time to hide his embarrassment, and it gives Gabriel the idea that this is his best chance to smother and spoil his love. While he loves Jack's luscious trim waist and tantalizing bosom, he knows his beloved will certainly feel grateful if Gabriel helps him putting on some meat here and there, especially on that ...

Well, Gabriel shouldn't be so blatant about it, should him? His love will get mad at him for sure.

A pleasant warmth pools in Gabriel's stomach as Jack asks to be brought with him to the kitchen, not wanting to be separated from Gabriel so soon. Of course, Gabriel would carry him bridal style! He has to! The absolutely adorable sound Jack lets out makes Gabriel giddy. He will do this every day from now on, whenever Jack asks just for that lovely noise! If Gabriel didn't think he could love Jack even more, he certainly does now.


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Jack stays still in Gabriel's arms while he's carried down the stairs. He mentally swears. Stairs are terrible news. It will be a challenge for him to climb down on his own with his broken ankle. Maybe if he slowly, carefully drags himself down… Still, it doesn't help making Jack's breakout mission any bit easier. The kitchen is at the back of the house, and in Jack's calculation, farthest away from the main door. There is a back door, judging by the view from the window on top of the sink, it leads out to a small garden, but the high fence makes it impossible for Jack to climb over (again, his damn leg!)

Gabriel lets Jack sit on one of the chairs by the island while he picks ingredients from the refrigerator. Jack eyes the knife tray next to the gas stove wearily. That's some rather... extensive collection. Jack hates to imagine what else they are good for besides cooking. Well, at least he knows where to find weapons if he ever needs them.

One by one, fresh vegetables and meat are laid down on the shiny surface of the kitchen island, as Gabriel gets to work on dinner. To Jack's surprise, he actually put on a rather comical-looking apron with the words "Kiss The Cook" boldly printed. Has Jack not brought here against his will, he'd have chuckled at how Gabriel looks.

He silently watches as Gabriel skillfully dices, slices, tests, mixes, stirs, and a slew of other techniques that Jack has only seen on cooking shows. Gabriel hums softly to himself the whole time, seemingly immerses in the task and completely forgets about Jack's existence. Soon, a delicious aroma fills the room, and as Gabriel turns his back to Jack to take care of whatever he's frying in the pan, Jack's attention goes back to the glint of metal next to the wooden chopping board. Gabriel has forgetfully left a knife on the island after he finished cutting the vegetables, and it lies well within Jack's reach. He has been eyeing it for a while, contemplating about reaching out, but Gabriel has always been too close to not notice. Now it's the chance for Jack to take it and hide it. He can just wait until Gabriel comes into his range again and then... And then he can get his freedom.

But does Gabriel deserve it? Is it justified to put the man's life in fatal danger? It's undeniable that he kidnapped Jack and now holding him captive, but Jack isn't sure it's the right thing to do. After all, Gabriel could have done much worse, could have tied him up and raped him, or other sickening things... Jack quivers at the thought. Gabriel has had all the opportunities to do so, with Jack drugged and injured, and Jack is partly thankful he didn't. In fact, he actually is taking care of Jack pretty well, carrying him around, cooking for him, letting him lay on a comfortable bed in a nice room, which are luxuries that Jack knows kidnapped victims usually never have. Gabriel also seems to be rather... concerned about Jack's virtue and safety.

This is clearly due to the fact that Gabriel is... in love with him, madly so (and not in a humorous way). Jack isn't sure what leads to his adoration (obsession?) but obviously, he's so deep into it that he doesn't realize he has crossed the line of what is deemed safe and sane. He needs help, psychological help, and Jack knows he has the chance of returning to normal if Jack can get a doctor to look at him. This makes it even more wrong to kill Gabriel, given that there are still hope for him yet. He hasn't hurt Jack, doesn't seem to plan to do so (he did promise Jack's safety, and with how much Gabriel is in love with him, Jack thinks he can put some trust in that). If Jack can coax Gabriel into releasing him or letting him contact the outside, this can end peacefully without anyone getting hurt. Jack just needs to approach the topic cautiously.

While he's deep in thought, Gabriel has finished cooking. He returns to clean the island's surface of leftover garbage and tools and chuckles at Jack's absorbed state. "What are you thinking about, my love? Dinner is ready."

As worried as Jack is about the bizarre situation he has fallen in, he can't help but marvel at the spectacular meal served before him, looking like it comes straight out of some Michelin stars restaurant. He dares say Gabriel is better at cooking than all of his past partners, no, than everybody he knows, really.

Jack doesn't know what to do with this knowledge.

"Is the food not to your liking?" Gabriel frowns at Jack's silence. "I'm awfully sorry if I accidentally make a disk you dislike, I can cook something else immediately."

"No-no, everything's fine." Jack hastily looks up. "I'm just..." He carefully chooses the words so he doesn't accidentally upset Gabriel. "...surprised at how fantastic you are at cooking." He has Gabriel preened visibly at the praise.

"Oh, mi angél, you flattered me so. Of course, it's the duty of a dedicated hus---partner to provide." Instead of sitting across, he sits down next to Jack. "I'll make anything you want. Just ask."

Jack is already getting better at not flinching away from Gabriel no matter how uncomfortable he is with the young man's presence in his personal space. At least Gabriel isn't trying to touch him beside the occasional brush of their knees under the table. Instead, he focuses on piling a tower of food on Jack's plate, urging Jack to eat more. Jack starts to think that Gabriel might be a cannibal trying to fatten him up before eating him.

He has enough nerves to casually bring it up as a joke, which brilliantly makes Gabriel choke on his food and laugh for 1 minute straight. Jack figures that it's important to let Gabriel constantly in a good mood, considering the things he wants to suggest later might displease the man, so he humors Gabriel with faking some giggles along.

"Oh, mi cariño, what a wild imagination you have!" Gabriel tilts his head to the side to look at Jack, still grinning widely. "No, you are too sweet to eat, my dear."

Jack's skin prickles and his shoulders tense up when Gabriel's hand reaches out and gently touches his face, a gesture means to be endearing. Not dropping his forced dry smile, Jack silently prays Gabriel isn't thinking about touching any other parts of him. Although, it's clearly that either God doesn't exist or he loathes Jack's existence, because Gabriel is leaning in close, and his voice drops to a honeyed, rumbling purr. "However, I have to admit that I have a thing for sweets, especially one this delicious looking."

Jack doesn't miss the way Gabriel's dark eyes lingers on his mouth, the way his fingers curl around Jack's chin and tilt his face up, the way he licks his lips....

The short distance between their chairs suddenly become very, very dangerous.

"Gabri-Gab---" Jack babbles, his mind desperately tries to find a feasible excuse to turn away. "Wait-- I- Gabe---!"

"Hmm...'Gabe'. I like that." Gabriel chuckles.

Jack doesn't. He knows that look, with the easy soft smile, the half-lidded eyes so full of desire and hunger, like Gabriel wants nothing more than eating Jack alive. There has always been a counter between them everytime Gabriel gives him that look, with alcohol and work and the crowd to give Jack the perfect reason and protection to slide out of Gabriel's reach. Never in his life has he felt so regretful for taking those things for granted. He feels like a prey fallen into a spider's nest, cornered and captured and helpless. Gabriel has him exactly where he wanted Jack to be. In the palm of his hand. Jack's protests are cut short to frightening squeaks when the young man's lips pressed on his, the simple contact has him reeling, feeling nauseous.

Despite his repulsion, Jack doesn't pull away, his body trembles in the effort to keep still. He knows that it's a bad move to upset Gabriel now if he wants to bring both of them out of this mess. Fortunately, Gabriel's eyes have fallen shut, lips gently moving over Jack's, closer to coaxing than demanding. But no form of persuasion can make Jack feel better, or return the affection.

When they finally part, Jack greedily sucks in a deep intake of air, breathing heavily like he has just run a marathon. Gabriel instead is licking his lips and staring longingly at Jack's. Jack decides to extinguish any potentially dangerous sexual intentions he's contemplating by quickly shoving a piece of chicken into Gabriel's mouth.

For one second, Gabriel freezes in surprise. Then he huffs out a pleasant laugh and takes the chicken into his mouth.

"If you keep on being so unbearably adorable like this, I might not be able to stop myself from eating you whole, you know." He laughs again when Jack pales. "I'm just kidding, mi cariño. Don’t look so panicked."

Jack has a brief moment of peace when Gabriel is busy chewing the chicken. Once he finishes, he turns to Jack again and opens his mouth expectantly.

"What?" Jack raises an eyebrow. Gabriel’s dark eyes sparkle and his mouth remains open, patiently waiting.


"Please?" Gabriel whines like a spoilt child asking for candy, batting his eyelashes pleadingly and innocently at Jack.

Rolling his eyes with a resigned sigh, Jack feeds Gabriel another piece of chicken. Dammit if Gabriel doesn't just beam with elation at the offering. At least it keeps Gabriel from attempting to steal another kiss from him, Jack mentally tells himself.

Dinner goes by uneventfully after, with Jack although grudgingly but still patiently feeds Gabriel. If Jack wasn't a kidnapped victim and Gabriel his captor, it probably would have made a lovely picture of a domestic couple - a cruelly mocking illusion of reality. But Jack has enough trouble trying to not think about Gabriel drugs him, attacks him, ties him up and rapes him or murders him if he finds out Jack's true feelings or catches him escaping. To Jack, it's more sickening than it is sweet.

But he endures. As long as he keeps Gabriel happy and "in love", he has a great chance of breaking out safe and sound. While watching Gabriel cleans up, Jack decides it's time to cast the die.

"Gabriel... Gabe?" Gabriel hums in acknowledgment from the sink, concentrating on washing the dishes. "I have...something I want to ask."

"You want more dessert, mi amor?"a Gabriel giggles. "You are sweet enough already, you know."

"I--" Jack swallows drily. "I want to know if you remember my phone when you... When you pick me up. I think I should call my neighbor.”




Gabriel stops dead in the middle of his task. Of course, he knows what Jack means. His fingers tighten around the porcelain plate.

Why would Jack bring up that blonde slut? Angela was her name, a name utterly unfitting for such a depraved, shameless whore. Oh, Gabriel knows all about the bitch, how she pretends to be all nice and kind to his sweet Jack, how she fawns over his beloved angel in the guise of a caring friend, how she already has a girlfriend yet couldn't stop herself from thirsting after another man's lover. Being the pure and naive angel that he is, Jack never picks up on her dirty tricks, her pretty facade. But Gabriel knows all along just what kind of rotten animal she truly is under that beautiful face.

Why would Jack want to call her? No, why would Jack even dare to mention her before Gabriel? Has he been thinking about her while he's with Gabriel? Has Jack been secretly harboring feelings for her while he already had him…? Has he been committing adulterous sins with her behind Gabriel's back? That would explain why Jack lets her inside the flat so easily… Questions and rage surge through his mind, assaulting each other on the tip of his tongue, aching to be spoken. It mirrors the war of emotions in his heart: his faith in his love against the pain of this betrayal.

But he’d be kind. He has to be. Because of the love he bores Jack, he gives his angel a chance.

“Why would you want to call her?” Gabriel tries his best to keep the burning anger out of his voice.

“I just want to... to let her know that we have moved in together, so she won't be worried since she's supposed to bring me groceries today.” Like sensing the incoming storm, Jack hastily explains, worries weighing his voice. “She might freak out if she couldn't find me at home or contact me.”

Gabriel breathes out a sigh of relief at the clarification. Obviously, Jack is worried about her. After all, he's always considerate of everyone around him, that’s part of why Gabriel loves him so much. His angel wouldn’t lie. It’s Jack's kindness that makes him unable to overlook such a despicable filth. Actually, all things considered, this is the chance he needs to politely put a stop to the slut’s advances once and for all by officially announcing their decision to move in together. Hopefully, by hearing it directly from Jack's mouth, it will finally drill into her mind that she has absolutely no chance of winning over Jack's heart since it has already belonged to Gabriel, eternally.

(After that, if she still has no shame and continues pursuing his beloved, Gabriel will take the matter into his own hands. He knows very well how to deal with those unfaithful, vile whores. He understands that Jack would never sway by such a deceitful bitch, but it's Gabriel's right to defend what is his.)

“Of course, my dear. You can use my phone. Give me a moment.” Gabriel rinses his hands clean, then wiping them on a soft towel before pulling out his phone from his pocket.

With an inward sneer, Gabriel looks for Angela’s numbers in his contact and makes a call.

“Hello, Angie? Yes, this is Gabriel.”

“Gabriel? Thank God, do you know where Jack went off to?” Angela’s frightened voice instantly ring through the speaker. “I visited his flat today to bring him his groceries but it is completely empty. He disappeared and I know he couldn’t go anywhere with that leg and I have been trying to contact him for hours …” She starts sobbing through the phone, which makes Gabriel wince.

“Angie, calm down! Everything is fine. Jack is with me, at my place. He was tired so I let him sleep, that why he didn’t pick up the phone. Here, talk to him.” He handles Jack his phone.

Jack hesitates for a moment before taking it, eyeing Gabriel questioningly. He’s afraid of upsetting Gabriel by talking to a woman in his presence, Gabriel supposes. After Gabriel gives him an assuring nod, Jack brings the phone to his ears.

“Yes, Jack’s here. Oh, Angela, don’t cry! I’m…fine, sorry for making you worry. I’m w-with Gabriel.” Jack suddenly tightens his grip on the phone, and Gabriel wonders what the bitch is talking about. If she dares upset Jack… “Ah, we-we had dinner. No, I don’t…It’s not… That… I think I’ll need to ask Ga-Gabe about that.” Jack gives him a quick glance. “I’ll-I’ll talk to you later, alright?”

“Ask me about what?” Gabriel inquiries once Jack hangs up.

“...She just wants to pay a visit.” Jack’s voice is nervous, unsure. Gabriel is just as reluctant as him to let someone like that intrude their private life. “It’s not important, anyway.”

Gabriel nods, then comes to help Jack stand. Jack is quiet when Gabriel lifts him into his arms.

“Do you want to watch telly with me? Or you want to go rest?”

“I’m still...tired. I think it’s the after effect of the drug.”

“Oh, mi amor, I’m so sorry about that.” Gabriel nuzzles against Jack apologetically. Jack curls up a little in embarrassment. It is rather sweet.

Once again, he gently carries Jack upstairs, back to the bedroom. He puts Jack on the bed and asks if Jack wants to get changed (truthfully, he just wants to see Jack sleeping like an angel in his T-shirt and sweatpants).

“No, it’s fine. I don’t want to dirty your clothes. ” Jack gives him a shy smile before changing the subject. “How did you know Angela?”

Gabriel knows everything one needs to know about the man they love. He has done some thorough checks on Jack's background, it'd be natural that he would come to know who are close to him and who he needs to watch out for Jack's sake. Gabriel knows this woman, Angela Ziegler, has moved in next to Jack for over two years. She works for the local hospital as a doctor, and seems to be well-known for her talents and beauty. It has been easy to approach her, an “accidental” meeting over some minor injuries. Gabriel feels disgusted by the way her eyes light up like a fox seeing prey when he introduces himself as Jack's acquaintance. She instantly jumped at the chance to make herself look good before him, probably with the hope he'd tell Jack later about how nice and sweet she was. Gabriel instantly shattered her hopes and dreams by telling her he was Jack's boyfriend. That was some satisfaction mixing with loathing seeing her put on the shy surprise and happy acts to hide her disappointment.

“Ah, we met in the hospital. I had an accident and she took care of the injuries for me. It was interesting to find out we both know you.”

In fact, Gabriel occasionally met her after in the guise of drinks and friendly chatter to keep an eye on her. Her feeble attempts at making Jack fall into her trap was utterly hopeless, and pretending to care about her ramblings was torture. All Gabriel thought about during those time was how to silently and quickly murder this whore, but at least through her Gabriel got some helpful insights into Jack's habits, hobbies, and health status.

The stare Jack gives him is unreadable.

“She's nothing to me, mi sol.” Gabriel sighs, putting a kiss on Jack's soft hair. “You know you are the only one I love.”

“Yes,” Jack says, but his voice is… empty. He seems to struggle mentally a little before deciding he'd trust Gabriel, and tucks himself in with a big yawn. He must be really tired.

“If anything, just call me, OK? I’ll be right next door.” Gabriel pats the adorable lump of blanket that is his Jack. “Sleep well.”

Jack murmurs something intelligible. Gabriel sighs, wanting badly to lay down next to him, nestle around him and press his nose into Jack’s neck, breathing in his scent and feeling Jack’s warm, solid body against his as they both drift off into sleep. But it would be too...crash. Gabriel doesn’t want Jack to think he a vulgar, filthy swine just lusting after Jack for sex like all those other disgusting animals. No, Gabriel will save that for later, after Jack gets accustomed to their life together, and as such, ready to share a bed. It is only proper, after all. He will love Jack slow and gentle, as it should be. As he wants it to be.

“Good night, mi angél. ” Gabriel blows a small kiss in Jack’s way before he dims the light, and carefully pulls the door shut.

Now, as his love finally settles safe and sound in his house, Gabriel has some investigating to do and punishment to give.

Chapter Text

Gabriel Reyes isn't a stalker. True, sometimes he secretly follows Jack's home, but it's because he's worried for his angel's safety, see? He wasn't there for a day and Jack got into an accident! Imagine what else could have happened to Jack if Gabriel didn't carefully guard his delicate love against these cruel, filthy animals!

Everything he does, he does for Jack. So if he pays someone else to sta---keeps an eye on Jack for him when he can't, it's all for Jack's sake. He's Jack's lover, he has the right and duty to protect him.

"Send it to me first thing in the morning. Payment as usual." Gabriel says, pulling the rope a little tighter. "Oh, don't mind those noise. I'm with..." He eyes the body struggling in the air with disgust. "... someone ."

There is a snort from the other side of the phone. Gabriel casually steps back as the hanging bitch tries to kick him in the face with the last of her strength. It won't hurt, but he doesn't want to be touched by such a filthy whore. " Es un placer colaborar con ustedes. Adiós ."

He hangs up, returning to stare disinterestedly at the woman now has gone limp with the noose around her neck. Gabriel sighs, pulling on the rope a little to check its endurance, then tying it around the metal hook on the ground he has prepared for times like this. He will still need to wait 15 minutes to make sure the whore completely die for good.

Gabriel sits down and pulls out his notes, beginning to sketch a new design while whistling " Today I met the boy I'm gonna married ". Watching his angel so closely and intimately has given him some delightful ideas. Inspiration flows through him as his pencil dances effortlessly on the paper. He wants his angel to wear only the best, wrap him up in ivory Mulberry silk and adorned in gold, laying out on their bed like a God in all his glory and holiness... Oh, the beauty of his angel would make the sun but a dull glimmer, the depth of his gorgeous blue eyes would make the sea boil with jealousy. And his smile gentle, radiant smile would make the moon weep in utter defeat.

Not only his beloved is perfect on the outside, but also he owns the most pure and loving heart in the world. The way he cares about everyone around him no matter how disgusting and vile those people are. The way he was so shy he couldn't response to Gabriel's kiss. The way he silently made up by sweetly feeding Gabriel through dinner despite his embarrassment. Or how he curls up in Gabriel's arms at the smallest touch like a kitten. He feels like something out of Gabriel's most wonderful dream and he sometimes has troubles believing someone as perfect as Jack could exist in his life. Shamefully, Gabriel can count all the time he has let ugly doubts eat him up, thinking Jack one of those deceitful whores just putting on a fake facade to hide the ugliness rotting at their core. In fact, he has approached Jack with that ignorant assumption. And yet, times and times again Jack continues to blow away all of Gabriel's suspicion with his sincere kindness until there is no trace left but Gabriel's absolute, overwhelming love for him.

Jack is too good for this world, too good for all these ungrateful sluts like the one hanging from the ceiling before him right now. God, he could have had anyone he wanted, yet he chooses Gabriel. It is more than what he deserves. Gabriel knows he will devote his whole life to Jack and only Jack, to love him, worship him, give him everything he wants and more . He will gladly take that honor and responsibility. His angél has already made him the happiest man on Earth, it's his duty that he has to repay in kind.

Having been basked in Jack's absolute perfection and pure love, the mere thought of letting one of these whores touches him is enough to make his skin crawl with repulsion. However, Gabriel still needs to get rid of her. She and her rotten, poisonous siblings have no place intruding upon their peaceful home, trying to tear them apart and destroy their precious love. Gabriel will not let them plague Jack's kind heart with doubts and jealousy. He won't permit them to prey on his beloved, will never allow them to shatter his and Jack's happiness.

Yes, he is a serial killer, and he doesn’t mind the fact all that much. He doesn’t kill out of sick pleasure, or a need to satisfy some kind of horrendous tendencies. He kills out of necessity, to protect his pure, sweet Jack from the disgusting advances of these sinful animals surrounding him, or to rid himself of their despicable attempts to steal him away from his Jack. Obviously they are too blinded by lust and greed to realise that he and Jack are destined to be together, and he doesn't want his lovely, perfect, kind Jack having to worry about such filths, so Gabriel has decided to take the matter into his own hands. Everything is perfectly fine, from Gabriel’s point of view, that is. He'll stop the killing once these whores learn their place and stop trying to ruin his and Jack's relationship.

Gabriel puts the pencil down and checks his clock. Good, it has been twenty minutes. He sighs then put the gloves on. Time to clean up.





Of course, Jack didn't fall asleep. He waits until Gabriel's footsteps completely fade away before rolling out of the bed.

Slowly and carefully, Jack checks every crooks and cranny. The window is barred up, and therefore out of the picture. Unsurprisingly, every drawer he opened contains nothing useful. No phone. No weapon, unless you count the tiny razor blade. It can be a surprise factor, but the most it will do is causing some minor scratches and angering his captor. Jack doesn't miss the way those strong hands lifting him up and carrying him around so easily. It will be impossible to overpower Gabriel with a tiny blade and a broken ankle.

Jack then attempts to leave the room. He needs to know the layout of the floor, and he can make up some feasible excuse if Gabriel catches him. Knowing that Gabriel is in love with him, Jack understands exactly what he has to say to get onto the man's good side. He feels a little disgusted with himself, but beggars can't be choosers. The fact that Gabriel knows Angela is extremely unsettling, the dark looks in his eyes while he talked to her on the phone, told Jack that it's not mere friendship. To keep her safe, Jack ended the conversation quickly and played to Gabriel's illusion. He has the feeling he's dealing with something much worse than just a case of over-infatuation.

Putting the faith in his good leg and the wall, Jack stands up and moves out. The hallway is quiet. Besides Jack's room, there are three other doors, one next to his room and two opposite. Jack passes the one next to his room, as Gabriel has said he'd be “right next door”, there is a high chance it's Gabriel's own bedroom and the last thing Jack wants is stumbling upon the man. The two doors opposite his room lead to the same place: a huge workshop constructed by connecting two room together. There is an array of mannequins dressed in different incomplete designs, sketches and samples clothing hanging along the walls; colorful threads, buttons and other small decorations are all arranged in small boxes on the tables, with three different type of sewing machines next to each other. Jack remembers Gabriel told him he was a designer, a tailor. Apparently, he wasn't joking.

Jack doesn't think he will find anything useful in that mess, so he moves on. The next obstacle is the stairs.

Jack sits down on the first step. Then, using his hands and his good leg as support, he lifts his body up and carefully lowers it onto the second step. Then the third. Slowly, Jack brings himself down to the first floor. Gabriel is nowhere in sight.

The man isn't in the living room, either. Jack breathes out a sigh of relief, although it is short-lived. The front door is locked, just as Jack expected. It doesn't take a genius to know where the key is. All the windows are barred up just like the one in Jack's room. He's totally caged inside Gabriel's house. The place is also surrounded by a garden with high fences, effectively preventing anyone outside from seeing Jack if he attempts giving out signals for help.

Still no phone. Look like the only way to contact the outside is Gabriel's mobile phone.

There are faint noises. Gabriel is somewhere near, whistling. Gabriel has the house key. Gabriel has that phone. Jack needs to make a move.

After some confusions and tumbling, Jack finds a small, cleverly hidden door inside a broom closet, leading down to the basement. That's where Gabriel's voice comes from.

Jack finds Gabriel down there, just as he thought. He just didn't expect the dead body hanging from the ceiling.

Jack screams.





It feels like someone just throws a bucket of ice over Jack as Gabriel turns his back to follow the scream. Jack realizes his mistake too late, but he couldn't stop himself. Please, God, he doesn't want to hang with that body.

Gabriel was in the middle of taking the bitch down, and he is so startled by Jack's scream he lets go of her, making the body fall onto his feet with a big ‘thump’. And there is his angél, he must have missed Gabriel so much he couldn't sleep and even worked himself through all the nasty stairs to find him. Gabriel feels a deep happy pang of love in his chest at the act, and he's truly sorry Jack has to witness this. His beloved Jack should never have to lay those beautiful eyes on such an obscene creature. Understandably, he was frightened by the appearance of such a thing inside their sweet home.

Mi amor,” he begins with a gentle voice, trying to calm Jack down. “Everything is fine, my dear. She can't do anything to you, to us. Not anymore.”

Jack wants to melt into the stairs. He certainly feels numb and cold like one.

“I'm awfully sorry you have to see this. Such a disgusting whore doesn't even deserve your glance. I'll take care of her immediately, alright?”

Jack wants to scream. He wants to scream and crawl Gabriel's eyes out and runs away as Gabriel reaches out for him. But he can't move, he can't turn his eyes away from the cold, dead body of the strange woman on the floor. His terror turns his body as rigid as wooden statue when Gabriel takes hold of his chin to turn him back and face the man - his admirer, his kidnapper, and probably will be his murderer. Gabriel's eyes are those of tender love and care, like he didn't just kill that woman not so long ago, didn't call her a disgusting whore . Jack wants to throw up. If Gabriel has kissed him then, he would have thrown up. Thankfully the man stops when their lips barely a hair apart, and pulls back.

Gabriel can feel that something is wrong. He thought his angel would appreciate what he has done to protect them, but Jack is barely responding to his touch.

Mi cariño, I swear, you are the only one I love.” Gabriel touches Jack's face. He starts shaking. He looks like he's about to burst because he caught Gabriel with another woman. “She followed me after I went to the bar to ask about you. I told her about you but she kept on clinging onto me like a leech…”

Gabriel is still ranting, and alongside his babbling, Jack's eyes return to the dead woman on the floor. Who is she and how… is this the end of those who has followed Gabriel home? Is this why he never sees Gabriel goes out with the same person twice? Because… Because they were all dead?

Does Jack really have no choice but to play along with the sick fantasy of this mad man?

“...I would never betray you, my love. I swear you are the only one.”

Gabriel is holding Jack's hands so tight it hurts. The pleading look in his eyes, his desperate voice… In another life, where he wasn't totally out of his mind, he could have been a loving, loyal, admirable husband of someone.

Jack has to escape. He has to stop Gabriel before someone else falls victim to his hands. He has to get this man locked up in an asylum away from society, where they can fix him up and bring him back to normal.

“You liar!” Jack's voice shakes, but he gets the words out. Gabriel instantly goes silent. “Liar!”

“No, mi angél, I would never…”

“You--you were sick of her, so you got rid of her and brought me back to replace her, is that it? I'm---I'm just one of your playthings.” Jack tugs his hands away, but Gabriel doesn't let go. He fakes a snarl to prove his anger. “You lying cheater!”

“Please, mi cariño…”

“No, let go of me.” Jack breaths. “I'm going home!”

Yes, that sounds like a good excuse. It's a risky move, but not impossible. It's not Jack's fault, it's Gabriel's that Jack wants to leave. He has been cheated on and it's obvious he doesn't want to live with such a man. Gabriel can't prove anything now that the woman is dead.

Jack's words struck Gabriel like shattering thunder. His angel wants to leave him?

This, this must be the plan of that slut all along, to make Jack think Gabriel cheated on him and lose all truth in him. He'll leave Gabriel, heartbroken and vulnerable and becomes easy prey for those rotten beasts like her… No, Gabriel will not let that happen. He can't let her plan succeed no matter what.

When Gabriel let go of Jack's hands, it's to reach out for a discarded knife on the floor and for one dreadful moment, Jack thought this is his end. He made the wrong move and now Gabriel will kill him so he can't leave.

Instead, Gabriel steps over to where the body is, just to bury his knife into the woman's stomach.

“She.” Gabriel grits out with each stab. “Means. Nothing. To. Me.” He cuts and slides and saws. The blood pools around his ankle into a dark, large puddle. The wet sounds of knife meeting flesh and Gabriel's declaration deafens the urgent pounding of Jack's heart.

Gabriel finally throws the knife away with a growl. He gives the chopped up body one last disgusted glance before attempting to clean his hands at the small sink next to the wall. He doesn't want to taint his angel with such dirty blood. Jack remains seated in crippling silence, watching Gabriel wash his hands, watching the water turn red from all the blood. There is nothing else to do; he can’t run nor can he fight on his own. He will clearly end up as that poor woman if he makes the wrong choice. All he has left is this mocking play of love that has no clear finale.

“You see? She means absolutely nothing to me.” Gabriel wipes his hands clean before returning to Jack. He puts a soft kiss on Jack's forehead. “I'll do this to each and every of these whores who dares to try to destroy our love. So please don't be sad, mi angél. My heart is yours and yours only.”

Jack doesn't say anything as Gabriel gathers him up into his arms again, and take him back upstairs. Gabriel jovially takes his silence as the sign of forgiveness.

Chapter Text

Jack doesn't remember falling asleep. In fact, he feels like he didn't get any sleep at all, but when he opens his eyes Gabriel isn't there anymore, so Jack must have passed out at some point.

After the incident last night, Gabriel has tucked him into bed, then took a quick shower before returning to spoon Jack - of course, after promised at least twenty times that he didn't plan to do anything vulgar. He nestled himself around Jack, perfectly happy and content, hands around his waist and nose pressed against Jack's nape. He did this and Jack let him because objection would be taken as an offense. Because he didn't want to join the dead woman in the basement. Because no matter how terrifying it was for him to share a bed with a murderer, it was still better than dying at the hands of said murderer.

Gabriel, on the other hand, slept soundly through the night, snoring softly once in awhile into Jack's neck. Never once did he let loose his hands. Even though Jack had heard the small sounds of metal keys clicking together inside Gabriel's pocket when the man took off his pants and draped it over the chair, Jack didn't dare to slip out of Gabriel's hold. It would get him killed.

Now, instead of Gabriel's presence, there is breakfast on a tray next to the bed with a note. Scrambled eggs, bacon, toasts with jam and butter, beside a small cup of coffee.

I'll be in the workshop. Call me if you need anything. Love, G.

How about my freedom? Jack thinks bitterly, but he eats the breakfast anyway. If he truly wants to escape Gabriel's grasp, he needs energy. And a plan.

Currently, his most troublesome obstacle is his injury. It greatly minimizes his mobility, especially his ability to run. Jack knows he's fast for his age due to regular exercise, but Gabriel himself is quite fit and Jack isn't sure he could outrun the young man in his normal condition, much less with a broken ankle.

It will take two months for it to completely heal. Can he survive two months? How long can he keep up his acts before Gabriel senses Jack's true intentions?

As his broken ankle has considerably reduced the chance of escaping through the front door, Jack's next bet is Gabriel's phone. Knowing the man, he might keep it on him at all time, and depends on Jack's luck it might or might not be password protected. Or even fingerprints protected. Jack knows he can borrow it, but Gabriel can monitor the call to prevent him from calling rescue, and whoever on the other side will also be put in danger. Jack has no doubt Gabriel will not hesitate to eliminate anyone who threatens to take Jack away from him, or… Or kill Jack once he realizes Jack doesn't love him back.

Letting out a frustrating sigh, Jack puts his face in hands. Whatever choice he makes, his chance of surviving is slim. However, he can't lose hope here. He can't die in this house. If he dies, no one will ever know what Gabriel has done and more people will fall victim to his hands. He needs to be stopped.

An idea starts to form in Jack's mind. If he can't escape yet, maybe at least he can do something to prevent the killing. Gabriel would listen to him, wouldn't he?

Jack chews the rest of the breakfast down while mulling over the right words to say. Then, taking a deep breath, he decides to go for it. People's life depends on him.

“Gabriel?” He calls, then he calls louder. “Gabe!”

It doesn't even take twenty seconds for Gabriel to appear at the door, concerns prominent in his voice. “Mi cariño, what is it?”

Jack has to take a few breaths, letting the silence linger to create an air of severity, before answering in the harshest tone he can muster. “Gabriel,” he uses his name when he could because it will clearly peek Gabriel's attention. “We need to talk.”

If taking part in Gabriel's sick fantasy is going to save other people and prolong his life until he gets a chance to get out of this place alive, then fine, so be it.





Gabriel never expected this, a love so ravenous and all-consuming it's barely personal. A love that displaces you, distorts you out of shape. Jack is quickly taking up every corner of his mind, every of his waking moment, and Gabriel finds himself wanting Jack to flood all his senses until all he can feels is his beautiful, perfect, sweet angel even when he's in the dream world. Thinking about the scent of Jack's nape brings a shudder down Gabriel's spine. It has been almost a torture, a curse, a crucial challenge to have Jack so close, so warm and soft and innocent, sweetly and gracefully curling up in his arms, yet having to hold himself back, unable to do anything. But at the same time, it's a honor and a blessing to have Jack put so much faith in him as to fall asleep in his arms without any doubt or reservation. No matter how much Gabriel wants to consummate their love, he can't bring himself to betray Jack's truth, especially after what has transpired in the basement. The way Jack has looked at him with pain in his eyes, the way his voice has trembled, in sadness and anger, all because of a disgusting slut’s malicious plan for her petty personal gains… Gabriel has been more than ready to rip that woman apart and show his angel her lies and her worthlessness. Never again would he let his precious Jack getting upset by those animals and whores.

He has been in the workshop, musing over the perfect design that he could use as an apology gift when his Jack called for him. As the caring, dutiful lover that he is, he rushed over to meet with a distressed Jack - he could tell by the deep crease between his eyebrows - and it is clearly directed at him. Shit, did he screw up? Did he include something Jack dislike or allergic to in the breakfast? (Did Jack find out about the awkward... state he had in the morning when he woke up with Jack sleeping in his arms? But it can't be his fault, right? He is in love with Jack, of course he would find Jack attractive and adorable and gorgeous and God, the arcs of his perfectly trim waist, the soft swell of his pecs, the subtle curves of his ass, were all so goddamn tempting…)

Gabriel himself manages to keep his calm appearance, but inside he's in turmoils. His beloved Jack takes a long breath, like he's mentally preparing himself for the blow he's about to slam onto Gabriel's poor heart.

“It's about the woman yesterday.”

Oh, his angel must have been hurt more than he has let out. It's definitely the evidence of how deep Jack's love for him runs.

Mi angél, I swear on my life that you are the only one I love…”

“You love only me.” Jack says, his voice is the cold of a statement, a confirmation, an order, than a question.

“Only you.” Gabriel affirms, wanting to come closer to Jack to comfort him with kisses and love and sweet promises, but Jack determinedly holds out his hand to stop him.

“Then from now on, you will not bring any of those... people home. I don't want them here.”

Mi amor, what if…”

“I don't care what they do. Ignore them. Don't touch them. Don't even look at them. You said… You love only me.” Jack's voice is rough, trembling. “I should be the only one you look at and care about.”

This is clearly a new side of Jack that Gabriel has never seen before. If he dares say, Jack is being... possessive over Gabriel, afraid that his heart will be stolen by someone younger, prettier. Gabriel knows that Jack is sensitive about their age difference, haunted by the thought that Gabriel deserves someone better than him. It has prevented Jack from coming directly to Gabriel, and now it's making him sad and insecure. Oh, if only Jack knows just how special he is… No one can ever hope to rival Jack's absolute perfection. True, they might be younger, more beautiful, but they can never have such a pure, kind, loving heart as Jack's. However, his dear Jack, being the naive, humble angel that he is, never once thinks that he's above everybody else, even if that's the truth.

Mil disculpas, mi sol. I'm so sorry about all of that. I should have been more aware of your worries and needs.” Using his sweetest tone, Gabriel pleads. “I promise, mi corazón, you will forever be the only one in my eyes from now on.”

Jack still looks at him hesitantly, criticizing him for any trace of dishonesty and betrayal. When he finally finds none, the tension in his shoulders loosen and he breathes out a small sigh of relief. Gabriel takes this as the safe sign to move close and start peppering Jack's face with apologetic kisses. Jack holds his face back so he can look straight into Gabriel's eyes.

“Only me.” His angél whispers, with such a force in his crystal, endless blue eyes that it makes Gabriel breathless.

“Only you.”

Gabriel echoes, and for the first time, his sweet, precious Jack takes the initiative and ignites a kiss between them. Jack's lips are soft and shy, unsure of its pressure or the length of time it should spend on any single spot. But oh, Gabriel's heart bellows. He doesn't care that Jack is clumsy and inexpert, pouring all his admiration and love into returning the kiss. Jack draws back when Gabriel's tongue searches for an entrance between his teeth, turning away to hide the adorably deep blush on his cheeks. Gabriel is tempted to touch him where would make him become even redder, make him gnaw his lips until he can't hide those breathy, broken moans any longer, a heaven music to Gabriel's ears… But it would be improper. Gabriel knows he could hurt Jack, and he can't have that. He knows Jack will be so warm and welcoming and open for him later, once Jack is ready to truly savour their love, to enjoy their intimacy together. So instead, Gabriel chuckles then kisses Jack's hand, the same one he has kissed when Jack first arrived.

“My sweetest, kindest, perfect, beautiful Jack,” Gabriel breathes. “Will you do me the honor of accepting my hand in marriage?"


Chapter Text

Jack is thrilled to silence and for several moments his mouth keeps opening then closing, struggling to form words. “Gabe, my leg... Shouldn't we wait until it heals?”

Gabriel chuckles. “Oh, mi amor, of course we should. The formal ceremony will have to wait.” Jack must be really eager to hold the wedding as soon as possible. He must have been very flustered, as deeply in love with Gabriel as Gabriel with him that he can't wait till his leg heals for them to be wed. Gabriel knows how to make up for his beloved though. “Please don't be upset, mi angél.” He strokes Jack's face endearingly. “It just means we'll have plenty of time to prepare for the wedding. I'll make sure it is a ceremony worthy of you.”

His lover turns away, in thought or shyness he isn't sure. His own heart has grown louder, eager to hear Jack's answer. It seems an agonizing wait before Jack's eyes hesitantly meet his. There is a storm in those orbs of sapphire and Gabriel wishes he knew why.

“I'm sorry, I can't…”

To say that Gabriel is disappointed is an extreme understatement.

He has devoted months, months to pursue Jack, endure his challenge and protect him from dangers. He has prepared everything Jack would want in a happy marriage life. This house is created for him! Jack has seemed to reciprocate his feelings, rather passionately and sweetly so, until now, the moment Gabriel wants them to commit their life to each other. Why? Something dark and venomous slither through his gut. Why refuse him? How could Jack refuse him?

“Is it because of the wedding? You don't think I can organise something that deserves you?” He enquiries.

“It's not that.”

“Then why? Don't you love me?”

“Of-of course I do.”

Jack's little pause and stuttering make Gabriel's blood boil. It's a lie, spoken straight to his face. How dare he? If Jack truly loves him, he has no reason to refuse the marriage. In fact it's the most natural step that a couple deeply in love with each other are going to take.

“You are lying to me.”

Gabriel snarls, baring his teeth and Jack gasps, leaning away from him until his back hits the headboard. The hand that Gabriel has used to gently stroke Jack's face aims for his neck instead, pinning Jack in place.

“Gabe, wait! ---”

Jack puts a hand on his shoulder, pushing him back. It just makes Gabriel's gut twist with resentment. He clamps his hand on Jack's wrist and tightens the one around his neck.

“Stop, please-- it hurts-!”

“It hurts?” Gabriel growls. Jack doesn’t know what true pain is. “I’m hurting you? I thought you loved me and yet, you are just like all the other lying, ungrateful wretches!” What he has felt inside turns to vengeance fire. “After everything I did for you! I loved you!”

“Gabe, listen---”

He doesn't want to, his grip clenches harder around Jack's pale neck, cutting off Jack's voice. Jack's nails dig into his arms but he finds it doesn't hurt that badly. He can feel Jack's throat spasms under his fingers as Jack struggles to pull in air, and Gabriel feels a deep, bitter throbbing inside his chest, but nothing can hurt more than the fact that Jack doesn't return his love.

Jack's hands suddenly lunge for his face. Gabriel has to relinquish his hold on Jack's neck because Jack claws at his cheeks, dangerously close to his eyes and it stings. Gabriel knows Jack has puncture skins. There was a moment of confusion and disbelief between them. Gabriel thought his beloved could never strike out at him but now Jack is backing away from him, eyes wide and wet, like he himself couldn't believe what just happened either. Gabriel growls and reaches for him, wounded in his heart more than his body.

“Gabriel, please!” Jack pleads. “Listen to me, please!”

Jack grabs his hand, then. He pulls it into his chest and holds tight, entwining their fingers together. He looks Gabriel in the eyes. His angél is shedding tears. No matter what he has done, God forbids, Gabriel still loves him so badly that those tears make him pause. He stops and let Jack speak.

“I'm just…” Jack is breathless, almost choking on his words. “I'm just an old, average man, Gabriel. You deserve better than me.”

They already got over this. Doubtful, Gabriel glares at him. He wants to scrutinize any excuse Jack might make. What excuse could he make? He has explicitly stated that he didn't want to marry Gabriel, daring to lie to his face. He has no idea how long Jack has fallen out of love with him, or if Jack even loved him in the first place. How long he has naively let this man take advantage of him, blindly trusting, believing that Jack is special, different from all the other selfish, deceitful whores ...

“I'll die before you because of old age and you'll be left behind.” Jack continues. There is so much pleading in his eyes and sorrowful tremors in his voice. “You’ll be all alone and I-I can’t do that to you!”

He has said it several times and never has he believed it more: he is an ignorant fool who shouldn't have deserved Jack's pure, immeasurable love. How could he be so foolish as to doubt his angél’s heart? Jack wasn't just afraid of their age difference. He fears for Gabriel's life without him, burdened by the knowledge that one day he'll have to leave Gabriel in his lonely, rotten world all by himself. He knows with how much Gabriel loves him, his unavoidable death will break Gabriel's heart and soul. It must've pained him so much he'd rather bury his love for Gabriel and along with it, the chance for them to get marriage, in hope that Gabriel would find someone else who can be with him for the rest of his life, rather than binding himself to an aging man who can only give him fleeting years of happiness. Jack only thinks about what's best for Gabriel, after all. He's a true angel, just as Gabriel thought him to be, and no words can describe Gabriel's immerse guilt for allowing himself to think otherwise.

“Oh, mi angél, mi sol, el amor de mi vida,” He gently pulls Jack into his embrace. “I’m so, so sorry. I should have known.”

His love is trembling and nearly sobbing in his arms. Gabriel kisses his forehead and runs his hand through Jack's hair, trying to make up for his previous vulgar behaviour. “It's alright, mi cariño. I love you. I love only you. I can't imagine sharing my life with anyone but you, mi querido.”

Jack looks up from his chest, eyes glistening and lips trembling. “You… You would still marry me?”

“I'd rather die than living without you.” Gabriel kisses him softly. “I don't care how short our time together will be. I don't care how much it will pain me later. I want to be with you till death do us part, mi angél. I love you more than anything.

It takes some time for his beloved to calm down and return his kiss, albeit weakly and shyly. Gabriel carefully eases along Jack's back, soothingly tracing the graceful curve of his spine. Jack leans into him, breathing quietly and Gabriel lets him be. After a moment, Jack's hands come to encircle Gabriel's waist.

“I love you.” Gabriel kisses his ears and breathes in the sweet scent of Jack that he's oh so fond of. Jack's voice is small and somehow both hoarse and wet.

“I love you too.”





Later, Gabriel has shown him the engagement ring, made of two simple bands of white gold twisted together with a blue sapphire in the middle of the knot. It fits his finger perfectly, and Jack doesn't question why. For all he knows Gabriel might even have all Jack's measurements down to the tip of his toes.

“Soon,” Gabriel puts a kiss on the ring once it has enclosed Jack's finger, marking Jack as his. “I'm going to make you happy.” Jack forces a smile. He'd rather have the cold ring around his finger than the touch of brutal hands around his neck.

Thankfully, Gabriel is in a good mood for the rest of the day. He returns to the charming, suave man that Jack knew. Or he thought he knew. He attends to each and every of Jack's needs with the concentration and care of a dedicated lover. He kisses Jack a lot and treats him like someone who's worth worshipping. It is bizarre to see a man who is ready to kill him at any given moment fretting over his smallest groan or his slightest frown. Truthfully, everything he has learned about this man makes this all the more frightening. Is this how Gabriel thought relationship should work? Did he not know how to act when people rejected him so he responded by spilling their blood?

Mostly, Jack just doesn't know why he is chosen. He doesn't know what clicked within Gabriel to fasten this twisted affection onto someone like him. You would imagine this crazy thing happens to a young, beautiful woman, instead of an old man in his mid forties, especially considering Gabriel is so much younger than him.

“Why do you love me?” He asks when Gabriel tucks him into bed that night.

“Who wouldn't fall for you, mi amor?” Gabriel doesn't pause and continues putting butterfly kisses on Jack's cheeks and forehead. “You are perfect, mi ángel.”

That isn't a good explanation.”

“If I start on the list of why I love you, we won't be able to finish until tomorrow morning, and you need rest, mi cariño.” Gabriel laughs. “Are you able to sleep alone tonight? I can cuddle you again if you are lonely.”

“You just want an excuse to be in bed with me.” Jack thinks it's safe to give Gabriel a mild glare. It would be considered playful, he hopes.

“It's not my fault that you are so adorable while you are asleep.” Gabriel chuckles.

Yes, probably only a person with that level of insanity can think Jack is cute.

He reaches up and touches Gabriel's face with a soft smile. He needs to act like he enjoys Gabriel's compliments and attention, or the illusion will break. “You need to sleep more instead of spending time watching me drooling on the pillow. You have tent to me all day, you must be tired.”

Por ti, lo que sea.” Gabriel leans into his touch. “For you, anything.” He has bandages on his right cheek from where Jack has clawed him. Jack stares at it, unsure if he should ask if it hurts. It will further perfects his ruse, but he doesn't want to mention the unhappy incident again and accidentally anger Gabriel.

“It doesn't hurt.” Gabriel answers for him.

“I'm sorry.” Jack quickly stammers out.

“It was my fault for not listening to you. Don't worry yourselves over it, mi corazón.” Gabriel is more than happy to kiss him affirmatively. “You sure you don't need me to cuddle you to sleep?”

“No,” Jack knows he protested a little too quickly, from the way Gabriel’s posture tenses up although the little smile still graces his lips. “Maybe not tonight.” Jack swallows. “Sometimes I...snore and I want you to get a good rest.”

“As you wish, my dear.” Gabriel drops his smile for a small disappointed sigh. He gives Jack one last regretful kiss. “You know I'll be next door if you need me.”

“I know.”

The moment Gabriel closes the door, Jack feels himself deflated like a pierced balloon. Only then he starts shaking. God, he survived another day. He survived another day.

Jack buries his face into the pillow to will back his heavy panting and the furious thumping of his heart. The cold ring sits tight around Jack's finger, a testament to his grim fate. He didn't expect Gabriel to go so far and so touched by his words that he would propose. The idea of being married to his captor made biles juggle up Jack's throat. Jack has thought if he persuaded Gabriel cleverly enough, the man would brush off or at least, rethink the wedding, just like he agreed to stop the killing. He didn't expect how furiously Gabriel snapped at the smallest sign of rejection.

“I will live.” Jack mumbles to himself, clenching his eyes. He can still feel the pressure of Gabriel's fingers around his neck. “I will.”

Chapter Text

“I have confirmed the position of subject R-013.

What has been abnormal to observe in its behavior is its newfound obsession with a man named J□□□ M□□□□□□□.

J□□□ M□□□□□□□ is a normal bartender in the age of mid forties. He seems to have no knowledge about subject R-013’s true nature, as currently, it maintains the outer appearance and personality of its vessel, G□□□□□□ R□□□□.

J□□□ M□□□□□□□ was brought to subject R-013’s nest on day XX, month XX, and has not left ever since. Subject R-013 has not killed him like others. In fact, it is taking care of him and protecting him. Its purpose remains unknown.

This is just speculation according to my observation. It seems that J□□□ M□□□□□□□ has successfully formed a bond with subject R-013 and potentially has the ability to manipulate it to some extent. The method is unknown.

In experiments, we have confirmed that R□□□□□, which is now subject R-013, is unable to have a consciousness. We have previously believed that its current appearance and behaviors are only to serve the purpose of blending in society to hunt. This, however, proves our theory mistaken.

Is it getting affected by the personality of its host and developing a will of its own? What benefit does it get from keeping J□□□ M□□□□□□□ alive? How did a normal person obtain control of subject R-013 without the help of technology and science?

More observation is required.

This can greatly benefit our plan as well as endanger it.

Requesting for next instructions.”

Chapter Text

Again, Jack wakes up to soft lips pampering him with kisses. Jack wants to turn away from them, but he knows better.

“Good morning,” Jack murmurs, then adds, “Gabe.”

“Time to rise and shine, mi sol.” Gabriel's warm voice somehow always makes him feel dread. Jack is torn on burying his face into the pillow, but with a long sigh, he turns it up and welcomes the kiss on his mouth.

“Did you sleep well, mi amor?” This time Gabriel holds his hand up and kisses his knuckles. His lips linger a bit longer on the engagement ring. Jack shivers.

“Did you?” Forcing a smile, he reaches up and strokes Gabriel's face. Gabriel leans into the touch like a kitten.

“I'd sleep even better with you by my side.” He grins.

Jack decides to ignore his words and laughs it off softly. He lets Gabriel carry him to the bathroom. Jack assumes this would always be the norm until his leg heals.

“I'll go with you,” is the next offer. Jack might have paled if not for the playful smirk on Gabriel's face.

“Stop teasing me.” Jack gives him a mild glare and closes the door with relief. Gabriel will be waiting outside till he's done, Jack knows, but that's still better than having him in here.

After Jack has finished cleaning up, Gabriel hefts him into his arms again and brings Jack downstairs. Gabriel must have woken up early to cook breakfast for both of them, as it is ready and still hot on the table. He insists on spoon-feeding Jack, and Jack gives up on protesting after three minutes of Gabriel whining and making puppy eyes. It is almost impossible to fathom this sweet, charming man is the same person as the crazy, violent killer Jack has had the chance to encounter. The wild juxtaposition in his behaviors constantly keeps Jack on edge. He doesn't want to remember those cold, brutal fingers.

Gabriel smiles and kisses him when they're done eating. “ Mi angél, I have been thinking... I hope you don't mind…”

“What is it?” Jack swallows the sudden lump in his throat.

“I have been designing your wedding attire… Well, more like trying to. It's just…” Gabriel touches Jack's face with a sigh. “You are too beautiful and I just can't seem to create anything that could truly frame your absolute perfection.”

“We can… go out together… and choose?” Jack attempts, seeing the chance to contact the outside. He quickly adds when Gabriel stares at him incredulously. “I don't want you to push yourself too hard for me. You have done enough already.”

“Oh, mi amor…” Gabriel kisses Jack again, clearly pleased. “You don't have to worry about me. You need to save your energy to recover fast for our wedding.”

“Of course the wedding is important, but your health… matters more to me.” After hesitating for a second, Jack places his hand on Gabriel's and gently squeezes it. “I don't need anything fancy as long as…”

“As long as we can be together forever. I know.” Gabriel finishes it for him. “But you deserve something special, mi sol. Something made for you and only you. Moreover, it's my greatest wish to see you wearing my design in our wedding day.”

There is a final note in his voice, so Jack gives up on persuading him. He'll get other chances once they start planning the ceremony. He knows for sure they will have to go out to choose places, then menu, along with other things that impossible for Gabriel to create on his own. He just needs to be patient.

“Thank you.” To hide his slight disappointment, Jack gives Gabriel the best smile he can manage.

Lo que sea por ti, mi amor. Anything for you.” Gabriel leans close again, and Jack arches his neck to accept the unavoidable kiss. Apparently, if Gabriel is in a good mood, he enjoys kissing Jack frequently. The young man draws back first so he can continue their conversation.

“I want you to be my model.” Gabriel whispers.

Modeling means being with Gabriel for hours and hours, with his attentive eyes and sharp concentration trailing after every line of Jack's body, with his fingers dancing on Jack's skin, smoothening the cloth, touching him all over… Jack can't help but shuddering. The bright expectation in Gabriel's brown eyes makes it dangerous for Jack to refuse. He still loves his life dearly.

“Gabe, what's about my leg? I can't stand.” Jack attempts.

“You don't need to, mi cariño. I have prepared everything.” Gabriel offers his hand. “Come. I'll show you.”

With a dry gulp, Jack holds onto Gabriel and lets himself be brought into the workshop. Gabriel has cleaned the room a little and opened up a path in the middle that leads to a long sofa bench. Jack is carefully placed onto it like a fragile doll, Gabriel even arranged some pillows ready to support him.

“Do I need to-to---” His throat tightens with fear. “...t-take my clothes off?”

Gabriel actually blushes a little, if the sudden darker color on his cheeks is any indication. Jack curses mentally.

“There is no need to be shy, mi angél,” Gabriel comforts him. “After all, we are to be wed.”

A dead end.

“...You are right.” Jack says after a moment of dreary silence in which his mind desperately worked for a way out and found none. “Can you… turn away? I'm still embarrassed. I have never done this before.” He purposefully avoids Gabriel's eyes to make a point of his “shyness”.

“It's alright, mi amor. I understand.” Gabriel speaks softly. “Take all the time you need.”

He then leaves Jack to approach a sewing table where he has laid out all the materials and starts inspecting them. Even though the workshop is pleasantly cool with air conditioner whirring quietly in the background, Jack can feel a drop of sweat running down his back. Gabriel… won't attempt anything, will he?

Braving himself with a deep inhale, Jack begins to take off his clothes and put them on the armrest of the sofa. He suspects that if he doesn't do it on his own, Gabriel will attempt to “help” him anyway, and that will make things even worse. Jack stops when he reaches his underwear, trembling. He just can't… It's not like he has never been naked before another person, but he's too scared of the unforeseen future of this situation to continue any further.

“You can keep it on.” Gabriel's sudden voice startles Jack into covering himself. He looks up and sees that Gabriel has turned back to him, several pieces of fabric with different colors in hand.

Gabriel sets them on the chair then sits down next to Jack, beginning to drape each of them over Jack's body. Jack lets his head fall, wanting to avoid his unwavering stare, but Gabriel holds his chin up.

“Look at me.”

Jack does.

“I know you are nervous, mi angél.” Gabriel kisses his cheek. “Don't worry. You are doing so well for me.”

At least Gabriel is gentle with him. He compares the color of the fabric with Jack's skin and eyes, murmuring to himself. Sometimes he lets Jack touch the fabric and asks if he likes the material, if it's uncomfortable on his skin. Gabriel spends a long time deciding between mahogany red and royal blue, before returning to his sketches. There is a deep frown between his eyebrows and his forehead wrinkles, indicating his concentration. Later, he brings out several shirts and trousers for Jack to try. He helps Jack swapping between them and, to his surprise, Gabriel doesn't try to do anything inappropriate. The room is quiet except for the sounds of fabric, pencil running on papers and their breathing between the soft whirring of air conditioner. Gabriel's fingers are somehow light and almost imperceptible in their movements, despite the cruel strength Jack knows they hold. Jack can't help the quiver that rolls down his spine when Gabriel's hand accidentally brushes his bare skin.

Gabriel must have felt it, because he abruptly freezes in the process. Jack can feel the way his breathing changes, hot and heavy and so close to Jack's ear. Cold sweat runs down Jack's nape.

Jack's muscles jump, then starts shaking uncontrollably when warm lips pressed on his shoulder. He let out a soft noise of startling fear, shoulders instinctively hunch up in an attempt of self-preservation.

Just like that, Gabriel is gone in a blur, he doesn't return to his sketches, just disappears out the door like a flash. Jack blinks in confusion, not understand what just happened. His heart is hammering so loudly, Jack is pretty sure it can be heard clearly in the workshop's dead silence. He can't decide whether he should be relieved or worried. He doesn't know why Gabriel let it go just like that or the man has another plan. It's hard to fully grasp the wild, unpredictable change in Gabriel's behaviors and thoughts.

The young man doesn't return right away, his absence along with the silent, cool atmosphere help to calm Jack somewhat. Since Jack hasn't been allowed to leave, and he has no clue about Gabriel's next action, it's best that he doesn't make any risky move. He puts his clothes back on, anxiously waiting for Gabriel's return.




It was definitely for the best that they sleep in different bedroom for now.

Gabriel feels like his heart is going to jump out of his chest at any given moment as he pants into the quiet air of his private bathroom, cold water dripping from his hair and face. After that sound Jack made - gorgeous, small and helpless - Gabriel has forced himself to run away like a sinner and dunk his face into the closest sink he can find, or he wouldn't have been able to control himself and devour Jack right then and there on the sofa. He knows that Jack didn't mean to tempt him, his virtuous angel would definitely want to keep himself for their wedding night. He has been so embarrassed to show Gabriel his body, and despite all his worries and shyness he has done it for Gabriel's sake.

Yet Gabriel just can't help but bewitched by Jack's pure beauty, unsuspectingly exposed to him in such an innocently inviting manner.

But who wouldn't? Jack is the epitome of perfection, his skin was white and unmarred, glowing like morning snow. Every curves of his body was alluring and sensuous. The adorable blush that adorned his high cheekbones. Gabriel just couldn't help himself, with Jack bare and vulnerable, so close to him. The way he has flustered at Gabriel's slightest touch on his naked skin, how he has curled up at his chafe kiss, enticingly sensitive… Gabriel wanted to sink his teeth into the soft plane of Jack's shoulder, to savor Jack's sweet taste on his tongue, to mark Jack as his and continue drawing out those delicious noises from Jack's mouth...

Gabriel splashes cold water on his face again to cool his raging need. He doesn't want to give up to lust and treat Jack like… like… It wouldn't be proper! Jack deserves so much better. Gabriel wants to have him the right way, slowly and gently on their wedding night; Jack quivering in bliss and anticipation under him, as Gabriel delicately unravels him, worships every inch of him like a precious treasure. Then finally, they can truly fulfill the emptiness inside each other.

Their wedding day will be sacred, and Gabriel knows Jack thinks the same way. That's why he always shy away from anything but platonic touches, trying as hard as Gabriel to keep his own urges under control. It only shows how deeply they love and respect each other. Gabriel knows it will be worth the wait. He knows. There is no need to be impatient because Jack is here to stay. Jack loves him and will never leave him or betray him. Jack is his destiny.

Gabriel is glad that his beloved didn't catch on his sinful desires. When he returns, Jack is patiently waiting for him like the sweet man that he is, with concern saddens his pretty face.

“Are you alright? Are you sick?”

Gabriel feels a bit ashamed. How could he have thought about tainting this pure angel like that!?

“Suddenly I felt dizzy a little. I am fine now, mi cariño.” Gabriel gives him an apologetic smile.

“I told you to not strain yourself so much.” Jack frowns. He pulls Gabriel down so he can press his hand on Gabriel's forehead. “You don't seem to have a fever, but I still think you need rest.”

Mi amor, your attire isn't done…”

“It won't mean anything if you can't attend our wedding because you overworked yourself sick.” Jack scorns him. “No more work today!”

It is absolutely sweet, how Jack cares about him so much. Smitten, Gabriel gives in and puts away his work. When he reaches out to take Jack into his arms, his love refuses.

“I should try to walk on my own.” He says. “I don't want to burden you when you are unwell.”

He's injured, yet he's putting aside his pain to prioritize Gabriel's, even though it is nothing comparing to his broken ankle. Warm happiness blooms in Gabriel's chest and any trace of his prior animalistic urges is swept away. Jack deserves to be treasured. Of course he does. He's an angel. Gabriel's angel.

With one swift move he gathers Jack into his arms, his lips silence Jack's adorable protests. His lover turns away from the kiss, still upset with him, he knows. He snuggles into Jack's hair.

“Playing cute isn't going to help you.” Jack grumbles, but Gabriel can feel his voice softens. He laughs and strides into their future shared bedroom, throwing both of them onto the mattress. He pulls his beloved close and spoons against Jack's back.

“What are you doing?”

“I'm sick, so I need mi angél close to cure me with his love~”

“Oh my God,” Jack groans. “You are over thirty, you know.”

He hums and contently holds Jack tightly anyway. Finally, Jack sighs in defeat.

“Fine, if it makes you feel better, I'll stay.”

Gabriel smiles and turns him over so he can kiss Jack's mouth and face. He strokes his silver hair tenderly.

“I love you.” He sighs into the narrow space between their lips. “I love you so much, Jack. More than anything.”

Jack shifts close and buries his face into Gabriel's chest.

“I love you too.”

Chapter Text

“On 4:38 pm, day XX, month XX, subject R-013 has brought J□□□ M□□□□□□□ outside for the first time.

Subject R-013’s behaviors continue to be remarkably unusual.

J□□□ M□□□□□□□ still has an injured leg and need to be carried or supported by subject R-013 in order to navigate around. Despite being such an obvious burden and weakness, he is still alive and continues to receive regular care from subject R-013. They remained inseparable for the rest of the afternoon. J□□□ M□□□□□□□ was put on a chair near the back door and watched subject R-013 tending to the garden. This is the first time this kind of behaviors have been spotted from subject R-013, we can assume it has learned this act as a mean to blend in with human. Or, considering the fact that it is sheltering J□□□ M□□□□□□□, it has somehow developed a humanely, motherly nature that expands to even non-sentimental beings. If it's the latter, then this is a phenomenal discovery.

On another interesting note, subject R-013 picked some flowers from the garden and gave them to J□□□ M□□□□□□□. It also kissed J□□□ M□□□□□□□ multiple times on the lips, a common act to show affection between human. Then it carried the man back inside. From an outsider’s view, one dares say they look intimate.

I think this observation confirms our previous speculation about the unusual bond between J□□□ M□□□□□□□ and subject R-013.

The purpose and method remains unknown.

Request permission for infiltration.”

Chapter Text

Gabriel has never been more happier in his life.

He wakes up every morning knowing that his angel is deep asleep in the next room (regretfully, not in his arms yet), safe and sound, waiting for Gabriel to wake him up with affectionate kisses. Then they enjoy breakfast together, sometimes his beloved offers to help him with cooking, which always successfully makes his heart completely melted, but he refuses due to worrying about Jack's injured leg. Later, they will spend the whole morning inside Gabriel's studio, where Jack - still so very endearingly shy but as sweet and patient as ever - models for him. Gradually, Gabriel has overcome the shameful animalistic lust in him with his immeasurable love for his angél , and finally he can appreciate Jack's flawless beauty with pure awe and admiration, not a sliver of indecent, vulgar intentions clouded his mind.

His beloved truly looks gorgeous in everything. He gives Gabriel a hard time finalizing the design because his unblemished perfection makes Gabriel unable to take his eyes off him. Every time Gabriel puts him in a new outfit, another subtle side of his glamor is revealed, and he can't help but be enamored by Jack's grace and elegance. Since they will have to wait for the moving company to transfer Jack's things over, Gabriel decides to go ahead and buy Jack new clothes. He wants only the finest materials to touch Jack's impeccable alabaster skin, and nothing but the finest designs can bring out all of Jack's ethereal complexions. Only the best of the best can do his beloved angél justice.

Jack is completely stunned by the clothes Gabriel bought for him. He touches each piece in amazement, completely speechless. Proud of his work, Gabriel urges him to try them on.

“Gabe, I'm grateful, but I can't receive something so expensive.” His fiancee shyly proposes. “You shouldn't have spent so much money on me.”

Oh, his kind lover is still as considerate as ever, always thinking for Gabriel's sake. How did Gabriel have been foolish enough to waste so much time and effort on those other whores? Admittedly, he has known none of them have been worthy. But he was young then, naive and desperately wanted to believe that they truly loved him, that they would change for him, become the better person for him. Their cruel lies had hurt and the breakup was always disastrous. But finally, after all the anguish he has been through, fate has decided to grant him this angél - his pure, sweet, kind, perfect Jack. Maybe that terrible time were a trial of destiny to see if Gabriel deserves such a priceless treasure, to make him realize the true value of having ownership over Jack's golden heart.

Mi amor, for you, I wouldn't regret a thing.” Gabriel purrs. “We will be married. It's my duty as your husband-to-be to provide you the happiest life you can ever have.”

“But you've already done so much for me. I---”

“Tsk tsk!” Gabriel silences Jack with a kiss. “If you want to thank me, how about showing me how lovely you look in the new clothes I bought for you?”

“I am not lovely.” His angel protests weakly. Always so modest, he is.

“You will always be the most gorgeous man in my eyes, no matter what.”

His love bows his head, adorably flustered by Gabriel’s compliments. He assists Jack in getting out of the old clothes - which he will throw away later. He will give Jack the most luxurious attires the world can offer. His fiancee doesn't need those unsightly outfits - and help him getting in the new garments. The fabric needs only a few pulls and swipes from his hands to smoothen before clings prettily to Jack's perfect body, outlining his broad shoulders and bringing out his deep blue eyes. He has carefully chosen loose pants so they won't cause pressure on Jack's broken ankle and difficulties in movement. Jack is silent as Gabriel rolls the sock over his unharmed feet, and makes no noise when Gabriel delicately holds up the other.

“Your legs are so pretty.” Gabriel rubs Jack's heel gently with his thumb. He knows Jack used to go for a run every morning. The accident ruined everything. “I wish my love could heal your wound, then we could have gotten married right tomorrow.” He sighs sadly and kisses the bandages on Jack's ankle.

“It will heal soon.” Jack reassures him. “Because you are taking care of me so well.”

“Yes, you need all the rest and comfort to recover quickly for our wedding.”

“I'm also told that I need regular check-up to ensure everything is alright.” His beloved suggests. “I think we should go see a doctor soon, so we can be sure I'll completely recover before our wedding.”

Of course he understands Jack's concerns. It's true that his love needs a good doctor to attend to his injury, he wouldn't want his betrothed to be in pain or Jack's leg to lose its beautiful shape due to the ankle doesn't heal properly. And Jack needs to be able to walk down the aisle in the outfit Gabriel made for him as well. It's natural his beloved would want to look his best in the most important day of their life.

Gabriel knows all this, so even though thinking about allowing another person to touch his angel, about letting those marvelous blue eyes lay on someone else that isn't him, or about exposing his precious lover to the potentially dangerous and filthy intentions of a stranger fills Gabriel with anger, jealousy, disgust and pain, he will endure it for Jack's sake. If given the chance, Gabriel would never let anyone else look at his dear angél . Gabriel knows they will all be charmed in a heartbeat by Jack's absolute perfection and beauty. They are unlike the gentleman that he is, and all they are going to do is causing Jack harm. Gabriel will never allow those vile creatures to hurt Jack's kind, pure heart like they did to his. He will go against the whole world if he has to, just for his angél’s sake.

“I understand, mi amor. But it's still too dangerous for you to go outside. We can't risk it.” Gabriel finishes putting the other sock onto Jack's feet. “It will be better if I book an appointment for a family doctor to come to our house.”

“If that's what you want...” Jack sounds unsure and he fidgets under Gabriel's watch. He is as reluctant as Gabriel about letting a stranger into their private home, Gabriel supposes. He takes Jack's hand and kisses his forehead.

“Don't worry, mi cariño , I'll call the best doctor in town and make sure you get everything you need.”

“I know.” Jack gently tightens his hand around Gabriel's. “Thank you for being so considerate of me.”

Lo que sea por ti.” Gabriel leans down for Jack's lips, and Jack tilts his face up to welcome the kiss. “Anything for you, mi angél.”




Jack loathes his new clothes. When he wears them, he feels the fabric tightening around his body like Gabriel's grasp on him, a stifling hold that makes him want to scream. He feels marked , wearing the signs of Gabriel's possession all over, slowly withering in the deadly grip of what the young man calls ‘love’. Jack tells himself that it's still better than wearing a noose around his neck, or a knife in his guts, but it still doesn't make things any more unbearable.

When Jack has suggested that they should go out some day to visit the neighbours, Gabriel answered with the most bewildered expression.

“Why would you want to do that? You are cared for and safe here. It's too dangerous for you outside. Who know what they will do to you? Now that I have finally had you, I don't want you to ever leave my sights. I have only you, and I don't need anyone else as long as I have you. Don't you feel the same?”

And it's not the first time Gabriel has dismissed Jack's wish of going outside. The furthest Jack has gotten is the backyard, Gabriel watched over him while tending to the garden. He always has “rational” reasons to keep Jack inside: Jack's injury, the dangers, the weather… But Jack knows it's more because of Gabriel's selfishness and possessive nature toward him. He wants to keep Jack all for himself even if that means never letting Jack take a step out of the house. Gabriel probably will put his name tags all over Jack's body if he could. Well, he's already on the way of doing that, anyway.

This man wants to own him. He might describe it as ‘love’, but it's an insane, twisted love that poisons and suffocates the unlucky one that receives it.

Nothing could have prepared Jack for when Gabriel moves the boxes in. Boxes that contain all of Jack's possessions, taken from his flat. Seeing them and Gabriel's happy smile, Jack suddenly can't breathe. His whole body violently shakes and he almost doubles over if Gabriel didn't make it in time and hold him.

“Are you alright? You are so pale.” The concern in that voice makes it worse.

“I feel a little dizzy.” Jack lies. Gabriel's hands on his arms are heavy and unyielding.

“Do you want to lay down, mi amor ?”


He lies with his back against Gabriel and pretends to fall asleep, while in reality he listens to the man's soft whistle, the sound of boxes being opened and things, his things, being sorted out, Gabriel's fingers digging into his life and tears them into pieces, rearranging them into something that suits his unhinged delusion, trapping each parts into drawers deep inside this sick home that he created. Jack can see his dreadful future in it, either being morphed into Gabriel's “ideal husband”, or dies in his hands. No matter how gentle and sweet Gabriel is to him, he understands too well that it will not last. Neither will it erase the memory of brutal fingers tightening around his throat. Jack still trembles every time they hover near his neck.

He wants to get out. He needs to get out. He must get out.

Jack wonders if any of his friends know what is really happening to him, if one day Ana will barge in with a team of armed police to the rescue, and Jack will finally be free from this hell. That would be nice.

Only that the police didn't come, only a family doctor did. She introduces herself as Madeleine Blanche with a slight French accent. It's the first time Jack has the chance to make contact with another person in days. Gabriel's hand rests uncomfortably on Jack's shoulder and never leave.

She gently asks about Jack's condition and reviews the state of his ankle. She also does a brief check-up on his general health status, and noting about how Jack is still not allowed to put weight on his injured leg. Jack knows better than let anything slip. A slim, alone woman is a too easy prey for Gabriel and Jack would rather not seeing her added into the list of dead bodies.

“Are you his nephew?” At the end of the session, she asks Gabriel.

“Fiancé. We are engaged.”

Jack forces a weak smile as her eyes quickly fly to his fingers and register the engagement ring there.

“Oh my God, congrats.” She gasps. “My apology. Since you are a lot younger, I thought…”

Gabriel smiles at her politely, but his fingers digs a little deeper onto Jack's shoulder.

“I'm married myself. Met my dear wife two years back in Paris and we instantly felt in love.” Madeleine shows them her wedding ring. “My life never felt the same again.”

They go on chattering about Madeleine's life story. Apparently she moved to this place two weeks ago with her wife, who's a ballerina. They met the first time when her wife got injured in practice and came to Madeleine for help.

“She was absolutely breathtaking. She still is.” Madeleine says with a dreamy smile. “It was love at first sight.”

Gabriel loosens his grip upon confirming the doctor is happily married and is a lesbian. He returns to the caring, charming man who is utterly devoted to his “beloved” Jack. They discuss about the length it will take for Jack to fully recover and the necessary care he needs. Madeleine suggests Gabriel take him to her clinic, as she needs to perform an X-ray to make sure Jack's bones are all in the right place and healing well. This makes Gabriel's smile harden a little, while Jack's heart starts jumping wildly inside his chest.

“You see, I and my love don't like to go out very much. Due to my fame and our age difference, it will cause a stir to the public. I don't want my angel to be saddened by what nasty things society will say about us, so I plan to keep him inside and make our relationship private until the wedding.”

“I understand.” Madeleine nods. “It's true that stress and negative feelings aren't good for his recovery. I would still like to perform an X-ray to assure everything is alright, so how about a private appointment after hours? That way you won't be troubled by the crowd there.”

“I will think about it.”

Madeleine leaves behind a small prescription and her card, telling Gabriel to call her to arrange their next meeting. Jack notices that the lock on the door has changed. When he first came, it was a normal mechanical lock. Now it's a metal, electrical one. When the doctor closes the door, the light turns from red to green with the sound of latches clicking into place. Jack looks longingly at the promise of freedom disappearing with that door.

“What do you think, mi cariño?”

Jack blinks, confused.

“About the private appointment for your X-ray, I mean.” Gabriel tenderly touches Jack's leg.

Is this for real?

“I think we should.” Trying his best to keep the excitement out of his voice, Jack hums thoughtfully. “I want to make sure nothing will hinder our marriage.”

For a moment, Gabriel just gazes at him like he wants to determine something. Jack chuckles softly and touches his face to distract him.

“Why do you stare at me like that?”

“It's nothing, mi angél. I just thought I saw something on your face.” Jack knows Gabriel is lying. Did he accidentally evoke some doubts about his true intentions?

“I think I saw something on your face too.” Jack smiles and leans in to kiss Gabriel's cheek. This immediately brightens the young man's mood and he kisses Jack back on his cheek as well.

“You are so irresistibly adorable, mi sol. ” Gabriel murmurs against Jack's skin. “So, what do you want for dinner?”

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Rewrite it, Mad!!!

Chapter Text

“Infiltration succeeded. I have made the first direct contact with subject R-013 and J□□□ M□□□□□□□ without being suspected.

They are inseparable. There has not been a time when J□□□ M□□□□□□□ is seen without subject R-013.

J□□□ M□□□□□□□ is confirmed to be a completely normal human. He has a broken ankle that will not fully heal for the next 4 weeks. This is a weakness we can exploit.

Subject R-013 has not only thoroughly adopted G□□□□□□ R□□□□’s appearance, but also his personality. Very impressive. It's unclear if it itself knows it's not G□□□□□□ R□□□□, or anything even close to human, for that matter. One thing I am certain: It is deeply attached to J□□□ M□□□□□□□. It is “in love” with him and wants to “marry” him. They have been “engaged”. lololol cute right?

Further observation is required to understand the indication of this act.

Instead of immediately retrieving subject R-013, I suggest continuing to monitor and study their extraordinary bond. If we find out the conditions that lead subject R-013 to falling in “love” with J□□□ M□□□□□□□, we will have the means we need to manipulate it - what we have been desperately searching for.

If we don't, collecting both of them for further experimentation. Once we get a hold on J□□□ M□□□□□□□, we will get control of subject R-013.

Preparing for our “appointment”.”

Chapter Text

It has taken Gabriel forever to pick an appropriate outfit for Jack just for their appointment and it's pissing him off.

“What's wrong, Gabe?” His angel asks with the sweetest tone ever. After trying out ten outfits in one hour, a hint of puzzlement presents in his voice. “It's just a doctor appointment, you know, not a royal meeting with Queen of England.”

Agitated and frustrated, Gabriel pulls out a gray shirt and digs into the closet to find suitable pants.

“There is nothing wrong, mi cariño.”

Yes, nothing's wrong except that Jack is too beautiful for the world, and Gabriel doesn't want him to be that attractive. Well, maybe for his eyes only, when they are alone together. But, just as they said - “People become more beautiful when they are in love” - Jack is growing more and more radiant as each day passes, Gabriel can't help but worries that Jack's flawless charm will immediately steals the heart of whoever lays eyes on him, especially when they are meeting two women. The fact that those women are married to each other doesn't change anything, Jack is just too perfect to enamor them in a blink even though he doesn't mean to. Besides, Gabriel knows the likes of whore and slut would never honor their precious marriage vows, they will not hesitate to cross the line lest Gabriel is ready to protect Jack from their ugly intentions.

Of course he doesn't mean to embarrass his angel in public, no! He just wants to find something that will… dim Jack's perfection somewhat, but it has proven itself to be an impossible mission. There is nothing he owns that is capable of completing such a task, not when Jack is the epitome of pure grace and elegance. How Gabriel wishes to blind any mortal that ever dares to gaze upon his beloved angel! He wants to hoard this beautiful, perfect, lovely man all for himself only!

“Gabe, calm down.” Jack's voice again, this time with concerns. “Tell me what's wrong.”

He turns to Jack, and the sight of his lover helps him loosen up a little. Jack's silver hair and ivory skin are softly glowing under the light, he looks so sweet and delicate in the baby blue shirt that Gabriel has chosen for him. It helps bring out the adorable pale blush on his cheeks.

“You are too pretty.” He confesses.

“What?” Jack blinks in confusion.

Gabriel sighs and sits down next to him, gently holding his face.

“You are too pretty and I don't want anyone else to see you.” He kisses Jack's cheek.

“Gabe, I'm already too old to be pretty.” Jack chuckles timidly, then adds with a softer voice. “You are the only one ever says that I'm beautiful.”

Because I killed all the others. “Because it's true.” Gabriel nudges Jack's ear with his nose. “Can we not go?”


“I don't want to go.” Gabriel knows he's being childishly selfish, but he doesn't care. He wraps his arms around Jack's body and presses his face into the curve of Jack's neck. His beloved smells wonderful.

“Gabriel, come on.”

Gabriel wants to protect him from everything, but at the same time, he wants to leave a mark on him so everyone knows Jack is his.

He presses his mouth under Jack's ear, and he can feel Jack quivering against his lips. Jack is always sensitive to Gabriel's direct touches. It makes Gabriel want to devour him. Nibble and suck on his smooth skin until he leaves a big, fervent bruise behind for everyone to see, for them to know that Jack belongs to him. Only him.

“What are you going to do in our wedding, then? Blindfold all our guests because you don't want them to look at me?” Jack teases.

“Maybe we don't need any guest, then.” Gabriel chuckles. “Only the sun or the moon to marry us, then we wouldn't have to share our most precious moment.”

Smiling at how romantic it is, he turns his face to search for Jack's lips. Jack reciprocates with a chaste, soft kiss.

“But we need my leg to heal properly first.”

Gabriel stops kissing Jack, and pouts. His angel laughs. "You are over thirty, you know. Playing cute isn't going to work." He likes it when Jack laughs.

Jack has gradually become much more open to him after they have moved in together. He's still shy in accepting Gabriel's affection, not used to receiving such a passionate love, but Gabriel's sure that can be fixed with time. He's the man in Jack's heart, he should be patient and give his beloved all the time he needs to get used to their new life together.

“I still don't want to go.” Gabriel murmurs, stubbornly burying his face into Jack's neck. “Can't we just stay at home and cuddle the whole day?”

“So you don't want to get married?” It's Jack's turn to pout. God, Gabriel's heart misses one beat! He's so adorable!


Jack fixes him with a stern gaze.

“Alright, I'm sorry.” Gabriel sighs and gives up, but still steals another kiss. “Of course, I want you to recover as soon as possible for our wedding. I just wish I didn't have to share you with anyone.”

Jack touches his face with a tender smile. “We are engaged, Gabriel.” His voice trembles a little and he diverts his eyes in embarrassment. “I'm--I'm already yours.”

Gabriel's chest throbs with delightfully unanticipated but always welcome euphoria at Jack's confession. He is so proud of his beloved, so fond of him, so in love. Obviously, Jack wouldn't care how the whole world get swooned by his extreme attractiveness, or notice the disgusting advances of slut and whore toward him, simply because in his heart there is only Gabriel! He doesn't - can't - won't have eyes for anybody else. Without a doubt, it's the evidence of Jack's immersed love and devotion for him!

Oh, la luz de mi vida! Te amo tanto que no hay palabras para expresar lo que siento.” He holds Jack's hand to his chest and pulls his angel into an affectionate kiss. He wants to marry Jack right now. He would marry Jack right now! In the depth of passion, he pushes Jack down onto the bed, pressing his body against Jack's firm, warm chest as he deepens the kiss, trying to coax Jack's mouth to open for him.

He can feel Jack tense up under him, hands clinging onto his arms with weak, half-hearted jerking movements, like his lover can't decide if he should push Gabriel away or pull him closer. There is a moment of panic and hesitation - perhalf nervous by overwhelming sensations he has never felt - before Jack's alluring lips shakily allow him in.

It is welcomed and therefore right for Gabriel to slowly, carefully explore Jack's mouth. Jack's tongue is pliant and submissive, letting Gabriel freely do whatever he desires. His angel tastes sweet and warm and slick as pure honey. It feels good, it feels more wonderful than anything Gabriel has ever felt in his life, and he wants nothing than for it to last forever. Absentmindedly, his fingers slide under the hem of Jack's shirt to feel the smooth skin along the sensuous curve of his hips. This surprises Jack into breaking the kiss to cover himself. His angel is panting and blushing brighter than ever, the lovely pink spreads to the tips of his ears, reveals his own excitement. His pretty eyes shimmer with a mixture of lust and mild panic. It's as tempting as it is adorable.

Seemingly able to read his mind, Jack stammers out. “Gabe, we can't… I'm-I'm not ready for that yet!”

“Ready for what? I've only kissed you.” Gabriel hums teasingly. “What naughty things are you thinking about, mi amor?

His poor, innocent angél blushes even deeper and looks even more panicked with embarrassment that Gabriel can't help a laugh. Confusion fleets over Jack's face before he realizes what's going on.

“You are making fun of me!”

“I'm sorry, mi sol. You are too cute, I can't help it!” Gabriel rolls to the side, continues laughing. Jack sits up and turns his back to Gabriel, sulking. Gabriel chuckles, putting his hands on Jack's shoulders and rubbing his nose against Jack's neck apologetically.

“If we miss the appointment it's your fault.” Jack grumbles.

“Alright, alright, lo siento, mi cariño. Let's get ready now.”

His beloved is right. He has already known that Jack only belongs to him, there is no point in jealousy. Those whores will never be able to have Jack anyway, because he has already devoted his body and soul to Gabriel. Unlike the sluts in Gabriel's past, Jack has a pure, loving heart that will never go astray by temptations. He would never betray Gabriel.

With a thoughtful look in his eyes, Jack watches him collecting the clothes that didn't get chosen. When Gabriel gives out his hands, Jack silently lets himself being picked up.

“You wouldn't… with those women, right?” His voice is small and fearful. “You promised I'd be the only one in your eyes.”

Their hearts must be truly connected. Just as Gabriel's afraid of other people growing affection towards Jack, his beloved is also scared of losing him to unwanted competitors. He knows his sensitive, precious fiance needs constant reassurance from him. A gentleman, a good lover and dedicated husband wouldn’t find this tedious, so Gabriel doesn't mind.

“Of course I remember our promise, mi corazón. I wouldn't even bother to touch one of their fingers.” He kisses Jack tenderly. “I'm yours just as much as you're mine.”

Satisfied with his answer, Jack smiles softly and cradles the left side of his face into the junction between Gabriel's neck and shoulder.



While Gabriel is driving, Jack uses this chance to take in his surrounding. He tries his best to find and remember any road name or noticeable landmark that he can use to his benefit. He doesn't see any police office on the way, although there are school and hospital signs. The houses are scarce between empty lands and large gardens. It looks like they are on the edge of the city.

He knows that one day, inevitably, Gabriel will ask for sex from him if they continue this lovebird play. There has always been a whisper of desire in Gabriel's brown eyes, besides the haze of blind passion. It's unmistakable in the way Gabriel's lips sometimes linger longer than necessary, the subtle, innocent brush of fingers over Jack's bare skin, the sensual way Gabriel's eyes trail over his body. He's growing bolder, asking for more from Jack, and soon it'll not only be quick pecks, hand holding and cuddle that he wants. That kiss earlier is a warning sign.

Jack wonders if there is a small chance of him being able to jump out of the moving car and escape right now, but he knows Gabriel has carefully locked all the doors before he starts the engine.

He doesn’t think anybody envisions it happening to them and if they do they’re the protagonist in some grand character-building story. Even if being tortured, they won't give in easily to their enemies, they fight. Even the darkest stories have a victim fighting against the traumatic situation they are in, in some way they build up themselves either physically or mentally. They'll emerge victorious in the end, or courageously sacrifice themselves to stop evil. People will applaud them, or bemoan them. Either way they'll be remembered for their heroic actions.

Will Jack be remembered, or will he join the club of Gabriel's nameless victims?

Jack only has two choices: play along until he can get out, or get killed. Jack knows there are cases that took years for the victim to be rescued or manage to escape, if they're lucky enough to not already be found dead and buried in some far away forest, or made crazy by the trauma they experienced.

Would that be Jack's fate one day, losing his sanity to this madness that Gabriel created? Would he develop Stockholm Syndrome like those he saw on the news, and truly fall in love with Gabriel?

Jack doesn't want to think about that dreadful possibility, or he would feel like killing himself. He knows suicide doesn't solve anything. Without him, Gabriel will move on to the next victim and continue murdering innocent people for his twisted perception of love. Jack doesn't want anybody else to be subjected to this hell that he is trapped in, especially when he can put a stop to this, even if it's only a slim chance. He can't lose hope and his resolution, or more people will die under Gabriel's hands.

Mi amor, we're here.” Jack is pulled out of his thoughts when Gabriel gently squeezes his hand. They park before a small building with a friendly wooden sign says “Leadville clinic”. It obviously passed opening time, as the door closes shut and there's only darkness inside the window. Gabriel pulls out his phone to make a call, then after a bit of waiting, the light is turned on and a woman opens the door for them.

Gabriel leaves the car first to open the door for Jack and helps him out. Jack prays the young man wouldn't carry him into the clinic, but nope, Gabriel does just that with a rather happy and smug expression, leaving Jack blushing in embarrassment. For God's sake, he's not a baby! And someone is watching them!

The woman waiting for them is tall and beautiful, but her eyes are sharp and cold. Her skin is white as snow and her slender figure is that of a dancer. This must be Madeleine's wife, the ballerina.

“Mr.Reyes and Mr.Morrison?” She asks, her voice is velvety soft. She watches Gabriel carrying him without any expression.


“This way.”

The first floor looks like reception room and pharmacy. They are led to the second floor where there are three examination rooms and a personal office. The woman knocks on the office’s door, and Madeleine appears in a blink.

“I'm waiting for you two.” She looks more formal with glasses, curly brown hair tied neatly behind her head and a white doctor coat. “Baby, can you take them to the X-ray room? I'll be there in a jiffy!” She blows a kiss towards the woman before disappears back in the room. So Jack's guess is right, she's Madeleine's wife.

Oddly enough, the wife doesn't give a reaction to Madeleine's loving gesture, and just signals them to follow her. Jack feels Gabriel tense up for some reason, hopefully not because he has found a new victim. The woman tells Gabriel to put Jack on the X-ray table before leaving, eerily emotionless the whole time. She makes Jack feel uneasy.

Madeleine arrives right after with a stack of documents. She gets to work immediately and starts up the machine.

“Is that your wife?” Gabriel asks from a corner of the room. He has chosen a chair to sit down while waiting.

“Yes. Her name is Amélie.” Madeleine winks playfully. “Sorry for disappointing you gentlemen, but this gorgeous woman is indifferent to everyone except me. She's actually very sweet when we are alone together. Someday I'll tell you the hardship I have to go through to steal her heart!”

She starts putting protection on both herself and Jack. She explains that she needs to remove the cast for a thorough examination as well as X-ray. Jack notices that Gabriel shifts uncomfortably on the chair once she pulls out the saw. He waves to him, trying to calm him down.

Madeleine removes the cast quickly and cleanly, humming to herself the whole time. She checks Jack's ankle, taking X-ray, then fitting him with a lighter cast. It goes from just below the knee to before the toes. A much tighter fit than the previous one, therefore initially less comfortable, even if lighter. It aggravates the back of his knee too, so crawling is out of the question. Jack hates that he'll need to rely on Gabriel even more from now on.

After some persuasion from Madeleine, Gabriel reluctantly leaves the room with her to get medication for Jack and detailed instructions on how to take care of him. Of course, he gives Jack a quick kiss and promises he'll be back as soon as possible. Jack is left alone with a newspaper and his leg propped up on a pillow to avoid pain. There is no way he can even dream of crawling out of the room with this cast, let alone escaping. The clinic is completely quiet. It seems like only Madeleine and her wife are staying back for their appointment. Not a good situation to call for help. He knows Gabriel can easily subdue both women and he doesn't want to put them in unnecessary harm. Jack thinks it's best if he can leave a note explaining his situation, so he starts looking for a pen.

Fortunately, Amelie returns to the room, presumably to look for her wife. Jack tries to smile as friendly as he can.

“Excuse me, would you mind getting me a pen? I can't move, you see…”

Amelie approaches him without saying a word, and instead of a pen she quickly pushes a folded paper into his palm. When he looks up with confusion, she puts her finger on her lips and “shh” him softly before vanishing out the door, as suddenly as she appears.

Jack is totally baffled by what has just transpired, but he doesn't have the time to proceed it or read the letter because footsteps echoing from outside tells him that Gabriel and Madeleine are back. Hastily hiding the paper away, Jack rights himself to greet Gabriel with a small smile.

Mi angél, are you feeling alright?” Gabriel is instantly by his side, frowns with worries.

“I'm fine, Gabe.”

“That's good. Let's go home now, then I'll make you dinner.”

Madeleine whistles at them and giggles when Gabriel hefts Jack into his arms. However, Jack is still too disoriented and anxious to be shy about it. She shows them to the door.

“Please remember my instructions, Mr.Reyes. I'll see you both next week.”

During the ride home, to appear normal, Jack discusses with Gabriel about what they need to do for his recovery. Gabriel tells him about a diet and exercise to build muscle again, ensuring the function of Jack's leg. He nods along and pretends to be listening, even though his mind is a complete mess.

Gabriel apparently realizes and isn't happy about it, but Jack just excuses that he is too happy everything goes well and he has too many things on his mind about their wedding he can't focus. Gabriel reaches for his hand at that and squeezes.

Mi cariño, I told you to not worry about that. You just need to focus on recovery, I'll take care of everything else.”

“But it's a lot of work preparing for a wedding, Gabriel.” Jack keeps his hand inside Gabriel's to please him and to prevent him from touching other parts of his body. “I want to help as much as I can.”

He's glad Gabriel is driving, or else he would have lean over and kiss Jack.

“We'll discuss that when you get better, okay?” Gabriel sighs and returns his hand to the steering wheel after giving Jack another squeeze.

“Of course, Gabe. You always know best.” Jack easily agrees and turns to look out the window. He briefly touches his pocket again, assures that the letter is still there. So many unanswered questions circle through his mind about Amelie's strange actions. He can't wait till he has the opportunity to read it.

Chapter Text

You don't know us, but we know everything about you, Mr. Jack Morrison.

You are not our target. We are not here to harm you. We are here to help. We don't know if you are already aware of this, but Gabriel Reyes, the man you call your fiance, isn't who you think he is.

Gabriel Reyes was admitted to TALON Psychiatrist Systems’ facilities in Mount Mavises on month XX, year 20XX, patient number RP-076-013, first diagnosed with mixed delusional disorders of Erotomania and Jealousy, potentially a sign of Schizophrenia. Despite treatment, his symptoms kept getting worse and worse. On day XX, month XX that year, he broke out of the facilities, killing multiple doctors and staffs on the way.

Afterwards, we have been desperately tracking him down, following the trail of his murders. His common tactic to lure in the victims is always seducing them before murdering them brutally.

Although we know that it must be extremely shocking for you to find out the man you are going to marry turns out to be an escaping mental patient and a serial killer, please do not panic. We advise treating him with utmost caution, as this is not only a problem concerning your safety, but also that of other people. Please do not contact your family, friends or the authority, as we believe acting rashly will result in direct severe threats to your life with how close you are to Gabriel Reyes.

Please destroy this letter instantly after you finish reading, and wait for our next instructions. We promise we'll do our best to ensure your safety and the capture of Gabriel Reyes.

We always keep our eyes on you and we are monitoring all your and Gabriel Reyes' activities."



[3 weeks till Jack Morrison's recovery]

Chapter Text

Even though Jack has flushed the letter down the toilet after reading, he can't stop thinking about what it revealed to him. It confirms Jack's belief that Gabriel has some mental problems, which explains his bizarre and unpredictable behaviors. If Jack had the resources, he probably could have found out more about Gabriel's past relating to the incident at TALON asylum. It must have made the news, but he doesn't remember it. If he's lucky, he might find some old newspapers left over in the house with the article inside, but he doubts it.

It also raises a lot of questions about the two women. There is a high chance that Amélie and Madeleine are working together in the disguise of a married couple, but who really are they? The police? Government agents? Private detectives?

Whatever it is, at least now Jack knows that someone out there is aware of his terrible situation and trying to rescue him. It kindles a warm light of hope inside his chest. He's not alone. He'll be saved!

In the next days, he tries to be even nicer with Gabriel than normal. Not only because his mood is lifted, but also he can't risk upsetting the man and have him cancelled their appointment next week. Gabriel has noticed that Jack is a lot happier as well. Taking him to the doctor was the right decision. He must be so joyful that he's healing as fast as possible for their ceremony! In the meantime, Gabriel needs to do his best to ensure Jack's recovery and finish making their wedding attires.

The new cast causes greater trouble for Jack than before. He has more difficulties in movement and Jack needs to be mindful of the position of his leg at all time. It needs to be constantly kept elevated, Jack is thankful that Gabriel puts extra chairs and pillows everywhere in the house so Jack can rest his ankle. Because Madeleine said that Jack needs to do more exercise, much to Gabriel's dismay, he has to reduce the act of carrying Jack around like a newlywed couple, and instead occasionally letting Jack hang onto his shoulder while Jack tries to walk on his own. Jack is eager to be free from Gabriel's support, but if he works his leg to much, swellings will appear around his knee and toes. It pains Gabriel seeing his poor fiance having to suffer so much for their wedding. However, his brave angel doesn't complain. Currently, they settle for a walk around the yard every afternoon. Jack has suggested they buy crutches, but Gabriel doesn't feel at ease at the thought that Jack might accidentally trip over without Gabriel’s there to hold him. It's too dangerous! What if it makes Jack's injury worsen? For Jack's safety, Gabriel can never let his lover go out of his sight.

Fortunately, it isn't hard for Gabriel to work from home. If he were imprisoned in the office for 8 hours a day knowing his beloved is left lonely and injured at home, he'd go crazy with worry and instantly quit the damn job. Now, he spends the day catering to Jack and works on his computer at night. He does all the discussion and dealings through the internet, then sends the final design using fast delivery service. He has stopped taking personal order to put all his mind into finishing their wedding attires. Sometimes, Gabriel entertains himself with the thought of creating more… intimate clothing for Jack. He knows for sure Jack will look incredibly sexy in some black lace, but he doesn't dare pushing it any further than imagination, for now. If just fantasizing about it has already excited him, Gabriel will not be able to control himself if Jack put on something like that. It will have to wait until they have gotten married.

Angela calls once in awhile, telling Jack about what's going on in the outside world and asking about his health regularly. Ana is worried about him and wants to visit him together, she said. Jack always makes up an excuse to refuse, because Gabriel will stand right behind him and listen through the speaker. He always turns it on before giving the phone to Jack so he can follow their conversation, and Jack doesn't dare to oppose him. After being denied visiting the third time, a hint of concern starts to appear in Angela's voice.

“We haven't seen each other in weeks , Jack. At least come over to the bar so that we can celebrate your engagement.”

“I am fine, Angela. There is no need for that.”

“I know Gabriel is taking care of you, but all of this… You suddenly disappeared from your flat to “move in” with him. No one has seen you ever since and now you act like you are trying to avoid us. I know marriage changes people but...” Angela sighs through the phone. “Are you sure this is what you want?”

“Of course. We just want to enjoy some private time together before marriage, Angie.” Please stop talking you'll anger him I don't want you to become the next victim please “I'll see you all in my wedding day, alright?”

“Yes, don't forget the invitation, or Ana will hunt both of you down and make you cry!”

When Jack hangs up, Gabriel puts a hand onto his shoulder and he's instantly frozen by its dreadful weight.

Mi amor, I know you highly value Angela as a good friend, but I think you-- we should stop all contact with her. She says such…” Jack can feel the way the words are grit out between Gabriel's teeth with disgust and anger. “ ... distressing things.”

“She just worries about me, Gabe. I'm sure she'll understand one day.” Jack casts his eyes down, pretending to be thinking, not silently praying for Angela’s safety. “But if it upsets you, I'll talk to her less from now on.” Please don't target her please don't target her!

“Yes. I don't want her to plague your mind with such ridiculous and thoughtless words. How dare she doubt our love?”  His fingers digs uncomfortably into Jack’s shoulder. “How can she not see that we are meant to be? She must stop interfering with our relationship.”

“There, there.” Jack strokes Gabriel’s hand, hoping that it will calm him down. “Let’s talk about happier thing.” He mindfully diverts the topic. “When will your parents be coming for our wedding?”


Jack senses something's up when Gabriel goes silent. He knows he shouldn’t push, but he weighs the pros and cons of getting his captor to talk. Even though he has made acquaintance with the man for a long time, he knows almost nothing about Gabriel's personal life because he has never been interested. It can represent a sense of caring between them. He turns around to look at Gabriel. “What's wrong?”

“I…” For the first time, Gabriel doesn't look anything like the confident, charming man that Jack is used to. He looks... bewildered, confused, lost , like the realization has only just now struck him as odd. “I don't remember my parents.”

Jack squeezes his hand. “What happened?”

Gabriel frowns, and his pupils dilated, like he's trying to recall something with little success. “I just… woke up like this? I know my name is Gabriel Reyes, but I didn't remember much else. I was lost, and lonely.” Jack's hand is warm, and firm, holding on him tightly like an anchor, like Jack is the only thing keeping him grounded, stopping him from floating aimlessly, lost forever. Gabriel feels pleasantly safe in Jack's presence. “But not anymore. I have you.”

His voice gets softer and sincere, for a moment Jack thinks he truly feels how deeply Gabriel is in love with him and how happy that makes the young man. But Jack isn't going to allow it to disarm him. He isn't sure how far the other victims have made it; there is no precedent and therefore no promise of safety. Thinking otherwise would get him killed. Thinking he could keep acting the part and playing Gabriel's delusion indefinitely would get him killed.

Jack is playing a very, very dangerous game. And he must not lose.

“I would never let you be alone.” Jack whispers, a statement he knows can't be fulfilled. He wondered if the loss of memories has made Gabriel crave so madly for a love big enough to fill up the bottomless pit in his mind. Coupling with his pre-existing mental problems, they have caused him to further lose his sense of moral and boundaries, therefore he acts following his own twisted judgement and pure instinct?

The letter has given Jack the impression that Gabriel's current state is the result of failed treatments. Jack doubts Gabriel truly remembers what happened in TALON hospital and hiding it from him. Gabriel can be a lot of things, but oddly enough, he has never lied to Jack due to the their “love”. What has caused his amnesia? A massive shock? A fatal accident?

“Is there anything you aren't telling me, Gabe?”

“What do you mean, mi cariño ?”

Jack's eyes cast down to his fumbling fingers. “I--I want to know everything about you. We are to be wed, after all. I… don't want any secret between us.”

Mi amor , I would never---”

Gabriel stops when he realizes he's about to lie to his sweet angel as a conditioned reaction. He wants to slap himself in the face. Naturally, it's not his fault for wanting to hide something like that. Gabriel knows it's an abnormal, unnatural, frightening thing and he's ashamed that he can't be physically perfect for his dear Jack.

But Jack is different, of course. He's special . He would not reject Gabriel just because of some flaws in his look. He is too kind and wise, too loving to break up with Gabriel over something like this. Even though Gabriel constantly praises Jack's flawless beauty, to him, the most attractive, irreplaceable thing about Jack is his peerlessly pure, innocent, tender heart. Appearance doesn't matter as long as they truly love each other with all their souls.

“Actually,” Gabriel breathes nervously, “there is something that I have been hiding from you, mi sol.”

Gabriel's heart tightens with pain and anxiety at Jack's suddenly paled face. He takes hold of Jack's hand, praying with everything he has that his angel wouldn't get upset with him. He has sworn that he wouldn't let his sweet Jack be hurt after what happened with the slut under the basement.

“I'm so sorry, mi corazón . Please understand that it's not because I don't trust you or love you. I just do not wish to trouble you, especially because of your injury.”

Jack trembles a little and there is fear in his voice. “What is it?”

Gabriel sighs. “Wait here, I'll show you.”

He quickly goes to his room before returns with two plastic bottles and cleansing wipes. Jack watches him pour the clean liquid from one bottle onto the cotton, then starts to wipe the skin on his arm with it. Jack doesn't understand anything until the dark color begins to fade away, exposing a patch of discoloration underneath. It isn't exactly white, but an abnormal grey-ish color, like dead skin. Gabriel wipes both his arms, then all of his revealed body parts. The grey patches dot his bronze skin like a disease, running under the hems of his clothing. Gabriel takes off his shirt to show Jack that they cover his whole body, their disturbing anomaly gives Jack the chill.

“It’s not contagious,” Gabriel explains. “But I understand if you think it’s ugly.”

Jack reaches out his hand, like he wants to touch him, but then withdrawing. Before a spark of pain even has the chance to piece Gabriel’s heart, Jack asks with a soft voice. “Does it hurt?”

When Gabriel first woke up, he had experienced shredding pain and discomfort when a muscle pulls too tight. The pain then slowly faded, although it still comes and goes, time and time again. He hasn’t felt any of that with Jack as a wonderful distraction. “Not when I’m with you.”

Feeling brave, Gabriel offers his arms. With trembling fingers, Jack touches the unnatural patch of skin. They feel cold, dead and lifeless under Jack's careful caress. Now that he looks closely, Gabriel's body is painted with scars. Large and small cuts, surgery marks, burns, bullet wounds…

“These…” He doesn't know what to say before the horror of it. “How?”

Gabriel shakes his head. “I don't remember.”

He kneels down so he's on eye-level with Jack, and takes hold of both of Jack's hands. “Now that you know, will you still marry me?”

Jack lets out a small gasp, and Gabriel watches the way he opens and closes his mouth repeatedly. He feels bad for testing Jack this way, but just like the way his beloved needs his constant reassurance, Gabriel wants to hear it from his angel as well. He knows Jack can do it. He can't be wrong. Jack is special .

Instead of answering, Jack puts his hands behind Gabriel's head and pulls him into a tender kiss. Jack knows what Gabriel wants from him, but before the weight of the young man's past and expectations, it's easier to avoid the question than bringing himself to lie about something he knows he can't give.

Gabriel's chest fills with euphoria and love and things void of labels. He puts all he could into their kiss and Jack parts his lips, letting Gabriel feel his hot, slick interiors. Gabriel moves Jack's hands down his back so that his lover can hold onto him tighter, Jack's fingers rake through his skin in the throes of passion, but of course it doesn't hurt. Gabriel understands it now. It can never hurt with your true love.

He nestles his face into the crook of Jack's neck, sweetly mouthing along the luscious curve of his shoulder. The delicious taste of his dear Jack in his nose and mouth makes him delirious. But it isn't enough. He wants more. Closer. He wants to engulf all that Jack is.

Devour him.

For a moment, Jack feels inhumane sharp claws digging into his shoulders. When Gabriel's voice comes out, it's awfully rough, rumbling, on edge.

“I want to touch you more.” Hot lips graze Jack's skin, makes him aware of the drop of cold sweat running down his nape. “Can I?”

His beloved pants into Gabriel's ear and he can see Jack flushes deeply. He teases Jack's earlobe with his lips.

“... Only under the clothes. And not… down there.” Jack's voice is tiny, trembling with both nervousness and embarrassment. He's so adorable.

Muchas graciás, mi angél.” Gabriel rewards him with a kiss on the cheek.

He gently lowers Jack down on the bed. Jack rolls on his side so he can hide his face in his arms, but he can't cover the cute blush now adorns both his ears. Smiling at how innocent his lover is, Gabriel spoons against his back.

He goes slow, his fingers brush back and forth under the hem of Jack's shirt first, before tentatively explores higher up. Jack is a shuddering warmth in his arms, he can feel the soft expanse of Jack's stomach undulating with each short, excited breath. He places his palm on Jack's chest, not to fondle but to feel the beat of Jack's hot, throbbing heart. His.

I want you. Instead, he whispers, “I love you.

Jack puts his hand on Gabriel's, affirming the hold Gabriel has over his heart. He doesn't say anything. He doesn't need to say anything.

Te amo.” Gabriel murmurs again, and buries his face into Jack's neck.

Chapter Text

Mad likes the lab. She has always liked the lab. She loves the scent of chemicals, the way the light reflects on translucent glass jars, the cold and smooth surface of her tools. She's born for this. She knows.

“How was it?”

She can sense Amelie - no, Widowmaker’s presence before the emotionless woman approaches her table, but she doesn't want to stop her work and turns around.

“Can't you get me his blood, tissue or urine samples? This hair sample isn't enough.” She shows Widowmaker a white strand of hair, taken from Jack Morrison.

“Maybe.” Widowmaker hums. “It shouldn't be hard if he agrees to cooperate with us.”

“You are such a naughty, sinful woman, ma chérie .” Mad laughs, thinking about the letter full of lies she fed Jack with. “You are going to break the poor old man's heart when he finds out.”

“I'm not your ‘darling’, Mad. We aren't actually married.”

“Pffft, tiny detail.” She dismisses it with a pout. “Going on your night watch?”


“Let me know if you can get any sample from R-013. I want to examine its cells.”

“No promises.”

Mad waves goodbye to her, not caring if she's still there or not. It isn't important how Mad treats her, her only concern is to complete the mission and nothing else. In Mad's opinion, she isn't as a perfect experiment as she could have been, but since Mad’s team wasn't in charge of her transformation, she can't do anything about it. She'll need to submit a proposal about that later.

Nevertheless, their top priority right now is R-013 and its human partner. Despite its outbreak, Mad still thinks Reyes has been the right choice for the experiment. She has known that since the moment they managed to capture him. He had the training, the intelligence, the skill set, the strength, the necessary willpower to be a perfect test subject. His conditioning has been a failure, but now that Jack Morrison is in the picture, R-013 will come under their control soon enough. 

The Reaper Project must succeed. It will succeed, like she has planned it to be.





“On day XX, month XX, after our "appointment”, I have successfully acquired a hair sample of J□□□ M□□□□□□□. Initial testing does not bring up anything significant. I will send the sample back to base for further research.

R-013’s position has not gotten noticed by Overwatch agents yet. We should make plan to divert their attention away from this place.

It has been a joy to directly observe the interaction between subject R-013 and J□□□ M□□□□□□□ in close proximity. Its development proves its ability to learn and understand the world on its own, and even adopt feelings. Remarkable.

We have given faked information to J□□□ M□□□□□□□ to assure his cooperation. If he proves to disobey instead, we will immediately take both of them in by force.

All teams stand by. Continue to monitor both subjects.

Chapter Text

It's a peaceful evening to them. Gabriel, like usual, never leaves the house and spends all his time with Jack. He stops using concealer to hide the discoloration on his skin, and Jack takes this as a positive sign of trust. They watch TV together, where Gabriel gets especially engrossed in some Spanish soap opera while Jack gets strangely engrossed in observing the fascinating changes in the young man's facial expressions. It's almost like a kid’s.

In Jack's eyes, he has always only been two things: Gabriel who is crazy in love with him, or Gabriel the murderer. Jack wonders if knowing about the man's past has changed his way of thinking. For the first time, Jack thinks he saw a glimpse of the real Gabriel, a hurt, lost, lonely, vulnerable soul, hidden under all the insanity and delusions. Gabriel's touch, for the first time, didn't scare him. It is also due to the fact that Gabriel didn't go further than a hug, and Jack appreciated that. At that time, Jack had felt like denying him would equal refusing to help a child who lost his way. Jack couldn't give Gabriel the love he craved, but at least he could give him a comforting embrace.

It unsettles Jack when he realizes, again, that he's going sentimental. But thinking about Gabriel's scars, his amnesia, his unusual skin condition, his worsen insanity, Jack can't help but feel sorry for whatever horrible things that have happened to Gabriel to turn him into… this. If the way he treats Jack is any indication, he could have been… he could have been a good man with a happy family, and not…

When Gabriel turns, his angel's face again is saddened with thoughts. There is sorrow in his eyes and worries in the deep crease between his brows, and Gabriel wants nothing more than to solve both dilemmas. He places a soft kiss on Jack's lips.

“What's upsetting you, mi cariño? Is your leg hurting again?”

“It's not.”

“Then what is it? Do you want to switch channel?”

“Why did you choose me, Gabriel?”

The abrupt question surprises them both, his beloved looks like he didn't intend to say that, but it has naturally slipped out of his tongue after much pondering. His face was that of mild shocked before it morphs into determination. Jack wants to know just what's in him that has touched Gabriel's heart, has made the young man fastened this affection onto him, and somehow taking care of him and letting him live until now.

Gabriel isn't sure what has brought about Jack's insecurities again, but he will make sure it's taken care of. It's his duty as Jack's fiancee.

“I choose you because you are perfect, la luz de mi vida.”

“And what exactly does that means?”

Gabriel thinks for a moment, not because he can't answer, but because he's considering that maybe the soap opera is the reason for Jack's sudden questioning. It's completely possible with how all of the main characters are pretty, young people and the old ones are usually the villains. He needs to be mindful about watching this series before Jack from now on.

“I love you because you are kind, and pure, and sweet. You are caring, selfless, and brave.” Then he adds, “and you are beautiful too, of course.”

Jack hasn't exactly attracted Gabriel's eyes until the night he punched a young punk in the bar. Apparently, the guy came with a girl and put something in that girl's drink while she wasn't looking. Jack saw it, he alerted the girl and when the guy tried to pick a fight with him, Jack didn't even flinch, just straightly punched him in the face, then called Reinhardt to drag him out of the bar. After that, he turned to the girl and gave her a lecture about personal safety. For some reasons, it made Gabriel laugh. He stopped grinning when Jack's stern, angry expression melted into a soft, warm, subtle smile at the girl's small “thank you”. Gabriel realized he didn't know that Jack's eyes were that blue and captivating when he smiled. Gabriel thinks that's the first moment he has caught a gleam of Jack's true hidden beauty: his tremendously pure, kind, loving heart.

Gabriel holds Jack's hand and cradles his face in the other palm. “You make me happy.” He continues, his thumb traces the line of Jack's cheekbone. “Others… they all said that they loved me, but just as quick to turn their back against me. All disgusting liars and ungrateful sluts !” His voice trembles in anger, but softens again when he looks at Jack. “But you are different. You truly love me, you care about me, and you accept all of me, even though I'm…” he swallows “ this. Mi angél, mi cariño, mi Sol, amor de mi vida,” Gabriel leans down, and Jack naturally cants his chin up, welcoming the touch of his lips. “Eres mi todo. You are my everything.”

The kiss is slow. Gabriel takes his time mapping out every line of Jack's lips before dipping inside, engaging Jack's tongue in a slick, sensual dance. It has been a long time since someone has kissed him so passionately, and Jack only realizes Gabriel has lowered his back onto the couch when they part for breath. He mentally scolds himself.

“Is your leg ok?” Gabriel asks, hovering above him, chest to chest. They shuffle around a little to allow Jack to rest his injured ankle on the armrest before Gabriel captures Jack's lips again. Gabriel is hot and heavy, bearing down on him, his mouth doing… things to Jack that he finds himself inevitably blush in embarrassment and anger for his silent acceptance of how good it felt. Gabriel presses in closer between Jack's legs. Startled by the sudden push of a hardness against him, Jack breaks their kiss.

Gabriel doesn't push on, but doesn't move away either. He gazes down at Jack with half-lidded eyes, face flushed, lips parted and wet, and Jack can see what he's thinking clearly as day.

I want you. 

A quiver rolls down his spine at the unspeakable things burning in those eyes. He feels helpless, powerless, overwhelmed at the face of this: the feverish desire, the distorted love of a complete madman. He should run away screaming, he must; and yet, he's horrified to realize the idea didn't frighten him as much as it should.

Gabriel is the one who breaks the eye contact to shift his lower body away from Jack, relieving him from the solid pressure. At the bewilderment on Jack's face, he gives Jack a soft kiss of comfort.

“I want you,” he murmurs against Jack's forehead, “but if you aren't ready, I won't.”

Gabriel understands it has been a long time since Jack intimate with anyone, much less another man. After his wife passed away due to sickness, Jack didn't have any other lover until now. It's natural for him to be scared and unfamiliar with all that is happening between them, their body's reactions. And Gabriel knows Jack has a deeply rooted insecurity about their age difference. He doesn't want to force himself on his delicate beloved angel. That's not how he has wanted their first time to be.

“Can we still stay like this for a little while?” He offers, as he doesn't want Jack to leave his arms yet. “I promise I won't do anything.”

“ ...Alright.”

With a content smile, Gabriel comfortably nestles his face into the crook of Jack's neck, peppering Jack's skin with butterfly kisses. Jack's fingers find their way into Gabriel's soft curls, petting his hair with the utmost tenderness.

“Thank you.” Jack breathes out quietly.

As Jack lays there with the considerate, gentle and devoted Gabriel Reyes - the serial killer who is madly in love with him - the lost, vulnerable, lonely soul under the possession of insanity; as Jack feels the weight of him on his body, his warmth, the way his chest presses flushed against Jack's with each breath, he comes to a conclusion.

He will save Gabriel Reyes.



They come again for the weekly check-up, and Amelie stays around as an “assistance” while Madeleine examines the health conditions of Jack Morrison. R-013 constantly keeps an eye on them from its seat, its eyes are soft, watchful. It mostly never looks away from Jack Morrison. Amelie doesn't understand the strange connection between them - an inhuman creature and its very human mate. She can not see what makes Jack Morrison different from other victims before him, he's actually rather inferior in quality. Nonetheless, it's not her job to ask questions. The only thing she needs to care about is completing her mission flawlessly.

“Amelie, ma chérie, can you take Mr. Morrison to the bathroom for me?” Madeleine turns to her with a sing-song voice, “No, Mr. Reyes, please sit down. I need to discuss the details of Mr. Morrison’s recovery plan with you.”

Catching her cue, Amelie moves forward, approaching Jack Morrison.

“But he needs me.” R-013 protests.

“We will let him borrow our crutches. Honey, if you please?” Amelie automatically heads to the pair of crutches leaning against the wall. “Exercise is crucial for his recovery,” Madeleine explains.

R-013 looks none too happy about it. The problem only settles when Jack himself speaks out.

“I think the doctor is right, Gabe.” He takes the crutches from Amelie and with her support, gets up from the examination table. “It’s just a short distance anyway. I can handle it.”

“Please be careful, mi amour. ” R-013 sighs, “Call for me if anything, alright?”

“I know.” Jack gives R-013 a small smile, “I’ll be right back.”

Amelie helps him out of the room. Silently, they move along the corridor until Amelie is sure they are out of R-013’s hearing distance.

“Now that you know, what is your decision, Mr. Morrison?” She murmurs softly, trying to seem as caring as possible.

He looks at her, his eyes aren’t those of a scared, pitiful victim. They are clear and doubtful.

“Can you save him?” He asks back. “Help him better?”

“...We can put him in the best facility. We’ll try.”

Of course, it's a total lie. If Amelia takes one millisecond too long to answer, Jack doesn’t notice. He seems lost in thoughts, and Amelie lets him be. Jack goes into the bathroom by himself while she stands outside, listening to the sound of water flowing. She waits. Patience is necessary to catch a prey.

She gives him another letter when he returns, which he doesn’t read but hide away immediately. They don’t have time for that. He gazes at her yet again, and Amelie doesn’t understand the whirlpool of emotions in his eyes.

“Please save him,” Jack says softly, pleadingly, before going silent.

Amelie thinks that she finally understands why he is different.

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The night is beautifully clear. There is no star clustering around the luminescent Moon. Its weak halo is actually benefiting for Amelie, providing a better vision, yet still giving her the necessary cover she needs.

Packing up her rifle in an instrument bag and zipping up her coat, she tests the functionality of the visor again, double check her ammo and equipments before re-tying her hair up, ready to work.

Madeleine only peeks half her face out of the door when she walks by. “What's his answer?”

There is no other explanation for the question, but Amelie understands there's only one thing the doctor wants to know.

“He said he'd think about it.”

“Pssst.” Madeleine snorts and disappears into the lab. She hardly leaves that place unless she needs food or water.

Mad doesn't need to know Jack Morrison's real answer, Amelie decided. The man puzzles her, only ever slightly. But she hasn't felt anything for a long time that a small sign of … - What she should call it? Curiosity? Surprise? Amazement? Emotion - …is enough to unsettle her.

She can't decide why she would feel something towards Jack Morrison’s decision. Does he have some special ability? Is this how he formed that unusual born with R-013?

She has to find out.



“Mr. Morrison, we hope you have made your decision concerning the information we gave you.

Regardless of whether you believe us or not (for valid reasons we're sure) we will continue to proceed with the plan of capturing Gabriel Reyes. If you alert him and/or help him escape, we will consider you an accomplice and there will be wanted ads of you all over the country. We won't stop until we catch you both, and you will receive suitable punishment under the laws for hiding and supporting a serial killer.

If you agree to cooperate with us, you will be taken under our victim protection plan. We will do our best to warranty your safety and you will testify as a victim of Gabriel Reyes in court. Afterwards, if you oh so wish, we could completely change your identity and move you to a safe place far away to ensure you a new, peaceful life.

Remember, we are here to help. Our agents will continue to monitor the house 24/7.

As we have mentioned in our last letter, please do NOT try to take the matter into your own hands and contact you family, friends, or the authority, nor should you try to escape by yourselves. Gabriel Reyes is extremely dangerous . Not only he's highly skilled in combat, he's also more familiar with the area. He might seem to be an ideal lover to you now, but he won't hesitate to kill you once you try to oppose him.

Our agents will make direct contact with you whenever necessary. Please provide them with any information you have and aid them on their mission.

Destroy this letter immediately after you finish reading. Rescue will come. Don't lose hope. Please wait for our next instructions.”





[2 weeks till Jack Morrison's recovery]

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For some reason, Gabriel has been having engineers coming over to “fix the house”. Jack is always kept upstairs when they visit, completely out of sight, although he can hear the sounds of their activities. Gabriel will leave him in the room with snacks, water, books, and magazines to entertain himself. He encourages Jack to read all the magazines and mark whatever catches his interest, obviously wanting to shower Jack in presents later on. The door is always locked “for safety” and Jack isn't allowed to get out of the room until all the workers have left.

He could have screamed for help, Jack supposes, but he didn't. Now that he has the safer option of waiting for rescue, he doesn't want to do anything that will cost him the deep trust he has gotten from Gabriel, and along with it - his life, the chance to escape, the possibility of stopping Gabriel and getting him the treatment he clearly needs.

Jack wants to believe Gabriel can be saved, although he knows it's wiser not to trust such a sentiment. What does saving him even mean? Gabriel wouldn’t understand or appreciate what Jack is trying to do for him even if Jack explains. He wouldn’t understand why would he need to be placed in an asylum or receive psychological care. With his characters, he would never accept being taken away from Jack. He might even get worse.

Again and again, Jack wonders about this. Can Gabriel actually get better? When will all attempt simply become futile and he'll be deemed a hopeless case? What will happen then? He'll spend the rest of his life in a psych ward, never know who he actually was and never see the world again?

Why would it matter? Why would Gabriel's fate matter to Jack? After everything he has done, he deserves to be quarantined and kept away from society for the safety of both him and other people. Gabriel has drugged Jack, kidnapped him, kept him imprisoned against his will and sexually harassed him. The fact that Gabriel hasn't raped him (yet) or hasn't killed him (yet) does not make it alright! Jack knows that. If he killed Gabriel, no one would care, the laws would be on his side even. Why does he still feel a sense of obligation to save such a man?

Jack realizes he has crumpled the magazine from how tightly he's holding it. Sighing in frustration, he throws it onto the bedside table. He shouldn't have let Gabriel's words waver him. He knows better than that. This life, this relationship between them is merely an illusion weaved together by Gabriel's insanity. It isn't real.

I love you. You are the only one.

Gabriel's lips against his, loving, coaxing, but never demanding.

I only have you. You are my everything.

Brutal fingers slithering around his neck, coiling, squeezing, firm and deadly like the grip of a viper.

Jack. Mi angél. Mi amor. Mi cariño. Mi Sol. La luz de mi vida.

Something in Jack's gut twists violently, a hazardous mix of emotions that have all piled up in him, threatening to burst. Before he knows what he is doing, he grabs the bedside table and throws it into the wall, the stack of magazine there scatters everywhere and the reading lamp meets the floor with a loud, piercing smash. He attempts to stand up on his own and gets to the door, but instead, he loses his balance and falls back onto the bed. The existence of his cast makes him want to scream.

He doesn’t want to--to feel anything toward Gabriel! Why the fuck would he even allow the man to touch him? Why would he even allow himself to get used to it? He didn’t want this. He didn’t want any of this. He wants to go home. He wants to get out of this bloody house before he's out of his goddamn mind!

All that noises naturally draw said man upstairs, and Jack dreads Gabriel's appearance just from the urgent sounds of his footsteps. He turns away when the door flings open.

“What happened? Are you alright, mi angél?”

Jack bites his lips. Now is not the time to throw a tantrum! He's so close to escaping this hell hole. He can't let everything be ruined in the last moment like this.

He can feel the mattress dip beside him. A hand gently touches his face, turning him toward Gabriel. Jack hold back the urge to grab and claw at him.

“I'm sorry.” He manages a short, chortled apologize. “It’s my fault.”

“Are you hurt?” Gabriel pulls him upright and starts checking for injury. “What happened?”

“...I wanted to stand up on my own, but I couldn't.” Jack grits out. “I fell and accidentally kicked the table over. I'm sorry.”

Gabriel instantly squats down before Jack to inspect his cast. When his hand touches Jack's leg, Jack wants nothing more than to kick him in the face.

“Why didn't you call for me if you needed something?”

“I did.” He lies. “I think it was too noisy downstairs so you couldn't hear me.”

“I apologise, mi amor. Please bear with it just for awhile. I'll try to make them finish faster.” Gabriel sighs. “What is it that you wanted?”

Jack almost blows up at that. Get away from me. Leave me alone. Let me go. I want to go home. He bites his lips again to stop himself from acting rashly. He closes his eyes and breathes, willing himself back under control and recollect his thoughts. His silence only prompts Gabriel to be more forceful.

“What's wrong, cariño? ” Gabriel takes hold of both of Jack's hands and squeezes firmly in an act meant to be comforting. “Please tell me.”

“I wanted…” Jack sucks in a deep breath, “I wanted you to take me to the garden, to get some fresh air. All the loud noise are causing me  headaches.”

Jack doesn't look at Gabriel, he can't be sure what expression he will make. He needs to clean his head. He is so fed up with everything. Maybe he is going crazy, too, for the fact that he wants to save this man, to help him, even after everything he has done. Or maybe it's just exhaustion, maybe the noises actually bothered him after all and made him unable to think straight. Everything seems to be buzzing like a swarm of angry bees. Jack just doesn't know what to feel anymore.

The discomfort on Jack's face is genuine, so Gabriel easily falls for it, even though the real cause is totally different from what he thinks.

“I understand. Wait here, I'll be back quickly.”

Jack's tensed shoulders drop in relief the moment Gabriel is out of the door. The noises die down soon after. Jack bows his head, rubbing at his eyes. Both his leg and his head now throb, and underneath it all is a torrent of emotions without a clear end.



Gabriel knew his beloved Jack would be deeply made anxious by the appearance of strangers in their home, along with all the noises they cause. He feels bad, but it's unavoidable. He would have done the installation on his own if he has been able to, but it's still better to let professionals taking care of it. The best he can do is keeping his precious angel away from the source of discomfort and protecting him from being disturbed by any filthy animal hiding under the guise of a harmless engineer.

It's upsetting to know that the sudden change in environment has actually caused harm to his delicate fiance. Gabriel has hastily dismissed all the workers home before returning to his Jack, still sitting hunched over the bed in clear weariness.

“I sent them away so you can rest.” He gently picks Jack up. Jack doesn't hold onto him like he usually would. His lover must be really tired. “I'm sorry. Tomorrow let's move you into my workshop. It's soundproofed.”

“What are they doing down there?” Jack mumbles.

“I hired them to install a new security system. Now that you'll be staying here, I want to make our house the safest possible.”

Not wanting to frighten his beloved, Gabriel does not tell Jack that he has been noticing the appearance of dangerous animals prowling around their house lately. They disguised themselves well, but Gabriel is smarter, sharper than them. Obviously they are here to prey on his pure, lovely, perfect Jack; desperate for a chance to snatch him out of Gabriel's hands. Like Gabriel would ever allow that to happen! Jack needs his protection, and it's Gabriel's rightful duty to defend what is his.

Any carefully putting Jack on the bench in the garden, with a quick glance to assure the back door is locked, Gabriel hurries back inside to collect a water bottle and an umbrella, plus a stool for Jack to rest his ankle on. When he returns, Jack is looking somewhere beyond the high fence, his eyes distant.

“Are you feeling better?” His question breaks Jack out of his trance. He brings the stool closer and Jack lifts his injured leg.

“Thank you.” His beloved murmurs. He doesn't say anything else as Gabriel sits down next to him and holds his hand.

They sit there in silence. Jack doesn't object when Gabriel starts playing with his hand, turning it over and using his fingertip to trace the lines of Jack's palm. Some cultures believe that you can read someone's future with those. Where is the time when their life together start?

“What do you want to do for our honeymoon, mi amor?

“... Honeymoon?” Jack blinks, like suddenly he forgot about them. Is he too deep in thought? “Oh. Yes, we should make plans.”

“I'm thinking about a quiet country house by the lake, in a beautiful forest near here. I can drive us there, so you won't have to worry about the crowd and transportation.” Gabriel has taken notice of the house while… well, while he was dealing with one of the whores . He dug around and found out that the owner only comes there with his family in summer, and would gladly rent it out to anybody during other seasons. They can stay there as long as they want, gently make love and enjoy each other's company. Just the two of them without the rest of the world trying to drive them apart. “We can go fishing, take long walks in the forest, make a small bonfire…”

“You don't have any… place that you want to visit?” Jack suggests. “A lot of people travel to another city, or overseas.”

“I only want to be wherever you are.” Gabriel kisses the back of Jack's hand, and he blushes slightly. “Also, it's not safe for you out there. What if someone takes you? What if I lose you and never find you again? You know I can't live without you. I'll go crazy.”

“You are right.” Jack returns to look up at the sky. “You need me.”

“I need you,” Gabriel confirms, moving his lips to Jack's knuckles. “I love you.”

“Tell me about your plan.” Jack pulls his hand back only so he can be more comfortable leaning his head on Gabriel's shoulder. “Our future, after the wedding.”

“I want to adopt a puppy, so he can protect you and the house while I'm working.” He wraps his arm around Jack, enjoying his warmth and proximity. “We'll move to a bigger house when we have kids. Well, if you want kids…”

“Yes, of course.” Jack agrees. “Somewhere close to a good school for them.”

“A boy and a girl would be nice. Almost the same age, so they can grow up together.”

Jack hesitantly touches Gabriel's hand. “What's about your family?”

“My family?”

“Don't you plan to search for them?”

While Gabriel enjoys his lover's touch, something rankles within him. “I have you and our children, aren't I? You are my family!”

“Yes, but I mean, your parents, they must be worried about you. To them, you must have gone missing for a long time.” Jack explains. “Don't you think it'd make them happy to see you again, or know you are having a good life now? It might even recall some of your memories.”

Gabriel thinks about it. “I'm not entirely sure, mi angél. They are just… I don't know. If I think about them now, they'll be nothing but strangers to me.” Even though he's touched by how much his dearest care for him, Gabriel regrets a little about sharing his past with Jack. It must have upset his sensitive beloved. “Can we discuss this later?”

“... Alright.” Jack sighs.

“I'm not lonely, mi sol.” Gabriel tries to comfort him. He touches Jack's chin to turn his face up for a sweet kiss. “I have you, the sweetest, kindest, perfect, most beautiful angel on Earth with me.”

Jack stares up at Gabriel from under his lashes for long moments. He loves the blue of Jack's eyes. It's not the cold of ice nor the eccentricity of the sky. It's deep and gentle with a touch of a naive beauty, like cornflower. Gabriel kisses him again. And again. Short, sweet pecks quickly merge into long, exhilarating kisses. He pulls at Jack's soft lips and licks at his shy tongue. When they finally part, both of them are breathless.

“I love you.” Gabriel knots their fingers together. “Tell me you love me.”

Jack's voice is trembling and wet, showing just how deeply touched he feels. “I love you too.”

Pleased, Gabriel pulls him into another kiss.


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“Day XX, month XX,

The experiment is a failure.

During the past week, we had hired 20 men and women of various ages that fit the description of J□□□ M□□□□□□□: healthy, white, blue eyes, blonde hair, 5’8”~6’. So far, none of them has succeeded in catching subject R-013’s interest. In fact, it shows signs of hostility towards some of them and is now reinforcing the security of its nest.

On second note, subject R-013 has been regularly leaving the nest at night while J□□□ M□□□□□□□ is asleep and returned before he wakes. Our spies reported that it has found a new target, and seems to be preparing to capture this man. A male in the age of 25, black hair, brown eyes, stubble beard, 5'5”. We are unsure if he will replace J□□□ M□□□□□□□, but it's likely subject R-013 has a different purpose for him, as it's continuing to protect, care for, and have intimate gestures toward J□□□ M□□□□□□□.

Conclusion: Appearance isn't the main factor in forming a bond. More observation required.

I am rather curious about its purpose of choosing a male mate. If its intention is breeding, a woman would be clearly better. Or has it developed a mean to reproduce that we are not aware of?

Tell the team to get me sperm samples even if they have to die for it!

I suggest we use our best capabilities to support their “marriage”. We need to create a safe, secluded environment for them to copulate. Considering subject R-013’s unpredictable changes, it would be better to observe a natural mating process than a forced one in the lab. We still can capture both of them after for experiment.

Under all circumstances, when being discovered by subject R-013 or J□□□ M□□□□□□□, all team members are only allowed to use non-lethal weapons. Remember, the targets’ lives are worth more than yours.

And if you get found out, you deserve to die anyway~~

If anything happens to J□□□ M□□□□□□□, I'll personally see to your punishment~”

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Gabriel has planned for weeks to catch this whore. Unforgivable, that he could inflict such a devastating injury on Gabriel's beloved Jack, and get away with it. His pure, sweet, innocent, kind angel has to spend two months with a cast, enduring all the pain and difficulties, while this despicable filth was still running around on the street. Gabriel has paid a hacker to snuck into the police’s system and extracted all data about this careless driver. He has repeatedly watched the security camera footage until the driver's appearance was burned into his mind, and spent a lot of time to investigate. Normally, he wouldn't wait that long to get rid of such a disgusting degenerate, but the severity of the crime he had dared to bring upon Gabriel's dear Jack called for a special, satisfactory punishment. He deserves worse than death. Gabriel is determined to catch this vile miscreant himself and made them pay with his own two hands.

He processed carefully and methodically, until he knows the driver's life and schedule like the back of his hand. It's a good thing this filth is stupid and completely oblivious to his surroundings, and hasn't once detected Gabriel's eyes on him. Gabriel has made sure to use makeup and disguise himself so he seems to be a different person every time. He has more than enough time to learn about the neighborhood’s habits, so no one can catch him picking the lock. After installing a decent amount of bugs inside the house, his job got a lot easier. He made a detailed map of where they were placed, so he can get rid of all the evidence later.

The driver shouldn't go missing too suddenly. Gabriel wants to keep this victim for a while, to let him have a taste of true pain, engrave it into his marrow, before ending his worthless life. He has prepared some fake papers about a “planned” holiday to another country, with a flight ticket receipt under the driver's name. The hacker he hired will break into the airline's system and make these information “real”. That will deceive whoever comes looking for this wretched whore.

Now, all he has to do is wait. And Gabriel Reyes is a very, very patient man.



“Your ankle is healing very well, Mr. Morrison.” Madeleine cheerfully announces to both of them during their next appointment, “Next week we can remove your cast. Congratulations!”

“So fast?” Jack quickly covers his mistake with a fake “Whoa, I can't believe it!”

He used to be eager for the day his leg heals, with the belief that it would give him a way out of this situation. He thought that he would be more than ready when the time finally came. Now he is not so sure.

It's blatantly and utterly stupid to empathize with Gabriel, he knows it, but half of him instead wanting to believe in Gabriel's humanity and the hope to save this man from insanity. Something that he himself isn't sure even possible. He shouldn't waver now. He can't waver now. One of his big obstacles is going to be removed in a week, and the freedom he has been longing for is now closer to his reach by a huge margin.

“Are you sure?” Gabriel, on the other hand, isn't that quick to show his satisfaction with Jack's recovery. Jack wonders why until the man brings up his concern. “He has been feeling pain in different, healthy parts of his body, and he sleeps a lot. Don't you think he still needs more rest?”

Jack didn't tell him about those, but he must have found out by observing Jack carefully. What other things could he have possibly found out?

“Sleeping more is actually a good sign because his bones heal while he's asleep.” Madeleine explains, “Intermittent pain also happens regularly to people with his conditions. I'll perform another X-ray after I remove the cast, then if everything is fine, as they should be, he won't need a cast anymore but he'll still need physical therapy to rehabilitate the foot.”

“What does it mean?”

“Basically he just needs to learn how to use the foot again. At first he won't be able to walk right away, I recommend using crutches and process slowly, day by day. If he overdo it, he'll get swellings and pain.” Madeleine rolls the pen between her slender fingers. “It will take at least one more month until he can resume the normal use of his leg.”

“Another month?” Both of them says at the same time. Madeleine stares at them in amazement, her eyes goes from Gabriel to Jack then back to Gabriel.

“Is there a problem?”

“We were planning to hold the ceremony when his cast comes off.”

“Oh, of course. He'd be able to walk down the aisle with the help of a pair of crutches, I can assure you. But if you are… planning some vigorous activities, as newlyweds usually do,” Gabriel clears his throat awkwardly, and the way he quickly casts a guilty glance at Jack tells him that's exactly what the younger man was having in mind. Madeleine winks at them, “I'd suggest you to be gentle with him.”

Gabriel clears his throat even louder now, making her bursts into laughter. Jack hides his face in hands.

“Such a cute couple.” She grins, returning Jack's medical records to him. “Don't forget a wedding invitation for me and my wife, kay?”

“Of course, you'd be our honoured guests.” Gabriel smoothly swipes his moment of discomposure away with his charming smile, as always.

“Well, for that honour, I'll let you borrow a pair of crutches. Mr. Morrison should get used to them as soon as possible. He'd be needing them in the upcoming days.”

While Gabriel is busy engaged in a heated argument about the necessity of Jack having special crutches that are personally customized for him, Amélie helps him trying out the pair they have available, and slips something inside his back pocket. Knowing what it is, Jack shows no reaction. The crutches are familiar to the ones he has used before Gabriel kidnapped him, so Jack gets comfortable with them quickly.

“Gabe, these are fine.” He shows the young man by standing straight by himself and walks several steps. “I only need some practice. Doctor said I needed more exercises, after all.”

Mi angél, you don't need to push yourself.” Gabriel abandons the conversation to come to Jack immediately, holding onto his shoulders to prevent him from falling. “I don't want you to suffer any more than you already have.”

Jack can't imagine how the difficulties from trying to use his leg again could possibly compare with what he has experienced in the last few weeks, but he keeps that to himself and gives Gabriel a reassuring smile. “This is for our wedding, so I don't mind. Besides, I have you with me.”

“Oh, mi cariño!” Gabriel utters a sigh of adoration and kisses Jack. “You are too good for me.”

This time it's Madeleine's turn to clear her throat. “Gentlemen, I'd suggest you continue this at home.” Then she adds with a mischievous wink. “Although I don't mind the show, this is still a clinic, you know.”

“My apologies.” Gabriel says without any sincerity at all and quickly steals another kiss before actually pulling away. “We will take our leave.”

Although, after everything Madeleine has explained, Gabriel still stubbornly insists that he needs to carry Jack down the stairs. Knowing he won't give up, Jack hangs onto him with a sigh while Madeleine holds the crutches for them. But instead of letting Jack down when they reach first floor, Gabriel carries him straight to the car.

“Gabe!” Jack scowls softly, “I need to learn to walk on my own, remember?”

“Tomorrow.” He answers, putting Jack down onto the front seat. “Let me spoil you one last day, hmm?” He leaves a peck on Jack's cheek before closing the door.

After the crutches are arranged securely on the back seat, Gabriel starts up the car. Jack watches Madeleine waving goodbye to them until she's completely out of sights.





Jack knows something's up when he sees a crack of light from the hallway hesitatingly seeps in through the door. He lays still on his side, pretends to be asleep, and after a moment, it disappears. It must be Gabriel checking in on him. For precaution, he keeps his “sleeping” pose, breathing evenly, waiting for something to happen next.

He didn't expect the bed to dip. Jack almost jumped out of his skin when it did.

How did Gabriel get in? There shouldn't have been enough room for him to slip through the door, the size of the sliver of light told Jack that much.

He's dreaming? A lucid dream?

“Jack?” Gabriel's voice is soft, “ Mi angél?”

What does he want? Jack keeps up his facade, hoping it will make him leave.

No such luck.

The bed dips more as Gabriel lays down behind him. After some shuffling around, Gabriel has apparently tugged himself under the cover too, then a warm, heavy body is pressed flushed against Jack's back. Jack's heart starts thrumming inside his chest, but he doesn't dare to move.

“Jack, cariño,” Lips touches his ears, nibbling and pulling teasingly. A hand creeps onto his abdomen, then slides up his chest. Jack waits for Gabriel to purr his name two more times before actually starts to “wake up”. He cracks his eyes open and turns his head half way around. He is met with a kiss.

“Gabe?” Jack mumbles, “What is it?”

“May I touch you?” he whispers, fingers sneak under the hem of Jack's shirt and draw tiny circles on his naked skin. Jack breathes carefully, slowly.

“Yes, of course.” After given permission, Gabriel's hand goes under Jack's shirt, deliberately exploring the expanse of his torso and abdomen. His skin feels warm and soft. “Is there something wrong, Gabe? Couldn't sleep?”

Hesitation. His palm still trails up and down Jack's stomach. “I have been thinking about… our wedding.” A beat. “And what I want to do to you.”

Jack's tongue suddenly stuck in his throat. His body stiffens up instantly at the implication. No, he isn't ready for this!

“You know that I desire you, mi amor. And I know you want me too.” Gabriel sighs, “but I understand that you want to keep yourselves for our wedding night, and I'm not proposing we consummate our love right now. It's only proper.” That gets Jack to ease up.

“However, I think it's better if we slowly getting used to being… more intimate with each other, one step at a time, as to… prepare for when we become one. I don't want it to hurt or shocking for you on our… first time.”

Jack feels very, very much like he's treading on dangerous water. He could try to refuse Gabriel, insisting that he is fine and wants to wait till their wedding, but it'd raise unwanted questions and doubts in Gabriel's part, not to mention upsetting him, for he has been trying to hold onto his needs for so long. Jack can't lose Gabriel's truth right now. It's crucial for his survival. First, Jack needs to find out what plan Gabriel is having in mind.

Jack turns around completely. Gabriel's eyes are bright and unblinking like an animal’s. Every emotion inside is indistinguishable. Jack brings his face closer until their noses touch.

“What are we going to do, then?”

“I want to touch you.” Gabriel's eyes flicker across Jack's face, “and I want you to touch me, too.”

It's still too vague. “Touch” can imply a lot of things. Well, no going back now.

“Alright.” Jack says with uncertainty, but still wrap his hand around Gabriel's body. The younger man is bare from his waist up. Jack starts to trace his fingers along his spine, and Gabriel shudders. Jack stops. Desire flares red in Gabriel's eyes, and for a moment Jack thinks Gabriel will forcibly pin him down. But the younger man sucks in a hard breath and blinks it away, then he touches Jack, too, gently cupping his cheek.

“Go on.” He whispers, and Jack complies.

With his hand, he explores Gabriel's back. It is something belongs to battlefield. Broad, strong, indurated. Beset with scars. He carefully runs his fingers on the jagged skin where they laid unmoving, like sleeping beasts. Oddly so, in the dark, embracing his serial killer, what Jack sees with his hand frightens him more than what he saw with his eyes; knowing that Gabriel can be hurt, while at the same time, knowing that he survived . Jack takes a deep breath.

Gabriel holds Jack's waist and pulls them closer, chest to chest, their legs entangled. He buries his face into the smooth broad curve of Jack's shoulder and lay down soft, sweet kisses. It feels nothing like when Jack embraced his late wife. She was soft and delicate, someone he longed to protect. Gabriel's body is hot like embers against Jack's skin. Heavy and condensed with the power of a silent thunderstorm. He lifts Jack's chin up to search for his lips, and Jack obediently returns the kiss.

It feels different, but it feels good. Fucking hell, it feels good.

Jack can feel the subtle rise and fall of Gabriel's breathing against his chest. He wonders yet again if this is all but a fevered dream. Gabriel's eyes are a deep crimson in the dark, vivid and luminescent.It isn't an illusion. His eyes stares unblinkingly into Jack's as his hand wanders down to Jack's waist band. I want you.

Jack shudders, but he doesn't try to stop him, couldn't try to stop him. Gabriel breathes deeply, holding Jack's gaze, excitement and anticipation and fear so potent in the air it's undividable from desire. With surprising delicacy, Gabriel reaches inside and touches Jack. Jack doesn't know how his body has responded to that, he was too busy trying to work his lungs again - which seems to have forgotten how to breath the moment Jack felt Gabriel's fingers on him.

Gabriel doesn't take off Jack's clothes. He starts with minimal stroking, study Jack's reactions intensely. Slowly, Jack stiffens in his hand. His body is a normal body, after all. An overworked, high-strung one that have had no release or relaxation until now. The motions of sex are motions of sex and he knows it's a natural reaction after such a long duration of repressed stress and weariness.

Gabriel tightens and speeds up. Jack doesn't know what expression he makes. He can't break away from Gabriel's burning gaze. His lips tremble with clammed-up moans. When Gabriel's finger swipes across his tip, he jerks and whispers “no” as loud as he could dare.

“Yes, it's alright,” Gabriel breathes, “you are so gorgeous. Beautiful. My perfect angel.”

Can't take it anymore, Jack buries his face into Gabriel's shoulder with a broken sob as he comes.

Gabriel cleans up after and changes Jack into clean pants. Jack doesn't say anything, nor does he responds, just let Gabriel do as he wishes. He tucks Jack into bed, then leaves for the bathroom. He returns after a while and nestles behind Jack again, kissing his neck.

“I love you.”

Jack blinks his eyes to clear them. “...I love you too.”

Gabriel hums in contentment, which turns into a tune of its own. His palm goes back to lay on Jack's chest, covering his heart as he lulls Jack to sleep.


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If Jack was to be honest with himself, he has planned all this. The pleasure that came with it was only an added bonus.

It came to him while he was reading the letter, and was more obvious when he is in Gabriel's arms: his highway to freedom requires Gabriel's clothes to be removed, his phone and keys set aside, their owner deep asleep. Otherwise, a bloody fight will happen, and Jack isn't so sure he would emerge alive and well.

It'd have been easy if he just set out to kill Gabriel. The younger man got great strength, but he's too trusting, too careless around Jack. Jack is sure if he has wanted to, he could have hidden a weapon under the pillow and killed Gabriel in his sleep. But Jack knows it wouldn't have felt right. Call him a sentimental fool, but Jack couldn't bring himself to kill Gabriel. Maybe it's because Gabriel has wanted nothing more from him but unconditional love. Maybe it's because deep down, Jack more than understands the younger man’s dream: a happy family, a peaceful home, two lovely children; it has been… it was his wish as well, when he met his late wife. Maybe it's because he believes Gabriel can get better. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.

Jack thinks, for the sake of his sanity, he shouldn't try to figure out the reason why he wants to save Gabriel Reyes.



“Mr. Morrison, we are glad you are recovering well. It will be a great help to the success of our rescue plan, so please refrain from doing anything rashly and focus on healing.

We are afraid it will take some more time for us to be able to safely get you out. Gabriel Reyes has upgraded the security system of the building to one of very high-grade. All the entrance and exit are now equipped with fingerprints smart locks that are connected directly to an automated system. If it detects any attempt to break in, alarm will be triggered. And if any damage happen to the building, the whole place will instantly go into lockdown. In such a tight situation, Gabriel Reyes can use you as a hostage, and in the worst case, he can take your life. We can't let that happen.

We dearly ask for your help in disarming this system. It can only be done from the inside. And we will not only need access to Gabriel Reyes’ personal computer, which we believe control the whole system, but also we need you to disable his smartphone. If we manage to hack into his computer, a warning could still be sent into his phone and he will take action immediately.

We will further discuss the details of the plan to you and provide you with necessary equipments in the future.”

Chapter Text

Gabriel knows tonight is the night.

The street is extra quiet as he waits patiently for his prey to appear. The bastard has a late shift today, and won't return until midnight. All the neighbors have gone to sleep, there's no light or sounds coming from their windows. Gabriel has made sure to tuck his angel into bed, nice and warm, before leaving. Now that they share a bed more frequently, he finds himself inevitably addicted to Jack's warmth and the sweet happiness that radiates from Jack's pure existence. Nothing could have delighted him more that waking up every morning to his angel's beautiful sleeping face. Gabriel misses him terribly already, and he can't wait to finish this hunt to return to his beloved.

Gabriel stands behind an electric pole just beside the driver's small apartment. It gives off just the appropriate amount of shade to conceal his lurking form when his prey finally stops at the doorway. The cranking sounds of the small garage door being moved. The motorcycle's engine dies down. Then finally, the small clicking of keys.

He continues waiting even after the light from the window has flickers off, listening carefully to the feed from the bug he has installed in the bedroom. A sleeping target is an easy one, after all.

When he can hear nothing but sound breathing, Gabriel decides it's time to make the short journey towards the apartment door. He reaches inside his pocket for the lockpicking tool, and only after several moments, the bolt clicks open with ease, allowing Gabriel to slip inside without a sound.

Have been frequenting the house enough to know which floorboard will creak under his weight, he moves with caution down the hallway that leads to the bedroom. Once he’s at the door, Gabriel reaches inside his pocket for the bottle of chemical and cloth that he has prepared in advance. He douses a strip in a decent amount of liquid before sealing the lid back up.

As quietly as he can, Gabriel pushes the semi-open door the rest of the way. His prey is sprawling out on the bed, snoring. Doesn’t want to waste anymore time, Gabriel moves across the room, quickly takes hold of the whore’s hand and forces the piece of cloth on his mouth. The victim jolts awake, but couldn’t let out a single noise before the drug starts working its magic, making him lose consciousness again.

Pleased with how quickly and effectively things has proceeded, Gabriel pulls out the duct tape and ties the man up, then he makes his way back out to collect all the bug he has installed previously during his past break-in. He arranges some traveling magazines and fliers around the living room, all of them are fold, marked or crumpled, to make sure they look like they have been read through. He collects the driver's clothes into a bag, choosing only the type that fits the “destination” Gabriel has set. He would burn them later.

After everything is done, he gives the unconscious driver another dose of sleeping medication just in case, then lugs him over his shoulder and walks to the car he has parked just behind the small apartment. Gabriel leaves him in the trunk (the backseat is for his angel only, this filth doesn't deserve that luxury) before returns to the house, double checking, then turning off the light, gas, closing all windows and locking the door behind.

By the time Gabriel arrives at his own house, the whore still stays as knocked-out as ever. Good, he doesn't want this animal to start barking and making a fuss, or else his precious Jack will wake up for sure. Gabriel drags the motionless body down the basement, tying him down to the mental chair that he has specially prepared beforehand, then leaves the driver there. He will deal with this scumbag later. After all, they have lots of time to getting to know each other.



After that night, Gabriel seems to have decided that was the green light for him to get into bed with Jack whenever he wants. They do not have any more sexual intimacy after (because saying “they haven't yet” makes Jack feels like he actually wants it or something), just sleeping together. Gabriel doesn't show any sign that he wants more from Jack, perfectly happy with what happened between them, which in turn, frustrates Jack greatly. He can't find any other way to access Gabriel's phone, the younger man is a surprisingly light sleeper and will stir at Jack's smallest attempt to break away from his embrace. Gabriel also puts his phone away from the bed, because he thinks it'd have harmful effects to Jack's health (apparently, he read some articles about it).  

Jack needs to make a move.

While they are watching television together, Jack puts his hand on Gabriel's thigh. Gabriel, very naturally, covers Jack's hand with his. He doesn't even look away from the screen. Jack squeezes Gabriel's thigh (very muscular, high probability to be able to knock him out with just a kick), and this time he turns to look at Jack. He quickly presses a kiss on Gabriel's lips, taking the initiative to guide Gabriel into a passionate engagement. Putting his hand on the back of Gabriel's neck, Jack pulls the dark skin man down with him as he falls back onto the couch.

Slowly, a smile blooms on Gabriel's face. “What is it, mi amor?”

I…” Jack looks down with a coy smile. He can't ask for it too directly, he needs to keep his image of a “pure, naive” lover in Gabriel's eyes. He strokes his hand up and down Gabriel's back in a way that he hopes is “innocently” suggestive. “You have done a lot for me, so tonight I want to… do something for you, too.” He cups Gabriel's cheek with his other hand and leans up, whispering the last words into his ear, his voice low and suave, hiding away all the scheming inside his head.

Jack was worried that he wouldn't be able to play it off - Gabriel can read his body language and figure out his dishonesty - but the way fire sparkles up Gabriel's eyes tells him otherwise. He allows Gabriel to seal his lips with a heated kiss, and this time sliding his hands under Gabriel's shirt, groping every part of naked skin that he can reach. Gabriel growls into his mouth, pressing harder between his legs and hiking his shirt up.

Jack tears his lips away. “Bedroom,” he urgently husks, and in the blink of an eyes Gabriel has already stood up and swooped Jack into his arms. Luckily Jack had the chance to grab his crutches before Gabriel practically flies up the stairs. He has never seen the younger man so quick on his feet.

Gabriel slows down to gently put Jack onto the bed. The younger man settles on top of Jack, supporting himself above his fiance. Jack kisses him again, but he can sense the change in Gabriel's attitude. He's hesitating. Jack's heart feels like it wants to jump out of his chest. “Something's wrong?” Jack touches Gabriel's arm. Did he find out?

“I hope I'm not being too crude or... vulgar towards you, mi angél. I'm perfectly fine with whatever you wants to give me. I don't want you to feel like you are obliged to have sex with me.”

“I'm… I'm not.” Jack lies. “I have been… wanting this, wanting you, for a long time now. But I was embarrassed. I...I didn't want you to think I'm a whore…” he hesitates, then adds, “ the others.” His throat spasms at the thought of the fate that has befallen “the others”.

“No, mi cariño , you love only me. Of course you are not a whore.” Gabriel immediately comforts his lover. Obviously, he has long understood that the distance Jack put between them, as well as his bashfulness, were all because of Jack's virtue and innocence. There is no way his sweet, naive, beautiful Jack can be anything but an angel. “You are gorgeous. You are my perfect angel.”

“So it's… it's okay for me to do this?” Jack lowers his eyelashes to safely avoid Gabriel's eyes under the guise of timidity. He murmurs softly, “... I-I want to make you feel good.”

It must have been so difficult for his dear Jack to admit his own desire outloud, he's so shy and pure and new to all of this.

“It's alright. No need to be shy.” Gabriel lifts Jack's chin up so those blue eyes meet his. Jack smiles adoringly and with Gabriel's confirmation, he puts his hands onto Gabriel's chest, feeling his heartbeats singing inside his ribcages. For him.

“Let me?” Jack whispers, heat in his eyes and lights up his flawless cheekbones with a lovely pink. Gabriel can't help but kiss them, while Jack, with utmost care and tenderness, slowly strips him down. He reaches inside Gabriel's pockets to thoroughly remove everything before starting to work on his pants. As thoughtful and considerate as ever.

Jack has never attempted to pickpocket before, but everything is made easy with Gabriel being distracted by the promise of sex. Jack is still cautious. If his movements are too fast it can break the illusion he is trying to maintain. He has to act like he enjoys it, like he wants it. It would get him the phone and the phone is what he wants.

As his fingers close around the mental object, he lifts his head up to initiate another kiss. He keeps his eyes wide open while Gabriel claims his lips, making sure to engage with his tongue. Gabriel never notices Jack hastily turns off the phone then slides it under his own pillow.

Step one is completed. Now to step two.

Jack guides Gabriel to lay down on his side and holds his gaze the whole time. If he turns back and looks to the bedside table he will realize that his phone isn't there. He shuffles closer until their body press against each other. Gabriel is half-hard against his abdomen and Jack sucks in a deep breath, steeling himself. “C-Can I?”

“Yes,” Gabriel can feel the breathless in Jack's voice. He takes himself out of his briefs and place Jack's fingers upon it. Jack's breath hitches, and he dips his chin so their eyes won't meet.

“It's alright, mi querido. Take it slow.” He guides Jack's touch, teaching Jack what his body likes. Jack's breath becomes more urgent as Gabriel starts leaking in his palms. Gabriel lets go of his hands so he can hike Jack's shirt up and freely roam his body with his eyes and touch. Jack jerks as Gabriel playfully grabs a handful of his warm backside and squeezes. Jack's startling moan and the way his hands suddenly tighten around Gabriel makes him shudder.

“Gabe!” Face burning, Jack husks when Gabriel's hands continues to kneading his ass appreciatively. His answer is a mischievous grin, but Gabriel does stop.

“You are so cute.” Gabriel murmurs and kisses him. “I just can't help teasing you sometimes.”

Jack grumbles in his throat, but resumes his stroking and Gabriel's hands return to guide him again. Up and down. Loose and tight. Fast and slow. His pre-cum slicks up the way, makes the movements easier, and soon Gabriel finds himself near the edge.

“Close.” He groans into the space between them. Jack's eyes are a pretty feverish blue, long white eyelashes flutter, crimson cheeks, hot puff of air tingling against Gabriel's skin. He kisses his moan into Jack's mouth when he comes.

A warm wetness blooms all over Jack's hands. He doesn't look, he puts everything into their kiss so he can't bring himself to look. It spirals into wet sucking and sloppy tongue wrestling for a long while before Gabriel's teeth gently pull at his lips deliberately, then he breaks away.

“I'm so happy.” Gabriel smiles, “So in love with you and I never want to escape.”

“I love you too.” Jack kisses him again, a quick peck this time. “You sleep first, I'll go clean up.”

“But I don't want you to go.” Gabriel whines.

“Alright then.” Jack sighs, reaching for the box of tissues to wipe both of them clean. He then snuggles close to Gabriel and pulls him into his chest. This way, he can make sure Gabriel never check on the phone until he falls asleep.

Gabriel hums. He's overwhelmed with happiness and euphoria, perfectly cocooned inside his fiance’s embrace. Nothing has ever felt so right. Gabriel knew he couldn't have mistaken. They are meant to be.

“I love you.” He murmurs and places a kiss on Jack's chest, where his heart is. “Buenas noches, mi angél.”

He falls asleep in the rhythmical beating of Jack's heart.

Jack waits and waits, staring hard at Gabriel's features for long minutes, some of the longest of his life. That longevity continues in the painful, slow movements he made, carefully reaching under his pillow for the phone. He holds his breath as he pulls it out, positioning it behind Gabriel's head but in a distance that he can still see it clearly. He feels for the power button and turns it on.

Gabriel remains in his slumber, and for the first time, Jack feels the delicious pang of a small victory.

Just as Jack expected, the phone is password protected. Too bad he knows Gabriel too well to easily figure out what it is.

It's Jack's birthday, of course. Well, at least it's not his three sizes.

After some fumbling, he finds the app that in charge of remotely controlling the door locks. There is indeed an emergency lock down function. Jack isn't so stupid as to try to uninstall it. All he needs now is a way to seize control of Gabriel's phone when Amelie and Madeleine arrives with a rescue team, of which he has just executed flawlessly. Jack might have felt ashamed about it in the past, but shame doesn't get him a way out of this predicament. His fingers linger on the virtual keyboard. Now that he has a way to access the outside world, he can… He can send his friends a distress message, tell them to call the police, to save him.

They could be here before Gabriel wakes up.

His sliver of hope dies when a loud bang all but howls through the halls of Gabriel's home. Several more follows and these rouses him. Jack immediately slides the phone under Gabriel's pillow. The younger man stirs and narrows his eyes at Jack.

“You are still awake?”

Jack's throat burns and he begins to shake with frustration, disappointment, but no fear. “I heard a noise.”

Gabriel tilts his head up and they waits, eyes locked, until the sound comes, again, like someone is furiously raging through furniture downstairs. He stands up immediately and puts his clothes back on.

“Where's my phone?” His eyes flick to the bedside table.

“Under your pillow, Gabe.” Jack calmly pulls it out and gives to him. “What is happening? What's that sound?”

“Don't worry. I'll protect you. Stay here.” Gabriel's fists ball at his sides, his back tenses up and he looks formidable. Towering. Murderous. “I'll be right back.”

It isn't an option. He locks the door after himself.

Chapter Text

When he saw him, it , he knew that he would die here.

It has taken him the whole day to break out of the basement that he was trapped in. His wrists were bloody and raw from rubbing against the ropes over and over. Fortunate for him, the blood made his hands slippery enough to slip free. He has made sure to wait until all the noises stopped coming from above before he used the tools in the basement to break the door open. He found himself in an unfamiliar house, yet eerily normal-looking. Knowing that whoever his kidnapper was, it was impossible for them to not hear the sounds of him breaking the door, so he quickly tries to find an escape as soon as possible.

All the windows had thick security bars installed. The main door is made from sturdy wood, which he frantically tried and failed to break. Unlike the basement door, this one is a lot heavier and more secure. He needed an axe or something stronger.

His hope was slim, but he attempted to find the keys regardless. He knew he was making too much noises, throwing and rumbling through furnitures, but he didn't care. He didn't have time to be quiet! His kidnapper could appear any moment now!

When there was the sound of a door closing coming from the stairs, he rushed into the kitchen. Just as he thought, there were knives of different shapes and sizes lining up next to the sink. He immediately grabbed one, ready himself for what to come.

For a man -  creature -  of that size, it was completely silent. There was no footsteps as it moved down the stairs and appeared at the end of the hallway. But it still looked deceptively human then, a dark skin man in his thirties. He hid behind the wall. It looked around first, like it was estimating the damages that he had caused, then with an annoyed sigh, moving towards the kitchen.

“I know you are there.”

He stopped breathing.

“You are causing far more trouble than you are worth.” It said, unamused, “I'm starting to regret letting you live.”

“Do not come closer!” He shouted, “I have a weapon!”

“Should have cut off your tongue too,” it continued like it didn't hear anything, its voice getting close. He tightened his grip on the knife handle, and went for it.

The knife sunk in easily, smoothly, like cutting through butter. There was no scream, only an  inhuman  growl before he was grabbed by the neck and lifted off the floor. As he struggled for breath and tried to kick, it used another hand to pry the knife from him. His eyes widened in horror as its face twisted and changed, and at that moment he knew that he would die here.

The unnatural ashen patches on its skin melted and flowed down like mud, exposing bleached bones. Black fumes of smoke leaking from a mouth with teeth too many, too sharp. Eyes eyes eyes eyes eyes eyes…

His neck made a single dry, croaky sound as it was broken.

And then there was only silence.