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Gaius had that feeling like someone was watching him as he crept down the halls. Suddenly, he turned and lunged into the darkness behind him. He found someone there. Reflexes taking over, he tripped and pinned down his follower. “Gotcha! Now, who are you, and why were you following me?’

“You were sneaking around the castle at night. Naturally I was suspicious,” Niles answered.

“Ah, Patch.”

“Niles," he corrected.

“Relax alright? I was just getting a snack.”

“And by that you mean you were stealing extra cookies again.”

“Alright, you got me. Happy? I’ll grab you some if you won’t tell.”

“Not interested.”

“Oh, cookies aren’t your favorite? How about pudding?”

“Are you going to stay on top of me all night, Gaius?” asked Niles in his most implicative tone.

Gaius sighed and stood. “Here I am just trying to be friendly and share, and you have to go and make it awkward.”

“Consider it your punishment for petty cookie thievery.”

“Like you’re one to judge? I’d bet your history ain’t any prettier than mine.”

“True, but at least my history is history.”

“Gods, it’s just a few cookies. Hang me,” Gaius muttered as Niles left.

Ylisse must be nice if Gaius could be sarcastic like that, pondered Niles as he wandered beneath the stars. Such a comment wouldn't have been funny in Nohr.

Maybe it was just a few cookies, but if Gaius was willing to steal a few sweets, why not a few gold pieces? Rumor had it Gaius was persuaded to join the Shepherds with a bag of candy, which sounded plausible. How could they be sure then that it wouldn’t be just as easy for someone else to turn him against The Order of Heroes with a bag of candy?

Niles didn’t trust him.