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A Bad Enough Morning to Catch Up

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It wouldn't do. It wouldn't do at all.

"ERRRARGH," moaned Roxy, loudly as she could from underneath the pillow she held over her face and, more importantly, eyes. Skaia's dazzling display through the window might have been welcome at some point, but the "morning" after far to many stiff drinks was not such a point.

She tried to worm her way backwards into the cushions of Jane's couch. Disappointingly, this failed to have a positive effect on her condition. "ther is no reason a planet should be that bright," she muttered. No response.

"GROOOAN," She called out, hoping a certain someone was still around to take a hint. Satisfaction finally methodically clunked down the stairs a few moments later, yawning and trying to clear her eyes.

"What is it, Rox?" Jane stood over the friend burrowed into the couch.

"gimme one of those curall things?"

"Cure-all things?"

"like in the ads."

"A Hangover cure, you mean?"

"yeah I think I need like three"

"Um... I think I've heard of one, just a moment."

Doors opened and closed, there was some whisking. Roxy then found heself being excavated and offered a cup full of yellow.

Squinting hard, Roxy sniffed, wrinkeld her nose, then tried to down the cup's contents. "BLUH!" the glass ending up shattered on the wall across the room. "what the HELL crocker?"

"Eggs are supposed to help! I heard it a dozen times!"

"like fish eggs?" Roxy tried to spit the taste from her mouth.


Roxy froze in terror, gazing at her friend, for a moment. She then commenced to dry-heave for a few moments in the general direction of the carpet.


"animal eaters." The past few weeks' exposure had made the difference in the two's diets obvious, but the fact had slipped Roxy's mind. "Baby eaters too, apparently." Roxy tried not to judge - pumpkins, booze, fish, and carapace food wasn't probably wouldn't be the most appetizing diet for Jane either. But the thoughts slipped away just as quickly, as her head continued pounding. At least the water Jane offered next went down.

"would you like," Roxy made kneading motions over her shoulder with one hand as the other covered her eyes.

"Oh - a massage? I can do that! What's stiff?"

Roxy pulled herself off the couch and to a clean patch of carpet, before flopping down on her stomach, "everythin, i hassnt stretched sin we got ere."

"Here?" Kneeling by her side, Jane started gingerly manipulating Roxy's shoulders.

"jame," Roxy's face was buried in the carpet, "thas ok i guess but y'gotta put some weight into it."
A few rounds of feedback later and Jane was practically doing pushups on Roxy's shoulders, "ohh yeah thatss good."

"I'm going to start cramping up soon," Jane whined, her arms starting to complain. Had it been her father's shoulders, she would have been afraid of breaking his neck; still the current 'client' insisted.

"well, do my arms then."

"How do I... do... that?" Jane poked at a forearm, confused."i guess i cn show you if you don't know," Roxy sat up, and the two traded places.

Jane found her hands were being held behind her back, "ok hold them together, arms straight," and Jane complied, lacing her fingers. Roxy tried to lift them up, and was surprised when Jane yelped when the had been raised to an angle 40 degrees. Roxy let out grunt of confusion.
"Just what are you trying to do, Lalonde?" The arms went back down.

"uhhh... just relax for a moment, at tell me if somthing starts to hurt," Roxy pulled arms various directions, bending, adjusting, never quite seeming satisfied before Jane gave a grunt or a gasp.


Jane ate a bowl of cereal and massaged her own shoulders while Roxy contemplated another glass of water. Picking at her own bowl for few minutes, Roxy finally dove in. "i'm gonna go for a run," she said between mouthfuls, "half hour - you can go too if you want," Jane nodded and, after rinsing her bowl, and went to get her shoes.


45 minutes later they were both breathing hard, laying on the quickly cleared couch. The run itself had been uneventful, the path being one they had covered before. Roxy's head was making great strides towards clearing. Before normal breathing had resumed, Roxy laid on the floor again, this time on her back. "jane, i want you to help me stretch. you can go slow if you want, but I dont think youre going to hurt me."

"I wouldn't dream of hurting you!"

"that is what im afraid of. ok, so, lift up one of my feet," Furrowing her brow, Jane choose the left one, lifting it to vertical.

"now push down. towards my head," with several encouragements from Roxy, the thigh finally found a new home against Roxy's ribs, foot reaching out past her head. Afraid that it would snap back up, Jane examined it from what angles she could. "ycould really sit on it if you wanted ta - but just hold it there for a minute."

Jane waited for something to happen, but all that seemed to happen was several subtle shifts from Roxy, and the split seemed to flatten out further, knee slipping by her ribs and down to the carpet. "Did the... Chessmen have Gymnastics? Cheerleading?" Jane asked.

The question hung as Roxy thought for a minute. "is that the thing with the short dresses? i don't think so. ok, time for other leg." The repeated the process with the right leg, Jane pushing slowly with Roxy urging her on, until the right leg flattened out. "sriously tho this is warmup stuff," Roxy lay there for another five minutes of not-quite asked questions from Jane.


Jane fetched the piano bench from its normal spot while Roxy did a jog-in-place in the other room. Eyes wandering, she imagined her relocated Poppop looking quizzically upon her actions. She promised herself she'd play him something nice in the next few days. When she got around to it.


"just don scream in my ear, ok?" Roxy put a pillow on the bench, and her left leg on the pillow, sliding her right foot back, she came to a precarious balance, that flat split hanging from the bench, arms holding her up off the ground.

"kay janie, sit right here," she patted on the thigh stretched out behind her.

"nope, straddle it."

Jane swung a leg to the other side.

"an not near the knee."

"So...." Jane edged up closer to Roxy's rear end.

"no, like... hug me. don worry girl im not gonna put the moves on you," Jane hesitantly draped her arms over Roxy's shoulders, "you ganna put the moves on me."

Roxy grabbed at Jane's knees and pulled the legs from out from underneath her. With Jane's considerable added weight, Roxy slowly sunk down further.

"Roxy- No-" Jane managed to stammer, freezing in place.

"one ninty - two tenn - two twendy," Roxy patiently counted off the degrees of the widening angle of her legs, "aaand two two thurdy," her back leg flattened out on the carpet. Roxy jiggled back and forth, seemingly to get comfortable, while giving out peeps of delight. The girl sitting on her was trying to decide if loosening her grip, tightening it, or fainting was appropriate.

"ahh I'm so glad... I didn't loose much ther," Roxy, not letting go, leaned her head back to brush against Jane's cheek,"next is the good leg."