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Assassin in the Waters

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Stiles went missing four years ago, after he was sent to the school for gifted children following his mother's death John got a daunting feeling that something was going to happen something bad.He dismissed the feeling and he regretted that to this day he soon lost all contact with the school that Stiles had been accepted into and those weekly phone calls became monthly calls until they eventually stopped altogether.After he lost his wife’s death all he had was his son Stiles but now he was gone and John was alone.


He had searched frantically after he realised what had happened, searching for any type of lead that would help him locate his missing son but he soon realised that it was futile as the people that had taken his son where meticulous with making sure they left no evidence behind, the headmaster didn't exist and all information online disappeared within hours of him reporting his son as missing.

“Sheriff” someone shouted, the loud sound snapping him out of his stupor  “ What do you want” he groaned, looking up.”It’s about you son, they’ve found Stiles”