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  • Conrad Veidt (Veidt) by Snowgrouse

    Jaffar ibn Yahya al-Barmaki, medieval sex panther.

    9 Mar 2015


    Here you go: all of my (that is, Snowgrouse's) Conrad Veidt character fic under one roof. There's a detailed guide to the collection here in case you were wondering where to start. And if you want an idea of why this Veidt guy's villains inspire so much porn, this vid is basically a summation of the reasons why. Most of the fic consists of Jaffar's medieval Persian sex panther antics and Torsten's extremely depraved debaucheries, but various other Connies get their share of the action, too. Expect long, indulgently sensuous and kinky erotic scenarios woven into detailed historical settings, basically.

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