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I'm a Champion

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*Que Scott Pilgrim-esque introduction*


  • They all have a fuckbuddy relationship
  • They moved to America, where they've been extremely popular

Kim Namjoon

  • Demigirl
  • Writes lyrics and raps
  • Hypegirl during the shows because she's too sensitive about her voice to sing and she can't dance
  • Will bust out some sick ass bars if rap is involved (kind of like a guest star in some tracks)
  • Referred to as Rap Monster, Joonie, or Monnie (or the Goddess of Destruction or Junebug by her close friends)

Kim Seokjin

  • Transgirl
  • Official chef for the band
  • Back up vocals for some tracks
  • Known as the face of the band (despite not being on all the tracks) because she's so pretty that she always draws people in
  • She sells merch and tells terrible puns
  • Referred to as Jin, Pink Princess or Eomma

Min Yoongi


  • Agender
  • They handle all the soundboards and mixing as well as writing for the instruments and writing raps
  • Raps like a BAMF and tends to rap about their skilled tongue
  • Seems cold and standoffish but is just a gooey gummy bear
  • Helps design merch
  • Referred to as Suga (because of their pale skin and sweet personality around friends) or Agust D (their solo name)

Jung Hoseok

  • Transgirl
  • Plays the drums
  • Always has the widest smile (if she's not smiling, something is wrong)
  • The mood maker of the group (happy virus)
  • Known to stand on her drums and dance at every possible opportunity (they've had to replace a lot of drum skins)
  • She also sings and raps
  • She just started estrogen so she doesn't have many curves and she continues to work out, giving her some impressive muscles
  • Unlike Jin, she's not concerned about passing all the time
  • Referred to as J-Hope, Hobi Hobi, or Syeok Syeok (normally by Yoongi, especially when they're drunk)

Kim Taehyung

  • Genderqueer
  • Back up vocals and guitar
  • Either a fashionista or a fashion disaster, there's no in between
  • Models their merch on their small website
  • Hype royalty
  • If either Tae or Hobi can't get you hype then you have a heart of stone
  • Extremely bad ADHD that they rarely have the money to treat
  • Goofy to sexy in 0.8 seconds
  • Referred to as V (for Victory) or TaeTae

Park Jimin

  • Demigirl
  • Main vocals
  • Can be sweet as candy or hotter than hell
  • Likes to play innocent but is normally obscene
  • Extremely self conscious, but hides under mass amounts of confidence
  • Looks dainty but could beat your ass
  • Polyamorous
  • Has made out with Jin onstage to earn more money (would've done it even if there wasn't money involved)
  • Referred to as Mochi (for her sweet and squishy cheeks), Jibooty (for her sweet and squishy cheeks), Minnie, or ChimChim

Jeon Jungkook


  • Transboy
  • Bass and secondary vocals
  • Hench af
  • Used to be an edgy teen (is still an edgy adult)
  • The youngest of the group
  • Always tryna smash
  • Can even lift Namjoon
  • Hauls the equipment around
  • Referred to as Kookie, Bunny (because of his bunny smile), or Nochu




  • Mark is from California, but this is the rest of the band’s first time in America
  • They're fairly acquainted with BTS (they played a couple small gigs in Korea before BTS moved to America
  • They have a love/hate, sibling-like relationship with the girls of Blackpink

Im Jaebum


  • Cismale
  • Used to be supreme angst (is still mild angst)
  • Cold bassist on the outside, screaming child on the inside
  • Acts fed up with the maknes, but is just as bad as them
  • Watch out if you end up roomed with him or next to him on a car ride, he's king cuddlebug
  • Referred to as JB, Bummie, or Jaebongie

Mark Tuan


  • Transmale
  • Shy at first, but a Cali fuckboi at heart
  • So proud of his top surgery scars
  • Normally wears oversized tank tops, but drums shirtless when drunk or hella hyped
  • The face of the group (the ladies love him, too bad he doesn't love ladies)
  • Also raps and does a bit of singing
  • He's raising a dog (Coco) with Youngjae
  • Referred to as Yi-Eun, Markipooh, or Dimsum

Jackson Wang


  • Beefcake Cismale
  • Super LGBTQ+ Ally
  • Often takes the breaks at their gigs as opportunities to talk to the audience about LGBTQ+ issues
  • Loves to get to know their fans
  • Hypeman, rapper, and guitarist
  • Occasionally fills in on drums when Mark gets too drunk or high
  • In charge of hauling around their equipment
  • Referred to as Ka-Yee, Gaga, Wang Puppy, and Mandu

Park Jinyoung


  • Genderfluid
  • Sassy as fuck
  • No one can stop the wrath of Jinyoung
  • Can kill with his vocal skill tbh (or his ass)
  • Typically looked at as the mother of the group, even though he can be the most immature of them all
  • He and Yugyeom are called Tom and Jerry because of their constant back and forth
  • Referred to as Eomma or Peach

Choi Youngjae


  • Agender
  • Shy and sweet sunshine
  • A little fluff that everyone can't help but fall in love with
  • Has astounding vocal range
  • Always loud, no matter what the reason
  • Known for their not so good English and their unique laugh
  • Referred to as Ars (their solo name) or Sunshine

Kunpimook Bhuwakul


  • Transfemale
  • Rapper and designer/model for their merch
  • She is a meme queen
  • Occasionally bops around on stage during a set
  • Flirty as all hell
  • Had the strongest glo up (her fashion and makeup choices used to be horrendous)
  • Makes all of Yugyeom’s drag garments and does his makeup
  • Referred to as Mookie, BamBam (a childhood nickname), Double B, DabDab, or Bambi

Kim Yugyeom


  • Cismale
  • Does drag (during sets as well as for drag shows)
  • Secondary bass, vocals, rapper, and choreographs any dancing the group does along with Jinyoung
  • Partners in crime with BamBam
  • King of death drops (has death dropped during a set, while holding his bass)
  • Uses any bras thrown thrown onstage at gigs for his drag (unless they fit BamBam)
  • Referred to as Gyeommie, Yugyeom-doongi (by Mark), Giant Baby, or Brownie (his drag name, derived from his love for Chris Brown and the similarity of his dancing to the star’s)