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My Dad's Best Friend

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Harry wakes to gently touches and the smell of chocolate cake. She opens her eyes to see her mother and father sitting on the bed next to her smiling.

"Happy birthday love." her dad says, rubbing her cheek. Her mom kisses her forehead and hands her the cupcake with a single candle on it after she sits up.

"Make a wish baby." She nods at her mom in response, and wishes for her crush to love her back. Blowing out the candles, she smiles when her parents cheer quietly, and sing happy birthday.

"Alright lovie, we've got your birthday planned out, just like you asked; we've invited over Zayn, Gigi, Freddie, Louis and Eleanor, and Niall."

Her parents smile when they notice her blush at the mention of Niall, knowing that she has what they assume to be an innocent crush on the older man. Harry is totally unaware that she's so obvious about her crush on the older man. Her parents aren't worried considering they know Niall would never take advantage of her and they're glad she's not crushing on or dating anyone older or even the same age, especially Liam, he wants his little girl to stay his little girl.

Harry spends the entire day reading and at one point had a tea party with her mum and her stuffies. Finally, when the clock strikes noon is when Zayn and Gigi arrive, early like they had planned with Liam and Cheryl.

Zayn and Gigi rush up the stairs to surprise the girl, unaware that she is changing for the party. Their eyes widen when the reach the bedroom, seeing Harry standing in just her pastel pink panties, looking through her swimsuits set on her princess bedding.

"Wow Harry, uh didn't know you had such a great figure." Gigi stuttered out. Zayn smirked knowing her best friend was sexy, seeing as Harry insists on walking around naked in the house, or just in a pair of panties majority of time, much to her father's dismay.

"Damn right, Harriet here is super sexy, speaking of which love, we're here to help you look extra pretty for Niall." Harry blushes from her cheeks to her perky breasts. Gigi watching with her mouth open, seeing Harry totally differently than before, seeing as she is so used to seeing Harry as an innocent little girl, much like a little sibling.

"Gigi love, I know Harry is hot and everything, but she doesn't swing our way so she's not going to fuck us."

"Zayn! That's a bad word, why would I swear at you guys anyway?!" Zayn smiles shyly having momentarily forgot just how innocent the girl is, as that's how Liam insisted on raising her.

"Well sweetheart what fuck means is um that you have sex with someone, it's a naughty word still though, as Zayn should know."

"O-oh. Um sorry Gigi, I really don't like you guys that way -- not that you're not attractive and pretty, I just love Niall you know, otherwise I would um probably love to uh you know-"

"We know Harry, it's fine, we're not upset or anything I was just teasing Gigi because she thinks your'e hot."

"Oh, okay." Harry pauses and looks down, realizing that she's naked, shrugging her shoulders, she gestures for her friends to come sit on her bed with her.

"Come help me pick out a swimsuit, I'm hoping for one that will make Niall notice me guys."

"That's another reason why we're here, we brought you a swimsuit sure to make Niall realize how much he wants you. Think of it as one of your birthday presents from us, along with some pretty panties and outfits for you to wear."

With that, Zayn takes a bag from behind her back and places it in front of Harry. Harry opens it and gasps, seeing all the pretty panties that she's never seen before, lace, silky ones, one that looked like a string, and so much more. She also starts taking out pretty night gowns that Zayn explains is to be worn for a significant other for sex, she blushes at that. She then pulls out short skirts, shorts, and dresses, eyes widening at them. Lastly she takes out a pretty silky looking rouge colored two piece, that is small in the back of the bottoms to show off her bum, along with a black loose cover up dress and black wedges with weaved material as the heels along with a pair of big sunglasses.

She gets up and hugs her best friends, so grateful for all the clothes, seeing as her dad won't let her buy any of these types of things, and every time her mom is about to let her have something like it, her dad always finds out and stops it.

She strips off her panties, making Gigi blush and look away, Zayn remains unfazed used to Harry's unashamed attitude towards being naked around people she's close to.

Harry starts stepping into the bottoms and comes over to Zayn, breasts in full view of her face-level and asks for Zayn to tie the swimsuit for her.
Turning around, she squats in front of Zayn, Gigi still surprised that innocent Harry will expose herself so easily to someone just because she's friends with them.

Zayn ties the swimsuit tightly "Sorry Gigi in advance." Just as she's about to ask for what, she sees Zayn reach into Harry's swim top and adjust her breasts so that she has more cleavage showing.

"I am totally okay with that, just wished I could've done it." Harry walks over to Gigi, taking Gigi's hand and puts it on her breast.

"Uhh Harry, wh-why are you making me touch your breasts?"

"You felt left out, and I don't mind, you're one of my best friends."

Gigi shrugs, taking the chance, and putting her hand inside of the top, squeezing a bit feeling the soft supple skin and stroking her nipple lightly.

"You have really nice boobs Harry."

"Mmmm thanks, why does that feel weird but good, and um I think you need to stop I just peed a little I think." Harry blushes. Zayn and Gigi's eyes widen.

"Harry you didn't pee, you uh you got wet which is when your vagina releases liquid to get it ready for a man to put their penis inside also known as sex."
Harry's eyes widen.

"Oh I'm sorry Gigi, I didn't know you would turn me on? As I guess that Zayn calls that. She told me once about getting wet, just didn't know that's what was happening." Harry giggles out. Zayn wipes her hand on her shorts, nodding her head, still in a bit of shock that Harry didn't even care about the boundaries they just crossed and that she already knew about sex.

"It's alright Harry, um don't let anyone just touch you there alright? Uh usually just lovers touch each other like that."

"Alright, I won't let anyone else touch me there but um maybe Niall, maybe can we not do this again, I don't want to come between you and Zayn"

"Course love, and you would never come between me and Zayn, we've had people join us in the bedroom before, and it never got between us."

"Really? I don't think I'd ever be able to share Niall, that is if he'd ever end up dating me."

"It's not for everyone, but we love each other a lot and always are on the same page if someone were to join us. And Niall will date you, he just sees you as a little innocent girl still, but these clothes will help with that."

Harry takes a deep breath and nods, putting her cover up on and sliding on her heels, walking down the stairs with her best friends flagged beside her, she makes her way to the back yard trying to avoid her dad seeing her as long as she can, unfortunately Liam has almost a sixth sense for when his daughter is near him, he turns around smiling ready to greet the girls but his smile instantly turns into a frown noticing Harry's see-through cover up, revealing swim suit underneath and heels.

"Hi daddy" Harry squeaks out.

"Harry why are you wearing such revealing clothing?"

Just then Harry's mum comes outside through the sliding door, each hand holding a bottle of soda. She notices her daughter, smiling at her.

"Liam honey, she's a teenager, she can wear this, plus we're just having close friends over for her birthday, what's the big deal, it's not like she's going to a public pool wearing it."


"No Liam, you've not let her wear things she's wanted to for long enough, she's in high school now, she's a teenager so she can wear as she pleases, so long as she doesn't wear clothes that have her butt and breasts hanging out or her mid drift showing 24/7 she's fine."

Just as Liam is going to protest, his wife shoots him a glare that basically says agree or sleep on the couch. Liam sighs, his shoulders slumping now knowing that he absolutely has to accept that his little girl is now a teenager.

"Thanks mummy!" She kisses her mother's cheek and her father's and walks over to the lounge chairs lined up laying out her pastel rainbow towel on it and taking off her cover up just as Niall, Louis, Eleanor, and Freddie come through the door. Niall's mouth drops at the sight of little Harriet, pulling off a see-through cover up, showing off an adult swimsuit and her heels.

He promptly shuts his mouth before someone notices, and watches as Harry takes off her heels and comes over to greet everyone.

"Hi guys, look at the new swimsuit Zaynie and G got me!"

"It's very pretty Harry, I'm sure you're dad was throwing a little fit huh?" Harry giggles and nods, hugging everyone then finally getting to Niall.

She blushes and walks over to him, standing on her tip toes to throw her arms around his neck, pressing her scantily clothed chest to Niall's nude chest, loving the feel of his abdominal muscles and chest hair against her stomach and breasts. She breathes out a sigh of content in Niall's neck, whispering a hello in his ear.

Niall shivers at the erotic feelings he's starting to have, letting the hug ride out until he's starting to feel not-so-mini, mini Niall rise in his board shorts. Then he slowly removes Harry from him before she can feel his semi.

"Happy birthday love, how does being 14 feel?"

"Great Ni, thanks for coming, to be honest I was just so excited that you were able to come down for my birthday, I know how busy you are."

"I am so sorry I haven't had time to come see you in a while princess, how about as part of your birthday gift, if it's okay with your parents, you can stay the weekend at my house, we'll have to go to the office tomorrow if you want to come with me today."

"That's right today's Thursday, I always forget the days on summer vacation. Lemme go ask daddy!" With that she runs off to her dad pleading with puppy eyes. Liam looks over, raising a bushy eyebrow at Niall, he nods knowing that Harry has asked to stay over before without asking Niall first, just showing up. He knows Liam says yes because Harry literally jumps up and down and runs over to him, jumping into his arms. She bounces against his crotch and stomach, totally not helping mini him calm down.

"Oh Niall, come upstairs, we can go pick out my stuff to bring with!"

"Alright are you going to get down?"

"No carry me?"

"Course love."

With that, Niall carried a bouncing Harry up the stairs to her bedroom, dropping her on the bed not too gently considering mini Niall is no longer very mini and very much awake. Harry giggles, getting up to grab her kitty printed back pack. She starts packing up a few dresses and skirts that she had just gotten from her best friends, along with the panties that they gave her as well, a few big t-shirts, other outfits, and a professional looking outfit for tomorrow.

Niall's eyes widen at each article of clothing that Harry is packing, not aware she owned that type of clothing, especially all of that sexy underwear, but judging by the empty gift bag on the floor, he's guessing she just got the stuff today.

Harry shoulders her bag, after adding in her tooth brush, hair brush, and a stuffie. Niall biting his lip at the cuteness of her still bringing a stuffed animal to sleep overs.
She grabs his hand, and leads him to the door, dropping her bag by the front entrance and prompting him to piggy back her to the back yard to eat.

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Niall carries Harry to the backyard, trying to think of disgusting things to get little Niall to be little again before anyone notices he's hard from Harry. Turns out he doesn't need to think, seeing as he walks in on Liam and Cheryl snogging in the corner of the hall, Liam grinding against her.

Harry jumps off of Niall and runs to them, pulling Liam off her mother. "Daddy! Why were you hurting mummy!?" Liam mutters a shit before wiping at his face. Harry's lip wobbles with watery eyes.

Her mother silently takes Harry's hand and goes to the kitchen, prepared to explain every type of sexual position so her daughter doesn't hate her father. She explains oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex, and grinding. She also explains lesbian sex just in case her daughter is bisexual or something considering the amount of times she's walked in on Harry naked with Zayn adjusting her breasts for her when helping her get new bras whenever she grew and that she was the one to give Harry the basic sex talk when neither of her parents were comfortable on doing. Sure Harry knew what sex was, but only basic sex because that's what Zayn explained to her, she never knew about everything else a couple could do.

Harry walks out embarrassed and red in the face, walking up to her father and apologizing for thinking he'd ever so much as think of hurting her mother, Liam stutters out an acceptance and hugs his daughter, kissing her curly hair atop her head.

Harry walks up to her friends, whacking Zayn on the arm, scolding her for not teaching her everything so that she had to endure the uncomfortable full sex talk with her mother. Zayn just cracks up when she hears that Harry saw Liam grinding on her mum and thought her mum's grunts were of pain.

Harry stomps away, climbing into the pool and swimming around. She sees Niall in the other side of the pool, sitting on the edge with his feet and legs in the water. She swims up to him and sets her hands on his thighs, her chest pressed against his knees. Niall clears his throat, trying not to get hard, and smiles down at the girl.

"Hi Ni, mummy just told me the sex talk, I mean Zayn already told me some of it before, but mummy told me that a man sticks his tongue inside a girl and it feels good. Have you ever done that to a girl?" Niall's eyes widen, thankfully or even more unluckily Liam was walking by.

"Harry love, uh it's not polite to ask people what they've done sexually, and uh people normally don't talk that way to their elders."

"Oh sorry Ni if I made you uncomfortable."

Niall clears his throat, "It's fine love, just uh don't ask people things like that, they might take it as permission to try something on you."

"Oh really? I'm sorry, I didn't think about it. I thought that it'd be okay to ask you cause you've got lots of experience, uncle Lou once said you were with lots of girls back in the day when you guys were in a band."

Niall doesn't notice the sadness in Harry's eyes at mentioning all the women he's been with and about him probably not wanting to do things with her considering what he said.

"Yeah I've been with many people, but I regret it honestly. I wish that I had dated more than slept around, maybe by now I would've been married with a kid or two."
Niall says sadly.

"Don't worry Ni, I'm sure the perfect girl is right around the corner." 'Or right in front of you' she thinks.

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Soon Liam called everyone over for food, just having plated the last burgers, hot dogs, and chicken from the grill and all the other food that Cheryl was making is done as well. Harry rushes with Niall running after her, both trying to get to the food first. Niall throws Harry over his shoulder, running to the food table and checking out the choices. He puts Harry down and they both start plating up food. Niall stacking his plate with baked goods, hot dogs, stuffed cabbages, potatoes, a chicken avocado bacon sandwich, and bacon baked beans. Harry grabs baked goods, a chicken avocado sandwich, and fruit salad.

They rush over to the lounge chairs and Niall sits with Harry, Harry sitting against his chest while he eats off of the table next to them and she eats from her lap. Zayn comes over with Gigi and smirks at the sight, noticing Niall looking down Harry's swim top every so often. Her and Gigi sit on the lounge chair next to them sharing a plate of food, being the disgustingly cute couple they are. Freddie joins them on his own lounge chair, stealing food from everyone's plate every once in a while.

"Niall mate don't you want to sit with the grown ups or do you fit in better with the teenagers?" they all hear Louis yell out. Harry rolls her eyes and pats Niall's knee, knowing that he'll want to go start some friendly manly show off thing or something.

Niall narrows his eyes at Louis, feeling Harry's reassuring hand helps, and knows that he'd probably just tackle Louis into the pool only to get pranked soon enough as revenge which he'd rather not have happen.

Harry smiles when Niall goes back to eating, giggling when he teases her for getting small portions. After everyone is finished eating, they all walk into the living room, after Liam made sure none of them would track in water or dirt from outside.

Harry is made to sit in the big recliner, having everyone gather around in the rest of the seating, Liam taking photos every time someone gets up and gives her a gift and when she holds up the gift.

In total, Harry has gotten some new stuffies, a new ipod, new earphones, gift cards, clothing, a pastel pink blanket with a matching bear, and jewelry.

Finally, Niall comes up being the last to give her a gift. She smiles shyly and thanks him while blushing. She opens the box and gasps, it's what she's always wanted.

Niall had gotten her an eternity bracelet, a peridot crystal cut necklace, a green-eyed penguin stuffie, the romper she was eyeing the other week when she went shopping with Niall and her parents for school stuff, and a new expensive make-up kit.

Harry looks up from her eyelashes, eyes watering and jumps into Niall's arms thanking him profusely.

"How'd you know I wanted all of this stuff?"

"I always notice when you like something love, you'd just light up anytime we'd pass one of these things."

Liam and Cheryl look fondly at Harry embracing Niall, so glad that Niall is so observant and got their little girl all those things, even though he already spoils Harry a lot, pretty much every time he comes over, he brings a new gift for Harry whether it be a chocolate bar or a new bracelet.

Soon the party simmers down and everyoen starts heading home, Gigi and Zayn leaving together to stay the night at Zayn's house, Louis driving with the rest of the family in his car home.

Harry pulls on her backpack and has Niall piggy back her all the way to the car, getting off of him only when they get to the car and he opens her door.

"Thank you Sir Horan"

"You're quite welcome Princess Harriet" They both giggle most of the way to Niall's house (which is only a 5 minute drive from Harry's).

Niall and Harry reach his large house, pulling into the gates and then the garage. Niall carries Harry bridle-style to his room, her backpack on his back.

"Alright babe if you go get in your pjs we can watch some movies in here then you'll have to go to your room. And yes, Harry has her own room here, with rainbows and pink everywhere and tons of stuffies.

Harry nods, bringing her duffel to Niall's bathroom. She strips out of her swimsuit, getting into the shower.

Niall starts stripping his clothing, seeing as he only got his legs wet he just got into a pair of joggers, climbs into his bed and starts up Netflix on the large flat screen mounted on his bedroom wall.

Harry gets out of the shower, using the hair dryer to dry her hair througouly. She puts on one of her new panties, biting her lip. She slips on a large t-shirt she had stolen from Niall a while back and a tiny pair of shorts. She throws her dirty laundry into the hamper, fluffs up her hair and walks out and climbs into the bed with Niall.

Niall looks over to Harry to greet her, but freezes when he notices her attire, tight shorts and his old shirt that he thought got lost a long time ago, and no bra.

Harry flutters her eyelashes, coming to lay on top of Niall and tuck her head in his neck.
"Harry love are you feeling cuddly?"

"Mmmhmmm. Was a bit cold too, and you're always so warm." And oh, Niall can feel that she's cold seeing as her nipples are basically stabbing at him through her well his shirt. Niall inwardly sighs preying for little Niall not to show up again.

Harry starts shuffling, seemingly innocent but is grinding up against Niall. Niall thinking she's just re-positioning thinks nothing of it until he feels her rub against his semi harder. He chokes on a moan, biting his lip and stilling her hips with his hands.

"Harry love please don't move."
"Why, am I making you hard? Do you wanna fuck me, take my virginity, my first kiss, fuck me so hard and make me useless for anyone else?" Niall's eyes snap open to see a blushing but smirking Harry. Growling, he flips them over and holds Harry down by her wrists.

"You did this on purpose, you've been seducing me all fucking day?!"
"Yeah I've loved you for two years now Niall, I just wanted you to see me as a woman not a girl."

"I don't take virginities Harry, I want you so much but you're so young and should be with someone your age, and just I love you too but your parents would murder me." Niall murmurs into Harry's soft curls.

"I don't care Niall, I want you to make love to me, take my virginity, my first kiss, be mine forever. They don't have to find out. We can wait until I'm 16 to tell them cause then I'd be legal."

"Okay, but only if you promise not to tell anyone."
"I'm gonna end up telling Zayn and Gigi though, they helped me seduce you, so they're cool, they won't tell"

"Alright I can live with that, I outta thank them for giving you those sexy clothes then don't I?"

Niall kisses her softly, caressing her face lovingly. Harry whimpers at the act, turning red and feeling hot when Niall starts to deepen the kiss and licks into her mouth. Niall moves down, kissing her jaw, then down her neck until he's met with an obstacle, her shirt.

Niall slowly takes off Harry's shorts, then her top so she's just in her silky pink underwear with lace trim. Niall bites his lip, pressing down on his bulge and hissing,
Niall takes off his own joggers, leaving him in his boxers, the tip of his long cock peaking out of the band of his boxers. Harry's eyes widen.

Harry hastily removes her panties, and urges Niall to remove his boxers. When he does, Harry whimpers, noticing the size of his large cock. About 10 inches long but not too thick. Harry bites her lip, reaching down to stroke him.

"I want you to lay down okay baby girl? I'm gonna eat you out, get you ready for m' cock."

Harry scrambles up the bed, laying down with her legs spread. Niall gets between her legs, staring in awe at the beautiful body spread out in front of him. He can't resist, and ends up taking one of her perky b cups into his mouth and sucking with earnest, releasing it and sucking the other breast into his mouth, he then starts trailing kisses down her body until he reaches her tight ripe cunt. Licking his lips, he rubs his finger against her hole, feeling how wet she is. Harry moans as she watches with hooded eyes as Niall crouches down and starts suckling on her clit.

Niall starts licking down from her clit to her folds, then prodding her entrance with his tongue stiffened, moaning at the sweet, salty, and slightly bitter taste of Harry's wetness. Harry starts moaning with new vigor as he starts eating her out like a madman deprived of food for months. He gently starts rubbing her clit with his finger, circling her so he can get her as wet as possible.

He feels a small gush of liquid around his tongue and hears Harry whimper and moan, he deems her ready for his cock. He pulls away from her dripping cunt, a bit regretfully seeing as it's the best thing he's ever tasted.

Harry whimpers at the loss but gets excited for what's coming next. Niall opens the drawer in his nightstand but notices he's out of condoms and lube. "Shit"

"Babe I'm out of condoms, I-I cant fuck you, you could get pregnant."

"Please Niall, make love to me, just pull out and cum on my tummy." Niall bites his lip debating since he knows pulling out doesn't exactly work and that he doesn't know if he'd be able to pull out in time with how tight she felt around his tongue. He decides he's not a very good person and he's not very strong considering the sight he's looking at right now.

He settles between Harry's legs, picking up her right leg and kissing her ankle. He pulls her leg so it's wrapped around his waist. He guides his erection to her entrance, slowly breaching with just his tip and looking up at Harry to see her reaction. He sees her furrow her brows, squinting her eyes, and biting on her lip.
He slowly feeds his cock into her hole, watching for any signs of major pain in her face.

He finally bottoms out and starts slowly thrusting in and out until Harry starts moaning and gasping in pleasure. She squeezes her legs around his bum, pulling him in deeper, both moaning at the feeling. Niall starts fucking into her with earnest, faster and a bit harder but not enough to hurt her. Harry's moans start turning into screams of his name, and she starts fucking back into his thrusts. When Niall starts mouthing at her nipples, and creating love bites across her breasts, she comes hard creamy liquid spilling around Niall's cock. The tightening walls around Niall causes him to moan loudly and dump his load into the tight pussy.

Harry moans at the feeling of warm seed filling her up, combing her fingers through Niall's hair as he lays across her, sucking more hickeys onto her breasts. Niall slowly kisses down her body, until he sees her small cunt spilling out his seed. He starts pushing the cum back into her and fucking his fingers up against her g-spot. He then attaches his lips to her clit, sucking slow but hard until she comes again, seeing stars. Panting he lays down next to his small love, pulling her up to cuddle against him.

They fall asleep soon after, cuddled into each other with blankets bundled around them. Niall with dried cum on his cock and Harry with cum dripping out of her cunt.

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Harry wakes to something warm inside her and pressure on her clit, moaning she looks down and sees Niall is eating her out gently while gently rubbing her clit. She shifts so that her legs are spread out more and Niall, noticing that she's up, winks in acknowledgement before getting back to work.

He lazily fucks his tongue into her red and used pussy, keeping his tongue firm and squeezing her clit every once in a while and going back to rubbing her softly. He slides his tongue out of her tight opening and licks up and down her folds from her clit to her entrance. Suddenly Harry's thighs start quivering and she clamps er thighs around his head suddenly, squeezing his head between her thighs and riding down against his face then slumps down blissfully fucked out.

As Niall breathes heavily, he falls in next to Harry, surprised when she suddenly climbs on top of him, sliding down his body until she's at face-level with his erection. Harry starts kitten licking at his tip, dipping her tongue inside the slit while holding him at the base. She slowly starts taking him in, swirling her tongue around the head, slowly sliding down until she's got about three quarters worth of his cock in her mouth, jerking off the parts she can't reach. She starts sucking and swallowing around him in her throat, stroking the thick protruding vein on the underside of his dick with her tongue and hand.

Niall's grunts fill her ears, she starts trying to take the rest of him into her throat, ever thankful that she has no gag reflex and her favorite fruit is bananas. Soon her nose touches his pubic hair, she breathes through her nose and starts deep throating him, sucking him down and pulling back up until she's back at having him at the back of her throat, swallowing around him. Niall moans deep and loud cumming in the back of her throat. Panting, Niall pulls Harry so she's laying on top of him, both sweaty and spent.

"Fuck you're amazing baby girl, but unfortunately we have to get up and showered so we can go to my work today."

"Okay, can we have sex in the shower though?" Harry asks with big innocent eyes, her eyelashes fluttering with a pout on her lips.

"Fuck. Yeah course but it'll have to be a quickie love, we haven't got much time and we'll have to order food to the office probably." Niall groans out.

Niall carries Harry bridal-style to the bathroom, turning on his shower and getting towels out and setting them on the counter. Niall gets in first, sitting down on the tiled shower bench, spreading his legs, he gestures Harry to come over.

"I want you to ride me princess can you do that? Just sit on my cock and bounce up and down on it. If it gets to be too much we can try a different position."
Harry nods in agreement, carefully climbing on top of him, keeping her hands on his shoulders, she lets Niall guide her down onto his cock. Niall slowly lowers her onto is cock, rubbing her lower back when she is fully seated on his lap, her pussy stretching deliciously and squeezing Niall.

Harry starts bouncing up and down Niall, slowly with careful movements. She does little figure eights when she's back all the way down. Then soon enough she's building up a quicker pace, riding him fast and hard, squeezing his shoulders and digging her nails into his shoulder blades.

Niall starts thrusting up with each of her bounces, holding on to her hips so he can thrust harder. He's holding onto her hips so hard he wouldn't be surprised if there will be finger shaped bruises on her little hips. Soon enough, Harry freezes, seated fully down on Niall cumming around Niall's cock, creamy liquid spilling out and down her thighs. Her walls tightening around Niall cause him to grunt and come inside her, squeezing her hips and holding her down on his cock until he rides down his high.

They get up on shaky legs and start washing each other, flushed faces and glazed eyes. Niall dries Harry then himself, getting dressed in a suit and putting on his glasses. Harry puts on a matching bra and pantie set that's white with red trim and cherries printed on it. She puts on a pencil skirt, a grey button up, leaving the first two buttons undone. She puts in small gold hoop earrings that are studded with diamonds, clasping on her peridot necklace that Niall gave her. She puts on black kitten heels that look classy enough to her. She applies mascara and a bit of cover-up, rubbing her thighs together as she stands back up, she grabs her small leather backpack from her room, adding in coloring books, colors, her ipod, her phone, her tablet, and a book.

Harry meets Niall at the door, and they rush out to the car in the garage, rushing to get to Niall's work. They arrive just two minutes before needed, taking the elevator up to the top floor. Harry starts to unpack all of her things setting them onto the coffee table in front of the leather couch in Niall's office. She knows the drill from coming to work with Niall before, she can stay when people come in for meetings, as long as she doesn't interrupt, she can sit with Niall at his desk unless someone has to come in for a meeting, and to not distract him if he's working.

Niall immediately gets to work, starting up is computer and checking through emails and returning them and all business calls he had missed yesterday. Harry opens up one of her coloring books, a one with different realistic cats but has cool designs to color in instead of normal coat markings. Harry starts coloring, using her neon and glitter gel pens, filling in each intricate and small space with as many different colors as she can.

She finishes the cat in about 10 minutes, trying to make sure she gets it perfect and getting in as many different colors as she could. It ends up looking a bit trippy but really cool. She looks over to Niall and sees him just finishing up a phone call, coming over to him, she sits in his lap, picture in her hand. When Niall finishes the call, he turns to face his beautiful girl sitting in his lap. Harry bites her lip shyly and offers the picture to him.

"It's beautiful princess, looks so cool. Is it for me to keep?"

"Yeah, I took a while on it, wanting to make sure it was perfect for you."

"Well I'm going to put it up on my wall behind my desk so that I and everyone else can appreciate it. And just so you know, I will always love anything you make or give to me princess, because it's from you." Harry blushes, and reaches up to brush her thumb against Niall's cheek, and kissing his lips softly in a silent thank you.

Suddenly Niall's intercom comes on, his assistant telling him that his appointment is here and that they're heading up, not wanting to wait. Rolling his eyes, Niall picks up Harry and sets her on the couch, kissing her lips softly then kissing her head. Niall heads back to his desk, pulling out the file for this meeting. Soon enough, a beautiful woman comes through the doors, walking with confidence.

"Niall why is there a child here, this meeting was supposed to be private?!" she screeches, and okay Harry thinks, she's not as beautiful in the voice or personality departments.

"Natasha if you would sit down and kindly not insult my friend we can get started, Harry here will say nothing about what happens in here, she has been in private meetings before, and everybody but you absolutely adores her." Niall says in a stern voice, clenching his jaw.

The woman nods, sitting across from him, bending over the desk to show off her cleavage. Harry narrows her eyes at the woman and nods at her towards the woman after locking eyes with Niall.

"Natasha please show some decency and pull up your shirt, as I've said before I don't have any interest in you nor anyone else I work with, now where's you're father he was the one that was supposed to be here for the meeting, not you."

Natasha's face blushes with anger and embarrassment and clenches her jaw. "Well Nia-"
"It's Mr. Horan"
"Mr. Horan my father is on a business trip and thought it would be alright for me to conduct the meeting in his place."

"As I told you and you're father last time that if he were to miss a meeting again with me that we were done conducting business together, and also that you were not allowed back here seeing as you basically sexually harassed me in the last meeting, for which I told you're father about. Although he obviously doesn't mind his daughter acting like a slag in business environments seeing as he let you come back and in his place, against my wishes. Please leave before I call in my security."

Natasha huffs, hesitating for a moment and after shooting Harry and Niall a nasty glare, she leaves the room, stomping her heels like a child. Niall rolls his eyes, and smiles at Harry, gesturing for her to come over again.

Harry smiles back, joining him by sitting on his lap again, wrapping her arms around his neck and snuggling up against him with her head in his neck. Niall rubs her back with one hand, the other calling up security to tell them to watch out for Natasha and to put her on the list not allowing her to come inside anymore. When he hangs up, he realizes that Harry has fallen asleep on his lap, but before he could get up to deposit her on the couch, his door is opened and in comes Louis.

Louis was just about to shout out a greeting, when Niall puts his finger to his lips, gesturing down to Harry in his lap. Louis raises his eyebrows at her being in his lap but doesn't mention thankfully.

Niall gets up slowly and carefully sets Harry on the couch, draping the crocheted throw over her and tucking her in softly. He kisses her forehead, smooths out her hair and stands back up to sit back at his desk. He sees Louis look at him with narrowed eyes, but he just shrugs his shoulders, probably thinking that it's just another normal thing the two do seeing as Harry and Niall have been best friends since she was practically born.

Niall inwardly sighs in relief, getting back to finishing up an email, sending it out to Natasha's father telling him he'll no longer do business with his company and the man and why. Harry starts stirring, waking up and notices she and Niall are no longer the only ones in the room now, she lights up when she sees her uncle Lou, getting up and rushing over to him to hug him.

"You alright there Harriet, you're walking a bit funny, did you fall again or something earlier?" Niall and Harry's eyes widen realizing the real reason why she's walking a bit funny but Harry just agrees saying she slipped in the shower again this morning, considering she's done this before and was limping a whole day that time, Louis believes her.

"Well I came here to invite you two to a family dinner tonight seeing as Harry here is staying with you Niall, everyone else already said yes. We're revealing some important news at the dinner."

"Is Eleanor pregnant?" Niall asks with wide eyes.

"No what the bloody hell Ni, no she's not."

"Oh, then what else could be important news?" Louis sighs and rubs his temples as if Niall's commentary was frustrating him. Harry giggles, causing both men to express a small smile.

"Anyways, will you two come over at around 5:30? And as a hint, the news isn't from me and El, it's Zayn that's got important news apparently and she made me stop by everyone's houses and work personally so they couldn't say no." Louis grumbles.

"Maybe Gigi proposed." Harry suggests.

"No my little girl is too young to get married, or be pregnant, at least Gigi can't get her pregnant."

"But I thought she-" Harry's eyes widen when she realized what she was about to say.

"What were you going to say Harry, how could my Zayn get pregnant?!" Harry clears her throat, but the curious look from Niall and the angry look from Louis has her confessing.

"Well um, Gigi is a hermaphrodite so she's uh able to impregnate people. She - god I don't know I thought they would've told you or something seeing as you always complain about wanting grandchildren some day."

"Zayn better fucking not be pregnant I swear to god!" Louis yells, marching out of the office. Harry's lip wobbles, as she takes out her phone quickly calling Zayn to warn her about the shit storm about to happen.

<"The hell Harry, I know you get scared when people look angry, but my dad didn't need to know that. G proposed the other night, that's the big news. We're getting married when I'm eighteen or when my parents will sign permission for me to marry."

"I'm so sorry Z, I thought he knew or something cause he's always saying he wants grandchildren in the future and like, god I'm sorry."

"It's alright love, but I'm just going to run over to G's house before dad gets home, I'll just text him I'm not pregnant."

"I'm sure he'll appreciate it Z, not getting to talk one on one with you on such an important topic of you being able to get pregnant, you realize that G isn't going to be allowed to sleep over if you don't assure him you're not fooling around or anything right?"

"Yeah, yeah, how'd you're weekend with Niall go?"

"Well I lost my virginity and we're dating so there's that."

"Wow babe, I'm happy for you -- shit, dad's home I'm gonna go hide I don't want to have the freaking sex talk right now, I do not need that right now." Zayn hangs up abruptly and Harry just giggles.>

"Why are you laughing sweetheart hmm?"

"Z is hiding from uncle Lou so she won't get the sex talk."

"That girl has always thought she could avoid anything." Harry hums in agreement.

"Ni, when's the next meeting you have?"

"Uh in an hour why?"

Harry smirks, walking up to the door and locking it, stripping out of her shirt and blazer, taking off her panties as she walks over to Niall, unbuckling his belt and removing his pants when he lifts his hips.

Niall loosens his tie and unbuttons his top, taking off his blazer. Harry slides down his cock, moaning as she does so, bouncing up and down. Niall grunts and grabs her hips, stilling her. He carries her over to the floor to ceiling windows, pushing her against it and fucking up into her while holding her against the glass, her legs wrapped around him.

Harry slides up and down against the window, clad in only her bra and skirt. Niall starts fucking harder into her, pushing inside as hard as he can. Harry's nails dig into his shoulders her head lolling against the window, drool in the corner of her mouth. Light moans and grunts along with the sound of wetness getting pushed in and out and skin slapping skin are the only sounds in the office.

Harry suddenly puts her head in Niall's neck biting down as she comes with a cry muffled into his skin. Creamy liquid gushes around his cock, causing Niall to dump his load inside the tight pussy.

Still inside her he carries her over to his desk. He then sits her so her bum is at the edge of his desk, spreading her legs he squats between her thighs. He starts eating his own come out of the girl, until it's all gone and Harry comes again. He licks her clean and then stands up, wiping his face with the back of his hand. He starts re-dressing, then grabs Harry's clothes and starts dressing his little love for her.

Harry looks blissed out sitting on the edge of his desk, Niall gets up and unlocks his door, sitting back at his desk, with Harry now sitting on his lap again. Harry promptly falls asleep against Niall much like earlier, while Niall does his paperwork and looks through profiles of new bands. He starts going through them, putting one pile as maybes and the others as nos, he's already heard each of the artist's demos and has looked each of them up online, listening to their songs that they've posted online.

Chapter Text

About 45 minutes later, Niall heard a knock on his door, looking at his watch, he realized tat it must've been the new boy band he was going to interview today. He silently got up, carrying Harry with him and opening the door, gesturing the boys to be quiet as he sets her on the couch again and covers her with the crocheted blanket.

The boys looked curiously at the young girl sleeping on the couch but followed Niall to his desk and sat in the chairs in front of him. Niall heard rustling and noticed that Harry was waking up, looking over he saw her lazily blink her eyes, and get up, stretching. The boys watched in awe at the beautiful girl waking up which Niall noticed, and cleared is throat out at, glaring at them.

"Is this your daughter Mr. Horan?"

"No, this is my best friend's daughter and she already has a boyfriend so you need to stop looking at her like that." Niall growls out.
The boys widen their eyes at Niall's dominance showing and nod their heads in fear, Harry just giggles at their frightened looks since she knows Niall as a big teddy bear.

"Alright boys I've listened to the demo you had sent in as well as watched your guys' videos online and I'd like to sign you to this company, we just need to go over contracts and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask."

Niall pulls out a folder and takes out a thick contract, going over it with the boys, and answering questions asked. The boys start signing after having gone over the contract.

Niall stacks the contract again, getting it straightened out and putting it back into the folder to give to his assistant to file away. The boys stand up and shake hands with Niall, which then turns into Niall pulling them each into a hug, stating they're family now, just as anybody else signed to the label is. The boys seemed surprised at Niall's friendly nature after witnessing his show of dominance earlier.

The lead singer of the band turns to Harry, "I am so sorry about earlier Harry, we honestly thought you were single and didn't mean to make you uncomfortable, also very sorry Mr. Horan." He says after looking over to him again, Niall nods pursing is lips, not wanting to talk about earlier at all. Harry however, forgives them like the angel she is.

Te boys file out, leaving and Harry looks up sleepily at Niall, showing him a drawing she made for him of him and her holding hands and smiling. It's extremely well-drawn, ever sense she had started taking lessons from Zayn, she's been getting really good at drawing and finishing relatively quickly considering she finished this drawing in only an hour.

"Thanks Harry, I love it, I'm going to frame this later, maybe if we get a long enough time for a lunch break we can head out and get a frame when picking up food."
Harry's face lights up at that, so happy that Niall always supports her.

"Well Harbear, I've got to get back to work and hand this file to my assistant."

"Oh Ni, I can take the file with the contract to Miss Sarah so you can start working on your'e stuff right away."

"Alright love, I'm sure that Sarah would love to see you anyway." Harry nods at that, taking the file from Niall's desk and slightly limping to the door, leaving the room and heading to the elevator to go one floor down. Niall watches her bum as she walks away, feeling smug that he caused that limp from fucking her so good.

Harry gets into the elevator, pressing for floor 11, waiting patiently until it opens and heads towards the rounded desk where Sarah sits answering calls and helping Niall with pretty much anything that he needs. She walks, well limps over to Sarah's desk, waiting patiently for her to get off her phone call. Sarah hangs up and lights up when she sees the small girl, but raises her eyebrows when she sees that Harry is limping when she comes around to get to the other side of the desk.

"Thanks so much love, I didn't know you were coming in today with Niall, I would've brought some cookies for you, however lucky for you I have a cherry lolly in my desk for you." Harry's eyes light up, jumping up and down and thanking her profusely and unwrapping the wrapper right way, sticking it in her mouth and humming at the taste.

Sarah chuckles at the adorableness that is Harry, she just adores her and thinks she's the cutest little thing in the world. "So a certain boy band was walking by and talking about how sad it was that the girl upstairs already had a boyfriend, I just have to ask Haz, did you lose you're virginity last night and that's why you're limping?" Sarah asks with a raised eyebrow.

Harry's eyes go wide with panic, shaking her head and denying having sex; saying she was at Niall's the other night and that she is dating someone but that they're taking it slow. Sarah nods, biting her lip, not believing Harry, recognizing that limp form anywhere seeing as she has a seventeen year old daughter who just lost her virginity on her first anniversary with her boyfriend. She figures Harry probably snuck out of Niall's or snuck her boyfriend in the other night to Niall's house.

Harry says goodbye to Sarah, thinking that she believed her, not worried that Sarah would call her father or mother to report that Harry's having sex at such a young age.
Of course she's wrong and Sarah calls her mother, excitingly telling her that Harry finally is dating someone, seeing as she's practically best friends with Cheryl with them being the same age.

She does tell her mother about thinking that Harry has had sex recently though, worried that she's being taken advantage of. She tells Cheryl that Harry had told her she had slipped in the shower this morning, Cheryl saying that had to be it because it's happened before and Harry only recently had the sex talk and was red in the face from it, swearing to her mother she wouldn't have sex until she was at least 16. Sarah thinks about it, and yeah she knows Harry's pretty clumsy and maybe she bruised her bum in the shower and that's why she's been limping.

Harry's mum squeals on the phone, telling Sarah she'll be over soon to pick up Harry to go shopping and have girl talks now that they can talk about boys together. Cheryl tells Liam she's picking up Harry from Niall's work so they can have a quick surprise girl's day, Liam just standing there frozen since his little girl is dating and Sarah thought she was having sex.

After Cheryl left, he sat in the dining room in shock, putting his head in his hands slightly shaking with fear of his little girl sleeping with someone at such a young age and dating so young. He shakily picks up the phone, calling Louis and Niall asking to talk later about Harry having a boyfriend since he's so freaked out. Niall freaks out a bit but knows that Liam would never suspect him for it, he figures he can talk Liam into supporting Harry to date someone to hopefully making it a bit better when Harry's 16.

Chapter Text

Cheryl came to Niall's office, Sarah telling Niall over the intercom that she was here and wanted to take Harry out for lunch and ten would be back to drop off Harry to finish their weekend sleepover.

Harry was just drawing a picture of a baby, specifically one that would look like her and Niall, she was curious because she always loved babies, although she doesn't want one currently she always wanted to know what her own in the future would look like. She drew the baby with little tufts of curly brown hair atop it's head, ice blue eyes, dimples, and pale skin with little freckles on its cheeks, she drew the baby swaddled in a blanket so she wouldn't have to choose a specific gender to draw.

Niall noticed her drawing and after texting the guys that they could come to his office to talk while Harry was with her mother at lunch, he went over to see what she was now coloring in. The picture made his heart swell, to him it was obvious it was his and Harry's future baby, whenever that would be. The baby looked like a perfect combo of the couple and was wrapped in a light gold blanket.

"That looks beautiful princess, the babe looks just like us." Niall said softly while brushing her hair from her cheek. Harry's eyes lit up and looked up at Niall with fond eyes. She gave the drawing to Niall, so that he could hang it up with the other drawing she gave him.

Niall got up, bringing the picture with him and setting it with the other drawing on his desk, writing a reminder on a sticky note to get frames, and sticking it on his desktop.

Soon enough, Cheryl knocked on the door, entering and running up to her daughter, hugging her, and then tugging her along so they could go to a cafe to eat and discuss boys. Harry looked helplessly at Niall, pouting at having to leave, he just chuckled and waved at her. Just as the girls were leaving, Liam and Louis arrived along with Zayn in tow seeing as she was in trouble for no other reason than over protectiveness. Liam looked at Harry lip wobbling a bit then his wife, who promptly rolled her eyes at him. Harry smiled sadly at her father, knowing that he didn't like the thought of Harry even having a crush on another person, let alone date someone. Just ten Liam's eyes widen in realization and before the girls could leave, he tugged Cheryl over to him.

"Cher did you tell her during the sex talk that she gets pregnant from sex, or does she just know that somehow a sexual act causes babies but not specifically what?" Cheryl's eyes widen, now realizing that she didn't, and Liam nodded at her to tell their daughter.

Harry heard everything though, and looked like a dear caught in head lights, her parents looked curiously at her, but thought nothing of it, thinking she probably just remembered something.

Niall overheard the conversation as well though and just realized that, shit he didn't pull out and he continued to not use protection. He was so caught up in lust and pleasure that he forgot about safety and precaution. Thankfully nobody noticed his little inner freak out, and he just schooled his expression after exchanging a look with Harry that basically meant, we have to talk later.

Cheryl and Harry left, Niall gesturing for the other men to sit on the couch, dragging the recliners from in front of his desk to in front of the coffee table so they would all have some space to themselves, while Louis and Zayn started setting out the Chinese takeout on the coffee table.

Zayn rolled her eyes at nothing, she was just annoyed and pretty embarrassed from getting the sex talk and the questioning of if she's had sex and if it's been safe sex. Apparently she's grounded for two weeks, seeing as that's all Eleanor allowed Louis to give her, for not telling them she could get pregnant and that she's been sexually active when they told er they wanted to know when she did start having sex, so they could set boundaries on house rules and her relationship. She huffed and sat in one of the recliners, not to keen on sitting with her father at the moment.

She grabbed a paper plate, stacking it with big piles of food since she's on a growth spurt and is hungry all the time.

"Please tell me you're only eating that much because you're growing, I don't want you being pregnant."

"Dad if you keep insinuating that I can be pregnant I will tell you my sex life and I doubt you or anyone else in this room wants to hear that right now or ever."

Niall snickers "Mate she's definitely around you too much she's got a lot of sass." Louis was just too horrified to speak and sat down silently and started plating his own food.

Liam sat down, only eating a small bite before giving in and looking towards Zayn. "Hey Zayn, you and Haz talk about everything, um she mention who she was dating and how far she's gone?" Zayn looked uninterested at him and just kept eating until her father glared at her.

Sighing, she answered "Yes and yes, but no I won't tell you anything." Liam does a puppy-eye face at her and Louis, making them both sigh but when Louis was about to ask Zayn to tell, she glared at him with a face that could rival a demon. Louis actually jumps back, a bit scared of her since the last time she made that face and he kept pushing, he ended up with a bruised knee and a broken nose, and that was when she was 6, he didn't want to have anything happen this time.

She had thrown her plastic play chair at his knee, and when he bent down to scold her, she had hit him in the nose with her ceramic tea cup, hard. The ER visit was not pleasant as all their friends were laughing that he got beat up by a 6 year old wen they rushed to the hospital. Zayn went to therapy for a bit after that. Now she draws instead of hits, but Louis doesn't doubt that she would it him without hesitation for pushing her to tell her best friend's secrets.

Louis shakes his head at Liam. "Sorry mate, I really don't fancy being beat up right now nor an ER visit." Liam sighed at this, knowing it is highly plausible to happen. Niall just snorts, because what father or man is scared of a 14 year old girl. Louis glares at him, well aware that he seemed like a wuss but he knows his daughter is freakishly strong and as a temper. Liam however, is desperate and not worried.

"Please Zayn, I really need to know, and Harry will not tell me or her mother knowing her, and just plea I don't want her getting pregnant or having a pregnancy scare like you may have had, I mean you and Gigi have been together for like two years, I'm sure you've had at least one scare." Louis shakes his head and holds the bridge of his nose, knowing what's going to happen and not really going to help.

Liam quickly realizes his mistake, eyes widening he was about to apologize, but Zayn stands up, takes a bottle of soda, opens it and dumps it on Liam's head. Then sits down nonchalantly like she didn't just soak her uncle with sticky root beer. He's honestly lucky she didn't hit him but she'd never injure any of her uncles especially not her best friend's dad. Crossing her leg, she picked up her soda, Liam flinching as she does, smirking she takes a sip and sets it down calmly. She gets up on the context of getting seconds, but ends up grabbing the sweet and sour sauce, and she opens the lid, enjoying the scared look on Liam's face, tugs his shirt outwards and dumps it down his back.

"No one talks that way to me and gets away with it, uncle and best friend's dad or not." Liam nods, a bit scared to be honest and gets up to wash up in the connected bathroom, jumping a bit when Zayn moves in her seat to reach out and grab her plate again. He breathes out shakily and darts to the bathroom leaving a smirking Zayn in his wake.

Louis opens his mouth to scold his daughter but quickly shuts it when he sees her glare, he honestly is scared of his daughter at times, plus Liam deserved that seeing as he insulted his daughter and now planted more bad thought's in Louis' brain.

Zayn goes back to happily plating more food and eating, glaring when anyone goes to mention how much she's eating. Niall is just trying to hold in his laughter at all this, he actually had recorded what happened and sent it to Harry.

Liam comes back, walking as far away from Zayn's path and area as he could and sitting down, eating his food quietly and flinching whenever Zayn picks up a food item and acts like she's going to throw it. She's getting a lot of amusement out of this seeing as she's grounded and this will probably be the only fun she'll have for the next two weeks.

Everyone finishes eating, Liam apologizing to Zayn multiple times after she calmed down some more. Liam then started asking what to do in this situation, but before anyone could contribute ideas, Harry and Cheryl were opening the door, coming in. Cheryl comes in and raises an eyebrow at her husband's stained shirt, scolding him for ruining a brand new shirt, but before he could reply she was already dragging him out so they could try and get it out at the house.

Louis says his goodbyes to Harry and Niall, as Zayn and Harry hug each other goodbye. Louis notices Zayn's eyes widening when Harry whispers something in her ear, and sees his daughter's face go pale. He bites his lip and decides he'll ask his wife to talk to her about it later, knowing Zayn's scared of her mother's wrath and will out any secret if she's scared enough. He also knows that almost nothing makes Zayn worry or get scared, so whatever Harry told Zayn must've been really bad and be something that she doesn't want her parents knowing but should probably be told to them.

Chapter Text

After everyone left, Niall and Harry sat down and stared at each other, until Harry started crying, falling into Niall's chest, Niall rubbing up and down her back, trying not to cry himself.

"We're going to be in so much trouble Ni, mummy told me tat when a man comes inside of a girl, t-they get the girl pregnant. I don't wanna lose you, mummy and daddy would make you never see me again, you may even go to p-prison!" Harry cries out.

"I know baby, maybe you're not pregnant though, I mean it's possible, but also very possible more than it's impossible."

Harry sees that Niall is freaking out, she knows that if she is pregnant, the consequences for him are much worse for him than for her. She and him both know that they're screwed.

She climbs into his lap, holding him tight and they cry together. They hold each other tight, then Niall gets up and calls down to Sarah saying that he's leaving early, that him and Harry are both not feeling all that great.

They leave, avoiding eye contact with everyone so nobody will notice that they've both been crying, not wanting to talk to anyone right now.

They drive to the next town over, thankfully only 30 minutes away, and get one of each pregnancy test a small drug store has; wearing hoodies that were in Niall's car so that it's harder to tell who they are. They're still pretty well-known considering Niall being an ex-boy band member and Harry being Liam's daughter.

They'll have to wait a few weeks to take the tests, but by that time Harry will be in school and so she'll have to somehow sneak the tests into her room and hide them until it's time to take them.

Since Harry's parents never let her sleep over for the first two weeks of school, she will have to be extra sneaky hiding them since her parents always come into her room at random times and Cheryl comes in to put away her laundry as well.

They drive back to Niall's house in relative silence, holding hands so neither of them fall apart. They knew there was no way Harry wasn't pregnant considering the amount of times they've had sex.

When they get back, they just lay together in bed, holding each other close and playing calming music. They fall asleep rather quickly from emotional exhaustion.

They awake to the doorbell ringing like crazy, and then stomping up the stairs. Before they could even get up, Liam and Cheryl storm into the room, with Zayn Eleanor and Louis in tow, El holding Zayn's ear while she wrings her hands, staring apologetically at Harry.

Just as Harry was about to open her mouth, Liam silences her with his hand, holding up the plastic bag with pregnancy tests they had just bought, and had left on the kitchen counter. Wincing, Harry looks away, holding Niall's hand.

"Harriet Jamie Payne I swear to god what the hell were you thinking having unprotected sex and especially at a young age. Now Zayn wouldn't tell us who the hell that damn boyfriend of yours is, so you have a chance to tell us or you're in a shit ton of more trouble." Cheryl shouts at her.

Tearing up, she tries to scoot and hide behind Niall. Thanking heavens that Zayn didn't tell them that it was Niall that she's dating.

El and Louis take Zayn back downstairs, motioning for Niall to follow but he shakes his head, silently telling them that he's staying.

"I-I won't tell you who it is, I love him and he'll get in huge trouble if I tell you. I don't want him to go to jail mummy."

"Why the fuck would he go to jail if hes the same age as you?" Cheryl''s eyes widen in realization, "Harry please don't tell me you're dating an adult. How old is this boy?!"

"You'll hate me if I tell you his age" Harry sniffles out.

"Not if he's anywhere past 18" Harry winces again

"Fuck is he in his twenties?!" Harry bites her lip, nodding her head trying to lie, but biting her lip always is her tell wen lying.

"Harry please don't tell me this man is in his thirties." Cheryl begs quietly, Liam crying behind her silently. Harry shakily nods her head.

"O-oh my god Harry, how in the hell did you even meet this pervert?!" Niall and Harry both wince at that.

Just as Cheryl was grabbing Harry's bicep to drag her home Niall jumps up and stops her.

"Maybe Harry should stay with me for a while, I mean um staying at your house may be stressful for her and the baby and you guys are really mad. Maybe a change of environment will be helpful and I promise if I find out who this man is, I'll call you and the cops.''

Cheryl and Liam look to each other, knowing that he's right, they aren't in the right state of mind to be around Harry without stressing er out and therefore endangering the baby.

''O-okay she can stay here. You're right, we would just stress her out which is bad for the b-baby. Plus we're just so mad and disappointed wit her that it'd be hard to see her for a bit. No matter how much we love her, and want to support her, she should be here with you so she's happier.'' Cheryl says.

"Thank you mummy and daddy'' Harry says quietly.

Chapter Text

Everyone left soon later, Zayn apologizing repeatedly to Harry until Eleanor dragged her off.

Niall and Harry cuddled in silence, taking comfort in each other's company and arms. Niall slides down until his face is level with Harry's stomach, and presses a kiss to her tummy, nuzzling into it.

"I don't know if you can hear me yet little babe, but if you are in there, even wit the circumstances, your mom and I are happy to have you.'' Niall whispers happily to her tummy. Harry smiles, rubbing and massaging Niall's head and combing through his short hair.

''I hope he or she has your eyes Ni, maybe my dimples. They'd be a sure heart breaker huh love?"

"Mmm yeah, I know it's not the best situation to have a kid right now, but I'm excited to hold them in the future, at least twins don't run in either of our families so we can be sure it's only going to be one child growing in your tummy.''

Niall stays there for a while, caressing and kissing her tummy, mumbling sweet nothings to her and the baby. The light brushes from Niall's calloused finger tips against her abdomen start stirring something inside her.

"Hey Ni?"


"I think this news calls for celebratory sex huh? Your fingers just feel so great on my tummy, it's kinda turning me on." Harry says shyly, with a blush on her cheeks.

Niall crawls up and kisses her passionately, getting up and locking the door just in case a surprise visitor comes, it's happened before many times. He starts shedding his clothes, while Harry gets out of hers as well. He climbs back onto the bed, positioning himself over er to start snogging her. Harry holds onto his hair with one hand, and starts stroking his cock with the other.

Niall regretfully removes himself from her body, and spreads her legs, getting in between them. He trails his fingers down her abdomen to her pubic bone, stroking it lovingly before trailing them down to her folds.

He opens up her lips, and starts licking her out, moaning at the wetness seeping into his mouth. He sucks her lips then her clit into his mouth, playfully nibbling on her clit. Harry starts whining, and tightens her thighs around his head, coming hard inside his mouth.

Niall gets up and strokes his erection, swiping it up and down her folds, pushing into her slowly but then slamming in when he reached halfway inside of her. Harry's mouth opens with a silent moan, eyes wide. He starts thrusting hard, folding her legs against her chest and leaning down to capture her lips in a passionate kiss.

Harry tugs on hair with one hand, and scratches red marks down his back with the other. Her small body starts moving with each thrust up the bed, and she holds onto Niall's back with both hands now, mouth parted with Niall swallowing her moans in a kiss.

She soon comes around his cock, already having been at edge from her first orgasm. Niall's hips stutter at the new found tightness, and starts thrusting harder, until he stills and is coming inside her as deep as he can.

He picks up her legs, and wraps them around his waist, flipping them over he has her lay on top of him with his semi hard member inside of her. He wraps his arms around the small girl, and falls asleep wrapped in their embrace, Harry's head in the crook of his neck with his hands grasping her little hips.

Chapter Text

The next morning they wake up in the same position except with them laying on their sides. Harry wakes up first and feels her lover's hard member inside her, pulsing. She feels pretty sore but starts swiveling her hips as best as she can. Moaning quietly, she pushes at Niall's shoulder until he wakes up.

Niall wakes up to a sore dick and warm walls clamped around it. He feels Harry moving against him as best as she can, grunting he turns over, holding her hips so that she's laying over him. Harry sits up, bracing her hands on top of Niall's chest. She starts moving her hips in figure eights, slowly lifting up and down his hard member.

Soon the only sounds in the room to be heard were wet and slick sliding sounds, low moans and grunts and the wet smacking of kissing lazily. They each reach their climaxes after about thirty minutes of slow love making. Harry collapses on top of her older lover, snuggling her face in his neck and snuffling. Niall wraps his arms around her, and they both fall back asleep for another few hours.

When they wake up, Niall carries her to the bathroom bridal style, setting her onto the bathroom counter as he fills up the bathtub and adds rose scented bath soaps. He picks her up then gets in himself, then has Harry climb in and sit against him with her back to her chest. He lovingly soaps her up gently, caressing her flat tummy a few times softly while displaying a soft smile.

They both get out, Niall insisting on drying her himself and only after drying her he dries himself.

They both walk out of the bedroom, heading for his closet. Niall pulls on a pair of basketball shorts and nothing else, Harry putting on a pair of Niall's boxers and pulling on one of his soft, worn out shirts. They hold hands while going down the stairs, sharing fond looks every few seconds.

Harry starts on making breakfast, a spread of fruit salad with strawberry yogurt, scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese, and breakfast potatoes, and bacon. She forces Niall to eat as many fruit as he does potatoes and bacon. He does so with a fond eye roll, grumbling to himself as he shoves the spoon fulls of fruit into his mouth. Harry giggles at his ridiculousness, and kisses his cheek for his trouble.

Harry goes to the living room, after much prompting from Niall, while he does the dishes from breakfast. Harry turns on the dvd player and puts in a marvel movie, while waiting for Niall to finish loading the dishwasher. Soon enough Niall joins her and picks her up, laying on the couch and has her cuddle him back-to-chest so they can both see the movie.

"So we're having a lazy day babe?" Niall mumbles into her thick curls.

"Yeah thought we'd have a marvel marathon then later have a d.c. marathon."

"As long as we have snacks later on, I'll probably be hungry after the first few movies anyway." Harry snorts, knowing how much he eats, despite having grown, and still doesn't gain weight.

"We'll be going to the gym tomorrow then babe, need to be healthy for the baby and you need to be healthy cus you eat so much" she says patting his tummy jokingly.

Niall gasps in mock offense, and pushes her over, kissing all over her face as she giggles. He starts tickling her sides and blowing raspberries on her exposed stomach.

"Take it back or you'll be tickled to death!" he screeches

"Never! You eat way too much!" He continues tickling her and starts kissing her tummy in between blowing raspberries above her belly button.

"Stop! Stop! I'm gonna pee!" Niall stops immediately remember last year when she actually had peed from her parents tickling her in the early morning, he really doesn't feel like cleaning pee off his sofa.

Instead of continuing, he starts caressing her tummy, pressing soft kisses to the skin as Harry watches him with a fond loving look.

"Hi baby, I'm you're da, your mom and I didn't plan you but we already love you so much, you're mum's pretty young so you'll need to be mindful in there, don't go kicking her tummy to hard later on, she's too tiny."
"You're going to be coming into such a loving family, you're mum and I love you so much already, plus you're grandparents, your many aunties and uncles from my old band and your biological family members."
"Knowing your mum's best friend, she's probably going to be claiming best aunt along with her girlfriend, well fiance as your mum has told me.
Don't worry though, they won't be the only ones getting married, I'm going to propose to your mum one day and it'll be a magical occasion with you as our little flower boy or girl." He coos at her tummy.

"That was so sweet babe, I can't wait to see our little baby they're going to be so beautiful."

"Well we are the parents, so of course." Niall jokes, causing Harry to jokingly whack him upside the head, albeit very softly.

"Abuse, your mum's already starting on the spousal abuse early little babe." Harry snorts at him choosing to ignore her silly boyfriend and turns her attention to the movie playing, rewinding it to the beginning and listening in to Niall's little talks to their baby every once in a while.

After their marvel movie marathon, they make a lunch of a healthy salad and homemade mac and cheese with a crumb topping. Harry, again has to make Niall eat his healthy counterparts of his meal. They do the dishes together, loading each dish in between each dish.

The rest of the day is spent watching movies, while trying to ignore the elephant in the room, choosing to address it later. They know they'll have to face reality and come out to Liam and Cheryl at some point soon. They both know Liam's a bit thick but they also know that they share way too many fond and loving looks to look platonic anymore. But for now they silently decide that today they'll spend the day without worries and face the consequences tomorrow.

Chapter Text

Before they knew it, it was time to start on dinner after finishing up all Marvel movies and most of the DC movies. They went to the kitchen and Niall let Harry boss him around, thinking it was adorable when she had a concentrated look on her face.

They started making a salad (much to Niall's dismay), and Harry started making a homemade tomato sauce while also starting to boil the water. Harry put the salad in the fridge, checking on the water and the tomato sauce.

Niall went behind her, grasping her hips and kissing her neck. Harry immediately tilted her head so that Niall had more access to her neck, whimpering when Niall turned her around and lifter her. He carried her to the kitchen's island and set her on top of it.

He started kissing down her neck, pulling down her shirt so he could kiss and suck her collarbones jutting out. Moaning quietly, she grabbed his hair and pulled him into a harsh but passionate kiss. Niall started pulling off her shirt, kissing down from her neck and stopping at her breasts.

He started to suckle on her right nipple, while massaging her left breast. Whimpering Harry pushed Niall off, and started pulling off his shirt. While Niall was taking off his bottoms, Harry pulled off her panties.

Niall stood between Harry's legs, rubbing the head of his erection up and down her folds. He pulled her to the edge of the island and Harry laid back on the counter top of the island. Pulling her legs around his waist, Niall slowly thrusted into her tight cunt, grunting while doing so. He started fucking into her harder, pushing Harry's legs up on his shoulders so he could bend over and kiss her.

The only sounds in the kitchen was the slap of skin on skin and moans and grunts from their passionate slightly rough lovemaking. They were so caught up that they missed the knocking on the door and the footsteps of people,

Harry's moans and whines got louder, while Niall started grunting and moaning more often. All the sudden Niall felt someone pulling him off of his girlfriend, and a harsh punch to the side of his face, making him fall to the ground.

He looked up quickly, eyes widening when he saw Cheryl holding back Liam while Harry was rushing over to pick up her shirt and hastily getting dressed. Niall grabbed his clothes and dressed as fast as he could.

"I'm going to kill you! You got my baby girl pregnant! She's fucking fourteen you son of a bitch!!!" Liam finally got free of Cheryl's grip, mostly because Cheryl let him.

Cheryl grabbed Harry, pulling her out of the room while Harry struggled to get out of her grip to save her boyfriend. Cheryl put Harry in the living room, blocking her from leaving. Harry finally had enough when she heard a crash, she pushed her mother out of the way, and ran to the kitchen.

Eyes widening, she saw her father on top of Niall punching him repeatingly, Niall not doing much to stop him but trying to wriggle out from under the stronger man.

"Daddy stop!" Liam paused but looked towards Harry, more specifically her stomach then resumed punching Niall. Harry pushed Liam over and over until she realized she couldn't get him off.

"MOM! He's going to kill him help!!!" Cheryl came in quick and tried to pull Harry out, but Harry refused, knowing that her parents thought Niall forced her and wouldn't stop from trying to 'teach him a lesson'. She made a quick decision and grabbed the phone from the counter.

She dialed 999 and spoke to the police, asking them to come down because their was a fight and she couldn't break it up. Soon they heard sirens, Liam not phased whatsoever, and kept punching and hitting Niall, anger overpowering any emotion.

Soon police were storming in and pulling Liam off Niall and cuffing him while pulling him into the living room while Harry ran to Niall and pulled his head into her lap crying heavily. Cheryl ran to Liam's side trying to talk the cops out of taking him into jail.

Paramedics soon came in trying to get Harry to get away from Niall so they could look at him. She kept refusing so they gave up and started examining his face from where it lay on her lap.

"Sweetheart, we've got to get him to the hospital, it seems like he may have a few broken ribs along with a broken nose and badly bruised face." a kind looking female paramedic said.

"I need to come with please let me ride in the ambulance with him." Harry cried out.

"You don't want to accompany your father to the police station?" the other paramedic asked curiously

"No! He hurt Niall! He can go to hell!" Harry screamed out.

Liam was standing in the doorway, a hurt and betrayed look on his face in which Harry just glared at.

"Harry you need to go with us to station so we can file a report against Niall."

"Fuck no! He didn't do anything wrong, Liam did!" Harry screamed at her mother, seeing her father flinch at the tone and use of his name instead of the usual 'daddy'.

Cheryl having enough, pulled Harry up and dragged her out, or at least tried to. Harry pulled away and ran back to the kitchen pushing the cops away from Niall when they tried to cuff him while he was on a stretcher.

"Get the fuck away from him you bastard he did nothing wrong that man over there did!" Harry screamed at the cop pointing to her father.

The cop raised a bewildered eyebrow at her, already having heard from her parents that Niall was raping her.

"Miss you're parents told me he was raping you, I need to cuff him and read him his rights."

"He wasn't raping me! H-he wasn't doing anything! Liam over there thought he was because Niall and I are close and some other man got me pregnant a while back!" Harry yelled out.

Liam shook his head in anger, not believing that Harry was protecting the bastard that used to be his best friend.

"Officer, I walked in and he was on top of her, raping her on the counter over there!" Liam yelled out.

"Sir, I understand you are saying this but we can't be sure of anything until we have rape kit done on the girl" the officer said.

"I'm not getting a rape kit done you piece of shit, he didn't do anything!" Harry growled out.

"Harriet Emma Payne! You will get that rape kit and Niall will be going to jail!" Cheryl grounded out between clenched teeth and jaw.

"Actually Mrs. Payne, she doesn't have to; she cannot be forced to take one since it's her right. Also since there's no evidence, we really cannot arrest Mr. Horan. We can however and will arrest Mr. Payne seeing as Harry has said multiple times that her father was the only one committing a crime tonight and seeing as Mr. Horan hadn't even fought back and wasn't even able to, we're going to have to arrest your husband for aggravated assault."

"Harriet Payne if you don't tell the truth right now your father is facing jail time and Niall will never be brought to justice!" Cheryl growled out.

"Niall didn't do anything wrong, I asked Liam to stop multiple times, and he didn't and when I asked you to help pull him off because he was going to end up killing him; you just tried to pull me out of the room you bitch!"

"In that case, Ma'am you are aware that you can be charged with accessory to assault yes?" the officer asked.

"Why are you not doing the right thing! I swe-"

"Officer I'm not going to be pressing charges, so you will not charge either of them." Niall said, albeit pretty painfully seeing as his jaw hurt like hell.

Harry sniffled, following the paramedics pushing Niall in the stretcher outside. Her eyes widened once she saw all of the paparazzi outside trying to yell out questions. She ducked her head down, pulling her shirt further down her thighs and climbing into the ambulance with Niall and a paramedic, against orders from her parents and the police.

They were rushed to the hospital, Niall being taken to a private room for examination and soon enough an x-ray. A nice nurse had given her a pair of scrub pants from her own locker to wear, after hugging her when noticing the poor girl crying without pants on. Thankfully no one saw her underwear the whole time before getting pants on.

Harry winced when she heard her parents yelling at the front desk, trying to get up quietly and as quickly as she could so she could find a doctor to bring her to Niall. She only got a few feet before she felt a hand grabbing her bicep a bit harshly.

"Ow! Stop it!" she yelled. Which of course attracted the attention of other people in the waiting room as well as the nice nurse from before.

The nurse came over and pulled Cheryl's hand off of Harry's arm, pulling the small girl behind herself.

"Excuse me ma'am this girl asked you to stop, you very well could've caused bruising. Now I am aware who you are but that doesn't mean you can hurt your own daughter out of anger. I already heard everything from the other paramedics, so if you would please back off I will be taking the girl to the staff room until you calm down, then a nurse or doctor will bring you back to talk to her." The nurse said calmly but also with a bit of anger in her tone.

The nurse held out her hand for Harry to take, which Harry tookk immmedietly and followed her lead behind the staff doors. The nurse sat herr down at the table and gave her a cup of decaf tea.

"I uh cannot have caffeine." Harry said apologetically.

"It's fine love, it's decaf. I'm aware that when you're pregnant you cannot have certain things. The paramedics told me everything. I was in a very similar situation ten years ago. I had gotten pregnant at fifteen by my twenty five year old boyfriend, of course my parents weren't happy and kicked me out. I lived with my boyfriend and now he's my husband of six years." The nurse told her.

"Why are you telling me this."

"Because I know what it's like to be pregnant by an older man and being told I was taken advantage of. The only family I'm still in contact in is with my grandparents. My grandmother married my grandfather at sixteen and had my mother at eighteen while my grandfather was twenty seven. They understood me, they know what it's like to be in love at ages where it seems wrong."

"Thank you, I don't think my parents will be too happy with me, they may very well kick me out. Um could you show me pictures of your kid miss..."

"Call me Rhonda love, and of course, I have more than one now though, I've actually got three little munchkins now." Rhonda pulled out her phone, showing pictures of her kids and husband along with pictures of them all alongside her grandparents. Harry smiling at each picture, caressing the picture of the small baby, the youngest of all of Rhonda's three children.

"He's beautiful, I hope my baby looks beautiful as well."

"Well I'm sure they will be. You are very beautiful yourself. Maybe when they're born they can meet my kids, have little baby play dates with my little Eric." Rhonda asked hopefully.

"Of course that'd be great, I would love to meet your family before that though, your'e very nice."

"Thank you, I was hoping we could be friends, I don't have any other friends that have had children at young ages so we will have more to talk about." Rhonda said smiling.

What they weren't aware of was that Liam and Cheryl were both outside the doorway listening to the entire conversation sadly, knowing they went too far if their daughter thought they'd basically disown her. They shared a look of understanding, knowing that even though the circumstances were awful, and they'd likely always have a hatred for Niall, they knew if they had him arrested Harry would never forgive them and would probably leave them.

"Harry dear, we're very sorry. We thought that Niall was raping you. You're just so young." Cheryl said softly.

"An apology won't do anything for me. You have someone else to apologize to. I love Niall and he loves me, it's not some one-sided relationship where he's taking advantage of me. Niall loves talking to the baby too, the baby that we love very much. You could've killed the love of my life and the father of my unborn baby." Harry said strongly. The parents winced at all the information, knowing that Harry was telling the truth seeing as she looked them straight in the eyes the whole time while saying all of that.

"W-we didn't know, he's just so much older than you, he should've known better love."

"He did try to stop me, I'm the one who started everything. I initiated sex the first time, I initiated the first kiss, I initiated every single first action of our relationship."

Liam cringed at that, not liking that his daughter was the one to start sex with an older man.

"I'm still mad at you two, but if you don't continue trying to press charges against Niall and agree to apologize, while I'm in the room; I will never forgive you." Harry said strongly.

"We're aware of that" Then looking over at Rhonda who was sitting quietly trying to give privacy while staying in the room the entire time in case something would've gone wrong. "Thank you Rhonda, you are an amazing woman. Everything you said to Harry is what made us realize that what we were doing was making us lose our baby girl."

"Thank you Mrs. Payne I'm glad you and your husband are seeing your mistake." With that she got up.

"Well I got paged that Mr. Horan is done being checked up and treated and that we can go and see him."

The family followed after Rhonda, Harry pulling her hands away when her parents tried to hold her hands. They made it outside a private room, everyone wincing when they saw the condition Niall was in.

Harry rushed over to his side, climbing into the bed with him and wrapping herself around him as well as she could while Niall caressed her stomach and kissed the crown of her head.

Niall saw Liam and Cheryl and flinched while tightening his hold on Harry's back where he had previously been rubbing up and down.

"Niall we owe you an apology, me for beating you, and um Cheryl for not stopping you." Cheryl nodding her head in agreement.

Niall shook his head, tearing up "No Liam I'm sorry I just love Harry so much as much as you probably don't want to hear it. I'm sorry for impregnating her at such a young age, but I also love her so much and am so excited for the life growing inside her. I will never regret getting together with her though, she is the love of my life."

Liam nodded his head, lowering himself onto the couch across from Niall's bed, Cheryl joining him.

"Oh Ni-bear, this is Rhonda she had her first baby at fifteen, she had three little babies now, she wants to have play dates as soon as our little one is born and ready as well. She's a new friend and she's also the one to show mum and dad the truth." Niall smiles at Rhonda, or at least tries to seeing as it hurts quite a bit to show any facial expression let alone talk.

"Thank you Rhonda, as soon as we're out of here and sorted, we'd love to have you and your family over for a barbecue."

"That sounds lovely, I'll have to talk to my husband and tell him about the new friends I've made today; not a lot of people are too accepting about what happened in the past so we don't have many friends."

"Well I'm glad we found you then; you should invite your family and your grandparents, I would love to meet them." Harry said with a smile.

Chapter Text

Just as Liam and Cheryl were leaving to the cafeteria to order food for everyone, a nurse came into the room. Harry was laying in the bed with Niall, her head resting on his chest.

The nurse was blonde with blue eyes and had obviously fake breasts that she was trying to show off. Her scrub top was low cut and showed a lacy bra and a bit of her nipple. When she was checking over Niall she sneered at Harry and tried to pretty much shove her cleavage in Niall's face.

"Excuse me nurse, I've already been checked over and your slutty ways are pissing me off. Leave now and get me your supervisor before I press the nurse button for help to get you the hell out of here."

"B-but" with that Niall pressed the nurse button pissed off and just wanting alone time plus he's hungry as hell and really wants that damn food.

He sees Cheryl and Liam quietly snickering instead of trying to help him. He glares at them and presses the nurse button repeatedly since the damn nurse hasn't left yet. Harry watches with rapt attention finding it very amusing how desperate the nurse is and how mad her lover is.

Soon enough a burly male nurse comes in and raises an eyebrow and the obviously pissed off look Niall has and the nervous looking nurse that's been written up already for sexual harassment of celebrity patients a few times.

"Miranda I swear to god, you're fired. And you'll probably not get work with how you seem to love sexually harassing rich patients."

"You can't do that" she screeches. Everyone watches with amusement looking back and forth between the two people.

"I'm shift supervisor and your manager so yes I can, pack up your locker, a security guard will escort you to the locker room and out of the hospital. With that he beeps for security and a tall woman comes in escorting the woman out.

"I am so sorry Mr. Horan she's been written up before and has had three warnings but she hadn't learnt her lesson for some reason"

"It's fine just make sure that my on-duty nurse is Rhonda or another nurse that she recommends, I don't want a repeat."

"Yes of course sir." With that the man leaves.

Before Liam and Cheryl can end up leaving, Louis, Eleanor, Zayn, and Freddie rush in. Louis comes over and slaps Niall, Liam having to pull him back.

"The fuck mate why'd you pull me off and why isn't he under arrest?"

"He uh he's actually not been raping her, apparently they've been dating and are in love. We're not happy about it but um at least it's not some actual pervert she's dating."

Louis fish mouths as does Eleanor. Zayn rushes over and hugs Harry kissing her forehead. Freddie comes over and pats Harry's shoulder and gives her congratulations for her pregnancy and being able to come out with the relationship.

"Whelp sorry miss Harriet and Neil but I've got to go, mom and dad were keeping me to watch over Zayn but I'm off duty for that since I let Gigi come over. Anyway I've got to head back up to college because my boyfriend misses me and I'm kinda sick of all this drama." With that he hugs everyone and sashays out of the room.

"It's so obvious he's your son Louis, he's like an exact replica of you at that age." Liam comments.

"Shut up I didn't sashay!"

"You totally did mate, I really thought you were gay when we first met cause you were so flamboyant and like sassy plus the fact you eyed our bulges the first time we all had a dress rehearsal and were sharing a dressing room." Niall says.

"I was surprised, you guys were like friggin huge and still teenagers!" Everyone snorts in amusement.

"Sweetheart when we first met I thought you were at least bi, only when we were broken up and you had Freddie did I start realizing you were straight."

"The fuck El, I'm one hundred percent straight and always have been. Anyway Niall I'm sure Liam agrees with me on this when I say if you break Harry's heart or turn out to be nothing but a pervert, I will help him beat the crap out of you."

"I understand and can assure you that we are fully in love and I will never hurt Harry intentionally nor will I ever break her heart." Harry beams and presses a kiss to the corner of Niall's mouth. Much to the couples amusement, everybody but Zayn and Eleanor looks away.

"I'm super hungry and I bet you guys are too so how about El and I go pick up some Nando's and bring it back here since there's one only like a block from here." Everyone agrees except for Liam and Cheryl who decide to go home since they're very uncomfortable with the relationship, Liam parts with a glare pointed towards Niall and the 'I'm watching you' fingers to eyes move. Louis and Eleanor leave with Zayn staying behind and inviting Gigi to stop at the hospital so that she's not the only non-couple pair there.

By the time Louis and Eleanor come back, they notice Gigi and Zayn cuddling on the couch napping and Harry passed out on Niall's chest. Niall makes grabby hands towards the food while everybody else wakes up to the smell. Louis flicks his daughters head and gives her a disapproving look before passing them their food then bringing Niall and Harry their food.

They all sit around eating until a nurse comes by to let them know visiting hours are over and that Niall has to stay overnight for observation but that someone can come by to pick him up tomorrow after being discharged. Harry reluctingly leaves, upset that she can't kiss her boyfriend goodbye since the nurse is still there. She follows the Tomlinsons out while Zayn and Gigi plan a sleepover at Gigi's apartment.

Chapter Text

Today Niall goes home and they all plan to meet up at his house to discuss everything, Harry and her parents, and Louis with Zayn for support and muscle in case there happens to be a fight and somebody needs to be pulled away.

***One Hour Later***
Everyone has arrived at the house, Harry just setting out the tea and some scones. It's an awkward silence for a while until Niall clears his throat and opens his mouth to talk.

"So Liam, Cheryl Harry and I discussed it, and were wondering if you could legally make Harry emancipated so she could live with me and sign that she would be allowed to marry me as well before emancipating her. It's something we've discussed and the best plan we could come up with, the media will have a field day but Harry will be in the eyes of the law, kinda of an adult and the fandom and world already know her as a mature and smart-minded young woman."

"That's actually what Cheryl and I had talked about as well, and it does seem to be the best decision, and Harry is very mature and has an extremely high IQ for her age last time we tested which was last year. The only thing she hadn't known of was that of sexual nature for a while. She technically is smarter than most twenty year olds."

"Thanks so much, I know I probably am not in any of your good graces but I appreciate this so much, Harry and I both do, she's the love of my life and I can't thank you two enough for bringing her into the world and into my life, despite the large age gap."

"Thanks so much mummy and daddy, it'll be so great to live with Niall, and I hope you guys aren't too mad at him and I and will want to be part of the baby's life."

"Of course we want to be part of our grandbaby's life sweetheart, your father and I are disappointed that you've become pregnant so young and are scared of the backlash you'll get from the media and from the public but I am grateful that Niall loves you and you are happy."

***The Next Day***
Harry finds herself looking around her old room, empty save for a few boxes that haven't been taken down yet and her favorite stuffed animal; the one that Niall had given her on her fourth birthday, a giant stuffed animal to her then, but just half the size of herself. The media had found out about everything and is camped out front, police having to hold them back.

She carries the stuffed animal with her downstairs, it shielding her stomach out of maternal instinct ever since a pap tried to reach out to touch her stomach and yelled insults about her being a whore.

She climbs into the back of the SUV with her stuffed animal on the floor at her feet, laying her head in Niall's lap and waiting for her dad to start the car and drive to the house.

***One Month Later***
The paps have eased up, not going within 100ft of her or Niall and any of their family members and past band members and friends ever since they had almost harmed her earlier this month. The story is dying down now that some Kardashian kid has done something stupid (tried to copy Harry for attention by impregnating herself by sleeping with an older guy more than twice her age.

Today they are having a family BBQ, with Niall at the grill and her making desserts in the kitchen with Zayn and Gigi. Recently, Zayn found out she was pregnant after a broken condom three weeks ago. So now she's got a pregnancy buddy, and an extra body guard whenever Zayn comes over and they do anything Gigi and Niall deem dangerous (opening the oven, using the stove, etc.) much to the pregnant teens dismay.

Having a day lounging in the pool on her unicorn float, Zayn sunbathing on a lounge chair and all the rest of the family and friends playing in the sun and water. Liam 'helping' Niall at the grill (bossing him around about what is the right way to flip the meat and veggie burgers/dogs) and Louis is chasing after Freddie's boyfriend with a squirt gun in hand after he asked him for Freddie's hand in marriage. Of course he can't do much about Zayn's life seeing as he's scared of her but he can damn well scare the living hell out of his son's romantic partners.

Harry looks around at the chaos that is her family, and smiles, content with her odd but great family.

Chapter Text

***One Year Later***
Niall waits at the alter, watching the church doors for his soon to be wife and small daughter. He sees Harry right as the doors open, instead of carrying a bouquet, she's carrying their daughter Darcy down the aisle, Liam locked arms with her; walking his daughter down the aisle.

Niall feels himself tearing up at the sight of his beautiful bride and daughter. When Liam hands Harry over for life, he leans down and kisses both Harry and Darcy's foreheads.

***Three Years Later***
It's Harry's eighteenth birthday the day the paps finally stopped bothering them since she and he had first gotten together four years ago; the relationship lasting much to the drama loving paps and public's dismay.

They celebrate in their own ways, fucking all night and the day after, picking up their daughter after a week on honeymoon in Ireland from Harry's parents.

They conceive another child the last night of their second honeymoon (the first and official one after their wedding was spent with their daughter at a beach house for a few days).

This pregnancy goes smoothly and to the surprise of everyone, Harry ends up giving birth to twins; apparently there was actually a family history of twins about forty years ago on Harry's side.

***Sixty Years Later***
Niall dies of old age, Harry following shortly to join him in the afterlife. They die holding hands in bed, together forever; always watching over their children and grandchildren.

Darcy's POV:
"And that my loves, is the story of your grandparents, my parents how they met, and how they died. Sweet dreams my children."

Chapter Text

Gigi's POV:
Gigi eye's look over her lover's virginal body, kissing every inch of skin she can reach. She kisses her way down Zayn's body landing a final kiss on the clit of her young love. She starts eating out Zayn, getting her ready for what's going to come.

She pushes a finger into the small hole alongside her tongue, adding a second finger as well. She kisses her way back up Zayn's body pulling her lover into a passionate kiss while still pumping and scissoring two fingers inside her.

She pulls out her fingers, putting on the condom, and slowly sliding into the tight small hole. She watches her lover's face for any discomfort and kisses her tears of pain away.

Soon the pain goes away and turns into pleasure, Gigi can feel a connection growing the love for Zayn she has being consummated for the first time.

She whispers 'I love you' in her lovers ear as she climaxes with her. She pulls out and discards the condom, pulling Zayn into her arms and kissing all over her face.

Zayn's POV:
The feeling of being full and connected to the love of her life feels amazing in all the best ways. She whispers love yous to her older lover before falling asleep in her girlfriend's arms.

Zayn wakes up to Gigi gently kissing her face, they make their way to the bathroom and wash up, then get dressed. Gigi goes downstairs to bring up food for her, and she cannot be more grateful for such a great loving and doting girlfriend.