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Together Again

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Before she became Alyssa 'Ice Queen' Idei, the woman who would eventually kill the Scarecrow and take his bloody head to the Forteresse de Valois, she was a simple woman with simple desires. She wanted love, friendship, and safety. Until that day in Paris, none of them had found her in the way she wanted.

"Alyssa? What're you doing here?"

That was certainly a long story. Her father's company had business here, her wanting to travel happened to coincide with them, so Alyssa tagged along until the plane had taxied and she could disembark. Her accommodation and transport had been taken care of weeks in advance, leaving her the hard question of what to do until she checked in at the hotel.

"Sightseeing mostly. I keep thinking I want to go to the Louvre but it—" she hesitated, unsure how to continue without offending Veronique.

"It's old, dusty, and not your thing," Veronique cut in. She still remembered how Alyssa had cringed seeing Van Gogh's self-portrait, wondering why a man would cut off his own ear. Champion had had no answer for her. Two years was certainly a long time to go without seeing someone you thought of daily, Veronique reminded herself. Their seven month fling had been seared into her memories, and now random chance brought them together again. "Want to get some coffee?"

"Yes." Alyssa grinned and swept her fringe back out of her face and Veronique's expression instantly mirrored hers. "Is our cafe still there?"