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Out, back, free. Yes, free! Run! Run? No, fight. Fight, always. Fight good. Fight best.

(It's all you’re good for, you off-color filth. Now shut up and get on that ship, or I’ll shatter you like the rest of your geode!)

Ah! Too close! No touch! Big? Very big. Don’t care! Fight. Bite, claw, tear, win! Fight, fight me!

(That’s right. Get back up, JZ5. Oh, are you tired? Do you need to sleep? Isn’t that what you worthless Earthlings do?)

No, no, no, stop. Do not want. Stop sound. Stop it. Stop song. Feel strange. Stop, stop, stop singing!

(Are you ungrateful, you wretch? Yellow Diamond saved you. Would you rather she left you on Earth, to be Corrupted?)

Stop. Stop, please. Don’t want. I don’t want. I don’t...I don’t want to...feel...this way.

Don’t make me feel. Please.