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Mists of time

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“Kono, Chin, Lou, are you ready?“

“Yes, we are in position.”

Steve waited for his team’s confirmation and Danny’s nod before he closed his eyes and felt the magic tickling in his fingertips. He reached out mentally to his time members and could feel their presence right there under his  magic – Kono’s fire, Chin’s deep rooted calm, Lou’s growling like a storm rattling at a hay barn, and of course, Danno’s steady calm. It amused Steve to no end that Danny’s magic always seemed so steady, so calm – of course fitting for a time magic, but so in contrast to his persona. But he had come to need it, both, Danny’s ability to speak his mind, no matter what, and his calming magic.

But this wasn’t the time to dwell on the little things that made out his partner. They had a case to solve: four murdered tourists. And all signs pointed to Wo Fat. Steve really hoped this time they would get hold of him. The evidence had brought them to the old factory building in front of them, on the outskirts of Honolulu. A witness had seen Wo Fat going in, but nobody had left the building.

There was no way to get a look what happened inside the building, that’s why Steve had decided to use one of his team’s strengths. As far as he knew it was rare that a unit consisted of magicians of all five elements. It gave them the unique ability to defend themselves against most magical criminals (as well as the ‘normal’ ones), but also to break most of magic protection spells.

Unfortunately it failed them this time.

Steve could feel his team’s struggles. They were too far away from the ocean for him to get a magical source and with the lack of rain in the last few days there wasn’t even a puddle where he could source strength from. He felt Chin cursing the concrete that covered the surrounding area, he needed a least some natural soil for his magic to work. Usually they solved lack of fire for Kono with a lighter, but since it was one of the rare days when there was no wind, Lou also struggled.  Steve stopped their magical scan after a few minutes.

“Okay, we have to do it the old-fashioned way.”

“You mean, knocking down the door, shooting at everything that moves, and asking questions those who survive?” Danno quipped and Steve grinned.

“Exactly.” Steve heard Danno’s exasperated sigh but also saw the amused gleam in his eye.

“On my mark.”

Steve waited until Chin, Kono, and Lou had given their sign that they were waiting at the backdoor.

“Okay, let’s go in.“

Steve shared a look with Danno before he kicked in the door to warehouse, his gun raised. It turned out that the warehouse was just one large empty room. The only sign of life was in the middle of the room. He was aware of the rest of his team, entering at the back, but his attention was on the two figures in the middle of the warehouse. One of them, a woman, was kneeling next to a pot. The pot hung over an open fire. There was no smoke.

“Magical fire,” he whispered, more sensing than seeing Danno’s nod. Steve’s main concentration was on the man behind the women.

Wo Fat.

There was no sign that he had noticed their approach. He stood still, seemed almost petrified. It was a strange sight. Especially since he didn’t wear his usual tailored clothes, but some simple linen clothes that seemed several decades out of date. When they stepped nearer to the pair they could see that the woman’s right hand was tied behind her back, the rope also immobilizing her legs. Steve had seen enough.

“Five oh, drop your weapon,” he ordered, but wasn’t terribly surprised when Wo Fat didn’t follow his request.

But at least he lost his unmoving stance and shot a smirk in Steve’s direction.

“I don’t think so,” he replied.

Instead he took a bottle out of his pocket, filled it with the content of the pot, before he raised it to toast mockingly “To eternity, Steve McGarrett”. He swallowed the content of the bottle and let it drop before Steve could react.

For a moment everything seemed frozen. Wo Fat stared at him and then he disappeared.

Steve crossed the space in an instant, but the space remained empty.

“Kono,” he ordered while turning around and trying to make out any kind of movement. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Danny and Lou do the same while Chin kept an eye on Kono.

“Steve, he is not here,” she finally said, “I can’t sense any other fire magic in this room, only residue from him, and it’s fading fast.”

“But where did he go?” Steve scanned the warehouse once again, but it remained empty.

“Probably a transportation spell,” Lou suggested.

“He never used them before and they are not really reliable,” Chin countered.

A sob drew their attention to the woman. Slowly they came closer, all of them still wary of their surroundings.

“Are you alright?” Steve asked, kneeling down next to her and starting to undo the bonds.

The woman only sobbed harder and it took Steve some time to decipher to words between her sobs.

“I’m so sorry, he forced me, I’m so sorry.”

“What did he force you to do?” Steve asked her calmly, carefully massaging her wrists to calm her down and to start her blood flow. He looked up and with a slight nod ordered Lou to get a paramedic. “What did you do?”

She just sobbed harder. In the meantime Chin had taken the bottle that Wo Fat had dropped and sniffed at it cautiously.

“And,” Danno asked while Steve still tried to get the woman to talk to them.

“Smells like elderflower,” Chin explained and held it out to Danno.

“What?” Danno asked. Surprised by the shock in Danno’s voice Steve looked up and saw Danno also smelling the content of the bottle before he turned around and came with three angry strides to them.

“Did you brew him a time potion?”

The woman sobbed even harder and her body language all but screamed that she wanted the ground to swallow her. But Danno was undeterred.

“Tell me, did you or did you not brew him a time potion?” He shoved the bottle right under her nose and she looked up with fearful eyes.

“I did, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Agitated Danno turned, first left, then right, as if he didn’t know where to go. Finally he faced the woman again.

“Where did he want to go?” The woman opened her mouth but no sound came out. “Where?” Danno all but screamed at her.

“He had … he had a list,” she whispered and as Danno started another round of swearing she added whispering, “please, he said he would kill my daughter. What should I do?”

Danno ignored her question.

“Do you have a copy of this list?”

She shook her head.

“No, he kept it close. He never let me look at it.”



Carefully Steve approached his partner.

“Care to tell us what has happened?”

Steve could see the effort as Danno tried to calm himself and then turned to Steve.

“Wo Fat right now travels through time,” he stated with forced calmness.

A bunch of questions appeared on Steve’s tongue – ‘Are you sure?’ ‘How do you know?’ – but something in Danno’s eyes stopped him from voicing them.

“And that means?”

“Well, I assume he doesn’t follow the Alexandria protocol for time travel, so that’s bad news. Especially for you.”

“For me?”

“Didn’t you hear him? He said ‘Goodbye, Steve McGarrett’. Sounds like a threat to me.”

As if to confirm Danno’s words suddenly Steve felt a pain as if someone had rammed a glowing sword through his heart. Everything went black and when he came back to himself, he was on the floor and Danno was looking at him with a worried expression in his eyes.

“It started. We don’t have much time.”

“We don’t have much time for what?” Steve asked confused and admittedly through a lot of pain.

“For once in your life, please listen to me.” When Steve wanted to ask, Danno simply asked. “Please, Steve.”

“Okay,” Steve nodded.

“I can send you back to chase Wo Fat …”


“Yes, I. But there are limits to what I can do on such a short notice. I think I know which dates Wo Fat has on his list,” he smiled at Steve sadly. “But I don’t know in which order he will travel to those points, so I’m not going to risk anything. When I send you back, I will work as your anchor.”

“What does that mean?”

“You know that I’m time sensitive.”


“I’m time sensitive because I’m immortal. As far as I know one of the last few hundreds. We are dying out.” His smile was melanchonical. “But this means, I can send you back in time along my lifeline. From there you’ll have to find Wo Fat.”


“When someone comes into the timeline, there is a disruption. I can feel it, so I can tell you where he will be.”

“You …” Whatever Steve wanted to say was interrupted by another wave of pain. He was almost thankful that he was already on the ground. When he opened his eyes again, he found that he was leaning against Danno’s chest. He wondered if Danno always looked this worried when looking at him.

“Okay, you need to go before it is too late. Just remember one thing: You can’t change the course of time. Whatever happens you have to let time and destiny take their course.”

“Okay,” Steve answered weakly.

“Promise me,” Danno ordered him.

“I promise.”

“Okay, so be it.”

With a deep breath Danno lifted Steve from his chest and pulled out the chain from around his neck. Steve had seen it often enough, always wondered if it had any meaning, but anytime they had come close to the topic, Danno had distracted him. Danno slid the chain over Steve’s had and then started murmuring.

“My time is your time and your time is my time. You shall live along my time and I will do along yours. Wherever it may take you.”

Danno opened his eyes and looked at Steve. He held up one of his hands, it was glowing. And when Danno held it out to him, Steve just took it. The light in Danno’s hand took over to his and Steve watched astonished as the light took over his arm, his chest, his legs until his whole body was glowing. He just felt a strange warmth in his chest.

“Iter transtemporalis.”

Danno let go of his hand and pushed against his chest. The world around Steve disappeared and he was pulled into a grey mist.