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Wide Eyed Browns

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Patrick blinked at the computer screen in front of him. His vision was blurry and he was having a hard time keeping his eyes open. He was supposed to be working on something for Pete, but he couldn't remember what. Pete, Andy, and Joe had all been at the company for the past few days. This meant that Patrick had to stay home with Declan and Bronx and take care of them. Of course, some days Patrick would be at the company as well when he had someone that could look after the two young boys.

The problem, because of course there's a problem, was that Patrick had been running on approximately 3 hours of sleep. This was for the whole week. Declan hadn't been sleeping well and with Pete gone all the time, Patrick was constantly up. Patrick didn't mind. He really didn't. He loved spending time with his son. He just hoped Pete would be home soon from his work binge to help with their sweet baby boy.

Patrick realized his head had been drooping ever so slightly. He picked his head up and rubbed his face. He sighed and slumped further in his seat. He kept staring at the computer screen shook his head. He knew he wouldn't be able to finish what Pete needed him to finish. And, even though they had been together since before Declan was born, Patrick was still scared that if he didn't finish the project, Pete would get mad and hurt him.

Patrick's logical side of his brain told him that Pete would never hurt him. But at the same time, Patrick was so certain that Pete would be furious and try and hurt him and Declan. Tears started to form in Patrick's tired eyes. He rubbed furiously at them, then sighed as he heard Declan crying from his room. Patrick put his glasses on and went to Declan's room.

The little boy was sobbing and Patrick looked sadly at him as he walked toward the crib.

"Hey little guy. It's alright, daddy's here." Patrick reached inside and picked up the small baby. Patrick cradled him in his arms and spoke softly to him. "You're alright. Everything's just fine." Patrick changed him then went and made him a bottle. As he fed Declan, he looked into the baby's eyes and smiled. "Your dad and I are so happy to have you. You make life so great for us. I'm sorry you haven't been sleeping well." Patrick added with a frown. "When your dad gets back he's going to be worried about your sleeping habits." Patrick chuckled. "You're dad has the same sleeping habits as you. He can't sleep at night whether it be from nightmares or something else." Patrick watched as Declan slowed down and started to slip back to sleep.

It wasn't five minutes later that Pete and Bronx came through the front door. Pete quietly 'awed' at the sight on the couch. Patrick was sitting awkwardly with Declan in his arms. They were both asleep. Pete quietly told Bronx to put his stuff away, then Pete walked over to Patrick and lightly shook his shoulder.

"Babe, it's time to wake up. You're gonna hate yourself for falling asleep on the couch." Patrick blinked his eyes open slowly and looked blearily at Pete.

"Hey." He said quietly with a  small smile on his face. Pete put his hand on Patrick's cheek and Patrick leaned into it.

"You look terrible. What's wrong?" Patrick sighed and looked down at the sleeping baby in his arms.

"Declan hasn't been sleeping well. I've gotten a total of 3 hours of sleep this whole week. I think I'm losing my mind. I've had to take care of Declan and Bronx and try and complete that project you need." Patrick snapped his mouth shut and felt his eyes well up tears. Pete took notice and slid to his knees.

"What's wrong baby?" Pete asked. Patrick sniffled and looked at Pete with watery eyes.

"I didn't finish the project. I never got to start it. I've been so tired. I know you love me and I know you won't, but my mind kept telling me that you were going to hurt me if I didn't get it done." Patrick choked out, the tears falling freely. Some landing on the sleeping baby. Pete's heart hurt at hearing those words. He carefully shushed the crying man wrapped his arms around him.

"It's alright. You know I would never hurt you. I understand that you couldn't get it done. Newborn babies take a lot of work. You're fine. Just breathe. I can have someone else finish it, alright?" Pete felt Patrick nod. He released Patrick from the hug. "How about you get some sleep. I'm not going back to work for some time. You sleep and I'll watch Declan. It's about time I spend some time with him." Patrick gave him a tired smile. Pete called for Bronx and the young boy rushed to his dad. "Can you watch Declan for a little? I'm going to get Patrick in bed, then we can spend some time with Declan, alright?" Bronx nodded and sat next to Patrick, waiting patiently for him to put Declan in his arms. Once that happened, Pete helped Patrick up and carefully walked to their room.

He helped Patrick put his pajamas on and got him in the bed. Pete leaned down and placed a kiss on his fiancé's head.

"Sleep lovebug. I'll see you when you wake up."