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Our Pingu Bad Day?

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“Oh No! I’m gonna be late again today…!” said Daiki while tying his shoes lace. Once he finished tying his shoe lace, he grab a big black-plastic bag with his left hand and started running out to the dustbin, in front of his house. After make sure that the dustbin’s cover is closes properly, he immediately went to the JE.

“Yabai…” said Daiki once arrived at JE entrance, he looks at his watch. Few minutes later, he arrived in front of the Room 1, the place that JUMP gathers today. He take a deep breath before touch the holding the doorknobs. Suddenly he heard some noise from the inside. While he wants to twist the doorknob, again, he heard one loud voice.

“It’s Yuya…” said Daiki and immediately steps inside the Room 1. He shocked when he realized that Yuya was staring at Kota.

“Eh… Why he mad at Kota?…” asked Daiki weirdly. Then, he noticed that Yuri was chocking, maybe because he was shocked with Yuya loud voice just now. Yuto who sit nearest to Yuri had helped him by patting gently on Yuri’s back.

Yuya was arguing something to Kota. Kei, who sits beside Yuya just leaning his back to the seat and watch the conversation like nothing happened. On the other hand, Kota still calming down as he still sitting at his place beside Hikaru. Daiki walk closer and sit beside Keito. He then tapped Keito shoulder.

Suddenly, Yuya start walks around while rubbing his hair likes he was regret something. It makes the clueless Daiki startled at his place. Ryosuke becomes uneasy looking at Yuya.

“So, what are you going to do now? Looks like this 10th years efforts is useless after all…” said Yuya almost whispered. His face looks so frustrated. Kota nodded unwillingly.

“Looks… Just what I said before, this is for the sake of this group too… At first, I’m also can’t accept it, but somehow, after few days, I start understand why we should do this….” said Kota calmly. He stands and walks to Yuya. At that time, Kei sigh heavily. His gaze travelled over Kota face, trying to analyze how Kota feels when he says that.  

“Oii Keito… What happened..?” asked Daiki again since he is clueless. He wants to know the truth badly.

“I can’t accept this… It’s like a joke!!!” said Yuya while shook his head.

Keito feel sorry to Daiki as he looks desperate to know the truth. Then he move closer to Daiki and whispered something at Daiki since he was too scared to speak at that time.

“What! Kota and Hikaru? Eh~~” Daiki shocked. Now he understands why Yuya was mad.

“We must accept this… I know you...” Kota can’t continue his words when suddenly Yuya stands up and grip Yabu shirt. Everybody shocked. 7 members silent as they never expect Yuya would go that far. Kei and Hikaru who are sit nearest them trying to pull Yuya far from Kota. Daiki didn’t know what he should do. He wants to go to them but somehow his legs can’t move.

“Don’t say like you know me that well! If it’s going to be like this, I think you shouldn’t have to saved me before…!” said Yuya while releasing his grip and push Kei who pulling his shirt harshly. Kei who didn’t prepared from that, fall backwards.

Ryosuke runs to Kei and help him. On the other hand, Hikaru was trying to help Kota but suddenly he realized that Yuya had staring at him. Automatically, Hikaru stops and waiting on what Yuya want to say. Suddenly Yuya puts his hand on Hikaru shoulder and push him to the wall.

“Hikaru, you too… if it’s going to be like this, you should have ignored me from the beginning… what should both of you make me love JUMP so much if at the end, both of you will…” Yuya can’t finish his words. He almost cries. He looks so frustrated and sad. He releases his hand slowly and leaves the room. Kota startled on the floor.

Daiki face the members. His chest hurt. He doesn’t like the atmosphere. He never sees Kota with that gloomy face. Even he always came to him with gloomy face and spills all the complaints regarding his losses while bickering with Hikaru, but his face now is worse than that. And he also never thought that he could see Hikaru pale face when facing the childish Yuya today.

“Sorry guys… But this time, I’m agreed with Yuya…” said Kei suddenly. Everybody looks at Kei.

“Oii Kei… didn’t I explained it to you clearly few days ago… You said that you understand about this matter…” asked Hikaru while standing. He already explained to Kei after their duty at Rajira Saturday.

“I know… but I can’t denied what Yuya said just now…” said Kei feels guilty. He feels like he had betrayed Hikaru. Then Kei face Kota.

“We had been friends starting we steps into that lift… and we even got to debut in the same group at the same time… I’m always supports any decision you make, since I know you make that decision for the sake of the group, but this time, I can’t support your decision even it also for the sake of the group…” said Kei. Then he faces Hikaru.

“You can be annoyed sometimes but your presence is important to us… you always there to help Keito… you always remind us about what we should do next… You always takes care those details…” Kei sigh heavily.

“You know what, I wondered whether that decision is actually made for the sake of JUMP or for both of you…” Kei smirking. “Hmm… I’m sorry Kota, Hikaru…” said Kei slowly while walking out from the room. Kota and Hikaru lost their words as they shocked. They just keep silent and looking at Kei. Hikaru frustrated. He rubbed his head roughly. Daiki can’t wait anymore. He stands and facing the members.

“Please… someone please told me what had happened just now?” asked Daiki. Kota is looking at Daiki.

“Sorry Dai-chan… I got to... I got to go now…” said Kota, trying to hide his teary eyes while leaving the room. Everybody was silent. Hikaru sits beside keito. Daiki is hopeless. He know that was not the right time for him to ask, so he thinks that he better not ask them now.

“So, what are you going to do now? Looks like err…” Ryosuke can’t finish his words. He shook his head repeatedly.

“Sorry Ryosuke... we just heard about it last week… Kota and I had thought to decline that offer but somehow we feels like you are now dependable…” said Hikaru to Ryosuke gently. Then he faces Daiki who was cluless.

“Dai-chan… do you remembered few days after JUMP was formed, you and Yuya went meet me and Kota… Both of you were happy me and Hikaru join the group… you even said ‘I feel grateful when someone dependable joins us… it is hard for us to lead them even there are 5people only…’. Are you still remembering it?” asked Hikaru to Daiki. Daiki nodded since he still remembered that day, clearly.

People might not notice but both Yuya and Daiki really feels worried about HS7 future at that time. Once they know that some senior would join them, both of them were relieved and even feel happier after knowing that Kota, Hikaru and Kei would join them. And with Keito presence, they feel like nothing to be worried if they need to go overseas.

“You are not that Daiki anymore… You are different now…” said Hikaru while looking around. “Since you the only BEST here, please trust me… Together with Yuya and Kei, you guys can do better than us…  Together…” said Hikaru while tapping Daiki shoulder and give him a memo; mentioning that Kota and Hikaru will debut as duo and no longer JUMP members. Then Hikaru leaves the room.

Daiki take the paper and focusing on that paper. He read it many times. Without he realized, 7 are grinning while waiting for Daiki to react on that news. Daiki was too focus on that paper until he didn’t realized how Yuto trying to hold his laughter.

“What?” said Daiki; loud. He looks at 7. Ryosuke fixed his posture and trying to be serious.

“I wish I can stop them…” said Ryosuke while putting his head on the desk.

“I can’t imagine this group without Kota… and my nii-chan Hikaru…” said Keito sadly. “But..” Keito  is hesitantly to continue. Everybody looks at him asking him to finish his words. “Err... Whatever the reason is, I want to support them… after many things that they had done for me, I think I should give them a hand now…” said Keito while wiping his teary eyes. Yuri nodded.

“Same with me…” said Yuri slowly.

“So, that means, only Yuya and Kei didn’t agree with this…?” asked Daiki for confirmation. Ryosuke is nodded. “What about you?” asked Ryosuke to Daiki. Daiki feel confused. He can’t make choice.

“I will think about it… I need some fresh air now…” said Daiki while leave the room. He wants to hide his shaking voice but somehow his eyes starts teary. So he needs to leave that room too. 7 members grinning to each other after Daiki leave the room.

“Is it too much for him?” asked Yuto.

“I think it should be okay…” said Keito. “Yuti, you didn’t talk at all just now!!...” said Yuri loud while laughing. Actually at the moment Daiki enter Room 1, he was actually trying to hold his laughter every time he faces Daiki.

“His face! I can’t speak while looking at him…” said Yuto in his laughter. 7 members just laughing remembered back Daiki face.  At that time Ryosuke pull out his phone and dialled someone.

“He wants some fresh air….” said Ryosuke while smiles.


~few minutes before~

Kota leaves the Room 1 and he was heading to the café. Once he arrived, he could see Yuya was laughing with Kei. Kei is waving his hand to Kota. Kota nodded while walk closer to them and Kota gazes at Yuya from far. Then, he grabs Yuya shoulder as soon as he arrived at them.

“You should give me some warning before does that... I almost cursing you just now!” said Kota while holding Yuya neck from back. Yuya laughed since he feels ticklish.

Gomen… I was too emotional just now...” said Yuya while trying to push Kota hand. Yuya feels guilty since it was not in the planning.

 “He even pushes me to the wall!” said Kei loud while standing and walk closer to Yuya. He joins Kota by tickling Yuya waist. Yuya laugh so loud until everybody look weird at them.

GomenGomen… I didn’t mean to.” said Yuya apologising.  Kota fixing his shirt while Kei steps back to his sit. They feel tired. Yuya who suffered the most didn’t have any strength to sit straight since he had put his head on the table.  Then he is laughing slowly.

“It was so perfect just now!” Yuya feels satisfied. “You should notice how Dai-chan reacts just now…” said Yuya.

“I’m noticed it! His face was pale… especially during Yuya want to punch you…” said Kei to Kota. “He even startled at his place… not moving at all…”

Kota grinning while Yuya continue his laughed until someone had poked him on his waist. Yuya scream loud but Kota had covered Yuya mouth beforehand. Kei was laughing until his eye teary.

“You shouldn’t do that! I was surprised as I think you gonna push me too…” said Hikaru while punch gently on Yuya waist. He keeps doing that for few times. “You make me feels like I was really going to leave JUMP!” said Hikaru while letting Yuya go. Yuya breathe exhaustingly. He can’t reply anything.

“Serve you right… Just give me simple warning before you do that… I almost punch you just now…” said Hikaru while sitting beside Kei. “I’m sense YabuHika presence here…” Kei is teasing Hikaru.

“He wants to punch our big senpai here… so by hook or by crook I must make him regret…” said Hikaru while pointing at Yuya. Kota smiles hearing what Hikaru said.

“You should punch him, Hikaru… so that it looks more real…” said Kota, allowing Hikaru to punch Yuya.

“And then, Daichan will become speechless or maybe he will faint because of the shocked…” said Yuya while visualize if Hikaru really punched him just now.

“I’m also your big senpai too…” said Kei, sulking. “But you didn’t help me just now…”

“But Ryosuke had run to you… and you should thank him for that otherwise you need to stand-ups by yourself just now…” said Hikaru leisurely. Yuya is laughing. He can’t think what happened to Kei if Ryosuke didn’t help him just now.

“You might looks like an old man who just walking back from bar at late night…” said Yuya while raising his head and looking at Kei. Kei imitate on what Yuya had said and later he also laughing.

“Oi… you must stop laughing… you are the one that might turn be a weird old man…” said Kota to Yuya. Yuya nodded while calming himself. He stands up and walking around trying to push out any weird imaginations that keep attacks his mind. Then he decided to go to buy some drinks for all of them. After make the payment, he went back to the table. “Here, take one each…” said Yuya while distributing the drinks.

Suddenly, Kei phone is ringing. Kei takes that call and nodded. “He wants to get fresh air…” said Kei while placing his phone on the table.

“He must feel so stressed…” said Kota as he feels pity on Daiki.

“No worry… He should be okay… we just need to continue for another 2 days… and on the 2nd day, it would be the climax…” said Hikaru while sipping his drink. Kei and Kota nodded.

“So, what is the next plan?” asked Yuya.