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It All Started in a Club

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The music was loud, too loud, his ears were banging but he couldn't go back, he was waiting for Jared.
"Jen, I'm going back now, don't wait up" Jared slurred, a feminine giggle followed. Jensen turned around, the sight he saw felt like a punch to the gut. There was his Jared with some woman crawling all over him like he was a dead body and she was the flies. It had taken Jensen 3 months of them living together, to realize he was falling in love with his best friend. Jensen was brought from his thoughts by that feminine giggle again. It was an alarm waking him early on a Sunday morning. Jensen pulled his bottle up to his mouth and took a large swig.
"Alright whatever, I'll be back in an hour" he responded before smashing the empty bottle on the table, glass flying everywhere, cutting his hand. Jensen then proceeded to walk into the bathroom, ignoring the blood dripping from his hand and Jared calling his name.