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Accelerate Me!

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It had been years since I'd seen Accelerator in person.  For most of his teenage years, he'd been known for his sadistic side and had built a wall up around himself in his attempt to become the most powerful Esper in Academy City. But I knew he wasn't always like that. I'd been one of the few to get close enough to peer over that wall and see who he really was. And I knew deep in my heart that he was still that same person I met at the playground all those years ago. I could only hope so, at least. After coming back to Academy City, there aren't many people I feel I can trust as well as I trust him.

"Things have calmed down for him, Kana, don't chicken out now! If he's on your mind this much, confronting him is the only thing left for you to do! Good answer or bad, you can't move forward until you tell him how you feel!" I told myself in an effort to gather courage. Maybe hearing the words out loud made it easier to keep walking toward his place. As I stood at his doorstep, I had to force myself to ring the bell. I looked to each side of his porch, not many people around which I suppose is normal for this time of day. Most normal people would be at work or school at noon.

Oh no, what if he wasn't even here?! All that time psyching myself up to face him and him not being home really would be just my luck. Just as I was about to think this was true, I heard the deadbolt lock turn from the inside. The door opened to reveal Accelerator, one hand steadying himself on his crutch and the other shielding his eyes from the sunlight. He stared at me intently for several moments as his eyes adjusted to the outdoor light. His red eyes scoured over me as he tried to figure out who I was. Perhaps my bright blue hair was what made him recognize me.

"You're... the girl from the playground. Right?"

"Yeah, I am. Kana Hanje, I'm glad that you remember me." I answered him with a smile, trying not to show how relieved I was.

"Sure. What are you doing here, Kana?" Accelerator asked. I was probably the last person he'd expect to show up at his door.

"I... I wanted to see you, Accelerator. I just came back to Academy City and I thought it'd be nice to see a familiar face." He raised his free hand and gestured for me to walk in, his other arm braced within the crutch he used to help himself get around. He closed the door behind me and continued the conversation.

"There's been a lot that's happened since you last saw me. You have no idea of the things I've done, obviously. If you did you'd be smart enough to stay away from me like everybody else."

"Is that what you want, to keep everyone at a distance? That may be what your Esper ability accomplishes, but it doesn't have to mean that you have to stay alone all the time! I've heard of the things you've been involved in. The Sisters project for one." He looked away when I mentioned the name of the project that had ended with over ten thousand Misaka clones dead by his hand. After all these years, I could see bringing that up hurt his heart. I immediately regretted mentioning it, but he continued his argument with a flash of anger in his eyes.

"You know the death and destruction I've caused and still you stand before me... What do you want from me? I've learned my lesson and know that I'll never be deserving of anything more than the life of a loner scumbag who..."

"THAT'S NOT TRUE! Yes, there are things in your past that are ugly and reprehensible. But I also know that you've done what you can to atone for them here in the present. I heard about what happened with you and Last Order. I know the reason you have to use that cane and wear that choker device. You've grown up since then, into a man that your younger self could be proud of! You may think you don't deserve forgiveness, Accelerator, but that's not true. I knew you were a good person back then. Back before the incident at the playground and before that horrible Institute took you in. I know you're the same person I knew then. The same guy I..."

"Don't say it! What, you care about me? Have feelings for me? No, that kinda stuff isn't for me."

"And what if I do? Yes, I do care about you! Ever since that day on the playground you have been the only person I felt close to. Even after my parents moved me out of Academy City I felt like our friendship was still there. What kept me going was the thought of coming back here when I was old enough and finding you. And it's taking all the courage I have to stand here in front of you and admit that! What's so bad about caring for someone else?" I could tell that his hardened facade was starting to chip away, his facial expression had changed from stoic and confrontational to something a little softer.

"Because it just shows weakness, okay! All those years I kept to myself while I built upon my power and strength. Love is a weakness I couldn't afford to include in that. I chose power over everything else so I could get to the top as Academy City's strongest Esper. There wasn't room for anything else in my life then. Showing someone else that I cared for them would have only been seen as a weakness."

"I don't believe that's true, Accelerator. Sure, being strong just for the sake of power is good if all you want is power. But strength in the name of love... people have overcome insurmountable obstacles for the people they love and cherish. Love isn't a weakness, it's one of the purest sources of strength!"

"And what do you suppose happens when the people you love are taken away? I've made a lot of enemies, Kana. The kind that won't hesitate to go after the people I care about to get to me. I'm alone because I refuse to let anyone else get hurt because of who I am!"

"Who you are is the entire reason I'm here in front of you right now!" I said as tears started to pool in my eyes. "You've kept yourself hidden away just so you don't have to feel the pain of losing someone. You talk about weakness, but isn't that another form of it?" I stepped closer to him, slowly.

"There's... it's better to avoid that pain..." He grew nervous the closer I got to him, retreating until his back was against the wall.

"Is it really? Tell me, when was the last time you actually let down your guard so someone could touch you? A handshake or a hug, a simple pat on the back even? Don't tell me you don't long for some kind of contact." I was an arm's length away from him now. He stood still as I stepped closer to fill the remaining gap between us. I brought my hand up to his face and slowly brushed my fingers across his cheek. I raised my other arm and cupped his face between my hands and slowly ran them back through his messy white hair. It felt so soft and fine against my fingers. He wrapped his hands around my wrists but didn't pull them away.

"Kana, I don't have many friends, none that I've known as long as I've known you. People that get involved with me don't usually get a happy ending if you know what I mean. I just... I don't want to hurt you."

"Shh... If you really believed that, you wouldn't have let me get this close." I put my hands back on his cheeks, and as I looked into his crimson eyes, I lightly pressed my lips against his. I saw his eyes light up as he pulled away. I'm sure that had been his first kiss, and it looked like he enjoyed it. His hands impulsively moved from my wrists to the sides of my face. He brought his lips back to mine and kissed me again, more forceful this time. He moved his hand to the back of my neck, entangling his fingers in my long azure hair. As the kiss ended, I let out a sigh as he nuzzled his face into the side of my neck, kissing the tender skin against it. He kissed me gently several times, then brought his mouth up to my ear and whispered, "I want to be closer."

He took me by the hand and led me towards his bedroom at the end of the hall. He left the light off as we walked in, leaving the door open to allow some light into the room. He let his crutch fall to the floor as he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close for another kiss. I grabbed the bottom of his gray and white shirt and slowly pulled it up, breaking our contact for a moment to pass it over his head. My fingers danced lightly over his toned arms and chest before I wrapped my arms around him and ran my hands across his back. He reached the end of my lilac colored shirt but hesitated in lifting it.

"It's okay, take it off," I said encouragingly, putting my hands over his and guiding my shirt up and over my head. He stared for a few moments at my breasts, then cupped them in his hands and kissed the skin my bra didn't cover. He reached around and undid the clasps, and I let the bra drop to the floor. He lightly kneaded them with his hands before gently flicking my nipples. As they hardened from the attention, he leaned over and licked one, then the other, before taking one into his mouth. He flicked his tongue against it as my breath grew heavy. He switched to my other breast and licked and sucked the nipple while his arms pulled me closer to him.

As he was doing that, I moved my hands towards the belt of his pants, loosening it so I could take off his pants. I could feel the bulge pressing against his pants as I unbuttoned and pulled the zipper down. He stopped for a moment and let out a soft moan as I let his pants fall and rubbed my hand against the front of his briefs.

"Do you like that?" I asked as he stepped out of his pants and flung them to the side, along with his shoes. The heavy breathing and moans escaping his lips answered my question. I continued rubbing against his cock, still covered by the fabric of his underwear. He took the opportunity to take off the shorts I was wearing, dropping them to the floor, where I kicked out of them and my shoes as well. He left my purple striped panties on and ran his hands across my back as I kept caressing his manhood.

We walked together to the side of the bed, where I sat down in front of him. I grabbed the waistband of his underwear and pulled them down, revealing the hard cock that I'd been enticing moments before. It was at least eight inches long with a smooth slightly pink tip. I took it into my hand and began stroking it while looking up at Accelerator. His eyes looked like they were going to roll back in his head.

"I... unhhh... I've never had someone else doing that before. This feels so good, Kana." I gripped the shaft and leaned over until the tip of his dick was in front of my mouth. I licked the tip of his cock lightly, swirling my tongue around the head before pulling it completely into my mouth. The moan he let out only turned me on more.  I started to move my lips up and down his shaft. I looked up to see him smiling with his eyes closed, focusing on nothing but the pleasure I was giving him. This encouraged me to suck with more energy, swirling my tongue around his tip while he was in my mouth. Feeling him quiver as he pushed himself against me made me want him even more. A slightly salty taste brushed against my tongue as his pre-cum seeped out. He leaned back and pulled his wet, throbbing cock out of my mouth.

He gestured for me to lay down on the bed. He rubbed the front of my panties until they turned damp. He pulled my underwear down slowly, enjoying the view of my body as he did so. He lay down next to me, running his hands down my arms and torso.

"I want you, Kana. I just... I've never done this before." He looked at me with longing in his eyes.

"Don't be nervous. I want you too, Accelerator. I need you." I replied as he got on top of me. I spread my legs so he could get between them, his cock still glistened with my saliva as he took it in his hand and guided it to my pussy. I could feel him rubbing the head against my opening, and it drove me crazy. He looked me in the eyes as he thrust himself into me. Feeling his heat within me was amazing. I wrapped my legs against his back, pulling him in further.

"Are you okay?" he asked as he started to pump his cock in and out of me, slow and unsteady at first.  I could tell he was nervous, and I wanted to encourage him to enjoy himself.

"Oh, yeah, don't stop, I want to feel you moving inside me," I replied with a raspy tone to my voice, my breath short as I moaned softly.

He thrust into me harder. I could feel him rubbing against my most sensitive spots. I couldn't contain my moans or screams. He leaned forward and started licking and sucking on my breasts. My senses were going insane with pleasure. I could feel myself getting ready to cum as he forced himself into me faster, more boldly now that he had grown more confident in the moment. His moans grew louder as we both approached our moment of climax.

"Oh, Kana... I'm... I'm gonna cum!" He said breathlessly.

"Me too! Don't stop, I'm almost there!" He pumped against me so hard I couldn't hold myself back any longer.  My body began to quiver against him as I came hard.

"Oh shit, I can feel your pussy tightening up around me! Ohh, ohh, I'm cumming!" he moaned as he fell against me, his cock throbbing inside of me. I could feel the warmth and wetness of his load deep within me. I pulled him closer with my legs as he finished inside me. We both lay still, catching our breath as we lingered on the pleasure that we had just shared.

Accelerator eventually pulled out and rolled over onto his back. With my legs trembling, I curled up next to him and rested my head against his chest as he draped his arm across my shoulder.

"That... That was amazing, Kana." He said softly. I sat up and pulled the blanket we had pushed towards the edge of the bed over us, then went back to laying against him.

"You were amazing too, I don't think I've ever felt so happy."

"If I make you happy, then I'll be with you for as long as you'll allow me. I'm not gonna lie to you though, Kana. I don't know the first thing about love or relationships, so don't go thinking I'll get shit right from the start."

"And I'm not expecting you to, so don't worry about that. Relationships don't always have two strong people at the same time anyway. Sometimes you take turns being strong for each other during the times when the other feels weak. If you ever feel lost or confused about how your feeling, don't be afraid to tell me. I know you're a strong person, but I promise you I can be strong for both of us as well."

I felt his breath catch in his chest after I had finished speaking. Worried I had said something wrong I glanced up at him and saw a look of surprise awaiting my gaze. It didn't linger long as his expression returned to normal. The arm he had around me pulled me closer to him, gently running his fingers back and forth across my arm as he replied, "What you said earlier, about love being a source of strength, I'm starting to understand what you meant by that now. With your love, I'll summon all the strength this world has to offer and more to protect you. Just like I did the last time I saw you."

The last time he saw me. It seemed to be another lifetime ago now. The fact that he remembers it is rather bittersweet, considering that was the event that sent both of our lives in different directions. I couldn't help feeling emotional about his sudden pledge of protection.

"Since the last time I saw you, I just felt like something was missing. Leaving the city hurt me terribly, I didn't want to be so far away from you, but I wasn't given any choice. I tried to carry on, but it seemed no matter what I did, something would always remind me of you. I made a promise to myself back then, that I would come back to Academy City and see you again. Thank you for helping me fulfill that promise to myself."

"Sure, anytime." He continued to rub his hand up and down my arm, gradually slowing down until I could tell he had fallen asleep. Listening to his breathing slow into a calming rhythm made me smile. Surprisingly, before I knew it, I was dozing off as well.

Perhaps now I can put to rest the fear of our past coming back to life before us again. Then I could be completely honest saying that seeing him again was the only reason I had for showing up at his door. But my luck just doesn't work that way it seems. But I won't lose him again— I swear on my life to make that a fact.