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Some Things Never Change...and Some Things Do

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Gabriel finished pouring an extra-large (or Sam-size, since that’s what he called it now) Hot Chocolate with two shots of espresso just as Sam walked in.  His boyfriend still looked dead on his feet and was dragging noticeably.  “Here, know you need this.”  

Sam groaned and immediately stumbled to the counter.  Prepping for finals week was a bitch.  Especially when all of his professors seemed determined to torture him.  “Best boyfriend ever.”

“Yup!  I expect an award at the end of the year.”  Gabriel grinned up at Sam.  

Sam leaned over the counter and kissed Gabriel, hard and quick.  “You’ll receive your award in bed.”  

Gabriel laughed.  “Excellent, since I take it that means I am the best?”

Sam took another sip of hot chocolate and leaned over the counter again.  He knew how much Gabriel loved the taste of chocolate on his lips.  “You are.  And you’re mine.  And I got us chocolate syrup.”  

“God I hit the jackpot.”  Gabriel said in an awed voice.  “Get upstairs and finish your studying for the night.  You’re mine when I get upstairs.”

Sam saluted.  “Sir, yes sir!”  

Gabriel watched Sam bound up the stairs, his laptop bag bouncing behind him.  He smiled.  He was so in love with that kid.  The past two months had been the best of his life.  When Sam realized that he was too good for him, it was going to break his heart.  

“You are besotted.”

He looked over his shoulder at Cas.  “Says the dude who fell for his one weekend stand he had a few weeks ago.”  

Castiel raised an eyebrow.  “At least I admit to the love at first sight.  You have yet to tell Sam.”

Gabriel smiled, his lips trembling for a moment.  “I will.  I just...he’s gonna break my heart when he leaves.”  

“Why would he leave?”  

He sucked in a slow, deep breath.  “Semester is almost over.  After Christmas he can move back.  The dorm’ll be repaired.”  

Castiel frowned at his brother.  “Sam has not applied for housing for next semester Gabriel.”

Gabriel blinked at his brother, hope flaring in his chest.  Sam hadn’t applied for housing.  He wasn’t planning to leave.  “He hasn’t?”

“And you accuse me of being socially inept Gabriel.”  Castiel walked over to the front door of the shop and flipped the sign to ‘Closed’.  “I would suggest you speak to your boyfriend immediately.”

His mouth went dry and he smiled at his baby brother.  “You’re too good to me Cas.”

“I am aware.  Now go upstairs to speak with Sam before you manage to convince yourselves of something else ridiculous.” Castiel said, untying the apron around his waist.  

Gabriel chuckled.  “You got it Cas.  Thanks.”

Castiel nodded.  “You are most welcome Gabriel.”  He watched his brother run up the stairs after Sam and stared down at the counter.  He’d had that.  Even if it had been for only a weekend, he had recognized the look on his face as the same one Sam wore when he was happy.  He had been in love.  But only him.  

He sighed.  Perhaps some of them were not meant to be as happy as Gabriel clearly was.  Maybe he had made a mistake admitting how he felt after that weekend.  Castiel moved into the backroom and shut down the ovens.  He had thought he was not alone in those feelings.  He had been wrong.


Sam looked up from his books and blinked as Gabriel came flying up the stairs. "Everything okay? Did something happen?"

Gabriel grinned and jogged over to the table. He cupped Sam's face in his hands and pulled him in for a slow kiss. Damnit. He was so in love with this kid. When he pulled away he grinned when he saw that Sam’s eyes were a little glazed over.  

“Okay.  So not complaining, but is everything actually okay?”  Sam turned to face Gabriel and tugged the smaller man closer, between his spread legs.  

“That depends on whether or not Cas was telling the truth.”  Gabriel wrapped his arms around Sam’s shoulders and leaned in for another kiss.  

Sam’s brows furrowed and he gave Gabriel a look.  “I’m confused.”  

Gabriel hummed against Sam’s lips before grinning again.  “Well.  Cas told me that you hadn’t applied for housing next semester.  Does that happen to be true?”  

Sam had a moment to be completely and utterly terrified before he realized that Gabriel was still grinning at him.  “Um, no, I hadn’t, I mean, I didn’t think I needed, I should have asked, but I didn’t even think about it, I’m so sorry Gabriel.”

Gabriel laughed and pulled Sam in for another kiss, this one hot and messy and involving a lot more tongue.  He tugged himself away just long enough to grin at Sam and whisper, “Shut up and kiss me,” Before their lips were sealed together again.  He barely gave Sam time to come up for air, determined to drive him crazy when they finally broke apart.  

Sam licked his lips.  They felt hot and swollen.  It felt like the best thing in the universe.  “Gabriel?”  

He took a long, slow breath and told himself that ripping Sam’s clothes off right this second would only result in couch sex.  There was no need for couch sex when they had a room right down the hall and could have very proper-involving-large-amounts-of-chocolate-without-staining-furniture-sex.  “Yeah Sam?”  

“I’d really like to stay here instead of moving back into the dorm.”  Sam admitted, his lips still curled in a grin.  

Gabriel leaned close and kissed Sam again, soft and slow.  “What a coincidence.  I’d like the same thing.”  

Sam melted into their next kiss, forgetting all about his books and concentrating all on pulling Gabriel closer between his legs.  He could worry about studying later.  “Who’s watching the store?”  

“Cas closed up.”  Gabriel dropped his hands to the hem of Sam’s shirt and started to push it up.  “Can I convince you to pull away?  Maybe come to bed with that new bottle of chocolate syrup so I can enjoy you properly.”

Sam chuckled, tugging his shirt up and off.  “I think you like chocolate more than me.”

“Nonsense.”  Gabriel unbuttoned his own shirt and pushed it back off his shoulders, cupping Sam’s face in his hands again.  He rubbed his thumbs slowly over Sam’s cheeks, loving the feel of his skin.  

“You okay there Gabriel?”  Sam looked up at his boyfriend, smiling happily.  Gabriel’s attention was far, far away even as they stared at each other.  

Gabriel focused in on Sam’s eyes, smiling into them as he leaned closer.  “Yeah.  Very okay.  Think I might be the best okay I’ve ever been.”  

Sam laughed.  “Okay, now I know something is up.  You aren’t making any sense.  What’s going on Gabriel?”  

He leaned in for another slow kiss.  “I’m in love with you.”  Gabriel pressed their foreheads together, standing close to Sam, his fingers running down over his shoulders.  He smiled.  “I’m so in love with you, I’m not making any sense.”  

Sam opened his eyes and stared at Gabriel.  His breath felt caught in his chest and he held on tighter to Gabriel’s hips.  “’re…?”

Gabriel nodded.  “Yeah.  Hoping that I’m not the only one.”  He swallowed and continued to stare at Sam, his lips curling in a smile.  “Am I?”  

Sam shook his head and leaned in for another kiss, pulling Gabriel tightly to him.  “No.  No, you aren’t.  Gabriel.”  Sam kissed Gabriel again, laughing as he held him close.  “I’m in love with you too.”  

“Well, thank god for that.  Now we can get on to the kinky celebration sex.”  

“With chocolate.”  Sam said with a laugh.  He stood up and wrapped both hands around Gabriel’s hips, lifting him so they were even again and so Gabriel’s legs could wrap around his waist.  He pressed their foreheads together.  

Gabriel situated his arms around Sam’s shoulders and pressed close for a kiss.  “I’ve told you how hot it is that you can pick me up like that, right?”  

“Numerous times.”  Sam walked them over to the fridge, grabbed the fresh bottle of chocolate syrup and handed it to Gabriel.  “Now.  I think you mentioned something about celebrating?”  

“God I love you.”  Gabriel stretched up and kissed Sam, long and slow.  “Let’s go, I gotta take advantage of you before the giant monster that is final exam week swallows you whole.”