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Tales of the Tempest R

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“Well, what do you think? Do we just walk right in?”

The small group of travelers looked at the entrance to the large city of Janna. It was an impressive sight. The city had tall white towers, and was situated upon the edge of the ocean. The only way to get into the city was over the one bridge that led up to its gates.

“Do we have any other choice?” Forest asked, replying to Tilkis. He folded his arms which made his shoulders appear even broader. Tilkis just shrugged.

“Well, I don’t think anyone would really recognize us,” the girl, Rubia stated.

“Unless that knight is here,” Caius pointed out. It had been an emotional and eventful few weeks for the two friends. Dark shadow monsters appeared. Caius saw his father—well, foster father—arrested for being a Lycanth, and Rubia saw her parents murdered for protecting him. The knight Lukius was responsible.

Caius and Rubia fled their home after that day and eventually managed to evade the knight following them. They decided that to find Caius’s father, and to make sure Lukius was punished, that they would go to the capital city of Janna and speak to the high priest.

Forest and Tilkis had joined them along the way, which was especially helpful considering the two were only children, barely teenagers. They were on a different quest: to find out what the shadow monsters were and where they were coming from. The library in Janna might hold answers. That Caius and Rubia had seem them in their town at the center of the continent intrigued them, since the monsters had only been seen in the outer lands.

“Well,” Tilkis said, breaking the silence, “Shall we?”

Tilkis was a prince from a distant country, so that meant plenty of money to bribe guards with so they didn’t need any paperwork. It was surprisingly easy for them to enter the city. Forest and Tilkis went on their way to the library, while Caius and Rubia headed to the church.

The church was massive. It sat on it’s own little island of stone in the ocean apart from the main city. Walking up the bridge to it made it feel even bigger as you saw its spiral towers that nearly touched the sky.

Rubia was in awe. It was almost as if all the recent pain she’d been through melted away. She had been training to be a priestess, and would have come to this church for training in the near future. Instead, she was here to get justice for her parents.

Caius didn’t bother admiring the building. He was too busy thinking of how much he hated the knight. And the knight worked for the church hunting Lycanth. And his father was a Lycanth. His father could turn himself into a wolf-like monster. But his father only did so to save him from the shadow monsters that had attacked his village. Was that really so wrong that he had to be arrested for it?

Rubia walked up to one of the lower priests at the church doors. She did a small curtsy in her flower shaped dress.

“May we please enter and talk to the high priest?” she asked being as polite as possible.

“I’m sorry, but the high priest is meeting with the king,” the priest said in an almost condescending tone toward the child. “Maybe I can help you?”

“Who is in charge of Lycanth trials?” Caius said bluntly while puffing up his chest and squinting his eyes. He tried to make himself look bigger… it didn’t really work.

The priest’s mouth hang open for a few seconds before coming back to his senses. “You don’t have to worry about Lycanths. They’re all but extinct.”

“I know you arrested a Lycanth recently.”

The priest stared at the child, and then turned and whispered to one of the other priests. The other priest hurried off into the church. “Now kids, why don’t you wait here for a bit and we’ll sort out what you think you saw, hm?”

Caius and Rubia exchanged glances. There was a loud slam of a door opening on one of the church tower balconies. The knight, Lukius, leaned over the railing. He still had his gold mask on. Caius took a step back, clenching his teeth while Rubia balled her hands into fists. She looked like she was about to scream. Lukius sprinted back inside.

Caius grabbed Rubia’s arm and turned her away. The priest reached out to the two kids but they were already running down the bridge. They reached the city buildings by the time Lukius had exited the church.