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Your True Birthright (Was Never a Throne)

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Everything was going just as Loki had planned until a sudden blinding flash of lightening, followed by a crash of thunder outside of the plane announced the arrival of his- of Thor.  Loki winced, wondering if the fool would have the good sense to wait till they were safely on the ground before trying to confront him.

“What’s the matter?  “Scared of a little lightening?” Rogers, the soldier out of his own time, actually had the nerve to mock him.  As if he knew anything about Loki, or anything, really.  Just as he’d suspected, ‘Captain America’ was just another warrior type who thought the answer to all problems was to smash them.  In his case, with a shiny metal shield instead of a hammer, but it was the same mentality.

“I’m not overly fond of what follows,” Loki shrugged, trying not to let his worry show as he waited to see what Thor was doing.  Rogers and the man in the armor just looked at him, baffled.

As he predicted, Thor was utterly lacking in patience, coming in for a landing on top of the plane with a thump that caused the jet to shudder.  Fortunately, Stark opened the jet’s rear hatch before Thor resorted to hammering his way in.  The Thunderer was clearly eager to hammer something, though, it seemed, and Stark was in his path.  Thus Stark was sent hurtling backwards through the small cabin.

Loki had no time to enjoy this development, however, because Thor was grabbing him by the collar and ripping him from the so-called ‘restraints’ they had placed on him, and dragging him out of the plane, and then they were falling.

Blackness swirled around them as they fell.  Loki’s mind gibbered in panic, and for a long moment, he thought himself back in the void, falling forever through the stars.  Thuor’s arm tightened around him, bringing him back to himself just in time to see the ground coming up fast.  

At the last instant, Thor used Mjölnir to slow their descent, and they stumbled to the ground together, on a rocky peak overlooking an evergreen forest.  If not for Thor’s iron grip, Loki would have fallen, but as soon as he recovered his balance, he shoved his former brother away viciously.

“Loki.” Thor reached for him, but let his hand fall when Loki stepped back to avoid it.  His face fell into that kicked puppy expression that had so often caused Loki to give in and do what he wanted.  Before the coronation.  Before Jotunheim.  Before everything had gone so wrong.

Loki turned away so as not to have to see it, but he could not shut out Thor’s words as easily.

“It is good to see you, Loki.  When you fell, we thought you dead.”

Huffing bitter laughter, Loki asked, “Did you mourn?”

“We all did,” Thor insisted, catching Loki’s shoulder to spin him back to face Asgard’s golden son.  “Our father-”

No.  Loki could not let that pass.  “Your father!”  He shrugged off Thor’s hand, rolling his shoulders against a tension he could not quite comprehend.  “He did tell you of my true parentage, did he not?”  

“He told me, yes.” Thor let his hammer drop to the ground.  It rang out metallic protest.  “I does not matter to me, Loki.  We were raised together.  We played together.  Fought together.  Do you remember none of this?”

“I remember a shadow,” Loki snarled, “Living in the shade of your greatness.”  How dare Thor pretend that who he was didn’t matter.  That what he was didn’t matter.  “I remember you tossing me into an abyss.  I who was- and should be king!”  It was not a very clear memory, except for the feelings of rage and betrayal.  Those same feelings flared anew as Thor looked blank, as if he didn’t know what Loki was talking about.

“So you would-” Clinching his teeth with an audible snap, Thor drew in a deep breath through his nose.  “I see that arguing with you is futile.”

“I’m relieved to hear it,” Loki retorted, though he was more than a little confused.  It wasn’t like Thor to give up in the middle of a battle, even a verbal one.

“Mother did warn me.”  Thor reached into a pouch at his belt.  “She told me it would do neither of us any good to talk yet, and that I should give you this first thing.” 

Thor raised his hand, still curled around some small object. 

Even if she was not truly his mother, Loki could not bring himself to hate Frigga.  She was the only unsullied memory he had of his childhood.  It hurt his heart to know she still thought kindly of him, and sent some token.  Something for him, and not for Thor.  Curious, Loki leaned forward for a look just as Thor crushed the translucent blue gem and blew a cloud of fine, sparkling dust directly into Loki’s face.

Loki recoiled, feeling a spell tingle against his skin, tasting its tang on his tongue as his gasp of surprise pulled it into his lungs.  He brought his hands up, meaning to work some dispersal, but Thor captured his wrists as the magic began taking hold. 

“It’s only sleep, Loki.”  He grinned, but it was a wan grin, not his usual bright fire.  “You look like you could use it.”

No.  I can’t sleep.  I need to be awake.  I need to be in control. Loki struggled against Thor’s greater strength, but it was too late; his eyes were drifting shut.  Idiot Thor, ruining everything again.