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Duets of another type

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Having finished checking that she was recovering well Carson walked away from Cadman's side. He went to the door of the side room that she and Rodney were in. Of the 5 beds in the room only the two containing carman and McKay were occupied. Standing in the doorway Carson caught the eye of one of the nurses working across the other side of the main infirmary, he gave her a thumbs up to indicate that he was keeping an eye on the two patients and that she or the others didn't need to check on them.

Tuning back into the room Carson waved his hand over the sensor on the wall and the door closed separating the side ward form the main infirmary. He rounded the end of Cadman's bed and walked around Rodney's bed coming to a stop at Rodney's side. A quick double checking glance around confirmed the three of them were alone, and that both doors to their part of the infirmary were closed. He relaxed into the chair next to Rodney and took his hand

Rodney turned to Laura

"Thanks for not telling anybody that it was me In control at that last moment, I know it was a stupid thing to do but I hoped that if the separation plan worked you would say it was you. It was just that it might not have worked and we might both have been killed and I couldn't bear the idea of dying without at least saying some sort of goodbye"

"It's alright Rodney. Your welcome. Covering for you was the least I can do after you saved me, I really honestly don't mind. It's not as if me planting one on Carson would have caused me issue or surprised anyone Everybody knows I've had a crush on Carson for ages."

Carson blushed slightly and carman smiled at him

"I must admit though it is a bit of a shame to find out that your not only taken but bat for the other team regardless. Imagining I had a shot was rather pleasant "

Carson blushed deeper. "Sorry about that lass"

"It's fine. looking at it you two actually make a really cute couple."

She smiled over at them. While they had been talking Carson had moved to sit on the edge of the bed next to Rodney and was now holding Rodney's hand In Both of his.

"Thanks" the men both said at the same time and they all laughed gently.

"How long have you been together" Laura blurted out and then paused

"that is if you don't mind telling me" she said more gently

Rodney looked at Carson for a moment and it was clear that they we're communicating silently, then Rodney turned to Laura

"We don't mind. We've been together since 3 weeks after we arrived here."

"Wow that's a long time. And pretty quick getting together. Did something happen the first time you met?"

Carson and Rodney both snorted

"Three weeks in wasn't the first time we met" Carson said through his chuckles

"Oh? When did you first meet"

"About two hours into the exposition, admitted Rodney."

Cadman looked startled

"He was my very first patient" continued Carson "he had been helping get the main control Center fully online after the city ascended out of the ocean and he had got hungry, Weir gave him one of the food bars that the military personnel were carrying and he went straight into anaphylactic shock"

"He was allergic to a ration bar" interrupted Cadman

"I was allergic to the Orange in the ration bar. I'm severely allergic to anything citrus"

"Oh, I'm guessing u ended up in the infirmary a few more times"

"You could say that"

"In the first week alone Rodney had already been in the infirmary more than anyone else, in fact I lost count of how many times he was in here, he kept having reactions to native food and plants."

Laura looked quizzically at him

"where do the plants come in" she asked.

"Well my allergy is so severe that I often react to the foliage of citrus bearing plants and their close relatives. It goes beyond annoying."

"I see, How come you didn't just avoid citrus"

Rodney have her one of his scorching glares

"Well usual I do but being in a new galaxy made it complicated. There are a lot of plants out here that we had never come across. and fruits and vegetables that we didn't know were citrus. With being on Shepard's team I was in the field a lot doing exploration and of corse I didn't know which plants I could and couldn't safely touch and we were often fed by villagers when we made successful contact and we didn't know what the food contained nor could we identify problematic fruits. Not to mention that with establishing foraging and trade the commissary was just as dangerous as the villages. it took some time to learn what native foods and fruits were and weren't safe and what plants to avoid. I always carry an epi-pen but with how badly I react I have to check in with a doctor after most reactions. so for a while I was in the infirmary most days. Some times more than once a day.

Carson smiled at Rodney and took over speaking

"I think the record was 4 times and a field med evac"

"Good grief what happened."

"He ate an un-catalogued fruit for breakfast which turned out to be a relative of the grapefruit. A chicken dish for lunch which the server claimed was citrus free but it turned out to be orange chicken. Then Teyla brought an Athosian tea to a briefing which turned out to contain a variety of the lemon. After all of that and an hour in the infirmary I said that he was just about fit to go on his mission and while out he managed to trip over a tree root, fall over a 3 foot cliff and land head first in a large bush which ended up being a very potent ancestor of the kumquat. The epi-pen only barely got his airways open and didn't do a thing for the swelling I had to go out in a jumper with half a med team to stabilise him to be brought back. Then to cap it all off once he was feeling albeit very groggy from the medication one of the nurses brought him dinner without checking his chart and it was a native dish using limes"

"My word that really is a bad day"

"You can say that again" grunted Rodney looking pained at the memory."

"So I guess you knew each other pretty well after three weeks. Who asked who out the first time.?"

"We kind of both asked each other actually it was rather funny" said Carson "Rodney was beginning to learn what he could eat and touch and what he needed to avoid and the servers staff had learnt to be more careful with what was in the food so that they could give out more accurate information so He was gradually coming to the infirmary less and less he came in one day and for the first time it had been five days in a row since his last visit. It was After I had given him some sting epinephrine and was giving him a check over before he left. I joked that I had missed seeing him"

"And I replied that I was quite pleased that my alert episodes were steadily decreasing in number and that if he liked spending time with me that much maybe he shouldn't wait till I visit the infirmary to see me"

"And without stopping to think I blurted out an invitation for him to accompany me to a dinner picnic on the mainland"

"Then while he was in the middle of stuttering and attempted back-pedalling I said yes"

"Which shut up my rambling and I must say pleased me greatly"

"Let me guess you had a perfect date and have lived happily ever after this far"

"Not exactly, I had packed the picnic basket without any help from either the kitchen staff nor advice From Teyla and I had tried to include a good range of food. It turned out that my ability to recognise citrus wasn't nearly as good as I had thought. in the middle of dinner Rodney suddenly went into full blown anaphylactic shock thanks to some bloody fruit I had packed that he hadn't tried yet which turned out to be a relative of the tangerine."

"Dear me poor Rodney, seems he couldn't catch a break even on a date. And you still ended up together after that" laughed Laura

"Yeah " laughed Rodney it does seem funny looking back "Carson jabbed me with an Epi-Pen then checked me over with the med kit he had packed in the jumper, once he pronounced me fine He made an extremely entertaining show of throwing the rest of the offending fruit into the sea. we had a short hike through the forest to a waterfall pool that had been discovered during a flyover of the mainland. Terribly romantic. We had a swim then camped out in a clearing and spent most of the night talking and spotting patterns in the stars and thinking up names for them."

"That sounds pretty idyll" said Cadman with a slightly wistful expression on her face. "You sure go all out doc"

"He certainly does. The next day we came back to the city as a couple and we've been together ever since."

Rodney smiled at Carson and Carson smiled back. Rodney rested his head on Carson's shoulder.

"If you've been together that long why are you keeping it hidden. Neither of you are american military so don't ask don't tell doesn't apply.?"

"Well I wanted to go public but Rodney wouldn't let us. He's worried what people will think, particularly the military side of the base leadership"

"You mean worried about Shepard?"

Before either Carson or Rodney could reply the door to the infirmary opened and John Shepard Ronan Dax and Teyla Amagan came through.