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I Don't Want Nothing Else But You

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"Oh god" Lena whimpered as she finally allowed herself to break down. Tears that had been held back for the past 48 hours, in the frantic mess of the D.E.O. medical bay, flowed steadily down her face now that no one except her and Kara were in range to see.

Not that Kara could see, no, she had been in a solar flare induced coma for 2 days; no one knew when she'd wake up. It had happened 3 times since they'd been dating ( a year and 2 months) and every time Lena would hold back her tears until they were alone, even though everyone knew she was always close to sobbing.

She buried her forehead into the inside of Kara's elbow, sobbing quietly, cursing herself for falling in love with the girl of steel herself. Not that she'd want anyone else, she loved that part of Kara, and any other day she was the proudest being on earth to have Supergirl as her girlfriend. It was only when this happened that she became really worried for the blonde.

She hadn't noticed she had started singing until a few lines into the lullaby.

"You make me happy when skies are gray."

Her throat strained as she sung. Her tears soaked into the soft, usually glowing but now so cold and human, skin of the Kryptonian.

"You never know- d-ear-" Lena choked out. Her sobs became erratic and the last part of the line just barely escapes her lips.

"How much I love you..."

Her chest heaved as her lungs struggled to compensate. Every exhales was filled with an out cry, each one more desperate sounding than the last. Lena squeezed her love's arm trying to calm herself. The sobs that wracked her body almost didn't allow her to hear the song's end.

"Please don't take my sunshine away."

Kara croaked out, her voice hoarse and scratchy, but definitely there. Lena's head popped up and her chartreuse eyes quickly darted to the soft features of the superhero. Her eyes were closed still but her mouth was turned up at the corners in a weak but joyful smile.

"Kara!" She practically shouted as she gripped the blonde's face with her hands and launched herself upwards to place kisses on every inch of her head. Kara giggled as Lena kissed her cheeks, forehead, nose, and finally when Kara's hands pulled Lena's face, her lips. The kiss was sweet and slow and filled with the anxiety and edge and longing of the past few days. They pulled away when Kara felt tears hit her cheeks. She finally opened her eyes and started to cry as well when she saw Lena's face.

She smiled widely and Lena broke down again, tucking her head into the crook of Kara's neck, crying happily. Kara rubbed her back soothingly with one hand and massaged her scalp with the other. When Lena finally stopped crying she sat up again.

"God, Kara, Don't keep doing this to me." She pleaded.

Kara giggled. "Trust me, it's as undesirable for you as it is for me."

Lena glared daggers at her, making Kara giggle again.

"Ok, maybe not as much." The reporter amended.

"You're insufferable." Lena huffed, not really annoyed. How could she be anything other than relieved when the light of her world was beaming up at her like that.

"Shut up and come cuddle me." Kara said affectionately as she made grabby hands at the CEO. Lena chuckled and positioned herself on the sun bed.

Before wrapping herself around Kara, she reached over and typed out a 'She's awake' to Alex.

She turned back to her Sunshine and laid her head on Kara's shoulder. The blonde turned over onto her side, grunting a little, and wrapped her arms around Lena, touching their foreheads together and sighing softly. It wasn't long before the blonde nodded off again and Lena followed shortly, feeling warmer than any sunlamp could ever hope to be