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You're Beautiful, It's True

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It's when Zoe wakes in a sweat, shivering and struggling to speak, that something in Iolanthe changes.

She brings Zoe tea, settles her nerves, and lays with her 'til she falls asleep.

When she wakes up, there's a more obvious shift in Iolanthe's rather aloof behaviour. She cooks breakfast for the both of them, washes up, and sits with Zoe in silence while she watches a soapie.

Compton doesn't say much, probably still pissed that she was warded off from making out with Zoe's then-boyfriend, but the hate she once radiated seems to have lessened.

"You can talk to me about the nightmares, if you want."

A month later, Zoe tells her about Cieran, about the rape. How he plied her with alcohol, got her drunk, led her upstairs.

She tells Iolanthe that every time she closes her eyes, she feels Cieran's hands on her, fingers closing around her neck. Not even Jack or Lily knew, but it wasn't enough for him to destroy her, he had to try and end her.

Iolanthe returns to the station a week later with a bouquet of roses and tulips. She likes the contrasting colours, and fucked if she knows what they mean.

Eventually, Iolanthe talks Zoe around to going to the cinema with her. She kisses Zoe good night on the verandah and drives off. Her phone number is written in texta on Zoe's hand, along with the words 'you're beautiful.'

Then, and only then, does Zoe let her stay the night.