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through time and space

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Buffy moans as Faith sucks on a sensitive spot under her ear. The cracked leather seats of Faith’s new (well, new for her) car are kind of sticking to her ass now that her skirt has ridden up due to their activities, and the car’s not wide enough for them to stretch out fully, but Buffy doesn’t care ‘cause she’s here in the arms of her sexy, beautiful girlfriend.

She feels Faith grip her waist and then start to slide a hand under her white blouse. “Wait!”

Faith’s mouth makes a slight sucking noise as it pulls away from her neck. “What’s the matter, B?” Her lipstick’s smeared around on her face and she’s panting close to Buffy’s mouth.

“Let’s turn on some music. It’ll be more romantic.” Buffy leans forward with effort and turns the car radio on. Staticky bubblegum pop fills the car.

“We’re fuckin’ in the backseat of a car parked in the middle of goddamn nowhere ‘cause you’re afraid of getting caught by your mom and having to explain your lesbian tendencies, B,” Faith interjects incredulously. “Nothing’s gonna make this shit romantic. And besides, you call that music?”

Buffy settles back into Faith’s arms. “Yes, I like it. It makes me feel like I’m a girl from the fifties and we just left the drive in theater or something. Which would explain why we’re out here in the middle of nowhere. It’s like a whole fantasy thing.”

“Well normally I’d be all for you exploring your sexual fantasies, B, but not this time. No way. If we have to play music and get all distracted then I at least get to pick the song.”

“Umm, no. This is my fantasy. And I drove us here! Everyone knows the driver picks the music.”

“It’s my car.”

Buffy brings her pout out in full force. “Please? C’mon, it’ll be fun. And maybe later we could...act out one of your fantasies?”

Faith grins. “Well I ain’t gonna say no to that.”

The activities commence once more, and with more energy than before. Despite the sound of some teeny bopper wailing about the boy that got away, Faith manages to stay impressively focused. Buffy just hopes no one passing by notices how much the parked car is rocking.