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Journey To The Past

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When Zoe wakes up and finds herself next to Iolanthe, it seems like nothing has changed, until she sits up and realises the furniture is wrong.

The bed is wood, with images of suns, moons, and stars intricately carved into the headboard. Two large cats are sprawled out on the floor, fur rippling as they stretch and knead the ground.

"Isis?" Iolanthe murmurs, rolling onto her side. She reaches out, taking Zoe's hand and stroking her palm with her thumb. "Are you awake?"

Isis? Zoe goes to speak, but another language entirely comes out. Well, Max did say this was how it would work. "Yes, beloved, I'm here."

Iolanthe rolls closer, then hooks her leg over Zoe's and sits up, straddling her. "We did it."

"Now we just have to find the others."

Iolanthe nods and groans. Of course, but perhaps first they can find each other again. "Bastet was said to be a great warrior, you know."

"And Isis a great queen."

Iolanthe pulls Zoe up and meets her halfway with a kiss, licking her bottom lip and running one hand down Zoe's thigh. All she needs is an hour, possibly longer. "Then permit me to serve my queen."