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Pseudonyms Are Expected

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Welcome to the L list (also known as LAssociates). This is your monthly reminder.

Focus of the list:

Discussion of a particular business, its employees and consultants, and general activities. The business is normally known as L on this list to limit searchability.

Information security:

You are reminded that no email conversation can or should be considered strictly private. Your personal information security is your own responsibility. The mods can provide a list of current members willing to assist with security precautions who have been vetted as competent. We presume that if L is not already aware of this list, they will become so at some point in the future, and you are advised to make any security choices accordingly.

Individual members and associates of L are normally referred to by their first name or first initial. Do not use first and last name together (and P is normally referred to as P for this reason), whether of an individual or known aliases,  or those they are helping (messages doing so will be rejected and not sent to the list). Links should be run through a link shortener or aliasing program. Suggested tools are listed in the list information sheet.

All header information is stripped before mail is sent to the list. If you are open to off-list contact, provide a suitable method (secure email, PGP key, etc.) in your message or sig.


This list is invitation only at the discretion of the mods. A complete list of current members is available on request from the mods, and we may query individuals about new members before they are added. Pseudonyms are expected, but most people choose one that hints at their interests or focus. That’s part of the fun.

A brief bio is required (and by brief, we mean a couple of sentences). You need not include any particular specific details, but deliberate falsfication is grounds for removal from the list. There’s a difference between not knowing something about someone and being told something that isn’t at all true.

List mods monitor a variety of more public sources (Usenet, Tumblr, LiveJournal communities, and even that annoying Facebook private group) as well as several other mailing lists and channels. We extend invitations periodically. If you know someone who would be a good addition to our conversation, please email


1) Avoid actions or discussions that would draw L’s attention to this list or its members. This means don’t talk about the list in public spaces or private spaces not on the list.

2) While discussion of illegal acts is relatively common on this list (due to the nature of the topic at hand), instructions on how to engage in illegal acts are forbidden on the list. What you do one on one is not our business.

3) Archives of this list that can be accessed by people not on this list are forbidden. (Again, information security is your responsibility). Violations of this rule will lead to deletion of the relevant material and quite possibly also much of your other digital content. You have been warned.

4) Relevant off-topic discussions are welcome, and many topics are on-topic despite initial appearances (art history, gemology, theatre, horse-racing, country music, etc.) If you are not sure if a topic is suitable, contact the mods before starting a new thread.

5) We do a periodic ping of the list subscribers to ensure current subscriptions. Failure to respond to the message correctly will result in removal from the list.

History of this list:

The founders of this list are long time readers and participants in various channels relating to notable heists in various areas including the art world, technology, finance, corporate intelligence, etc. In March 2009, various of us noticed changes in the activities of several individuals and wanted to discuss that in a more secure space. Thus, this list.